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    Dont care if I get banned for saying this, but if you vote Tory tomorrow you are a fucking c**t and I hope by some absolute fluke of coincidence that you personally are hardest hit by their austerity policies and lose your job when brexit impacts result in a widescale economic slowdown. f**k the tory vermin scum. A vote for the tories is a vote to kick every vulnerable person in this country in the face.
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    I live in a key SNP/Tory marginal. Me and the wife have already voted over 120 times for the SNP this morning as we work in a care home and have appointed ourselves the proxy for all the residents.
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    Met the welfare state at a charity do once. It was surprisingly down to earth and very funny.
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    @Im_Rodger has an SNP mp. With a majority of over 5000. unlucks m8.
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    In the last three games we have played 6 defenders and a holding midfielder. The first game the opposition was pub league stuff, Stranraer are as bad as anyone in the league. Then we play the first competent side M&M have faced and lots are shocked it is no better than the previous goon in charge. If M&M have any chance of getting this job they need to ditch the dross in the team and those who can’t create. So for me 4-4-2 with the wide players creating the width not the wing backs because neither are good enough against the better teams. Tidser and Longridge have to play. Durnan and miller not
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    Preferred last years Betfred adverts tbh.
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    Getting my Spotify Wrapped decade thing (bangers each and every one btw) made me think about our decade. It's open to debate whether the 09/10 season should be included or if the end of this year is actually the end of the decade but anyway by my count: 6 Top 6 finishes in 10 seasons - this season TBC obvs 6 seasons competing in European competition 6 Managers 3 Cup Finals 2 2nd place finishes 1 3rd place finish 1 PFA POTY (Higdon) 1 Golden Boot (Higdon) 1 Premiership Play-off win (6-1 agg vs Rangers) 1 FW YPOTY (Turnbull) plus fan ownership becoming a thing. 2009/10 - 5th - Top Scorer (all): John Sutton (13) 2010/11 - 6th (SC Final) - Top Scorer (all): John Sutton (17) 2011/12 - 3rd - Top Scorer (all): Michal Higdon (16) 2012/13 - 2nd - Top Scorer (all): Michael Higdon (27) 2013/14 - 2nd - Top Scorer (all): John Sutton (22) 2014/15 - 11th (Scottish Premiership Play-off: Winners) - Top Scorer (all): John Sutton (13) 2015/16 - 5th - Top Scorer (all): Louis Moult (18) 2016/17 - 9th - Top Scorer (all): Louis Moult (18) 2017/18 - 7th (LC Final / SC Final) - Top Scorer (all): Louis Moult (14) 2018/19 - 8th - Top Scorer (all): David Turnbull (15) 2019/20 - currently 3rd - Top Scorer (all): Liam Donnelly (9) Managers win %: Jim Gannon (30th June 09 - 28th Dec 09) - 28% Craig Brown (29th Dec 09 - 10th Dec 10)- 46.67% Stuart McCall (30th Dec 10 - 2nd Nov 14) - 42.5% Ian Baraclough (13th Dec 14 - 23rd Sept 15) -35.3% Mark McGhee (13th Oct 15 - 28th Feb 17) -35.5% Stephen Robinson (28th Feb 17 - present) - 46.9% So there you go...
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    No he won't. Whatever the result is, admitting to being a Tory is massively embarrassing.
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    Wtf is the problem with heading to the tables? More leg room and you get space to put all your stuff. The cuntishness only comes in if you spread your shit all over the table and other chairs so nobody else can sit down.
