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    I'm absolutely stunned that days after a Hearts fan offers millions to the league, that reconstruction is suddenly back on the table. It was so fucking obvious it was a bribe from the moment Budge started squealing about it on the radio. Absolute NAP the vote fails, then "differences" cause the apparent messiah to walk away without a single penny getting put into the game. Then the 3 years of Hearts fans screeching about how the SPFL clubs would rather bankrupt themselves than help Hearts, as they're too fucking dense to understand what actually happened.
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    We should have written off £150m over five years to avoid a penalty clause of as little as £1.5m? And are you proposing playing the 2019/20 Premiership season during the 2020/21 season, which is what they're planning to do with the Scottish Cup? Can you see any issue with that?
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    FIFA has just repaid me for the pain and suffering of the last two days of getting icon swaps.
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    I have no particular worries about Killie's financial situation. I can't imagine it's amazing, just like it won't be for any club, but we used the furlough scheme, and had lots of players out of contract this summer anyway. We also sold a player for £2m last summer and have a chairman who appears to be willing to put money in if need be. I don't believe you are posting in good faith here whatsoever. You have repeatedly claimed (despite having no evidence for it) that you think Sky will be wanting to renegotiate the TV deal, even if the SPFL adhere to it to the letter. Now you are suggesting that if they do start the season on time it will be fine, and if they don't then they're only going to want to renegotiate the first year of it. I don't see why that would be the case - if the deal is breached then they would surely be entirely within their rights to rip up the whole thing. Obviously there would still be some TV deal, but there would be no guarantee it would be anything like the same value. You've also added in some conspiracy theory stuff about Celtic fans on the board, a line which you must be raging has got absolutely no traction, even from your own fans or Rangers fans, in the 300 previous times you've alluded to it.
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    Characteristic of the problem Scotland has selling its game right there. Our football may not be the best in the world, but Scottish football is fucking great and we should market it as such. Maybe if the SPFL didn't feed into the 'only the OF is commercially viable' mantra and focused on building and marketing the league over a set number of years we'd be a much more attractive proposal.
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    It’s not nice is it? You go to a cracking scenic area in the Scottish countryside only to discover some utter c**t and their mates have left all their rubbish behind, including things such as a disposable bbq (which has scorched the ground), beer cans, plastic bags and fold out chairs. What was meant to be pristine countryside has now become the ‘T in the Park campsite on a Monday morning’ tribute act. I absolutely despise it. And this summer, despite the lockdown, people are still doing it. Why do people litter? What is their excuse? Surely they must know that it’s completely unacceptable. Are they lazy, do they just think someone else is getting it for them? Whatever it is - it’s the absolute pits. Another thing I hate is full dog shite bags which have been discarded on the ground or, worse still, on a fucking tree branch. Not only have they failed to bin their dogs shite, they’ve littered plastic as well. Well done, you total w**k. Are you a litterbug? Have you seen anyone litter and told them off for it? How do we tackle the scourge of the litterbug in this country? Education? Fines? Cane offenders like they do in Singapore? Seems to work for them. Cleanest city streets I’ve ever seen. Discuss.
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    Tbh taking any sort of deeper look at the UK govt figures is a waste of time. They're so fucking fiddled from all angles that they might as well just use a random number generator each day
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    So James Anderson wants to make an offer to Scottish football and having dealings with Hearts approaches Ann Budge for a an introduction to whoever needs to make it happen. She decides to be an absolute snake has a phone call with Doncaster promising this money but contingent on X, Y, Z happening. Doncaster says put it in writing. Budge then completely overplays her hand and Doncaster says he is delighted to iron out the details himself. Budge, being like William H Macy in Fargo trying to broker a land deal, actually has nothing to bring to the table and is cut out of the loop. Glad we got to the bottom of it all.
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    “Ok Mr Anderson we voted for a 14 team league. Can we have that money now?” ”What money?”
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    To save Bennett from posting any more shite , here is his take on things. All games should have been played no matter what, at any date in the future no matter when. The absolute earliest that these games from last season could have started, under government regulations, would have been 1st August but that date is not guaranteed. If the matches had started on 1st August then Bennett would presumably be happy that Scotland would not have been able to put forward any teams for next season’s European competitions. Bennett also doesn’t think that three Scottish Cup matches can be played at any time, even though there are absolutely no date restrictions on this competition being completed, so could even be played after the start of next season’s competition.
