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  1. You're a complete arsehole. Don't come back.
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  2. This post is fucking massive, so apologies. Had my coffee with John Mason MSP. Now he’s someone I fiercely disagree with on a lot of issues, many of which in the public eye and I think he’s had more than a few shockers of late on social media along these lines. Regardless, it was a relatively pleasant two-hour conversation where I managed to get my view across (I think). I initially raised my issue with “tsunami” phraseology – at that time he was unable to provide me with the ICU/death figures for Omicron. He agreed that perhaps that phrase was not appropriate. He had previously mentioned that whilst he receives e-mails from me, frustrated about the restrictions, he also receives emails from people on the other side. I put it to him that this is likely in large part to the Scottish Governments dangerous scare messaging. He noted this as a possible reason. He stressed again that ScotGov are going for the more cautious approach – I again noted that whilst this was fine earlier in the pandemic, we cannot continue to screech whatever parts of the economy the “matilda pointing at things” government chooses. I have previously raised my concern that football and hospitality are being punished – he disagreed at the time – but I felt that my explanation of why I felt this was the case was listened to. I pointed out that schools remain open and whilst I am absolutely not suggesting they get closed, it makes no sense keeping them open whist punishing private business. The issue of masks (more on that later) in schools and the data showing not a lot was again I feel listened to. I raised the data issues. I spoke to their desperation to use scary SA and Denmark data but when that data was showing the decoupling between cases and hospitalisation/ICU this data was swiftly ignored. I struggled to understand this. He again doubled down on the more cautious approach. He himself believes the government is more cautious than needs, but these decisions come from the top (more on that later) and he himself has raised issues with the panicked messaging and random crowd numbers etc. On the current restrictions. I asked him if he could say with a straight face that “sitting down” and table service made any difference in the data. He could not. I spoke in general about the restrictions, that 2 years in the government needs to provide its citizens with the data that justifies the closing of businesses/restrictions rather than just deciding on a whim. He said this data is difficult to get. I said that whilst that might be the case, continually leaving business in uncertain situations cannot continue. I then spoke about the data in Scotland vs England. Now his previous response here was along the lines of “yeah but if we didn’t do x then the numbers would be higher”. I put it to him that a) you could affectively say that statement FOREVER and b) we have the best real world data in terms of restrictions anyone could EVER hope for on this island with England vs Scotland data tracking perfectly. Again he defended this point – but I fought back strongly on this and being the utter loser I am pointed to the graphs reflecting this for his consideration. It did seem like this got through, and at the Covid committee on Thursday he intends to raise this now. We spoke about next winter. His last e-mail to me was incredibly strange because I asked why there is no consideration for NHS capacity. On this, we didn’t go too deep into the NHS but he did agree that based on this winter the Scottish Government needs to take more time and considering whether they need to act next winter in the likelihood of “new variants”. I raised the concept of the ScotGov bubble. Of course we are all familiar with Westminster bubble but in my head I am astonished that the First Minister believes that a) people are following the guidance in terms of 3 households/limiting contacts and that b) any pubs etc outwith the city centres are actually following these nonsense rules. He agreed on these points and reflected on the massive reduction in “check-ins” and that the government needs to look at phasing this sort of thing out. I then raised the issue of younger people suffering during the pandemic (I’m 28 so not sure I quite qualify). In previous twitter conversations with him, he enraged me by saying that “nightclubs etc” are “extra”. Now I realised 3 years ago that city centre night clubs are no longer the place for me – but I don’t believe it’s fair that he or anyone in government get to decide on a whim what is extra. For example, I put it to him that I am the biggest atheist ever and he is very religious. I feel churches are extra. But he would no doubt disagree. We then had an in depth conversation about how the government actually governs. Because I was intrigued to understand what the role of the “covid committee” actually was, and let me tell you, the answer did not please me. When I raised my concern that Devi is monetising the pandemic with her books and talks, he smiled and agreed it shouldn’t happen. Regardless, it was made clear that the leadership in the Scottish Government are advised (and she does indeed have the FM’s ear), decisions are made on this and THEN the Covid committee analyses these decisions. I was really perplexed by this – in government I’d have thought a far better way to work would be for the committee and the leadership to work together (and cross party) when it comes to speaking to “independent” advisors and making decisions. So for anyone wondering how these decisions are being made, based on the conversation I had with him, it is very clear that the “cautious approach” is being driven by the leadership at the top. I noted the number of times that “Nicola” was used in the answers to what I was saying – basically every answer. I reflected on the recent car crash interviews from Swinney and Humza. On Swinney it was actually him that asked the question regarding crowds and he agreed he was not satisfied at all with the answer. On Humza, he stated that the omicron/with or because of Covid data was hard to collect. I said I understood this – but ultimately 2 years on the government