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    Though us m9s are often accused of being impartial to a Celtic and Hibs love-in on here, I think it's fair to say that this one might have a bit more needle than usual given the week Celtic have had. Live on the Sky cameras on Monday night, maybe we'll be treated to a glorious rant from Shagger Ross™? "When you swan off to Dubai in the middle of a pandemic, like they have this past week, and when you push fixtures back 48 hours like they did with us, I've kept really quiet, but I'll tell you something. They went down in my estimation when they did that. We have not resorted to that, but I'll tell you, you can tell them now if they've got Hibs TV on over there, we're still fighting for that second Champions League spot, and they've got to come back to Glasgow and get something, and... and... I'll tell you, honestly, I will love it if we beat them, love it."
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    I've written enough longwinded rants on this subject in the last couple of months, but - f**k it - what's one more? Celtic Football Club, if there's a bigger set of self-entitled arseholes walking the earth then I'm fortunately yet to meet them. And the two in particular are Neil Lennon and Peter Lawwell, who seem to think that the rules (or the spirit of the rules in this case, before some hooped pedant picks me up on it) just don't need to apply to ra sellick. What grates so much about this is that EVERY. SINGLE. STEP. of this was so utterly predictable from the very moment Celtic got this game pushed back in November. It's genuinely as if a sitcom writer had the story mapped out: Celtic, under pressure after a bad run of results, coerce the SPFL into moving their game after the next Old Firm back 48 hours so they can have some r + r time. Hibs refuse to agree to this but are told "tough, it's happening" Anyone with a brain can spot that Celtic are planning to go to Dubai again, despite cases rising all the time throughout November, December and into January The weakness of the Joint Response Group, Scottish FA and - to a lesser extent - Scottish government means that nobody puts them back in their box Despite eye-watering rises in British cases and Dubai becoming a hotbed of social media 'influencers' living it up, Celtic carry on as planned Celtic make the critical error of losing the Old Firm, which means even their own demented fans are unhappy with them swanning off to Dubai The day after they fly out, lockdown is announced in Scotland Celtic's mealy mouthed statement is that they didn't technically do anything wrong A Celtic player tests positive on their return The SPFL now have a further dilemma re what to with Killie and St Mirren's appeal The path of this was obvious from the second the ball got rolling. And this would all be a bit less galling if Celtic's support weren't the very same who insist that they are victims of a conspiracy to keep their club down. No other club in Scotland - apart from Rangers - would have been allowed within 100 feet of the airport to go off on a 'training camp' when there's no fucking winter break and they've had to manipulate the fixtures to manufacture one for themselves. In case it wasn't obvious from the above, I fucking hate those c***s.
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    Everyone here will have witnessed tinpot behaviour from their own club at some point, especially in official club statements. This division has Hearts, Dundee, Caley Thistle, Dunfermline, Raith and Morton in it, it's got too much box office incompetence in boardrooms past and present to keep up with. That statement though. Fucking ooft. In just four sentences they've managed to produce a piece of tinpottery of such magnificence it rivals some Partick Thistle and Falkirk statements from the summer. It's as humongous a f**k you to supporters as Eric Drysdale's 80,000 word explanation of why Raith Rovers fans are complete dickheads for daring to question why their club let David Bates go to Rangers for a payment of a discarded Bounty wrapper, a white dog jobbie and Scott Roberts on loan. It's not quite as pitiful as Kenny Shiels claiming he couldn't give post-match interviews because of medical advice towards the end of his time at Morton while Douglas Rae was running to the papers calling his players fat lazy messes every week, or as pathetic as John Hughes saying he would let the kitman do the team talk the following week having blamed his squandering of an 11 point cushion over relegation rivals who'd just pumped them 5-0 on the ills of society, but it's certainly a contender for the top five most tone-deaf and toe curling things a club at this level has put out over the last decade. They've managed that in a mere 59 words. You have to admire this level of incompetence. It's the kind of thing that tells you a club is going to have a truly memorable relegation season that will haunt them for years, where the club is a shitshow from top to bottom and sorting it out on the pitch the following season and bouncing back up isn't going to come close to undoing the damage.
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    I've got a PhD in statistics.
