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    I've got a PhD in statistics.
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    Of course, the main point which Neil Lennon seems to be missing (alongside Celtic FC as a whole) is that the Dubai trip was ridiculous from the outset. That's the issue. The main issue isn't that they've returned with two positive tests. The 'outcome' isn't the issue. 'Hindsight' is utterly irrelevant. Everyone, except the people embarking on that trip, knew it was a self-absorbed decision utterly lacking in common sense or morality, and they knew this from the very moment it became apparent that they were going ahead with it. This Dubai trip isn't remotely comparable to the Hamilton, St. Johnstone or Raith Rovers situations which Lennon rants about. Rightly or wrongly, professional football is going ahead. There will be positive cases at most clubs. Some clubs simply don't have the resources to follow every guideline to the nth degree, but you can rest assured that they are doing their utmost to respect and follow those guidelines to the best of their abilities. In short, it is a necessity for these clubs to continue their seasons until told otherwise. On the other hand, Celtic's Dubai trip was a completely unnecessary risk to take. That's the main difference. By apologising solely to Celtic's supporters for the 'outcome', this entire concept seems to be something which Neil Lennon and Peter Lawwell can't wrap their imbecilic heads around.
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    He has absolutely lost his grip on reality and Celtic either need to get him help or take him out of the firing line for his own good now. Celtic should have put him on gardening leave before today was done. He has utterly misjudged both the mood of the country (granted he probably doesnt care about that) AND the mood of his own support. Even Lawwell in the face of a barrage of criticism reluctantly issued an apology. As soon as he is out in public Lennon come out swinging and retracts most of that apology. He apologises only to Celtic fans who were denied seeing 13 players for two games but he also blames 'ridiculous' rules for that so he isnt really apologising because he thinks they did nothing wrong! Someone in Celtic's media team should have pulled him out of that when it became clear what he was saying. Personally I couldnt care less that they were seen round the pool or having a beer. Not bothered in the slightest. They could be doing that in their houses at home. Nor do I care whether its illegal to take a photo in Dubai. Wind yer neck in Neil. Nobody cares for your victim card. I am concerned about some of the absolute rubbish he talked though. He is deluded.. "Everyone's negative", well apart from the two who are positive anyway! But that shows what world class protocols Celtic have. ONLY two people got it so thats ok. If Celtic didnt have world class protocols they would have had dozens presumably? Gie's peace. Celtic's protocols are no different to everyone else's except they have bigger facilities and their players can afford to travel everywhere alone. They wash their hands, they socially distance, they test weekly. So does everyone else Neil, what magic wand extra world class protection are Celtic offering? Why does he think its 'ridiculous' he and his players have to isolate? Are he and his players exempt from the virus that they dont need to? The evidence of two positives suggests they're not. Indeed the evidence of the 2nd one shows exactly why it was right they did. Does he think he knows better than Chris Witty now? He's ranting about Scotland player behaviour three months ago when infection rates were much lower and the new infectious variants which have caused closure of travel altogether didnt exist. People werent banned from leaving their houses at that time. Its not massively relevant Neil and it misses the point. This was never about Celtic's behaviour, it was about the perception of Celtic's self entitlement to swan off warm weather training when most of their fans can barely leave their gardens! He's a dead man walking and he's brought his departure closer here. Awful lack of awareness.
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    "If Celtic fans were in here tonight, what would they be saying?" Something, something, Athenry, something, something IRA
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    All other fans suffer sectarian abuse every game against the old firm, amazingly we change religions depending on if we are playing Celtic or Rangers. Go to a game not involving the old firm and you wont hear anything to do with religion.
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    How on earth have we ended up in the situation where the majority of Scottish football fans hope Rangers (fucking Rangers) win the league by about 40 points?
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    He says that they've only had 2 cases out of 60-odd that travelled. My schoolboy arithmetic tells me that their per 100,000 rate is over 3333. If Celtic were a town with that rate, they'd be getting a Simpsons-esque dome put over them.