have had plenty time to sort out a system to do this if they actually had an interest in keeping the country open and it’s downright irresponsible not to. This was noted. We then moved on to discuss what happens in the future, and I asked a couple of questions that the P&B masses and some pals put to me: I raised very serious concerns with vaccine passports, in terms of their use, their discriminatory nature and the various domino affect repercussions that come with them. I also again raised this as another example of a shan policy cooked up in Holyrood left to private business to deal with. I raised the very real issue of ScotGov simply saying “aye but France etc are doing it” without considering why (France’s vaccine uptake was a lot lower than UK’s, and in that manner it did work). I stated clearly that this is the exact kind of policy that needs to be backed up by concrete data. And I asked when this, along with masks, will be fired into the bin. He was unable to tell me, but agreed that they cannot remain a part of the fabric of our society long term. Whilst I said they needed binned now because of the clear uselessness in the face of omicron, this was noted, and will also be raised at the covid committee should he have time (each MSP seems to only get around 5-6 minutes to question Swinney and Leitch at these things). On masks I’ve ranted about this many many times with him so we didn’t go too in depth but again, along with masks, he is hoping to raise this issue. I raised my concerns on data/safe modelling by email and we touched on this briefly – he said he felt it was correct that government looked at worst case and based on this. I blew my top about that via email, and I interrogated him on what qualifications within government do MSPs and ministers have to interrogate data correctly. This wasn’t really answered, but when I took issue with the “worst case” scenario not having any probability attached to it, rendering it meaningless, he seemed to roll back on his view. Regardless, incredibly concerning that we’re being governed like this. Moving forward he has said many times he wants this to move to be more like flu – seasonal jabs for the over 50’s and vulnerable. I asked if this was a universal view point or just his, but he wasn’t sure on this. John Mason to put it kindly is an outlier within the SNP, the leadership don’t seem to like him because of his somewhat controversial views, so it’s difficult to assess whether or not the leadership agree on the seasonality and binned the need for 28 year olds like me to be getting jabs left right and centre. “Civil Liberties” was raised by me – he put it that looking at the example of the government wanting to enshrine the UN Rights of the Child into law shows the government is doing more on civil liberties. I noted this point – but in terms of the past two years I was talking about things like vaccine passports which in the discussion overall were listened to. He doesn’t like the restrictions and I think he is likely to not really tow the party line with them like others. For example, I also invited Alison Thewliss for a coffee but it became clear that this would not have gone down well as she is far more in line with Nicola Sturgeon. So to answer someone’s question that was put to me – yes it does seem very much like the SNP government and those representing are telt to tow the line, and we went into detail a bit about how a few years ago it was actually worse in terms of party discipline and not being able to speak out (he raised the trans debate but I had absolutely no interest getting into that). There’s probably some stuff I’ve missed, and again apologies for the long post. I would again stress – Covid and restrictions and the things raised in this thread I have noted have made me a much angrier person over the past 2 years and I strongly recommend voicing your views to your MSP because it almost certainly helps. If anyone’s any other questions just let me know.
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  3. Honestly. I know you get the folk who come on here and go on about how 'Oh, the usual suspects just want any excuse to stick the blade in oor Nic' etc, but I genuinely am totally gutted about how we have been governed since late 2020. I voted for them in every local and general election since about 2010. I never bothered at all about politics before then but I decided to register and vote as I genuinely believed in what they stood for and what they were fighting for. I was (and am still) a huge proponent of Independence but this wasn't my only reason for an SNP vote. I honestly believed they were essentially good at the heart of everything they did and were doing their best to make Scotland better rather than an afterthought of the UK. I was also fully on board for lockdown one. I didn't like it....hated it in fact. My mum had just been diagnosed with terminal blood cancer around 3 months prior and I didn't see her for nearly four months from March because it was for the best not to, it was only a while though, I believed and it would give her a better chance of extending her life. It broke my heart (and still does as she's no longer with us) but I was fully on board with it, for both her and my dad. My stepdaughter also worked in a care home and me and my partner took her wee girl for a few weeks to put that separation there so she was minimising risk. She was coming in from work every day and phoning us to tell us another two, three people had succumbed to it and she could do nothing but leave them in a room themselves as they died, because she couldn't be in all rooms at all times. Then when things started opening up a bit again in August/Sept 2020 it was like a pressure valve has been released a bit. I was getting to the gym - 5 mornings a week for the 13 weeks we were allowed to reopen and I was feeling not too bad. That's at the point I started questioning both in person and on here, 'what is the end game?', if the vaccines don't work or there's no effective medicine, how do we get out of this? It was a question that I thought wasn't being asked by a media giving the government an easy ride on both sides of the border. As the 'we know better than you' attitude came and with it, the 'behave or we'll shut you down again' rhetoric