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    this is why scottish football will never die levels above anything from the english top flight
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    Can't believe Brian Pinker, 82, has guzzled all 100m doses of the vaccine. Fucks sake Brian.
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    The club is facing 2 charges. 1. Breach of Covid Protocols 2. Allowing an offensive weapon into the ground.
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    Honestly, you know what's fucked me off over the past year as much as anything is that there's some big, bad narrative to punish us and that's why we're in this league. Folk greeting about us getting £150k and Championship clubs getting £500k. It's our own fault for continuing to incur running costs of a Championship club. If Rangers were still in League 1 and demanding millions would folk be saying that's only fair due to their running costs? The sooner large swathes of our idiot fans realise we are where we are because we've been shite for a decade the better.
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    Of course, the main point which Neil Lennon seems to be missing (alongside Celtic FC as a whole) is that the Dubai trip was ridiculous from the outset. That's the issue. The main issue isn't that they've returned with two positive tests. The 'outcome' isn't the issue. 'Hindsight' is utterly irrelevant. Everyone, except the people embarking on that trip, knew it was a self-absorbed decision utterly lacking in common sense or morality, and they knew this from the very moment it became apparent that they were going ahead with it. This Dubai trip isn't remotely comparable to the Hamilton, St. Johnstone or Raith Rovers situations which Lennon rants about. Rightly or wrongly, professional football is going ahead. There will be positive cases at most clubs. Some clubs simply don't have the resources to follow every guideline to the nth degree, but you can rest assured that they are doing their utmost to respect and follow those guidelines to the best of their abilities. In short, it is a necessity for these clubs to continue their seasons until told otherwise. On the other hand, Celtic's Dubai trip was a completely unnecessary risk to take. That's the main difference. By apologising solely to Celtic's supporters for the 'outcome', this entire concept seems to be something which Neil Lennon and Peter Lawwell can't wrap their imbecilic heads around.
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    He has absolutely lost his grip on reality and Celtic either need to get him help or take him out of the firing line for his own good now. Celtic should have put him on gardening leave before today was done. He has utterly misjudged both the mood of the country (granted he probably doesnt care about that) AND the mood of his own support. Even Lawwell in the face of a barrage of criticism reluctantly issued an apology. As soon as he is out in public Lennon come out swinging and retracts most of that apology. He apologises only to Celtic fans who were denied seeing 13 players for two games but he also blames 'ridiculous' rules for that so he isnt really apologising because he thinks they did nothing wrong! Someone in Celtic's media team should have pulled him out of that when it became clear what he was saying. Personally I couldnt care less that they were seen round the pool or having a beer. Not bothered in the slightest. They could be doing that in their houses at home. Nor do I care whether its illegal to take a photo in Dubai. Wind yer neck in Neil. Nobody cares for your victim card. I am concerned about some of the absolute rubbish he talked though. He is deluded.. "Everyone's negative", well apart from the two who are positive anyway! But that shows what world class protocols Celtic have. ONLY two people got it so thats ok. If Celtic didnt have world class protocols they would have had dozens presumably? Gie's peace. Celtic's protocols are no different to everyone else's except they have bigger facilities and their players can afford to travel everywhere alone. They wash their hands, they socially distance, they test weekly. So does everyone else Neil, what magic wand extra world class protection are Celtic offering? Why does he think its 'ridiculous' he and his players have to isolate? Are he and his players exempt from the virus that they dont need to? The evidence of two positives suggests they're not. Indeed the evidence of the 2nd one shows exactly why it was right they did. Does he think he knows better than Chris Witty now? He's ranting about Scotland player behaviour three months ago when infection rates were much lower and the new infectious variants which have caused closure of travel altogether didnt exist. People werent banned from leaving their houses at that time. Its not massively relevant Neil and it misses the point. This was never about Celtic's behaviour, it was about the perception of Celtic's self entitlement to swan off warm weather training when most of their fans can barely leave their gardens! He's a dead man walking and he's brought his departure closer here. Awful lack of awareness.
