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    That's gotta be...THAT'S GOTTA BE RAIN!!!
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    Vince going for this look
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    And everything else. My favourite Pep moment was when he asked @craigkillie what he knew about statistics, receiving the legendary reply "I have a PHD in statistics".
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    Everyone is entitled to their opinion and there’s always going to be your glass full supporters and your glass half empty supporters like Mexico. I would tend to focus on the positives from today, that’s two away games where we’ve looked down and out (QOTS the other) and somehow we’ve managed to claw our way back to a point. Whilst it May be down to our own inefficiencies that find ourselves 2 down, It’s also great to see the fight in our squad to get back level. Id also point out that Raith are a very good side and in both visits to Kirkcaldy this year I think we’ve seen the best footballing team in the division by quite some distance. Would also factor in the injuries to Linn, Swankie and Donnelly. We could really have done with those 3 the last few weeks. Roll on next week, big one
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    Ach actually I'm kind of messing about because I'm bored - kind of. I know this place thrives on piss taking and I'll no doubt have said some not very nice things in posts as well. There is a bit of a culture though whereby individuals get taken against for whatever reason and then it's open season to make up rubbish about them and goad them into reactions which can then be characterised as "head's gone", "meltdowns", evidence of "seething" etc. It can be relatively harmless, but it can also sometimes not be. I don't see threads like this as helping with that, but they're popular, so batter on. I think the '"if you don't like it, don't read it" line is pretty lame though, when these threads often rely on summoning the latest poor sod to bear witness.
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    There's a realistic - and utterly hilarious - scenario emerging in which Arbroath and Morton would get to play out a mutually beneficial draw ala West Germany v Austria in the 1982 World Cup on the final day, with Ayr powerless to stop themselves being consigned to the play-off. Just let that sink in.
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    We need to see Cesaro vs WALTER. I want to see WALTER vs anyone tbf.
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    Lashley's entrance music is fucking brilliant. Pure b*****d music.
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    Hogan really just looks like a tragic auld guy now, instead of well, Hulk Hogan. His gimmick is well an truly gone.
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    The third Jedward now appears to working as a backstage interviewer.
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    100% agree with that.🇱🇻
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    Genuinely stunned at how little has been made of this point so far. Nothing could scream conflict of interest any louder.
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    Mark Kerr left a much better squad to his successor than the nick of a one assembled at Morton, and yet Hopkinball is not getting any more out of yours than Gusball right now. The team that finishes 9th will most likely have Hopkin's useless mitts all over it either way.
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    It seems pretty clear from reading the article that whatever Craig Levein had built at United no longer existed by the time Andy Goldie arrived at Tannadice so I'm not sure what relevance that has.
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    Ricky little is just as much as a hero as bobby linn, just in a different way......legend.
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    I’d like to introduce you all to my new life partner, Zander.
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    To come back from 2-0 down with 20 minutes left against the team 2nd in the league FT v PT isn't lucky it shows the mettle of the team, it's not all about playing pretty football. Rovers had plenty of the ball 1st half but apart from the goal didn't really threaten that often and we were definitely the better team in the 2nd half.
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    Me. Getting tore right intae a 2 litre bottle of Pepsi. Living life on the edge 💪
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    That’s a bold statement considering your fans on here are the most arrogant wankers anywhere on this site.
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    This is correct 👆
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    If it wasn't for his goals we'd possibly be sitting bottom. DC definitely needs to come up with a goal scorer for next season. We've tried experienced pros with decent records in the past (Prunty and now Doolan) which for whatever reason just haven't worked out.
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    It’s really good actually. Think that’ll be 6 on the records but think it should only be 5. Unreal return considering he’s only been here a couple month.
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    His funeral will be the dullest thing to feature a Greek since Euro 2004.
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    Saintees so upset that they've been roped in by @Dons_1988 obvious bait.
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    Fantastic the Red Lichties, well deserved point and great display by ALL players. GTRUY to the negative AFC fans who slag their own players = disgrace. Yes it is okay to have a negative view but the slagging of your own players is out of order and you do not have a clue about football and have probably never played it at a decent level. C'Mon the Red Lichties, 36-0 Ya Bass.
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    Great comeback by Arbroath - for almost 60 mins Raith were were the dominant team, but due to a combination of making the right subs and having a gritty determination Arbroath earned a very hard fought draw. Raith looked a constant threat - with some neat passing and fast paced players creating a lot of openings. But Arbroath never gave up, kept going and were worthy of a draw. A hard fought point from a very difficult match.
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    Ricky really is a legend.
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    Fantastic battling performance from the Lichties second half, could've won it in the end. Rovers players like a dive, C'mon the lichties. Dundee ffs.
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    Enjoyed the coverage and commentary though, well worth the £12, All the best for the rest of the season
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    When can we complain about it? The day before the game? After the game has been played? I’m fed up of being told to just sit there and accept wildly over the top restrictions for... reasons. Every complaint is met with “nothing you can do about it so best just accept it”, a truly pathetic attitude that would’ve made huge differences to history if others had done the same.
