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  1. Well, that's the final whistle for me. It's been fun. Like everyone else, this football club has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. One of my earliest memories is having my photo taken in my parents' back garden wearing the full "Kelly's Copiers" kit, the one they recently re-released. I loved that shirt. I've been a season ticket holder for somewhere in the region of 20 years. For the last fifteen that's meant a 100 mile round trip for home games. I didn't mind. It was worth it. It's something I do with my Dad. Going to Rovers games. It's a shared passion, and it's nice to feel part of something bigger. Something that carries with it the hopes and dreams of a community. Something that does good for that community too, and uplifts it. Well, it was nice, until tonight. I can't in good conscious go on from here. I thought about it, before when the rumours first emerged, and again today when they resurfaced. Could I just ignore what he did? Could I maybe just sit on my hands, support the other ten players and ignore him? No, I'm afraid I can't. I can't put my name alongside his, or alongside this club. "Who do you support mate? Oh aye, they just signed..." No thank you, not in my name. People seem all too willing to forget that rape isn't some buzzword. The way this conversation gets framed sometimes you'd think it was like that open goal Chris Iwelumo missed. "Oh, don't sign him, he did that thing that one time". He raped a woman. There's a human being who has to live her life in a totally altered state because of the actions of this man. Nobody mentions her much. I hope she's okay tonight, as her rapist's name reverberates around yet again. I can't imagine she is. So from that incredibly significant impact, to an incredibly small one. I'll be logging off. There's no reason for me to post here anymore, a man without a football club. There's not much call for journeymen P&B posters. I expect I'll still lurk from time to time, the draw of lower league football is just too strong, but it won't be the same. I might pop up now and again, like Yoss does. He always was the best Rovers poster on here. And I might pop up at Stark's Park again. Hopefully just once he's gone. Maybe a year or two. But maybe longer. Can I in good faith cheer the manager who signed him? Or the owner who paid his wages? Maybe I'll have a new team by then. Only time will tell. Goodnight everyone. Enjoy your football.
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  2. "Reports of my death have been greatly slightly exaggerated" Although my wife did say "You gave everyone a bit of a scare" For those of you who haven't got 45 minutes to spare, skip to the end. Thanks to all who asked after me and sent messages, special thanks to @welshbairn who wrote me a letter, much appreciated. It all started on Saturday 6th November, when we were to go for our covid booster, and I decided not to take it as I thought I was starting a cold, and I was still swithering about getting it when my wife and daughter were in getting theirs, but decided against it, which is probably just as well as the way I felt on Sunday would probably have initially been put down to the covid reaction. Sunday I had great difficulty breathing and it just got worse as the day wore on, I had absolutely no energy. My wife got concerned when I couldn't walk from the hall chair to the living room a distance of some 5 steps, she finally got me oxtered into the living room. She kept saying "Do you want me to get the doctor?", and I just sat there flapping my hands and going "No, no. no", so she realised I was going to be of no help and phoned the doctor on call and was told he would ring back in 4 hours, so she immediately phoned an ambulance. I can vaguely remember the ambulance man being in the living room, but have no recollection of my stepdaughter, a granddaughter and a neighbour who is a nurse also being there. The last thing I remember is lying in the ambulance with my wife looking in the door (stepdaughter and granddaughter were also there but all I remember is my wife) and the ambulance man talking to me "Stay with me buddy, keep talking" or words along those lines when they want you to stay conscious. The next thing I remember is coming to in a side ward of the E&A in Antrim hospital with a chest drain in and catheter in, having lost about 5 hours. My wife says the doctors were very good, ringing every couple of hours to inform her of progress. I had a collapsed lung. Then I was whipped off to a ward where I was constantly getting blood samples taken, iv drips, saline drips, blood pressure taken and hooked up to the oxygen machine, I was pretty ropy for a couple of days. However, things began to improve and after over a week I started to eat, I put the loss of appetite down to the medication, saline drips and stress. X-rays, scans, ultra sounds - you name it I got it, treatment was first class. The first Saturday I was in the chap in the next bed decided to bless us all with his jug of water which he had made holy water and I got soaked, along with the doctor on call and 3 of the nurses. The doctor was a bit annoyed about it and asked "Why did you bless that man and him not even a catholic?", I asked how she knew that (it was likely on my notes) and she more or less said I didn't look like one, so maybe there is something to the old trope about the eyes being too close together after all @LongTimeLurker. I think the poor chap was out of his head on medication, he was very apologetic in the morning, but I don't think he remembered very much about it. Another night 3 members of staff had to restrain another patient, who would not stay in bed, he was trying to remove his cannula plus he was hooked up to oxygen and had a catheter in, he could have done himself serious damage. Eventually they got him injected with