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    You've been at work, and now you're home.
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    Maybe hearts rested some of their better minds for this one with one eye on the calendar but are totally going to become the legal equivalent of Barca in the future????!
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    Posting the all time league table to try and make yourself feel better after your club has taken yet another beating.
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    This is just “verge of tears” pish. Especially the bit about “11 years and 364 days”. Any variation has a cut off. Why can you drink legally at 18 and not 17 +364 days? You sound like that gammon in Leicester complaining about the edge of the lockdown zone.
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    You see the problem with that is this as you haven't read the many,many pages of this thread.... A resolution was put to the clubs Resolution was from the board (made up of club reps from Prem to League 2) The board toolk soundings prior to making this resolution from clubs All clubs had a vote An extremely large number voted for the resolution (81%) A very small number voted against it (19%) If the voting structure was across all clubs rather than Prem, Champ and then League 1& 2, Dundee's vote would have been irrelevant (It isn't and it wasn't). Votes to be in by Friday was a request only, clubs had the balance.of the legally mandated 28 days to vote SPFL screwed up by having a "no" option as only "Yes" votes count. Obviously done to make sure everyone voted. Dundee were knobbled. Why? Why Dundee, why not one of the other no voting clubs? Dundee's vote was in a spam folder it's a conspiracy. It wasn't it was caught by a much more complicated system. It's very common. Aberdeen told not to vote. Not correct,. confirmed by SPFL and McCormack that Aberdeen were told it didn't matter if they voted as by that time the number of "yes" votes for premiership clubs had been reached. If Aberdeen voted "no" it couldn't change anything, "yes" would simply have been confirming what was already known. Hearts, Partick & Stranraer aren't the only clubs affected. Approx 16 clubs (someone will correct me), lost out on potential playoff places. Brechin have been saved! From a playoff as were another approx 7 clubs from potential relegation playoffs. Disgraceful Raith Rovers have been promoted, it's such a shame on Kelty Hearts. Kelty who were 6pts. ahead of Bonnyrigg who had a game in hand & 5 games to go. Consistency is important. Clubs could have done the right thing by voting for reconstruction! Problem was behind the headline grabbing 14-10-10-10 it was shit and could have damaged more clubs. Budge needed to listen to other clubs and take onboard their thoughts. If so reconstruction could have gone ahead. Hearts, ICT & Rangers tried to have league voided. Confirmed by 6 Championship clubs & since then BBC source Gardiner has been very quiet. This lost Budge goodwill. Clubs are voting with self interest. So are Hearts , Partick & Stranraer. Allowing Champions is because Hearts have shat it big style knowing they'd have Celtic (and the power behind the throne Lawell 😂) on their case. We aren't allowed to play football yet by Scot Government. UEFA has a deadline of August 3rd(I think it is) for leagues ranked below 16th. SPFL is one of those. We couldn't finish leagues, see N.I. Countless leagues have finished the same way as us, France, Belgium, N.I., English League 1 & 2. This isn't unique to us. That should have you caught up. It's not a Doncaster the Great & Powerful's doing. Very difficult situation, where no matter what was done, harm would have been done to clubs. This was trying to do the minimum amount of harm possible to the least number of clubs possible. Democratic votes, could have all been voted down if so poor. Far too many clubs & Doncaster have been involved to be one person's fault. Budge though has played a blinder in having the support completely overlooking the poor play last season and the.dreadful performances this season. Your all caught up now and shouldn't need to.go over anymore debunked ideas. Thanks
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    I think P & B as a whole sums up Scottish football for me. I whole heartedly support the utter ripping of my club in the full knowledge that when another club makes an absolute tit of themsleves as they inevitably will, i will be right here with gifs.
