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    Dont care if I get banned for saying this, but if you vote Tory tomorrow you are a fucking c**t and I hope by some absolute fluke of coincidence that you personally are hardest hit by their austerity policies and lose your job when brexit impacts result in a widescale economic slowdown. f**k the tory vermin scum. A vote for the tories is a vote to kick every vulnerable person in this country in the face.
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    Ive only read the first page but thought I would add my tuppenceworth. I was a season ticket holder for 7 years at Parkhead. I’ve drank in near enough every ‘Celtic’ pub in Glasgow and seen both ends of the spectrum when it comes to the fans. From my experience there is respectable fans who want nothing to do with singing the rebels or going to the game to make some political point (there’s more than you think). These are the minority at the games, especially away games. Most of the fans I know that fall into this bracket don’t go to any Celtic games at all. These fans usually lead quite fulfilling lives and Celtic aren’t the first thing on their mind when they wake up. Some Celtic fans will try and tell themselves different, but it’s the absolute dregs of society that associate themselves to it, genuine poverty cases. There isn’t many lecturers, lawyers or architects standing amongst them. I got bored of it all, I go to football to watch the team on the park win and when I walk out the stadium it won’t affect my life win, lose or draw. I used to sit near a guy who had a season ticket with his two young daughters (both under 10) and I witnessed him punching the wall on the way down the stairs after a draw against Motherwell I think it was. A big part in me chucking my season ticket was asking myself, would I like to bring my child to a game here, surrounded by some proper mutants who don’t have a button in their pocket. I hated these Celtic fans thinking we had some sort of special bond with each other just down to the fact we both supported the same team. I have no loyalty or affinity to a fellow Celtic fan just because he happened to support the same club, it’s quite strange Two seasons ago, my St. Mirren supporting friend from Uni talked me into going to a few games and it’s a far more enjoyable experience. I’m not a die hard by any stretch of the imagination but I try and go along to most home games. It’s good to sit amongst a support that are only there for the team, and not there to make some political standpoint or seeing what songs they can get away with singing.
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    I've said this before on here, but it's no surprise that the folk I know, were in school with, worked with, who were fucking idiots and not very bright. all support Celtic or Rangers. The sound folk I know, who actually seem fairly normal and intelligent, support ICT, County, Aberdeen, know a Killie fan from up here too and he's a good lad. It's an exact science IMO, the thicker you are, the size of fucking scummy arsehole roaster you are, the more likely you are to cling onto something to make you feel better about yourself. A football team that wins 9 games out of 10 for example.
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    After 4 months of chemotherapy my consultant told me today that my cancer is under control and I can come off chemotherapy! Have the small matter of a stem cell transplant in April/May time which involves more chemo but for the time I am drug free!
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    By being a nation of shitebags and rejecting our own independence.
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    I appreciate all the comments in this thread about the first series of A View from the Terrace - as mentioned previously, it's always good to know what works well and what we can do to improve on some things going forward (and there are already some superb ideas in the pipeline for next season). It's been tremendous fun for everyone involved and I think we bowed out on a strong note on Friday night. A new TV show about Scottish football is unlikely to please everyone, and I can accept some of the criticism in this thread and on social media, but if you think Duncan McKay's trip to Stirling Albion to work as their groundsman for the day was "pointless" then A View from the Terrace isn't for you and you should probably watch something else. To address another point raised over the weekend, I've seen one or two comments on Twitter along the lines of "this should have been given to Si and Slaney" - would Open Goal, in its current format, benefit by being on TV? In what way would that make their product better? Open Goal can do whatever they want on YouTube, and good luck to them going forward. I don't understand why some people feel it's one or the other, A View form the Terrace or Open Goal. Kevin Kyle's comments on Friday night, made seven minutes into the show, were pretty funny, right enough. He shouldn't have deleted his original tweet; I wonder if someone had a word with him about it. I hope to see you all in a couple of months, enjoy your summer!
