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    Just ban him. Hes a fanny f**k it, I've had a long day, got the Bannon thing wrong in thread earlier, saw my son lose a 9 goal thriller for Falkirk this morning, saw Linlithgow score 7 at Musselburgh to make it to a cup semi (i'm club sec, the semi is 29th if anyone wants to come) banned two dickheads for homophobic comments earlier plus someone for racism. Had too watch my wife's telly choice tonight. f**k it he is banned.
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    After that speech from Sir Steve I've no doubt he's moving on, almost certainly to the Scotland job. I know the success of teams you don't support is boring, but I can't thank Sir Steve enough for what he's done. To see Rugby Park filled with Killie fans and absolutely rocking today was amazing, usually we're outnumbered by the cheeks in our own ground but today the away support couldn't have been more of an irrelevance. I've seen us win trophies, but when the final whistle went I was close to tears - I honestly never thought I'd get to watch Killie in Europe again (was too young to appreciate it the last time) and the past 18 months (and the rest) have probably been my best supporting Killie - I genuinely expected to win today. There's a good chance we'll go back to being shite now Sir Steve is going, but today is the kind of day you live for as a diddy club fan
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    Less than three years ago we took a first leg lead to Kilmarnock in the playoff final. We're now in League One and Killie are in Europe.
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    Thomas Reilly playing in the Lowland League is a crime against nature. I don't think any part-time club in the country will make such an eye-catching series of signings this summer, yet I still fancy Barry Ferguson to make a pig's ear of it and finish in fourth.
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    There was a good tweet about this I can't find but it went like this: Employers: We care about your mental wellbeing and want to support you. Employees: How about paying us more and hiring more staff so we're not under so much stress? Employers: lol not like that here's a mindfulness slideshow.
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    Oaft, that's not aged well.
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    The 20th of April, 2009. Clyde FC, five years previously on the cusp of a First Division title victory which would have taken the club into the SPL, faced-off against Stirling Albion on a bleak Tuesday evening. The result of that game? 2-1 to The Binos. The consequence? A second consecutive demotion for the debt-addled Bully Wee, a little over three years after having played Celtic off the park in a famous Scottish Cup tie; a thoroughly and undeniably ignominious demotion into the bottom tier of the national set-up. The loss of a fair whack of the club's pride, stature and standing was offset by a seismic gain for the Third Division - not-long-after to be rebranded League Two - as its clubs looked set to benefit from the large support of and higher standards to which Clyde FC holds itself across the board. Alas, what was bullishly forecast to be a flying visit dragged on further and further, further and... before we all knew it, Clyde were part of the furniture. 'Is this our level now?', 'I can't ever see us getting out of this god-forsaken league'. Your Mother's Pride's most successful seasons appeared to be condemned, regardless of logic, justice or reason, as the club floundered in its - and its fans' - most dreaded, purgatorial holiday threatened to become a fully-fledged emigration. Envious glances were cast in the direction of Arbroath (x2), Albion Rovers (x2), Alloa Athletic, Stranraer, The Rangers, Peterhead (x2), Stirling Albion, East Fife, Queen's Park, Forfar, Montrose and Stenhousemuir, as all of the aforementioned clubs took advantage of the increased standards direct competition with Clyde FC demands, to secure promotions into the hallowed land of the third tier of the Scottish game. All the while, poor Clyde were left behind. Alas, every dog has its day, and all good things must come to an end. It is now that I, my fellow Clyde fans and our club must move on, bound for exciting pastures new but heartened by the knowledge that we have changed what it means to play football in this division forever, and redefined the success criteria for teams at this level with a ludicrous 2018-19 season. We won't leave entirely - I will forever hold an affection for this division, and you can bet your bottom dollar that I'll be popping in to see how things are ticking along next season and beyond - but we are finally on our way back to where we belong. I just wanted to thank each and every one of you for playing a role, however small, in this chapter; life often boils down to a visceral pursuit of happiness, at the expense of being able to appreciate the cruel beauty of the challenges and ordeals through which we suffer. From the philosopher and his barely-legible 5am posts to Queen's Park fans biting at will for almost a decade, from Stirling Albion fans' commendably unending optimism to Cowdenbeath's fans' contentment just to exist in any form, I will miss this place being my home on Pie and Bovril. Scottish League Two, you've been wretched, you've been excellent. You've given me elation, you've given me despair. You've given me football, anti-football and everything in-between. Goodbye, old friend. But I'll visit, sometime.