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    https://www.hitc.com/en-gb/2021/01/12/from-arsenal-to-celtic-where-britains-elite-football-clubs-spent-the-winter-break/ Celtic have recently returned from a trip to Dubai, but where did Britain’s top clubs spend their time training? Elite football can take its toll on even the fittest of players. Wear and tear can affect performance over the course of a gruelling season, and so it’s no wonder clubs look forward to a winter break. It’s a chance to recharge the batteries, and to enjoy a bit of sunshine in the midst of a cold winter. From Arsenal to Tottenham Hotspur, here’s where Britain’s top clubs have been training this winter. ARSENAL Mikel Arteta’s men trained in London, because there’s a pandemic. CHELSEA Frank Lampard conquered Europe as a player, but his side remained in London due to the pandemic. LEICESTER Brendan Rodgers might be remembered by Celtic fans for a controversial departure, but he managed not to depart the country with his players and backroom staff at the height of a pandemic. MANCHESTER UNITED Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and his men spent a few days in Marbella. Last year, before Britain was involved in a pandemic. MANCHESTER CITY If there wasn’t a pandemic going on, Pep Guardiola might have taken his team abroad. But there is, so he didn’t. LIVERPOOL In a football landscape dominated by media-trained professionals who allow little of their personality to emerge during interviews, Jurgen Klopp provides a refreshing contrast with his eccentricity. He’s not eccentric enough to fly an entire squad plus backroom staff out to the middle east during a pandemic though. RANGERS Steven Gerrard’s side are yet to lose a match in this season’s Scottish Premiership, and the decision to remain at home rather than flying out for a training camp during a pandemic proves they haven’t lost their minds either. TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR Jose Mourinho’s side were the stars of an Amazon Prime documentary called ‘Tottenham Hotspur: All or Nothing’. Nothing is what was on Spurs’ winter break itinerary, as there is a pandemic going on. In other news, Celtic manager Neil Lennon, his assistant John Kennedy and 13 players are self-isolating after defender Christopher Jullien tested positive for Covid-19. The club travelled to Dubai for a winter training camp, a move which fans called “Sound, it’s not like there’s a pandemic going on” and was hailed by First Minister Nicola Sturgeon as “Exactly the sort of thing you should be doing during a pandemic lads”. Although one or two reservations have been raised, Celtic moved quickly to assure fans that the trip was definitely worth it because you get to sit on the sunbeds.
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    I'd forgotten about that time Donald Dewar was in Kraftwerk.
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    Galloway is a cùnt. A total, complete and utter cùnt. Nothing to do with your post but it’s a public service to point out that he’s a cùnt. He’s a cùnt.
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    I've succumbed and offered to do some extra weekends doing the vaccines. Just want this shitshow to end. If I survive my second vaccine next week. I'm not that much of humanitarian mind you, one I'm getting paid and secondly I have placed the caveat of no old firm fans on my list.
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    I've spent most of the last 2 weeks with my back literally on the whiteboard to make sure I didn't get the virus - not because of Christmas but because my wife had to self-isolate for 7 days before her breast cancer op today. Thankfully, she was clear for both Covid tests and the op went ahead today as scheduled. We can't thank Tayside Health Board enough for the swiftness of her treatment and care so far - she was only diagnosed with the tumour on 5 December.
