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    Your ability to always come up with the absolute worst take possible is genuinely impressive
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    Except Rangers weren't relegated by 3 divisions. Rangers died. A new club formed from the devils ashes and was then automatically promoted to Scotland's professional bottom tier.
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    Sturgeon obviously doesn't watch much, if any, football in Scotland. If it's on a yellow card now, Scott Brown will be able to break protocol about a dozen more times before we see the red come out
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    Stop the league now. Deduct 6 points from Celtic for their 2 incidents and 3 points from Aberdeen for their 1 incident. Hibs champions, relegate bottom 2 Celtic and Aberdeen. Promote top 2 from championship Alloa and Arbroath. Sorted.
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    Well that was a fantastic first round with everyone taking part. Incidentally the play off question, Albert Ball had 44 kills when he died in 1917. We will have the team aggregates first and in the current order Leading the way with a stonking 48 points is Team Shark. Ruggy top scored with a nine. In joint second with 47 points is Team Bear. Top scorer WRKwith a nine The other team on 47 is team Tiger. Top scorer was four of you with an eight. In fourth place on 45 points is team Lion. Top scorer with a nine was Deej. In fifth but not far behind on 44 points is team Crocodile, top scorer was Caspian Chris with a nine. Onto the indiviudal competition now. @WhiteRoseKillie v @Arch Stanton Every contest needs a big tie and the two heavyweights gave a great display but alas it was Yorkshire's favourite turnkey who nudged through against the man with the chemistry degree (or something else Sciency) 9 points to 8. Unlucky Arch but you can still win the individual event over 4 rounds. @Salvo Montalbano v @alang1993 Salvo was late to the party after being held up at a crimescene against the young pretender who left the pub for long enough to go through seven points to six. Lion defeated Lion, that could be awkward in the dressing room. @Rugster v @Helpma Another clash of the titans saw Falkirk's finest agaisnt the recently returned Helpma who had us all worried. In a high scoring contest with both attacks on top Ruggy went through 9 points to eight. @Eednud v @The_Kincardine It was the battle of the old timers with Adelaide's Edmund up against Bucks Kinky, this pair were inconsiderate enough to draw eight all but in the playoff Edmund did enough to edge through. Unlucky Kinky. @Bully Wee Villa v @G_Man1985 Everyone's favourite mod against the Irn Bru guzzling five a side pro was to produce the shock of the round. Snooker fan BWW found himself tight behind the black as Gman produced a cracking performance to go through eight points to four. @Silky Si McFly v @Cardinal Richelieu This pair asked to play each other, one of them will be regretting it now, Simon is a quiz hosting expert and knows his onions, the Cardinal is a workshy layabout who steals from the Church. Delighted to see Si go through eight points to seven against the IT exprt (geeeeeekkkkkkk) @Spring Onion v @Jacksgranda This was a step to much for the old man from loch nagar, sorry Norn Iron as he fell to Palmerstons finest Spring Onion in an eight points to six scoreline. Springy certainly seems to be in season and with this display he could go far. @101 v @die hard doonhamer Young Adam or symbol or whatever he is calling himself this week is definitely a cup specialist. He did come up against a tough competitior in the Qos cricket and golf loving DHD who I think is also a referee. Well his card was marked here as he fell eight points to five aginst 101. The green suit will be on now. @LincolnHearts v @kingjoey This could have went anyway with Jambo facing Aberdeen in a battle of the veterans. A positive start from joey a bit like his Aberdeen players corona tests wasn't enough though as Lincs stormed through to take the tie eight to five. A bad week for all associated with the Ewe Camp (tee hee). @JamesP_81 v @mathematics This was another good tie, New dad James must not be getting his beuty sleep though as he narrowly fell to Tattoo loving Killie Fan Maths who got his sums right to nudge through seven points to six. @peasy23 v @The DA Another cracking tie in this one, Petershill enthusiast (the old ground was great) against the inconsistent but talented DA. the latter was to do enough though as the Dundee United fan nicked through eight points to seven. The fans got their monies worth that's for sure. @Perkin Flump v @BigBo10 Tiger v Shark now that would be a cool name for an animal, a tiger shark, I wonder if anyone has thought of that before, well maybe. Anyway moomin and the auchinleck fan in an all Ayrshire battle were to draw eight all. I've been to Talbot's ground, I never knew I could run so fast. In the play off Perkin's knowledge of WW1 flyers did the trick. Unlucky Bo. @The Captain v @deej The bookies couldn't split them and it was close. My dear chum El Capitan got an eight, unfortunately for him cup specialist and Dundee fan (my there is a lot of them isn't there) scored a whopping nine. Well done you Albert Kidd loving fiend. @MixuFruit v @Geaky Mixu can often be seen making things is his work shop or cooking up a tasty treat, looks a better cook than my wife tbh was up against the enigma that is Geak. I've only noticed that he has a bear as an avatar, shame I put him in team Lion, I suggest you keep an eye on your team mate lions. Anyway as it was Geaky served up a treat to defeat Mixu seven to six and leave him choking on his latest gourmet meal. @SlipperyP v @NJ2 Our league table guru and a man that does a great job came up against one of his apprentices the Welly Boot. Concentrating so much on the league and picking all those flowers meant that Slippy slipped, the Welly boot loving Tennent's gulping Jambo goes through eight to five. @NotThePars v @Snobot The recently returned NTP has looked good since his self imposed exile and he was up against a wiley competitior in Snobot, I don't know enough about Snobot I must pay more attention in future (I'm not a stalker honestly) but I do like his avatar. Incidentally NTP goes through eight to