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    That was an absolute disgrace today. Strachan has always talked down the game here, but today was a new level. There are generally so many threads I want to pull it is unreal. Mainly, however, it seemed to be an inferiority complex (incredible, I know, from the man who was a successful small player and went full eugenics...) All comparisons and his feelings of shame tend to be directly linked toward the English leagues (a country 10x larger). Surely similar populations (Wales, Ireland, NI - if we had to stick to close neighbours) would make more appropriate comparisons... but noooooo... then we would have to admit that we actually have a fucking brilliant 'product' (get that phrase in the fucking bin) and one of the most successful 'products' in terms of direct interest (attendance to population in Europe, if not the world). Absolute drivel. ETA: As a Raith Rovers fan, we have, and always will be (in the grand scheme of things like most Scottish clubs), fucking murder. That has no bearing on me supporting my team. Strachan, and all these other c***s have no idea what it football is actually about. Waking up at stupid o'clock for away days on trains, singing songs in pubs before and after the games, arranging your weekends/relationships/holidays to follow your team, posting on P&B, doing fundraising for your club, group chats with constant planning/banter about games (past, present and future). In short, 99% of players (and therefore pundits) have no fucking idea what football is really about because they played through the time they would have been following football as a fan. They, the players, are fucking nothing without the clubs - and the clubs only exist because of fans. In a Scottish football context, I found that discussion today sickening.
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    These b*****ds need to rot in fucking jail. My girlfriends granny lost her life to this illness, only 8 people were at the funeral. I can’t go see my 81 year old grandad who lives 10 miles away. I can’t even go for a coffee at my mum and dads who are 5 minutes away. Yet this c**t, this baldy fucking c**t clearly breaks the rule, gets his wife to lie about it in the press, then gets Laura Cuntsberg decides to defend him on behalf of the Tory party. Put this in the heads gone thread, my blood is boiling at this.
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    “This is not the time to be expelling one of the League’s biggest and best resourced Clubs from the Premiership.“ “In short, the Premiership needs Hearts more than the Championship does.”
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    Stop pontificating about it using tired cliches then. I'm usually posting with my tongue in cheek but I mean this sincerely - it's complete fucking idiots like you that have landed the UK in the state it's in, with an incompetent brainless government who don't have to be accountable. You freely admit you have no knowledge on the subject but you have strong opinions and will quite happily post a lot of shite and argue with those who have actually done some research. When people try to ask you questions or challenge your uneducated bollocks you refuse to take anything on board, double down and then post some drivel about being tired to try and shut down the conversation. Democracy is a good thing but it frustrates me that you get as many votes as someone with more than 16 brain cells.
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    Give me a reason that not every one of you is a c**t now please. I’m eager to hear.
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    I am outraged at the whole Cummings affair. My 82 year old father died on April 11th (of pneumonia, not the virus. He had had mesothelioma). There were only 10 of us at the funeral. We weren't allowed to carry the coffin. There was no wake, publicly since all restaurants, pubs etc were closed, privately since the ten of us came from more than one household. We had to follow these restrictions because the Government said they were among the measures which would relieve the burden on the NHS and would save lives. Yet we not only have Cummings flouting the rules but the Government knowing about it, sitting on the information for weeks and then openly defending it!
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    I really don’t see much support from Cummings out there, even from sources you’d expect. Only the proper lunatics are backing him. I’m absolutely furious about the government response, far more than the act itself, and it seems most people are too. People have been watching their parents funerals on fucking Zoom and kids have died and been buried alone while Cummings can nip up to his parents while he’s actually infected! Just on the off chance he needs his kid looked after. It’s absolutely mind-boggling. This isn’t a ‘typical politicians’ style hypocrisy, this is our actual cabinet choosing to trash the entire fucking lockdown for an advisor. They know they’re lying, and not in a ‘this salary cap is actually a good thing’ or ‘this stat has actually got better so we’re doing well with healthcare’ style way. This is now politicians prioritising an advisor over - literally- everyone else in the country. Our Health Secretary says it’s fine, our Attorney General says it’s fine. That’s completely alarming to me when perfectly healthy people have been fined for sitting in the park. Where do you end with that logic, if it’s one of your own? This should now be much bigger than Cummings resigning.
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    It simply can't be overstated just what a fat fucking coward Boris Johnson is. Imagine voting for that c**t and his party of sociopathic rich kids. Tories really are a sub-species.
