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    You know what just f**k off. You can run to your mate Div to try and get the ban overturned. Tit.
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    I'm in a similar position though hoping I've got a good few years to go, there's no cure. Been told that my next chemo will be discussed with my Oncologist to decide the balance of benefit versus the risk of catching the virus by turning up for my treatment, but basically it's up to me. It's not about resources. Unless it's Armadeddon out there I'm going to finish my chemo and hit my bucket list, feeling perfectly fit so I want to get the treatment out of the way ASAP.
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    The Helen Lovejoy-ing on this thread is quite fucking mental. Two weeks ago, I'm sure the majority of us posters on here would probably have described him as everything from a complete c**t to a sociopath. Him being ill doesn't suddenly revert him to being a harmless buffoon. I've spent years working with people on the absolute bones of their arses thanks to the Conservative Party's war of austerity on the poor. He's a well documented racist, thug, and a chancer. Someone posted earlier "What if it was Tommy Robinson?". Well besides having my fingers firmly crossed that does actually happen, Johnson is basically a version of TR that went to a posh school. I can only hope he vigorously shook hands with IDS at some point recently. It's not as if folk are actually going to wildly celebrate if he snuffs it, the vast majority of us just won't give a single, solitary f**k.
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    Cheers guys. I'm not looking for any sympathy or such it's just so fucked up. It's also what I was expecting to hear. He was on chemo to stretch out his life a bit. He met his first granddaughter two weeks ago. It's just a shame he can't spend time with her now so hopefully we all see this out and get a bit more out of it.
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    Posters wishing Boris well and hoping he pulls through as if he would give a flying f**k if he saw you and your peasant family mowed down by a bus in front of his very eyes.
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    Me and the Mrs has our 12 week scan today and are expecting our second child in October.
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    We don't do Hillwalking in May
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    Boris Johnson said in his ‘Ministerial Address’ announcing our lockdown, viewed live by 27m people, that ‘parks remain open for exercise’. And you have people on here slating the public for going to the park. This is what we’re meant to do. Have a pop at Londoners in their small one-bed flat for going a walk round the park, rather than focussing on the government’s dreadful strategy. We are three months into this and we have a load of clinical staff without PPE, NHS England has tested barely 3000 frontline staff for the virus with tens of thousands isolating and we’re now into dozens of clinical deaths, we’re on a steeper curve for deaths than Italy and Spain with a significant head start when the virus landed in Europe, existing UK ventilator manufacturers punt them out to the rest of the world while we sit waiting on the PMs pals to come up with them, testing is essentially stagnant with a ridiculous target that’ll never be hit released to appease the media, the much trailed antibody test is still nowhere near ready and there’s different advice and answers on an almost daily basis from the Carabao Cup reserves that are punted out to do the daily updates while the PM hides, virus or no virus if he’s well enough to allegedly chair meetings he could manage some updates or at least allow his chancellor/Home Sec/Foreign Sec out on a regular basis - too scared that the big hitters (such as they are with this government) might fill the void of leadership that he sends no marks that 99% of people would walk past in the street and the reviled Gove out to do it instead. People are idiots. Obviously. That’s not up for debate and it never will be. There are of course a few cases of morons sitting about in public for a barbecue or a few cans. It’s stupid and they shouldn’t be doing it. But the vast majority are doing what they’re asked to within the guidelines. I’d far sooner chase the government for their failings than Archie from Govan for getting out his flat and sitting on his arse for ten minutes in the park.
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    So you have counted the numbers twice to suit your own agenda? My son suffers from really bad Asthma, often needing put on a nebulizer, if he gets it, I would really worry for him. He like the rest of us will also die eventually, but I would like that to be from old age not because some fucking p***k like you couldn't handle not going to the pub for a couple of months. My son is in the same boat as thousands more. So go f**k yourself you utter melt.