five. @Adamski v @Blootoon87 Adamski has a picture of Benjamin Massing as his display, that is quite apt as his last minute appearance was as late as Massing's tackle on C Cannigia back in the 1990 world cup. (Massing passed away a couple of years back). Blootoon is hot of the heels of winning the last cup as team England, he wasn't too keen on the team name but by golly he was keen on the trophy he picked up. His good form continues as he beats Adamski eight to five. @Leeds Saint v @German Jag This was another close tie, Leeds Saint who also won a trophy against the big Hannover fan Jerry Jag. Now Jerry is in team Lion and his club's rivals are apparently Lions, oops. It just got worse for him though as Leeds Sain went through seven to six. Well done Mr Saint. @gkneil v @CaspianChris This was a mouth watering clash against the consistent Aberdonian and the Dundee United loving Caspian dweller. A new Firm battle if you will but Jim McLean's lads cruised through nine to six against Ian Porterfields troops. It's not been a good week for Eberdeen. Finally @pleslie99 v @Ross. These two bunnets also drew, P Leslie has been up and down recently but he always does well in the cups. Clydebank (yuck) fan Ross is another new father (congrats) and I'm not sure if anyone knows this (he has never mentioned it) lives in Switzerland. Well Ross you need to read up more on your WW1 flying aces as Mr Leslie goes through after an eight all draw. Well everyone that concludes this round. I will put up the next round tomorrow at some points, but it's all to play for in the team event, the individual event and the head to head. I'm now away to get a beer, and get bladdered. Have a good evening everyone.
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    In what way is this interesting? Did you think that because covid is less prevalent than before old and vulnerable people would now be immune to death from other causes?
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    Maybe it’s just me overreacting but I really don’t think people are getting it. I had a close family member pass away in April. I had the choice to travel to the funeral. I didn’t go. So watched their funeral with my Son in a flood of tears, on a laptop, in my living room. Few months on, I could have met friends or gone to the Pub, but so didn’t as I didn’t want to jeopardise the time I met my parents after their shielding ended. All personal decisions made during the pandemic, abiding by rules and to protect the health of others. Selfish, posing, “professional” athletes, who understood protocol to allow the football season to begin were faced with a choice of whether to go out on the piss on Saturday and they said “f**k it”. Doesn’t just jeopardise them, but staff, opponents and the season as a whole. Sorry if that’s me overreacting.
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    Aberdeen are a fucking disgrace and should be docked points. Anyway, what are they meant to have done?
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    Agent Kennedy leading the boys on a merry march round Aberdeen on Saturday. Yes shagger. Away win.
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    Apologies that my first P&B post is in these unfortunate circumstances, but as a train driver from Perth who drives this route every other day, I feel I can't just ignore this thread. I don't yet know which of my colleagues have passed away as a result of this, but I will know them, my thoughts are very much with all involved and their families.
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    Ever wondered where and when you've done most of your posting? Want a slightly intrusive graphical representation of that? Well look no further. Post a request here and I'll submit your name to The Algorithm™ and show you precisely how you've been wasting enriching your life posting on P&B. Folk who had the prototype on the indyref thread may request an updated audit. (mods: if this is in any way questionable kill this thread) First up in this new & improved audit is @Blootoon87 Posting Timeline: Blootoon started slow around 2011 before filling his evenings with posts. Averaging 453 posts a year, as time has gone on he's started to post throughout the day. I'm not sure if it's a bug in my code or a real thing but since 2019 he's done some intense early morning posting. Blootoon is rarely to be found posting late at night or into the small hours. Favourite Forums: General Nonsense is the firm favourite of Blootoon, however he has a taste for foreign and international football, as shown by their much higher profile than his forays into domestic forums. TV, politics and gambling round off his other interests. This concludes the audit.
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    Charge him with attempted murder.
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    Amy MacDonald is a fucking idiot and her music is monumentally horseshit.
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    I have yet to visit any premesis that had music or tv volume, when someone asked for volume on the racing last week they were told it wasn't allowed. As for the rest of that post it makes no sense ! You are seriously losing the plot mate, you are visibly tipping over the edge over the last few weeks. What's the point, it doesn't influence anything. You either follow the advice or you chose not too with the acceptance that if you do it's simply prolonging the whole situation for everyone as the people of Aberdeen proved last weekend. Like it or loathe it NS is 100% clear that she will clamp down on any spikes with a declared intent to eliminate C19. You disagree, we all get that but there is nothing you or anyone else can do to alter that outwith an election which is a bit off yet. Whatever govt was incumbent when this struck was going to get stick from a certain (thankfully small) percentage who think it's all a hoax / over reaction but one of any govts primary functions is public safety and public health. You clearly feel that's unfair to you specifically but that says more about you than the govt, they have a public duty to do so, to protect EVERY life they can. If that means slightly inconveniencing some by imposing measures on how pubs operate it's not the end if the world as you and a few other on here seem to blow such things up to be.
