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    Dykes is limited, but he was a massive part of that performance tonight, constantly occupying their defence and held it up well. Even just smashing Shaw after about 3 seconds set the tone for the night.
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    Haven't been on this thread for a number of weeks. Interesting to see there is a growing number of people on here who are thinking the way I have for a good while. Absolutely sick to death of this shit. From my viewpoint, and of course it is purely anecdotal to anyone else, I have seen just about nothing of Covid in an objective sense from the day it first entered our collective consciousness. I cannot understand why we are still in the situation we are in. If people have been affected by Covid, in whatever way, then I am genuinely sorry and have sympathy for you. However, now is the time to get this as far to hell as we can, open things up, allow people to live their lives.
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    The English really are a country of patronising p***ks. Scotland had more Champions League winners in the starting XI than England.
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    Ally McCoist with the statement of the tourney when he said “I forgot how much this game destroys your emotions… It’s amazing.”
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    Great performance. That is all.
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    He was my man of the match tonight. Yes others may have played better, but he has taken a battering on the forums since Monday and is probably aware of it. Sometimes we forget players read forums/papers and listen to /watch the media and it must get in your head knowing your own fans are roasting you after a sub par performance. He knuckled down tonight and applied himself well. He really looked like he enjoyed his wee dig at that fandancer Grealish near the end too. Well done SOD and the rest of the team. You have the country absolutely buzzing tonight and we thank you.
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    Having watched the full game again on EBC I can't help but be a bit disappointed now that we didn't get the 3 points. More work to be done between now and Tuesday. We have a real chance to get this huge monkey off our back and reach a knockout stage
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    That was the highlight of the match for me. Think he suddenly realised 'crap, I'm the furthest forward Scotland player' and consciously decided to boot Grealish so the game was stopped and he could get back into position. Regardless, it was a wonderful microcosm of the entire match, with a bewildered English player who must have been wondering what the f**k was going on. It was inside the England half ffs
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    Looking at Mon vs Fri? It was night and day. Tierney and Gilmour showed everything that was lacking on Monday. Combine that with McGinn putting in a shift and you're talking about two different teams. Edit: One big upgrade from Monday is that we discovered Marshall isn't a midfielder.
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    All those players will have improved as footballers based on the experience of tonight. You could see them growing in stature. so great to see McGregor playing well again too. He was really important.
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    It is brilliant seeing all the scenes tonight. Sure the Karen's on Facebook who can't attend Nursery graduations and the JL types who follow every rule will be utterly seething.
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    I loved the replays of that. McTominay would have taken several boots to the ribs, head, whatever before he was ever giving that up. What a guy.
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    If all those Twitter accounts with 🇬🇧 in their bios who are fucking furious he's in the side ahead of Patterson could kindly get back in their boxes that would be smashing. Some boi.
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    What a difference. Something went wrong against the Czechs, but I’m pretty confident that is forever behind us. McGregor looked a changed man. Two wee guys just absolutely bossed the 4th best team in the world. The big difference seems to be McTominay and Tierney being the best ball-playing centre backs in the tournament. Tierney’s bypassing of the middle of the pitch early on - straight to Adams who almost played in Dykes didn’t happen once on Monday. Tierney’s overlapping/underlapping runs cannot be defended against. He made a world class right back look silly, and in that position gives Robertson the space to attack that was often closed down in the past. Adams is a huge find. He’s still young and will become more clinical. Him, Dykes, and Nisbet are clearly our three attackers for the next 6-8 years. Gilmour is the type of player that not only does Scotland never produce, neither does England. That is the difference. Italy create players like Pirlo, Spain had Iniesta, Xavi, Silva and a few to come. We genuinely have a word class point guard, who makes running midfield look easy. With two players bossing midfield, it gave McGinn licence to attack, and hugely improves confidence for the entire team. Special note to SoD. I’ve never seen such a change in such a short period of time. A Motherwell right back just made a world class winger look average. I can’t wait for Tuesday, but irrespective of what happens here, I can confidently look forward to delighting in the inevitable England collapse at the hands of a European powerhouse. It’ll be a defeat for the ages. Some of the best forwards in the world, and they make the Aberdeen attack look free scoring.
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    For all people were moaning at Clark for being conservative, I always thought he would play Gilmour today, and the fact he played MacGregor beside him was clever because you had two guys to hold onto the ball. He got his team 100% correct and puts into context the tears and snotters about the team earlier on this thread.
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    So pleased for Stephen O’ Donnel. A man that has grafted like f**k, got a break, and never properly let us down. A fucking heroic performance. What a fucking country [emoji7]
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    I never want to see another Scotland team without Billy Gilmour in it.
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    Played his heart out, like anyone of us would. Delighted for him after Monday. That's the difference, to bounce back like that and give that sort of performance.
