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    1. Had a fantastic day with daughter no.2 today 2. Had an interview for a teaching job which went well. 3. Had a phone screen for another teaching job and they want to see me tomorrow. 4. Have another school that want to see if I can start by the 7th. 5. Some really positive and supportive pms on this site in the last couple of days. Really can’t complain [emoji2]
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    Celtic's best poster is a slim picking category that is shown by seeing who came third Third place: @Flybhoy picks up third place. The sex pest yer da ex magee poster pipped some stiff competition to undeservedly get a podium place. I suppose fat daz p was partly responsible for Tony's thread so we will always have that and he can actually be ok talking about football sometimes. Second place: @gannonball mostly seen as 'the best of a bad bunch' this poster probably deserves second place and he isn't a complete weapon despite being a sellick fan. First Place: No-one. Thats right P&B unanimously decided that not one Celtic poster was a decent enough person or poster to take the crown. Many replaced their vote with 'nope' 'lol' and 'youve got to be kidding'. Well deserved IMVHO.
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    Beautiful sentiments there. Tories, regardless of their race, gender, religion or anything else, are scum.
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    Tenner on f**k all happening.
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    All the very best to Jamie Adams who announced his retirement from the game today. Best regards
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    American Psycho try-hard ^^^
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    Here's one from a colleague
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    Took the dugs to the beach at West Kilbride at the weekend. Jake is having his cancer drugs reduced as his tumors have shrunk hugely on them and he's still not suffering any side effects.
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    This is the dictionary definition of victim blaming. It makes you sound like a cretin, tbh. Piers Morgen, Katie Hopkins esque.
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    Thing is the MC debacle was played out to give them the "saviours of the club" from the fans in reality it should never have got that far and MC should never have been wheeled out in the first place. The consortium of local business men got pissed about as did Gowser and anyone else who showed in interest and from an outsider looking in all this to stick 2 fingers up at the fans so as there no change and we are stuck in limbo in a number of ways boycot the club and hurt the club financially effectively fucking the club over and the MSG not giving a shite. No additional monies coming into the club from the MSG due to the fact they are bored and not happy being resent by the rest of us again hurting the club more than them. The other parties interested were strung out and what it looks like made to jump through hoops to meet the MSG and even at the final one had the carpet pulled from underneath them. Reality is as stated we have our lot and need to lump it but in amongst it they appointed a man with no knowledge of running a football club to basically run a football club and between the disasters he presided over i.e. the crest copyright and threatening to take fans to court over copyright when it had expired, then the closure of the academy to save money and the club and put all the money into the first team (which apparently didn't happen anyway). Then you had the Project Hartley and handing the recruitment to a Scout/Agent to sign a full team who no one had basically seen resulting in a pay off of ANOTHER entire first team, sacking of a manager no doubt with a pay off then have to sign ANOTHER first team. The accusations of fans subjecting a player to racial abuse which made the national press only to be found to be nothing of the sort and a comment of "f**k off back to the lower leagues where you came from" being taken as rascist (to be fair he is there now in the lower leagues of England) Then we have McKinnongate to appoint a manager on the basis of his stats (mainly draws) and that he could walk out of his contract at GMFC without having to pay any compensation to being fined, guilty of tapping a manager (wasnae aware he had money to tap ..lol) and just for good measure and a boot in the balls pay compensation to Morton. Then you have a director resign due to being threatened by another director. (just reading that back and it actually highlights how much of a basket case of a club we are)
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    Alfredo Morelos will score against Celtic, unfortunately for him it will be in the Europa League and ruled out due to VAR after replays show he literally murdered 2 players in the build up. Rangers fans will claim they’ve been cheated because murder is part of his culture.
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    Of all the terrible Falkirk TV banter over the years this ranks somewhere in the middle
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    The bride and the groom mate
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    Every single one of those police officers absolutely shitting themselves.
