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    https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/57651255 It's effectively the same thing the clubs rejected before. How many times does this idea need to be comprehensively rejected for the OF to finally realise nobody wants their cunting B teams.
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    The only time I’ll ever enjoy looking at Shiltons puss
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    Signing his three year deal with Clyde:
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    I was at the match last night with my 12-year old son, and while we enjoyed the game, the rest was utter chaos. My son and I arrived at our entrance point (Entrance 1) in plenty of time, and joined a sea (the shapeless mass couldn’t be described as a queue) of thousands of bodies swarming towards the entry points. Once you were absorbed by the throng there was no way back - people were crushing in from all sides. I almost went hoarse from shouting at people not to push forward - there were loads of children in the middle of the scrum and I genuinely thought there was a danger of another Hillsborough the way things were going -, but to no avail. I can only hope no-one got hurt. There were lots of decent England fans amongst the crowd, but the rogue element was high. ‘Fans’ were pushing from all directions with no regard for the safety of those caught in the middle; other ‘fans’ were throwing beer over the crowd, soaking everyone, with cans and bottles flying everywhere. Yet more ‘fans’ were scaling the walls in their dozens to get into the stadium without passing the entrance points. All this behaviour would be imbecilic at the best of times, but as we emerge from a pandemic it was almost beyond belief. After nearly an hour of being crushed from all sides, we were finally swept through the entrances by the sheer pressure of the crowd, by which time the stewards had more or less given up trying to activate the match tickets (let alone check Covid certification etc.). I got my ticket checked (only by holding my phone out in the general direction of a scanner, not due to any intervention by a steward), but my son was pushed over the mess of bent and fallen barriers by the pressure behind, with no chance to get his ticket scanned. Once inside, we realised that it was a a two step activation process, with the second step to be triggered at the turnstiles, so if you hadn’t had your ticket activated at the entrance point you couldn’t access the QR code needed to get in at the turnstile. We pushed back against the crowd to get back to the entrance point, but the stewards were unable to help, and we finally discovered helpful UEFA staff who were able to activate my son’s phone, and we were eventually able to join the lengthy queues at gate G. Of course the result of hundreds (perhaps thousands) of people swarming in at the entrance points without getting their tickets activated meant huge delays at the turnstiles. In the time we queued at Gate G (at least 30 mins) there were no less than FOUR occasions where people within the stadium flung open the fire doors and large numbers of ticketless idiots swarmed towards the open doors. Able-bodied people were also trying to storm the disabled access points. Simply beyond belief. The Times today estimated that 400 fans got into the game without tickets. From what we saw and experienced, I suspect their estimate is on the (very) low side. The complicated entrance protocols (three-pronged checks on Covid certification, match tickets and ID, none of which actually happened for us as we were swept past the entrance barriers) were always going to cause severe delays and in the context of a 75% crowd might just about have been workable, without the substantial Neanderthal contingent attempting to force their way in. The police presence was surprisingly low key for a match of this scale (there were no police at all within the stadium perimeter), and the stewards were either incapable, unwilling or simply too overpowered to fix the problem. It took ages to close the doors, and they were soon thrown open again. This looked like co-ordinated criminal behaviour by a determined element of idiots, though The Times is reporting today that stewards were opening fire doors to evict intruders, then being overpowered by a fresh surge of non-ticket holders. Once inside the stadium it was almost inevitable that our seats would be occupied by non-ticket holders. Luckily they moved when asked, but it was clear that the section we were in was not 75% full, in line with the overall 75% capacity limit, but was actually close to 100% (or more) with 4 people standing in the 3 seats in front of us and people standing in the back and in the aisles. Contrary to media reports, the rogue behaviour we witnessed was not committed by a ‘tiny minority.’ It was a minority, but a very significant one. To be fair, there were many England fans who were absolutely disgusted by the behaviour of their compatriots, and there were loud choruses of boos every time a fire door was thrown open, with packs of idiots surging towards it. There were numerous England fans around me who were asking if my son (and other kids) was ok during the crushes. To be honest, I feel sorry for the majority of England fans whose reputation is constantly trashed by the abject behaviour of the idiotic minority. Those fans are an utter liability, and if I were English I’d have given up supporting the national team by now. FWIW, I didn’t hear any booing of taking the knee (only applause) or any sign of racist abuse where I was, but the constant booing of every Italian touch was utterly tedious. The England songbook was disappointingly limited - they only seem to have two songs - one about the massive size of Harry Maguire’s head and the other about ‘Scotland getting battered everywhere they go’ (apart from at Wembley presumably). Quite a contrast between the antiseptic experience of nursing a cup of lukewarm water for 3 hours before the Scotland v Czech Republic game at Hampden and last night’s chaos in London. I generally find that an enjoyable football experience falls somewhere between the two extremes. As far as the game itself goes, Italy were deserved winners. It was a decent effort from England, but they were outclassed - players of the quality of Insigne are a joy to watch and Italy’s centre back pairing (Chiellini and Bonucci) are a cut above. The first touch of every Italian player was sublime, and they absolutely bossed the match and thoroughly deserved to win.
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    My favourite comment from the petition.
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    Me, thinking about last night again.
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    My grandpa died last week. If you are a regular on this thread, you’ll know that my dad (also a United fan) has struck up a random friendship with Adam Legzdins. I saw my dad yesterday and he told me that Legzdins had found out about my grandpa’s passing, and that he had turned up at my parent’s house, unannounced, with a condolences card and had a chat with them. I think it meant quite a lot to my dad. So, Adam Legzdins = Good guy.
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    I have noticed that Glasgow seems to be worse for it than Edinburgh was. I’ve lived in Edinburgh for 30 odd years and it only happened once to me, I’ve only lived in Glasgow since last March and been wolf whistled at twice and had some pretty lewd remarks made by a group of builders about whether they’d have sex with me or not. I am a 42 year old woman and whilst I know I don’t look my age, I am far from a good-looking young lassie - so God knows what they get or how they cope. With regards to wolf-whistling, I don’t like like it and feel embarrassed and a bit cheap when it’s done to me so no, it’s not a compliment. Remarks are worse though, even when you think they are positive! I don’t feel complimented or happy that they find me attractive or want to have sex with me, I feel embarrassed because I have no idea where to look or how to walk so they aren’t looking at me that way. I feel a bit disgusting that a complete stranger is even thinking of me In a sexual way, and annoyed at myself for being scared of them especially when I’ve done various martial arts and self-defence stuff for years so in theory should be able to handle trouble or at least answer back. Those comments played on my mind for a few weeks afterwards and I could have reported them, I knew where they were working. What good would it do? If I told the police they’d laugh at me, it’s barely a crime. They’d get a telling off and if I walked past again, I’d be getting worse abuse for reporting them. It’s a catch-22. The only real answer is for people (and I do include men and women in this) to stop thinking that it’s funny or ok to be shouting stuff or whistling at all. If you can’t stop yourself commenting on people simply passing by you, then you’ve got problems.
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    No amount of "Yeah what about Scotland?????" can possibly detract from the very funny fact that England lost a major final at Wembley on penalties. It's just good humour.
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    Mental how Harry Kane’s list of major honours still reads as follows:
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    Mancini casually sitting with his copy of the National and the trophy on the plane home.
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    I personally can't think of any miserable defeats Morton have had. Few 4/5 goal skelpings here and there but none that's going to live on in Scottish football fan folklore as being utterly shameful and embarrassing or anything. Such a relief.
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    Both negative. My wife is obviously the plague carrier, I've half a notion to horse her out into the garden shed and paint a red cross on the door. All joking aside, she's nearly recovered, the vaccine is obviously doing its job (Astra Zeneca).
