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    I see the usual sycophantic twats are giving it "All those saying they don't care sure seem to care!" Well, I don't care that he's dead. I don't care that people are sad about it. What I do care about is that, for me and everyone else I know that's ever lost a parent or partner, the first few days are taken up with sitting in a GP's waiting room for a death certificate, taking it to the register office, going to the funeral directors, checking insurances and bank accounts to make sure you can pay for what's coming next, booking and paying for a reception, contacting dozens of people to let them know and doing a hundred other chores. If you're poor it means doing these things without a car and at a cost to yourself that you can ill afford. You'll probably need to squeeze it in among work and other responsibilities, like looking after your children. It often involves cancelling benefits (they will absolutely come for you if you don't), clearing out a room in a care home or sheltered housing and making arrangements for other elderly relatives to get cared for. These privileged, pampered, self-indulgent b*****ds will get all of this provided for them, and more, entirely at the expense of everyone else in the UK, including people who rely on food banks to feed their families. They have a standing army of flunkies who will take care of every last detail so that they can sit around with the grief - a luxury that none of the rest of us get to experience. Did you know that you pay for someone to follow Prince Charles around wherever her goes carrying a red velvet cushion, which he uses whenever he sits down? I have no sympathy and no respect for any of them or their servile subjects. So what I'm here for is the memes and the jokes, because if we can't beat these bootlicking p***ks we might as well laugh at them.
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    England to win the Euros for him. Hopefully with bespoke strips. I hope there's a minutes silence at Wembley before our game with them and the Scotland fans loudly booo, whistle, jeer and break out in to an amusing song about what a c**t he was, to the extent that the England fans are absolutely furious (so much so that the stewards and police have to hold them back), the commentators are apoplectic and the media goes totally mental over it.
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    Its a dangerous one, what is more important to them, standing up to one kind of hate crime or being staunch and remembering someone who had expressed views similar to those which caused them to have the silence in the first place.
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    BBC briefly mentioning the queen fell in love with the Prince when she was only 13 years old. Philip was 18 at the time. So in Andrew’s case, like father like son.
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    Dodi, they were both in the back seat.
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    Going to be honest here. I am starting to struggle with all this shit. Honestly, speaking to people who are peddling the need for passports, spouting off about variants and wanting to be kept safe, reading these utterly pointless, serves no good purpose articles and headlines, I'm struggling to keep a lid on my anger with it all. Its still at the point where criticism of the response is met with "covid denier" chat, but the clear reality of it is we are so fucking far from "protect the NHS" its unrecognisable. I don't know what we are doing here anymore, but I am starting to worry that normal life isn't coming back.
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    If ever it were needed, today is the perfect explanation and encapsulation of the absolute state of this shitty country.
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    It seems pretty clear that M&M have been 100% reliant on having better players than anyone else, and those “better players” would be enough to win the league.....they would be enough to compensate for the lack of focus, lack of team ethic, lack of organisation and lack of tactical know how. I suppose it could be argued that it has worked. Thing is, the key bit is “it has worked” is very different from “it is working”. Back to the earlier defeat to Airdrie, I said at the time that it didn’t feel like “bad day at the office, and we move on”. Being so close to the players (one of the boys), I don’t think either of them command player respect. FFC is a place where no-one is really accountable for anything.....it’s the game’s rule makers that have shafted us, it’s Aidrie’s fault for not playing in a manner that lets us win.....it’s always someone else’s fault. FFC have never apologised for anything since the days of the tent renter. Why should they when it’s always someone else’s fault? Whatever the “culture” is at FFC, it’s undemanding, and it’s garbage, and it shows no sign of changing.
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    No worries mate. That's some of the best written English I have ever seen for someone from Greenock.
