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    You know what just f**k off. You can run to your mate Div to try and get the ban overturned. Tit.
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    Will go on record and say that the last 4 months have been the only time in my life I've been even remotely embarrassed to be a Thistle fan. I can always accept shite players, shite games, shite seasons and shite managers. Relegation and cup pumpings are part and parcel of supporting a diddy team, so you can always accept it. But the utter nonsense we are hitting out with just now is beyond parody. The world literally came to a standstill. Hundreds of thousands of people have died, many thousands more have lost loved ones, jobs, etc. Football was and is irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. There was never going to be a solution that satisfied every team, so it makes complete sense the worst teams in each division bare the brunt of it. Hearts and Thistle only have themselves to blame.
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    At least nobody would be there to watch us turn you over for a fourth time this season.
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    I know they're hurting but still find posts like that remarkable. They lost - not because Killie scored more goals than them and their overpaid wasters - but because of Catholics. Catholics that they "allowed to run the game". Just imagine living with that kind of mindset. Being so unable to deal with losing or that fact that you just can't beat your rivals when it counts that you blame your problems on a religious conspiracy. Not to mention the subtext that the c***s should get to "allow" who runs Scottish football as if it's their right to have their people in charge. A thoroughly horrible, horrible shower of b*****ds. This is why it will never not be fucking brilliant when they get beat and implode so spectacularly. Hahahaha.
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    4 days into Tory Britain and Killie are already turning on migrants ffs.
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    Fucking delighted for the two rangers supporters' bus I saw leaving inverness this morning. The c***s will be almost there.
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    My old dad has beaten this fucking thing (he tested positive in the middle of the week but i didn't want to post it up here until he got better). The c**t's 80 so fair play. He was ill for about 2 weeks and i was getting really worried, mainly because he'd decided he would self-sacrifice because he didn't want to burden the nhs (which was not in any way overrun but he took a lot of convincing). He then choked pretty bad (a separate thing he's had for the last few years) and when it didn't clear he ended up in a&e at the ayr hospital. It cleared itself before he went to bed on the first night and the next day they wanted to test him for covid due to his other symptoms (which he seemed to be recovering from by that stage). He got home but was phoned and told he had tested positive. My mum is generally a bit healthier and not as old but she has been ill at the same time as him - with quite mild symptoms that only lasted 3-4 days. So both of the old b*****ds have dodged a bullet. I'm 39 and I've always been pretty pragmatic about the prospect of them dying. I've thought about it a reasonable amount, and tried to prepare myself (as much as you can). But I'm not afraid to admit my heart has had a few wee flutters recently. And it's so frustrating not being able to visit. I've gradually started to give him half a cuddle whenever i visit over the last few years (as we say goodbye). Next time I'm down I'm going for the full on man hug.
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    A 29 year old black man.
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    They're not very sectarian and mostly vegetarian And otherwise contrarian The Thistle Family They like to drink craft beer Their stand's called 'Colin Weir' Their mascot makes you fear The Thistle family They didn't want relegation They went to arbitration That just led to frustration The Thistle Family
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    Buying them with the money from a hedge fund?
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    This new incarnation of Rangers is so tragic. The old Rangers had a genuine 'we don't care attitude' which came from a deluded arrogance that they were just better than everyone - on and off the park. They were a horrible club and it was their false belief that they were superior that made them so horrible. This new version is an insecure, paranoid, desperate shadow of a club that are now permanent victims of supposed injustices. Their former belief that they were superior has now been replaced by a desperate need to feel superior, whilst knowing that they aren't. Their very birth was born out of what they felt was an injustice and it is now in their DNA to complain, moan and play the victim - characteristics which used to be the sole domain of the Green half of Glasgow. This whole saga just sums the new club up.
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    Rangers* fans didn't even give Rangers the Blue Pound what chance does anyone else have?
