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    Hello everyone, Mrs Madwullie here. You all have more words than me right now and it's been a pleasure to read how highly he was respected on here. God knows every single time he took a crap he was was on this forum, glad to know this was time well spent. Although maybe I should post this infuriating behaviour on another thread 😉 That brutal honesty was just how we rolled tbf. We are lost without him.
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    Aye, he's a fucking hero. Put Eriksen into the recovery position, kept his airway clear and started CPR before the medics arrived, then was comforting Eriksen's wife and coordinated the blocking of cameras by his teammates. Not something he would ever have expected to have to do, but what a fucking man for how he responded.
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    As someone who got bad medical news about 18 months ago, me, Wullie and others on here used to share worries and better news with each other, and Wullie was the first to congratulate me on getting good news on what is still a terminal thing. Gutted I wasn't around the last few months, thought I was spending too much time on here so took a break. Always thought we should have set up a Cancer Squad sub forum on here, by special invitation only. Apart from that we agreed on most things politically and laid waste to the numpties on here, backing each other up when needed, which it rarely was. I'll miss him.
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    Indeed. I'm so touched and delighted (as is Mrs madwullie) that so many of you have been so generous. I will be in touch to thank you all individually, but in the meantime, please know that your thoughtful messages and donations are a great comfort to everyone close to him. I don't wish to embarrass anyone, but I need to mention Welshbairn, who I know has had his own health problems and nobody had seen for several months. I'm very grateful to him for not only replying to this thread to let us know how he's been, but also leaving a very generous donation - then wanting to clarify his earlier comment and providing another donation in order to do so Tynie was good enough to pin this thread and I'll unpin it in a few days after his funeral. But in the meantime, without wanting to sound too maudlin, it's nice that even though something as tragic as this has happened, some good has come. From a personal perspective, friendships have been reforged and people have set aside differences. A fuckton of money has been donated to a good cause, and people are just generally being nicer to each other. Long may it continue.
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    It is with great sadness that I inform you that P+B semi-regular madwullie (Woody in real life) died yesterday at the age of 44, after a long battle with cancer. I'm sure a few of you are thinking "who?", and whilst not the most prolific of posters, he did enjoy sticking his oar in on the politics forum, as well as forays into the FIFA, parenting, chess and quiz thread. IRL, Woody was one of the warmest, soundest, cleverest and funniest people you could ever hope to meet. Woody leaves behind a wife and two sons, and we all miss him dearly. Edit: For those just reading this, so many of you have been so generous already, but in case anyone out there wants to donate to Mr + Mrs madwullie's chosen charity, here's a link: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/woody-willowfoundation ... thank you.
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    In an important turn of events I’d you plot the daily cases per million in the US and UK in a graph you get a brontosaurus.
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    I think some folk are being a bit harsh on Pearce. He was chucked into a massively distressing situation with no notice and hung out to dry on a live broadcast to millions of people. He's a sports commentator, not a hardened war correspondent. Few would have done any better.
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    Got to the stage I'm absolutely bricking it. I'm lucky enough to have tickets for me and my auld man tomorrow, 23 years after we were both in Saint Etienne for the Morocco match when I was a wee guy. Hes had some health issues recently so wasnt sure we'd ever get to celebrate this together. Wont lie, there will be a tear in my eye when things kick off after all the years of hurt and how shite the last 18 months have been. I honestly dont care who Clarke picks tomorrow. Him and his backroom team have earned my complete and utter trust. Lets fucking do this.
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    I never want to see another Scotland team without Billy Gilmour in it.
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    If madwullie is reading this from the other side, part of him will be delighted by the fundraising but with his P&B hat on he’d be hoping Cardinal Richelieu embezzles the lot and spends it on a cruise round the fjords and getting some home improvements done.
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    Don't worry lads, just a few years of Celtic and Rangers colts playing against Civil Service Strollers and Edusport Academy will fix this.
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    Whoever's decision it was to show him getting CPR and his wife should never work in the industry again
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    Refuse to indulge this nonsense - it’s nae the 70s anymore lads. Instead how about a tribute to the tournament groundsmen, and the excellent playing surfaces such as the one below.