began, my opinion started to gradually sway. Started to see a side of the ruling party up here that was unimaginable a few months earlier. From there, my concern and agitation has morphed into outright hatred of the party as it has gradually worn me down to the point where I honestly can't fathom why I ever voted for them in the first place and actually feel relief that the 2014 referendum didn't go the way I voted as we'd have been in even worse restrictions for even longer than we are with this mob having full control. We were promised that the vaccine was the way out of this, that with an effective vaccine programme, we'd never have to resort to such draconian measures such as locking people down again, criminalising them for being within 5 miles of their fucking homes or out for more than one walk in a day! Measures that they will tell you they HATE imposing on people as NS stands on the podium with her face contorted in her best look of concern. We locked down again at the start of the year and my partner, a self-employed hairdresser was forced to stop working for three months, not only that but because she had only registered as self employed within the previous 12 months, was eligible for nothing. We were left up shit creek and told 'something will come along' she was forced into jobseekers for the first time in her life as there was no help, no discretionary fund. They only found her a loophole 10 days before everything reopened and she got got about 50% of her lost potential earnings back for the period but by that point, she was despondent that she'd been denied the right to work and had no help forthcoming to offset that. This last two years has been a fucking hellscape for people and their mental health. My story isn't even one of hardship in relative terms to what some have gone through but I've hated every single minute of it. The separation from friends, from family, the fact I didn't see my mum nearly as much as I should have in the last 18 months of her life. My mental health is in the gutter, my physical health is ruined, I am constantly anxious for my still grieving dad who lost his partner of 40 years and spends most of his days/nights alone and is now being told that he has further restrictions on what he can. So yes, I'm fucking bitter. This isn't about locking down for three weeks - it's about things being taken away from you just because they say so. They don't even need solid evidence to do so anymore and can do it on the threat of something maybe happening. Meanwhile like the Tories they hate so much, they backhander their mates for preferred work, they shoot down any vocal opposition to their policies with barbed replies, they try and retain emergency powers for non-emergency times, they cover up scandal after scandal and laugh as they get away with it. At least you know the tories are outright c***s...folk like Rees-Mogg and Gove are never going to masquerade as humanitarians. The SNP do it under the guise of caring and love for the people of the country and are every bit as evil and dangerous. TL:DR - f**k all of the c***s.
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  4. Good news - Mum phoned and was told Step-Dad is comfortable and no hospitalisation required.
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  5. In the case of my closest Aunt and Uncle, my Aunt had Cancer pre-Covid that thankfully had gone into remission for a few years, then obviously lockdown kicked in and, as was the case with everyone, we weren't able to see each other. During lockdown her Cancer returned, and it was a massive fight to be able to be seen, with appointments and operations constantly cancelled and pushed back due to Covid. Finally after almost a year of waiting, she was scheduled in for what was by that time, a 50/50, last chance procedure to save her life. The night before she was due to be admitted for her operartion she was awoken my a massive clatter in the bathroom, and ran in to find my Uncle having had a massive heart attack due to the stress of it all and the thought of losing his wife due to the delays and restrictions. He was dead before he'd hit the floor. She was left with no real choice but to go through with being admitted the next day as it has been delayed repeatedly for almost a year and was already her last chance. Sadly post-op she lasted another 6 weeks and unfortunately passed away. I 100% understand the pressures that the hospitals etc were facing pre-vaccine and whilst it still hurts like hell that, in a non-Covid world they would both likely still be here, we're in a very different scenario now. Because of restrictions I left the house of two happy, relatively healthy people at the end of February 2020, and we parted with a hug, a "see you soon", and a wave as we drove off, and I never saw them again other than effectively twice sitting by myself in a crematorium 6 weeks apart with 19 other people spaced out in it, my mum bawling her eyes out and me not even being able to comfort her....just sitting 10 feet away watching her cry. Their deaths are hard enough but the real knife in the heart is that we all spent months sitting by ourselves in our houses not knowing that we'd never see each other again. Back then, I had more of an acceptance of what the restrictions were for, what they were doing and why they were necessary. But now? There's people living through that exact scenario for absolutely no reason whatsoever, that has never even had an attempt at rational justification. The whole thing has been handled disgustingly with what seems like complete disregard for anyone thats suffering, ill or dying of anything other than Covid, and I've all but had enough of it. I'm not sure who she thinks it is that she's protecting at this stage with all this, but it's definitely not the general public or the country.
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  6. Talking about straws and camels back. That’s me resigned this afternoon from the SNP and cancelled my DD. Utterly nonsense decisions today, unsupported by the evidence.
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  7. Remember that time the league finished but Hearts refused to accept that it was finished, only to go to court and be told it was finished. That was fun, I liked that bit.
