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    What did your manager make of the decision to promote Dundee United?
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    The Gun Club- Fire Spirit g2KET6Qrxo4 Not sure how well known they are on here but I would definitely recommend them if you're a Pixies fan.
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    Not an expert but used it a fair bit
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    Aye, it’d be great to get a full, uninjured, pandemic-free season out of him. Despite the fact it’s v early in, and many of our signings are unknown/we don’t know if they’ll be hits or not, I feel like this season will be a really fun one. (If we keep everyone currently and make at least one more forward signing who’s half decent.) Turnbull and Polworth doing ballon d’or things, Campbell and O’Hara demolishing midfields for the pure entertainment value that destruction brings and Tony Watt being... a meme? Also predicting in my lovely imaginary land that Grimmy will finally score a 30 yard rocket in off the bar that sees a rightful pitch invasion.
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    Heart of Midlothian thread for this pish please.
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    It's like they're lining up the kickback mentalists to have a crack at P &.B, starting with least insane to totally deranged. Can't wait to see what crackpot turns up next.
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    Aye, we'll take Hendry then.
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    The Pixies - Dig For Fire / Allison
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    If only the top brass and the Royals had formed a Pals Battalion and went over the top on the first day.
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    Bob Seger - The Fire Down Below
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    In fairness it looks better written down, but I’d worry we’d get overrun on our left hand side if Robertson is caught forward. I’d rather have Christie playing as well as he’s done well cutting in from the left. McGregor would be my first to be sacrificed as I don’t think he’s been up to much in his recent caps. Still got Fleck to factor in too. Our midfield options are crazy.
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    You’re not wrong. It’s insane that people had to go through that carnage and all it really did was create another war.
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    I bet even bonnieprincecharlie is red dotting this fucker.
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    There are an interesting series of books on WW1 in the trenches by an author called Stuart Minor available on kindle unlimited. They are fictional but give a good depiction of live in trenches. For a true account the diary of George coppard is fascinating . The title is With a machine gun to Cambrai. Well worth a look. Dulce et decorum est Aye right.
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    That is poor. In South Ayrshire it's induction days week of the return and normal full time from the next Monday
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    I'd recommend the Gallipoli mini series on Amazon Prime. I read decent ww1 book recently. Ring of Steel by Alexander Watson, giving a fairly detailed view of the war from the perspective of the central powers. Well worth checking out.
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    It it came to it, surely we could all get along together? I would be happy with no crowd segregation
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    I see the prosphetic limb shop in town has changed hands again.
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    VICTORY THROUGH HARMONY Big picture of a cannon.
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    You seem to be assuming all "centre mids" are identical to each other. If it says "CM" on FIFA that doesn't mean the players need to play one of the middle two spots in a 4-4-2 in real life. Have you watched a Southampton game this season, for example? Armstrong has been playing wide in a front three and has been their best player apart from Ings over the last few months. Robertson gives you the width you're missing down the left. Players need to be fluid and being comfortable on the ball and tactically aware of how to do a number of different things is far more important than making sure the position goes green on Ultimate Team. If you think McBurnie is "rank rotten" then I don't know what to say to you. Sheffield United have confounded all expectations this season and he's a nailed on starter for them after paying 20m for him. I'd imagine you'd have them pushing Liverpool if you were in charge instead of Chris Wilder, given how dense he must be to pay that much for a "rank rotten" striker and then start him in every game.
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    Bottom line is, it's a straight choice. 1) Reward Hearts for having a shite season and punish Dundee United for having a good one 2) Reward Dundee United for having a good season and punish Hearts for having a shite one Which is less unfair?
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    I tend to end up next to them at every game I go to. Yes Shug you're right, I cannot imagine why a 20m striker whose game is bringing others into play and creating space for midfielders (our strongest position) is getting a start ahead of "the loddy Shonklun" who was playing against Alloa the week before. And yes I know "the goals dinny move ken".
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    We could have played out the season. We also could have used care home residents as mascots and replaced Bovril with bat soup at all grounds if that’s everyone wanted. The Government made their decisions for reasons that had f**k all to do with Hearts, Partick Thistle or stoapin ten in eh row. This argument is as redundant today as it was when Lord Foulkes was getting patched off by the UK Government. Hearts getting relegated is not that important in the grand scheme of things. Get a grip and get doon.
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    I once went out with a girl who had a lazy eye. Turns out she was seeing someone else at the same time.