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    I think it’s really important, going back to the discussion of a couple pages ago that I can’t be bothered quoting, that when the hopeful progression down the tiers comes this spring and/or summer, we don’t settle for tier 2 or 3 as if they’re a great compromise that we should be grateful for. If you were to wake up, forget this last year had happened and find out those restrictions, you’d be utterly horrified by them and how everyone’s happily gone along with it. Now, we all (give or take) agree that they were a necessary sacrifice to be made in a pandemic without a vaccine context, but now we have a vaccine that will - hopefully by the end of spring - have seen all of our vulnerable and elderly citizens protected, there should be absolutely no accepting of tier 1, 2 or 3 as any kind of new normal. Phrases like “post-COVID life” are giving me the absolute fucking fear at the minute, I won’t lie. It’s made me, a lifelong socialist, resort to the hope that rampant capitalism’s going to go “f**k your health concerns we’re back with a bang”, reopen every airline, business and entertainment venue, and kick these zero Covid weirdos into the long grass, where they rightly belong. The tiers are a means to an end, and that end is normal life (February 2020 style) returning to us ASAP. They are not the new normal and none of us should accept them as so beyond this summer at the very latest.
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    Your whole account is boring 3rd rate amateur hour trolling pish. Off you pop.
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    Just can't unsee Lennon's air-quotes mocking the "privilege" of a six-figure holiday to the Middle East, while dozens in Scotland die, hundreds lie in hospital or lonely in care homes, thousands are jobless, and the entire country is asked to stay behind their front doors. And he puts privilege in air-quotes.
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    I managed to fire through a good few today without stabbing myself which was a bonus. Volunteered for next Saturday too seeing as no football. I'm looking forward to my Indian and a few beers now mind you.
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    As I said on one of the many Celtic threads, they're spot on; we all hate Lennon (The Caley, St Mirren, Falkirk, Aberdeen, Motherwell, Arbroath, about 79 other clubs fans) because he's a North Irish Catholic. Absolutely nothing to do with the fact that he's a horrible, fat, cheating wanker. We're all massive bigots and hate Catholics and everything Irish. We all love the Union and love the Queen.
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    This is the sort of childlike shite @Daviebhoy used to come away. Paranoid, dribbling nonsense. Lennon is a dead man walking and he knows it, hence that absolute bilge on the radio. THere are few things funnier in Scottish football than a raging, overly-defensive Neil Lennon being interviewed and making a complete c**t of himself. Celtic played two games with a weakened squad because they fucked off abroad on an expensive jolly immediately after a simpering loss in an OF game ended their season, at a time when a huge number of their fans are likely to be suffering financially during a pandemic which the club gave the impression they don't give a f**k about. Taking a crocked player unnecessarily who then tests positive and results in half the squad self-isolating is a f**k-up on a scale that can't quite be put into words. That Celtic immediately surrendered 4 points in utterly feeble fashion in 2 straight home games merely adds to the hilarity. Celtic are quite simply paying the price for a total lack of ambition. Appointing a joke like Lennon was like a trip back to the early 90s. Failing to empty him at numerous points over the last year has now, comically fucked the season up so badly that hardly any Celtic fans will remember or give a f**k about the quadruple treble against virtually no effective opposition, all they'll they remember is the board penny-pinching to make a comedy appointment and throwing away the biggest possible GIRFUY they'll ever have against Rangers. Lennon being the face of their shambles of a season is tremendous.
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    Sheesh, Faddy and Ian McCall on Sportsound agreeing that he had a point about the Scotland conga. Is nobody at any point going to clarify this conga didn't take place last week when the country was under full lockdown again. Was it right? No. Was it understandable in the circumstances? Yes, but that doesn't make it right. However, it took place at a time when the virus infection rates were falling around Europe and parts of the country were under limited restrictions. Pubs were open at the time for goodness sake albeit much of the story was they closed during the penalty shoot out. It's not a remotely comparable timeline. The country was under full lockdown with new infectious Covid variants by the time Celtic swanned off to Dubai. It's complete deflection and someone needs to call him out on it, not sit there saying he's quite right and has a point. Edit - and now Ian McCall, the PARTICK THISTLE MANAGER, is condemning St Johnstone for saying too much in statements. Wow. 😄
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    "..and the creatures outside looked from the *** banter years, to the tim banter years, and then back to *** banter years, and already it was Impossible to tell which from which."