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    I realise this wasn’t aimed at me, but I’ll tell you a few things that are different for me. I run four businesses - a provincial nightclub / live music venue, a live music promotions company, a live music venue / bar / restaurant in Edinburgh and an events services company. The first two have been shut since March and will be shut until at least next March, and prob late 2021 if the drivel Leitch is spouting ATM turns out to have any substance / the vaccine rollout takes longer than it should / SG continues to adhere to Devi Sridhar’s pie in the sky elimination strategy rather than move forward on the basis that once the most vulnerable sectors of society have been vaccinated we can all get back to something like normal. 28 members of staff furloughed for the nightclub in an area of comparative economic deprivation with little prospect of picking up alternative employment for many of them. Despite not attracting government support from various over-subscribed funds (GMV / COVRF etc.) we’ve retained all staff and topped up all management’s / full-timers wages to 100% throughout, at our own expense. With no end in sight and no clear exit strategy, despite vaccines coming onstream, it’s just a matter of sitting tight and burning through reserves in the hope that we’ll get the green light to trade again before the business exhausts its reserves. The live music promotions company has had no support other than furlough, despite being closed for business for 9 months and counting, with summer 2021 looking like the earliest we’ll be allowed to trade again. Live music promoters haven’t even been eligible for Strategic Framework grants for businesses that have been forced to close or otherwise restricted by government restrictions, although I believe this loophole (one of many egregious funding gaps) will be closed in January. My third business (the live music venue / bar / restaurant) was allowed to open briefly in Aug / Sept at greatly reduced capacity due to social distancing, and despite spending a ton of cash on perspex screens and other mitigations has been closed since all hospitality was shut down in central Scotland at the start of October. We declined to take the opportunity to open up again when Edinburgh was moved into Tier 3, as opening until 6.00pm serving food to people at a time almost no-one wants to eat, while not being allowed to serve alcohol even with a meal (neither of these restrictions applied in the second highest tier in England where bars / restaurants can serve alcohol with a meal and stay open until 11.00pm), and being forbidden from playing background music, thus sucking any atmosphere out of the place (a ridiculous restriction that applied only in Scotland and took 4 months to overturn) would have meant losing far more money than staying shut. Another 40-odd staff on furlough since March (bar the 2 month period we were allowed to open), and while we have received some significant grant funding here, with sky high Edinburgh city centre rent asphyxiating hospitality throughout the city and SG scapegoating the entire industry, the prospects for the future, and the medium to long term job security of the staff, are fairly grim, unless SG rolls out the vaccine pronto. My fourth business, an events services company, has traded at approximately 20% of previous levels since March, since there are precious few events left to service. We’ve lost almost all of our turnover, and attracted a derisory 10k in grant funding from SG to date. I’m glad things were ‘close to normality’ for you, as they sure weren’t for me and the circa 80 people I employ.
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    You forget how shite St Mirren have been for decades until their fans start popping up in every corner of this website braying about their success once a manager has taken them to the heady heights of... 7th.
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    Getting out of hospital later on today. Only in for 2 nights in the end, quick top up with blood and back out for the holidays. The food and fluid restrictions i need to stick to are soul-destroying - but I'm getting to spend Christmas with my kids and that's the only thing I'm thinking about right now. f**k covid, and its restrictions. I'm buzzing.
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    How on earth have we ended up in the situation where the majority of Scottish football fans hope Rangers (fucking Rangers) win the league by about 40 points?
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    Just off the back of my 5th Gamblers Anonymous meeting last night. Had a very tough 2020 following a few years up and down struggling with gambling. This year everything was compounded by lockdown and spiraling losses that I stupdily tried to chase and It took a bit of a breakdown at the start of December and explaining to people close to me what situation I was in. Even after that I had no belief that I could get out of it. I was given the ultimatum from my GF that I either do GA or that's it so I joined the 1st call - thought it was good but still doubted myself and didn't think it would change me. Fast forward a few weeks and it has been incredible turnaround so far. Listening to other peoples stories and how they ended up at GA was quite eye opening and at times emotional as was having the opportunity to tell my story to a group of people I've never met before. This probably belongs in the reason to be cheerful thread but just thought I'd share it and the fact that its gave me a much more positive attitude (despite what the world is currently going through). I would recommend it to anybody having problems. Have a good day folks.