something and he calmed down. I drifted off to sleep but woke in the middle of the night to see his bed was gone. Moved to ICU. Or so they said... They have a funny way of telling you things - "Do you know you've got an irregular heart rhythm, Mr Jacksgranda?". Well I do now, God knows how long I've had that, they must have picked it up from the ECG. I went in on 3 inhalers and a nasal spray, and came home on 3 inhalers, a heart tablet, fluid tablets (they are deadly, up at the toilet every half hour), a blood thinning tablet and antibiotics. Got the chest drain out after 4 days and made steady progress, but every time I was to get home there was another setback - my temperature went through the roof the afternoon before I was to get home so that knocked that on the head, I could have got home but with the district nurse coming in to administer an iv antibiotic but I didn't fancy that, and then yesterday they decided to keep me one more day, but the consultant was very pleased with my progress this morning and was happy with the ultra sound, so that was me on the road, can't say I was sorry, I know I was in the right place but it was a bit wearisome at the end up. What can you say about the staff? Consultants, doctors, nurses, ancillary staff, cooks, cleaners, porters, ambulance men - magnificent. The things they have to do (especially the nurses). Cleaning shitey arses, fetching the commode, emptying urine bottles and catheter bags, changing beds, reassuring anxious and fractious patients (including this one) and relatives, cutting up food, feeding patients, administrating drugs, taking blood pressure and checking oxygen levels all the while with the highest degree of compassion, empathy and professionalism, constantly n their feet, all with the threat of covid hanging over them, every MP, MLA and MSP etc should be made to shadow an NHS person's shift (I mean the whole 13 hours, not just a smiley 10 minute facebook post Our wonderful NHS staff), maybe then something would get done about proper funding and training. The Indian nurses are the best, such gentle natures. Finally I'm home after 4 weeks and 3 false starts. TL/DR As I've already said my wife said "You gave us all a bit of a scare" but I'm all right now, thanks to the incomparable NHS.
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  3. Hello everyone, Mrs Madwullie here. You all have more words than me right now and it's been a pleasure to read how highly he was respected on here. God knows every single time he took a crap he was was on this forum, glad to know this was time well spent. Although maybe I should post this infuriating behaviour on another thread That brutal honesty was just how we rolled tbf. We are lost without him.
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  4. I read bits of the court transcript but stopped, why? Because I'm a survivor and like the victim my case didn't make it to criminal court. I won't give details but the police requestion and requestion you on every detail of your statement. The trauma of that alone is horrific. I too was awarded a criminal injuries payment. I've been a football fan since I was small and gone to matches from Scottish schools, to Scotland to Ross County and highland leauge. My youngest daughter plays football. I refuse to even go to away county games while Mackay is in charge. Raith Rovers BoD and Manager have alienated their fans and probably will see away fans decide not to come and put money in the club. Val McDermott has already distanced herself as well. It will be heartbreaking for life long fans to see their club make such a horrific misstep. This morning the victim will have woken to see, once again, her rapists name splashed across the papers. Still being paid to play football. Thankfully, male and female, can see the faults in this and the mysoginy and lads lads seem to be a small minority. I once read that rape is the worst crime you can suffer and survive.
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  5. Came to Thailand in 2008 to live in a temple and learn about Buddhism, during this 1 month stay, the temple was helping to built a school for the hill tribe children, that are not legally Thai to get them into the system of education and away from the prostitution and drugs trade. A cycle that has destroyed there lives for decades. I loved it and came back for an extra 3 months, with being back in Scotland for about 1 week. On my second trip, I meet a woman in her 50's at a laundrette in the town of Singburi. She said to me that she would do my washing for me and I can go and get something to eat. I thought, that's sound good to me. On my return, she handed me 1000 baht and explained that it was in one of my pockets. Me being a good c**t, gave her the 1000 baht and told her to treat herself and family. She was a little embarrassed and refused, just at that time her son walked it to pick her up (I didn't know it was her son at the time). He could speak a little English, and I explain it to him, that I would prefer she took the money....anyway, she ordered that I come to her house that evening for a meal, that she will prepare. I got picked up from the temple are around 18:00 and drove off into the wilderness to this little house in the farmlands/paddy fields. The house was full of the family members, I meet my wife for the first time, it was the woman's daughter. I married her 3 years latter and now have 3 kids. I still go back to the school now and again to drop of boxes of sweeties or ice cream, none of the children are the same as when I helped there back in the day, they have all grown up, but it does give me a massive warm glow inside, when I'm there. I also take my kids and wife with me. Good for my kids to see where it all began for me in Thailand. I only ever returned back to Scotland back in 2010, to fix some financial stuff and sell my house, never looked back.