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    The worst thing about Calderwood's behaviour is that it's given Janey fucking Godley a chance to do another of her shite voiceovers
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    Folks as much as Boris is a buffon please let's be sensible and think before you post.
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    I don’t think it’s a case of “loads of people on here wishing death upon him” I think it’s a case of loads of people on here don’t care if he dies.
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    Still here [emoji41] I have said before, I always wanted Junior football to fill the void below the LL, I wanted Junior football to get involved in the LL from the very start. Could have happened. Didn't happen, and sadly it became apparent it was never going to happen due to the grades own sense of self importance and over estimation of its worth in the greater scheme of things. There's been a few twists and turns along the way, I called things wrong, but what this thread has done is bring facts to the discussion and dispelled myths about the Pyramid. If that has had an effect on clubs decision making then so be it but I think you over estimate the influence of the forum. Kelty, and then Dalkeith, rocked the Junior game to the core, and credit should go to them for having the baws to grasp the future. Everyone else merely followed. I have never hated Junior football as some claim, I even compiled a book on the game which took years of research. I simply wanted the game to modernise, look outward and move with the times, but it was let down and ultimately killed by the "Junior men" at all levels who refused to see it was just 11 guys playing another 11 guys just like any other league in Scotland, Preston are no different from Penicuik, Whitehill no different to Bonnyrigg. 11 v 11. Why couldn't they play each other? You're right, this thread has ran it's course, the future of the grade is now obvious to all. Time to move on. It could have been different. Stay safe and healthy everyone.
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    I see an article by Gordon Smith in the Herald today once again bringing up this stupid suggestion of reserve teams being added to the SFL and regional top leagues. Paints a picture how these premier reserve teams will save the part time lower SFL teams by brining big crowds, and calls out the tunnocks Cup as an example of this. Yet he shows no recognition at all, probably not aware, of the massive changes going on in the lower non leagues of the pyramid and now with the WoS league joining the pyramid, and fails to recognise as pointed out on here that the Premier colt teams do not bring big crowds at all in the Tunnocks cup. What a load of rubbish which has been thrown out by every league every time it comes up. May I say it will be new ambitious senior clubs getting promotion from through the pyramid into the spfl which will shake up and revitalise the lower league game in Scotland and help close the gap in standard between the Premier league and lower league, and not B teams of Premier sides. Get the idea thrown out and hope the top leagues don't entertain this stupid idea in a knee jerk reaction due to the covid19 crisis.
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    It's a big building with lots of patients, but that's not important right now.
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    The guy doesn't give a f**k about any of his other kids, so what difference would it make for this one?
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    I always hate it when people talk about getting better from a serious illness as “being a fighter” or “is fighting hard”. It’s bollocks, getting better isn’t a matter of fighting, it’s a matter of medicine and biology. Does it mean if you die, that you just didn’t try hard enough? Bullshit. eta - Sorry watching Dominic Raab’s press conference.
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    Imagine the cops bust the party but find several uncut kilos of cocaine there. Philpy, unknowingly, has broken up the biggest drug ring in East Central Scotland and the gang members who are on the run after the bust want revenge. Philpy has to fight back, taking on the criminals, the corrupt police and the haters, with only the advice of a football forum to rely on. Find out how he fares in - Oh Philpy 2: This Time It’s Personal.
