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    My point is my man, that someone who tries to paint an anti-racism organisation as anti-white, and peddles extreme right conspiracy theories about the purpose of BLM being black supremacy shouldn’t be calling anyone else an ‘unpleasant individual.’
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    If messing up the pitch is a cost of generating funds to help the club avoid extinction then I can’t say I particularly care what % of grass is still visible come the middle of November.
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    I’ve watched enough grand designs to know that it’ll cost more than you have, will involve at least one pregnancy, probably a divorce and also a serious illness.
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    15 year old Ewan Murray not only starts strong coming up the wing, but has only went and scored. Great stuff.
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    When I've got a spare 10 mins today I'm going to RangersMedia to get their take on the Porteous call up
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    The game of football itself is pretty dreadful 9 times out of 10. One of the best things about home matches is having a laugh with your pals and slagging off the other home fans you don't like. If it comes to pass that you need to sit miles away from anyone else and aren't allowed to talk too loud I doubt I'll bother. Someone else can have my socially distanced seat.
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    Watching home under the hammer (easily the best of daytime tv) and some lassie is just finished explaining that she "doesnt like being told what to do". Add this to shite like "always speaks his/her mind" "Doesnt sugar coat" "Wouldnt want to mess with...." For personality traits that all mean one thing..... Self important, juvenile arsehole.
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    The year we pushed Celtic far in the title race the thought of anyone other than the OF winning was laughable. Every single week we were told it wouldn't happen. Rangers were the only team who would be able to challenge. We then finished ahead of them twice after their promotion. When Leicester won the Premier League the pundits were going out if their way to state how much they'd love them to win the title. Up here there is no appetite for anything other than an old firm two horse race.
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    He's not even the most extreme chairman connected to Cowdenbeath
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    It has been a strange time, I found it bewildering that NHS drug addiction services sent letters to some of their clients advising them no more support due to the pandemic and they were discharged. I believe some mental health services did similar for their more stable clients Its absolutely batshit crazy to reduce service provision in those fields when their client groups will be at their most vulnerable and require support due the effects of the pandemic. Our HV's are still seeing people on a reduced capacity. The area I work in has high deprivation so f**k knows how many potential issues are being missed. Its a clusterfuck.
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    Limmy was right when he said that Stephen Fry is, at best, a rememberer of things he's read. Nothing more.
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    How does [player I don't like] get in there and [player at the club I support] doesn't?
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    I too fear that people who think that extra judicial killings of black people are fine and those who are against it are failing to come together to find common ground
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    Health Secretary eviscerated live on TV
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    Away out for a walk. ^^^ Live. Laugh. Love. X
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    This is all sadly very true, one of my sisters' best friends was shot by someone using a starter's pistol a couple of years ago. Nothing really came of it but the police said it was race related.
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    When people are taking to the streets to protest against racism and inequality and one of your reactions is to hunt for videos to discredit Black Lives Matter, I'd say that raises several red flags. Regardless of what members might have said or thought years ago, it's quite clear what this movement means to the wider community today, in 2020. As with any movement, it means different things to different people and there will always be extremists tying themselves to a certain cause in an attempt to give their abhorrent views some legitimacy. I'd assume most people using the term Black Lives Matter are and were using the phrase as a means to make a point following the murder of George Floyd, rather than having an epiphany having stumbled across the BLM constitution online. It's much more comforting for some to quickly gloss over the systemic racism black people face every day and shout "but look what this BLM guy said 10 years ago. They're all fascists!". Nigel Farage was one of them IIRC and it does appear to be a certain type of person who does this, but I'm sure there are some exceptions.
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    Exactly, the amount of pish I watch by default in the EPL is incredible. Difference is Sky and the aresholes that are on will talk it up to the hilt no matter the shite you are actually having to suffer. This is a great point. Granted England has the more talented bunch playing down there but anytime I watch, it is a dreary and often utter shite game. They are paid to talk the product up though and have a bunch of guys who will be looking to do so. The Scottish games are just as entertaining as the English but we have a serious issue bothering to promote our game.
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    Fair play for posting something so blatantly racist and going straight back to posting your usual inane drivel the very next day without even acknowledging it happened. An abhorrent take, but got to admit that’s some front on you.
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    Ryan Fraser won't make it to the Israel game.
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    Tough, life is shite, then you die. (Added as counter balance to @Stellaboz)
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    Both sides-ers will be the death of our society
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    I don't think that holds up. While some may find holding their nose to vote for them too much, it doesn't correlate to actively wanting a Trump win. While they might perceive an opportunity in the collapse of trust in institutions or outright dismantling of them and governmental norms, generally leftists as opposed to those who are just apathetic arenn't going to think it's worthwhile to have another four years of throwing people under the racist, xenophobic, misogynistic, authoritarian eugenicist bus to get that opportunity. Who knows what damage could be done over that four years that means there actually is no opportunity for the left anyway? Of course this doesn't mean that they will all vote for Biden, but it's clearly a false equivalence to say not voting Clinton 16/Biden 20 = wanting a Trump win. I appreciate this isn't what you're saying but although predictable it's utterly bizarre that the left get blamed for 2016 and will again if Biden loses when that's two campaigns steadfastly refusing to appeal to voters then blaming people not voting for them - by the same people who all said they would abstain or even vote for a third party to the right if Sanders won, or in a UK context actively campaigned for/voted Tory and are saying a Tory government is Momentum's fault.