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  6. It is with great sadness that I inform you that P+B semi-regular madwullie (Woody in real life) died yesterday at the age of 44, after a long battle with cancer. I'm sure a few of you are thinking "who?", and whilst not the most prolific of posters, he did enjoy sticking his oar in on the politics forum, as well as forays into the FIFA, parenting, chess and quiz thread. IRL, Woody was one of the warmest, soundest, cleverest and funniest people you could ever hope to meet. Woody leaves behind a wife and two sons, and we all miss him dearly. Edit: For those just reading this, so many of you have been so generous already, but in case anyone out there wants to donate to Mr + Mrs madwullie's chosen charity, here's a link: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/woody-willowfoundation ... thank you.
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  7. "What about us loanee flops?" "You'll be given starting slots!"
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  8. Hang on guys, I've looked it up and I think he might be right.
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  9. He's been in hospital, if all goes well he might be getting home on Monday.
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  10. After the abandoned game against Dunfermline I was concerned that the club had damaged years of good work, and totally disregarded supporters, by not bothering to make a few extra tannoy announcements and letting Gordon Brown park Range Rovers all over the place. But this? It’s normally pretty irrelevant to me that I’m a female football supporter. I doesn’t, and shouldn’t, really matter in this day and age. We’re all fans. However I’m really struggling with the idea of going back to a game after this news. The atmosphere inside Starks Park is going to be vile. Fans turning on each other, fans turning on the players, management, board etc. The world is a shitty place right now. Going to the football should be a distraction from that, not adding to the shittyness.
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  11. I’m fucking devastated that I essentially can no longer support the club I have loved for as long as I can remember. I’m struggling to put into words how annoyed/upset I am about this. I cannot go along and support that. I have literally just accepted a job which allowed me to go every week. Beyond gutted that a club which I felt really matched my values has decided to throw it all away in a terribly misguided attempt at promotion. Everyone at the club has completely fucked it with this.
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  12. As you will note, I am a St Mirren fan. I had been a lifelong (50+ years) Clyde fan until they signed DG on 31/3/2017. Initially, I thought it was an early April fool story, but when it was confirmed as genuine, I wrote to the club to protest. To no avail (obviously)...My parents met through the Clyde supporters club; I first attended Clyde games as a toddler with my grandfather at Shawfield; I supported Clyde (home and away) for 50 years with my father and brother, then both my daughters. We were all season ticket-holders. I wrote for the 'Clyde View' match programme for years and was proud to do so. As a child growing up in Easterhouse I was taunted for supporting wee Clyde, rather than one of the bigot brothers. As my father lay dying in hospital, my last conversation with him was to tell him that a Davy Hagen goal had won the game for Clyde that day. Jack Ross, the club captain then, had kindly got all of the Clyde pIayers to sign a card for my dad. I stuck with the club through thin and thin, well we did beat Roy Keane's Celtic in the SC, but the signing of DG ended my support. I felt betrayed by the board. We were no longer a community club and the board had sold their principles. No-one at Clyde cared that some of us voted with our feet. John Mason condoned the signing by returning after he had gained some cheap publicity for himself. After some reflection and thought, I decided to support another wee team. Thistle would have been a step too far, so I opted for the Saints. Same club colours, Jack Ross was the Manager, my family tree took me back to Paisley and there was even someone in their first ever team with the same name as my father (Yet to find out if we are related). I don't regret my choice. A real community club and the management, players and fans are genuinely good people. A bit like Tommy Shepherd, SNP MP, regarding the Labour Party, I don't feel that I left Clyde, they left me. So, to all of those in Kirkcaldy, and elsewhere, who spoke out against the signing of DG, and withdrew their support and funding, etc., THANK YOU on behalf of those Clyde supporters who took their support elsewhere five years ago. Here's hoping that Val's Gals can get back on track and that RRFC can become a fans-owned club in the not too distant future. I won't be going back to Broadwood and I hope that DG is not welcomed back there either.
