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  1. "What about us loanee flops?" "You'll be given starting slots!"
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  3. Don't worry Pars fans, I'm sure during the international break Peter is serving up huge plates of confidence and this is how your season will end...
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  4. "Were you sent here by the devil?" "No good sir, I'm Thomas Meggle!"
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  5. Still chuckling at the fact that they had a player feign a head knock to get our goal disallowed, and took forever getting pretend treatment, for us to get the goal anyway then score again in the time he gifted us.
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  6. It's the anniversary of someone I miss every day's death (he took a fatal heart attack due to too much cocaine).. That, coupled with an interview Steven Caulker has given about addiction has made me take the first step in admitting I have a serious problem and seeking help for help for it. No more "I need to stay aff it", i need help and I will hopefully beat this.
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  7. "We only sing it in the pub, on the streets, and at approximately half our games" possibly isn't the defence you thought it was.
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  8. Who supports a phoney clown? Who's got a plan to send us down? We do, we do. Who throws the CVs in the bin? Who thinks we got the right man in? We do, we do. Who writes statements that go too far? Who thinks Peter Grant's a star? We do, we do. Who thinks the sponsors will run away? Who blames the fans from Saturday? We do, we do.
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  9. Good afternoon all! This is a polite reminder that season four of A View from the Terrace begins tonight at 10:30pm on the BBC Scotland channel. It's going to be more of the same - a bunch of D-list chumps who have never kicked a ball in their lives talking about Scottish football - but a little bit different too. I hope you're able to to tune in tonight or at a later time on the BBC iPlayer.
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  10. Where's the medical qualifications?
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  11. It's time for Peter Grants first quarter of the season appraisal!
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  12. We’ve got 2426255 problems, but Billy Gilmour ain’t one.
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  13. I'm no fan of Simon Ferry and Open Goal patter but a clip of him went viral recently where he said we concentrate too much on mistakes in this country and we should encourage our youngsters to keep getting on the ball and keep making mistakes if they need to, because ultimately they'll do the right thing more often than not if they're good enough. I thought we embodied that tonight. Young guys like Patterson and Gilmour made errors but never stopped, older guys like Dykes the same. No fear in that second half. Lets keep going with that attitude. Fucking brilliant.
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  14. Scotland have just won their 4th game in a row and are hot favourites to finish in the top 2 of a qualifying group for the first time in 18 years. Scotland fans on P&B, how do you feel? We're pish and am no happy.
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  15. Scotland just won a game in the last minute to all but guarantee a place in the World Cup qualifiers, and we've got someone spending his night mewling about us managing that with a 19yo on the pitch In 2/3 years Patterson will be a regular either at Rangers or in the EPL, Scotlands undisputed first choice, and will be approaching 20 caps so will understand this level and be comfortable with the whole International week experience. It's just plain weird folk want a talent of his size dumped to a lower level and coached by fucking Scott Gemmill.
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  16. Ross McArthur driving to East End to appoint a new manager in the Summer of 2021: Peter, Peter Grant He's the greatest coach in history From the town of Bellshill He's our only interviewee
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  17. What a fucking night, that was. I’ve been sick in the works toilet several times this morning due to my severe hangover and a 6am start, absolutely worth it. What a noise at the third. Incredible.
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  18. They'll be celebrating on the streets of Palestine tonight!
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  19. Well that was far from pretty, but in times gone past we'd have drawn that, potentially even worse, so can't complain, although few players get pass marks there, although Gilmour did his best. We really need players willing to take the game by the scruff of the neck at times though, some of our build up play, as so often the case, was ponderous and predictable. Well, let's be honest here, without him we'd have potentially got 2 out of the last 9 points, so comments like the above can get in the fucking bin! Clearly he's not Ronaldo, but we don't exactly have that kind of player knocking on the door for a call up. First player since '69 to score in 4 consecutive games, last player with anything near that sort of scoring capability was Kenny Miller, who was also given unreal amounts of stick. He might be a bit agricultural, but frankly if he keeps getting the goals I couldn't give two hoots.
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  20. ^^^ absolutely desperate for attention
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  21. Can't believe folk are saying that's not a red card. It's a challenge by an away team's player at Ibrox while they were winning, you don't get more nailed on than that.
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  22. This. Drive the car round the corner and hide her keys, bag etc. Casually arrive back and ask her where she’s parked the car. Wait until she’s on the point of calling the cops and fess up. She’ll instantly see the funny side and will be grateful for the useful and practical life lesson you’ve provided. [emoji106]
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  23. Is Billy Gilmour the greatest player to have ever lived? Not for me to say, but definitely yes.
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  25. Peter Grant picks his team for the match v Kilmarnock next weekend
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  26. Happy to accept criticism of Edinburgh from anywhere other than a city riven with sectarian divisions tbqfhwy.
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  27. I've been on the coaching staff at Fulham, Norwich and Alloa - and boy did it put them on the map.
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