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    I've said this before on here, but it's no surprise that the folk I know, were in school with, worked with, who were fucking idiots and not very bright. all support Celtic or Rangers. The sound folk I know, who actually seem fairly normal and intelligent, support ICT, County, Aberdeen, know a Killie fan from up here too and he's a good lad. It's an exact science IMO, the thicker you are, the size of fucking scummy arsehole roaster you are, the more likely you are to cling onto something to make you feel better about yourself. A football team that wins 9 games out of 10 for example.
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    Ive only read the first page but thought I would add my tuppenceworth. I was a season ticket holder for 7 years at Parkhead. I’ve drank in near enough every ‘Celtic’ pub in Glasgow and seen both ends of the spectrum when it comes to the fans. From my experience there is respectable fans who want nothing to do with singing the rebels or going to the game to make some political point (there’s more than you think). These are the minority at the games, especially away games. Most of the fans I know that fall into this bracket don’t go to any Celtic games at all. These fans usually lead quite fulfilling lives and Celtic aren’t the first thing on their mind when they wake up. Some Celtic fans will try and tell themselves different, but it’s the absolute dregs of society that associate themselves to it, genuine poverty cases. There isn’t many lecturers, lawyers or architects standing amongst them. I got bored of it all, I go to football to watch the team on the park win and when I walk out the stadium it won’t affect my life win, lose or draw. I used to sit near a guy who had a season ticket with his two young daughters (both under 10) and I witnessed him punching the wall on the way down the stairs after a draw against Motherwell I think it was. A big part in me chucking my season ticket was asking myself, would I like to bring my child to a game here, surrounded by some proper mutants who don’t have a button in their pocket. I hated these Celtic fans thinking we had some sort of special bond with each other just down to the fact we both supported the same team. I have no loyalty or affinity to a fellow Celtic fan just because he happened to support the same club, it’s quite strange Two seasons ago, my St. Mirren supporting friend from Uni talked me into going to a few games and it’s a far more enjoyable experience. I’m not a die hard by any stretch of the imagination but I try and go along to most home games. It’s good to sit amongst a support that are only there for the team, and not there to make some political standpoint or seeing what songs they can get away with singing.
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    By being a nation of shitebags and rejecting our own independence.
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    Danger, Biggie, tibbermorysaint and nearab or whatever he is called can give us all peace for a few days.
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    The same way as most other fans do - jump up and down, hug your mate, throw both arms up in the air, give the oppo’ fans a GIRFUY, start singing a team song.... or, invade the field, try for a selfie while doing it, smash a disabled section roof.... your call, cnut. Apologies for the final word, but seeing as how you are clearly saying that was an acceptable way to celebrate a goal, then, fully deserved IMHO.
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    I'd like to dedicate this post to Random (Boredumguy) and the Perth Saints. A message you Random. Firstly, welcome back to Dundee Football Club Kane Hemmings. More importantly though -absolutely laughable that St Johnstone even entered the race for Hemmings knowing that the Dees were in the hunt. I'd liken it to turning up to a big job interview with tracksuit bottoms on and the stench of last night's cider emanating from the parched mouth as the swaggering, suited and eloquent Dundee are at the same interview. There's only one winner people. You Perth maggots are in the prime of your history and you can't even sell yourself better than Dundee now. Youve got no future as Johnny Rotten once sang. You have absolutely no future along with no fans - if you want some I'll giveitya aswell. No wonder the fuds are so bitter. Maybe it'll send the St Johnstone Ultras into overdrive next time they March through the Wellgate. If people don't watch themselves they might get a happy meal to the pus from the Young team. Even worse a swift gust of air might hit them as the Ultras wave their flag. Tommy Wright, you fat b*****d. Get it right round you. Rumours are that Greggs in Perth has doubled turnover today as the tear stained lummox stuffed his ogre pus with everything in sight. That wasn't a Crocodile the Perth public seen today it was the furious vice-like clamp of Wrights jaw in anger as he tragically snapped his way through his comfort trough in dejection. Stevie May rejecting an offer; a 7 0 trouncing in Glasgows East End; Hemmings choosing Dundee over the diddies. Auld Tommy will be getting a part in Christmas pantomimes as Rudolph if his beak gets anymore red as he reaches boiling point. 'He's over there, he's over there' as Tommy frantically sees his signing targets go any location but Perth. No doubt that it won't be long before RandomGuy pipes up with Hemmings wage demands, grocery lists and his hamsters sleeping routine. A word of warning RandomGuy - nobody in the wide world wants to see your mundane made up shite. Just put on an another episode of Downtown Abbey and give your clorty wee fingers a break from your crusty keyboard. Bring on the b*****din' derby. I really hope that if United get the Shed they've done a risk assessment on the high potential of Hooleys tears condemning another stand to closure. Flooding is a major issue and not to be ignored by the Tayside police. It will however allow the Gargoyles of Tannadice a nice slippery cannonball like exit from the shed into the pits of 4J's. That's all for now. Thank you.