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  13. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/57651255 It's effectively the same thing the clubs rejected before. How many times does this idea need to be comprehensively rejected for the OF to finally realise nobody wants their cunting B teams.
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  14. You're a complete arsehole. Don't come back.
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  15. So I wrote this and fired it off into John SIm's junk folder never to be read. Thought I'd leave it here as my tear stained resignation.
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  17. I mind the tabloids were running full back pages claiming that, at minimum, half of the SPL clubs would be dead within weeks after Rangers died. For clarity, here is the full list of clubs that died, which I will list in alphabetical order: Rangers
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  18. This post is fucking massive, so apologies. Had my coffee with John Mason MSP. Now he’s someone I fiercely disagree with on a lot of issues, many of which in the public eye and I think he’s had more than a few shockers of late on social media along these lines. Regardless, it was a relatively pleasant two-hour conversation where I managed to get my view across (I think). I initially raised my issue with “tsunami” phraseology – at that time he was unable to provide me with the ICU/death figures for Omicron. He agreed that perhaps that phrase was not appropriate. He had previously mentioned that whilst he receives e-mails from me, frustrated about the restrictions, he also receives emails from people on the other side. I put it to him that this is likely in large part to the Scottish Governments dangerous scare messaging. He noted this as a possible reason. He stressed again that ScotGov are going for the more cautious approach – I again noted that whilst this was fine earlier in the pandemic, we cannot continue to screech whatever parts of the economy the “matilda pointing at things” government chooses. I have previously raised my concern that football and hospitality are being punished – he disagreed at the time – but I felt that my explanation of why I felt this was the case was listened to. I pointed out that schools remain open and whilst I am absolutely not suggesting they get closed, it makes no sense keeping them open whist punishing private business. The issue of masks (more on that later) in schools and the data showing not a lot was again I feel listened to. I raised the data issues. I spoke to their desperation to use scary SA and Denmark data but when that data was showing the decoupling between cases and hospitalisation/ICU this data was swiftly ignored. I struggled to understand this. He again doubled down on the more cautious approach. He himself believes the government is more cautious than needs, but these decisions come from the top (more on that later) and he himself has raised issues with the panicked messaging and random crowd numbers etc. On the current restrictions. I asked him if he could say with a straight face that “sitting down” and table service made any difference in the data. He could not. I spoke in general about the restrictions, that 2 years in the government needs to provide its citizens with the data that justifies the closing of businesses/restrictions rather than just deciding on a whim. He said this data is difficult to get. I said that whilst that might be the case, continually leaving business in uncertain situations cannot continue. I then spoke about the data in Scotland vs England. Now his previous response here was along the lines of “yeah but if we didn’t do x then the numbers would be higher”. I put it to him that a) you could affectively say that statement FOREVER and b) we have the best real world data in terms of restrictions anyone could EVER hope for on this island with England vs Scotland data tracking perfectly. Again he defended this point – but I fought back strongly on this and being the utter loser I am pointed to the graphs reflecting this for his consideration. It did seem like this got through, and at the Covid committee on Thursday he intends to raise this now. We spoke about next winter. His last e-mail to me was incredibly strange because I asked why there is no consideration for NHS capacity. On this, we didn’t go too deep into the NHS but he did agree that based on this winter the Scottish Government needs to take more time and considering whether they need to act next winter in the likelihood of “new variants”. I raised the concept of the ScotGov bubble. Of course we are all familiar with Westminster bubble but in my head I am astonished that the First Minister believes that a) people are following the guidance in terms of 3 households/limiting contacts and that b) any pubs etc outwith the city centres are actually following these nonsense rules. He agreed on these points and reflected on the massive reduction in “check-ins” and that the government needs to look at phasing this sort of thing out. I then raised the issue of younger people suffering during the pandemic (I’m 28 so not sure I quite qualify). In previous twitter conversations with him, he enraged me by saying that “nightclubs etc” are “extra”. Now I realised 3 years ago that city centre night clubs are no longer the place for me – but I don’t believe it’s fair that he or anyone in government get to decide on a whim what is extra. For example, I put it to him that I am the biggest