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  8. My wee dad is disabled, the only time he gets out the house without my mum really is when I take him to football. Of course I try get him other places, but because he’s in a mobility scooter he (in my opinion needlessly) gets embarrassed and thinks people stare etc. So I get him to as many Bankies games as possible. The benefit for him is amazing, no one judging him or giving him grief for having a mobility scooter (people in shops etc have made comments in the past and eroded his confidence and in turn his independence). Obviously we had a season where he couldnt get to a game along with everything else and the toll on him was enormous. To get back to getting out, his wee escape from the world meant a lot to him and to have it snatched away potentially beyond the 17th Jan is disgraceful as there is absolutely no evidence to support it. Im sure there will be people all over Scotland in a similar position to my dad, where getting out to the game is their wee escape. All these sneering arseholes who say ‘oh go a walk up a hill instead’ or ‘watch it on tv’ and think just because life is easy for them that their solutions should be everyone else’s solutions can genuinely go and take a f**k to themselves. These people propelling themselves to a self professed superiority, oh how better they are. Whats the point in living if you can’t have a life? Erode everything and just sit in the house getting your kicks being all superior to people with concerns? f**k the lot of them. If this is the ‘righteous fair welcoming wee country’ that the SNP want to create they can go shove it right up their farter because they’ve fucked it. If you cant even get basic compassion right then you dont have a righteous fair welcoming society.
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  9. I’m sorry but this is just over-simplistic rubbish. I run four businesses in the nightclubs, live music, events and hospitality sector and I’ve never voted Tory in my life and never will, and I’ve never espoused conservative beliefs (either with a large or small c). My vote traditionally went to Labour, but I’ve mainly voted SNP in the last decade or so, and I voted for Independence, precisely because I envision Scotland’s future as a moderately left-leaning state with a social conscience, ideally reintegrated within the European Union, which I thought (and despite my dissatisfaction with Sturgeon and disillusionment with the quality of those around her, still think) would be hugely preferable to decades of Tory hegemony, Brexit and continuing to be ruled from Westminster. It’s incredible how quickly heavy-handed governmental measures that would’ve been formerly regarded as authoritarian and illiberal have been normalised and embraced by the centre left, and there is doubtless an element of schadenfreude involved in some quarters at seeing businesses and entrepreneurs struggle, even if the pandemic has disproportionally crippled small Scottish businesses and disproportionately rewarded the multinationals and the super rich. The death of the high street and the decline of the Scottish arts and entertainment scene has only further lined the tax-avoiding pockets of the likes of Jeff Bezos, Rupert Murdoch and Reed Hastings (Netflix). A welfare state needs to harness the economic power of the young to service the welfare needs of the elderly, and it simply cannot be predicated upon a moribund economy and a demoralised business community. I don’t run my businesses because I’m a rampant Tory capitalist, and I don’t come from a privileged background (I inherited nothing and built my businesses from scratch). I do it because I’m passionate about music in particular and culture in general. During the first lockdown, I paid all my full-time staff 100% despite furlough being 80% (and lower), and now during this (minimum) three week shutdown for nightclubs with no furlough, I’m still paying my full-time staff 100%, with absolutely no government support, other than the vague promise of Sturgeon’s ‘lucky dip’, an as yet unspecified (and almost certainly insufficient) amount of support to be given to those nightclubs that elect to close rather than repurpose themselves as socially-distanced bars. So far am I from being a right wing fat cat, that for the majority of our working lives, my wife (a hairdresser) has earned more than I have, and indeed our mortgage was secured primarily on the basis of her secure income, as my businesses were regarded as ‘too high risk.’ Only in the four or five years before Covid did my investment of 30+ years in my respective businesses result in my earnings finally exceeding those of my wife. I was never in it for the money tbh, so it never mattered to me that I never made any more than a relatively modest living, even from working 80+ hours a week, 7 days a week. One thing’s for sure though, I know how much tax revenue my businesses have contributed to the economy over the last three decades, and it’s certainly not negligible. I’ve already said that I think Corporation Tax should be raised in Scotland and the increased tax revenue ring-fenced for investment in our massively under-funded and long-neglected NHS, which was in crisis long before Covid hit. I’m not sure that aligns very well with an ‘individualistic, essentially right wing standpoint’. My contention since the start of the pandemic is that younger generations are being disproportionately penalised and stigmatised (the nadir of which was the ‘don’t kill grandpa / granny’ TV ads run by Scot Gov back at the height of the first wave). Ultimately this virus has never really represented a significant threat to the health of the young, yet they’re not only expected to make huge sacrifices to protect the sick and elderly, which the vast majority are happy to do without complaint, their jobs are now regarded as disposable, and their passions and interests (football, live music, clubbing, culture) are the first activities to be restricted by the government, irrespective of the data, vaccination levels or the vaccine passport scheme, that were until recently the key to returning to normality, or the massive amounts these sectors have invested in Covid mitigations. Not only do hospitality, live music, events and related cultural (theatre, cinema, arts etc.) sectors primarily service the interests and passions of younger generations, they overwhelmingly employ younger people. And in the events, arts and live music sectors particularly there are huge numbers of young freelancers (and self-employed) who barely received any government support during the first lockdown and haven’t even been part of the conversation during this new Scottish mini-lockdown (which effectively extends from nightclubs to live music and arts - almost all concerts, and many theatrical productions, pantomimes etc. have been cancelled due to the pingdemic, or the new social distancing regulations rendering events unviable). I know countless self-employed freelancers who have worked for decades in the music and arts sectors who have had to abandon their careers, often taking menial jobs in less vulnerable sectors due to the lack of government support. Similarly a huge proportion of young people who formerly worked in hospitality (one of the largest employers in the country, particularly of young people) have had to bail out due to the ongoing uncertainly affecting hospitality and the utterly demoralised state of the sector. These sectors are now in existential crisis. They have been consistently marginalised, stigmatised and now vandalised by the government, who at no point have acknowledged their importance to the economy, to mental health or to young people’s social development. It’s all too easy for the entitled older generation with their comfortable nest eggs, property and pension schemes (built up during the halcyon days before Covid), to demand of the young that they keep them safe, but to erode their job opportunities, and the social and cultural opportunities (that they themselves doubtless enjoyed to the full as young people) by consistently stigmatising and scapegoating these sectors strikes me as fundamentally selfish and indefensible Protective safety-first measures that prioritised public health over the economy that were perfectly understandable during the pandemic phase of Covid are no longer fit for purpose during the endemic stage, with successively weaker variants encountering a considerably more immune (both by vaccination and natural infection) population. The mountain of accumulated debt already incurred by putting everything on hold for the best part of two years will need to be paid off, and most of us in business acknowledge that a more onerous tax regime is an inevitable part of that, and the only way to achieve this is by re-energising the economy, not by continuing to panic and close it down every time a new variant rears its head and the media slips back into scaremongering mode.