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    Pet Jeden in pulling things out of his arse and nominating them as his 'hill to die on for the day' shocker.
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    No fucking strings. Amazing that some folk actually bought that garbage.
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    A 5 year temporary reconstruction. In a bizarre coincidence that’s the same length of the sky deal. Answers on a postcard as to what happens when that’s over. Get fucking down. I honestly don’t think sevco stooped to this levels of desperation. f**k it why not just buy Ross County and move them down to Gorgie.
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    Oh bonny, bonny silvery Tay, Someone threw their bike away, There’s just no time to dilly dally, We must protest and hold a raleigh.
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    Again, I don't think any of your argument here is in good faith, which makes it hard for me to engage with. You are guessing when the paper would have been drafted, and have absolutely no idea. Doncaster was involved with the committee relating to commercial deals as posted above, and delegated this to a large reconstruction committee - no doubt you'd have been equally outraged if he had decided to take control of this himself from the outset. The £9m "sweetener" was the clubs' money, which they were always going to get at some point, you're talking as though they magicked it up out of thin air ahead of this vote. Even Rangers' most pessimistic estimate said that the total liability to broadcasters from last season being stopped would be £10m, that included both broadcasters. Now you've decided that it was actually £10m to Sky (out of a deal that was worth £18/19m across both broadcasters, not £25m as you stated), even though several newspaper reports today have suggested it was reduced to £1.5m, to be paid back over the five years of the TV deal.
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    I don’t think anyone has posted this, but apologies if I missed it... Today in Glasgow there were ZERO new reported cases of Covid-19.
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    The reported "£4.75m" has mysteriously dropped to "£2m", and a question of a 14 team top flight. I'm sure anyone with half a brain can figure out what's happening.
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    There's real vibes of a frustrated boss from Doncaster here. Asks Budge on two separate occasions to see if she can propose a sensible reconstruction plan, then gets so exasperated by her utterly hopeless incompetence than he steps in himself to try and get something sorted. I suspect he'll get a bunch of different answers from the clubs about what would work for them, so I'm not convinced it's going to make it more likely to happen, but at least there's a bit of flexibility compared to Budge's weird insistence on acting as though she held the power here.
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    If a guy attempting to drag an ATM onto a bus doesn't end police brutality, then nothing will IMO. VID-20200603-WA0016.mp4
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    Jack Baird isn’t good enough. He does give 100% but unfortunately doesn’t legislate for him constantly being caught out of position / ball watching. He wouldn’t get near another premier team and seems to have got mixed reviews again last year in a pretty poor league. I like the big guy but if we want to become a solid prem team we need to look to improve on these players (Same can be said for Mullen) If goody think he can find players to improve on Mcginn, Mullen etc I am confident we can improve on Baird. We obviously just need someone to take us off our hands as I doubt we will pay him off
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    I think it should all go to Sevco so they can sensibly spend millions on another player during a pandemic.
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    Thank god Craigkillie is here to keep Pet right, it’s just a shame he doesn’t take information in at all.
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    Not Mbappe or Neymar but the best I've packed by a mile.
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    How is this still fucking going on?
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    All this talk of virtual season tickets, just thinking If you want the real matchday feel for an away game at Celtic, may I suggest covering half your tv set with a towel or sit directly behind your sweeping brush...
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    Since the lockdown I, like everyone else I assume, has been spending much more time in parks, I've had my son out in most of the parks in West Edinburgh and the state of some of them is an absolute disgrace. The other day we were in Saughton Park, which has beautiful gardens, a great playpark and skate park and a refurbished bandstand. Rubbish everywhere, some of it left lying within feet of a bin. A few days before that we were in Hailes Quarry Park, which is actually quite lovely despite being in a fairly deprived area, but this was the day after the first really hot day and the football pitch was covered with discarded carry outs. Someone had smashed a bottle on the path, meaning I had to carry my wee boy rather than let him run about. Previously when I've been at both parks I've found broken glass in the childrens play area, once at Saughton Park I found a discarded knife lying in the woodchip. It does make me wonder about litter and littering. One contributory factor I think is eating outside, there seems to have been a big increase in people eating on the go since I was a kid. There are far more takeaway shops and places selling food obviously to eat on the move. Most of the litter you see strewn about is food or drink related. I don't remember everyone lugging about bags of food and eating all the time when I was a kid. Maybe I'm being esoteric here but maybe people are more likely to throw away the litter from disposable junk food than other things. Also, there's someting about the self absorption and self centredness of our culture. Think about the reasoning involved in dropping litter - I have finished with this wrapper/can/bottle, I will drop it here. No consideration about other people and no willingness to make the tiny sacrifice necesary to either put it in a bin or carry it home. People are so consumed with themselves that they don't seem to notice or care about the effect they have on their environment. People look at what impacts them right then and there and evaluate their actions on that. There's a pop-sociological theory called the Shopping Trolley Theory that says you can determine if someone is a good person or not by whether they put their shopping trolley back in the bay after unloading it into their car or if they just leave it behind. It's maybe a bit trite but it speaks to the same type of thought process as littering.