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    I am obviously at higher risk to covid but we really do need to bin restrictions now. For the first time in my life I agree with Johnson, if we don't do it now then we won't this year. Vaccines are clearly working for a large majority and even those like myself who have weakened immune systems they may still work (I've been tested and have positive antibodies). Loads of my wee cancer pals are shitting themselves at masks not being compulsory. Thing is any respiratory/bacterial infection could kill us. I'll wear a mask in some situations. I'm allowed to continue to work from home. I won't be restricting my limited life any longer or my children who have not had normality for 3 years now due to cancer then covid. Now get me to McDiarmid to see the cup double winners and a flight to whoever we draw in Europe!
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    Don't. In any competition. If you do, your team will look incredibly tinpot. That is all.
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    I guess the way the game unfolded was perfect, really. - England score early, stroll the first half and the half time break is filled with hubris about how easy it is. - Italy dominate the second half with everyone fully aware they're building up to a goal. England barely get out their own half. Pickford almost saves them before the goal. - Italy stroll through extra time not giving a f**k about penalties, whole of England spends extra time terrified of what's to come. Golden boy Grealish appears and yet again offers absolutely nothing except getting bodied a couple of times. - Italy miss the first penalty to give them hope. - Jorginho misses the penalty to win the shoot out to give them hope. - One of their "bright young lions destined to rule world football" absolutely bottle's a vital penalty to lose them the trophy. So many times they must've had their hopes up before Italy stole it away. Then the crushing irony of Southgate yet again losing to penalties at Wembley.
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    After the year we've all had this is exactly the national morale boost we all need and deserve. Well done England.
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    The Scottish folk on here wanting England to win are absolute stick-ons for enjoying letting other men pump their wives while they watch.
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    His side just played in a Euro final: he spends the night talking about Scotland. And we're the obsessed ones [emoji38]
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    I know you all want to get back to the football, but this stuff is important and I make no apologies for posting to explain why I'm shoulders with RATM on this. A large part of the problem with discussing anything to do with the r-word is that there's a wide misperception of what it involves, and a tendency to get very defensive because people think they're being accused of racism in its worst and most malicious sense, of deliberate and wilful discrimination against minority groups. This isn't, by and large, how racism works. (Except when it is, but no one was being accused of that here.) For the most part, it's about unconscious biases which makes us more likely to perceive or notice or associate certain characteristics with some 'races' than others. This is subtle and often difficult to pick up in individual instances because it's not necessarily untrue - it is possible to see some similarities of style between some of the players mentioned on the thread, it's just that we might have been less likely to have perceived it without the other, obvious, factor they have in common. This has been easy to observe in the language of commentators and pundits over a period of time, certain players are more likely to be associated with certain attributes than others. This is difficult because it's much harder to identify individual instances where the assessment is unfair than it is to observe the overall effect. So, black players are much more likely to be associated with concepts such as strength, pace and athleticism - and once again the issue is not that it might not be have some truth, in and of itself, in any instance where it's applied; but much less likely to be associated with intelligence, craft, or guile. And thus, a few years down the line, much less likely to be considered as potential managers. And again, even where the overall trend is easy to see, its much harder to say which specific assessments are unfair, which particular black ex-players should have been given a chance in which particular jobs. But if we're to have any hope of tackling and changing the generality, we need to be aware of at least the possibility of our own cognitive biases - to repeat, this is not a malicious thing but deeply ingrained and we all have it. I've been challenged on it on occasion too, and rightly, and likewise my first reaction was to get defensive and observe that I didn't mean it that way at all. Which I didn't, but that isn't the point. By and large, anytime you're confronted with any such suggestions of your own internal biases, the correct response is not to dismiss it immediately and out of hand but to at least stop and give pause for thought as to whether there's anything to it. And indeed, without and before being challenged on it, to give some thought to it any time you find yourself making such comparisons. It doesn't mean you're being accused of being a bad person, it doesn't mean you even need to agree, ultimately, that the accusation is fair. Maybe it isn't. But that, at the very least, needs some self-reflection. It's been my general experience that those who react angriest and are quickest to dismiss any such possibility are the ones least likely to have understood the nature of the problem.