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    Theyve already put a statement saying they will, and its the fault of the players so they can't complain. Compare and contrast to Particks statements over the past 3 months, and your club would currently be posting a massive statement promising that the "Partick Thistle family will be avenged for such a disgraceful act against our club", while your owner PMs 15yo kids to try and get them to put up "f**k the SPFL" signs...
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    No doubt happened in the Red Lichtie district.
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    St Johnstone have just announced that they will be wearing their newly registered third kit for Saturday's match
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    I can't say I'm surprised that your wife is flying in to the heart of the virus to get away from you.
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    Get this patter in the covid thread man. Announce Alston.
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    Players involved should have exercised better judgement. My four year-old niece was able to accept that she couldn't have a birthday party because of coronavirus, so grown men have no excuse.
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    Only an utter fucking idiot could consider being fined a success. I presume they also assume being stood up is a good date, pissing themselves a good way to go to the toilet and falling down stairs a good way to exit a building.
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    Whenever it is I'm sure you'll be back on here to have another moan about it.
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    Going to charge greenies for this.
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    We were fucking shite today but still in the Premiership for a 7th season in a row. Carry on crowdwanking from Falkirk's lowly position of **checks notes** League 1
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    Just for you Gaz, here's the goal and cele.
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    Nope. No it's not. It's a chance you can take if you like. As someone whose wife is in the extremely vulnerable category who received one of the very blunt letters from the government laying out the consequences the virus could have on her, I will carry on being very fucking careful what I do, if it's all the same to you.
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    If you want entertainment, go to the pictures. f**k Celtic (and Sevco).
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    Off to Aviemore on Monday for a week and my Mam has agreed to come with us. She’s hasn’t been out the house since my dad died last year, pure made up
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    This photo has been doing the rounds on Twitter, reportedly taken in a place called Budz Bar on Saturday night. Possibly a fake?
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    No doubt this post will get red-dotted by multiple people who think I stick up for the board on here, but my understanding is that the delay had nothing to do with them. Their only roles are to approve the financial expenditure, negotiate with the agent representing a player and then tell their mates as quickly as they possibly can afterwards. Which is why everything gets out. Albeit parts 2 and 3 aren't applicable to the whole board. I believe the delay was entirely down to his previous club. My sources for that are Aidan Keena himself and our football administrator, whose job it is to know the nuts and bolts of the transfer process. Sorry Bairnado, but it's not true.
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    In the supermarket the other day I changed the habit of a lifetime by abandoning my usual tea brand of Tetley in favour of a box of PG Tips. I'm not entirely sure why I did this, but I may have been nostagically reminiscing about about the antics of those hapless chimps on the adverts of years ago; I don't think they ever managed to get that piano shifted. Another aspect to this is the fact that I would be treated to a technologically superior brew due to their use of pyramid shaped teabags. Giddy with anticipation I opened the pack, pulled out a teabag and regarded its distinguished design. You can imagine my ire and disappointment when I realised that it had a triangular rather than square base and was therefore a tetrahedron rather than a pyramid. I firstly vowed never to buy anything off the back of a chimpanzee's recommendation again. That had happened once too often now for my liking. Secondly I thought I'd compose a stern email to PG Tips, the utter charlatans. Fortunately before doing so I consulted the internet and in doing so found out that pyramid can have any number of different shapes as a base, triangles, hexagons, decagons, you name it, it can be done. Feeling somewhat appeased I calmed down and had a cup of tea, which for the record was fairly decent. tl;dr pyramids can be different shapes.
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    Whats the Bolingoli daein Tom?
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    It's an unexpected day off for the players then. I wonder what they're getting up to.
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    Lads.....it was better than I thought it could ever be. What a wonderful golf course. The rough was quite thick in places and I found quite a lot of it. The greens were quick but in perfect condition. Went round in 92 blows which I’m delighted with. 3 pars on the scorecard and a birdie putt lipped out. I love this game
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    Conspiracy Theories Thread for this backward batshit fermer folklore pish.
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    Could you give a list of places where transmission has been recorded so we know where we don't have to bother with a mask?
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    nobody knew the extent to which the hospitals, ventilators and hospital beds would be required - inc UK and many other countries. Hospitals in northern Italy for example were overwhelmed. Scottish Government maintaining extra facilities in preparation for a potential second wave is a reasonable precaution - particularly after kitting it out in the first place. You claiming it is merely to look better than Westminster and for no other reason is quite a desperate assessment - one that only the most rabid would arrive at.
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    Still at large. Can we take a moment to revisit that statement?
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