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    This new incarnation of Rangers is so tragic. The old Rangers had a genuine 'we don't care attitude' which came from a deluded arrogance that they were just better than everyone - on and off the park. They were a horrible club and it was their false belief that they were superior that made them so horrible. This new version is an insecure, paranoid, desperate shadow of a club that are now permanent victims of supposed injustices. Their former belief that they were superior has now been replaced by a desperate need to feel superior, whilst knowing that they aren't. Their very birth was born out of what they felt was an injustice and it is now in their DNA to complain, moan and play the victim - characteristics which used to be the sole domain of the Green half of Glasgow. This whole saga just sums the new club up.
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    Rangers* fans didn't even give Rangers the Blue Pound what chance does anyone else have?
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    Today is a good day, After a few bad weeks. Just under 2 weeks ago my mum tested positive for Covid-19. She's asthmatic and we all feared the worst. She's now on the road to recovery after a dreadful few weeks. It's the worst she has felt in her life she said and wouldn't wish it on her worst enemy. She reckons she won't be back to normal for around a month as her body took a beating, but glad to report my wee mum is back! For folk looking for info on the testing, she got tested at a drive through in Port Glasgow and got her results the next day. She is an NHS employee though. Stay safe everyone.
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    These b*****ds need to rot in fucking jail. My girlfriends granny lost her life to this illness, only 8 people were at the funeral. I can’t go see my 81 year old grandad who lives 10 miles away. I can’t even go for a coffee at my mum and dads who are 5 minutes away. Yet this c**t, this baldy fucking c**t clearly breaks the rule, gets his wife to lie about it in the press, then gets Laura Cuntsberg decides to defend him on behalf of the Tory party. Put this in the heads gone thread, my blood is boiling at this.
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    Looks like we can all breathe a sigh of relief, a resolution is in sight - and remarkably, one that keeps everyone happy. Let's all celebrate together
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    Stop pontificating about it using tired cliches then. I'm usually posting with my tongue in cheek but I mean this sincerely - it's complete fucking idiots like you that have landed the UK in the state it's in, with an incompetent brainless government who don't have to be accountable. You freely admit you have no knowledge on the subject but you have strong opinions and will quite happily post a lot of shite and argue with those who have actually done some research. When people try to ask you questions or challenge your uneducated bollocks you refuse to take anything on board, double down and then post some drivel about being tired to try and shut down the conversation. Democracy is a good thing but it frustrates me that you get as many votes as someone with more than 16 brain cells.
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    It will be St. Mirren, no doubt. Anything to stick it to the H*nbos.
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    Sevco: "You said you cannae give out loans" SPFL: "No. We said we wouldn't" Sevco: "But ye did" SPFL: "No we never." Sevco: "You gave GRETNA A LOAN!" SPFL: "That was the SPL" Sevco: "Who are you again?" SPFL: "The SPFL" Sevco: "What's the difference?" SPFL: "During the short existence of the SPL six clubs went into administration and two of them were liquidated. Including yourselves. Perhaps we shouldn't be taking their financial mismanagement as a default position." Sevco: "IT'S A FIX!"
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    Today I have taken my last tablet in what I hope is for a long time. 19 months I've been on some sort of medication. I've been on antibiotics daily for a year to try and prevent infection and they've now stopped. Plus tomorrow is the 1st birthday of receiving my stem cells. What a relief to get to this stage. Having a party in the house to celebrate. Happy days. 😊
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    Can you lot f**k off about viewing figures? Its taking the collective eye off this "laugh like f**k at Rangers" thread
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    I am outraged at the whole Cummings affair. My 82 year old father died on April 11th (of pneumonia, not the virus. He had had mesothelioma). There were only 10 of us at the funeral. We weren't allowed to carry the coffin. There was no wake, publicly since all restaurants, pubs etc were closed, privately since the ten of us came from more than one household. We had to follow these restrictions because the Government said they were among the measures which would relieve the burden on the NHS and would save lives. Yet we not only have Cummings flouting the rules but the Government knowing about it, sitting on the information for weeks and then openly defending it!
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    The SPFL has today announced that, following consultation with all 12 top-flight clubs, the Board of the SPFL has determined that the 2019/20 Ladbrokes Premiership has been concluded with immediate effect. As with the Ladbrokes Championship, Ladbrokes League One and Ladbrokes League Two competitions, final season placings have been determined by points per game in league matches played to 13 March 2020 by each club. The decision means that Celtic are crowned 2019/20 champions and Hearts have been relegated to the Ladbrokes Championship. https://spfl.co.uk/news/ladbrokes-premiership-and-spfl-season-201920-cur
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    The word "bullying" has lost all meaning at this point. It seems to have taken on a new definition of "did or said something I didn't agree with".
