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    "Do you ekshpect Rangersh to win Mr Murray?" "No Mr Bond, I expect them to die!,"
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    Hey everyone, As you’ll know, I don’t post on here very often, but I’ve had a few drinks tonight while the wife snores loudly beside me on the couch so I thought, ‘what the hell?’. I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who watches the show and especially those who recommend it to others and continue to champion it. I really don’t say this lightly but I thought tonight was one of the best shows we’ve done, which is why I broke my usual rule of not reading comments/forums (I truly believe in the old advice of ‘you should treat praise and criticism just the same’) to come on here and have a quick read. And that’s it really. Without guys/girls like you the podcast wouldn’t exist and neither would the TV show, so I just wanted to express my gratitude for that. Take care everyone. Fowler x
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    Championship forum for this pish.
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    It’s on a day like today, where it’s blowing a gale with sporadic horizontal rain, I sit here in my nice warm house and think... ...I still wish I could f***ing go to Dens.
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    You called me an anti semite two days ago with no basis in reality, and are now inferring the people calling out actual anti semitism are cliquey arseholes. Take a day or two off my man
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    If they had been wearing correct ppe for situation they would not have to isolate. I think people were being moved from a burning room to one that wasn't on fire. They might not have had time to sort some of the finer points. It was a fire in a ward full of oxygen machines.
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    It’s an interesting development that when people go on racist rants one of the First things that’s trotted out is that they are having a mental health crisis. There was a rapper a few months ago who went on a tweetstorm about Jews, spouting anti Semitic conspiracy theories and there were a few talking heads in the media who took that line. There was a video posted on here of someone getting punched on the underground for shouting racist abuse and some of the comments on that were essentially the same. Maybe people go on racist rants because they are, in fact, racists and racism isn’t an illness?
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    It's perfectly possible to both acknowledge that both Westminster and Holyrood have made a bit of a c**t of handling this and recognise that voting SNP still represents the only real chance of achieving an independent Scotland.
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    Out of interest what's your suggestion when someone starts regularly spouting misogynistic and then suddenly anti semitic material? Ignore it just in case the poster is mentally unwell? That seems a dangerous and cowardly precedent to set, and removes responsibility of people, y'know, not being bigots. Hold a mental health intervention? That's unlikely to work. Remember when you were so desperate to be upset with BLM that you found articles from some nutter suggesting that structural racism wasn't real? When I pointed out to you that this and some of your other behaviour was troubling you replied with "lol someone thinks they're a psychiatrist!" And then spent months dropping "what, that's meant to be racist now? 😂" In every conversation possible like a dull, wet fart. So I'm not sure that would work. I don't really see what other alternatives are open to us, being as we don't know his actual name. Happy for you to provide some actual thoughts and recommendations other than it being sad for people to make fun of bigots though. I'm quite happy to rip the piss out of someone booted off a football forum for peddling anti-semitic conspiracy theories. As has been established on here bigotry isn't mental illness, and it's very predictable that your focus is completely misplaced
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    I genuinely don't know if my mental health can take months and months more of this shite.
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    Nightmare for the Dundee boys, eh?
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    "Charlie Adam not understanding why that wasn't a foul against Davidson." Charlie Adam doesn't understand where the moon goes during the day, I wouldn't worry about it.
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    Il be paying my own personal tribute by watching The Rock, and repeatedly rewinding the bit where he says "personally I think you're a fucking idiot"
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    Had my baby son on Thursday night and got him home last night. He was 13 days over due and weighed 9lbs 9. My Mrs did incredibly well and didn’t need to go into theatre like she did last time so got to spend an hour with her newborn before being taken away for a few stitches. Not back to work until a week Wednesday so the house will be crazy until then but he seems to be an okay sleeper so far.
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    I agree, but the alternatives are exactly what the unionist want the pro-independence side to do - lose their collective shit, get angry, talk about UDI and civil disobedience. The folk that have just moved from No to Yes have supported independence for about 5 minutes, so none of the previous arguments ever persuaded them. Not indyref, not Brexit, not Boris becoming Prime Minister. The decisive factor seems to be that coronavirus has led them to believe that Scotland would handle the big stuff better than England. They can easily be driven away by what they perceive as extremism. They can be lost as quickly as they arrived. It's not a coincidence that support for independence in Catalonia has fallen since the Falangists went around cracking skulls. The middle ground are very moderate and fearful, and as much as you might want them to get justifiably angry, it's more likely that they'll think it's not worth the trouble. I don't know what the best tactic is but I know it's not what the harder-line pro-independence folk want.