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    Anyone who thinks it’s harmless fun is an absolute moron. I don’t think police should hang around in any specific areas looking for it; 1 because I don’t trust the police and 2 it can happen literally anywhere so what would be the point in that? I wouldn’t be creating a new offence for it but it should definitely come under sexual harassment. My girlfriend this deals with it all the time in Glasgow so much so that she changes what she’s wearing if she’s going to be walking anywhere alone because it makes her that uncomfortable. If the police can afford to shove hundreds of officers at Livingston vs Hibs on a Sunday afternoon in front of 5000 supporters they can spend a bit of time processing fines for weird men being total fucking creeps and making young lassies feel unsafe in the streets.
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    Hi all, the main commentator from WarriorsTV here, thank you for your feedback. We apologise for the issues with the camera system, it's an automatic camera that can be controlled by a person but unfortunately that person was unavailable for us tonight. I'm also sorry for saying "McGarth" instead of "McGrath" during the game, as McGarth was listed on the team sheet that I had, spotted a comment on twitter about it. All the best for the rest of the season!
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    Just picture it...England get to the final....3 lions is number 1 in the charts, Boris Johnson is pictured wearing an England shirt with "it's coming home 21" on the back in the houses of parliament, from the border to lands end there's a st George's flag at least every 300 yards, covid restrictions are eased to allow a full house at Wembley, fan zones are set up in every major town and city in England, the Sun, Mirror and Star have 400 page pull outs about football coming home, the phrase "1966" is copyrighted by English media and is used ad nauseam on every programme, on every channel including CBeebies, a statue of Gareth Southgate with Raheem Sterling sitting on his knee is unveiled in Hyde Park, England are seen as huge favourites by every bookie in the country, God Save The Queen is belted out by the team on the pitch, the millions of England supporters south of the border (and in Govan), Prince William and Harry reconcile and are pictured at the game but this is overshadowed by the fact that the Gallagher brothers have decided to get Oasis back together purely for the love of "Engurland" and have recorded a winners single for after the game....the match kicks off and the predominantly English crowd is deafening... 90 minutes later 4-0 to Italy...grown men and weans sobbing, rioting in central London with any Italian restaurants targeted...some Irish pubs are hit too but that's just because the flags looks the same to pissed up hooligans, Harry Kane's post match interview is an indiscernible muddle of "wubble wubble bwibble bwobble", the Southgate statue is toppled a la Bristol and Nicola Sturgeon is spotted hanging out a window at Bute House, half cut, topless and singing "one Billy Gilmour, there's only one Billy Gilmour". It's why we watch football
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    Our youngest grandson is on the autistic spectrum. When he was wee his speech was atrocious, practically monosyllabic and very hard to understand (which was very frustrating for all parties). We often had to ask his older brother to "translate". His mother managed to get him into a special school in Belfast which concentrates on speech and the transformation is amazing - he's now a confident, cheeky wee man, stringing together sentences, holding conversations, cracking jokes. If he changes subject unexpectedly it can sometimes be difficult to grasp what he's on about, but the difference is night and day from before. These special schools do a marvellous job.
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    Almost 18 months into lock downs and/or restrictions and there's still folk on here who don't want them lifted, despite the vaccine working better than anyone expected. Fucking weird cunts.
