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    Does she not use wrapping paper?
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    Long post for a long trip - apologies in advance. For a while, I've had a mad plan to link up some very remote/rarely climbed hills (if you think the bottom of the Munro popularity table I shared here is bad, the Corbett and Graham ones are a whole different story) in the Rough Bounds of Knoydart using my packraft to allow me to link back to the start - but it needed decent weather, the right wind conditions on Loch Morar and being able to be away for 3 nights - and those things all came together over the long weekend (I get English bank holidays). In order to get the amount of time I needed on Saturday, I kipped in the Car near Lochailort on Friday night and was on my at 7am on Saturday (the path started next to a "naturist retreat" - given the midges over the weekend, these must be fucking masochists). The path was practically non-existent but after an hour or so, I got a nice view of the first target - Meith Bheinn - and Loch Beoraid, which was a nice spot. The climb up Meith Bheinn with a properly heavy pack was hard work but the views from the top were brilliant, as good as almost any hill I've been on as I could see over Lochaber, Knoydart and over to the two Cuilins - although Rum was looking like a better place to be than Skye. Dropping back down to 200m was a sair yin and the climb up the second hill of the day - An Stac - was a killer. It was totally steep and I climbed 500m in a little over a KM and I was seriously regretting carrying the packraft and assorted stuff. Again - the views were great, straight down Loch Morar and it goes to show that a hills popularity is no guide to how nice it is when you reach the top. Now - another very steep descent which I hadn't been sure about - but it was at least quick and I soon reached the head of Loch Morar and contoured round to one of the most remote bothies - Oban. It was locked up but it is a very nice location and it was a relief to be there. I got the raft out for the very short hop across the Loch (the alternative was another big climb) to the beach at Kinlochmorar. Here, I spoke to the only person I saw all weekend - an Irish guy who had paddled in from Morar. The view over to Oban was nice from here with An Stac looking craggy from this side. I was knackered but my plan had been to walk another 5km to Lochan Eanaiche to camp ready for the next day, so I stashed my packraft and other unneeded gear in a ruined shepherd's cottage and wandered up a fantastic path to the Loch - certainly amongst the most remote camps I've ever done. I got the tent up (after realising that I'd forgotten part of my paddle at the ruin that was acting as a tent pole - so saggy tent for me) I got midged to death so I dived in and didn't risk coming back out until the morning. I had done 25km and just under 2000m of climbing during the day - fucking mental for a couple of relatively small mountains. Sunday was a tale of two incredibly steep climbs (and descents) to get two Corbetts - I wasn't 100% sure they were do-able from here given the steepness but with a lot of care (and a very light pack) they were. Bidean a Chabhair was partially in cloud when I made it to the summit but it cleared to give me a nice view down to Loch Nevis and the tiny speck of Sourlies bothy at the tidal sand flats. I made a bit of a mistake coming off the summit tower and ended up in a really steep gully, which freaked me out a bit, so I climbed back to the top and did better the 2nd time - not a place to make a mistake. I dropped down almost 700m to do the 2nd climb (Carn Mor) but again, the huge effort was worth it for the views (and the satisfaction of getting the 4th and final hill of the trip). After another slow, careful descent, I made it back to the tent and (despite wanting to get in my sleeping bag and pass out) I decided that I'd pack up and move camp down to Loch Morar so I could paddle straight from camp in the morning - it was deserted and a nice spot to spend the last night. I was up early and was glad to see to the Loch Morar - a notorious wind tunnnel - was flat calm. I quickly got everything packed and pushed off. Being able to sit on my arse and move twice as fast as I had been over the past days was a pleasure - lugging the raft was totally worth it. I paddled half way down the Loch and landed at the beach at the Meoble estate and trudged the last 8kms to the car. Physically, this was one of the hardest trips I've done - but I'll not forget it. The motorway home:
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    For the Sevco support it's probably Romeo.
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    Switched on the TV to see Janey Godley screeching and ranting on STV about having to cancel her upcoming gigs. This Covid isn't all bad.
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    I’ve watched enough grand designs to know that it’ll cost more than you have, will involve at least one pregnancy, probably a divorce and also a serious illness.
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    Mother-in-law out of icu, less than 24 hours after going in. Bit Boris Johnson-y but I'll take that 🤞
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    Interesting that when faced with a choice between the cretinous behaviour of a Ruth Davidson, or the dribbling simpleton/bumbling incompetence of a Jackson Carlaw, the Scottish Conservatives have elected to go with a combination of both in Douglas Ross.
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    Maybe folk will start treating this situation a bit more seriously now. Just wear a fucking mask.
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    University was fine, but anything I've learned which is worth knowing was taught to me on Pie and Bovril
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    Just one more thing, Mr Philpy. How do you know there was nearly £500 in it?