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    No idea how he's managed this nonsense. @D.A.F.C @parsforlife
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    I'm glad you've calmed down now, it's not healthy to be so angry all the time.
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    Only problem with putting up floodlights in the summer is that you've got to wait a while until it's dark enough to see if everything's working properly!
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    What countries in Europe have been "much worse hit" by Covid-19 than the UK?
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    And there it is. As a Falkirk fan, I'm disappointed about how things ended up but it is what it is. If Falkirk had their shit together earlier in the season, they would've been going up instead of Raith. But they didn't and they aren't. Hey ho, them's the breaks. Let's get some perspective. Hundreds of thousands of people are dying. Many more will. Many others face an uncertain financial future, many businesses will never re-open, or survive long if they do. This is the biggest global tragedy to have happened in any of our lifetimes. And yet we see people who claim to be football fans actively wishing other teams to go out of business, and scheming to try and make that happen. If you're one of them, seriously...take a good long look at yourself. This applies whether you support Falkirk, Hearts, Sevco or anyone else. Hearts didn't get the job done on the pitch - they're going down. Falkirk didn't get the job done on the pitch - they're staying down. And that's all there is to it.
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    Falkirk Council have announced that children will restart school on a phased basis on 12th August and then as long as no spike full time on 24th August,my grandson starts P1 this year and i really want to be there to see the before and after school.
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    Fuckin hell, not another one....
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    Aye, thats what I thought you said
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    Never seen this Derry character before but his inability to read or write English has amused me greatly.
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    You weren't getting reinstated either way. At the start I dare say a lot of fans, while laughing at Hearts' predicament, probably did have a soupcon of sympathy for the "it's no' fair" mantra. Now I'd say most of us don't give a f***, and if you never appear in the top flight again we won't care. Basically, you can take your maroon pound and stick it up your arse.
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    Of course it's a garden - look at the trees growing out of the signage
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    Why? You (we) got Trubisky and saved half a billion dollars. That's good, right? Right?
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    They don't think they should be punished unfairly because of the pandemic. They think Dundee United should be punished unfairly because of the pandemic.
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    Anyone else want to quote the Leckie article in full? It's only 5 or 6 times so far.
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    I think Brother Baracus is a little jealous he’s not ITK TBQH He also seems to seethe an awful lot for someone who abhors such things. I blame the lockdown; it’s done a number on everyone.
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    Anything else you said has dissipated into the ether because this couple of sentences stands out like a wosname at a whatchamajigger. Anyone or anything that champions B teams in the senior leagues can, as the bard himself once said, get to f**k.
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    So if hearts and partick win compo for being relegated despite it being voted for, would that open the door for all clubs denied the playoffs to ask for the same amount as they all potentially lost out on the same monies by the same vote?
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    I'm glad to see this thread has so many replies. I took a real dislike to him before I even knew who he was or had heard his music on the basis that he had "Lewis Calamari" as his Twitter name. This reminded me of the sort of patter vacuums you grew up with who would think that someone making an honest mistake was funny for several weeks after it happened. Sure, you all giggle along at the start, but you get the p***ks who constantly bring it up at every opportunity even months later. That might seem like a petty reason to dislike someone, but I've stuck by it and been proven correct. A complete tryhard.
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    That explains everything. The slope is there to lure wild haggis onto the playing surface where they can be captured for use in the pies.
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    Can someone come and collect their auld da?
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    Words that Jeffrey never uttered to her.
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    Put it this way, I’d rather have all his songs pumped into my brain until I die than hear another Gerry Cinnamon song ever again. Heard one of this songs earlier today, Belter it was called, and it’s the worst thing I’ve ever heard in my life. I honestly though it was one of those novelty piss take songs.
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    Anyone over the age of 16 who uses Snapchat filters, particularly as a profile photo, should be reported to the police immediately.
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    There's a guy in here who does literally no work during the day, one of those guys who is excellent and walking around looking busy but does the square root of f**k all. Anyway, I noticed that he's been signing on in the evenings and sending a couple of emails around midnight. I should be clear that these emails weren't anything more than a staller - "Thanks for your email, we'll check this out and revert to you soon", he's not actually doing any work then either. Soon after my boss pulls us all in and explains that some people in the team have too much work to deal with and have been forced to work from home in the evenings. Yip, this c**t has been doing nothing but building his step count all day, sending a couple of staller emails in the evening then pleading stress to the boss. I have to admit he's played it beautifully and if it didn't mean more work for me I would probably admire him, but ultimately I just want to cave his head in.
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