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    I can't really be bothered saying too much after that utterly predictable shambles of a performance given I've already had to relive it, then try and fix the GoPro, but here we go anyway. I'm 99% sure this is the worst Dumbarton squad I've seen. There is a horrific and terrifying lack of ability right throughout it. You could count on one hand the number of players who you would say are technically good. Sure we've got a few who are hardworking jobbers...But other than that, nope, we are awful. I honestly have no idea what we do with the defence, because they've been all at sea absolutely all season. It was horrible watching Crawford today, and Duffy did the right thing hooking him, because he was struggling massively. When he came in he looked so confident and far more mature than a 19-year-old taking his first steps in senior football, but since being destroyed at Cappielow he's looked a shadow of the fearless player he was. Quitongo had a howler and can't jump, and Neill is at fault for at least one goal every single week. McGeever should've done better than being brushed aside at the first, but at the moment pairing him with Carsy would be our least worst option imo. I thought McMillan was awful today, and those years out of senior football look to have seriously taken their toll. He was slow to react, clumsy tackling and spent more time shouting at the referee than anything else. Further up the park McKee, Carsy and Hutton don't work as a trio. They all get in each other's way and there's no width at all. Ideally I'd start McKee and Carsy in a 4-4-2, but we need Carsy at CB and cloning humans is frowned upon. Crossan and McCluskey work hard, but they've had very little impact between them since the Annan game. PJ is technically decent and very skilful, but also tries to do too much too often. Can't blame him given how isolated he is 99% of the time. McCluskey meanwhile covers a stupid amount of ground, but just fails to ever look dangerous. His finishing is miles off what we're needing, and his final ball is really poor most of the time. Given how far off it Layne looked when he came on too we've got serious issues at both ends of the pitch. Now, aside from all that, Falkirk will walk this league. Trust me. They were so sharp today and are packed with really talented players; Connolly, Tidser and Telfer are glorious footballers to watch when they're in that mood, Sammon was excellent and McManus did what he's always done at this level - score goals. They looks miles better than the Arbroath team that basically strolled it last season, and if they don't have it won by March then McKinnon should be emptied.
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    Thought I'd pop in and offer you these crumbs of consolation. We played Queen of the South in this competition two years ago with same result 0-0 before coming out on top in penalty shootout and the reaction was very similar. Lots of QotS posts about how this one has to go, that one's not good enough, this points to a train wreck of a season. In the end they finished in 6th place in the Championship which, by their standards, has to be seen as good. The game had the feel of pre-season and the reality is that you drew the match without managing to score. We didn't really get near your goal in the second half and it was backs to the wall for most of it. Our recently accquired keeper Alan Martin got the motm award and was the difference between us losing (probably by a couple). In some ways yesterday was our biggest match at K Park and it was great seeing such a large travelling support. Goodwin proved that he could manage the squad at Alloa and got them to a very respectable finish and I think that given time (he really needs to get to know his players), a little resource and the backing of the fans...he can do the same for you. Good luck for the season.
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    It’s not and never has been proportional. There’s pars fans that are scumbags, and I’ve come across my fair share in fans of other clubs, but they will are always a genuine minority, not what the OF like to claim as such. Both clubs actively pursue Irish/ulster identity and will refuse to condem those that behave badly under such disguise. I can’t recall any occasion of gates being forced open, bigoted banners being shown ever happening, it just doesn’t happen. I can count the number of union jacks or tricolours shown in my entire time supporting the club in one hand, always by the occasional bampot trying to get a rise from the OF. For a club with about 5% of the support of the scummy 2 that would amount to about 50 fans of those clubs over 20+ years if propositional, both clubs exceeded that by about 10000% in 1 weekend, its not even close. Rangers took 4000 to an away game an created chaos, hibs, hearts and Aberdeen will do that several times this year with no issue, there will be many clubs taking big crowds (1000+) without issue. They are on a different scale.