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    That's inevitable though. Ally McCoist telling BT Sports that "Kilmarnock is one of the few clubs I'd be interested in managing", as if hes had swathes of clubs knocking his door down and could afford to be picky
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    I was 7 when we won the 2nd division and 12 when we beat Celtic. Couldn’t properly celebrate them but last night in the pub with all the players was something else. The togetherness of this side is something I’ve never seen before. We stuck by them through the shite, three bottom finishes in a row, losing 8-1 and 7-1 twice, getting pumped by your Arbroath’s away on a Tuesday night, Formatine in the cup, Nairn in the cup, the lot. I haven’t had the best of years personally but yesterday brought a wave of emotion that every football fan at this level deserves once in a while. Thanks to Danny, Alan, the players and everyone associated with the club. I’ll never forget this season.
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    I don't speak a word of the language, but I like to imagine that after asking him a question, the commentator switches back to Gaelic and is saying 'is that right aye Stevie ? Ya fucking walloper'
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    Here's the view enjoyed by the "loyal" behind the goal of Killie's first against their orange-clad heroes. Two reasons for them to be absolutely fucking raging. [emoji1]
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    Peter Houston really, really got under Monkey Tennis’s skin with his journeymen comment. He’s had a huge chip on his shoulder for Falkirk ever since. This is just embarrassing for him though.
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    He can't tackle and is slower than a week in the jail. He could, however, ping the mince into a Findus crispy pancake from 30 yards using his left foot.
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    Big Stevie is plenty 'cheered', ta. 1 stand spouting hateful bile. The other 3, rammed, ready to show out love for our departing hero with nothing but good wishes. Good vs. Evil
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    Brilliant support, wish St. Johnstone had equalised to see more scenes. You're a credit to your club.
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    No need to be a twat. Kieran was merely invited along and didn’t raise any of the cash but was thankful for it. It was done by the fans & Business club members.
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    Yo yo yo yo [lets take em back] Young Leith Rap Team 2019 It’s the end of the season, so here we go Meaningless cos we’re a full 10 points below So no real need to indulge in this petty aggro But let’s kick back, grab some smack, and enjoy the show. @afc_blockhead takes a hard blindside elbow Watch the blood from his head gush and overflow Here comes your main Hibs boy, it's @Austinho Full of beans and a nose that’s full of snow @Fraser Fyvie’s dad dealing out blow and blow @kingjoey’s face looking like a painting by van Gogh As the Hibs and the Dons go toe to toe. You ain’t no match for us and that’s just the status quo. My favourite rapper used to sing ch-ch-check out my melody What’s with you boys getting off on beastiality? A bunch of lamb lovers, but that's just reality When sheep loving is your club's whole philosophy Up by the sea, Ain’t no fanny on the river Dee. Guess that's the case when you all live provincially Teuchters who do nothing except vote Tory. So what you got say bout all of this Melanius? “Well you slip your dandie don in its woolly anus. But first find the one you want, and approach it with lust. Then you grab it by the bust and you give it a thrust. Stick its legs in your wellies so it can’t run away. But but... all you do is smack and the Hibees are gay” You were good in the 80’s but that’s all been forgotten. Since I’ve been alive you’ve been consistently rotten. You’ve all got heads full of mince and your girlfriends are mutton. So put your keyboards down, and hit that big greenie button. Word.
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    People wondering why Jeremy Kyle has an audience would do well to remember this is a country where Gemma Collins makes a living from being a celebrity. If you wish to farm idiots, you are on fertile ground.
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    Some away support today. Good idea to reduce their allocation.
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    No quibbles here. The better team won over 90 minutes and the result was very much merited. Congrats on your 150th Year, Killie, and well done on qualifying for Europe.
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    Absolutely BRILLIANT. I am delighted for Killie, what a season they’ve had and the aura around the club is wonderful. The fans have come back to the club and now they are in Europe. They deserved it, and what a way to do it - beating the horrible mutants. A great big GIRFUY from Steve Clarke who certainly won’t need any “cheering up” tonight. Well done Kilmarnock.