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    Vote these cuntos out today, wherever you are. If you live in a Tory/Labour marginal. Vote for Corbyn (with the hair of Phillip Cocu). If you live in a SNP/Tory marginal, vote for Sturgeon (with the hair of Eddie Howe) If it's a Lib Dem/Tory marginal, I would reluctantly advise you to vote for Swinson (with the hair of Nigel Clough)
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    If McPake wants to salvage this and get the fans on side, he needs to inject some fire in the way he coaches. Too many times have I seen him in real time or in picture with his hands in his pockets and his eyes pointed to the ground. The lack of support from Jimmy 'sit n' do f**k all' Nicholl and the rest of the peanut gallery that form our management team is startling, and Jazza needs to know that the fight needs to come from him. The negativity from the manager embeds itself into the players, and thus they become flat and unimaginative. When the team suffers a setback or even a positive, they seem to switch off, hence why we've experienced so many collapses this season. The 10 minutes of torture in the 6-2 derby, the last second goal from Aberdeen, Partick's 3 goals in 7 minutes, Ayr's goal against us, Morton's equaliser, and of course QotS' winner, all lapses in concentration caused by the negative, uninspired attitude of the team. Aside from the freak results at Tannadice and against Partick, we aren't getting 'hammered' by teams. We're conceding just enough to make us need desperately to rely on the strikers scoring from the meager amount of attempts they are able to have with the shitty service they get. Skill-wise we're relatively fine (Mackie and possibly Forster notwithstanding), it's the mental issues that we suffer from, and that is largely down to the mentality of management. The crowd response is also now a factor, but I see that as more of a product of the downward spiral rather than a cause of it. I read McPake's analyses every week, and every week we f**k up his response is to not make any excuses, but not offer much emotional opinion. I understand the wish to be respectful and professional, but never do I get the impression he is angry, instead just sulking and promising things will improve. If you truly believe you're the right man for the job and your squad is to be a top team in the league, you better not be complacent about losing. I wouldn't believe for an instant a manager like Dick Campbell sulks after a loss and says "Oh well, we'll do better next week." I believe he would give his players a firm boot up the arse if he was upset and let them know exactly how they need to improve. McPake is new and doesn't have that confidence yet, but he needs to find it fast if he wants any chance of getting the dressing room and the fans back. Once Gowser came on on Saturday, the team got a boost and took control. Gowser is a far more important piece in this team than Byrne, as Gowser gives a shit every second of the game. I'm not saying Byrne doesn't give a shit, but with Gowser you know he's fired up, and he's going to fire up everyone around him by doing so. I'd say play the same team next week, except replace Byrne with McGowan (and obvs Mackie out for Marshall if the latter is fit). McPake needs to take inspiration from Gowser's attitude, let the players know what the f**k he's doing wrong and how he can improve that. I'd like to see a bit more animation out of him, more emotion. He needs to shed a bit of the meek respect he always gives, gain a sense of pride and believe he's the man for the job, and that "we're better than you, and we're going to fucking show you just how". If he believes that, the players will believe it, and the periods of quick passing, high tempo football we only play for short periods will become more consistent, the fans' attitude will improve, and the results will start coming. If he doesn't 100% believe he is the man and he knows how to get this team on all cylinders, and keeps looking down at his shoes at every setback instead of screaming for the lads to get their heads up and respond, he needs to resign. Simple as that.
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    An Aberdeen fan crowdwanking Hibs
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    Saving all my greenies for pictures of Ryan Jack crying.
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    One for the good guys from me. Mrs and son just away to make it 3. My auld maw, voted for first time for good guys too, makes it 4. My brother made it 5. Doing our bit for Lanark & Hamilton area.
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    Not having cash on you is the behaviour of an unprepared idiot. Sure, we live in this day and age where you can use contactless cards, phone, etc. And that's great. I love the convenience of it. But I always carry cash on me. Old fashioned in some of you young pup's eyes I guess, yet I'm no the one moaning about not being able to pay for something because I don't have the means to. Have the means. Don't be moaning about something because you've fucked up. You've assumed everything would suit you. Very modern trend that. Put a tenner in your wallet FFS!!!
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    Or the ones that think they are the most influential poster?
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    Russia have always been cheating b*****ds in every sport. First Ivan Drago, now this.
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    2019 and still no statue of Kirkcaldy's greatest athlete........hang your head in shame
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    Starting to wonder if you're actually a genius level troll. In terms of who becomes PM, voting Labour and SNP is exactly the same thing. Lib Dem probably is too, but who knows with them. The SNP are clear second in all 13 Tory seats in Scotland. In the 4 rural North East Tory seats, Labour didn't get above 15%. In the other 9 Tory seats, Labour didn't get above 25%. Nowhere did they get within 10% of the Tories. And that was a very considerable improvement on 2015. Labour are polling well below where they did in 2017, and even lower than 2015. In 10 of the Tory seats, if Labour voters had voted SNP they'd have prevented the Tory from winning the seat. This would have meant that Tory+DUP couldn't have had a majority and we probably would have had a second Brexit referendum. These are just the facts. And before you presume bias, I'm not voting SNP - but in most of those seats I probably would, because I'm not human scum.