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    Daily Cases Update: 5 Days of updates. Well I never. Cases down 22% and positivity down to 2.2%. We are now down 83.75% from the peak. Do we deserve to wait another couple of weeks before only actually returning to shitty level 3 ? Perhaps the 6 people in total who have Covid in D&G and Scottish Borders might disagree. Feel free to quote little sections from below as it is hard to decide what to highlight. Clearly Clacks needs eradicated of the face of the earth. Scotland peaked at 301.9 for figures 29th Dec to 4th Jan, (UK was 642.1) Cases that day were 16,496 and test positivity rate was 11.9% Total Cases 7 days from 28th March to 3rd April were 3440 now 2680 down 22.09%. Positivity was 2.5% now 2.2%. Cases per 100k were 63.0 now 49.1 Home Nations Daily update: UK Average 55.4 to 44.0, England 54.9 to 43.9, Wales 37.8 to 28.7, Northern Ireland 56.7 to 49.4 NHS Progress Forth Valley 97.5 to 95.9, Lanarkshire 102.0 to 70.0, Greater Glasgow 78.6 to 62.9, the rest all under Scottish average. European (Above 2 Million Population) Shockers: Serbia 494 to 515, Hungary 499, Poland 470, France 415, Council progress in last 24 Hours as follows. Click cases by neighbourhood to see the spread on the geographical map. https://public.tableau.com/profile/phs.covid.19#!/vizhome/COVID-19DailyDashboard_15960160643010/Overview Area that even the rat catchers avoid club Clackmannanshire 196.0 to 240.6 Up another 22.76% the Grimmest area in the UK by a factor of over 75% Under 100 Club could do better club Renfrewshire 105.5 to 94.9 West Lothian 133.3 to 89.6 Down 32.78% North Lanarkshire 131.5 to 89.1 Down 32.24% Glasgow City 80.7 to 72.8 Falkirk 92.0 to 70.2 East Ayrshire 61.5 to 68.0 A blot on the landscape up 10.57% Stirling 53.1 to 60.5 Another blot on the landscape up 13.94% South Lanarkshire 70.5 to 49.6 Under Scottish Average club 49.1 Dundee City 77.0 to 48.2 Down 37.40% Fife 43.9 to 47.7 Midlothian 53.0 to 47.6 North Ayrshire 85.3 to 43.0 Down virtually 50% Angus 40.4 to 42.2 Perth & Kinross 42.1 to 38.8 East Lothian 43.9 to 37.4 West Dunbartonshire 69.7 to 37.1 Down close to 50% Moray 67.8 to 34.4 Down close to 50% East Dunbartonshire 74.6 to 34.1 Down well over 50% City Of Edinburgh 53.9 to 34.1 Wow a huge city down 36.73% East Renfrewshire 69.1 to 31.4 Down well over 50% Aberdeen City 41.5 to 30.2 Havana & Malt Whisky club Sub 30.0 Aberdeenshire 30.2 to 26.8 Highlands 8.9 to 18.2 South Ayrshire 26.6 to 17.8 Inverclyde 24.4 to 15.4 Argyll & Bute 7.0 to 9.3 Shetland Islands 13.1 to 4.4 Scottish Borders 12.1 to 3.5 4 people with covid !!! Dumfries & Galloway 12.8 to 1.3 2 people with covid !!! Western Isles 0.0 to 0.0 Orkney Island 0.0 to 0.0
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    I’ve got family born and raised in France. Your argument is as xenophobic, inward, and insular as ... well, Brexit. By the way, I’m sure the majority of normal English folk don’t give a flying f**k what Scottish “unionists” think - probably, they view your gang of misfits as more akin to the knuckle-dragging embarrassments currently breaking windows in Northern Ireland than “kith and kin” to themselves. So, you know, it might be worth considering that your blood-and-soil, nineteenth-century ideas of love and loyalty to Mother Britannia aren’t shared by the people whose boots you long to lick.
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    Indoor environments that magically prevent Covid transmission from person to person: churches (up to 50); schools (1000+). Indoor environments that are completely unsafe and must never be used: pubs (with alcohol); inside a house with anyone outside your shan 'bubble'.
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    EdinburghLive continuing with their outrage at people out enjoying themselves yesterday. https://www.edinburghlive.co.uk/news/edinburgh-news/crowds-flock-edinburghs-portobello-beach-20316372 https://www.edinburghlive.co.uk/news/edinburgh-news/thousands-gather-edinburgh-meadows-breaching-20317343 F*** off, people have had an absolute shite time of it and we have been in lockdown for 3 months, the sun came out timely for Friday and Saturday and they needed to get outside and get some vitamin D. Also EdinburghLive not understanding the meaning of stay local in the Portobello article, the majority of these people will have come from the same area. These articles give the wrong impression, the angle of the photo from Portobello gives the impression of no social distancing, I can see social distancing. Mental heath affects your well being and your physical health, this will probably gave a lot of people a big lift and a chance to get away from the house. Looking at the photos it seems more like an average cross section of ages you would find anywhere on a nice day and they are behaving themselves, I cant see why anyone's knickers are getting in a twist over this. Has anyone noticed that the huge jump in cases expected from the thousands of Rangers fans celebrating the league title never happened and was ignored when they realised the case numbers were still falling? Why does our media want us to hide under our beds forever?