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    The analysis/diatribe above contains elements of truth but is incredibly one sided and approaches the subject with a preset and fixed view of Archibald (at least spell his name correctly). The key thing to remember is we are talking about Alan Archibald and Partick Thistle. We aren't comparing him with a Stein, a Shankly or a Ferguson. We are comparing him his predecessors and successors as manager of our club. He isn't without flaws. Yes, he was ultimately responsible for relegation. Yes, he left Caldwell with a poor squad but no matter the relevant strengths of the leagues at the time his achievements stand comparison and exceed those of virtually every other Thistle manager since league reconstruction in 1975. That isn't a matter of opinion. It is a matter of fact. And that's before you factor in the 423 appearances he made as a player. Legend? Absolutely. Flawless? Absolutely not. Oh and the notion that Lambie's achievements have been 'airbrushed' is just nonsense.
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    Meg’s been looking more lively today folks
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    Mutch is a great prospect who improves every week.
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    Our highlights are edited and will be up at midnight. Have a good New Year.
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    I honestly can't figure out our fanbase sometimes, Robson, Rudden and DKD were part of a truly awful team that got us relegated last year (albeit Rudden scored a few goals for us but failed miserably down south). I just don't get why some of these guys get idolised so much. Rudden is decent at Championship level but has only had one good season the other two really weren't anywhere near consistent enough to deserve the rating some give them.
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    Wee shout out for the dumbarton fan who won the spot the team in the south stand bar, won a falkirk tracksuit top but said to pick again and let a Falkirk fan win, well done by the guy . The actual game, 1st half not great, 2nd half very comfortable. Agree with a few on here, dixon looking much better.
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    I'm hesitant to push this too hard here because pitching up on another team's thread and saying "but we do this..." is a bit of a dick move...but here I am. Speaking anecdotally a few seasons ago our ST sales were around 3k the past couple of seasons they've been 4k+ in fact I'm fairly sure Burrows confirmed that last season was our record number ever. There are obvious caveats there: it was coming off the back of a season in which we reached 2 cup finals and also we do free kids Season Tickets for certain stands and also cheap season books for Juveniles so depending on the distribution of those it doesn't necessarily follow that a record ST figure means we're getting rich. This season is approx the same sort of figure so even off the back of a bit of a shiter of a season last year it seems to be sustained numbers-wise. Again, plucking numbers from Wiki our average in the 08/09 season (when we were relocating home fans from the Cooper) was 5,351, when we were at our nadir and plunging into the play-offs it was 4,176, last season according to this site it was 5,239. So far this season it's apparently 5,781. So while we're not looking at off the charts increases there have been increases all the same. What have we done? We recruited a new commercial team which in turn has helped with sponsorships (the current Paddy Power deal is apparently our record deal), hospitality and so on. Hospitality isn't really my thing but we seem to have increased our numbers there and sell out pretty regularly. We brought in a fan engagement guy who didn't really work out. As RG is saying about the US stuff there were ideas that Ryan Murrant brought with him that simply didn't sit right with the club and the fanbase (there's still regular ironic mention of the 'Twist & Pout' campaign on our thread) but much like @Merkland Redand @Dons_1988 are talking about Cormack, Burrows has done similar with us. We've also brought in people like Grant Russell from STV in a Head of Comms, Digital and brand role and Laura Brannan who had been at Copa90 as a Senior Producer for our #content - both absolutely *get* what the club are trying to do. We've seen improvements in branding, online presence, online ticketing, communications but the key part is that there's a joined up approach - the key thing is all that is coming from board-room level. The bulk of the ideas behind the direction the club is taking is down to Alan Burrows - put someone else less effective in charge and it could easily be an absolute fucking shitshow. We've realised that we're not going to be viable as a John Boyle style 'third way', we've learned from the mistakes Leeann Dempster made and in terms of our support we have a ceiling so the objective is to make the most of that and budget accordingly...we had close to 6k of a home support at the weekend (who watched us bottle it against Accies but still...6k of a home support is wild for us). Again though, no one's getting rich off that. It may be a standing joke in terms of "I'm not a Motherwell fan but..." our social media content has reach and the club push an identity. The branding and marketing pushes the 'Well Bois' front and centre rather than keeping them at arms length. We push the academy stuff...our ST brochure and campaign leaned heavily on all the "identity" stuff from the Academy, through the regular fans, to the Bois but again it was a joined up, marketed plan. It wasn't just a video stuck up saying "get yer season tickets". As I say, I'm not coming on here saying look at us with our record ST sales and hundreds of thousands of Twitter video views. There are huge caveats to absolutely all of that stuff and you'd have to be incredibly naive not to think there's a ton of spin at play. Similarly it's entirely possible that what has been working reasonably well with us wouldn't work at McDairmid or Steve Brown simply might not want to risk the investment and that's fine. Maybe where Saints are just now is their ceiling and the route the club are taking is the most sensible way to maximise cash, IDK. But aye, you asked what Motherwell do and that's pretty much it.