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    Pie and Bovril's least-liked St J posters of 2020: It gives me no pleasure in reporting that St Johnstone have an odd bunch of posters with a permanent chip on their shoulder regarding just about anything to do with football. From Liam Henderson being fouled in their penalty box, to FK Trakai actually being a world class squad of footballers which we're all just too culturally ignorant to understand, to explaining away the plateau of attendances at McDiarmid during Their Most Successful Era Ever™, there's simply no hill too small for them to die on. Take the below as just one of many examples: Quite stunning levels of delusion there, although it was nice of Bonsky to wish St Mirren fans a happy New Year at the end of that bizarre outburst. On with the votes! 3rd - @Doctor, @Radford, @Lang Toon Saintee, @Old Pack and @Bonksy+HisChristianParade all cram onto the podium in a real rogue's gallery of poor Perth posting. 2nd - @tree house tam does the double, second best and second worst St Johnstone poster. Congratulations, Tam, but you were no match for your leader... 1st - @RandomGuy. wins it all, which I'm sure he'll claim as some sort of victory/whoosh as he's been trying to do all along on this thread. Here's three of my favourite quotes about RG, one of which came from a fellow Saintee: “just f**k off with the boring stats, we were all watching the game you utter c**t.” “Tries far too hard and nobody gives the slightest f**k in who has used their big left toe more times than anyone else to cross the ball in from the right.” “I will come back with a run down of the clubs best and worst but while this is starting up I just wanna make sure I nominate RANDOM GUY as worst St J poster. He's a weird stat nonce.” (editor's note: the poster never did come back and get the rest of their votes in. ) Anyway, that's your lot for the P&B 2020 best/worst posters awards. This has been an unmitigated disaster, and I sincerely hope that this time next year, a widespread vaccine rollout means that we'll all have far better things to be getting on with in our lives. I would like to extend in my best wishes to all, even the haters and losers, on this special date, Hogmanay.
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    He says that they've only had 2 cases out of 60-odd that travelled. My schoolboy arithmetic tells me that their per 100,000 rate is over 3333. If Celtic were a town with that rate, they'd be getting a Simpsons-esque dome put over them.
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    I have finished processing the entries and I've replied to everyone. If you submitted a team and haven't got a message back yet, let me know. By my count we've broken 100 entries for the first time since I started running the game. It feels like there are fewer Solo Shots and Deadly Duos than normal. We're also back to winning ways in terms of hilarity, with teams featuring the wrong amount of picks and one person who made two picks who're already dead (2013 and 2018). I'll post the teams and spreadsheet when I do the week's first update on Sunday.
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    To cut a long story somewhat short I had purchased a silicon filler to cover over a crack in my windscreen off ebay which got delivered inadvertently to my mums house. You needed to use a syringe to apply it and I stupidly put it in my old room after using it, along with a wad of cash I got off my mate as he was renting a room off me at the time and was I going to pub after so didn't want to have that much on me. I also stupidly didn’t shut nor lock the front door right so my mum came home to find her front door swinging open (not a euph) , then finding a needle and a load of cash sitting on top of my bedside cabinet. Meanwhile a good few hours later at the pub I checked my phone to find about 2 dozen missed calls, mainly from my mum and a few from my mate . I phoned my mate first who said she had phoned howling down the phone going on about some needle and cash. He could explain the cash but not the syringe, however this syringe was huge like one you would use on a fucking large animal so f**k knows how bad she thought my supposed habit was. To be fair she had found weed and poppers in my room as a teen , she is also from naive Irish farmer stock so doesn’t really have a clue about all this stuff.
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    This will definitely make it stop...
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    Some right weird opinions offered up to try and excuse Queen of the South and/or George Galloway here. It's utterly irrelevant how many season tickets he has or whether or not he's sponsored someone's jersey. Football matches should be attended by as few people as possible. When clubs in the division above are being hammered for not abiding by various Covid-related SPFL regulations, it's moronic for Queens to be inviting a punter along and equally moronic for him to be publicising and flaunting it.
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    It's only funny when shit like this happens to other teams.
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    Is that so that you'll be finished in good time to join the applause? 😉
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    Seems the UK Government are yet again causing significant problems with their dithering. The media and indeed the people of England are currently losing their mind about schools being open or closed on Monday. In most of the country, kids are due to show up in less than 24 hours time, and nobody knows whether they’ll be there or not. Unions are encouraging teachers not to show up. There have already been several u-turns in areas like London and government statements are immediately reversed later on in the same day. Into the bargain many headteachers spent the Christmas break planning mass testing regimes that were dropped onto them on the last day of term. In Scotland, schools were announced as being closed for in-person learning until at least January 18th, on December 19th. This isn’t difficult politics - SAGE have said schools can’t stay open with R remaining below 1, as a result of the new variant. So the schools simply must be closed. Scotland has less than half the national average of new cases than England, and yet they seem determined to spread the virus even further down south. They’re in a full crisis but don’t even seem to know it. The BMJ are claiming doctors in London are choosing who to give oxygen to due to a shortage. In some areas ICU’s are as full as 136%. Patients are being flown hundreds of miles to free beds. The media are banned from reporting at hospitals, and while this is all going on there have been several demos actually outside hospitals claiming Covid is a hoax. In response the government are all over social media trumpeting ‘new changes’ as a result of leaving the EU that have already been made by the EU. A lot is made about how much material difference there is between the UK and Scottish Governments in all of this. There probably isn’t a massive amount in policy terms but it really isn’t difficult at all to see why the opinion polls land where they currently do.