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    I’m involved with the initiative. Won’t comment on other things with the campaign but just so you know, Hibs was put forward by us. Hibs played in his testimonial and brought through a decent support. A game vs Chelsea would certainly add glamour but might just be a reserve/U19 team particularly with the Euros being on. Ultimately though it’s not about the club making partnerships it’s about honouring Kevin. Their manager is a Falkirk man and Kevin is held in high regard by Hibs fans whereas a lot of the Chelsea support will know much less about him. Would rather folk turn up to honour Crunchie than be enticed by the opposition. Don’t get me wrong a full strength Chelsea team would be great but we made the choice to try Hibs based on the various factors. Had some good battles with Hibs in recent years too. A fallback could always be Camelon Juniors. Again it’s about making a day of it for fans to celebrate Crunchie than something for the club, who will equally benefit either way. Anyway just wanted explain the thought process but I do get your point.
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    Even the March of the Day Facebook page put up a status yesterday reporting the news. I made a pretty terrible but relatively inoffensive joke about how Phil was a big part of Ancelotti's AC Milan team of the mid 2000s. Have just checked Facebook for the first time since and this has made some people very angry. Good.
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    Sorry am I supposed to be in some way grateful for the idea of Hampden being not even a quarter full in two months time?
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    I think I worked it out now thanks Dawson, will keep this for reference
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    Oh no. Poor London landlords.
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    Love when people insist they're not bigots while endorsing people who say people like me are paedophiles.
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    This isn’t quite the win you think it is. There probably should be more tears and snotters after this. 25% capacity in over two months time with numbers as they currently are now is frankly ludicrous.
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    I actually can’t believe that TV schedules are getting cancelled for this fucking nonsense. We truly live in a total joke of a country.
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    That'll be Hamilton Accies already covered then.
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    🤣 I assume Brian also loves a bowl of Pedigree Chum and licking his own arse.
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    Maybe being on here 24/7 for months on end isn't good for some people. Good point. I'd thought it might be the deaths, endless restrictions, being unable to see friends or family and lots of people having to worry about their jobs, but it's The Pie and Bovril Football Forum that's the real bad point.
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    On the TV scheduling thing, the wife brought it up earlier which led to her being reminded, as she had inexplicably forgotten, about my vitriol towards "royalty". Always gives me a tremendous buzz to tell her il accept her post of view if she just gives me one reason why any human should be born deserving of more respect than either her or me. And as a wee extra after the last year, to ask her why we should specifically mourn this guy who made it to 99 courtesy of a life of pure luxury, wealth and the best health care on our buck, whilst over 100k people and counting have died having funded a health care system that was found seriously wanting in the face of a pandemic. Real catharsis in rinsing those who revere the head of the snake tbqh.
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    Has a cause of death been announced? If not I desperately hope it turns out to be a bear attack
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    Dinna ken why they're bothering. Old witch never said a word when they died back in 2012.
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    If you mean you, definitely not.
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    Just googled and apparently it's on average three a year, but Devi says no more playing Mario Kart until we've got that down to zero because "we just don't know".
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    In the unlikely event my ticket doesn't get cancelled then I look forward to wandering around Glasgow city centre in the hours before kick off with a bumbag, a map and a camera round my neck asking depressed looking people wearing glengarries outside pubs how to get to Scotland Park.
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    It's not even production values either, I think most folk would accept that it's not going to be as slick as MotD, but Sportscene is very frequently just an utterly joyless programme. It's football highlights by numbers - you can predict the exact format of the programme every week based on knowing the scores and a couple of the incidents. I usually watch it on catch-up or on the iPlayer and skip through all the analysis apart from the stuff on the Killie games. To be honest, if the YouTube SPFL highlights had commentary I probably wouldn't even bother with Sportscene, which is a shame. I think BBC Sport Scotland needs a bit of a shake up in general in terms of all it's output - we've still got, by and large, the same folk as 10-15 years ago (or more in many cases) doing the bulk of the coverage on TV and radio, and that means it lacks a freshness and modernity. Kenny McIntyre still trying his sub-Jim Traynor shock jock nonsense on Sportsound is the nadir of that, but there doesn't seem to be any sign of it moving in a different direction.
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    William and Harry shooting growls across the pews of Westminster Abbey. William, unable to control his anger any more getting in Harry's face with shouts of 'Wit ye daein here anyway, he's no even yer fuckin' granda!!!' Kate and Meghan setting about one another in the aisle, clumps of hair flying everywhere. Polis showing up and everyone expecting the bloodline and their wives to get huckled but nah, they're actually here for Andrew. Fergie sitting up the back all chuffed that she's no nowhere near the biggest laughing stock in the family anymore. Bring it on!
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    The only folk pissing me off more than Leitch and these other lockdown fanatics are the media, who have almost without exception been an absolute disgrace. Chasing dramatic headlines which are undoubtedly fucking with people's heads and fuelling the conspiratorial pish of anti-vax nutjobs with no recriminations is utterly unacceptable. Devi Sridhar is at this point little better than a literate Facebook Maw with a blue tick. The sooner she's punted back to whatever irrelevant shite she was doing before, the better.