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    Celtic as a club are happy to perpetuate this paranoid, non inclusive behaviour as it keeps the money rolling in from the Millennial wanabee provos & the terminally hard of thinking who fail to notice their bonus loving Chief Executive & majority shareholder are right wing Tories to the core who couldn't give a f**k about Palestine, Rangers or any other divisive behaviour (unless they need a convenient diversion), as long as the brainless sheep keep spending their pennies & believe everything they are fed from compliant media sources.
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    That stand was built in 1994. The roof has never collapsed before. The roof is there to stop the rain hitting people in wheelchairs. If people climb on it, it’s because they are fucking idiots. You can’t just step into it, you have to climb. The only people to blame for what happened are the half wits who jumped on it!
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    So the 28 Junior clubs who have turned senior and joined the pyramid in the past 2 years have all lost their magic? 🙄
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    It's not, it's more like Sandra and Liz in the kitchen having their daily rant about Jade, because Jade is a vile, hate filled bigot who consistently brings shame and embarrassment to the company, whilst management refuses to act on it, allowing Jade to continue to be an absolute fucking cretin.
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    Why the f**k would folk queue for an hour for food at a game of football that lasts less than two hours? Don't give them your money, they'll soon learn.
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    Great win for the Buds vs Aberdeen but what was this banner all about? 🤔👀👀👀😂😂😂⚪⚫🔴 That hand 🤔😂😂😂
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    Only my opinion but knowing the guys they are only doing it to make sure that the club is protected. It may well be that the info can be explained and things move on with MC. It disappoints me after everything the guys have done and gone through that they are being slaughtered by some. Those were the same people who asked the BTB guys to say something about the meeting they had on the Monday. They have commented on it. Never easy when someone says Christmas maybe about to be cancelled. Imagine if they had found this info, not shared it and MC is a charlatan. Then the same people would be slaughtering them again I guess. Give them a break FFS.
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    There’s no point in getting upset about it mate, because it’s like that, and that’s the way it is.
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    1) The main song sung at your ground at every match literally refers to wading in the blood of your religious enemies. 2) On this wonderful thread (I hope it lasts as long as "all the moments of diddiness, scummery and outright bigotry from the two cheeks of the Old Filth" do, as there has been, and will be, plenty to catalogue), it doesn't get much more diddyish than a "Rangers" fan accusing fans of any/all other clubs in Scotland of being diddies (for pointing out your fanbase's obvious religious hatred). Your team, sir, have been the most banterful, diddyish, and laughable of all since you were parachuted into the bottom tier for a second chance at life and existence in 2012. *insert pic of a man in a suit standing in a hedge in Luxemburg here*. The sheer entitlement and anger which has accompanied "Rangers"' slow slither into the top league after the previous incarnation was closed down for financial doping has been quite something. You have reached Celtic levels of paranoia and victimhood in the process - everyone's been out to get you, from the SFA to Dundee Yinited. Concomitant tear-stained statements by the thousand, boycotts, and a giant huff with the BBC. Embrace your own diddy status. There's a thousand-page thread detailing it on this very site.
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    Tonight hasn't been a total disaster for Irish football, at least Linfield won their Europa League tie.
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    f**k all wrong with 46 year old accountants from Stirling pretending to be Provos. I myself am a level 42 blood elf mage at the weekend.
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    He was terrified of a hard tackle, but all in favour of a hard brexit.
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    Can we stop bickering please and get down to the serious business of where the f**k Conso is going to fit this on his mantelpiece ?