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    Was Jack Hamilton born in Paisley or something? He fucking loves St Mirren. How come your average man in the stands knows exactly what type of player someone is, yet a football manager who is paid thousands of pounds a week to know that, doesn't? Hearts fans told us exactly what we were getting with Hamilton and that's what we got. County and Partick fans told us what we were getting with Woods and they were spot on. County fans and dabs told us what we were getting with the non-scoring headless chicken that is Craig Curran and it pains me to say they were right. It's almost as if Jim McIntyre didn't know what he was doing and f**k knows what McCann was smoking when he signed Hamilton. The first prerequisite for the managers job should be that they are avid readers of Pie & Bovril.
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    To be fair,should have been three red cards in the game in the first half:two for us and one for St.Mirren. Once Gogic reverted to self destruct mode(if only Kilgannon was available instead of him),it was always backs to the wall for us against relentless pressure in that second half period. Two big decisions after the sending off played a big part in the outcome;Miller's terrible attempt at goal when 0-0 when if he had squared it to Andreu and we scored,then I don't think St.Mirren would have scored two- even against ten men. Secondly,the changes Kearney made which made the tempo faster and put us on the back foot.For us,Davies should have brought on to hold the ball up and win headers-not Imrie who was chasing shadows. Finally,thanks to both sets of fans for giving Derek Findlay a good send off.His Son,Father,Sister and her husband were in front of me and moved to tears by the great reception from both sets of fans. The Funeral is Monday 20th,2:[email protected] Lanarkshire Crematorium and back to The Accies Function Suite afterwards which is what Derek wanted as it puts money back into the club.
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    Lennon in the Arria Lounge before the game was saying that the majority of the squad have agreed on new deals. Rankin was also saying he expects to be fit for the start of next season and will sign a new contract with us.
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    Firstly, another offer of commiseration to Annan and their fans who travelled in decent numbers today. Your final position belies just how magnificent a season of relative over-achievement you've had; Murphy has worked wonders with you, and if he can somehow have more resource made available (and you can hold on to him), I wouldn't bet against him having you involved in the promotion reckoning again next term. This squad maketh not always a team for the purists, but you can only work with what you've got at hand and amid a Clyde onslaught you can't blame their usage of every single trick in the book - and even invention of some new ones - today, although I do feel that they wilted a little with the occasion and could have shown some more ambition going forward. In saying that, Tony Wallace was a few feet away from ending the tie with that volley in the first half. Nade caused us some real bother at times today, but in truth I thought Muir would have been on sooner. In any case, unlucky again. It's a bit disappointing to see Murphy coming out and lambasting the ref who didn't really do enough to stamp out some of Annan's antics; I don't think he should be arguing too fervently that we didn't deserve that today, all-told. As for Clyde, I could sit here and write until the end of next season about today. I thought that was the tie finished when Annan capitalised on that missed penalty in the first leg, and was watching on through my fingers praying that they wouldn't get another. As I posted last night, though, I was confident that if we managed to keep our heads, we would at the very least claw ourselves back level. A slice of luck (although one which was richly-deserved, given the way the game had gone) and a typically (what?!) McNifficent finish was what brought it, and I think that was always going to be the case as Annan started defending ever-more-manfully. Scott Banks' inclusion was a masterstroke; Annan couldn't live with him today and he was very unlucky not to score himself. Syvertsen showed some flashes of brilliance, too. I am exceptionally proud of every single one of those players; I questioned their record in big-stakes games and today, every single one of them got it right up me and left everything out on that park. I think just about every player had a "moment", or made a mistake, but they handled the occasion so, so well and far better than I thought possible. As things wore on, I grew more and more resigned to the glorious, spectacular and belief-defying failure Clyde seem to specialise in more than most - a sucker-punch seemed ever more likely as the number of imperfect final balls mounted and Mitchell was called into some sound stopping action, and then at 1-1 I felt that the loss of Goodwillie would rock us. Ally Love, though. An absolutely outstanding squad player and super sub for us this year and through my blurry, frenzied vision came the euphoric sight that was his penalty rippling the back of the net. I still can't really believe this has happened, and it all just seems so perfect; Duffy's somewhat Annan-esque side missing winning penalties at New Bayview, David Galt merking us with that obscene strike a few years later. Watching Charlie Miller being walked past as we tamely surrendered 4-0 at Hampden. Bottling a title battle in 2016, testing the trapdoor to near its limits just a year later, the brave new dawn of Jim Chapman falling apart and our disappointment when we just missed out last year. My first consistent attendance of Clyde games coincided with our first season in the Third Division/League Two; I was sold a cheap season ticket and a tall tale of Clyde enjoying a revival, having not been that bothered about attending games previously - when we were actually not that bad. Every single season, as everyone does, we have dreamed, but we've carried an expectation and been let down in just about every way imaginable. But today we weren't and here we are now - being run as well as we have been since our last promotion, with a young squad it is impossible not to completely and utterly adore. A brilliant manager (and assistant) at the helm, and the closest thing we've had to a united fan base in well over a decade. It hasn't been easy being a Clyde fan for quite a while now, but being there through so much shite just makes this day all the sweeter. Magic.