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    reached 6 months off the coke. was pretty bad on it most saturday’s. decided enough is enough and have stuck to my guns. feel so much better for it. more money and a clear head as well. slippery road i was on but hopefully through it now. bit embarrassing but it’s the way it is
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    The real problem with what Kuenssburg is doing isn't that it damages her credibility, but that it makes it much harder for any journalist (or the public) to scrutinise the government properly. If you can respond to every story by anonymously briefing to the BBC's political editor, knowing that she will parrot it straight out to her 1.2 million followers with no context or critical analysis, then you don't ever actually have to go on the record to defend anything. Newsnight haven't been able to get a government minister to appear for 2 months during the biggest crisis since the war. Meanwhile, one of their most senior colleagues is allowing the Tories to get their story out without being subject to any questions whatsoever. And, if it turns out that the line they've taken is too unpopular, they can simply give her another, completely contradictory 'anonymous source', knowing that she'll uncritically repeat what they say as well.
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    Of course. We are only thinking of this in terms of a Premiership capacity. Going from 14 back to 12 in two years. Championship, League 1 and League 2 clubs going from 14 back to 10 in 2 years from now is absolutely madness and they'll be even more painfully hit. For her plan to go through, in the 21/22 season you would be doing the following: Relegate 3 Premier league sides to get back to 12. 3 down 1 up. Have teams fighting it out for 1 promotion spot in a 14 team championship. Relegate 7 teams from the same 14 team championship. Have teams vying for 1 promotion spot from the 14 team league 1. Relegate 10 teams from the 14 team league 1. So in a best case scenario (not even including possible playoffs which could lead to more promotion and relegation) that would mean in 2021/22, you'll have a situation where 2 teams across Scottish football (not including HL/LL) will be promoted and at least 20 out of 42 teams across the board are going to be relegated. All to save Hearts. Absolutely fucking ludicrous. This old c**t should be booted into the nearest body of water immediately.
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    One of Tina Turners less popular B sides
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    The furlough scheme is designed to stop folk from losing their income as a result of the pandemic. The vast majority of players who are released would normally find another club within 1/2 months. There’s next to no chance anyone who gets released right now will find another club (or even another job altogether) any time soon. On that basis this seems to be exactly what the scheme is designed for. And it’s hardly like it’s just football clubs are doing it, plenty of other industries have been extending fixed term contracts or even re-hiring recently redundant staff to ensure they get a wage. because the rules allow them to do so. It’s not like we’re talking about well-paid footballers here either, there’ll be plenty of people on here who earn far more them. I really can’t fathom anyone vehemently defending chucking an entire squad onto the scrap heap, who would normally have options for finding employment, but now have next to no chance of finding a job in the coming months or even year. Unless you’re just so blinded by support for your club, or just a bit of a c**t.
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    Again, I've said it from the fucking start. I don't worry or fear my club being relegated. It's happened more than once in my lifetime, it will most certainly happen again. I'd be more than happy to see St. Mirren open to a reconstruction that sees for a 14 team division and 2.5 relegation/promotion spots. Variety is the spice of life and all that. But ONLY if it's on a permanent basis. There will be absolutely no appetite amongst the clubs most at risk for 3 clubs potentially getting relegated from the league in a year or two years time, only to drop to a league the following season where the three relegated sides are then left fighting with the others over only one promotion slot and an outside chance of going up via a playoff.