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  10. The Andrew formerly known as "Prince"
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  11. even the players taking the piss out of Holt. Love it.
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  12. I’m still pretty fucking scunnered at that NS interview last night tbh. I know I probably overreact to the wearing of masks, I fucking hate it but I appreciate its relatively small fry compared to lockdowns and the material impacts restrictions have on peoples lives. I get that. But at no point in almost 2 years now has NS ever, not once, indicated that there’s a plan for this to be finished. Like done with, no more covid measures. And even now, triple vaccinated, omicron proven to be a shambles, she’s just put out a feeler out for continuing with low level restrictions ad infinitum. What the f**k? She might well lift crowd restrictions today but she is now coming across like she thinks live events and pubs are her gift to the public for good behaviour. This is not what anyone voted for. The condescending tone of that interview is unbearable. “No one wants to end these ‘protections’ more than I do” yet she won’t provide any substantive data to justify it. How is that right, how is that acceptable? You can’t just call it protections and make it go away. It’s a fucking insult to do so. Ive accepted all of this relatively calmly and been patient up until omicron came along. It’s been an eye opener and I’m absolutely finished with it.
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  13. I went along with the lockdowns because there was simply nothing else at that time. No vaccines, no specific treatments developed. The first wave also carried a big unknown as to how covid would affect people. It did seem that I would probably be fine if I caught it, but there was that we just don't know element behind it as it was new. We are now in the situation where a large percentage of the over 12 population has been double vaccinated, and the percentage of those boostered is also increasing quickly. Indeed, I got mine today. This was badged as the way out (goalpost shifting on how many were needed notwithstanding) and look where we are now: drip drip drip threats of more restrictions or circuit breakers every day, outright demands for money for restrictions to be implemented and gormless TV addresses about boosters with a threatening undercurrent attached. Watching similarly highly vaccinated populations in Ireland and the Netherlands being forced into harsher lockdowns is frankly depressing. People are fed up with restrictions, that much is clear. There is no choice but to comply with some measures (cinemas being shut, restaurants being forced to takeaway only etc.) but where there is discretion, support is vanishing. Possibly aided by revelations that the government was more than happy to file those in the bin out of arrogant entitlement whilst the plebs dutifully undertook them, but breaking point was being reached. We're nearly at two whole years of this and the cataclysmic messaging and models being produced are like having us all back in March 2020 just before we were locked down. Enough is enough, frankly. The vaccines are still effective against serious disease, we have treatments with high rates of success and have very high vaccine coverage innthe population. This is not March 2020 and it is an insult to us all that some seem to be treating it as such. Covid is not going away; we are stuck with it. The answer cannot be perennial short notice shutdowns of businesses and arbitrary restructions of people's fundamental rights. What happened to that adult conversation? Maybe we could start there. It is pleasing to see patience running out here and more opposition to lockdown measures appearing. We have been misled and indeed outrightly lied to during the last two years and it is about time serious political consequences were dished out for this. Most people did what they were told: followed the frankly at times inhumane restructions, made sacrifices and got vaccinated. Seemingly, this is now not enough and more is demanded. I think that they have taken quite enough already, frankly. Of course, measures to follow will be badged as essential to "protect our NHS" just as previous measures have been. Would this be the NHS that is in perennial crisis every winter and which has been at times during the last two years the National Covid-19 Service? There's been nearly two years now for the politicians to work this one out and what have they done? "Here's some more money, now piss off" Nothing on trying to build better capacity, nothing on how the system can more effectively manage covid. It is not really acceptable to impose restrictions on society due to the healthcare system being under pressure; it is certainly not acceptable to do so when said pressures are occurring on your watch when you are also responsible for the healthcare system. Every government in the UK at the moment has been in power for at least a decade and they've done f**k all to stop the standard NHS winter problems It's high time they owned their failures, which are now culpable for the dragging out of this ongoing shit show.