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    League to be stopped after 36 games with Hamilton bottom. SPFL to vote that relegation is unfair and cancel promotion/relegation for 20/21.
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    Was just coming on to do exactly that. For years Hibs were the *** skelping swag daddies, causing cranial detachments from the bigots for a huge portion of the Banter Years, but the second they started stumbling, the bold Killie picked up the batton and have just fucking ran with it, to utterly hilarious effect. Thank you for your service. A great bunch of lads.
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    No. They made a mistake in not agreeing a fee with HMRC.
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    You've been at work, and now you're home.
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    Dont care if I get banned for saying this, but if you vote Tory tomorrow you are a fucking c**t and I hope by some absolute fluke of coincidence that you personally are hardest hit by their austerity policies and lose your job when brexit impacts result in a widescale economic slowdown. f**k the tory vermin scum. A vote for the tories is a vote to kick every vulnerable person in this country in the face.
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    That feeling when it's August 1st and you're a quarter of the way to matching Hearts' wins for last season.
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    The Helen Lovejoy-ing on this thread is quite fucking mental. Two weeks ago, I'm sure the majority of us posters on here would probably have described him as everything from a complete c**t to a sociopath. Him being ill doesn't suddenly revert him to being a harmless buffoon. I've spent years working with people on the absolute bones of their arses thanks to the Conservative Party's war of austerity on the poor. He's a well documented racist, thug, and a chancer. Someone posted earlier "What if it was Tommy Robinson?". Well besides having my fingers firmly crossed that does actually happen, Johnson is basically a version of TR that went to a posh school. I can only hope he vigorously shook hands with IDS at some point recently. It's not as if folk are actually going to wildly celebrate if he snuffs it, the vast majority of us just won't give a single, solitary f**k.
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    Everybody's releasing club statements and we were beginning to feel a bit left out... "The division between junior and senior football in Scotland has always been an artificial one which is rooted far back in history. Maryhill FC – it’s worth noting we’ve NEVER actually been called Maryhill Juniors – were formed in 1884 and spent our first decade or so as a senior eam. There were no leagues back then, and as protectionism set in with the bigger sides more and more only wanting to play each other leaving the smaller teams out in the cold, the two groups coalesced into senior and junior grades. As this process happened, those in charge of Maryhill FC at the time had a decision to make, and as one of the smaller Glasgow clubs opted to join the ranks of the juniors. And so it remained through thick and thin for more than a century with the glass ceiling firmly in effect between the league and non-league systems operating side by side with virtually no congruence between the two. Finally several years ago the pyramid system was introduced which allowed for non-league teams to progress into the Scottish league structure proper and conversely for league teams to go the other way. For the last few seasons the pre-existing East of Scotland League has been absorbing a large proportion of the East Region junior teams, but for junior teams in the West Region there was no pre-existing league structure to join. Until now that is, as it is now expected that a senior West of Scotland League at Tier 6 of the Scottish League system will be in place for next season. The talks to incorporate the West Region en bloc into the pyramid now appear to have reached an impasse, and after several years of assurances that a solution was imminent, we as a club share the sense of frustration felt by many others at the lack of progress thus far. We are proud members of the SJFA – we’ve walked too many miles down the road along with them for it to be otherwise – but for the first time in a long time there is a fork in the road ahead of us. It would be remiss of those currently in charge of Maryhill FC if we failed to have a look to see what lies down the alternative path which may soon open up and to investigate all available opportunities for our club. We are merely the current torchbearers for the flame the late Victorians who formed the club ignited, but it appears that in common with them we may soon have a decision to make. As always, it will be the one that we feel is in the best interests of the future of Maryhill FC."
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    This is the 4th or 5th time Hearts have been relegated in the last 4 months. You'd think it would get less enjoyable with repetition. Yet it doesn't.