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    Because I stay in Stirling and my dad takes the car to games, if we arrive early we like to go and take in a pint and a juice and something to eat for the wee man where available. We went into the bar at the stadium which was welcoming for children as well. So you can take a flying f**k to yourself ya wee rat f**k
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    You were at a funeral. Workmate announces you’re getting away with murder. I’d suggest you’ve been sussed. 🕵🏻‍♂️
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    I interviewed for the Scottish Government when I was in my early 20s and it makes me cringe now, got asked the usual 'describe a time' questions, when asked about team work I genuinely answered with something about playing for my Sunday league team, I didn't even play for a Sunday league, needless to say I didn't get the job. I interviewed at a recruitment agency in Pitreavie Industrial Estate once and part of the process involved a typing test. I was given a passage to write out, they left me alone to practice before the real test started, I was meant to type out the passage to practice then delete it before the timed test start. I of course copied and cut the passage instead then pasted it when the test started and carried on, by the end the interviewer said she thought it was the highest word per minute count she had seen.
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    Questioning someones age whilst using 7 laughing/crying emojis in the one post.
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    Technically speaking our normal crest features a St Andrews Cross anyway Aberdeen: supporters become so jaded with upper mid table respectability that they campaign for their team to receive a 20 point penalty just to make their season interesting. Celtic: Will lose the league title, everyone will laugh at them. They announce that they’re going to play in England as Scotland is holding them back nobody will believe them. Hamilton: will somehow stay up prompting the familiar yellow life jacket to be phased out across the world and replaced with a red and white hooped design Hearts: survival is secured after a lucky far post header at Fir Park. As the take over finally produces supporter ownership surprise candidate Vladimir Romanov narrowly fails to be elected as the new chairman. Hibernian: The club shop will finally start selling Lego Busses. Hibs fans start slagging off Rangers fans for not having Lego busses Livingston: adopt a new club badge to better reflect the community they represent. It’s based on the road sign for a roundabout Kilmarnock: with their new Italian manager the club radically changes direction. Ditches their pies and starts making Pizza Calzone. Ayrshire caterers struggle to adapt Motherwell: after the success of “Twist and Shout” fans add more Isley Brother tunes unfortunately their beautiful 3 part harmonies on “Summer Breeze” are so mellow that one of their defenders is caught literally sleeping at the back post against Hearts. and the Well society urge supporters to use Ramones tunes instead Rangers: will limp over the line and the try to sue anybody who doesn’t acknowledge that it’s their fifty whateverth, everyone will laugh at them. They announce that they’re going to play in England as they’ve “outgrown Scotland” Ross County: will finish bottom but hope nobody noticed Saint Johnstone: having already given the old firm three stands the club decides to take the logical next step and maximise revenue further by moving home games against Celtic and Rangers to Glasgow Saint Mirren: will have another quiet year as he was martyred 1400 years ago
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    Having a real bad one today. Came off all meds approximately 6 month ago and been coping fine, but now that I've been off work due to the holiday season, all sorts of bad thoughts come rushing back. When I have too much time to think, I get really down. Spending the New Year with the missus and a few mates, therefore I can't explain why I'm feeling lonely as hell. I won't go into the dark thoughts I've had, but I just wanted to get stuff off my chest by posting here. The anxiety, crippling self-doubt and feelings of uselessness have been building ever since the day I came off work.
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    Neither of them played for The Rangers m9.
