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    "Do you ekshpect Rangersh to win Mr Murray?" "No Mr Bond, I expect them to die!,"
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    Hey everyone, As you’ll know, I don’t post on here very often, but I’ve had a few drinks tonight while the wife snores loudly beside me on the couch so I thought, ‘what the hell?’. I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who watches the show and especially those who recommend it to others and continue to champion it. I really don’t say this lightly but I thought tonight was one of the best shows we’ve done, which is why I broke my usual rule of not reading comments/forums (I truly believe in the old advice of ‘you should treat praise and criticism just the same’) to come on here and have a quick read. And that’s it really. Without guys/girls like you the podcast wouldn’t exist and neither would the TV show, so I just wanted to express my gratitude for that. Take care everyone. Fowler x
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    It should be noted that 12 million people in England, predominantly in the North, are currently living in Tier 3 restrictions with many workplaces told to close down. Local leaders, notably Andy Burnham, relentlessly asked for 80% furlough to be reinstated. It was refused, they were told there was no way it would happen. Wales asked for the 80% furlough to be extended for their firebreak, and for extra business support. It was refused. Scotland rushed their circuit break to get in before furlough ended, and has asked persistently for the scheme to be extended since summer. It was refused. But now the south of England is being locked down? Predictably it’s no hassle at all. I have a real sense the UK is collapsing in on itself, and not just Scotland anymore. This crisis has exposed that devolution doesn’t truly work for anyone, and I include the UK Government in that. It was barely a week ago they were refusing to support Greater Manchester with another £5m! But now the south is going through the same thing, money is apparently no object. Very hard for Johnson to hide from the reality of his actions. I can only hope he’s finally seen for the gutless, pathetic coward that he is.
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    Ooooh. Myyy. Gooosh! So nice to hear from you! This is such a great post!!! 😀 But, you know, when I was on The Mickey Mouse Club we used to have a saying. "False words are not only evil in themselves, but they infect the soul with evil". LOL!!! Right? !!! I think it was Mariah Carey that said it first. Like. Wow!!! Riiiiight?!! 😍 You go ahead and have a GREAT day now!!! 😀
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    Just because you and your family and friends are c***s doesn't means everyone is.
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    WOW! What a SUPER post!!! 🥰😍 You know, that is just soooooo true!!!! Cupcake, I've just got to tell you that when I see your fabulous outfits 🤩 it reminds me of something Ryan Gosling used to say back on The Mickey Mouse Club. He used to say, "You know what, Brit, if a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign". Ry Ry is SO. SMART. !!! LIKE WOW!!! Now you go right on ahead and have just THE BEST DAY!!!! xx 😀😀😀
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    For all these “tEh SeCoNd wAvE iZ fAkE” posters. We currently have more than 10 patients in our ITU with Covid. Including someone younger than me (I’m 30). We do not ever have more than maybe 2/3 patients in ITU with the flu over the course of a typical winter. Stop being c***s.
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    Hi mate, glad you're reaching out when you're confused again. Essentially, none of the measures we are taking completely stop the virus from spreading. This means we have to use a lot of wide ranging measures, some of which mitigate risk more than others. The may result in confusing or seemingly incongruous rules, and I can see they've confused you somewhat here. It's been shown to be completely ridiculous to try to keep a mask on while you're eating. So what they've done is, allowed maskless sitting down in restaurants and cafes (which is definitely risky) , but it's been calculated the economic benefit in this case of having these places open (in certain tiers) is worth the added risk to spread, but to mitigate this risk, they make sure when not eating (ie moving around, going to toilet, getting up and leaving) then you do wear a mask. The argument isn't that you can't catch it sitting down so it's OK not to wear a mask (although really funny and original line m8. I like it 😂 👍) but that it is somewhat of a "worth it" risk to enable cafes and businesses etc to remain open, give people jobs, help people's mental health and other such benefits. Hope this helps. I'm always at the other end of a pm if anything else confuses you. PS I'm not sure if you know much about North Korea, but AFAIK wearing a mask for 15 minutes in Home Bargains is a far far cry from life in North Korea. 👍
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    *deletes lengthy multi quote
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    What a huge lying c**t. Absolutely shameful pish, and I hope everyone sees through it for the pandering, desperate lie it is. All of the Scottish Tories voted against free school meals, except for Ross, who abstained like the coward he is. These c***s have always been shameless. They keep finding new lows. Scum, fucking scum.
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    What a time to be alive, just everyone work all week and don't even think about having a pint , going ti sport or going to see friends. All those sacrifices during the summer months when Devi was trumpeting zero covid were really worth it. Shambles.
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    Just to kind of echo what I think I said at this time last year, it remains a struggle putting shows together, and even more so this year. With 5 of the guys putting in the hours and research to turn out a TV show on Wednesdays, it's left to the rest of us to try and pick up the slack with regular shows. Three of us now have kids, lockdown more or less remains in place and life gets in the way, essentially, so we've from time to time got to turn to other voices. Some you'll like, some you'll maybe not, but as folk have said, that's basically how we are with our regular collection of miscreants anyway. The last few months have been great for getting us all involved in all sorts of nonsense (I often wonder if folk enjoyed the Culture pods as much as we enjoyed making them but I doubt it because I had SO MUCH FUN), but the reality of losing half our number for weeks at a time makes everything more difficult scheduling-wise. I'd never say it's a bad thing to have different folk on, as I always feel we get something from it in one way or another, but I appreciate it is a bit jarring when regular listeners are anticipating a certain type of tone and coverage which maybe doesn't arrive.