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    Bill Leckie seems to be the only one in Glasgow that calls it like it is: "He’s (Craig Gordon) also bang on when he expresses his dismay that Scottish football hasn’t been able to sort itself out despite its problems not meaning a toss compared to what’s going on in the wider world. Without wishing to pick an argument with one of the game’s good guys, though, I have to say that, if he’s searching for a reason why it’s all gone so pear-shaped, it’s right under his nose; right there in his boyhood club’s boardroom. Hearts are the ones who finished bottom of the table despite spending top-three money on players. Hearts are the ones who panicked and demanded those players take pay cuts before the government even had the chance to introduce the furlough scheme. Hearts backed the wrong horse in the vote on ending the season early, then again on the vote calling for an independent probe into how that decision was reached. A reconstruction plan that would have saved their bacon fell on its backside, even though their own sugar-mummy Ann Budge chaired the committee who came up with it. They dragged United, Raith Rovers and Cove Rangers into their legal fight to have the final tables declared void, a situation that has left Raith fearing they’ll be unable to risk a six-figure legal bill and will simply be crossing their fingers that the decision goes their way. As if this wasn’t heavy-handed enough, Budge then nicked Robbie Neilson from Tannadice as her new manager — a hefty investment which, along with the deal to bring Gordon in from Celtic, is an almighty boot in the stones for every employee forced into a drop in wages when Budge pleaded poverty. I know Jambos fans will be sick of reading this, maybe even as sick as I am of writing it, but it has to be put on record that, despite dominating the headlines for pretty much all of these 115 locked-down days, their club have produced not one positive, winning idea. Good God, even when the hugely-generous James Anderson offered a donation of millions to make sure no clubs went down the pan, all Budge had to do was introduce him to Neil Doncaster and let them shake hands, but even then she managed to turn it into a fight. Like Rangers chairman Douglas Park before her, she’s read the room wrong time and again. She’s been fighting shadows, punching smoke. Plus, when she and her lawyers were throwing their weight around by plunging the plans of the three lower league winners into disarray, why didn’t they have the courage to claim that Celtic shouldn’t have been named Premiership champions? After all, if they’re actually saying relegation shouldn’t have counted, how can the title stand? Sorry, but there are more holes in Budge’s defence than . . . well, there were in her back four all last season, which really is saying something. And, for the umpteenth time, let me also say without fear of contradiction that, if they’d come off the bottom by winning at Paisley in the last, pivotal match before the shutters came down, we’d never have heard a peep from them. So, sure, there will be bad blood whatever happens now. But it’s Hearts who spilled it. Sure, it’ll forever be a crying shame that they, Partick Thistle and Stranraer were condemned to the drop when they still had enough games left to save themselves. But there are also countless businesses who might never open their doors again, tens of thousands of workers sweating over when they’ll earn a crust again. All Hearts were asked to do was suck up some rank bad luck and agree to kick a ball around in a different division come August — a division they’d be odds-on favourites to win. Whatever happens next in this sorry, sordid saga, the fact that they preferred to cause chaos for everyone else around them will stain those famous maroon shirts for a long time to come." https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/sport/football/5777365/craig-gordon-hearts-relegation-row-bill-leckie/
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    I think no matter the resolution now, Hearts need kicked out the league. Not really out of any sporting merit or out of fairness, just because it would be incredibly funny and we could all do with a right good laugh this year.
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    Just spoke to my haematologist and he says I don't have to shield anymore. My risk is as much as any 29 year old.
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    Heart of Midlothian Football Club being brought before The Scottish Fitba' People's Court on charges of treason and heresy (1943, colorized)
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    You weren't getting reinstated either way. At the start I dare say a lot of fans, while laughing at Hearts' predicament, probably did have a soupcon of sympathy for the "it's no' fair" mantra. Now I'd say most of us don't give a f***, and if you never appear in the top flight again we won't care. Basically, you can take your maroon pound and stick it up your arse.
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    Tom English making light of the nonsense situation that DU, RR & CR have been brought into through no fault of their own. Absolute bellend.
