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    ....baby don't hurt me, don't hurt me, no more.
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    Neither will we Enjoy your season guys.
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    I’ve watched enough grand designs to know that it’ll cost more than you have, will involve at least one pregnancy, probably a divorce and also a serious illness.
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    5 pens dispatched, no problem. What is it England find so hard about them?
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    Just to put the icing on the the cake i banned Falkirk09Bairn,for no other reason other than he is a cock.
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    This was just uploaded to YouTube, unbelievable scenes
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    You, my good man, are 100% right, a shambles and a joke indeed. Friday nights deadline for teams withdrawing was 8PM, the fixtures should have been out by 8:01PM. It's disgraceful that anyone would have taken part in a Zoom Meeting to sort out the Conferences structure. 2 hours in a meeting that should have been spent getting fixtures out. How dare anyone then take some time out on a Friday night to enjoy some time with his family. Chilling out with a glass or 2 of a favourite tipple whilst watching a film on Netflix. Reprehensible!! Then to make matters worse to go on and postpone the planned release of the fixtures on Saturday at 5PM due to another team withdrawing after the Friday deadline. Shocking!! What was I thinking? Leaving the house to do a shopping for food? How dare anyone have a life outside of this? Fixtures finally released at 11AM on Sunday is not good enough. I will therefore look forward to your incoming application to join the IMG of the WoSFL and let me step down from this role. A role which clearly you are better suited to than me. As for the website, the admin of that made a couple of copy and paste errors in his haste to let everyone know about all the games that nobody can go to. Sorry about that. I shall make sure he is sent to Outer Mongolia for that dreadful mistake. Kennie Young Soon to be ex-Secretary of WoSFL
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    Sturgeon's tone has been shocking for weeks. She's got zero willingness to address the huge elephant in the room, which is schools being open and instead just blames every other aspect of society. Opening schools was a political decision, they said they would be safe but anyone who has family/friends who work in schools know this is a nonsense. Wish they would just admit the huge surge in cases is due to the schools/uni's being open and for once be honest. all this circuit breaker nonsense will do more harm than good, as you'll see it end just as furlough ends and plenty of businesses will not open back up. She's spent all summer telling folk to book staycations and is now about to ban them just as the October holidays start. Talk about shafting tourism here. All these hints were given today minutes after she announced ZERO deaths in the last 24hrs. I'd love to see their plan for the next years for economic recovery as I'd stick money on them not even being able to write it on a fag packet. And I say all this as an SNP voter for the last decade.
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    We're never losing a game again. We may never concede a goal again. I for one welcome our shitfesting overlords.
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    AGM vote won by 0.15%. Well done Falkirk fans
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    Number of Partick league wins in this calendar year (as of October 17): still zero.
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    Can't wait to cut about Brno town centre tomorrow
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    Spoke to him this morning. It's not a long term injury and he'll back much sooner than I think everyone feared. The manager might give out a timescale next time he does a press or FFCTV interview.
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    Stunned to note that the genius post-2014 Unionist strategy of gratuitously insulting and sneering at pro-independence people while obsessing over process rather than attempting to generate any new, positive arguments for their preferred constitutional arrangement might not be turning out too well for them. That's a pity.
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    Following the death of my (unofficial) father-in-law a couple of months back, it would be fair and understandable to say that my other half hasn't been in the mood of late. Most of the time we've been at her mother's, so that's somewhat limiting anyway. Therefore, to finish off a break last week I thought that I could fork out that little bit more for the last couple of nights and go somewhere a bit more upmarket for a more romantic setting. Big room in the turret of a castle, the big fancy mega-kingsize bed, giant bath etc etc. In summary: somewhat pricey. Following a fun day out on a cloudless summers day in the countryside that had successfully suppressed the dad issue (think 'Nice Painter and His Wife' Fast Show type situations where you go to all lengths to avoid a certain subject), we came back to the hotel room with a bottle of red wine for a soak in the big tub prior to dinner. I even wandered into the nearby village and back beforehand just to get some bubble bath for this as there was no way was I mucking this up. Following that and getting dressed up a bit for a 'date night', we went downstairs to the restaurant and had a top-notch candle-lit dinner involving some fancy starters, sirloin steaks and some more Malbec. Things were going very, very well, and so I suggested that we head back upstairs, to which she agreed and called the waiter over so we could settle the bill. Well, imagine my absolute f***ing delight when the waiter said "We have a nice surprise for you! Your mother phoned us up earlier today to say that she's paying the bill for both of you as a big thank you for all you've done to help over the past few weeks, and all the staff here are all really sorry to hear about your dad". (see spoiler for my inner reaction at this point) Cue a wine-supercharged emotional breakdown in the restaurant as the issue was brought straight back to the forefront, and a complete lack of action that weekend. Never before have I been so ungratefully seething about getting a free steak and wine dinner.
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    Who the f**k, in the year of our lord 2020, is putting Falkirk in this list ?
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    Kent and Laxalt look like they should be facing off on opposite sides of a far-right demonstration in central London.