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    Trying to phrase this as kindly and sensitively as possible, but they're not exactly the healthiest-looking 25 year old I've ever seen, with blood pressure issues being tucked away halfway down the article for good measure. Still a tragic death, of course, and condolences to the family, but what are the BBC's purposes for writing that article? "SEE? Anyone can die from it! Even you young people, so don't be selfish and go to the park!" Well, statistically, no that just isn't the case at all. Let's keep things in perspective here.
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    They've already given him what he wants by being the first set of useful idiots for his attempted unionist trolling exercise of the SG. Galloway knows exactly what he's doing here and his choice of where to relocate to is no surprise. That Queens have managed to drag their club into his orbit of disrepute within days of him slinking across the border is mind-boggling but that board statement suggests that they're all for it.
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    Cut your post down to save on scrolling, but people such as yourself and the 80 you employ are why I get so annoyed at the "You just want to go for a pint!" goons who think anyone concerned about the hospitality sector just wants to get pished with their pals at the cost of killing a load of pensioners. There will be countless people in your supply chain and in other associated businesses impacted by this too. It is an almost impossible balancing act and someone has to lose out, but the lack of empathy seen at times on here for people in different circumstances is terrible.
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    Agreed. This is how you should react after limping over the line against a Championship side.
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    I managed to fire through a good few today without stabbing myself which was a bonus. Volunteered for next Saturday too seeing as no football. I'm looking forward to my Indian and a few beers now mind you.
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    "Not perfect" might be a bit of an undersell on the nightmarish, death squad hellscape you've cooked up there mate.
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    I need to take a break from this thread. Just way too angry and thin-skinned at the moment to deal with any of this. Apologies to anyone I've blasted at or offended. Have a good new year when it comes.
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    It's legitimately terrifying how quickly a populace can be conditioned into buying into this as 'the new normal'. Someone such as myself, always very left leaning, never voted any party other than SNP, simply does not buy into this ethos of blindly nodding and going 'oh well, them's the rules'. I've always said on here, restrictions are begrudgingly fine as long as they are a) strictly temporary and b) there is an end game. Now the vaccine is apparently the end game but people are seemingly happy enough for us to kick the can down the road indefinitely and going 'it will take more time' at a point where really hard questions should be getting asked. Why was 1m vaccines lauded by the end of January but thrown out and quickly reneged on? What is the time scale now? If there are delays, why are there delays and what is being down to resolve? I always have believed that a party's harshest critics should not be people who vote for opposing parties but be those people who have given their support for and entrusted their vote to a party. There is not a lot I've seen from the SGs response to this in the past several days and weeks that has made me particularly confident of where I'd place my vote in future or, more likely, if I'd even place one at all.
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    I've emailed Mrs Paterson my cv.
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    Just can't unsee Lennon's air-quotes mocking the "privilege" of a six-figure holiday to the Middle East, while dozens in Scotland die, hundreds lie in hospital or lonely in care homes, thousands are jobless, and the entire country is asked to stay behind their front doors. And he puts privilege in air-quotes.
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    Again you're very keen to have a narrative of the central motivation of parents re: schools to be self interest. I don't know why you keep going back to this. If all the infrastructure was rolled out in such a way to allow a good standard of remote education for all children then that's what would be happening, and people with direct experience of education throughout this thread have explained that this isn't the case. I am sure the Scottish government has decided keeping schools open is the least worst option on these kind of bases. They can be rightly criticised for being too keen to portray schools as places with minimal transmission of course. Moustache twirling parents cackling as the pandemic drags on because they send their kids to schools is for whatever reason an attractive story to you but it's a bit silly.
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