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    As mentioned on the other thread, Sean Dillon. Might be a long one this. I got a couple of tickets for a Montrose vs Airdrie game back in 2019 and took a guy I know with learning difficulties who loves football as I thought it might be a decent wee day out for him. The guy is a Dundee United fan and asked if he would get to meet Sean Dillon, I said yes and unbeknown to me he filled his wee bag with about 30 pictures and other assorted bits of memorabilia, mainly from Dundee United's Scottish Cup win and asked Sean Dillon to sign them. I was a wee bit embarrassed and thought 1 or 2 would have been alright but this was a bit too much. Dillon on the other hand stood there for a good 45 minutes talking about the final and going through each of the pictures indivually, talking about the players involved and since there was some of the pictures that were signed but some of the cup final squad but not all of them, he said to message him nearer to the time of the cup final reunion last year and he would try and arrange to have the signatures completed. I fully believe that he would have stood there for hours knowing how much it meant to my pal but if I remember correctly, he had to head off to Brechin as he was going to visit an elderly Dundee United fan on his way home. To some folk it might just be a few pictures getting signed but this guy got to spend a reasonable amount of time with one of his heroes and his been nipping my head asking when I'm taking him back to another game[emoji23] TL;DR: Sean Dillon=Gid c**t
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    He gets a bit of stick from certain people but a real heartwarming story I feel I should share about Leigh Griffiths. Some of you may be aware I lost my 16 year old daughter last summer, a mate of mine knows Leigh Griffiths and his mum quite well and he, off his own back called LG up and told him about my families tragedy and the wee man gave my mate Chris a pair of signed boots by himself, a signed matchworn Celtic shirt signed by himself and a couple of team mates and a pair of boots signed by Tom Rogic to pass on to me for us to sell or auction for charity in her name. I have these items at home and we are planning a charity fund raising night in her memory in our local once lockdown is over with monies raised probably going to the Mermaid foundation, a charity that helps children who are LGBT and have suffered and have additional mental health issues connected to this, will probably be a race night with a raffle etc and will likely auction these items on the night. Leigh Griffiths did this and donated these items off his own back when he heard of my families tragedy and, by all accounts has made similar gestures in the past without seeking publicity for it, it is something I was incredibly moved by and are eternally grateful for.
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    Just think, 12 months ago we were entering lockdown laughing at Hearts...
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    Liam Craig. Just an absolute gent of a man. I knew him from his time at Falkirk, and when Honest Saints Fan was going through her transplant in hospital and having an utter shite time of it, he got in touch to say if there was anything he could do to help just say the word. I asked him to make a wee video on his phone with him and Tommy Wright just saying they were thinking of her and it wouldn't be long before she was back at McDiarmid and he went totally above and beyond. She ended up with a 5 minute video with half the squad individually wishing her well, profesionally produced by the media team. I honestly was hoping for a 30 second clip wishing her well but he just knocked it out the park. It really lifted her spirits and was so touching. He also arranged a signed top for her and sent it up and always asking after her. He's a fucking diamond. Indebted to him. I was greeting when I saw him lifting the league cup.
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    I see the usual sycophantic twats are giving it "All those saying they don't care sure seem to care!" Well, I don't care that he's dead. I don't care that people are sad about it. What I do care about is that, for me and everyone else I know that's ever lost a parent or partner, the first few days are taken up with sitting in a GP's waiting room for a death certificate, taking it to the register office, going to the funeral directors, checking insurances and bank accounts to make sure you can pay for what's coming next, booking and paying for a reception, contacting dozens of people to let them know and doing a hundred other chores. If you're poor it means doing these things without a car and at a cost to yourself that you can ill afford. You'll probably need to squeeze it in among work and other responsibilities, like looking after your children. It often involves cancelling benefits (they will absolutely come for you if you don't), clearing out a room in a care home or sheltered housing and making arrangements for other elderly relatives to get cared for. These privileged, pampered, self-indulgent b*****ds will get all of this provided for them, and more, entirely at the expense of everyone else in the UK, including people who rely on food banks to feed their families. They have a standing army of flunkies who will take care of every last detail so that they can sit around with the grief - a luxury that none of the rest of us get to experience. Did you know that you pay for someone to follow Prince Charles around wherever her goes carrying a red velvet cushion, which he uses whenever he sits down? I have no sympathy and no respect for any of them or their servile subjects. So what I'm here for is the memes and the jokes, because if we can't beat these bootlicking p***ks we might as well laugh at them.