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    Daily Cases Update: An excellent day in Eccose. Infections down another near 5% and infectivity down to 1.9%. The top 10 all drop which is good news. Small rises in a few councils are insignificant. Crisis in D&G where Dotty and Fred from Auchenshoogle have caught the Rona after nipping over the border to war torn Doon Valley and hugging their virus ridden Auntie Jean. There chances of Level 3 in a fortnight are seriously in doubt with this Infinity Percent rise. Only now 2 councils in the UK above 100 which are Clachs 147.5 and Barnsley 104.9 The English have done something to how they report which results in a large drop. https://coronavirus.data.gov.uk/details/whats-new Scotland peaked at 301.9 for figures 29th Dec to 4th Jan, (UK was 642.1) Cases that day were 16,496 and test positivity rate was 11.9% Total Cases 7 days from 1st April to 7th April were 2331 now 2217 down 4.87%. Positivity was 2.0% now 1.9%. Cases per 100k were 42.7 now 40.6 Home Nations Daily update: UK Average 37.3 to 32.7 down 12.33%, England 37.0 to 31.9 down 13.78%, Wales 21.7 to 20.9 down 3.69%, Northern Ireland 38.2 to 34.9 down 8.64% & a couple of 🚌 and 🚔 NHS Progress Forth Valley 70.4 to 65.9, Greater Glasgow 58.1 to 56.7, Lanarkshire 56.5 to 54.4, Fife 55.7 to 50.9 the rest all under Scottish average. European (Above 2 Million Population) : Hungary 499 to 422, Serbia 515 to 414, Poland 470 to 391, Sweden 357, France 415 to 293, Council progress in last 24 Hours as follows. Click cases by neighbourhood to see the spread on the geographical map. https://public.tableau.com/profile/phs.covid.19#!/vizhome/COVID-19DailyDashboard_15960160643010/Overview UK's worst covid hole club Clackmannanshire 166.9 to 147.5 Under 100 Club could do better club West Lothian 84.1 to 73.2 Great day down near 13% North Lanarkshire 72.9 to 71.2 Renfrewshire 72.0 to 68.1 Glasgow City 70.8 to 67.9 East Ayrshire 58.2 to 51.6 At last moving towards the South & North down over 11% Stirling 53.1 to 51.0 Fife 55.7 to 50.9 Falkirk 49.7 to 48.5 East Lothian 46.7 to 44.8 East Renfrewshire 37.7 to 40.8 Under Scottish Average club 40.6 East Dunbartonshire 37.7 to 40.5 Dundee City 40.2 to 40.2 South Lanarkshire 39.0 to 36.5 Moray 36.5 to 36.5 Perth & Kinross 36.9 to 34.9 Angus 37.0 to 31.0 Nice down 16% Havana & Malt Whisky club Sub 30.0 West Dunbartonshire 25.9 to 28.1 City Of Edinburgh 26.9 to 25.9 Aberdeen City 23.6 to 23.6 Aberdeenshire 22.2 to 20.3 North Ayrshire 20.8 to 20.0 Midlothian 20.5 to 18.4 South Ayrshire 16.9 to 17.8 Highlands 19.1 to 16.5 Inverclyde 11.6 to 12.9 Argyll & Bute 8.2 to 10.5 Scottish Borders 2.6 to 3.5 Dumfries & Galloway 0.0 to 1.3 Shetland Islands 0.0 to 0.0 Western Isles 0.0 to 0.0 Orkney Island 0.0 to 0.0
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    Debateable, he's a Chiefs fan. [/majorsafetywink]
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    The split is excellent, works really well
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    Yeah, you basically get 'Good c***s' and 'Utter c***s', if you are an utter c**t or do something a bit cunty, then this is frowned upon by all. If you use the term c**t along with a positive praising word, it can be seen as quite endearing.
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    Lumsden was the catalyst for our success, without his tenure being so terrible It’s unlikely we would be where we are now. Just think, a couple more wins when he was in charge and we probably would never have got Campbell.
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    Likely to wind up / irritate / hook daft **** and those idiot Celtic fans who think we're their wee cousins. Mild trolling I reckon, and seems to be getting a wee bit of traction.
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    Him and bobby would be pretty handy together even if they cant play every game
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    This thread is petty as f**k and I love it
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    Thought they were banned from Ibrox?
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    RIP to HRH DMX the Duke of Edinburgh. 1 like = 1 prayer
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    It's great to see these positive developments and, at last, the incorporation of the Tayside region into the pyramid. I'd imagine the likes of Lochee United, Broughty, Tayport will be at tier 5 within a decade and fundamentally change the nature and character of the HL. Not sure the Violets Downfields and North Ends of this world will have the capacity to have a similar go, but you never know. For the vast majority of the clubs I don't imagine too much will feel different.
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    Maybe an underlying health problem with the older one? Trip to the vet? 14 is a good age for a cat.
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