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    Stranraer, after wisely staying out of this mess: Partick, after stupidly getting involved in this mess: Hearts in general:
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    I personally will be attending away matches this season when crowds are allowed back, boycotting away games is childish Sevco patter.
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    The clubs voted to end the season. The clubs voted to allow relegation. The clubs voted to deny reconstruction. Your, and Hearts, entire argument is that the will of the many are ignored for the wishes of the few. It's just pathetic. I cannot wait for this to be done so you all just f**k off and stop peddling this wee sob story.
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    Leslie Deans sending his congratulations to a Kickback poster who goes by the name Hibsarepants, is right up there in this whole saga.
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    I feel that every time yon Todd_Is_Godd mentions 'the science', someone should be on hand to remind everyone else that Todd_Is_Godd is a climate change denier who thinks that climate change is entirely natural and does not believe that humanity is in any way responsible for the massively accelerated climate change that we are currently going through.
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    Lewis Capaldi is the epitome to me of this "whit ma like" culture that seems to have crept in over the last couple of years. It is some hybrid of Fiat 500 Twitter, Gemma Collins and stereotypically Glasgow ned interests. For example, deifying McDonalds, going on about how much you drink (extra points if in "Spoons"), memes about getting out of bed at 8:58am when you've got a conference call at 9, wearing your "jammies" all day, listening to GBX. It tends to be middle class types who either live in their parents' five bed house in Dullatur if they're under 25, having 20 of their pals round into the conservatory to drink MD or Dragon Soop before they go to Sugar Cube or Kushion on a Saturday, or couples who live in Newton Mearns with the man working offshore if they're a bit older. It's essentially cultural appropriation of working class stereotypes to try and look "funny" or "mental". Capaldi ticks just about every box of this with his online presence and is pandered to for this behaviour by the Red Tops or "Glasgow Live". Well off middle class folk glamourising the scheme lifestyle is a far wider phenomenon but Lewis Capaldi encapsulates it quite neatly for me.
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    And there it is. As a Falkirk fan, I'm disappointed about how things ended up but it is what it is. If Falkirk had their shit together earlier in the season, they would've been going up instead of Raith. But they didn't and they aren't. Hey ho, them's the breaks. Let's get some perspective. Hundreds of thousands of people are dying. Many more will. Many others face an uncertain financial future, many businesses will never re-open, or survive long if they do. This is the biggest global tragedy to have happened in any of our lifetimes. And yet we see people who claim to be football fans actively wishing other teams to go out of business, and scheming to try and make that happen. If you're one of them, seriously...take a good long look at yourself. This applies whether you support Falkirk, Hearts, Sevco or anyone else. Hearts didn't get the job done on the pitch - they're going down. Falkirk didn't get the job done on the pitch - they're staying down. And that's all there is to it.
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    It's totally disingenuous on English's part about how United should have expected Hearts/Partick to fight back & been aware of the cost of legal fees. This wasn't action that United sought, they were drawn into this when Hearts cited them FFS.
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    Marmot. You either love it or hate it.
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    You've been very quiet today mate...
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    Those Hearts fans on JKB are fucking hoot. The sort of folk who could get all their teeth knocked out and claim it as a win cos now they'll get to eat more soup.