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  14. So, Scottish nightclubs have been instructed to close for 3 weeks from December 27th, unless they implement all-seating arrangements with table service and 1m social distancing between groups and no dancing i.e. repurposing themselves as socially-distanced bars, despite having diligently enforced the vaccine passport scheme for months and spent millions on improved ventilation and other mitigations. According to John Swinney yesterday (though he is admittedly less reliable than a bust wristwatch, I doubt he’s ever been right about anything once let alone twice in 24hrs) those nightclubs that elect to close will receive as yet undisclosed amounts in grant support for closing, while those that repurpose themselves as socially-distanced live music bars won’t, although presumably they might still attract the 4.5k and 6.8k (depending on rateable value) support grants already pledged to hospitality, although that’s just guesswork. However those of us that operate nightclubs have absolutely no idea how much compensation those nightclubs that elect to close stand to be awarded, and how much nightclubs that choose to repurpose themselves stand to lose, as the government presumably haven’t decided yet. We also have no idea when we can expect the promised grants to materialise. So, Scottish businesses are faced with the choice of either turning off the cash flow taps completely in the hope of receiving vaguely adequate funding at some yet to be specified later date, or attempting to trade their way through the (at minimum) three week period (with greatly diminished returns), as at least that gives staff a few hours at a time when there is no furlough safety net, and enables a little income to filter into cash-starved businesses after the normally lucrative Christmas period was completely torpedoed by Scot Gov and Public Health Scotland telling everyone to stay home and avoid hospitality venues / nightclubs etc. An impossible calculation then, to elect between the Scylla of closing, or the Charybdis of continued trading at greatly reduced levels. And going on the basis of the derisory amounts promised so far, we can safely assume that such funding as will be offered will be nowhere near enough to cover the sector’s losses. Leaving aside the fact that it’s becoming increasingly clear that the torching of the Scottish hospitality, live music, event and nightclub sectors was a knee-jerk over-reaction, as well as a thinly-veiled attempt to extract political capital by implementing a more restrictive regime than Westminster, with the associated squabbling over funding (and lamentations that an independent Scotland could and would have gone further if only it had control of the purse strings), as numerous U.K. studies (including one by Edinburgh Uni, which presumably will exert more influence on the SNP than the English and South African equivalents) now confirm the South African data (which was available in the public domain weeks ago) that Omicron is considerably milder than Delta (with the Scottish population already amongst the most highly vaccinated in the world), and leaving aside the fact that shutting nightclubs will surely drive people from highly regulated vaccine passport controlled venues into unregulated, uncontrolled private house parties, there is simply no defence for the utter contempt with which the Scottish government continues to treat the Scottish hospitality, nightclub, live music and and events sectors. Scottish nightclubs have a right to know what compensation they stand to gain by closing their doors, and what compensation they stand to lose by attempting to trade through the next few weeks, and they must have this information at their disposal to make an informed choice between the distinctly unappetising options open to them. At the moment we don’t have a clue which option is likely to be the lesser of the two evils, and the Scottish government seems to be in no hurry to clarify matters. On the upside, it’s becoming crystal clear that Sturgeon has overplayed her hand on Omicron, and the tide of popular opinion is now turning.
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  15. Stay in your fucking house then and the rest of us can get on with life.
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  16. That's me done with the SNP completely now as well. I'd binned my membership ages ago, but I won't be voting for them again in any way, shape or form. My support for Independence has probably dropped from 100% to below being 50/50 on it as a direct result of this nonsense. Imagine Swinney in a position of genuine power. Fucking hell that's a terrifying proposition. I genuinely can't get my head around today's announcement. It makes absolutely no sense at all. I think for the first time in my fucking life I was willing Sarwar and even that utterly useless c**t Ross to ask Sturgeon something difficult, but they were so on board with this pish it was ridiculous. I missed ACH's question, but who cares. It was probably shite as well. I sincerely hope hospitality, and/or football clubs launch a similar legal challenge to that of the god-botherers and fucking WIN. As for the other shite, they can f**k off with their guidance. Get fucked. My family will be spending christmas at mum's (her first since Dad died) regardless of what these dippit c***s think we should be doing. I was quite on board with this stuff at this point last year. Vaccines weren't a thing yet and I was genuinely worried about potentially passing it to my cancer-stricken Dad. We even complied with the late travel restriction which applied to boxing day, meaning I decided not to have a drink with my old man on Xmas day and drove home that night. Looking back I'm actually fucking seething I paid attention to that pish. Obviously it's too late now. Arseholes man, just utter fucking arseholes.