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    England to win the Euros for him. Hopefully with bespoke strips. I hope there's a minutes silence at Wembley before our game with them and the Scotland fans loudly booo, whistle, jeer and break out in to an amusing song about what a c**t he was, to the extent that the England fans are absolutely furious (so much so that the stewards and police have to hold them back), the commentators are apoplectic and the media goes totally mental over it.
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    A shock result for the Wee Rangers. And a great win for Brora.
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    Fuck the Tories and more importantly, fuck Rangers.
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    With these hilarious sort of results, the true mark of a proper fucking diddy team is when you have to google what league they are even in.
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    Most of us on here know of HSF and Ruggy's situation and she made mention that her family who provide vital care are now all vaccinated. A quite positive thing to most folk reading it that a family who have went through a power of shit feel a wee bit safer. But you had to use it as another opportunity to get another fucking snide dig away as if they and theirs are somehow exploiting loopholes for their own gain. I don't want to fight Ruggy's or HSF's battle here as I know Ruggy well enough that he doesn't need me weighing into anything on his behalf but as someone who has a parent currently living with the same condition as his wife, I feel compelled here to tell you to go and take a fucking run and jump with your constant shite snarky attitude and 'Oh boohoo, so what, get over it losers' 14 year old edgy behaviour. You're a w**k mate. You've been a w**k since the day you landed on this thread and your w**k behaviour endures constantly. Understand that attacking someone's close circle for having the jag ahead of others is extremely shite on your part. Take the loss on this one and move on by trying to be a bit less of an irredeemable c**t.
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    High volume posters who were all, er, past middle-age, and who in welshbairn's case had recently had cancer treatment? That's a good look for you there mate.
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    Further on to this, I had an email from UCAS earlier. It informed me that I had an update regarding my application. I logged in to check it, expecting to see something like "your application has not been successful this time". NOT SO. I. HAVE. AN. OFFER. TO GO TO UNI!!! I bellowed like a madcunt, the shirt was whipped off and I ran about the house.
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    Its a dangerous one, what is more important to them, standing up to one kind of hate crime or being staunch and remembering someone who had expressed views similar to those which caused them to have the silence in the first place.
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    Jokes about Schizophrenia are brilliant!
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    I'll stick my head above the parapet. I'm in the Police. Genuinely got into the job to help people and because I think it sounded interesting ie not desk bound. I tried the fire service first but couldn't get in. I try to do a good job, I don't think I'm a b*stard. Hope I'm not anyway. I think mostly we get it right. But like it's been said when we do f**k up we f**k it up big time and it makes the news. Something like 120000 cops in the uk? A percentage of that number are going to be bad eggs unfortunately. I know lots of people who don't like the Police due to personal experience, they're usually ok to me to my face but make it clear they think as an organisation we're a bunch of stasi. I don't debate with them, they have their views which I won't be able to change, I usually say I'm sorry they feel like that and move on. Unless robotics comes on leaps and bounds, we're going to have humans doing Policing and all failings that come with being people I'm afraid. You can believe this or not but it's a tough job on the whole, I've seen some horrible things and dealt with not very nice people. I just crack on and hope that I do a good job...I also keep an eye on job openings in the Ambulance service!
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    Better stop undergoing any sort of operation then m9 as the risk from GA is higher. Better stop any lady from taking the pill as the risk of a clot is substantially higher. Better stop taking all those medications as there is a risk of side effects and sometimes death. Better stop crossing the road its a risky business and so on and so on etc etc.