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    A scandalous decision IMHO. We’ll just have to win both games 4-0 now. Seriously though, I don’t think you’ll find many ‘Well fans that thought we should have been awarded the points in the first place, but how this final (correct) decision has been arrived at is pretty farcical and another mark against the folk that run the game.
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    Good to see a ref actually take action against Brown for the sort of shite he gets away with all the time. He knew exactly what he was doing.
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    Caught Radio Scotland in car there. They had someone on whose mother got the vaccine in December but has since contracted the virus. And the presenter is there putting questions to some vaccine bloke asking shite like “well it’s no that effective then is it??!!!” Everyone should fucking know that it doesn’t stop 100% of people getting the virus, especially when the woman’s only had the one dose. But you’ve got a publicly funded broadcaster fearmomgering and essentially spreading misinformation based on one woman. What the f**k happened to journalistic standards?
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    I've also just realised that tomorrow it will be one year since I started this thread. What a year it's been. From being a semi-humourous league table among P&Bs sex tourists South East Asian residents we've moved onto be probably the worlds foremost forum for epidemiological debate and discussion. We've had Granny Danger arguing about bottles of Chateux du Shitefaced with his wife, philpy grassing everyone he sees up, Todd going from forum NPC to the principle arbiter of public health crises in Western Europe. What a year.
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    But wait... don't the The Rangers fans tell us the Scottish government is in thrall to Celtic? And the SNPIRA are out to get them? It's almost like both viewpoints are trash.
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    Out of interest, how big is Livingstons away dressing room?
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    Jody Morris was booed at Dens during the warm up after joining us. Joey Barton was booed and heckled at the few grounds he visited with Rangers. High profile player joins from English side to experience Scottish football for the first time is the link here, not his nationality/religion. Genuinely mental Celtic fans believe it was anything more.
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    To all supporters that laughed at us........
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    Yes, astonishing how people would like to get back to normal life when we're not allowed to leave our homes except for 'essential purposes' , get fined a few hundred quid if a police officer deems we've strayed too far from home, are required to wear a piece of fabric over our faces to go and buy things at the supermarket, are forbidden from leaving the country for a holiday and any form of indoor entertainment/hospitality is closed. It is also winter with many cold and miserable days and we are also forbidden from seeing friends/family in an indoor with limited exceptions. This isn't life - it's fucking shite.
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    Oooft. Theres absolutely no patter on the Yoon side is there. f**k me.
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    Here's something that will shock you, when people are talking about returning to how things were, they're usually not talking about their work. Most people don't care about their work enough for it to enter their mind. They're talking about stuff like being able to visit friends and family in their houses, hug their parents, attend sporting events, concerts etc, go to pubs, cafes and restaurants and go on holidays. I'd guess that even people with a long, expensive, uncomfortable commute to a shite job would still rather have to do that but get all the above back rather than be stuck with anything close to the absolute shite living we're currently experiencing.
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    When the snow started lying Lennon should have brought on a Yeti.
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    Whether it was illegal or not is beside the point. The FM has been continually advising around essential travel only and that people shouldn't be looking to exploit loopholes or beat the system. Its not for the Scottish Government to babysit and handhold individual clubs either. Celtic have gone abroad acting the big man - look how big a club we are going to Dubai - Its come back to hit them in the face.
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    I feel sorry for Celtic tbh. It's not like they could've guessed that appointing Neil Lennon would've brought raving stupidity with it.