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    If I'm ever feeling a bit down about the pandemic, I just think of the Airbnb owners all over the country whose properties will be lying empty for the next 18 months. The thought of these blocks of flats in central Edinburgh lying completely vacant during Festival time and for the foreseeable future gives me what feels like an injection of the finest vitamins and minerals into my bloodstream. All the while Rob and Sophie from Kent have to keep up the payments on a dozen mortgages. Absolutely delicious.
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    Following the death of my (unofficial) father-in-law a couple of months back, it would be fair and understandable to say that my other half hasn't been in the mood of late. Most of the time we've been at her mother's, so that's somewhat limiting anyway. Therefore, to finish off a break last week I thought that I could fork out that little bit more for the last couple of nights and go somewhere a bit more upmarket for a more romantic setting. Big room in the turret of a castle, the big fancy mega-kingsize bed, giant bath etc etc. In summary: somewhat pricey. Following a fun day out on a cloudless summers day in the countryside that had successfully suppressed the dad issue (think 'Nice Painter and His Wife' Fast Show type situations where you go to all lengths to avoid a certain subject), we came back to the hotel room with a bottle of red wine for a soak in the big tub prior to dinner. I even wandered into the nearby village and back beforehand just to get some bubble bath for this as there was no way was I mucking this up. Following that and getting dressed up a bit for a 'date night', we went downstairs to the restaurant and had a top-notch candle-lit dinner involving some fancy starters, sirloin steaks and some more Malbec. Things were going very, very well, and so I suggested that we head back upstairs, to which she agreed and called the waiter over so we could settle the bill. Well, imagine my absolute f***ing delight when the waiter said "We have a nice surprise for you! Your mother phoned us up earlier today to say that she's paying the bill for both of you as a big thank you for all you've done to help over the past few weeks, and all the staff here are all really sorry to hear about your dad". (see spoiler for my inner reaction at this point) Cue a wine-supercharged emotional breakdown in the restaurant as the issue was brought straight back to the forefront, and a complete lack of action that weekend. Never before have I been so ungratefully seething about getting a free steak and wine dinner.
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    Who the f**k, in the year of our lord 2020, is putting Falkirk in this list ?
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    For the very first time, I've heard and read friends and family talking about how down they are. If you're asking people to negatively change their life, for possibly up to a year, then you had better be ready to deal with the mental, emotional, physical and economic consequences of it all. You're looking at a population that is heading towards being traumatised. Mental illness rates are already shooting up, people with life threatening illnesses have been pushed aside and ignored, a generation of students are being effectively cast aside, and even if they get good qualifications the job market has contracted to the size of a pinhead as millions are about to become unemployed. My old man, who is in his late 80's and in bad health, talked today about giving up and my mum is in tears as he sinks further into a depression that he may never come out of. The government says that the measures being brought in are 'essential'. Fair enough....but FFS you had better have a plan that is capable of dealing with the aftermath of this. Given that there's absolutely no sign of an exit strategy after all these months, I'm not holding my breath.
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    Gerrard proves he’s a serial loser, Porteous led with rock and Gerrard still went with scissors.
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    Every Saturday between 1pm - 3pm and 5pm - 8pm. #Utility.
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    Pozbaird was a super spreader who bragged about driving to Braehead from Cumbernauld when the R rate was about 14 because he liked the yoghurts from M&S and he needed his Mrs to push him in the trolley
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    I have just put us out of his misery
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    I do feel a bit bad for Kincy here. He sat back and did f**k all while his club died, and now he’s going to have to do the same with his beloved union. What a terrible shame all round.
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    Nipped into Platform 8 here in Inverness to catch the last 10 minutes. Delicious watching the glory hunting **** celebrate that disallowed goal. One of them leapt from his stool and shouted “Yes, it has to be!” only for it to be chalked off. Excellent!
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    My two year old suffers from childhood asthma/lung issues and is very susceptible to viral type infections and his body often struggles to regulate his temperature which can lead to febrile convulsions which while terrifying we are fairly certain he will grow out of it. This is obviously considerably worsened during the winter months. We are acutely aware that if he was to contract covid 19 particularly during winter when he struggles anyway then it could cause him very real significant issues which doesn't bear thinking about. So apologies in advance but you are talking shite. Just because people have an underlying medical issue does not necessarily mean that death is imminent.
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    Stricter rules for England then. Still allowed up to 6 folk in your garden though.
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    My granddaughter's test came back negative.