    38 points
  17. 37 points
  18. Is there a chance that the Pars players look so good in training because their opposition are other Pars players?
    36 points
  19. So are you a Doctor now as well as a ‘scientist’ ? These are both more common than you think. Folk getting confused and in a state of delirium with an infection is exceedingly common, particularly the older generation who are at a much greater risk of falling. Patients fall all the time in hospital and break hips/wrists etc. The second point about clotting problems is perhaps the biggest complication of Covid, almost every patient ill enough to require treatment beyond the ED has issues with blood clotting. The most common issue from this is Pulmonary Emboli or Micro-emboli due to infection/inflammation of the lung tissue. Other clotting issues like Stroke/DVT/Venous Sinus Thrombosis has been very common as well. As have STEMI’s (Heart Attacks, my day job is fixing these) Which are much more common than the normal incidence of this in non-covid patients without any underlying risk factors. To explain to your layperson on here: the principal blood test looking at blood clotting problems is called a D-dimer. A d-dimer of <150 is normal. Anything greater than that is suggestive (or highly suggestive depending on the level recorded) of there being a clotting problem somewhere in the body. Almost every Covid patient I have seen has an abnormal d-dimer. While this doesn’t explictly mean they have a PE, it makes it very hard to rule one out. A PE is a medical emergency and can prove rapidly fatal, particularly if the thrombus is blocking a vessel close to the heart. You can ‘science’ all you like but you know, as my old ‘da would say “ the square root of f**k all” about medicine. If you had actually been treating Covid patients for the last almost 2 years I might respect your opinion. But you haven’t and I don’t. I’m not on here to debate the whys and wherefore’s of restrictions or things like that. I just state what I have seen and heard. To be blunt, after watching folk suffocate to death for the best part of 24 months I couldn’t give a singular f**k what someone on a football forum with no experience, training or knowledge what-so-ever has to say about the disease process of Covid-19. I also have never once claimed to be hospital management. I work for a living. They are part of the problem. Happy New Year
    35 points
  20. If Andrew pays the SFA £250k does he get to keep his titles?
    33 points
  21. The Venn diagram between those dismissing mental health concerns now and those who were very concerned indeed that school closures would overwhelm the mental health of all the delicate little flowers who couldn't meet their school pals is a perfect circle btw. The demographic reality of suicide rates (albeit just one and an extreme outcome of poor mental health) points to the exact opposite being their case. But, as ever, it is all about the morality play of middle-class, presbyterian Scotland rather than rational judgment.
    33 points
  22. The folk humming and hawing over this are just as bad btw. To me this isn't a grey area where someone can hold one point of view and another person another. He is at Clyde for a reason. No one else has signed him, despite his footballing pedigree, for a fucking reason. No club that signs a rapist will be a club of mine. Reading the COYB page is almost enough to make you pack it in as well, with a mixture of fucking spice boys and flabby da's engaging in making the whole thing seem like a laugh, even discussing what chants they'd make for him. I don't actually consider myself touchy about most things but ffs, you just hope that none of them ever has someone close to them who experiences what Goodwillie did to that woman. As has been said on many occasions by many people, it's a steadfast reminder (if you ever needed any) that a depressingly large section of our support are incredibly dense. To those saying its hysteria, what else are we supposed to do? As I've said before, it may be media talk, but we can't let the club know we don't want him AFTER we've signed him for f**k sake. It doesn't need an official club statement; someone from the Herald could interview Rennie. "Do you have any intention of signing him?" "No." That could be it. It isn't rocket science. I've emailed the club and hope many do the same. I hope it doesn't happen because it would permanently tarnish my feelings for a club I've supported since I was a kid.
    31 points
  23. I'm not having my daughters cheering on a rapist, so I'll not be back as long as he's there, and to be honest I'd struggle to go back as long as the people who decided to sign a rapist are still at the club.
    30 points
  24. Don't want to appear too keen, but there were several folk on here who said they'd now join: https://falkirksupporters.org/subscribe/
    30 points
  25. Everyone get tested to be safe *Lots of people get tested* Scot Gov:
    30 points
  26. Yeah, there was a guy offering private Covid tests down one of the roads off Leith Walk so I gave it a try. It was really invasive and I honestly don’t know why it was so important for him to do the throat swab with his penis. He obviously wanted to do a good job as he insisted on filming it, I assume to watch back for performance review. I’ve been waiting a whole day for his text as well. Still, better safe than sorry for Christmas eh.
    30 points
  27. Pipe down you fucking loser. In fact, delete your account and f**k off to 606 and you and your fellow Barclays virgins can finger your arses and play with your 2 inch peckers about how good it is. Fucking cunt bastard that you are.
    30 points
  28. Unreal. I can't believe for over 10 years I went to great pains to defend the SNP and their actions and policies, fully backed them on the independence front and genuinely believed that they were actually a force for good. Now their true colours have really shone through in the last 22 months. They've completely lost the fucking plot and with any luck, the goodwill of their voting base. What a fucking diddy I feel right now. There's nothing I can honestly think of that would ever lead to me lending my vote to them again.