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    Get this stupid c**t off the forum please. Its 2019 for f**k sake.
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    Hibs fans absolutely raging about Accies staying up is an unexpected, but fantastic twist to this tremendous showing from us.
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    Sabrina Melissa the Teenage Middle Aged Witch MILF
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    It takes a special scumbag to sing that Lisbon Lions song after the last month or so.
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    Rangers fans have sung nearly the whole song book. I think when its the majority of fans singing like that they should be docked points.
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    Just ban him. Hes a fanny
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    If you promise to sing bigoted sectarian songs, we'll give you two stands
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    I'm afraid I think there's a lot of disingenuous pish being waffled by certain people here on this issue. Question Time supposedly consists of, according to the BBC's own website: "Topical debate in which guests from the worlds of politics and the media answer questions posed by members of the public". The BBC pick the studio guests, the location, the audience and subsequently edit the footage to show what they deem representative, entertaining or relevant. The BBC devised and have progressively tweaked the show's format. Nobody is forcing the BBC to make any of these editorial decisions. Given the BBC are actively promoting Question Time as an opportunity for the general public to grill politicians on the issues of the day it would not be unreasonable for the watching public to assume that those posing the questions are not affiliated with a particular political party. The BBC unashamedly promote the show as a forum for "Joe Public" to put his point across to otherwise relatively inaccessible politicians. This undoubtedly gives the impression the show is a more or less accurate representation of the vox populi and public opinion in general. I think it not unreasonable therefore that many of the watching audience may assume that contributors and questioners are not actually paid up members of political parties let alone hold or have held public office. The panel is presented as comprised of such individuals, not the supposedly random audience. In my opinion, and I do not think I would be alone in holding this view, councillors, party activists and ex-MSPs cannot legitimately be presented as members of the public. They are essentially politicians. Given the BBC apparently vets those who wish to get on the show via an application process either the BBC is fully aware of these individuals backgrounds and chooses to ignore them or those in charge of the vetting process are entirely incompetent. I do not think it is the latter. It may well be difficult to compile such a show without attracting applicants who are politically engaged, but I do not think it impossible to do so without either excluding actual party activists or at least making them identify themselves as such. It is quite clear audiences will esteem questions and points differently if they know they are being raised by individuals who have an actual association with a certain party than someone apparently unconnected to one at all. All any of this would take is asking a questioner where relevant to say "I am a member of X party" before making their point. If they refuse to do so then their contribution can be edited out in the post-production stage. If someone slipped through the net then the BBC could, say, exclude that party from the subsequent edition and reinstate them once obtaining a promise to desist. It wouldn't actually be difficult to do. The current format essentially allows political activists (who appear to be predominantly of one certain political persuasion) to make tendentious points and political attacks on their opponents whilst masquerading as ordinary citizens. That is fundamentally dishonest. The "yellow dress" woman or whatever she was called actually appeared on a Tory party political broadcast not one hour ago standing next to Ruth Davidson at what I assume was the Scottish Conservative conference. Presenting someone such as her who clearly is deeply associated (and one assumes a paid up member) of a political party as a "member of the public" distorts audience perception. For clarity this would hold true equally if the person involved was associated with the SNP. Many of the watching audience may well be duly cynical about the background of some audience members. In my opinion however the BBC is being deliberately and unnecessarily misleading by not identifying where it can that many of those asking questions are not politically unaffiliated members of the public as the show may lead the audience to believe.
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    Aye I heard we were due to sign Rudden and Boyd tonight but couldn’t because Gerry Britton was busy. What a weird thing to moan about.
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    Let's be absolutely clear, if the SFA appoint Scot Gemmill it will rank amongst the worst decisions they have ever made (and there's a lot of competition). They would be appointing a guy with absolutely no management experience at a senior level and with a less than sterling record as a youth team coach purely to save a few pennies.
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    That’s how it starts.