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    Great by Shaughan McGuigan to call out the shite house arse holes getting on the back of Sparky. Mental health has been incredibly tough during Lockdown, even for those without any previous mental health problems, for ex professionals who should know better than to publicly slate Griffiths, without knowing what kind of tough time the lad might of had is pretty low.
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    It’s Mark Ogren banging his head against the wall at Tannadump.
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    He's just had it extended. Just waiting on lockdown being lifted so we can go round and see it This
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    One of our practice managers response to staff being stressed and morale being low was an inspirational tough. It's the same staff battling through but good will only goes so far and morale has crashed. I know this is the same in other areas. I don't mind admitting I'm close to burn out. I have around 30 patient appointments a day, a mix of over the phone and face to face, these days none are nice wee simple things due to other pressures on services. Add in dealing with referrals, docman results etc its bloody hard going, especially the doc man results as that leads to more prescriptions, paperwork etc and due to more staff being off you're trying to squeeze in more. Factor in a few mental healtg patients and its draining. I'm struggling to see how things improve over the coming months and last week was the first time in a long time where I have felt I can't do this anymore and I'm fairly resilient.
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    We never had a "full lockdown" in this country at any point. You had folk piling into cars to buy yoghurts 30 miles from their house, going to 'Big Licks' for ice cream 5 nights a week and 25 folk in gardens when the R rate was sky high and 1,000 folk a day were dying in the UK from covid.
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    Go and support Hearts mate St Mirren supporters don’t want you. Almost every single post you make on this forum is either misinformed nonsense or just plain bullshit. You genuinely come across like a 12 year old, spelling and punctuation errors included. And as someone else said above, if there was ever a time to be supporting your club, then it’s now. Not storming off in a huff because of a rumour you’ve heard. Maybe supporting a football team isn’t for you if that’s the attitude you’ve got.
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    Most people who stay in five star hotels aren't Rustlers burger eating tramps though.
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    We as a moderating team have tried to help you in the past and made allowances for your mental health. Your accusations are baseless and offensive and quite frankly you can go f**k yourself. I'm done with you.
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    I've come early, nothing new there, so we will crack on (empty house for 10 mins). The James Villa Holidays League Champions Playoff @scottmcleanscontacts v @WhiteRoseKilie Please answer the main playoff question. The Club 18-30 2nd & 3rd place Playoff @101 v @German Jag Please answer the main playoff question. The main event has arrived #162 gracias on the tills today are; Hugo Sanchez Playoff @Rugster P7 W6 L1 - last app 26th Sep '20 v @alang1993 P10 W4 L6 - last app 12th Sep '20 Head to Head 0-1 Speedy Gonzales Playoff @MixuFruit P9 W2 L7 - last app 26th Sep '20 v @Cardinal Richelieu P23 W11 L12 - last app 25th Jul '20 Head to Head 0-0 Question - Carlos Slim, how much is he net worth in USD $? Answers to be kachinged to my piggy bank to latter than Monday 07:00 TT. Note to @all - please, please do not post Mondays quiz, I shall do after the playoffs have been announced. I want to have statement with all new rules of the weekly 4 cup competitions that run along side the league (no extra questions involved). It would be good that I have this out for everyone to understand before we start the league campaign. IF I receive all the answers from playoff players before the set time, I will post the rules quicker and what I have just wrote can be place in the filling bin. I thank you, the pleasure is all yours.
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    A cabinet meeting on a Saturday, does Boris know, he likes his weekends remember, the bumbling, mendacious, perfidious, wife beating piece of vermin that he is.