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    Let's get back on track people, The story so far "the rangers" try to derail Killies league challenge by unsettling one of their top players They then sign EPL legend on loan and contribute more than the entire Killie squads wages towards his upkeep overpaid signing sclaffs in a goal from a handball with his only touch of the game Brophy makes it 1-1 Rangers 50 million lira striker has a goal chopped off for being a bellend Before unsettled Jordan Jones hammers a 20 yarder past floundering Macgregor Resulting in seething sevconians and happy everyone else.....................
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    1. Had a fantastic day with daughter no.2 today 2. Had an interview for a teaching job which went well. 3. Had a phone screen for another teaching job and they want to see me tomorrow. 4. Have another school that want to see if I can start by the 7th. 5. Some really positive and supportive pms on this site in the last couple of days. Really can’t complain [emoji2]
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    To be fair, if it is 3m as reported, that’s a 100k for every game the boy’s ever started for Motherwell. Also, a million quid for every goal he scored against top six opposition last season... In all seriousness though, it’s a phenomenal amount of money for the club and some people seem to have lost sight of that. For a player who, as the Capt says above, could have quite easily walked away and left us for pennies(comparatively speaking) like Hastie did. Since taking over Alan Burrows(and co) have surely now wiped out the club dept, taken in 5m in player sales(give or take) and will probably be posting there second seven figure profit of his tenure on the back of this deal. They have quite frankly done a remarkable job in a short space of time and deserve a bit more respect than some of the arseholes on social media show him/them. Maybe I’m wired slightly different, however seeing grown adults greeting and demanding answers from the club on social media is an absolute fucking mile oot.
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    What about Dundee United that Friday night 0-5 vs Ayr United ?
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    Been involved in the live music scene for 30 years, putting on thousands of gigs in that time, and I’ve rarely met anyone in the business who hasn’t been sound. Only a handful of people were remotely difficult. One legendary jazz artist (who shall remain nameless as I’m still a huge fan, and advanced age might have been a factor here - some people keep touring long after they should have stopped) wouldn’t let me near his saxophone case when I collected him from the airport and declined my offer to help with his luggage with a sharp ‘no one touches my sax’ rebuke. He was surly and uncommunicative all day and only warmed up a bit after he’d been paid (in full, in cash, Chuck Berry-style) before the show in the dressing room. David Thomas from Pere Ubu was hard work, mainly because of mobility issues and health problems. When I put them on he was clearly just tired of life on the road. Again I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. Kurt Cobain was ‘difficult’, but not because he wasn’t a lovely guy (he was), but because he sometimes needed medical attention and assistance before a show, as he suffered from chronic stomach problems and other medical issues. Finding a GP available to make a outcall on a weekend night 30 minutes before stage time was fun. The Happy Mondays were basically good-natured chavs, but their crew / hangers on had to be deterred from just walking behind the bar and helping themselves to free drinks after they’d tanned their hospitality rider. If it’s wasn’t locked away they would have drunk it. Michael Gira from Swans had a difficult reputation, and I remember walking around town with him for what seemed like hours until we found a very particular type of Cuban cigar, but I got on ok with him. In all the time I’ve put on gigs, only one person has really stood out as being an arse - Tim Booth from James. Put them on in the late ‘80s at the Venue in Edinburgh just as they were getting popular. The rest of the band, crew and tour manager arrived well before him (he travelled separately) and everything was set up ready to go. He swanned in late for soundcheck, took one look at the venue, and announced to the tour manager, ‘I’m not playing here, it’s a bloody pub’, then turned around and walked promptly back out, presumably to get back on the first train to Manchester. A 350 capacity ‘pub’ that much bigger bands than his played before and since (Beastie Boys, Happy Mondays, Stone Roses - too many to mention). I had to refund everyone’s tickets. Can’t remember having another gig pulled in similar circumstances in 30 years. About six months later I put them on again at a different, slightly bigger, venue just down the road (Calton Studios). Tried to keep out of his way all day, but had to pop into the dressing room to speak to the tour manager, to be greeted with Booth pointing at me and shouting ‘you’re the bloke from that bloody pub!’ He must have been in a good mood that day as the gig went ahead. I’ve heard some horror stories from other promoters and artists though. It seems clear, from all the stories I’ve heard, that the single most difficult, rude and discourteous man in rock is Van Morrison. Only heard the stories second hand so won’t reproduce them here, but I feel sorry for anyone who has ever promoted him or toured with him in the past.