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    Hi Wattoo I'm not getting at you here but the bit in bold irks me a bit, for some staff yes it will be quiet, it depends on where you work of course. I've seen this from a few staff who work in areas where demand is no longer an issue. The wards are quiet as nobody is being routinely operated on and admissions for general ailments are being kept to a minimum as we try to keep patients away from hospital . Critical care on the other hand is absolutely mental with extra care areas being set up. It must be remembered that a different, higher set of skills are required for the kind of care currently being provided in both critical care areas and Gp land, and if you normally work in say a care of the elderly ward then you won't necessarily have the skill fit to work in these areas. I know how busy critical care is just now with sadly a large number of younger patients in situ, plenty of whom have no pre-existing health conditions which is worrying. The staff are working their arses off. Primary care i.e Gp surgeries are also rammed with Gp's and ANP's being moved to Covid assessment centres plus trying to deal with normal patient workload while dealing with increased demands due to peoples anxiety levels going through the roof during this. All the while this is with reduced staff due to sickness etc. Staff are being moved from places like outpatients as their areas close to help out as best they can in other parts of the service. So for some people, yes, some areas of the hospital are quiet but cognisance of the service as a whole should be taken into account by these people when they're informing everyone how quiet they are, lucky them. Most of the staff I know from different areas of the health service are fucking knackered. So yes t might be quiet for some but the storm has already hit some parts of the service. I dread to think what it will look like in a months time. It's time for a Tennent's for me.
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    Can I just point out to those few "new" readers who are involved with current SoSL clubs who have been popping in to this thread recently that most of the people (as far as I can judge) who are calling for the league to be somehow "demoted" as a result of the formation of a WoSFL do not actually appear to have anything to do with any of the current West Juniors, East Juniors, or former East Juniors now in the EoS league. This clamouring for changed status for the SoSL (and picturing it as coming from within the junior, and former junior ranks) is clearly just internet forum bollox.
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    not sure that's quite as impressive a collection as it appears at first glance..???
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    This on so many levels. I work in critical care. We have turned our 16 bed intensive care unit into Covid patients only and tuened our medical high dependency unit into a satellite ICU for non-covid patients. We have contingency plans to expand into theatres soon. All elective surgery is stopped. We have taken all anaesthetic trainees to critical care, leaving anaesthesia with skeleton staff. A black rota is running to ensure we have enough staff to cope with the projected sickness. The hospital is filling up. The patients we're seeing are really sick and believe me, I'm used to dealing with really sick patients. They're not turning around quickly those that survive. I agree this is the quiet before the storm. We'll see in the next couple of weeks how successful the isolation measures have been. We seem to be a couple of weeks behind Italy and Spain and a week or so behind the south of England, where it sounds from from my colleagues down there. This a reality, we haven't seen the worst of it yet, but I hope we can keep some semblance of control over it.
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    Something which also boils my piss. I was diagnosed with cancer. I did not "fight" or "battle" it. I put myself in the hands of the NHS who, y'know, have the skills and knowledge to fix this kind of thing. Turns out to have been a good choice.
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    Overheard idiot neighbour talking to a friend earlier "fucking snakes man, why would someone do that?? So much for us being a close community" Me..
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    Currently sitting at 0% in the 120-160 age category. Once you hit 120 you're immune.
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    I've actually managed to lose respect for Unionist Twitter throughout this, which I didn't think was humanly possible. Any shared approach between UK and Scottish Governments - 'haha wee Nippy taking orders, Boris running the show, loser' Any remote divergence in approach - 'What?! Why is she using this to make Scotland seem different, disgusting!1!1!' Bunch of absolute freaks, man.
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    Wee man arrived 4 days overdue yesterday at around 6pm Swiss time. 8lb 4 and a tad on the tall side he definitely made his mother work for it. Midwives weren’t too happy with his breathing so he was transferred to some specialist unit at another hospital nearby, but when I went to visit last night the doctors there say he was doing fine and should be out at some point today. Fair to say it put a bit of a dampener on things as the missus was not allowed to travel with him yesterday(Had a fever so had to be tested for covid-19 before they let her go anywhere) so she spent the night in the maternity hospital on her own, the wee man at the children’s hospital, and, eventually, me in the house. Time to drag myself out my pit and hopefully have them reunited at some point today. Anyway, here is Ryan, before they plugged a dozen wires into him.
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    I have to say but some of these private care home bosses have a fucking brass neck. Complaining that their staff are being treated as "cannon fodder" - blithely ignoring that they have been doing it for years themselves. Utter fucking hypocrites.