atheist ever and he is very religious. I feel churches are extra. But he would no doubt disagree. We then had an in depth conversation about how the government actually governs. Because I was intrigued to understand what the role of the “covid committee” actually was, and let me tell you, the answer did not please me. When I raised my concern that Devi is monetising the pandemic with her books and talks, he smiled and agreed it shouldn’t happen. Regardless, it was made clear that the leadership in the Scottish Government are advised (and she does indeed have the FM’s ear), decisions are made on this and THEN the Covid committee analyses these decisions. I was really perplexed by this – in government I’d have thought a far better way to work would be for the committee and the leadership to work together (and cross party) when it comes to speaking to “independent” advisors and making decisions. So for anyone wondering how these decisions are being made, based on the conversation I had with him, it is very clear that the “cautious approach” is being driven by the leadership at the top. I noted the number of times that “Nicola” was used in the answers to what I was saying – basically every answer. I reflected on the recent car crash interviews from Swinney and Humza. On Swinney it was actually him that asked the question regarding crowds and he agreed he was not satisfied at all with the answer. On Humza, he stated that the omicron/with or because of Covid data was hard to collect. I said I understood this – but ultimately 2 years on the government have had plenty time to sort out a system to do this if they actually had an interest in keeping the country open and it’s downright irresponsible not to. This was noted. We then moved on to discuss what happens in the future, and I asked a couple of questions that the P&B masses and some pals put to me: I raised very serious concerns with vaccine passports, in terms of their use, their discriminatory nature and the various domino affect repercussions that come with them. I also again raised this as another example of a shan policy cooked up in Holyrood left to private business to deal with. I raised the very real issue of ScotGov simply saying “aye but France etc are doing it” without considering why (France’s vaccine uptake was a lot lower than UK’s, and in that manner it did work). I stated clearly that this is the exact kind of policy that needs to be backed up by concrete data. And I asked when this, along with masks, will be fired into the bin. He was unable to tell me, but agreed that they cannot remain a part of the fabric of our society long term. Whilst I said they needed binned now because of the clear uselessness in the face of omicron, this was noted, and will also be raised at the covid committee should he have time (each MSP seems to only get around 5-6 minutes to question Swinney and Leitch at these things). On masks I’ve ranted about this many many times with him so we didn’t go too in depth but again, along with masks, he is hoping to raise this issue. I raised my concerns on data/safe modelling by email and we touched on this briefly – he said he felt it was correct that government looked at worst case and based on this. I blew my top about that via email, and I interrogated him on what qualifications within government do MSPs and ministers have to interrogate data correctly. This wasn’t really answered, but when I took issue with the “worst case” scenario not having any probability attached to it, rendering it meaningless, he seemed to roll back on his view. Regardless, incredibly concerning that we’re being governed like this. Moving forward he has said many times he wants this to move to be more like flu – seasonal jabs for the over 50’s and vulnerable. I asked if this was a universal view point or just his, but he wasn’t sure on this. John Mason to put it kindly is an outlier within the SNP, the leadership don’t seem to like him because of his somewhat controversial views, so it’s difficult to assess whether or not the leadership agree on the seasonality and binned the need for 28 year olds like me to be getting jabs left right and centre. “Civil Liberties” was raised by me – he put it that looking at the example of the government wanting to enshrine the UN Rights of the Child into law shows the government is doing more on civil liberties. I noted this point – but in terms of the past two years I was talking about things like vaccine passports which in the discussion overall were listened to. He doesn’t like the restrictions and I think he is likely to not really tow the party line with them like others. For example, I also invited Alison Thewliss for a coffee but it became clear that this would not have gone down well as she is far more in line with Nicola Sturgeon. So to answer someone’s question that was put to me – yes it does seem very much like the SNP government and those representing are telt to tow the line, and we went into detail a bit about how a few years ago it was actually worse in terms of party discipline and not being able to speak out (he raised the trans debate but I had absolutely no interest getting into that). There’s probably some stuff I’ve missed, and again apologies for the long post. I would again stress – Covid and restrictions and the things raised in this thread I have noted have made me a much angrier person over the past 2 years and I strongly recommend voicing your views to your MSP because it almost certainly helps. If anyone’s any other questions just let me know.