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    I apologise, bit of a long one (oo-er), there's a 'TL;DR?' at the end. Outcomes of the court ruling: Said this all along, the best outcome Hearts can have is by going to arbitration. It will pretty much guarantee them and Thistle some form of compensation. I can understand why they are celebrating, even if many seem to be claiming this was what they wanted all along - which we all know is not correct. The "whurz the doxx" claim is equally misplaced, as these will be in private, not public, and what would have been required should they have requested arbitration in the first place. Arbitration is, we should remember, a legal implement. Of course, it's a bit of a pyrrhic victory considering (1) they have spent a good wad on their own lawyers, (2) they now have to pay part of the SPFL legal costs and (3) this is something they could have achieved for free without going to court. Can it go back to court? Sort of, depending on which one you mean. If Hearts/Thistle are unhappy with the outcome they can appeal to CAS, but they can only go back to the Scottish legal courts only if the mandated structure of arbitration is not followed correctly. You'd imagine the latter is unlikely to happen if only because of the scrutiny on the process. Are they likely to complain to CAS? Probably, because successful businesswoman has locked herself into a zero-sum death spiral where she cannot back out unless Hearts either reap a double figure million pound settlement or reinstatement back to the top league. Both clubs have already stated they have no confidence in a positive outcome from the process. Anyone going into arbitration with that attitude is not doing so as a balanced party looking for equable solution. Outcomes of arbitration: I've already said I think this is by far the best way for Hearts/Thistle to get a payment. Can the arbitration panel rule that the SFPL's actions were flawed or bias? Sure, of course it can, what they cannot do is enforce the reinstatement of Hearts into the Premiership. They can recommend that reconstruction talks take place (again) although I cannot see the appetite for a vote on restructuring the leagues, let alone a successful one. The argument that stymied the last (2nd) reconstruction was that it was simply too late for things to be introduced into the up coming season and I feel that, along with no doubt quite a lot of anger at Hearts/Thistle trying to force their hand for a 3rd time, will prevail again. That's if, of course, the arbitration panel, makes this recommendation. Could Hearts/Thistle go to court if the arbitration panel recommends another reconstruction vote and that vote fails? No. The arbitration panel doesn't have the remit to tell an organisation to hold and vote and for that vote to go in a specific way. If that was the case then it wouldn't be a vote. Ultimately if they did try and force through reconstruction through recommendation then any one of the shareholders could go to court themselves. How much can Hearts/Thistle be compensated? Honestly, I don't know. I don't think that any of us think the £10m claim made by Hearts is in any way realistic. Could it be more than £1m or so? Perhaps. Do they deserve it? IMO, no, but then it's not me on the panel. I believe there will be some level of sympathy for the position they are in and the panel will try and address that. Personally I feel a large(ish) payout will only make the Championship a hugely imbalanced league - if it wasn't already - but isn't really the issue here, it's a procedural one regarding the ending of one league, not the balance of another. TL;DR? In short Hearts/Thistle achieved what they could have got months ago by paying cash via legal representatives, will the outcome likely mean compensation for them? Yes, probably, will it be the amounts they want? No. Can it go back to the Scottish law courts? Extremely unlikely. Will it go onto CAS, probably, as signalled by both clubs already. Can arbitration force reconstruction/reinstatement/nullification of promotion? No. Can it recommend another reconstruction vote? Possibly, but again unlikely. Where are we now? Hearts/Thistle lost their case, they are relegated and will remain relegated and while this process is not over, the league cannot be stopped from going ahead - and Hearts/Thistle accept that now.
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    You are right, you win.... We could have played to a finish allowing Hearts the chance to save themselves , and indeed it is actually all a big conspiracy. The reason it was decided to end the season early, and in the process relegate Hearts, was nothing to do with a global pandemic which is currently in the process of killing hundreds of thousands of people worldwide, and which only now, after months of lockdown, are we finally getting on top of. The season was ended early because everybody fucking hates Hearts, and this was as good an opportunity as any to f**k you right over. Happy?
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    It was a crash, not a bump.
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    Actually I've just thought of a simple solution. Promote Dundee United but don't relegate Hearts. With 13 teams in the Premiership, each round of fixtures will see one club without a game. Just make it Hearts. Every time.
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    He's a moderator on a Scottish football forum not General Secretary of the UN you melt.
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    You can now see how Hearts fans thought they were going to win their last eight games when they’ve managed to turn this court verdict into a victory.