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    I found one of my referrals from February still untouched today. Funnily enough what was then a routine issue is now presenting quite a problem for said patient. Replicate that thousands of times and you have the backlog from hell that will never shift. Still as long as that terrifying R number is under control that's all that matters. Hang on surely it was the ability of the NHS to cope with an influx. Well it did at its height with the Louisa Jordan not even used. This was when the most vulnerable in society were getting ill. Now we have hundreds of positives mostly younger people who are fit and well and the screams are lockdown lockdown. Get a sense of perspective ffs. Flu season will be a marvellous add on. The level of fear drummed up by the media etc is horrendous. Also no wonder we have been so timid when you have the likes of Devi S spouting her pish and advising utter tripe. Good luck rebuilding this country if a full lockdown happens again as the economy is already teetering on the brink and the main victims, those are low paid. Jesus wept its beyond belief. Oh incidentally one of Scotlands largest hospitals had a total of 6 possible Covid patient's at the weekend. Let those who are afraid to go out stay in, let those who want to shield, shield. Let those who are keen go get on with life do it, wear a mask, wash their hands properly etc. This potential sledgehammer approach is ridiculously over the top.
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    There is no 'aye, but' defence when voting Tory. None. Ever.
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    I think you're well past the risk stage mate.
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    Thank f**k for that. And thank f**k I cashed out.
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    Nice to see the Hibs are still absolutely destroying the Berrz inside. #LetsGoGe55ard
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    Your patter is rank. Please stop. Anyway, a brief reminder that: 1. You responded to dressing room banter by shitting in your own hands and launching it at someone. 2. You got so raging at a poster that you set up a "fanny posters" PM group begging Celtic fans to dot him to "take him down a peg or two". 3. You had an issue with a poster, so made up horrendous allegations about him, and even - creepily - invented a nickname of "The Watcher" for him. 4. You took photos of kids in a fast food restaurant. 5. You coined the term "Arsehole with AIDSy spunk in it" 6. You lost your head so badly at your big team losing, that you invented a person called Tony, shared fake screenshots of texts you sent to yourself with horrific banter to try and create a backstory (you utter psycho) all to falsely allege another poster of singing sectarian songs. 7. "Alki junkie" 8. You assaulted a homeless person in front of your child. 9. Your attempts to deflect behind your madness being an "online persona" to amuse your workmates. My word. The lengths you go to in trying to "take people down a peg or two" are frightening and your head is constantly some distance from your body.
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    I think that sums you up perfectly. This health crisis has impacted on all of us to some degree. Some have lost people close to them. Others, like me, have just 'suffered' the frustration of not being able to do many of the things we love doing. Just about everyone would like nothing better than for it all to be over. For normality to return. To not have infection/death statistics on a daily basis. I'd love if everything I've written/said over the duration of this was shown to be complete bullshit if it meant we had that normality in our lives again. You though, seem to have some bitter desire to be shown to be 'right'. I'm wondering what is wrong with someone that they see this as some point scoring exercise with a need to get the last laugh.
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    ^^^ Harry Clarke's mate
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    Hearts trying to sneak back into the top league one at a time
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    She's a rape-clause voting piece of shit and I will bang that drum until the day I die.
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    Further yer da symptoms: 1. a call for all coloured boots to be banned 2. brainless applause of a studs-up, two-footed, 100mph tackle on a combine harvester and intolerant of any effort less than that; 3. MOANGITTHEBA'UPTHEPARK and an intolerance of 'tippy-tappy' football; claiming that standards are much worse than in their day despite favouring a cretinous, route-one, zero skill-all-physicality style; 4. Roaring STEPPPPPPPPPSSSSS every time the keeper takes a few too many whilst holding the ball; see also FOUL SHY 5. calling for the youth team to be fielded and the local junior teams to be scouted for recruits after a run of poor performances; 6. denying hard-wired sexism on the basis of having voted for Ruth Davidson and once having held the door open for the tea lady; 7. Agreeing with Tam Cowan 8. Not only buying newspapers but actually taking Keith Jackson seriously; 9. A false aura of footballing expertise having once had a call taken by Clyde Super Scoreboard a decade ago, and having had a five minute chat with the manager after kidnapping him in hospitality;
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    The technique is flawless, his glasses don't even flinch
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    It's a long time since I've really cared about a player leaving - we sell anyone decent as soon as we get an acceptable amount of money and make no pretence about it and so it's harder to care than it used to be. Great player though he is, even Turnbull didn't really play enough games for me to be on a downer when he inevitably left (I did care about where he went and how much money we got though) - but I'll happily admit that I'll be a fucking husk when Campbell leaves (I'll probably go full twitter reply guy when he announces he's away) as he's been brilliant to watch since he came into the side against Accies. That said - there's no-one I'd rather see get a big move and make a few quid...
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    If the world at war ever gets remade, would you be up for narrating it?
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    Wee trip to Leith on Sunday in the blue hour.
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