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    Knew eight, and my lucky guessing streak continues for a second successive TEN for Wednesday.
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    A bike in the Tay keeps the cyclists away.
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    Bennett's trolling here is genuinely embarrassing.
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    Depends on who is in government. I would hope for Scottish independence for the reason of being pro active and adaptable next time this happens. For as long as we have a non democratic self serving UK government ruling over us very little will change.
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    'It has since been clarified that Budge's focus is on a 14-team top tier, with the lower league clubs agreeing on whatever configuration suits them.' It's this bit that gets me...so the proposal was for the good of all teams but it's now clarified that what she really meant was 14 team top league (with Hearts obviously) and the rest can feck off and sort themselves out...aye ok then Anne
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    Shaun Rooney got our POTY just to note. By far one of the best players in the Championship, to the pain of fans of other clubs in the league.
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    It's not a short term problem if we're being told it's only a matter of time until the next virus. I was also more talking about other aspects of business than pubs or restaurants, but I don't see it as a bad thing if pubs have the resources to socially distance folk in future should they need to. It might be "undesirable" to customers in that they'd much rather be able to just enter a pub and consume as they used to, but are you really suggesting that a majority of people won't bother going to the pub because they'll get a table to themselves with nobody directly nearby? I respectfully disagree, that sounds an ideal pub experience tbh. You won't find me defending the government approach, we were criminally slow to act and in all honesty I think jail time shouldn't be out of the question for some after this is done, but I'm quite happy for us to take our time coming out of this so that we're sure we won't have another spike of deaths.
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    5 year reconstruction Why not just make it permanent?
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    Without wanting to get into a crowd wanking debate, all 3 clubs (IMO) have a relatively similar level of support. We have a large support base in Edinburgh/Glasgow which boosts our away support but probably also hinders our home crowds, so no surprises that Hibs/Hearts home attendances are higher than ours and we outdo you more consistently in away supports. As I said before, we're all susceptible to fluctuations based on form, travel, potential for a massive piss up etc.
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    The various beauty spots near me attract youngsters for nights of camping and bevvying. They leave behind tents, bottles, and piles of rubbish. Really foul behaviour. Nearby there are army barracks where, as far as I can tell, scores of heavily armed, fit young angry men do little but go jogging and tag-team local bored housewives. Why not send the soldiers out to hide in bushes etc and machine gun any litter louts, leaving a few survivors who can take the rubbish to the many nearby recycling bins at gunpoint, then machine gun them too?
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    I don’t agree with the principle of this. It buys into the whole “aw some c**t from the council will get it” culture. In Falkirk it’s easier to send people round to litter pick but that changes when the litter is in less accessible Scottish countryside, up munros and in woodlands. Also by the time these litter pickers have arrived on the scene some of the litter could have been wind blown elsewhere - so now it’s in the wider environment.
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    In lockdown in ol' Abu Dhabi Some quizzing, I thought would be fabby But maths held me at bay and the cards lead me astray Still an eight, which ain't all that shabby
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    Rangers* would eat wet dog shit for a spare 50k these days.
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    The league just now is fine. Only issue for me is playing the same teams multiple times but that won’t get fixed unless we move to 16 teams, which is never happening.
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    the simulation is collapsing like a neutron star and i love it
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    Even when they've massively fucked things up Scandinavians come across as classy people. Come on Scotland, let's join the North europeans in their 'coolest folk on the planet' wonderland. Get Britain's American mini-me adventure to f**k.
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    You can't call people thick then get the main crux of your point spectacularly wrong, Shaun. Go away for a bit, compose yourself and try come back with a better attempt. Theres a good boy.
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    Haven’t got that one but if I ever see it popping up I’ll be sure to share it here. Here are the other Motherwell games I’ve uploaded recently:
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