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    I'm in a similar position though hoping I've got a good few years to go, there's no cure. Been told that my next chemo will be discussed with my Oncologist to decide the balance of benefit versus the risk of catching the virus by turning up for my treatment, but basically it's up to me. It's not about resources. Unless it's Armadeddon out there I'm going to finish my chemo and hit my bucket list, feeling perfectly fit so I want to get the treatment out of the way ASAP.
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    A very big welcome to Hibernian Football Club to our very own Don Draper. Jack Boss: Jack Cross: Jack Really Cross: Jack Really, Really Cross Jack Papal Cross: Jack kens the Hearts are Dross: Jack when Neil McCann becomes their boss: Jack wearing the physio's Lip Gloss: Jack don't give a Toss: Jack loves Salt n Sauce: Jack contemplating a Loss: Jack drinking Voss: Jack spotting an Albatross:
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    It’s all our fault because we won most of our games, and had the fucking audacity to expect some sort of promotion for it. In the words of Tom English “what did they expect?” and in the words of any Jambo with a fucking megaphone, “any club in our position would do the same thing”. Clearly what they expect of us is to accept that even though Hearts were fucking rancid all season, we should forego our promotion, just because it’s inconvenient for them not be in the top league anymore. Clearly, in order to claim the moral high ground these days, what you have to do is lose most of your games, use the cover of a global pandemic to try to save your arses from the inevitable outcome of ending up dead last, go in the huff when you don’t get what you want, trying to bankrupt everybody else in the process, and to cap it off, express a real desire to shite all over the front lawn of the people you are trying your very best to f**k right over. Hearts fans continuing to uphold the fine traditions of their club I see.
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    This is one of the most terminally stupid posts I've ever read on here. I have no real issue with two folk sitting in the car together to go to their nearest shop as long as only one is going in for the shopping. It's not what I'd do, but I can understand the logic. I don't have an issue with two people going out a walk together - in fact we have done this a couple of times - it's probably good for you in terms of keeping things as "normal" as possible, although my wife has been getting annoyed about just how much of a wide berth I have given people. However, choosing, in spite of all the evidence, to actually go in to the shops together is the height of selfishness. You are immediately making it harder for everyone else in that shop to keep their distance, and if you're the type of people that do that you're probably also the type who walk two abreast down the aisles or stand about with your trolley blocking the aisle having a discussion without even thinking about other customers. Everyone there will think you are a pair of complete arseholes. When you're standing pondering your fucking cupcakes and blocking up the aisle, you are giving a fellow customer a moral quandary about whether to stand and wait for you or squeeze past and risk catching the disease off two people who are much more likely than average to have it because they're acting like fucking selfish imbeciles all the time. Even a couple of weeks ago before these new regulations properly ramped up, when my wife and I went out an (essential) walk to drop food off for a vulnerable person and popped into the supermarkets on the way, one of us stood out in the car park and the other one went in. Somehow we managed to still get enough food to last us a week without facing any of those existential dilemmas you have posed about fucking red wine. I might have let it slide if you hadn't then twice lowered the tone of the debate even further by comparing people who disagreed with you to Nazis. That singles you out as not just a wee bit selfish, but instead as a horrible fucking arsehole (or as you'd probably type it a "horrible fcuknig aresohle").