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    I've said nothing on the women's story but I'll share this with you. My sister passed a couple of months ago she was a long term cancer sufferer. We had family abroad and when it was pretty obvious it was end of life stuff they flew back to Scotland.A quick phone call by my brother to the covid helpline and we had a plan in place to get them out of quarantine and to visit my sister. So basically they landed and we're taking to there hotel to quarantine and within an hour of checking in they had a visit from a testing team.Results confirmed as negative and authorities contacted and next day they visited my sister for the last time. She actually passed away 2 days later and again another neg test and they attended her funeral So basically instead of phoning the bbc she could have spent 5 mins on the phone to the proper authorities for guidance and had the hassle of a covid test on arrival and that's about it
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    I'm seeing a potential link with these two issues. Asking guys who have walked up and paid at gate or handed over a book to get to games their entire lives probably aren't going to have the best of times printing out their own tickets, logging into online accounts or checking multiple email folders to watch a game. A wee bit of understanding might be required, rather than labelling everyone a retard.
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    Looking forward to Sturgeon announcing they are bringing forward level 0 by a few days for Jade Anderson's wedding.
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    Div should make it compulsory to be double jagged to post on here, then we wouldn’t have to listen to Detournement’s whining.
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    "But they've politicised it !!!" Sob the weirdos who are cheering on England for political reasons.
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    At least it’ll give people who’ve done a tough mudder something else to talk about, other than the fact that they’ve done a tough mudder.
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    I used to work on a construction site in Middlesbrough town centre where we were building a high-rise. A couple of days into the job, this stunning 10/10 lass walks past and waits at the bus stop, and I mean Ferrari chassis, fantastic set of shelves, and legs right up to her arse. Some of the lads start nudging each other and smirking, "I'd love to have a go on her" etc being banded around. This goes on for a couple of minutes until one of the guys finally wolf whistles and shouts something lewd at her. The lass tried to ignore it but you could see her shuffling uncomfortably on the bus stop seat as she pretended not to hear anything. To my dismay, it looks like the gang is only getting rowdier. This old fat fella on the site starts unzipping his trousers, whips his cock out and windmilling it while shouting "you can have a go on this any time you like love!". Meanwhile, another guy, who was overweight and used to go on about "forriners" all the time, proceeds to whip his breeks off and wave them over his head while making gorilla noises. I had had enough at this point. This wasn't right, and it looked to me that the lass was now in tears, and put her head in her hands to try and block out the sickening abuse. I loudly proclaimed "oy Nigel, Nigel, and Steve. Leave that poor lass alone." It was at this point all three cavemen rushed me at once. They couldn't even fight fair. This is where my natural instinct for fighting takes over. You could tell by the nick of these lads that they had been in plenty of bar brawls over the years, but that was all they are, bullies and brusiers who always pick on the little guy. The wolf whistler was taken care of with a single uppercut right on his beak (one of my colleagues shouted "shot fella!) at this point, the old fat fella received a roundhouse kick right in the exposed stones, and breeks, while putting up the best fight, couldn't handle the flurry of expert jabs that clocked him one right after the other. With justice served, I looked to get back to work. It's then I heard someone shout "Lad, over here!" It's the lass waiting at the bus stop, as I look at her she then wolf whistles at me and gestures for me to come over. I run over and apologise for my colleagues' behaviour and ask if she is okay. With a swish of her hair she said "It's Miller, Sienna Miller, and now I've met you big boy I'm more than okay." The rest, as they say, is history.
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    I just got an email confirming I've passed my first year of uni. I'm not often proud of myself for anything but I never thought it'd be something I'd be able to do.
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    Bernardeschi - Has bollocks, steps up and strokes in a vital penalty to get Italy back on track. Grealish - Doesn't volunteer to take a penalty ahead of a CB and a 19yo kid. The case rest, m'lord.
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    Went mad for a second then, thinking there were THREE balls on the pitch, before realising that one of them was Phil Foden's head.
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    The Lampard non-consolation when Germany were busy giving them a complete ragdolling is a particularly strange sense of injustice to cling onto. Literally the two biggest victories in their history have been acheived by virtue of outrageous decisions and/or cheating. Historians will probably discover that they took a couple of machine guns to the Battle of Falkirk as well, you just can't reckon with a nation built on deceitfulness.
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