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    SPFL respond with 174 pages of Chronicles of Banter years
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    They’re happy to bog Scottish Football down with stuff that happened over 300 years ago.
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    I really don’t see much support from Cummings out there, even from sources you’d expect. Only the proper lunatics are backing him. I’m absolutely furious about the government response, far more than the act itself, and it seems most people are too. People have been watching their parents funerals on fucking Zoom and kids have died and been buried alone while Cummings can nip up to his parents while he’s actually infected! Just on the off chance he needs his kid looked after. It’s absolutely mind-boggling. This isn’t a ‘typical politicians’ style hypocrisy, this is our actual cabinet choosing to trash the entire fucking lockdown for an advisor. They know they’re lying, and not in a ‘this salary cap is actually a good thing’ or ‘this stat has actually got better so we’re doing well with healthcare’ style way. This is now politicians prioritising an advisor over - literally- everyone else in the country. Our Health Secretary says it’s fine, our Attorney General says it’s fine. That’s completely alarming to me when perfectly healthy people have been fined for sitting in the park. Where do you end with that logic, if it’s one of your own? This should now be much bigger than Cummings resigning.
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    I didn't want to tempt fate, but with reconstruction off the table, let's now discuss our fondest memories of Hearts' time in the Premiership. Couldn't have happened to a nicer club, IMO.
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    Can't believe we're being expelled from the top 6. Gutted.
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    Shamelessly stolen from Twitter:
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    f**k off. That is a h*n like statement if ever I saw one. Reign it in, you're embarrsing yourself. Be raging that we appear to be the club most shafted by current events, aye. But don't kid anyone on that we (Thistle) wouldnt be voting tactically if we were sitting in 9th. As for pissing on club's graves....again, f**k off. The most important thing is Scottish football comes out of this with 42 clubs and as many Highland/Lowland teams as possible. Any club folding would be a tragedy for Scottish football. Anyone who actively wants clubs to fold because we got left with the shit end of the stick here needs to f**k off and never darken the door of any football club ever again. P.S. just for absolute clarity....f**k off.
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    It simply can't be overstated just what a fat fucking coward Boris Johnson is. Imagine voting for that c**t and his party of sociopathic rich kids. Tories really are a sub-species.
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    Again, I've said it from the fucking start. I don't worry or fear my club being relegated. It's happened more than once in my lifetime, it will most certainly happen again. I'd be more than happy to see St. Mirren open to a reconstruction that sees for a 14 team division and 2.5 relegation/promotion spots. Variety is the spice of life and all that. But ONLY if it's on a permanent basis. There will be absolutely no appetite amongst the clubs most at risk for 3 clubs potentially getting relegated from the league in a year or two years time, only to drop to a league the following season where the three relegated sides are then left fighting with the others over only one promotion slot and an outside chance of going up via a playoff.
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    They do, you fucking dickhead.
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    ... then Rangers, Hearts or someone would still have been making similar noises about whatever bogeyman was to hand. Face it, If it wasn't Neil Doncaster, it would have been John Nelms or Peter Lawwell or George Soros or the most likely looking scapegoat within their line of vision. The primary issue is that a few clubs are unhappy about a bunch of different things, and they don't have any power to alter the real cause of whatever their particular gripe is - the coronavirus cutting the season short, the 80% of clubs who think voiding the season is the least bad option, the 6 SPFL clubs who are against reconstructing the league in a way that the lower-league clubs prefer. For all their many, many, faults, Neil Doncaster and the SPFL bigwigs are the cause of precisely none of their current pressing problems, but they just happen to be the easiest target to pick on. The 'riding roughshod over everyone' is a red herring. The vote to end the season was always going to happen that way. Suppose Dundee's vote hadn't been swung, then what? Are the 'null and void' camp going to be able to persuade 23 teams to change their votes, or is a slightly modified 'end the season as-is' vote going to be put forward, with some small concessions to the 'nays' to swing that single vote - like, as happened, a league reconstruction commission with pro-reconstruction folks at the helm. The problem Rangers have isn't that Neil Doncaster has 80% of the SPFL clubs in his pocket, it's that 80% of the SPFL clubs disagree with them on how the season should end. But there's no dossier that they can write to impeach all of Scottish fitba' or depose the coronavirus, so they have to make do with the easy scapegoat.