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    Let me say this.am absolutely delighted all the clubs decided to apply.its not about the first season its about the long term future for these clubs.no registration fees.players not being fined.no restrictions on squad numbers.20s league which allows you to use them with your 1st team.1st team players can play in the 20s coming back from injury.do except there might be some teething points but they can be over come.all the clubs get to vote on all matters which affects the league's.exciting times a head.l sincerely hope they go in with a open mind. Well done and good luck to you all.
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    Rhiannon Owen 8 hrs · If you clap for PM Johnson tonight, your clap for me and my NHS colleagues last week was just an empty smack in the face. New Zealand locked down early, followed the WHO’s extensive testing advice and have so far suffered only ONE fatality. Our government and it's incompetent leadership chose a different approach. An approach that has resulted in 5373 deaths, including multiple NHS staff. The last time Johnson and the Conservatives clapped for me, they were cheering a pay cap for nurses. Just stay the f**k inside. #COVID19
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    Just following on from the clubs statement I'd just like to say thanks to a few people. First of all George, the chairman of the club. As everybody knows he is Mr Cumbernauld United and has been at the club for many years. Its been a pleasure working for him and he is what junior football is all about. Our aim together was to get Cumbernauld in to the top league and I think we were on track to do that this year after narrowly missing our last year. I hope he has many more successful years ahead at Cumbernauld as he thoroughly deserves them for everything he puts in. Secondly the committee, Kirky, Nessy, Robbie and Eric. More proper junior guys who I now have a friendship with and will enjoy having a beer with at the games instead of them shouting at me. Kieran and Wilson, my coaches who have been absolutely superb and so supportive of where we we taking the club and the way we wanted to play. Also, Billy and Jp previously who were also huge in where the club is now. Next, everyone else who I've met through junior football, the other managers, committees and fans. It really is a special grade with some special people and without doubt a family. I've made some special friends and also fallen out with some people but I hope i leave in the best spirit. Lastly, the players. We have built up a wonderful bunch of boys at Cumbernauld who are not only talented but great boys. I thank them for their efforts and support and cannot wish them more for the future. The club is in great hands with the players they have. With the reconstruction of the leagues I had a chat with George last week and let him know my circumstances with the effect of whats happened in the past few weeks going forward I wouldn't be able to commit as much as I needed to as manager. After a few days of thought on his advice we both agreed that bringing somebody new in would be the right way forward for the club in the new set up. I think it will be great not just for the club but for the junior grade as a whole with so many ambitious clubs, managers and players. The last few weeks the country has faced will have a massive effect on most people and I have been no different. I hope when this is all over, the clubs will go from strength to strength and thrive in the new setup and I will hopefully see a few of you at some games in the coming years. All the best, Andy
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    Does it make you happy chucking insults at people for no reason at all, other than tomaintain your reputation as a complete w---k-r?
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    Johnson’s thermometers on fire
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    If you could just sign this order for a 50% pay rise for civil servants...
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    I'm away to tie an Eton Wall Game shirt to the railings outside the chip shop.
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    Away from all the mayhem the spare time afforded by the lockdown allowed me to clear out the garage. I found so many things I hadn't seen in years but possibly the best find was this... Now watching it with the laddie. Quality.
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    The new visitBritain slogan needs a bit of work
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    I am pleased to announce that Glasgow University FC has applied to join the West of Scotland League, as confirmed by Donnie Fergusson (football club secretary ) this morning. A formal announcement will follow.
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    Haven't bothered reading the last 20 pages or so, but Calderwood has nuked all of her credibility as the public face of the campaign, so it is clearly the right thing to keep her off media duties from now on. Don't really have any issue with keeping her on to do the actual job she's paid for as long as she is good at it - that's more important than posturing about sacking folk for the sake of it. She's really fucked me off big time though - what an entitled arsehole you'd have to be to do what she did.
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    Some of us should be booing to balance it out. Just to make sure the doctors and nurses don't get complacent.
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