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    This thread is an interesting read for a couple of reasons. The first thing that sticks out to me is the differing views on what sport fundamentally is. I view sport as something that inherently contains competition and should basically be a level playing field as much as possible. It's interesting that so many of the posters on this thread seem to have no problem with the concept of an uneven playing field and I think this is a clear consequence of the constant hammering home of the celebrity propaganda of the 21st Century. BIG CLUBS ARE GOOD. BIG CLUBS DESERVE TO BE GOOD. BIG CLUBS HAVE ALWAYS BEEN GOOD. BIG CLUBS WILL ALWAYS BE GOOD. BIG CLUBS DESERVE TO ALWAYS BE GOOD. NOW PAY FOR SKY, SIT DOWN AND WATCH THE BIG CLUBS ON TV. BIG CLUBS ARE RICH. IT IS RIGHT THAT BIG CLUBS ARE RICH. It's no surprise that football, having fallen into the hands of the media industry, should come to reflect the broader values of the early 21st century. We embrace individualism and the (ridiculous) idea that anybody can 'make it' so those who do make it deserve it and those who don't make it deserve that too. The same logic that tells the Eton and Oxbridge-educated son of a millionaire that his success in life is down to his own qualities is what informs how the public at large look at football: It's right that there should be four English teams in the Champions League every year because they are so good. And it's fair that they are kept apart from each other in the draw because we want the good teams to stay in the competition, that's just sensible. And it's right that they should make more money than the others from this process, money they can spend on players to become better, which justifies their four places etc etc etc ... And obviously Scotland is just a scaled-down version of that. We receive constant propaganda from Sportsound, Radio Clyde, The Herald, The Record etc about how obviously it's good to support all the Scottish teams in Europe because obviously it's good if they all do well. Especially in the Champions League, because it's obviously so wonderful for Scotland to be represented 'at the top table'. It's obviously right that Celtic make an absolute fortune from European football and take an over-sized chunk of the domestic tv deal. This is demonstrably bullshit. It is clearly harmful to our game if Celtic or Rangers qualify for the Champions League. From the first time a Scottish club competed in the Champions League (1992-93) until the end of the 2010-11 season, the Old Firm competed in the Champions League group stages 13 times. In that period, non-Old Firm clubs won a grand total of 9 trophies. That's 0.47 non-OF trophies a season, down from 1.2 per season in the decade before the Champions League. From 2011-12 to 2015-16 non-OF clubs won eight trophies. That's 1.6 per season. And how did that happen? Obviously, Rangers going away made a huge difference. But the 2011-12 season was Celtic's third consecutive year with no Champions League group stage football. Rangers had played in it more recently, but were in meltdown. So Scotland didn't have anyone loaded up with Champions League cash. Scotland had never had a situation where nobody had had Champions League cash for three straight years. For the first time in the Champions League era, both Scottish domestic cups were won by non-Old Firm sides. Celtic finally made it back into the group stages in 2012-13, for the first time in four seasons. Three years of nobody in the league (Rangers had died by now) raking in Champions League cash. Three out of four cup finalists were non-Old Firm and again the following season both domestic cups went to non-Old Firm sides. Indeed, all four cup finalists were non-Old Firm sides. But Celtic made it to the group stages again in that 2013-14 season. The party was ending. Celtic, wisely, sat on that money (according to UEFA, 17m Euro before gates etc for 2013-14 alone) for a bit with a view to Rangers' promotion and added to it by reaching the Europa League group stages in each of the next two seasons. Then they spent a fortune hiring Brendan Rodgers and went shopping. Nobody else has won anything since. It seems that the base fee for Celtic getting to the Champions League group stages this season would be 13m pounds. A supporter of any other Scottish club would need to be utterly insane to want that to happen. The 'get your house in order' stuff that we hear from some Celtic-minded people (those of us old enough will remember Rangers fans saying exactly the same in the 90s) is up there with our millionaire's son mentioned earlier taking the view that an unemployed guy born to drug addict parents in a deprived area of a poor city should somehow work harder to improve his lot. Despite the vast majority of the Old Firm's appearances in the Champions League ending in failure - not to mention occasional humiliation - they are staggeringly well rewarded for this. There is no reason for anybody to want them to succeed. Scottish football gets more interesting, the stats say about three times as interesting, when the Old Firm don't do well in Europe. And this brings us back to what you think sport should be. The money from European football means that certain clubs are starting the 100m sprint about 70m ahead of everybody else. I see Rangers, Europa League group stagers last season, have just spunked about three million quid on a defender... It astonishes me that any non-OF supporter would consider it a good thing for them to get that level of income again this year. So, in short, relax and hope everyone gets pumped.