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    One year sober today, wouldn't say I had a problem or anything, I used to be a weekend binge drinker but it's still a nice feeling.
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    Dexter in very different fettles.
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    Haven't posted in quite a while, in truth have found the latest lockdown very difficult. However, I have just landed a new job which is a huge relief. Currently work in the travel industry, and I was hanging on by a thread. Due to taking 20 days unpaid leave to help the company out, I am also due around 20 days holiday paid, which will clear the debts that I have racked up whilst being on furlough. A few cans this evening to celebrate.
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    Heard from VERY reliable sources that Accies will be taking this to the High Court with the help of a respected lawyer called Leslie Deans. St Mirren won't stand a chance and we'll get the three points back before tomorrow's game. I can't say anymore though.
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    That red card looks so aesthetically pleasing against such a snowy backdrop ☃️
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    Has Lennon been abused by some because of his background? Of course he has. It'd be stupid to deny that. It would be even MORE stupid to deny that the majority of abuse he gets is because he's a c**t.
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    He's a fucking idiot and it gives me great pleasure in the fact that he was the manager who fucked 10IAR.
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    I think its those that dont believe this is over as a public health crisis
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    You've nailed it. The crucial point that lennon isn't getting is that the Dubai trip happened a matter of days after the First Minister announced new measures. We all had to re-evaluate, adapt, and change plans, but celtic decided it was perfectly fine to go ahead as planned. lennon says the decision was his. rather than lawell's, so he is culpable. In light of the celtic fan protests in December, lennon maybe felt it would be safer to get out of town after the derby. celtic fans (and everyone else) then saw pictures of them sipping drinks around a pool in a glamourous setting a matter of hours after losing a crucial derby, while the rest of us have to stay at home. The whole Dubai trip has massively backfired on celtic - it's affected their team selections, and results, and lawell and lennon's statements have only served to make matters worse. Any stick they're getting is deserved - there's no agenda, and it's not political.
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    Wow. Before I move on to next week, I've got to pick apart this utter shite. 'Flat track bullies'- well, under McInnes we're actually where we're meant to be (league wise). We have the 3rd biggest budget in the league, and for the last 6 years or so we've generally been either the 2nd or 3rd best team ibn the country. How the f**k is that being a 'flat track bully' ? Give us the budget of the OF, and we'd probably have won the league and a few cups. The biggest 'flat track bullies' in Scottish football are the OF, and have been for decades. What a pish. 'Far too easy to pick apart when faced with better players'- f**k me, I think you've found the secret of football. Teams generally lose to teams with better players. Rangers beat Hamilton, put them up against Bayern Munich and you'll be humiliated by 5 goals. I hadn't realised that could happen, thanks for pointing it out. 'stopped dominating weaker teams' - Jesus Christ, we lost a game. A bad day at the office. I'm sure you were on the 'Ross out thread' when Hibs were humped at home by Ross County and Livi. We're sitting on pretty much the same number of points as we have at this point of every season. Aside from today, the onyl really surprisingly bad result we've had all season was the loss to Motherwell. Jesus fucking Christ. 'don't turn your team over quick enough' - We don't have the resources of Rangers or Celtic, and we're not able to go out and pay vast amounts in transfer fees and wages. McInnes actually had the team playing very well with new players such as McCrorie and Watkins, and with anew style that re-invigorated Hedges and Wright. Injuries knocked that on the head. We all would like the club to shell out this month to bring in a few players, but I'm not sure the budget is there. 'two teams have gone in different directions' - No, they fucking haven't. in the last 3 years Rangers have spent millions to try and finish first in the 2 horse race (see 'flat track bullies'). Aberdeen are pretty much in the same place they were in December 2017. McInnes's Aberdeen teams are nothing if not consistent. OK, now I've ripped your rubbish to shreds, I'm away to watch TV. I've no idea what will happen with McInnes, but one thing I do know is that opposition fans seem desperate for Aberdeen to sack him for some reason. More desperate than me. I wonder why ?
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