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    Championship forum for this pish.
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    Nice to see SweeperDee's old man getting P&B.
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    Last time somebody said that, millions of folk died.
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    While I’m here, calling a TV series a season. f**k off.
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    If they don't want to stand in the pishing rain they can use home delivery. If they don't want to use home delivery either they can fucking starve. Do you really expect Tesco to go against government restrictions/advice because Thereisonlydarkness fae Ayrshire "doesnae want that". Honestly, my 3 year old niece has gone through this pandemic with more maturity than you have.
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    I have to say, the thought of battering through the next five months of what will undoubtedly be a fucking shite winter knowing that the only two things I can do are go to work and sit in the fucking hoose* is fucking grim. *I'm obviously exaggerating a tad, but the principle remains.
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    After taking about a year and a half to get over the passing of our last cat Chester, we took the plunge over the weekend. Brother and sister.
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    It’s an interesting development that when people go on racist rants one of the First things that’s trotted out is that they are having a mental health crisis. There was a rapper a few months ago who went on a tweetstorm about Jews, spouting anti Semitic conspiracy theories and there were a few talking heads in the media who took that line. There was a video posted on here of someone getting punched on the underground for shouting racist abuse and some of the comments on that were essentially the same. Maybe people go on racist rants because they are, in fact, racists and racism isn’t an illness?
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    Tremendous stuff....sharing a graph then blaming a party thats not in charge of the country the graph is from
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    You called me an anti semite two days ago with no basis in reality, and are now inferring the people calling out actual anti semitism are cliquey arseholes. Take a day or two off my man
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    Out of interest what's your suggestion when someone starts regularly spouting misogynistic and then suddenly anti semitic material? Ignore it just in case the poster is mentally unwell? That seems a dangerous and cowardly precedent to set, and removes responsibility of people, y'know, not being bigots. Hold a mental health intervention? That's unlikely to work. Remember when you were so desperate to be upset with BLM that you found articles from some nutter suggesting that structural racism wasn't real? When I pointed out to you that this and some of your other behaviour was troubling you replied with "lol someone thinks they're a psychiatrist!" And then spent months dropping "what, that's meant to be racist now? 😂" In every conversation possible like a dull, wet fart. So I'm not sure that would work. I don't really see what other alternatives are open to us, being as we don't know his actual name. Happy for you to provide some actual thoughts and recommendations other than it being sad for people to make fun of bigots though. I'm quite happy to rip the piss out of someone booted off a football forum for peddling anti-semitic conspiracy theories. As has been established on here bigotry isn't mental illness, and it's very predictable that your focus is completely misplaced
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    Serious OFTW patter taking pictures of strangers feet.
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    Todd and Mao are two of the most boring c***s I've had the displeasure of reading on here. We get it lads, you think almost every government on earth has the wrong approach and should be listening to you.
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    Or, a header, as it used to be known.
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    It's perfectly possible to both acknowledge that both Westminster and Holyrood have made a bit of a c**t of handling this and recognise that voting SNP still represents the only real chance of achieving an independent Scotland.
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    It’s on a day like today, where it’s blowing a gale with sporadic horizontal rain, I sit here in my nice warm house and think... ...I still wish I could f***ing go to Dens.
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    Go and stop quoting that post with the hoofs please troops.
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    My guy works for Sony and says the PS5 will play Xbox games by 2022
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    I have made it to the semi-finals (3rd place in the votes, I think)! Incredibly grateful for all of the votes and support throughout the past few days. Thank you so much to the P&B community. You’ve played a massive part. It’s now all down to a judging panel of music industry people who will narrow it down to the final ten. I don’t expect it to go much further than that, but it’s nice to have reached this position where my music will at least be heard by these people.
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    when can i go out in the big world?
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    Alston hadn't played a game since the 7th of march. That's 7 months and then missed preseason due to a knock. It's no surprise therefor that he's not as sharp or match fit as he needs to be. Any player would struggle in those circumstances. Bit of patience required.
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    The moral of the story is that your family were attempting to f**k over a grieving family and a hero of an estate agent swooped in at the last hour to save the day. Love to see it.
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    Nightmare for the Dundee boys, eh?
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    "Charlie Adam not understanding why that wasn't a foul against Davidson." Charlie Adam doesn't understand where the moon goes during the day, I wouldn't worry about it.
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    If they had been wearing correct ppe for situation they would not have to isolate. I think people were being moved from a burning room to one that wasn't on fire. They might not have had time to sort some of the finer points. It was a fire in a ward full of oxygen machines.
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    Basic good manners, have you not heard of this in Fife? Thank you.
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    You've asked your players to take a 20% cut - apart from two. Your sporting director has paid off rafts of employees and told them if they want their jobs back they can reapply for work through an agency. An agency he runs. Your owner is on record saying he has little money left he's able to put in. The club thought they'd have fans back for a month by now and budgeted for that. I think that about covers it. Have you any further insight, @Dundee Hibernian or do you just want to keep discussing Dundee fans?
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    My uncle works for EA and says that the Scottish Championship will be in FIFA 22.
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    Lest we forget the 2:50 at Musselburgh.
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    Aye, we're minted. But it helps that these two appointments are fans and one was an ex-player. The only club they ever wanted to enforce covid restrictions for
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    Surprised you can hear that all the way from League One
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