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  19. When the last penalty went in, went to turn it off. My girlfriend went 'wait, can we keep it on. I want to see them cry'. Don't think I've ever been more attracted to her tbh.
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  20. It would be great if (the minority of) folk could stop acting like there was no outcry when Goodwillie joined Clyde. The Chairman had to defend the signing, the signing was publicly criticised by John Mason MSP, Jamie Greene MSP and numerous others, some fans called for a boycott and the story was picked up by national press with Rape Crisis Scotland slamming the move as well. Just because you never heard any outcry about the signing back in 2017 doesn't mean that there wasn't any.
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  21. Pish. The c**t, scum, bigot club died in 2012. They died due to massive financial cheating that finally caught up with them. They were not demoted. They died and a new Rangers had to be formed. Sadly it too is a c**t, scum bigot club and it too tried to cheat by demanding it be placed in the top league. When that failed they demanded to be placed in the second tier. This new club were admitted to the bottom tier. They were signing players on £8k a week to play against part time teams. The 'journey' was not some sort of amazing fairytale or against all odds triumph. It was a cold, emotionless blunder towards the top league, achieved by chucking millions of pounds at shite. There were plenty of comical moments along the way. They won their first Premiership title by chucking even larger sums of cash at players and managers. Signing a player for circa £12M and paying Gerrard a hefty wage is hardly some great 'turnaround' story. It's yet another cold, emotionless, empty piece of nonsense that has been bought with eye watering sums of cash. Hopefully last night was hugely damaging to the financial plans of this new Rangers and that this version goes bust and dies, like the old, dead Rangers. And hopefully the c**t queen goes along with them.
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  22. This climbdown is almost certainly a result of the club's volunteers, one by one, resigning and letting the club know this is not acceptable. To all of you - you're amazing.
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  23. I said last night I'd be walking away, and in terms of attending football matches, that categorically still stands. When I wrote that tear-stained farewell last night though, I didn't think that this dynamic would play out the way it has. If I'm honest, I thought it'd be like the Morton and Ross County situations where a few "woke snowflakes" like me walked away, but the majority settled down and went with the flow. I was devastated about that. Today, though? I feel heartened and encouraged by what I've seen. The strength of feeling I'm seeing across the Rovers, football and Scottish communities is matching my own. People are standing up to say that this is utterly unacceptable. People with a lot to lose are walking away from positions they love. Ordinary fans are putting their hands in their pockets to support Rape Crisis Scotland and reject the actions of a pathetically misguided Rovers board and management. This may well be the darkest day in the history of Raith Rovers Football Club. But it is not the last day. Today, battle lines are drawn. It is us, and it is them. I don't know what form that battle will take, but there is a football club with its current owners, and there is a community which will outlast them. Change must happen, and change will happen. The first phase of that is the termination of David Goodwillie's employment, which should happen today, but the campaign for change must then continue until the architects of this catastrophe are forced through the exit door at Stark's Park, and replaced by a structure and a leadership that will truly put the community first.
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  24. During the pandemic there has been no shortage of unedifying mewling from the older generation about ‘irresponsible kids’, so it’s no surprise to find boomers wailing about vaccine hesitancy from the younger generation. When the JVCI can’t make a convincing case that the benefits of vaccination for under 30s outweighs the potential risks, even when the risk of a dangerous adverse reaction to the vaccines is vanishingly small (1.1 cases per 100k in age group 20-29 suffering serious harm from vaccination (AZ) compared to 0.8 cases per 100k ICU admissions prevented by vaccines in the same age group, according to JVCI’s own data) then it’s crystal clear that there is very little compelling evidence to suggest that the under 30s need to be vaccinated for their own good. Indeed the evidence suggest the opposite - that vaccination is riskier for under 30s than contacting the virus, contrasting sharply with the clear benefits offered by vaccination to older cohorts. It’s probably fair to say that (notwithstanding their general incompetence) both the Scottish and English governments are fully aware of the negligible risks presented to the younger generation by the virus, and (whatever their pronouncements to the contrary suggest) there is an unspoken acceptance in government that the virus will circulate freely among the younger, healthier age groups, and that natural immunity by infection will play almost as significant a role as vaccination in ensuring that the under 30s acquire immunity. The contention that kids have some altruistic debt to their elders or moral obligation to get vaccinations they don’t really need for the benefit of the fully-vaccinated, who are currently enjoying maximal protection, is so deeply engrained in the popular mindset that it’s taken for granted, but it’s really just another instance of the ‘what can the younger generation do for us’ mantra that has become endemic since the start of the pandemic. Thinking back to the disgraceful Scottish government TV advertising campaign, where kids were being exhorted not to kill their grandparents, it’s not difficult to see how this view became mainstream. What can the younger generation do for us? Well apart from accepting the hugely diminished experience that now passes for an education over the last 18 months (with more to come), and seeing their job opportunities wither on the vine, while their social opportunities and leisure pursuits (live music, arts, hospitality, nightclubs, sports, dating etc.) are stigmatised and criminalised. All the stuff that older generations were able to enjoy to the full are the very things that we’ve demanded younger generations sacrifice to keep us old timers safe. I’ve got a 17-year old daughter who is going to Uni in September, and she’s taken it upon herself to get vaccinated, (by going to a drop-in centre, not because she’d received a blue letter - she hasn’t). I’m delighted that she chose to get vaccinated, but I’d have been just as supportive of her had she chosen not to. The pandemic has effectively ruined the last 18 months of her life, which is a much more significant proportion for her than it is for me, at a time when having a normal social life (meeting friends and prospective partners) is a crucial part of her development and mental well-being. I’m acutely aware of the sacrifices that she, her friends, and indeed all youngsters have made. It’s long past time for double-vaccinated old timers like myself to start letting the younger generations (to whom we are already hugely indebted) enjoy their lives once again - restriction free - without stigmatising them as reckless or irresponsible, and without threatening to crack down on them and their favoured pursuits at the first opportunity. There’s a disproportionate amount of stick being used to beat younger generations with, and a negligible amount carrot on offer in a dystopian new world where governmental control of businesses and draconian restrictions on civil liberties have become the new normal. It’s not the responsibility of the younger generations to protect the elderly any more: the vaccines are doing a perfectly good job of this, and (in conjunction with occasional boosters if needed) will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Ultimately all the fuss about vaccine hesitancy among the young is simply masking an incontrovertible truth: Covid simply isn’t much of a threat to anyone that isn’t elderly and / or afflicted with multiple co-morbidities, and the apparatus of governmental control that has inhibited, controlled and restricted our lives since the start of the pandemic has represented a much greater threat to the welfare of the younger generation than the virus.
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  25. This is the worst performance from a Scottish team against Malmö that there has ever been.
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  26. Away to start a course of a drug called Panopazib. It's designed to hopefully slow things down with my chondrosarcoma. I've been given a few months to live but I absolutely refuse to give up. I know this is the last throw of the dice for me but I've taken a lot of positives from some of the stories on here and some of the messages that I've received from total strangers. Thanks folks. To everybody suffering from this horrible disease, keep fighting the fight. Positivity cannot be underestimated. Peace.
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  27. Because Leigh likes things to look older than they really are?
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  28. Honestly. I know you get the folk who come on here and go on about how 'Oh, the usual suspects just want any excuse to stick the blade in oor Nic' etc, but I genuinely am totally gutted about how we have been governed since late 2020. I voted for them in every local and general election since about 2010. I never bothered at all about politics before then but I decided to register and vote as I genuinely believed in what they stood for and what they were fighting for. I was (and am still) a huge proponent of Independence but this wasn't my only reason for an SNP vote. I honestly believed they were essentially good at the heart of everything they did and were doing their best to make Scotland better rather than an afterthought of the UK. I was also fully on board for lockdown one. I didn't like it....hated it in fact. My mum had just been diagnosed with terminal blood cancer around 3 months prior and I didn't see her for nearly four months from March because it was for the best not to, it was only a while though, I believed and it would give her a better chance of extending her life. It broke my heart (and still does as she's no longer with us) but I was fully on board with it, for both her and my dad. My stepdaughter also worked in a care home and me and my partner took her wee girl for a few weeks to put that separation there so she was minimising risk. She was coming in from work every day and phoning us to tell us another two, three people had succumbed to it and she could do nothing but leave them in a room themselves as they died, because she couldn't be in all rooms at all times. Then when things started opening up a bit again in August/Sept 2020 it was like a pressure valve has been released a bit. I was getting to the gym - 5 mornings a week for the 13 weeks we were allowed to reopen and I was feeling not too bad. That's at the point I started questioning both in person and on here, 'what is the end game?', if the vaccines don't work or there's no effective medicine, how do we get out of this? It was a question that I thought wasn't being asked by a media giving the government