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    I read it as completely made up.
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    Push pineapple, shake the tree.
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    We have a weekly email quiz at my work. One question was "what country is the football team Getafe from?" Colleague (female) put Iraq. "because of colonel Gadaffi" She is entitled to a vote.
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    We're 8 games unbeaten and won 2-0 last night, having had the worst full time team in Scottish football history less than three months ago. With all due respect, shut it.
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    DON'T BUY SCOTTISH GOODS. TOTAL BOYCOTT ON SCOTLAND So we English are supposed to Bow Down to the EU * and the Scottish Assembly run by the nasty SNP SHOWER * ??? Well we are NOT STANDING FOR IT * We are English. What do we care about Scottish judges or Mexican judges Give them independence and get rid. It's just ridiculous. The sooner Scotland clears off the better. Boycott all Scottish Whiskey Buy American "Jack D" instead !!! Build that wall. Iron bru is $h!t Good job nobody cares what the Scottish think Those abnoxious Scots are out of control. They have audacity to imply that just because English were telling them what to do for 300 years they have a right to suggest what English should do for five minutes. Sick of Scotland why don't you lot stand on your own two feet instead of The British People paying for you. The legal expert on LBC says that it is up to the government to recall Parliament and that aint gonna happen. So that shipped has sailed regardless of what Scotty macScot, reviving the spirit of Braveheart, thinks, opines or declares. Go chomp on a haggis in your own parliament
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    Danger, Biggie, tibbermorysaint and nearab or whatever he is called can give us all peace for a few days.
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    This is the last bastion argument of anyone who doesn't want change to happen. It doesn't matter what the change is. Change always requires both the management of risk and the acceptance that not everything will happen as planned. Some things will be better and some not. The real question is whether you think the risk is being managed and what are the chances of it becoming a reality. In any assessment of the risk around Scotland being accepted as a member of the EU, you'd score it Green. Similarly, you'd find any assessment of Scotland's ability to work to EU requirements whilst the process of full membership was worked through would also be Green. In both cases because the will of both parties is to make it happen. Only morons can honestly believe that Scotland would be cut adrift. The same applies to currency. Every country in the world uses currency. Scotland will not revert to bartering with porridge and wind power. There may be a migration to the end point rather than a big bang but that is actually preferable in terms of securing a stable platform for disentangling from the UK. Brexit on the other hand has been managed as a xenophobic clusterfuck where the UK has spouted endless pish whilst delivering f**k all - hence the reason we're 10 days out and they're arguing about 17th century protocol. Utter fannies.
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    Hammer the clubs, by deducting a single solitary point from their league total...everytime there is a political song sung, a sectarian song sun, a coin fired onto a football pitch, supporters breaching pitch-side barriers, seats broken (because of over-exuberance or otherwise), flags flown in support of terrorist organisations... ...Celtic would be absolutely fucked if that was the case, or they might actually get their house in order.
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    I'm sure I speak for many when I say that nobody will deny Monster Munch + Red Bull is not a healthy breakfast, but sauntering in a with a "pret porridge" makes you sound like an insufferable arsehole and I for one would much rather hang about with the crisps + energy drink guy. I may be getting whooshed here, in which case, carry on. Edit: WTF even is a pret porridge?
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    As a Rangers fan, surely you'd know all about slapping the same name on something and just pretending nothing happened
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    The same way as most other fans do - jump up and down, hug your mate, throw both arms up in the air, give the oppo’ fans a GIRFUY, start singing a team song.... or, invade the field, try for a selfie while doing it, smash a disabled section roof.... your call, cnut. Apologies for the final word, but seeing as how you are clearly saying that was an acceptable way to celebrate a goal, then, fully deserved IMHO.