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    Has a match thread ever opened with a complete heads gone in the first post before? This must be a record surely?
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    Agree, she was excellent - in fact, she sounded like a professional broadcaster who was focused on describing what was happening. An island of competence in a sea of drivel. When Thistle inevitably conceded Yinited's late winner yesterday, Willie could barely contain his joy at "getting to go home". One of the most annoying tics on OOM is the moan-banter between the (generally older) "reporters" about wanting to get home for their tea. Yeah, you've got a really tough gig watching the football for a living, lads. Dismal stuff.
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    Daily Cases Update: Astonishing day with cases down over 8% in the last 24 hour recorded period. How can Scotgov possibly not allow better than Level 3 to certain councils when the decision is made in the next week or so. It is also good to see it is not just the usual East/West divide of numbers. Dumfries & Galloway population just shy of 150,000 has a total of Zero Covid cases. Scottish Borders population about 115,000 with 4 cases. The Islands once again all Covid free. The cities of Edinburgh & Aberdeen with a population of 750,000 !!! have just over 200 cases between them. In the UK there are now only 4 Councils in total above 100 cases per 100K Scotland peaked at 301.9 for figures 29th Dec to 4th Jan, (UK was 642.1) Cases that day were 16,496 and test positivity rate was 11.9% Total Cases 7 days from 30th March to 5th April were 2575 now 2368 down 8.04%. Positivity was 2.1% still 2.1%. Cases per 100k were 47.1 now 43.3 Home Nations Daily update: UK Average 41.4 to 39.0 down 5.80%, England 41.0 to 38.6 down 5.85%, Wales 25.5 to 22.7 down 10.98%, Northern Ireland 45.1 to 41.9 down 7.10% & a couple of 🚌 NHS Progress Forth Valley 86.4 to 70.4, Greater Glasgow 62.3 to 59.8, Lanarkshire 64.1 to 57.0, Fife 50.3 to 51.4 the rest all under Scottish average. European (Above 2 Million Population) Shockers: Serbia 515, Hungary 499, Poland 470, France 415, Council progress in last 24 Hours as follows. Click cases by neighbourhood to see the spread on the geographical map. https://public.tableau.com/profile/phs.covid.19#!/vizhome/COVID-19DailyDashboard_15960160643010/Overview Area that even the rat catchers avoid club Clackmannanshire 211.5 to 172.7 Looks like the residents of Sauchie, Tullibody North & Glenochil have stopped partying Under 100 Club could do better club West Lothian 86.8 to 83.0 Renfrewshire 88.2 to 76.5 Down another 13% excellent North Lanarkshire 82.0 to 73.2 Brilliant 10.73% drop Glasgow City 73.8 to 72.8 Hopefully good work not stalled East Ayrshire 65.6 to 61.5 Stirling 60.5 to 54.1 Fife 50.3 to 51.4 Really disappointing the mutants in Methil Falkirk 47.2 to 47.2 Under Scottish Average club 43.3 East Lothian 36.4 to 43.0 Angus 41.3 to 42.2 South Lanarkshire 44.9 to 39.6 Perth & Kinross 36.9 to 38.8 Dundee City 46.9 to 36.8 Student figures gone down over 21% East Dunbartonshire 35.0 to 35.0 East Renfrewshire 33.5 to 34.5 West Dunbartonshire 33.7 to 30.4 Havana & Malt Whisky club Sub 30.0 Midlothian 49.8 to 29.2 Well I never down over 40% in 1 day and a leap into Cigar club. Moray 30.3 to 29.2 City Of Edinburgh 31.6 to 28.2 Terrific 10.75% fall in the big City and also join the Elite smokers club. Aberdeen City 29.7 to 26.2 Another near 12% drop for our 3rd city already low. North Ayrshire 34.9 to 25.2 Down another 28% and joins the smoky rooms. Aberdeenshire 27.6 to 23.4 Highlands 19.5 to 20.8 South Ayrshire 16.0 to 16.9 Inverclyde 14.1 to 12.9 Argyll & Bute 8.2 to 8.2 Scottish Borders 3.5 to 3.5 4 people with covid !!! Shetland Islands 4.4 to 0.0 Dumfries & Galloway 1.3 to 0.0 Western Isles 0.0 to 0.0 Orkney Island 0.0 to 0.0
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    A bit of complacency creeping in to some of our fanbase by the look of things. Arbroath, despite their league position, are more than capable of giving us grief. We're a really good side at the moment but I'm never comfortable with the assumption that we'll easily roll teams over.
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