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    University was fine, but anything I've learned which is worth knowing was taught to me on Pie and Bovril
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    Terrific to see this thread is unreadable again. I know I've said it on this thread before but does anyone else find the discourse around Christmas just so infantile? I saw the Scottish political editor for the Times(!) tweet today about how there absolutely needed to be a UK-wide solution for families meeting up at Christmas as many extended families are spread across different jurisdictions. Surely if you've decided to live in a different country from your family, you're enough of an adult to celebrate Christmas with them via Zoom or something? The idea that our political leaders should make some kind of exception and temporarily lift restrictions for a single day just because it's Christmas is just totally wild to me. Even more so when you consider the Muslim community seemed to deal fine with Eid being cancelled with about 12 hours notice back in July. It's been obvious for months that a normal Christmas wasn't going to be possible, and yet it seems to have come as a surprise to some people.
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    Considine coming across very well here in the interview. Just a nice guy absolutely delighted to get his chance. Solid as well tonight - fair play to him.
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    I lovely touch to celebrate the passing of the MSG and the dawning of a new era. A long time coming #COYB
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    All Torys are c***s. Without exception. Here endeth the lesson.
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    I do feel a bit bad for Kincy here. He sat back and did f**k all while his club died, and now he’s going to have to do the same with his beloved union. What a terrible shame all round.
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    It’s been a long summer full of this happy clapping pish. Him and his mates talking about strolling this league, pumping teams, going unbeaten, etc. Read a Tweet the other day saying we had the best attack outside the top six in the country, ffs. A staggering lack of self-awareness shown by so many people in our fanbase. I have no issue with fans of everyone else ripping the pish out of it. These c***s deserve it.
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    I get right fed up by people who reference the restrictions we've been under in terms of intervention by a nanny state. It's just utter libertarian nonsense. Not least because we're looking at approaching 70 years since we last had anything like a functioning nanny welfare state designed to protect the most vulnerable in society. A fit for purpose welfare state wouldn't have prevented the virus arriving here but we might have had a healthier country, better equipped to deal with it. We could have avoided the severity of the first Lockdown because our NHS wouldn't have been in danger of being overwhelmed. How good would it have been if we had had a well funded, state of the art National Health Service that instead of banging pots and pans for we could look at with genuine pride. People would be less afraid of losing their jobs because the state would be there to protect and not punish. Typically it is invariably the people that decry the nanny state that are also the people who cite Sweden as a great example of how to deal with Covid-19 but ignore the fact that their welfare state allowed them to take the approach they did. It's the libertarian, let the market decide and don't impinge upon people's 'freedom' approach that left us so vulnerable and it is the same libertarian, don't need face masks, open things up and just look after yourself approach that makes recovery so fucking difficult. It's not been too much state intervention that we've had over the last couple of generations but not enough. Ach, I'm just a grumpy old man fed up to the back teeth of all of this and the levels of utter selfishness that I encounter on a daily basis. And to think I was told that this was no longer a public health crisis.
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    I am bloody proud to be a Falkirk Bairn tonight. Every single small shareholder who voted should be too as well as those who were phoning round encouraging them. Time to really look forward with optimism now. Let’s put the divides behind us and get behind the share issue with whatever we can afford. If it is £10 or 10 grand tonight shows every bit matters and is no less important. I am off for another whiskey [emoji122] everyone
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    Just stick this here, cos why the f**k no???
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    Look pal, the club is in a very dangerous position because of a global pandemic. We've been extended the chance of making some money when it looked like our main source of income had been removed. If you're expecting part time clubs to fork out on expensive camera equipment (with no subsidy) and pull together a team of volunteers to film a game just so c***s like you can be happy with the "product" that is a Scottish League 1 fixture, you're fucking deluded. If you don't like Pixelot then don't pay for it but most fans realise this is the best that can be done in the circumstances and is the only way clubs like ours will survive.
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    Hiya Japanese! Hiya Japanese pal!
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    Some laugh watching #ToryScum trending out of areas like Yorkshire and Lancashire where the electorate ditched their traditional voting patterns en-masse less than a year ago to overwhelmingly vote them in on the basis of 'getting Brexit done'. Now that they've decided to deny food to impoverished children during a pandemic, the same folk who voted for them are suffering a bit of remorse and are just picking up that they aren't very nice people. I mean, it's not like we had decades of their cuntishness to draw on or anything.
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    Family friend who was on a ventilator in Hairmyres has recovered enough to have it removed and be "discharged" from icu back to a normal ward. Lucky stuff 🍀
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    Considine wondering who the f**k his other 120 caps have gone to.
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    Tomorrow is my 2 year cancerversary!
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    2 options: 1. call the Main Office on 01592 263514 2. ask punters on a fans forum to help you Option 1 is looking like your best bet I feel 😳
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    Wee Jimmy patter is fucking horrific.
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    I can never get my head round the folk on these threads who take themselves so seriously and research things furiously, to the point they clearly believe they are like Socrates, delivering their almost God-given pearls of wisdom and enlightenment to a crowd of enraptured movers and shakers who will pick up on every word, analyse each graph and scurry off to immediately spread the gospel and shape government policy. "That showed THEM" they purr to themselves as they hit reply. In reality the audience is a bunch of skiving b*****ds waiting to pounce on any personal foible of another poster, hopefully see a nurse with big tits occasionally and, best of all see someone have a meltdown and get banned.
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    Sign 13 players on loan from Hearts & play the game
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