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    Almost like Uri Gellar is a self publicised who has made himself famous because.....eh? He's a fud and has always been a fud.
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    Thought big SOD was brilliant tonight. Well done son. Brilliant reaction to all the naysayers.
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    Gif of SoD planting one on Grealish please.
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    We didn't play badly on Monday, though. We just didn't quite play as well as we did tonight. But dykes was brilliant tonight. As was SOD - and both players were slated on Monday. It's a lazy assumption to say he got it wrong on Monday and right tonight. Goals change games, and the czechs scored at the right times. England didn't (but let's not pretend they didn't come close).
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    1992 - zero goals first game, zero goals second game, won final game. 1996 - zero goals first game, zero goals second game, won final game.
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    Who would you have as the tall target man instead? Not sure if there's anyone close, other than playing a giant moron defender up front instead. Definitely agree thought that we'll hit a ceiling with Dykes. Indeed, you could argue that's what's happening now. I will be controversial but I’d like to see Adams and Nisbet play together. It would be interesting to see how they do. If we play more through the midfield we don’t need a tall target guy, especially if Tierney and Robertson are the only long ball players, because their crosses are so good that we still don’t need a tall bloke to get them.
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    Aye, a good comparison that actually. Very similar style.
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    I don't think i have ever been so happy for a player as I am for Stephen O'Donnell. The balls on him and Steve Clarke. Wow. Just imagine if that volley went in.
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    I agree. He's not as technically gifted as others but he was excellent tonight.
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    Absolutely superb tonight. When I saw the team I thought it was a bold move playing O’Donnell again but he was brilliant. First time I’ve seen Gilmour play, he took it in his stride, you’d never have believed it was his first start. Our strikers didn’t stop all night. And Grant Hanley, what has happened to him? He stood out against the Czechs and was even better tonight. So proud of those players.
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    Sir Stephen of Donnell, please accept my heartfelt apology, you are a king among men!
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    We’ve gave ourselves a chance, which I think after the disaster which Monday turned out to be is what most would’ve been hoping for. Massive credit to Clarke for getting it right, this time - a brave call sticking with SOD but we were duly rewarded. Delighted for the big sexy b*****d. Don’t think there was a performance less than an 8 across the piece tonight, but special consideration to McGregor (best international performance?) and Gilmour who were both excellent. Hanley was immense, his resurrection in the Scotland setup certainly made me wonder what the f**k was going on, but fair play to him. My MoTM tonight. Surely to f**k we’ll stick away one of these chances on Tuesday. If we perform like we did tonight we’re in with a hell of a chance.
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    Gilmour will surely become an all time great for Scotland if he stays fit. A massive talent.
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    Cruised to the last few minutes without a booking and took a free hit on Grealish. It was brilliant.
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    Here's just some of Croatia's current grounds on which you can enter the country, in addition to a stack of Schengen green list countries who can waltz in regardless: That is a completely rational processing of border risk that allows vaccines and PCR testing to do all the heavy lifting and let the overwhelming majority get on with their lives. Meanwhile Brexit Island says that you should self-isolate for ten days even if you're double-vaccinated and coming from an area with negligible transmission, for reasons.
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    Funny, I’ve had a couple of conversations myself although the outcome on the last one wasn’t quite agree to disagree. Anyway the Webinar we hosted for the Crunchie Initiative/FFC Heritage event cost us around £150 and could host up to 500 people. We were able to choose who would be on screen and we had it linked to PayPal so people could buy a ticket. Each person who bought a ticket would be sent a unique link. We did a Q and A session at the end and already had some pre-submitted questions but those who attended could also ask questions via the Q and A box. You can set up the webinar without linking to PayPal and you can monitor who joins with a waiting room. So long as you verify people’s email addresses beforehand then there should be no problem and pretty sure you can remove people if you think they’re being abusive. They could also do it live via YouTube, Facebook, Falkirk TV or other formats, even if still meant submitting questions beforehand. I’m sure the club could cover the cost of £150 for the webinar. It’s also for a whole month so put it to use and do an online event to recoup the money and give the rest to charity. What I’m concerned with is the delay between asking questions and the recorded Q and A. Colin said ‘We will group the questions’. Surely it doesn’t take too long to sift through emails to group questions and what did he mean by we? I thought Lewis was the only one privileged to view the emails, hence why they have to be sent to an address under his name? I understand it would be good for Lewis to ask a variety of questions however to be truly independent there shouldn’t be any instruction from the board. If one topic draws more attention than others then Lewis should be allowed to press on that for a bit. There should also be trust in Lewis to ask questions on a number of topics, as he definitely would. For what it’s worth too I think he’s been put in a very unfair position and fair play to you for trying to convince them otherwise but it’s an impossible task.
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