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    Once again the debate on independence is being hijacked and turned into some sort of Scotland v England grudge match but in reality it's nothing like that and indeed far more simple and easy to understand. Increasingly the values, needs and views of the Scottish people are becoming further and further detached from their English counterpart, Brexit was a good indication of this in itself and under the current Government we will increasingly see Scotland being treated as a distraction which should be seen and not heard. The latest proposed move by BJ and his Government to remove the climate change conference from Glasgow and send it South to London is just another example of the complete and utter contempt in which they hold for Scotland. HS2 will do nothing for Scotland, Heathrow will do nothing for Scotland, further Crossrail projects and add ons will do nothing for Scotland and as the Tories don't require our votes to retain power then we can expect absolutely nothing from them. Independence is NOT about wearing your kilt and Glengarry and shouting out "1314 ya bass", it's about governing our own country and shaping policy in a way which best suits our citizens from both an Economic and Cultural perspective, it's about playing to your strengths as opposed to being a region of an inward looking country which doesn't recognise your voice. Nobody's saying it will have instant success as re-joining with Europe will come with caveats and require sacrifices, however that will be OUR choice to make. As for the SNP, it won't be a dictatorship, so if people aren't happy with the Governing party there will still be elections and the opportunity to vote in our own Labour, Conservative, Lib Dem, Green or whoever party, but instead of having their strings pulled from London, they will be able to actually run our own country from right here in Edinburgh. Honestly, what are people afraid of ? Why would any country not want self determination and a right to Govern themselves and make their own decisions ?? I'll never understand those who don't I'm afraid.................
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    A massive congratulations to the Hibs fans for yet again winning the coveted best Hibs fan award.
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    French sports journalist Thomas Anglais is raging about it.
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    "Unanimous." So even the panel member THEY FUCKING CHOSE told them to get to f**k. Aw, this is so fucking delicious.
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    Had to re-name the thread. Terrible journalism doesn't cover English' horrendous propaganda and nonsense recently.
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    That was an absolute disgrace today. Strachan has always talked down the game here, but today was a new level. There are generally so many threads I want to pull it is unreal. Mainly, however, it seemed to be an inferiority complex (incredible, I know, from the man who was a successful small player and went full eugenics...) All comparisons and his feelings of shame tend to be directly linked toward the English leagues (a country 10x larger). Surely similar populations (Wales, Ireland, NI - if we had to stick to close neighbours) would make more appropriate comparisons... but noooooo... then we would have to admit that we actually have a fucking brilliant 'product' (get that phrase in the fucking bin) and one of the most successful 'products' in terms of direct interest (attendance to population in Europe, if not the world). Absolute drivel. ETA: As a Raith Rovers fan, we have, and always will be (in the grand scheme of things like most Scottish clubs), fucking murder. That has no bearing on me supporting my team. Strachan, and all these other c***s have no idea what it football is actually about. Waking up at stupid o'clock for away days on trains, singing songs in pubs before and after the games, arranging your weekends/relationships/holidays to follow your team, posting on P&B, doing fundraising for your club, group chats with constant planning/banter about games (past, present and future). In short, 99% of players (and therefore pundits) have no fucking idea what football is really about because they played through the time they would have been following football as a fan. They, the players, are fucking nothing without the clubs - and the clubs only exist because of fans. In a Scottish football context, I found that discussion today sickening.
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    Flew to Poland today to visit her family. As today is their gift giving and meal day she suggested I fly dressed as Santa (I own a suit as do few things for kids charities). TBH I was a bit unsure but as I doubt I would ever get the chance to do it again I went for it big time, suit, wellies, even my hand luggage was a santa sack. Actually turned out to be fun. The faces on kids in the airport were a joy, took an age to get to the gate due to bairns, adults and staff asking for selfies. I even had sweets to hand out (with the permission of parents before anybody comments). Random allocated seats meant I was given row 1 while she was up in a row 16. Boarded the plane and the captain appeared asking for a photo. Said he was going to send it to his son and tell him he was helping Santa delivering presents. Near the end the cabin crew asked if they could get a photo and just as we finished this absolute weapon strode up the aisle in wet-look leggings that left little to the imagination and asked for a hug and a selfie. How could one refuse? Well that was my excuse to her back in row 16. As I sat back down a member of the crew thanked Santa for flying Ryanair and then some people started singing jingle bells. Polish guy next to me said nothing all flight and just as we hit the tarmac he turned to me and said "Santa, can I get a selfie?" Even the guy on passport control only asked for a peek at my face as did not want to burst the Santa myth to the kids in the queue. Big family gathering all done, kids bought into their surprise guest with gifts. Hope everybody has a day as good as mine.
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