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    Is it right for football in this country to continue during a worldwide pandemic, ask players to go to work and train, mix with others, stay in hotels, travel to stadiums, have staff in to run stadiums, mix with others and do other non essential work then go home to their families and potentially spread a non curable virus? The infection rate is low only because we are in lockdown. Once this eases more and people are on the move itll start to spread again - what happens if theres a local lockdown in Edinburgh with 2 games to go and Hearts are 4 points behind? Does the season get extended again for Hearts? Do you put players with health conditions into the awkward position of refusing to work due to health risks? Referees and officials too? Is it right to ask clubs to extend contracts to players when clubs dont know if or when said games will be played due to potential local lockdown restrictions? With no fans at games to support these contracts? Is it right to allow Hearts the chance to sign a(nother) raft of out of contract players to bail them out of a situation that wouldn't have been the case during normal season times and give them an unfair advantage over Hamilton or other teams who couldn't afford to do so? Is it right to put the new Sky deal in jeopardy by letting this season drag on and making next season truncated? Is it right to have teams not compete in Europe as we cant finish the leagues before the cut off periods? Or do we close early, stick to government and health experts advice, dish out final payments to clubs and wait till theres a better time to start football? Its a shite situation. We all know it's not ideal to end the season the way we have but theres really no other bullet proof, guaranteed way to resolve this season without massive loss of cash, clubs and at worst case, lives. I'd be raging if it was United not getting promoted but I'd have a full body minter if my club was doing what Hearts were and I'm pretty sure any other supporter in this country would too. Some people have forgotten why we are in lockdown.
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    They don't think they should be punished unfairly because of the pandemic. They think Dundee United should be punished unfairly because of the pandemic.
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    Definitely something winners have to do. LOL
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    A lot of daft things happen in Paisley. Here are some really daft examples of penalty taking.
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    After listening to their own legal team for 20 minutes, Kickback is starting to have some serious doubts. Has reality sunk in at last?
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    For the first time ever in deepest Kent. Morrisons has the necTer.
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    We will get out of the relegation places -> They did not get out of the relegation places. We will beat St Mirren and get out of the bottom of the league -> They did not beat St Mirren and get off bottom spot The remaining games will be played at a later date -> The remaining games aren't to be played. The league won't be called -> The league was called. Hearts won't be relegated -> Hearts were relegated. Reconstruction #1 will happen -> Reconstruction #1 didn't happen Reconstruction #2 will happen -> Reconstruction #2 didn't happen The court will rule that the full case can go ahead -> The court didn't rule the case can go ahead. Any Hearts fan still arguing any point what so ever is effectively punch drunk after making so many bad predictions, all of which have failed to come to pass.
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    Of course its not fair but given clubs voted against reconstruction there is no other option and in these circumstances there is a degree of sympathy for clubs being relegated. However, what Hearts and Thistle are doing is trying to save themselves by holding a gun to the rest of Scottish football and Partick Thistle who haven't won a game in 2020 have a brass neck trying to penalise Dundee United 14 point clear in the division. Hearts also tried to hatch a plan with Rangers and Inverness to null and void the season, again penalising the teams who actually performed well. Budge's false care for Scottish football with reconstruction was seen right through especially by a lot of the smaller clubs if Budge had her way from comments a year before would have been obliterated. One of the many reason goodwill has been in short supply.
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    Loving the idea that it is some sort of success to spend a fortune on your own (and the SPFL's) legal fees only to end up with an outcome that you could have had straight away.
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    We are fast approaching the ‘relegation was what we wanted all along’ part of this remake.
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    No it is a message board, full of folk giving their opinions and ideas on what is going round. But as posted if you are going to write post after post stating what you say as being what will happen as fact, be prepared to back it up. If you claim that someome is stupid, be prepared for them to question you further. I have the rulebook, I've read the court document. No one comes on here to try and be antagonistic to others ( well most don't) but engage in debate folk like that. They don't like condescending comment and superiority complex posts as your recent output. As said debate, read and take onboard others points. You may disagree with their point, but if backed up it's no less valid than your opinion.
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