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    https://www.idlehandsduffy.com/post/diamond-watches-airdrieonians-1-0-queen-of-the-south I've gone and done another yin. Conventional wisdom dictates that pre-season games exist purely as an exercise in gaining fitness, building familiarity and settling in a squad that will have morphed to varying degrees since the end of the prior campaign. Conventional wisdom dictates that the actual results in any such programme are of much less concern, that winning losing or drawing barely even matters. Well, following a redoubtable, resolute and robust Airdrie triumph over Championship side Queen of The South, conventional wisdom can hereby get tae; we're on to something here, ladies and gents. Airdrie are on the march...
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    Lower league clubs with no European pedigree like Hearts tend to get all misty eyed at a player playing on the continent. It's sweet, no need to criticise.
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    On a slightly different subject, good luck to Connor Park on his appointment at Burnley. Great move for the young guy and best wishes for his new role
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    Deserves prosecution for calling her kids Myla and Rylee imo.
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    I had nothing better to do with my evening so I watched the match. If that's the calibre of the service Airdrieonians are providing for the season ahead, I'd be pretty happy. There are a couple of issues to iron out (there were a couple of times when the camera failed to track the action and, towards the end, the commentary was out of sync) but other than that, I could watch the game without any bother at all. The best aspect of the product is the commentary - I felt like I was watching the match with two pleasant uncles. Mr November above me sums up their performance well. It wasn't a great match but their back and forth, discussing opposition players' histories and talking about how they're pals with a Rovers player's da, really added to the experience. As for the game, there's not much to say. Thought Harlain Mbayo strolled through it, and the trialist striker was rubbish.
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    Great for the young lad & great to see some more proper prospects coming through too! *sorry you were briefly red dotted - fat thumbs🤦‍♂️
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    That's not quite true as @welshbairn and a handful of other weirdos have signed a badly spelled petition insisting that teuchter-level football must get an exemption from the nationwide 'meet no more than two households, inside or out' rules for reasons. Can't wait to see the SG reversing policy under such crushing pressure! In reality all football beneath the top flight of the SPFL should be binned for the season because it's impractical in the short run, ruinous in the long run and utterly fucking shite for both. They can and should be postponed/put in cold storage until we actually reach stage 4 and all of the restrictions on everyday life are being lifted. This attempt to produce a sham version of the real product even at Championship level is doomed to failure.
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    The 'once in a generation' comment made by Alex Salmond is a millstone around the independence movement and it's hard to see how they progress beyond that. If only he had lost his position as a Member of Parliament, resigned from the leadership of the SNP and been effectively ostracised by the party and wider movement, then we could maybe move past what he personally felt about the legitimacy of a second referendum in the years after the first.
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    I can see an outcome where the Dems win all three branches then decide bipartisanship is the way forward (again).
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    Allan was immense in this game.
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    FFS Don't bring him into this.
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    So no away games for anybody then but rather a season of dealing with the sweetie-rustlers who attend home matches only. It's a no from me then.
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    Your second sentence clearly proves that your first sentence isn't true. Our media team have done a tremendous job of keeping us informed and updated via the website, Twitter, and Facebook on everything happening at the club, not just signings. Since lockdown we've also had updates from the President, detailed plans and images of the re-development of Lesser, Player of the Year voting and awards , info on season tickets, new kit etc re season tickets. If you can afford it then I would buy one. No idea how the club is planning the live streams but when reduced crowds eventually return to games then I reckon season ticket holders and members will - quite rightly - get first shout at attending.
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    Scottish 18 year olds starting games in Serie A are ten a penny lads. Nothing to get excited about.
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    Karen Carpenter - Don't Cry For Me Argentina
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    Accies are 3.0 double chance. That’s quite a good offer imo. The problem all Hibs fans can attest to, is despite our good start we can just roll up to games like this expecting a win against the teams in the bottom half of the league. That’s a dangerous mindset. I’m sure the Accies manager Alan Bryce will be hammering that point across to his squad of semi professionals. So we can’t get to complacent against these lads, even though they’ve had to rush to the match from a hard weeks work at the plant on Friday evening. A banana skin of that there’s no doubt.
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    At least Andy Halliday should be off our screens and radios now he has a new club. In saying that, he's signed for Hearts and the BBC could be doing with someone who can give an insight into the goings on at Tynecastle.
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    That's a great signing! Although he tends to drift in and out of games sometimes, he covers every blade of grass/plastic and is very rarely caught ball-watching.
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    We don’t no, but if Hibs are in for him we are legally obligated to step in and sign him IIRC
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