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    Yet you continue to present a narrative, post after post, that continually stipulates the rights and wrongs of an association sticking to its processes and operating structure........ Can you please stop not caring for the politics....... Just because 'ra jooniors' now want involved, but aren't happy with how the senior leagues in the pyramid are set up, as it excludes some of their clubs, doesn't mean anything should change. The west in as they are as a wos league under the LL. The east juniors either join the eos or remain as they are, outwith the Pyramid. The Tayside clubs below the line stay in the LL area and can join the eos and those North of the line go HL if they want to join the pyramid, if not then join the North juniors set up. There is also no requirement for an East/West split at this point.... This would muddy the water even further.
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    A country that's bordered by Portugal and France. About 45m of a populace.
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    Well let's see shall we. Aberdeen - Best for me will be @Dons_1988 - Worst has to be @afc_blockhead - Would be amazed if he hasn't got at least one body buried under the patio. Celtic - These boys get a hard time, some deservedly so, most are fine though and nomination for best can go to @gannonball Worst - Plenty of candidates here, Seamus has of course left the building, my choice is @WeeMentalDavie as thick as a pig in shite and twice as ignorant. Hamilton - Best is a toughie, I like @Bert Raccoon @Scotty Tunbridge - hmm will go with Bert. - Worst has to be @Im_Rodger though he has improved. Hearts - A mixed bunch - I like @LincolnHearts @topcat(The most tip top) but the winner is @NJ2 The Worst has to be @Pet Jeden an absolute weirdo who has an obsession with a Spanish boy on here and also hates Michael Smith. Jeden can regularly be seen sprinting up Gorgie Road howling at the moon. I would envisage he lives in someones shed. Hibs - Well this is difficult as they're all the same poster - Best one for me will be @Dave1875 who comes up with some decent stuff. Worst - @RadgerTheBadger - horrible wee twat. Kilmarnock - A close second would be @Moomintroll but the winner is @Nutz_the_Squirrel Worst i @Quitongo's Left Peg - the c**t would literally steal the sugar from yer tea. Livingston - Nope Motherwell - Best @YassinMoutaouakil Worst - @MJC Rangers - Best - Well this is difficult - can give it to @TavTastic, he can put this accolade into his CV Worst - So many to choose from here - That fat racist Number 8 or whatever his last name was. Ross County Bunglenonce should get it for his username but the best is probably @yoda Worst - St Johnstone Best - @Widge Worst - @Crroma now back as @Doctor St Mirren - Best @alang1993 Worst well plenty of choice here, In the past they have had thundercunts like Reynard, now they have Oaksoft. The winner for me though has to be @Munoz a fifty year old virgin whose mum still runs his bath, doesn't believe in gravity and is an absolute moon unit.
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    There's times to have a go and there's times to let it go.
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    Trying to score points on which town has greater deprivation is absolutely pathetic, never mind on a football forum.
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    Just seeing this and its turned into a car crash. Things happen and are said during the 90 minutes that are maybe wrong but can be put down to emotions. This is just embarrassing to slag and question someone's Integrity a day and a half later. We got beat, we pick ourselves up use the 2 week break to try come back stronger. Mookshaw if your a New Farm Man. Thanks for the support but please give it a rest. Taken it too far now
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    It's racist, and it's completely horrific to see folk defending it. Need to have a word with themselves, it's a personal and very stereotypical chant which has been condemned by anti-racism charities and players who it was targeted towards. It's outright racist, that's without debate
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    I have basically rinsed my club dry on Premium PL upgrades but it has finally paid off.
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    Your surplus should be even greater this season as you have Falkirk paying a couple of visits as well. East Fife will have to devise a contingency plan however for when the Rovers eventually go back upstairs and the navy blue pound is no more. The 1800 or so fans we bring is like three extra home gates to you and once you add on the increase in hospitality takings and the extra locals who turn out to watch the big games, it all points to a period of austerity for East Fife.
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    Let us know when your team get out.
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    Man of the match your goalkeeper and you lost, says it all about ICT an absolute GANG
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    All that said wangling a day off work and then spending it speaking to people at work about what is happening at work hardly seems like a big win to me.
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    Nope. It isn't at all. Theres no ego involved. It just so happens that I have a lifelong hardon for getting it right up over zealous employers and have absolutely no issue standing up for myself in that particular walk of life. Since you are evidently stupid and arrogant enough to think you can just bag folk as and when you please simply because you own a business (every business is owned by someone) its hardly a stretch for me to assume you would be easily handled.
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