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    All that for nothing eh? Fucking Tories man absolute fucking scum
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    BBC briefly mentioning the queen fell in love with the Prince when she was only 13 years old. Philip was 18 at the time. So in Andrew’s case, like father like son.
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    Dodi, they were both in the back seat.
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    Going to be honest here. I am starting to struggle with all this shit. Honestly, speaking to people who are peddling the need for passports, spouting off about variants and wanting to be kept safe, reading these utterly pointless, serves no good purpose articles and headlines, I'm struggling to keep a lid on my anger with it all. Its still at the point where criticism of the response is met with "covid denier" chat, but the clear reality of it is we are so fucking far from "protect the NHS" its unrecognisable. I don't know what we are doing here anymore, but I am starting to worry that normal life isn't coming back.
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    The Weegies have spoken.
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    I had some spare time earlier and was sad enough to look into this in more depth. Was keen to see the last time we beat all the lower seeded sides than us. The group sizes vary from 5 to 7 teams, and obviously our seeding changes meaning we've had anything from 2-4 teams seeded below us. However your point turns out to be completely correct. The last time we beat the lower seeds home and away in a group was 2002 WC qualifying, but this was a 5 team group and Latvia and San Marino were the 2 teams we managed to beat, so it was hardly a big ask. The group came down to the results between us, Belgium and Croatia - thanks to chucking a 2 goal lead against Belgium we didn't qualify. The time before that was Euro 96 where we beat Finland, Faroes and San Marino home and away. We managed to qualify above Greece, alongside Russia. So basically apart from 2002 when we managed to beat Latvia home and away, it's 25 years since we beat all the lower seeded teams in a qualifying group. This is clearly why we do not qualify. We didn't even manage it in France 98 qualifying but crucially beat Austria and Sweden at home to make up for it. If we'd managed to win these games against lower ranked sides we'd have either qualified automatically or got play-offs for the following tournaments - 2004 (We'd have finished as group winners ahead of Germany had we beaten Faroes and Lithuania!), 2006, 2008 (potentially, would have gone to goal difference or head to head) 2010, 2012 (again, would have been goal difference or head to head) 2014, 2016, and 2018. These are tournaments we missed out on because we didn't take maximum points in double headers against teams like Lithuania, Macedonia, Faroe Islands and Georgia. That is why last night was so frustrating to me. It wasn't that we didn't win, it was that there was a clear lack of appreciation over how crucial it was to win that game. The last 25 minutes should have been us throwing the kitchen sink at Israel, risking our point to get 3 because we know from the last 20 years that dropped points against lower ranked sides is what has stopped us qualifying. Instead the substitutions and the lack of urgency suggested a point wasn't too bad. History shows us that for us to qualify we need to beat every lower team home and away, and if we do slip up in one of them we have to make up for it by having the upper hand in head to heads with your qualifying rivals. This is obviously easier said than done, but again it is the seeming lacking of awareness over how important it is for us that has frustrated me (over the last few years under Strachan and Levein, not just Clarke) and lots of other fans. For all the debate over our ability to produce players over the last 20 years, it is actually our inability to beat teams that have worse players than us that has cost us, it is a mindset and mentality as much as anything else.
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    I see certain posters are still using the vile slur 'Tory' to describe innocent people whose only 'crime' is to have voted for the Conservative Party.
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    If ever it were needed, today is the perfect explanation and encapsulation of the absolute state of this shitty country.
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    It seems pretty clear that M&M have been 100% reliant on having better players than anyone else, and those “better players” would be enough to win the league.....they would be enough to compensate for the lack of focus, lack of team ethic, lack of organisation and lack of tactical know how. I suppose it could be argued that it has worked. Thing is, the key bit is “it has worked” is very different from “it is working”. Back to the earlier defeat to Airdrie, I said at the time that it didn’t feel like “bad day at the office, and we move on”. Being so close to the players (one of the boys), I don’t think either of them command player respect. FFC is a place where no-one is really accountable for anything.....it’s the game’s rule makers that have shafted us, it’s Aidrie’s fault for not playing in a manner that lets us win.....it’s always someone else’s fault. FFC have never apologised for anything since the days of the tent renter. Why should they when it’s always someone else’s fault? Whatever the “culture” is at FFC, it’s undemanding, and it’s garbage, and it shows no sign of changing.