an easy ride on both sides of the border. As the 'we know better than you' attitude came and with it, the 'behave or we'll shut you down again' rhetoric began, my opinion started to gradually sway. Started to see a side of the ruling party up here that was unimaginable a few months earlier. From there, my concern and agitation has morphed into outright hatred of the party as it has gradually worn me down to the point where I honestly can't fathom why I ever voted for them in the first place and actually feel relief that the 2014 referendum didn't go the way I voted as we'd have been in even worse restrictions for even longer than we are with this mob having full control. We were promised that the vaccine was the way out of this, that with an effective vaccine programme, we'd never have to resort to such draconian measures such as locking people down again, criminalising them for being within 5 miles of their fucking homes or out for more than one walk in a day! Measures that they will tell you they HATE imposing on people as NS stands on the podium with her face contorted in her best look of concern. We locked down again at the start of the year and my partner, a self-employed hairdresser was forced to stop working for three months, not only that but because she had only registered as self employed within the previous 12 months, was eligible for nothing. We were left up shit creek and told 'something will come along' she was forced into jobseekers for the first time in her life as there was no help, no discretionary fund. They only found her a loophole 10 days before everything reopened and she got got about 50% of her lost potential earnings back for the period but by that point, she was despondent that she'd been denied the right to work and had no help forthcoming to offset that. This last two years has been a fucking hellscape for people and their mental health. My story isn't even one of hardship in relative terms to what some have gone through but I've hated every single minute of it. The separation from friends, from family, the fact I didn't see my mum nearly as much as I should have in the last 18 months of her life. My mental health is in the gutter, my physical health is ruined, I am constantly anxious for my still grieving dad who lost his partner of 40 years and spends most of his days/nights alone and is now being told that he has further restrictions on what he can. So yes, I'm fucking bitter. This isn't about locking down for three weeks - it's about things being taken away from you just because they say so. They don't even need solid evidence to do so anymore and can do it on the threat of something maybe happening. Meanwhile like the Tories they hate so much, they backhander their mates for preferred work, they shoot down any vocal opposition to their policies with barbed replies, they try and retain emergency powers for non-emergency times, they cover up scandal after scandal and laugh as they get away with it. At least you know the tories are outright c***s...folk like Rees-Mogg and Gove are never going to masquerade as humanitarians. The SNP do it under the guise of caring and love for the people of the country and are every bit as evil and dangerous. TL:DR - f**k all of the c***s.
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  29. 4 montly check up last week. Cancer still sleeping. Will be 3 years on 1st May since my stem cell transplant. Next check up in another 4 months!
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  30. It's not your board which is the problem. It's your fan base. Their paranoid, victim mentality behaviour and their ludicrous levels of expectation and entitlement. To try and placate this shower of Neanderthals, successive boards of directors at your club have been cheating every single year since they were created in 2012. Consecutive boards have racked up debts and have burned through the share issue money like it's confetti. You've racked up ever increasing pre-tax losses. A quick look at your last accounts shows that one more bad year and you'll be out of shareholder funds and cash. Your auditors are sounding the alarm bells about your ability to operate as a going concern. All of it, a pathetic gamble to cheat your way to the SPFL title and the hope of recovering some of the losses if you get Champions League football. As much as I don't like Celtic, a result like todays is a victory for all true football fans who hate systematic cheating. Add the bigotry and the violence and you don't really have to wonder too much about the reasons why other football fans despise Rangers more than virtually any other club.
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  31. Good news - Mum phoned and was told Step-Dad is comfortable and no hospitalisation required.
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  32. Here, what about Che Adams granny, some woman eh
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  33. The only time I’ll ever enjoy looking at Shiltons puss
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  34. Signing his three year deal with Clyde:
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  35. You'd think someone at the club could've given Benedictus a heads up before he made a c**t of himself.
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  36. Don't worry Pars fans, I'm sure during the international break Peter is serving up huge plates of confidence and this is how your season will end...
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  37. "Look everyone, now that I'm the Dunfermline manager, I'll show everyone what guid hoanest laddies can do!" "Yogi, you've done f**k all and finished in the relegation play-offs. You've ruined a perfectly good Fife football club!" "Ah, incorrect Marge - two perfectly good Fife football clubs."
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