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    Hi I’m Gianfranco and I’m a Jermaine Hylton fan.
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    Sadly in this case that quote is bang on. Just like miniskirts, those statistics covered a lot of c*nts.
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    If you think that was a bit too emotional, you should have seen the next bit where she sprinted across that shiny floor, sliding to her knees and pulling her blouse up over her head, revealing a giant tattoo across her chest saying "GIRFUY Swinson"
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    Unlike a lot of other people on here, I don't find you and your posts quite as tedious and frankly fucking interminably boring. You make some good points from time to time about the Old Firm + coefficients etc. that I agree with. But on this one, I can't even begin to make sense of your logic. Once it's an Old Firm final, which we've known it was going to be since 3rd November, what exactly can you hope for/expect? There were a handful of outcomes that could've happened yesterday, I'll rank them in my order of preference for you: 1) Celtic break Rangers' hearts with a completely undeserved win, and a controversial goal scored for good measure, Ryan Jack is in tears at FT. Optimal outcome. 2) Celtic batter Rangers, shattering their delusions of it being close between them. Less palatable as it makes Celtic fans happier. 3) Rangers beat Celtic with a completely ludicrously unfair winner that plays into Celtic's conspiracies about masonic referees etc. 4) Rangers batter Celtic, which would just be pretty weird and I don't really have any feelings towards, so it's going in the middle. 5) Celtic see Rangers off 2-0 in a dull as dishwater final that doesn't really prove much at all. 6) Vice versa. I'd be delighted to hear how you would have circumvented yesterday and come up with an outcome that satisfies everyone outwith Glasgow. The reality is, you can't. Once Celtic and Rangers are playing each other in a final, you've got limited options and them's the facts. I prefer a monopoly in domestic cups that any non-OF club could break over a relentless duopoly between Celtic and Rangers. The pain of Rangers fans year after year far outweighs Celtic winning everything in sight (and their fans slowly getting more and more bored of it).
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    I think there's still a big difference between the SFA being such a shambolic, disorganised mess that they forget to test players, and the systemic doping that Russia appear to be guilty of. Can you imagine the SFA running such a system? They'd get caught picking up the order at Lloyd's Pharmacy in minutes.
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    He's an excellent player who's just getting better all the time. One of the first names on the team sheet. It's amazing how people could have been and still are critical of him. Were a strange nation we really are.
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    I suppose the good news for Kirstene Hair is that there will be plenty of work for her picking fruit on the family farm.
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    Hearing rumours that they’re installing a new door at number 10 in anticipation of a conservative win.
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    Monday left me broken Tuesday I was through with hoping Wednesday my empty arms were open Thursday waiting for love, waiting for love Thank the stars it's Friday I'm burning like a fire gone wild on Saturday Guess I won't be coming to church on Sunday I'll be waiting for love, waiting for love.
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    Her: I did something funny. Me: What? Her: Know how I went down stair to get a drink? Me: ........yeah? Her: I poured the drink. Me:.................ok? Her: you'll never guess what I did then. Me: Just tell me the fucking story, I don't want to respond every 5 seconds. Her: !?!? What's up with you? you not want me to talk to you? Me: Just tell me what happened. Her: Nevermind.
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    I mean.... Thats banter years stuff. Hilarious. An absolute rabble of an outfit
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    Also, to the fans who booed Allan when he came on, get a long hard look at yourselves! I’m not his biggest fan either but that’s properly out of order!
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    Hammy is as good a part time left back you can get said it for ages guys solid. He has a hard job because Bobby tries but he is pretty useless at defending so Hammy takes the stick for that sometimes.