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    Wiping my arse with my hand after I've been for a shite because I'm not a slave to big government and the nanny state.
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    "There's been a minter, but who for Kris Kamara ?"
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    The only thing worse than spending every Saturday at your fucking in-laws is pretending to spend every Saturday at your fucking in-laws.
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    Wouldn't have happened if the colts had playing Forfar and Cowdenbeath for the last few seasons.
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    He wears a First Bus jumper and his wife's a fucking cow?
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    From the point of view of a supporter of a Dutch lower league team (Excelsior Rotterdam in my case), they had a massively negative effect on the division. Games against these teams are the worst, they never bring any away following, their home games are very poorly attended. You never really know what kind of team you face, as Excelsior we had a game against a glorified Ajax U18 and against an Ajax team with many first team regulars in the same season. Because these teams don't care about the results, but the games count for the other clubs, when you face these teams can be a major deciding factor for promotion or a play-off spot. Also, these teams (there are 4 of them in the 2nd tier) can't get promoted or reach play-offs, resulting in odd situations that promotion/PO spots get passed down due to ineligible teams, making a mockery of the league. Also, we have fewer chances to get players on loan. Finally, as these clubs need to fill their colt teams they often sign (or keep) players purely for that team while they know they don't have any chance to ever reach the first team, effectively depriving other 2nd tier teams the chance of signing these players. From the POV of a lower league Dutch team, these teams in the league are a disaster.
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    You and Jason can go for a pint with each other and discuss when you were relevant
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    Lou Ottens, inventor of the cassette tape, at 94. At least he managed to C90. (Older readers can explain that one to the young 'uns)
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    No worries mate. That's some of the best written English I have ever seen for someone from Greenock.
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    Of course independence is the only resolution. Otherwise we'll always stand accused of spending another country's money. That's been the position on university education, prescriptions and now the NHS pay rise. Just make the break and we'll either afford things or we won't. Like Ireland. Or Denmark. Or ... anywhere really. We're a country who doesn't vote Conservative being managed by one who does. And that country is pushing further right as each month passes. Scotland is different. It is not England. I've said this before, I have dozens of friends in England. They're fantastic people. I like everything about England other than its politics. In the past I'd have mocked something like Morris dancing but I don't now because it's part of a culture and a heritage that people clearly enjoy and good on them. I like the diversity in England. England should be Scotland's best friend and trading partner. But if England insists on holding on to Scotland then the prism does narrow. How can it be otherwise. More than half of us want to be independent - too many to think this can all be sorted by just feeding them cereal and putting them back in their box. The game's up the pole.
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    Absolutely delighted to see no St Johnstone players in the squad. This threads gonna be 38 pages now.
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    It shouldn't even be bloody required when all who are vulnerable are vaccinated. There seems to be a continuous shifting of goalposts in order to keep people restricted for longer than is necessary. Original goal, stop nhs becoming overwhelming, reduce risk to vulnerable, preventing death. Yup the vaccines appear to be able to do that. But alas no lets go for some bullshit strategy that even the CMO, Whitty etc say aren't actually feasible, necessary, liable to work etc etc. What the actual f**k are they thinking, do they realistically believe that people will adhere to their pish when hospitals are empty, people elsewhere on this Island are in pubs etc. We learn to live with covid, we vaccinate, we wash hands etc etc we don't give up life because of it. Honestly I don't know who is advising NS etc but they seriously need to have a look at what they are coming out with. Its like fixated on the Nz model without acknowledging we cannot do that here. Unrealistic piffle that sucks the life out of you, moronic statements naturally from the Greens supporting the elimination proposal irrespective of the effect on peoples lives. Its beyond parody now it really is. Its fucking shambolic and I like many others have had enough.
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