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    Email sent. Dear Sirs, I was delighted to read about the forthcoming Q & A session that is due to take place soon and which will be recorded and then made available to view on FTV on Thursday 24th June. However, myself and several of my friends and fellow supporters are a bit concerned about the proposed format of the session, which will have Lewis Connolly of FTV acting as an “independent” conduit of fans questions to be directed to the Board and coaching staff. We feel that this format puts Lewis in an extremely difficult situation – if the questions that he selects are too “soft” he will be under pressure from the fans and considered a mouthpiece of the club – if the questions that he asks of the board etc. are too difficult he will come under pressure from within the club. He is between a rock and a hard place. Surely a fairer and more transparent format would be for the session to be live on Zoom, that way the club could be 100% sure that the questions, to use your own words, “have not been cherry-picked or vetted prior to being posed”. In fairness to everybody, Lewis, the fans and the board and coaching staff, I hope that you will reconsider the format of the Q & A session. I look forward to your reply. Bairn in Exile
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    Redeemed all his poor performances by nailing Grealish then laughing at him.
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    I have been inspired by recent events to write this little ditty, entitled 'Conundrum Solved.' Johnny my dear, our balance is short, In order to purchase our dream house of sorts. Wife, never mind that house in the Ferry, My dream is right now, With 2 seats in The Derry.
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    What we are seeing here is effectively what we should have allowed last summer - the young and healthy to get exposed and become naturally immune, whilst protecting the vulnerable. That thing the experts told us was unnacceptable as "eVeRyOnE iS aT rIsK!!1!" looks, predictably, to be yet more spectacularly wrong mewling pish to add to the collection.
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    Jesus Christ someone better call the circus, all the clowns have escaped today Congratulations aswell to whoever the tube was who has forced @Finlay21 to feel as if he needs to stay silent, he's the true fan trying to keep supporters in the loop, he does this in his free time and doesn't get paid by the club for what he does on here however putting strips by, giving stadium info and player information is massively above and beyond anything he needs to do (and from the outside looking in more than what people paid provide the supporters with), but does this cause he's clearly got the club at heart. Also on Todorov he was well within his right to hint about Todorov being signed and he was right about it happening because it looks like Todorov has done a sly one at the last minute and fucked Hopkin and Ayr over. Any idiot who condones someone doing any of the above, even if it's an online forum, can't call themselves a true supporter.
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    Last surviving Addicted To Love session musician Currently breaking restraining order issued by last surviving Addicted To Love session musician A heavily disguised former Yugoslavian war criminal winging it in a radically different profession for which he has no qualifications Fundraised to dig a well in Sudan on his gap year but went to Provence instead, with each year the smile gets more lopsided as he dwells on this 2004 Kwik Fit district manager of the year regional heats runner up Hilarious twitter personality Titania McGrath The physical embodiment of Ron Burgundy instantly regretting jumping into the Bear pen at the zoo Founding member of the 1664 movement (16 from behind, 64 from the front) At any given moment is cracking up at the fart he's letting out. Failed to win a northern English town police commissioner election after being filmed at a hustings calling a journalist a 'slack-cunted mongoloid' Discovered that skyscraper swimming pool has the piss dye stuff in it on live TV Henry Sellers 2004 Kwik Fit district manager of the year national final runner up Has stamped her stiletto clean through the right foot of 15 in the pre-photo jostle Star Trek: the Next Generation guest alien (season 1) All smiles till you mention the resemblance to John Major Only member of the team asked to change their hair 'to help the audience discriminate I mean distinguish her from other members.No look they're very different shades of blonde and one of them has a side parting. Look now's not the time to get into who, we can talk about this privately later OK. ' Squeeze-box Barry. Sings sea shanties and dances about the place for minimum wage. Has another job at a cash in hand car wash.
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    Got excited when an email arrived, promising ‘Learn how to read maps backward’. Turned out to be spam.
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    I don't think i have ever been so happy for a player as I am for Stephen O'Donnell. The balls on him and Steve Clarke. Wow. Just imagine if that volley went in.
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    So pleased for Stephen O’ Donnel. A man that has grafted like f**k, got a break, and never properly let us down. A fucking heroic performance. What a fucking country [emoji7]
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    O'Donnell's performance was excellent, but his foul on Grealish at the end topped it off for me. Not only the morally correct thing to do, but just very, very funny. Actually started clapping my TV like a deranged psychopath when it happened.
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    For the benefit of those not watching ITV, Wright is melting down saying it was an embarrassment.