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    Perennial loser Blair Spittal’s career summed up this afternoon. You love to see it.
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    The reaction to this thread from the great unwashed tells its own story. They're incapable of taking a step back and rationally analysing what's happened or engaging in discussion because they're indoctrinated. They genuinely seem to be believe that it's because they have "haters" and the response to this weekend's actions are because we've all been wound up or jealousy/rage at the fact they won.
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    I’d bite your hand off for relegation to League Two right now if it meant not having to read any more of this guy’s pish.
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    Time to move on but no way was McCann worse than McIntyre.
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    With all due respect to the young man from Celtic, we already have numerous Dark Blue young guns hungry and ripe for development. Also, as per the Official Dundee website this morning, a very Happy Birthday to Craig Wighton today from all us Dees. THAT GOAL witnessed first hand, NEVER FORGOTTEN. Best regards Edit - To NEFdab, I've been a poster here for three months now and have never red dotted anyone once, whilst always respecting all differing opinions. You would appear to red dot my every posting for your own sad reasons. As they say in make believe world, ARE YOU LOOKING AT ME???????
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    I came out of Tesco just now and there was a woman crying her eyes out. She'd lost all her holiday money she had been saving for months. I felt so sorry for her and I’m sure you would have done the same, I gave her £50. I don't usually do that kind of thing but I'd just found £1000 in the car park.
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    Ian I’ve never had the attitude of looking down on anyone, but when you read through that black & White army forum it would make your eyes bleed. The same clowns trolling their own fan base with multiple alias accounts, is not for me mate.
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    Looking at this from another angle, I don't see why McGlynn should be able to act like a dick and then it's just edited out as if it didn't happen. It's unprofessional and is hopefully the last time we're discussing this. McGlynn being embarrassed about this and not doing it again would be a good outcome.
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    Falkirk TV - "They teach them to cheat young at Celtic" 😂
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    I do not think this gossip is helpful. If you have facts then give them out or say nothing but this half-way house only stirs up trouble.
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    Further to my post the other day, sadly we had to say goodbye to ours on Tuesday after 13 years. Turned out she had feline lymphoma, and after going for who knows how long without showing any symptoms, a buildup of fluid around her lungs finally hit her on Friday. She was too far gone to treat, but the vet drained some fluid to make her comfortable and let us take her home for her last couple of days. First time I've lost a pet, absolutely gutted tbh. First and last pics taken. RIP Molly.
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    The other teams have matches on Saturday as well which are just as important to us as Talbot's cup tie.
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    Boring? Aye seeing your team score 6 including a couple of brilliant team goals in what was the best first half of football at TFS in years was absolutely shite. Was longing for the shiteness of Paul Hartley and his squad all afternoon. What a fucking weirdo.
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    Nope, Pozbaird's excellent, rational post just pointed out that the carefully planned Celtic display was laughable, paranoid nonsense which deserves to be roundly mocked.
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    We owed you as much for the right laugh you gave us last week.
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    Taking my visiting Dad and Brother to the Whitecaps v Cavalry game tonight . Couldn't really give a f**k about the Caps tbh , however theres a wee felly that plays for Cavalry i'd like to see score tonight......
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    Why are the St Johnstone fans boycotting today's game?
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    Hoor-dug on the ferry to Mull. Earlier on she sat by the bags in the hallway to make sure we didn't go off on holiday without her.
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    It's all part of generation snowflake. Millenials cant handle being told they can't do something. Spot on mate, you can't even say you're British these days without getting arrested. The loony left are the real fascists.
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    IMO, and it is my opinion, I see nothing but the status quo. If that is what happens we will be in a place where 90% of the fans want change (survey result) and they are being ignored by 12 people. What will undoubtedly suffer as a result of that will be the club and the rancour of the last two years will intensify. I saw the BTB presentation today and it is excellent. That is no surprise as Kenny and David have represented the supporters brilliantly in the last few months. Kenny and Keith Gourlay’s contribution at the EGM showed everyone present that the talent amongst the support to drive this club forward completely overshadowed their out of touch counterparts on the BoD and MSG.
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