    30 points
  29. I sucked up two lockdowns because I believed (and still do) that it was the right thing to do. I worked 60+ hour weeks at all times of the day and night while trying to look after a newborn and two disabled kids while staying in the house for 23 hours a day to protect folk that were vulnerable. I (or my wife) went to the shops ourselves. I didn't see my Gran for the last months of her life and had a socially distanced funeral with a small number of my family. My mum (a widow) sat in the hoose herself for months on end before the bubble families were made a thing. My mental health has went to pot and I've put on five and a half stone in weight. I cannot bring myself to do anything but work and eat. Not any more. I've had three jabs, pretty much everyone at risk has had three jabs. What the hell are we supposed to do?
    30 points
  30. You come out of this anecdote looking great btw.
    29 points
  31. Imagine just how clueless you would need to be to rate Jaime Wilson over Anton Dowds btw.
    29 points
  32. Merry Christmas fellow Bairns, here’s hoping we can have a brighter future under the new regime
    29 points
  33. Just back from appointment with consultant, got an x-ray, ultrasound and blood taken, consultant very happy with my progress since being discharged. He showed me the latest x-ray compared to the one before I left, I couldn't see any difference, he was very pleased with them, though, and that's what matters
    29 points
  34. "Beginning to slow" It began to slow 14 days ago, and has been firmly in retreat for the last 9. The utter contempt these goons show the public with outright bollocks like this is incredible.
    28 points
  35. One point that's been missed but which I think may turn out to be significant. Ian Fergus will now report to Jamie Swinney. The role of our CEO initially appeared to be focussed on a solely management / admin basis, with a bit of sales thrown in following the departure of KK. Now he's going to be involved in football again. Given that he was in charge of FVFA I suspect this is a very good move. I have a lot of dealings with Ian Fergus and I think the two of them will work well together. I'm looking forward to seeing how it works out.
    28 points
  36. Anyway I’m at Center Parcs the now and the place is fucking mobbed. Massive queues to get in, restaurants packed, swimming full, and not one f**k given. The kids are fucking hyper and loving it after a couple of years of doing practically f**k all. Go and take a right good f**k to yourself Nicola.
    28 points
  37. I don't think I've missed anything else, so barring Aim Here popping up to correct my arithmetic it's time to congratulate long-time player and first time winner @Ned Nederlander - he had lots of picks and they scored highly. So much so that his last hit was at the beginning of September and still nobody got near him. A worthy winner. Thanks to everyone else who played this year. I'm not sure I'm getting any better at running this thing but more people keep playing every year, so something must be going right. If you're playing in 2022 then I'll see you there, if you forgot then... 2023 is just 363 lockdown-affected days away!
    27 points
  38. What was your favourite moment in sport captured by the camera in 2021? Here's one to get things going -
    27 points
  39. Just to clear up a couple of points. First, the club did not/not ask us to conduct the poll. An increasing number of members asked us to remonstrate about the rumoured signing. Had we done so, it would have been based only on the views expressed, which were all in opposition. If we’d done nothing, then members would ask (and were asking) what's the point of a fans’ organisation like this if it can't even present views. Second, FSS no inside info on whether or not it was considered. We wouldn't expect to as it's confidential information. It's annoyed a few folk, which is understandable and we respect the views of those who disagree. But at the heart of it, all we've done is seek views from members so we can inform our directors. It's up the them what they do with the information, bearing in mind their duty to act independently. It's an uncomfortable thing to do and I can't see us doing anything similar for a long time.
    26 points
  40. Aye and if you have ever told your children that Santa Claus is real you're no better than a rapist. So keep your judgements of Goodwillie to yourself...
    26 points
  41. My wife's application for Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK has been approved. No more immigration stress ever again. Absolutely superb.
    26 points
  42. So Swinney says it may have been a mistake to allow fans in last weekend, but they’re allowing fans in tomorrow night and not stopping it until after Christmas? Absolutely just making it up as he bumbles along. BALDY SPECCY TUBE.
    26 points
  43. Booked in for a big family meal with 6 households in about a weeks time, assumed that would be canned but the restaurant have confirmed they are going ahead and ignoring the nonsense. Great to see and need more of this to happen now. Absolutely minimal compliance where possible from both the public and businesses.
    26 points
  44. After witnessing a dribbling meltdown from an amateur virologist/lawyer a couple of days ago, could I make a polite request for those of you who are similarly-minded? If you're asked to wear a face mask when entering a place of business and feel this is somehow unfair in any way, retire to your home and write a letter of complaint to the high heid yins who've set the rules. This would be either the appropriate department at the organisation you're unhappy with, or your political representatives. Do not turn into a ranting, aggressive shambles with the minimum wage staff who are employed to uphold the rules that their employers have laid down. You will achieve nothing other than displaying your irrationality to anyone in the area, and possible injury when you're forcibly removed from the premises. The rest of the world thanks you for your decency.
    26 points
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