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    Championship forum for this diddy pish.
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    The real problem with what Kuenssburg is doing isn't that it damages her credibility, but that it makes it much harder for any journalist (or the public) to scrutinise the government properly. If you can respond to every story by anonymously briefing to the BBC's political editor, knowing that she will parrot it straight out to her 1.2 million followers with no context or critical analysis, then you don't ever actually have to go on the record to defend anything. Newsnight haven't been able to get a government minister to appear for 2 months during the biggest crisis since the war. Meanwhile, one of their most senior colleagues is allowing the Tories to get their story out without being subject to any questions whatsoever. And, if it turns out that the line they've taken is too unpopular, they can simply give her another, completely contradictory 'anonymous source', knowing that she'll uncritically repeat what they say as well.
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    reached 6 months off the coke. was pretty bad on it most saturday’s. decided enough is enough and have stuck to my guns. feel so much better for it. more money and a clear head as well. slippery road i was on but hopefully through it now. bit embarrassing but it’s the way it is
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    Emailed the club a week past Thursday to let them know I was doing well and any call to my house would be wasted but would appreciate it if they could call my father. He leads a very active social life but that's obviously been knocked on the head. He's retired and my mum works for the NHS so is out of the house most days. Neil Simpson called him on Friday. Was magic hearing him on the phone afterwards telling me all about it. Sounded just like my kids phoning him on Christmas day to tell him about their presents.
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    Tremendous stuff today guys. Proper Vera Lynn, good old Blighty, Blitz spirit getting us through the pandemic. -Todd still claiming it's a bad case of the flu. -Teachers are feckless and should bloody well work for free and if they don't like it they should bloody well get another job. -Oaky having one of his 'episodes' Lowkey highlight for me though was @Granny Danger and @SlipperyP having an argument about the morals of 'buying' Thai brides. All in all, I'll be out giving it laldy with the pots and pans on Thursday night in recognition of everyone's commitment on here.
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    Heading up to Inverness to disconnect the phonelines.
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    Beginning to think you're a Celtic fan at it. No-one can be this thick - surely?
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    What a day that boy had. See your team lift the cup, get to run onto the pitch. Then get to boot a fat bald bigoted p***k of a man on the turf. Look at that unbridled joy on his face.
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    - Inverness called for null and void for 'reasons', although I strongly suspect that said reasons were they thought they'd have a good shot at getting in to the Premiership via reconstruction. - Whilst calling for this they also wanted the prize money for finishing second. - Ross McArthur, probably because he's on the SPFL board and has most likely taken the time to look at things and understand them, pointed out to Gardiner that null and void would mean an equal share of prize of money, and null and void would mean wiping out the season and no league places could be awarded, thus no one was entitled to more or less of the league money than anyone else. - Scott Gardiner inexplicably took this as a 'threat' and 'bullying'. - Squabbling and pish. Vote for reconstruction fails. - Gardiner and some others release teary, thiny veiled statements. Partick Thistle and Falkirk were quickly out of the traps with tear drenched, delusional nonsense, although Sevco and Hearts dwarf their efforts with the most bitter, stupid and outright false pish, all wrapped up in a very weepy, red faced tantrum, furiously scribbled in crayon. - Ross McArthur releases a statement pretty much saying, "Pipe down ya wee fanny" after getting annoyed at Gardiner's pish. 5 other clubs in the Championship support it - Brechin release a statement, much to the same effect as McArthur's, and for much the same reasons, stating that not only has there been no bullying, but other things have been outright made up. ALL League 2 clubs are said to support it and are prepared to corroborate it.
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    Inverness trying to get the league declared null and void, while at the same time trying to retain the lion's share of the prize money for being 2nd in the table is an even bigger minter than their official statement yesterday. Gardiner really is an utter moron.
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    Barry Ferguson's take in the Daily Record is brilliant reading. Link This is my favourite bit:
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    Rangers have done what they intended, their fanbase has been whipped into a frenzy, and no matter what happens have completely forgotten about another season of abject failure and can convince themselves that everyone is out to get them. Theyll sell plenty of increased price season tickets off the back of this.
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    Rangers are like Donald Trump. They couldn’t give a flying fùck what the rest of Scottish football think, they are only interested in appealing to their own moronic support.
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