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    Can't wait for the season to start to get by all this p*sh Its pretty clear there are opposing views on the proposed investment and whether it should have gone through or not and that's fine however it doesn't do anyone any favours to be completely blinkered by their support or defence of the board. I do believe we all want the same thing (a successful Falkirk) but its not true that everything the board does is a complete shambles just as much as its not true that everything they do is brilliant. I honestly believe the majority on here find fault with anything that comes out of the club to the extent that often these are the very things they were bumping their gums about before they happened (sack M&M! clear out the team! We don't have any players! MR&SA GTF! Rawlins in! Rawlins out! ST not on sale! STs too expensive! no Q&A! Q&A shit! Announce refunds! Refunds disgrace! Falkirk TV shit! Pixellot shitter! No social media coverage! Why are we at Napier! let fans invest! Don't buy season tickets! Sign McCann! We need bigger names! KK doesn't have shares/toxic part of the board! KK was brilliant how could he have gone!) I get folk are pissed off (I am too) but it would be impossible atm for anything to come out of the club that a lot on here wouldn't have issue with.
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    How the fans behave makes exactly zero difference to how successful we are as a national side. I'd rather fans were enjoying us being in a major tournament rather than being a bunch of miserable c***s sitting at home whining.
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    410 people died of cancer in the UK yesterday and 3 from Covid. I know you can't catch cancer but fucking hell that a ridiculous stat.
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    That 10 weeks chat has had two impacts on me. Firstly it's put the lingering feeling of misery that followed me about for most of the past year back into the back of my mind. The feeling of dread waiting on an update from the Government on what you can't do now. And that's exhausting. But secondly it's made me feel far more determined to just live my life and ignore the rules. To be perfectly honest, at the moment, I've no idea what the rules even are. Other than restricted crowds at sporting events and masks in supermarkets. They became ridiculous contradictory nonsense a long time ago. With almost everyone in vulnerable groups vaccinated, four deaths of people for any reason at all who have tested positive within 28 days reported last week and hospital numbers lower than a small junior game I fail to see the point in any of this. It's panic led dithering from a government paralysed by fear and too scared to make a decision listening to oddballs determined to further their own time in the limelight. Furlough ending will be the only thing that takes Scotland out of lockdown. I honestly believe that.
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    Bury RSPCA might need to rethink this..
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    For those of you who'd like to donate in his memory, Woody now has a Just Giving page. https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/woody-willowfoundation Thanks everyone. As Mrs Madwullie has said, all your kind words have been a great comfort to us. And it might even be the first time in history that Pie and Bovril gets a mention at a funeral.
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    George Hamilton commentating on RTE described that as "O'Donnell taking down Grealish there, because, well, he felt like it, really".
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    1 - no one in the SNP can disagree with or question chief Mammy. 2 - any opposition party that dare question is treated with contempt because they are unionists.
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    So we’re in a situation now where we have 15 covid patients in ICU across the whole country despite cases rising for weeks. We may or may not be able to move to level 0 in 4.5 weeks as we just don’t know and also there is a risk of ‘long covid’. ‘Greater normality’ as laid out in an SG report may or may not be possible at ‘some point’. We are now so far from the purpose of restrictions it’s unreal.
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    I was gravely unhappy a few years back and it was a mixture of things. One day I just deleted everything - Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat etc. Quite quickly I found I started to see a lot of people's 'true colours'. I took myself away from all discussions about other folks business and anything aired on those media platforms. Quite a few people commented on how weird it was but spiking back with "I don't need validation from somebody clicking a like button" usually shut them up quite quickly. Slowly I've returned to them all - but I only use Facebook for buying/selling clothes. Twitter for art etc. I use this site heavily and I genuinely mean it when I type - this site helps me far more than any other. Maybe it's the anonymity that allows more openness but I'd be pretty lost without this place and it's posters some times. This topic especially is a wondrous place where you see the best side of the Internet. Take care of yourselves and as always, I'm only ever a PM away.
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    I've just remembered that I have a £10 double on Denmark and Belgium tonight and I quite honestly don't give a flying f about it. If it wins, I think I'll donate it to the Thistle Foundation, an Edinburgh charity that helps folk deal with the after effects of illness/injury, like heart problems strokes and general disability issues. Well worth a look if you are into supporting that sort of thing! It's only a game ffs.
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    Doctors, nurses, hospital porters w/e, how fucking awesome are these people!! Regardless of where they come from, religious beliefs or the colour of their skin they get shit done with very fucking little thanks. Heroes each and every one ❤️
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    Hope his Mrs wouldn’t mind me binning off Beth Harmon and renaming the Chess Scottish Cup after madwullie @Cardinal Richelieu
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