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    Right, I've had the weekend to calm down - this is what I'm sending our MP, Silent Knight. Attn: Greg Knight MP East Yorkshire Tuesday 26 May 2020 Dear Greg Knight, I am one of your constituents. I am not a supporter of the Conservative Party. Nor, indeed, am I impressed with your performance as my representative. However, I must write to you again, hoping to get a more positive response than the previous times I have had cause to contact you. I have allowed myself time over the weekend to calm down after reading about Dominic Cummings' behaviour. Many a time an immediate response obscures reason with emotion. Now, however, I find myself beyond angry. This man, who is seemingly "the power behind the throne" in Downing Street, rode roughshod over the rules which he himself was involved in drafting, and was so assured that he was doing the right thing that he felt it necessary to keep his actions secret not only from the public, but also from his employer - even going so far as to, in concert with his wife, concoct a story for public consumption which had them remaining in their home in London - as they should have done. Questions I would like to see being asked in the House of Commons when Parliament resumes, please: 1. Why does having a child make Cummings and his wife exceptional? As far as I am aware, there are many people in this situation. 2. How did crowds show up to abuse him at home when, as we all know, the country was in lockdown? Has Cummings contacted the Police at any time over this harrassment? Please bear in mind that Cummings claims ths was happening BEFORE his road trip. 3. If we were to accept that Cummings is exceptional, as he told us yesterday, and that his concern was for his child, what enquiries did he make among his employer,friends and family before driving over 260 miles, with likely Covid infection in the car, to an area whose residents' safety he evidently was NOT concerned about. 4. Why did he have to do all the driving? Could a man in his position not request Government transport? Has his wife not got a licence? Could his (healthy) sister in Durham not have come to collect the child? 5. After being summoned home by his wife when she was unwell, why did he return to work in direct violation of Government Guidelines? 6. In what universe does a man who is unsure about his ability to drive (but exceptionally concerned about his child's safety) test his eyesight by driving sixty miles with his wife and child in the car? 7. Are members of the public, who have been fined for non-compliance with the guidelines, now entitled to seek redress? As I have no expectation of your presenting any of these questions to your superiors, could I ask that you at least give an answer to, or at least share your opinion of each point above to me, as your employer? I have absolutely no doubt you will, in common with your Parliamentary colleagues, hope for this issue to wither on the vine. Be aware, however, that this is not some abstract discussion about electoral law breaches or islamophobia in the Tory Party - this is something which has the entire population angry simply because they trusted your Government, and your Government has basically laughed at them. Single mothers in flats with no communal space, elderly people cut off from relatives - I don't (or shouldn't) have to tell you what the people of this country have gone through, "pulling together", "in it together", all leavened with allusion to WWII and the like. They did this in the belief that this was a national endeavour. Now they find that your Party, Your Government, Your Prime Minister is simply laughing at them. An analogy I heard at the weekend seems absolutely fitting, when referring to Conservative MPs - "365 seats, less than twenty spines". Please tell me why this should not apply to you personally. I have seen two of my grandchildren at a distance as they go for their exercise. The third, I have not seen for over two months. Her mother (my daughter) has both physical and mental health issues, and her husband has to continue working as normal, being a key worker. In fact, he is working more hours than normal in this situation. I would love to be able to go and help her (she lives in easy driving distance - a lot less than 260 miles), just to make the odd meal or tidy up for her, as she is really struggling. My wife and I have endured the almost daily telephone conversations which inevitably end with both parties in tears, because we believed it was the right thing to do, in the grand scheme of things. Are we now to believe that, if only we could say we were exceptional, we could ignore the guidelines? Yours sincerely, A seriously pissed off WhiteRoseKillie p.s. Please be aware that I do not give my permission for my personal data to be used for any reason outside of this communication. Thank You.
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    Hearts fans at the start of May - "I hope all your tinpot clubs go bust, Hearts will be fine" Hearts owner at the end of May - "We're fucked if we cant play football soon, financial collapse is imminent" Forgive me if I dont start screeching in agony about poor wee Hearts of Midlothian facing doom. I highly doubt the likes of Steve Brown are going to have sympathy considering shes spent the past few years talking down to folk like him about how to run a football club.
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    Fucking hell Scotland, enough is surely enough of these c***s, get them tae f**k
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    Hearts complaining about the lower league clubs, forgetting they are one.
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    Pippa Crerar's skill level in holding that article back in order to give the government rope is absolutely top notch.
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    Minnesota Riots is a great name for a sports team.
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    Nah - you're absolutely fine as you are: The idea of you being, "a little nicer sometimes" is simply laughable.
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    We're all good for the St HibMirrenian cooperative axis of torpedoing this bullshit right to the bottom of the sea where it belongs, right?
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    I once travelled to a medieval castle to get my eyesight checked. I had 1320 vision.
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    This is absolute shenanigans. I'm no fan if Corbyn but there was nothing to suggest that he would have led the UK into a Venezuelan style collapse. That's extremist nonsense of the kind you claim to hate. There is nothing worse than people like yourself who voted tory coming out with rubbish like that whilst claiming to have been "sensible" - thanks to your sensible actions we have a lying, incompetent, racist in charge who, thanks to a complete failure of leadership has taken the UK to a heartbreaking death toll. Own your vote. You knew they were ill prepared, selfish incompetent. Don't pretend it was some sort of pragmatic vote. Your vote contributed to this.
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    Latest and probably last edition to my clan, from me anyway, arrived a month early.