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    What the Tories did in the 80s Proportion of people living below the poverty line increased from 13% to 43% Child poverty doubled Increased the gap from the top 10% of the population to the bottom 10% from 5 times to 10 times as much Just a few examples of what the Tories did to the working class people in our country. But it's ok because some people could buy their house. Oh and no more were allowed to be built with the proceeds, thereby fucking the next generation. Scum of the earth
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    Another year, another P&B Dead Pool. Like the Pyramids and Junior Football no-one quite remembers how or why it appeared, but everyone still goes along with it faithfully. Well, we're probably more popular than the Juniors. If you're unfamiliar with the premise of a Dead Pool, it's quite simple. You pick fifteen celebrities you think will die over the course of the coming calendar year (2020). If you're correct, you get points. Whoever has the most points at the end of the year wins, and whoever finishes bottom gets invited to Buckingham Palace to share your secrets with our reptilian overlords. No sweat. If you're morbid enough to still be interested... RULES: To enter, you must be registered on Pie & Bovril before this thread was posted. To enter, send me a private message containing the names of 15 celebrities you think will die in 2020. To make it as easy as possible for me and limit the possibility of mistakes, please try to spell their names correctly. If they use alternate names, please make a note of this. Reasons for a person's fame are welcome. For the purposes of eligibility, your PM must be sent to me by 00:00 GMT, January 1, 2020. The game will officially end on 00:00 GMT, January 1, 2020. Despite this, if someone dies in a different time zone, the local time and date will be considered instead. In order to be eligible upon death, your entrants must receive an obituary in a UK-based national news source. Websites concerning a niche interest do not count in this instance - it must be a mainstream news source. If you pick someone obscure or non-British, you may have to find and post a qualifying obituary. Note: I am currently collating a list of eligible sources. Remember, the "UK-based" part of the criteria is the most important. The Lauren Hill Rule - American college sports personalities are not eligible. The Liz Taylor Rule - Is someone a celebrity if their child or spouse or relative is famous? Probably not. If their only claim to fame is a well-known relation, they don't count. The Terminal Rule - People who are famous specifically for being ill are not eligible. The World's Greatest Democracy Rule - People who are on death row or facing trial where the death penalty is a mooted sentence are not eligible. Fugitives on the run are eligible. Your entrants must be human. Your entrants must be over the age of 18. Your entrants cannot be fictional characters. You are not allowed to kill any of your entrants yourself. If a P&B user is found to be responsible for the death of any of their entrants, they will be disqualified from this and all future Dead Pools. You are not allowed to select any P&B members. If, upon death, it emerges that a celebrity was a P&B poster, this is allowed. It is your responsibility to ensure all of your entrants are alive. Don't do what someone did last year and pick Neil Armstrong (d.2012). If you pick someone who dies in the final days of 2019 it is your responsibility to PM me with a replacement pick. I would suggest including a short list of back-up picks, just in case. Scores will be updated and posted, hopefully, every Sunday. SCORING: Base Points: Each death is worth 125 points minus the person's age. So the younger your picks, the more points if they die. There are several multipliers available: First Blood - The first person to die in 2019 gets 25 extra points. Last Gasp - The last person to die in 2019 gets 25 extra points. Solo Shot - If you are the only person to pick someone who dies you get a bonus of 50 points. Deadly Duo - Same premise. If only two people pick someone who dies, you both get a bonus of 25 points. Captain Bonus - You can nominate a captain of your team who receives an extra set of Base Points added to their score. Inherent Vice - You can nominate a vice-captain of your team who receives an extra set of half Base Points (rounded up) added to their score. (If you do not nominate Captains or Vice-captain, I will consider the first and second respective names on your list to be your nominations) Deadly December - Same as Captain Bonus, an extra set of Base Points. Unnatural Causes - If your pick is murdered, commits suicide or has an accident, you get 30 extra points. The Firing Squad Bonus - To take pity on the Zero Pointers, I'm adding a new one for this year. The most popular pick will upon death receive additional bonus points equal to the number of players who selected them. For reference, 2019 would have seen Prince Philip score an additional 57 points. Most people have a reasonable understanding of how the Dead Pool works so if you do have any more questions, feel free to ask and I will do my best to answer them. With nothing else for me to say, GOOD LUCK!
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    How can that give you confidence? Pressure on to deliver a trophy, with huge odds in your favour, and your team completely fucking bottled that.
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    ...or maybe it's just a few borderline cranks on the internet on a fitba board that shouldn't be taken too seriously rather than Scotland's answer to Kristallnacht.
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    Beat my 5k PB at the Glasgow Santa Dash and all in the pishing rain. I’ll take that.
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    Whatever else happens at a Junior football game the welfare and safety of both officials and players has to be paramount. Where that safety is compromised there have to be questions asked, and it would appear that that this safety was compromised today.
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    Ay there’s nae need for that son, that’s a fuckin’ woman you’re talking about.
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