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    Round 2 Results @scottmcleanscontacts 4 v @MSU 7 @Silky Si McFly 7 v @peasy23 6 @SlipperyP 3 v @Blootoon87 6 @Tynierose 7 v @The Captain 8 @Helpma 6 v @Rugster 9 @The_Kincardine 7 v @NotThePars 6 @Ross. 4 v @mathematics 6 @LincolnHearts 7 v @NJ2 5 @JamesP_81 6 v @Eednud 7 @101 beat @Cardinal Richelieu on a tiebreak A special well done to all those who got the question they inspired correct(Mathematics, Silky Si, The Captain, Kincardine, 101, Lincoln Hearts, Cardinal). Could all the winners please provide me with a category/ topic for a question and I will put one in from each(can be broad or very obscure if you want). Just tag me/ PM me with your chosen subject and that will be fine. Will do the draw for next round tomorrow
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    I know, we feel the same.
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    I liked the way they surmised that Mendy coming on ment Davo was getting pushed into midfield. Then they realised he'd gone off and were determined that it was a defensive move to counter a by now nonexistent Dundee attacking threat. To be fair though, the late equaliser would've been a little less enjoyable if the commentary was a bit more reasonable.
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    Absolutely and utterly furious.
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    I'm watching it. Could be 5 or 6
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    You’re going to read the manifestos of all the parties? That’s impressive bullshit.
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    Don't care what anyone says, I'm enjoying Super Sam's enthusiasm in the commentary. Also the exasperated sigh at one point.
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    Worst kazoo solo ever.
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    Equally there’s people who have no relevant training or expertise but spend all day on chat sites and who think that they are better equipped to deal with the pandemic.
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    Idiots if they do - watch the Yes vote surge even more.
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    Holidays abroad were a terrible idea and have probably had a far bigger impact than schools.
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    From April, at the height of the first wave: This is The Guy we have as National Clinical Director that people fawn over because "he talks like a real person" and "likes the football and that eh". No wonder the pandemic response in this country has been a shambles.
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    A very Happy Loi Krathong from overcast Thailand, Todays Final League Tables are brought to you by Loy Krathong Song (English Version) James Villa Holiday League No trophy to hand out in the top tier as yet. We have a tie between @scottmcleanscontacts & @WhiteRoseKilie, they will meet in a playoff. This will not just see who wins the league trophy, this will determined their seeds on the Champions League for next week. @MSU & @Adamski will be in the Europa League next week. @peasy23 & @Helpma will be in the Diddy League next week. Relegation this week for @The DA, @Eednud & @Tynierose @Rugster finds himself in the weekend playoff. No trophy yet. Teletext Holiday League Winner of the teletext goes to @Salvo Montalbano his 7th in total. He will play in the Champions League next week. @NotThePars with a fine finish to the week, gets himself promoted and a place in the Europa League. @The_Kincardine up and down like his sex life, is up and gets into the Diddy League next week. (Let's hope his fans behave on their travels) @alang1993 doing a fine job with the cup has more to do, he is in the playoff. Down to the seaside club @pleslie99, @mathematics & @JamesP_81 @MixuFruit needs a playoff win for survival Club 18-30 Holiday League @Arch Stanton comes out of isolation to win his 2nd Club 18-30 trophy and a place in the Champions League (interesting) @101 is also up and in the Europa League @German Jag is on the march and in the Diddy League next week. @Cardinal Richelieu been on his holidays for a few weeks, is now doing overtime. Playoff for him. Ok where the quote "A tasty 8 to break my run of 6s, I fear the spoon no more". Hmmm never bothered your arse to post Fridays score @Spring Onion spoon for you. I will post the playoff question today around 21:00 TT See you all then.
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    Spot on. The Yes Da's who want to bin Nicola Sturgeon because independence isn't happening quickly enough are the sorts of fucking idiots who will end up costing us an eventual Yes vote. None of them ever have a solution of course, beyond MARE NEEDS TO BE HAPPENING.
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    Just dropped by to wish Hibernian FC all the best 👍
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    Time to call the season again.
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    And to prove the point - look who red dotted.
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    I'm not speaking from experience either way, but I don't think rapists even consider using vaseline.
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    Good point, I mean we’ve only played 3 of the bottom 4
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    It’s basically ganging up on people and using an excuse to do it. Vast majority of this thread is simply the same dozen or so posters enjoying making people suffer for no real reason. They will then stalk and harass the same posters over various threads and posts regardless of content quality. I’m not condoning calling out bad behaviour and have been out of line myself once of twice but tbh you could name the dozen or so who are at it. When people have reduced social interaction and try to have a meaningful discussion and get excluded and ridiculed constantly it’s a bit much.
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