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    It could be that your hoose is on fire. I'd check that before changing the battery.
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    I’m sure the irony of this post isn’t lost on anyone.
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    Fucking hell, get us independence from these useless cunts immediately.
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    Im going to drink a bottle of vodka and then drive 30 miles just to check that im drunk
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    A top league of 14 and a joined up plan to make sure that lower league clubs got access to a higher proportion of funds for a season - that is what should have happened. That's not going to happen as there are too many clubs focused only on what they can get for themselves rather than the health of the wider game that they depend upon. I can completely understand why lower league clubs aren't prepared to vote for any of these proposals. For them its rearranging the deck chairs on the titanic. Time for us to move on now and accept the demotion. Fair enough fight for an increased parachute payment but the league reconstruction stuff is done and Budge is making an absolute arse of herself now. Most of the clubs in Scotland are effectively getting a raw deal, we don't have a monopoly on that. At least we will likely survive whereas dozens of clubs may not.
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    It's amazing how quick the Beeb are to punish their staff when they upset the Tories. The likes of Sarah Smith and Laura K are free to continue to pump out government PR on a daily basis though, with the odd clarification of what their sources really meant to say.
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    Fuck knows why anyone would want the Edinburgh derby. It’s always eye-bleedingly boring.
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    I’m only going to entertain one of your points as you are clearly fishing or perhaps hard of thinking. Bereaved families very much have the moral high ground in this shit show and to infer they have no shame is shameful on your part. But I suspect with your rod in your hand you know this.
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    I hope people realise that criticism of this whole fucking shambles is moon howling of the highest order. We're well into Trumpland here. In fact, we're so far in everyone of us has taken out a 30 year mortgage to live in it. The country.....like the USA, because what they do we always follow.....is hopelessly split 50/50 up the middle. Our side always good, their side always evil. For half the country, the Tories could eat babies while downing champagne live on TV every night, and they wouldn't give a f**k as long as brown people are thrown out of the country, they can still celebrate Dunkirk, and they can hate these scrounging Jocks in general and Nicola Sturgeon in particular. And the thing is, at the moment, that half of the country have all the power. The other half can complain all they want, the right-wing half will wave their cocks at us and say there's f**k all we can do for another 5 years.
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    I do think people are underestimating how much people across the board will be angry about this. Yeah there are vocal morons defending Johnson and Cummings on Twitter, but I'd bet any money that they're people who have broken the rules themselves and therefore don't see the big deal. This isn't like prorouging Parliament, which was a technical thing no-one understood It's not like Grenfell, which was about poor people It's not like Windrush, which was about black people All of those things could be filed away as irrelevant because they're not issues that touch the Tory base. The entire country has experienced the lockdown and the vast majority of us have stuck to the rules. The Prime Minister has just gone on live TV and called us all mugs.
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    On the face of it I think this is a reasonable argument in favour of temporary reconstruction. An increased chance of relegation for everyone in the Premiership in a full season which can be finished could absolutely be considered fairer than calling the season early, and as there needs to be an exceptional solution which has some element of unfairness to it in these exceptional circumstances I can see why Hearts fans would naturally gravitate to this being the least bad solution. The problem is though that in terms of sporting fairness it considers the Premiership in a vacuum. You can credibly argue that having more relegation in one or two seasons time with the full season being completed is fairer than calling the league as it is and conclude that's a fairer solution for the Premiership, so it's the fairest solution overall. The Premiership isn't in a vacuum though, and however you reconstruct there's a ripple effect through the leagues which sees some clubs being fucked over through reconstruction. In the seemingly favoured plan of 14-14-14/16, that's Clyde, Peterhead and Forfar. Seeing that there's no solution which doesn't hurt some clubs, you come full circle to the argument of what's the least unfair way of deciding who gets hurt and having to consider sporting merit in that. That unavoidably brings us back to saying the clubs sitting bottom of their league on merit at the time the season stopped taking the hit is the least unfair option. If it's somehow beyond the pale for Hearts, Partick & Stranraer to go down in these circumstances because of the financial impact at a hugely challenging time for everyone despite the fact they were bottom, why would it be okay for clubs sitting mid-table in their league to be entirely arbitrarily bombed into a weaker division from positions which wouldn't normally have you changing division, with a financial impact on them as a result? There's no solution which doesn't hurt someone, and relegating the teams in automatic relegation places is considerably less unfair than that.