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    Words constantly fail them too.
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    It is when you consider that Rangers fans wouldn't even lift a finger to stop their club from dying.
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    Cause ur fuckin shit Tory farmers mate. Cheers SB x
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    Unfortunately, while Germany have won 0 World Wars, they have won 4 World Cups, and therefore go through 4-3 on aggregate.
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    The outpouring of grief at the death of Fernando Ricksen by Rangers and Celtic on social media, which has , in many instances ,become a point scoring exercise. Comments like “ putting our religious differences aside on this sad day” are totally pathetic, You should be putting your religious differences aside everyday you bigoted c***s .
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    I feel a guard of honour for Steve Clarke before he heads into the ground is in order Saturday after his press conference tonight, Killie fans on one side, Livi fans on the other. Its about time someone called out these animals for what they really are.
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    Beautiful sentiments there. Tories, regardless of their race, gender, religion or anything else, are scum.
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    I saw the front page of the Sunday Times this morning And I was put in mind of something...
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    It won't be a rapist, we can be certain of that.
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    That's the thing I don't get, though. If nothing is going to change for these lower league clubs (which is the case), then what have they got to lose by going into the pyramid ? Absolutely nothing is the real answer. The lower league teams won't need to apply for grants, they won't need to set up youth teams, they won't need to become Community Clubs, there are no unnecessary chores. Their existence won't change in any way. They will still be playing the same teams in the same league structure. The benefits to them will be that they will be more marketable, i.e. they can tell their potential fans and sponsors that they are at tier "X" in the Scottish football pyramid, instead of Joe Punter on the street thinking that junior football is for kids, like way too many still do. I just don't get why any club in the West Region would not want this to happen, as there are absolutely no negatives for them, only positives and opportunities.
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    That reminds me. People who like American Football.
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    Not a lot. Just taking things Juande at a time.
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    Just to add something positive to this thread and remind us all that it’s not always been shite being a Rovers fan. My uncle was a sports photographer for the courier back in the day and used to print me off photos he’d taken from the Rovers games. I found these ones the other day in my mums attic. They were taken after the game in which we clinched the 1st division title in April ‘93. I spotted a few familiar faces in the crowd.
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    The scenes at the end are manufactured, try hard shite btw. A product of Arse Cheek one upmanship where the **** have gone out to try and prove how hard they celebrate to try and show theres a title race and the Celtic fans are reciprocating. Nothing like that happened over the last few years. Even in celebrations its all about worrying about being better than the other cheek. Fucking pathetic
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    Been about a year since I logged into P&B and its been proper busy for the wee one, she's 4 now and has right side hemipelegia. She's had her first round of botox injections in her calf and bicep. She had her leg in cast for 6 weeks after to hold everything in place, she had 3 casts on in that time put on by 3 different people all of which were bitter and a little angry. She got the cast off a week before I married her mum which seemed like perfect timing but in reality her leg muscle was really soft and she was throwing her leg and was in some pain. She spent a lot of the afternoon asking guests to pick her up and run about with the other kids. Thankfully after about a week the muscle tightened slightly and she has way more control now. Through my work I became aware of lycra splints and the good they can do so I asked around all the professionals she sees and was allocated an OT and after a few visits she was fitted for a lycra glove that covers her whole arm. Without my work knowledge and pestering she would never have got it, doesn't seem fair really. Anyway the orthopaedic surgeon has said he doesn't want to see her for a whole year and the other professionals are just checking in so it's pretty good just now. She did have a functional eye test done and she's completely blind from midline on her right side, she copes and adapts so well you would never know although she does comedy fall over stuff sometimes and ran full pelt into the edge of a door once. She has trouble picking things out from a busy background too but we've had meetings with school (she starts this year) and they've been really good about supporting her mainstream. She's a little shit and I let her off with murder but so it goes.
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