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    That would be no problem at all if he'd had the courage of his convictions in the run up to, and course of, the play offs. All "oooh I'm pure shiting it, mammy daddy" until they stay up, and then he decides to get tore in, a full 2 (two) weeks after we were relegated. Absolute shitebag behaviour.
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    I’d rather Saints went an entire season with no shots on target than be a horrible, homophobic little p***k.
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    It's been a funny week with the football for me, mainly realising just how utterly out of touch and dinosaurish I am. I have the misfortune of working with some Liverpool fans and one Spurs fan. It's been a tough week. Cards on the table, I despise the Champions League. It is the classic example of the modern commodification of anything good in life. It is a disgusting celebration of brand and celebrity that commits the ultimate sin of revelling in history and tradition while ultimately pissing all over both of those things. It is taking something that used to be fantastic and popularising it by removing the very scarcity and openness that made it great in the first place. It is utterly degrading to leagues that don't contain enough celebs, and, even worse, its ill-gotten gains distort those leagues out of sight, leaving them unbalanced and making them essentially a waste of time. The Champions League is all that is wrong with modern sport, modern culture, modern economics. It is protectionism for the rich and condescending poison for the footballing poor. The worst thing about it is how popular it is, proving what an utter c**t your average person is. Seeding is good. Seeding is natural. Keeping big clubs apart is good. It is natural. Keep small clubs out. Who wants to see Malmo anyway? Die. Fucking die. Anyway... The main way I've noticed that I'm out of touch is that none of the Liverpool or Spurs fans I know seem to be in any way embarrassed about referring to their club as 'Champions of Europe' if they win this thing. I find this utterly preposterous. I'm in my mid-thirties, yet I hadn't even started primary school last time Liverpool won the English league. My father was at primary school last time Spurs won the league. Alfredo di Stefano has won a league title more recently than Spurs. This is a ridiculous situation and I find it genuinely weird how few people seem bothered by it. Sport has never been clean and football has never been honest. But it survived for a long time with an open competition where champions could fight it out among themselves, even though that often meant the 'secondary' UEFA Cup was actually the stronger competition and the harder to win. But European football had a competition that gave it a winner. It gave it a club that had bettered all others in its own country and then come out on top among all the other clubs that had done that same. We don't have that any more. That's a shame. I understand brand and celebrity is now what counts. But UEFA should retire that glorious big trophy rather than giving it to sides whose achievements do not deserve it. It is a disgrace that the European Cup will be held aloft in 2019 by the captain of a club whose goalkeeper was able to pick up a passback the last time they won a league. f**k UEFA, f**k the Champions League, f**k Sky TV, f**k the sponsors, f**k celebrity-following fan boys. That'll be all. As you were.
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    Signings are probably Caldwell's best contribution to the club so far. I still think he's questionable tactically, his interviews are delusional and he generally comes across as pretty similar to Gordon Strachan in that stubborn kind of arrogance that's just annoying to listen to, but overall his signings have been very good. Ally Roy was the only properly shite signing Caldwell made, unless I'm missing someone. Anderson, Saunders, McMillan, Cardle and McDonald all made positive contributions, albeit with some shaky moments mixed in. Mansell was actually pretty effective in his limited appearances. Harkins replacing Erskine was a poor decision, but Harkins is more in the 'what's the point?' department than actually shite. Archie signed Bell, Lennox, O'Ware, McGinty, Scobbie, Jefferies, Melbourne, Gordon, Slater, Ntambwe, Storer, Mutombo, Quitongo. Archie never had a particularly good signing ratio, but that list is fucking grim. Slater gets pass marks, McGinty was 75% shite/25% good, a couple of long term injuries and a pile of utter muck.
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    Not over til its over but its not looking good. I hugely enjoyed my trips to Shielfield with the Bankies despite a relatively poor record there. We had some excellent wee tussles with supporters team as well ... Not wishing to intrude on grief too much but being someone who worked to re-establish our club post 2002, i can say there is life outwith the National leagues. We are working at joining the pyramid, have a redeveloped ground to move into next season and hope to be playing the likes of yourselves competitively again soon. Lowland League is there to allow clubs to progress ( and move down ) in a meritocracy. Its to be welcomed. You'll find a number of well-run and ( in case of ex-Junior clubs ) well-supported clubs with decent facilities. Im sure the Shire fans dont feel its like the end. Take the time to sort yourselves out and emerge stronger - and able to start enjoying your fitba again. Best of luck