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    Going by Strachan's rationale, on leaving Celtic, Andy Robertson would now be working in a warehouse somewhere in Glasgow and watching the Champions League final in the house with some cans of Tennents and a Domino's pizza. Teams now above Dundee in the pyramid would still be playing Highland League and Lawrence Shankland wouldn't be scoring goals regularly against Dundee and making international squads as a Championship player. All of the above are exactly the reason why Strachan, Budge and whoever else wants to kill off clubs further down the Leagues need called out, voted against and ultimately told where to go at every opportunity. Its not all about the size of crowds, bank balance or number of trophies (wfaanw). Its far more important than that. Its our national game and as long as clubs live within their means I sincerely hope every single one of them, and more, continue to contribute to this great game that impacts lifes from week to week and has the power to shape communities for the greater good, not many pursuits or industries can have that effect. Our communities need this positivity more than ever and collectively so does the country. Dundee board meetings with the likes of Strachan and Nelms must be great fun and as an extension the thought of expanding the lower leagues for Lowland or Highland league teams must be further away than ever. Part time teams can raise their standards to unbelievable heights and you could argue they have to if they want to compete as well as they do. The likes of Arbroath and Alloa in the Championship have proven that and will continue to do so. If by Herr Strachans' plan of attack and they were in some Central / East Coast Part Time League then the likes of Tam O'Brien and Kevin O'Hara, or whoever their star players were at that time, would simply be going through the motions at training and in games because they knew they didn't have to do any more. Its human nature. Strachan coming across like your old uncle who once knew his onions and just wants to be heard now for the sake of it.
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    What a world we live in where Prince Andrew saying he can't sweat because of a war might not be the worst excuse we've heard this year.
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    How are you c***s still going on about this. We're nearly into June and players can't even fucking train yet. Dozens of players have been released because clubs don't have any money because we've had to shut down football. Half the clubs in the country would be lucky to be able to field a matchday squad even if they were able to train and play, which they can't. At what point is the penny going to drop that there wasn't another option but to call the league. All this was fucking obvious months ago.
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    I work for Scottish Autism and none of the lads I support have been allowed any contact with their parents since lockdown. To say I am angry with what has been unfolding today is a slight understatement. Even if DCs kid is autistic it is highly unlikely they would have been able to make a 250 mile trip without multiple stops!
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    Let's face it if Dominic Cummings does not resign or is sacked the UK Gov will lose what little credibility it has remaining. The very fact the BBC and the No 10 spin machine are trying to justify why he and his family can drive to his parents 250 miles away, when they should have been self isolating due to them having symptoms is an insult to every single one of us. There are millions of people in this country who have not had any symptoms, nor have they had to self isolate and yet they have had to do without many of things we enjoy in life to keep others safe by staying at home and observing social distancing when out of the home. Many of people have or are now facing losing their jobs or seeing their businesses go under due to this crisis. So on that basis alone Mr Cummings should no longer be on the payroll of UK Gov creaming off a six figure salary while many people lose their livelihoods. It is simple as that. It absolutely riles me that people in power think they are above the law. ..... and one final point to add, when is Prince Charles going to get his knuckles formally wrapped for travelling to Scotland when he should have remained at his London home self isolating due to having symptoms?
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    Boris Johnston lied to the queen, shut down parliament, conspired to have a journalist assaulted, has more kids than even he knows, and the Right in this country still fucking love him because he's going to get rid of brown people. I would love to have your optimism. I don't share it.
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    This is the series of events that you are passing off as 'straight reporting' 1. Story breaks that the chief advisor to the PM has broken the government's own rules on lockdown and has been spoken to by police as a result 2. BBC Political editor directly contradicts story, saying that 'sources' confirm he was not spoken to by police 3. Police confirm an individual was spoken to in connection with breaking the lockdown rules, entirely consistent with the original story which the BBC political editor rubbished at the behest of 'sources' 4. BBC Political editor brazenly carries on as if no new information has come to light, continuing to report the comments of 'sources' without acknowledging the factual inaccuracy perpetrated by the BBC political editor If you genuinely don't believe that Laura Kuenssberg's source is Dominic Cummings telling her exactly what to say and that doing this is actually somehow not a gross breach of impartiality on the part of the state broadcaster which sees the one journalist ostensibly most responsible for holding governments to account indulging in direct propaganda as a client journalist, then I am sadly forced to inform you that I am the wallet inspector and I need to see your wallet immediately.
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