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    Enjoy it, the Mighty Jags will spoil your weekend
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    Laurie Anderson-O Superman
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    yeah, done my ACL and other parts when I was 21. had to retire from moving.
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    Won't be enough for the win (again) but pleased to finish with a full house. 10/10
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    In the link I posted further up. Nice one. The guy on the roof of the train attempted to boot the guy who was trying to get him off so he had what was coming to him. London has the largest financial centre in the world and these clowns try to put a dent in the economy by making Alan the fork lift driver 2 hours late for work and losing him £19 in the process. That'll really stick it to the man. The only disappointing thing about the video is that the electric train didn't drive off and rip that vegan bint's arms out of her sockets. Or the skin from the palms of her hands at least.
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    Big dick Buster is some boy is he not.
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    Best part is DAFC is a store assistant at Build-A-Bear.
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    This is great, there are no leaks. The leaks we thought were exposing 5 out of 6 candidates are being laughed at. Who the f**k is being interviewed? Is my McCoist joke a reality?
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    There's your advert when we're talking to next season's precontracts in January....
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    Yes they do.... http://www.irishnews.com/news/northernirelandnews/2019/10/16/news/dup-defends-arlene-foster-s-astonishing-meetings-with-senior-loyalists-1739844/ Because of this.... http://www.irishnews.com/news/brexit/2019/10/14/news/brexit-loyalists-plan-action-if-boris-johnson-shafts-northern-ireland-1737783/ Not to mention the DUP's ties with Ulster Resistance, that has plenty hard evidence. We all know the historical ties between SF and the IRA, although they are not pressuring SF to do anything on Brexit.
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    Yep. Definitely my spirit animal. I am going to carve your name into my next sourdough [emoji7] I see someone remembers when referees stopped Ryan Jack from earning a living [emoji23] What a load of melodramatic shite
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    To paraphrase a tweet from Jon McClure (Reverend and the makers)...XR want the working class on their side, don’t disrupt them, don’t come across middle class fuckwits and target those in power, punch up not down.
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    Idk people moved to violence because something delays them getting to work is abjectly tragic
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    Strapping in for a real battle of wits here.....
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    I feel they fail to grasp the concept that to the rest of us, 'Weegie' is an umbrella term for anybody who has any accent resembling that of Glasgow, as opposed to somebody who lives in the city of Glasgow per se. This applies to Ayrshire (Girvan gets away with it), no matter how much they protest that their chirpy Weegie accent isn't a Weegie accent.
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    Cos they can’t stand in the boys way?
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    Where are you going?
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    Cumnock s fake grass must be real then 😉
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    The new you lasted a while.
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    Have what they have in Spain, a countdown timer in green with time left until you get mowed down by the first car.
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    Stop quoting the puddle-drinking cut & paster.
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    Because they'd lose any referendum that had been secured by such an agreement. If the SNP are seen to be acting tactically, cynically and with their own political interests rather than that of the nation with respect to a Brexit deal that by the SNP's own communications would make a lot of people worse off, then they'll only alienate a large tranche of voters they'd require to win IndyRef 2. The SNP have no choice but to play this with a straight bat, no matter what machinations the Stuart Campbells of this world imagine there is.
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    Everything west of Falkirk is Glasgow until you hit the Irish Sea.
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    3rd child on its way! A lot of relief as well as joy as we had been trying for over a year.
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    If they are competent and ambitious though they shouldn't have to help the club out with cash. Houston in his final season at the club had the second biggest budget behind Dundee United and yet had us bottom of the league whilst Jack Ross with about the third biggest budget won the league with St Mirren pretty comfortably. Just look at Mckinnon this season. Guy has the biggest budget in the league by a country mile and yet you wouldn't know it most Saturdays. In recent seasons I havent had any issue with the amount of cash available on the playing side. The big problem is how its getting spent on managers and players.
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    Too many people get as far as Ullapool and then turn around, ignoring the rest of the NW but considering it 'ticked off' .
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    Some shocking stuff down in London this morning...
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    The first few months after I started murdering prozzers I found that it was affecting my sleep. But I stuck at it and now find that I can't get a decent sleep without somebody disintegrating in a nearby room. Give it a go.
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    Roxy Music - Love Is The Drug
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    A combination of the Headspace app and morning gym sessions means that I fall asleep pretty quickly and rarely wake through the night as I'm a deep sleeper. Mrs Mathematics is a very light sleeper and has freakishly good hearing, this means that she is good at waking me if she has heard something happening in a neighbouring town.
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    That's certainly the best way to see Glasgow.
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    Are you asking Jambomo to move in?
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    I have thought about moving to Glasgow but the problem is my wife. She would probably want to come with me.
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    You want a place on Ruel Street.
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    To paraphrase an old saying: moving from Edinburgh to Glasgow should generally be encouraged, because every time someone does so, the average IQ of both cities rises.
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    I'm very against any Scottish Championship player getting a call up, and whilst Shankland never set the heather alight in his first 2 caps, it's harsh to say he was anywhere near the worst performers over the past 2 games. I don't think he's Scotland's future up front, but he certainly didn't disgrace himself by any stretch and probably done just enough to be in the squad next time round.
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    Demanding a San Marino player be sent off is the most pathetic thing I've heard in a while.
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    I dont see any of our fans starting an individual thread to fawn over a striker of ours who's hardly played this season.
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    Fitness is a club issue. International players will work on tactics at any training. Which players do you think are unfit and how could that be fixed by an international manager in the time available?
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    Wee Chinky Johnson was a cracking player too.
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    And what of the haters? Yes!
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    We can discuss the merits of coaching this way or that, keeping possession, formations or playing long "passes". The truth is that for too long Scottish players have made a simple game look very very difficult. Everything's done too slowly, deliberately and safety first. Possession's all good and well but there has to be a purpose to it, there have to be players in advance of the person with the ball and options for that player as well. Sadly tonight's game will in all likelihood, give some sort of indication of where we are lacking. You need players who have the football knowledge, confidence and ability to know where to be two or three passes away from where the ball should be, for too long the tempo of play is too slow and deliberate, the opposition can quickly deal with a ball upto a lone striker, we need tempo and a general liveliness to how we play the game. Scoring goals should be equally about whats done when you have the ball but also what attacking players do when they haven't got the ball, whether it be an off the ball run or unselfish movement that creates opportunities to score. On that note, most of the failings for me seemed to be around the mid 90s when teams began playing with one person up front in favour of packing the midfield. Let's get back to playing with two out and out strikers and letting the opposition worry about us, rather than the other way round. Pro youth players generally spend more time passing to cones and running round mannequins than actually gaining match related experiences. It's generally pass, pass, pass but with no end product or purpose. They become robotic and predictable footballers. Thats not going to benefit them as players or the country as a whole.
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