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    You've been at work, and now you're home.
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    French sports journalist Thomas Anglais is raging about it.
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    Had to re-name the thread. Terrible journalism doesn't cover English' horrendous propaganda and nonsense recently.
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    I hear Hearts are trying to get that changed to 14
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    I am quite thankful i've never had to walk past someone who has just been stabbed. I'd like to think that, should it ever happen, my first instinct would not be to take a picture.
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    Maybe hearts rested some of their better minds for this one with one eye on the calendar but are totally going to become the legal equivalent of Barca in the future????!
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    I think two Edinburgh based clubs is too much for the Scottish top flight. Ideally you're looking at about half that number.
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    The Mail is at a loss as to why this is happening
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    Fair point. Personally, I look to Ann "We will accept relegation if that is what the community of football clubs believe is right" Budge as a model of ethical consistency. Throughout her long career as a successful businesswoman, Ann "There are too many clubs in Scottish football" Budge has stuck steadfastly to one, and only one, coherent set of principles. If ever I am at an ethical juncture in my life, I always think to myself - what would Ann "Please add two more clubs to the league to save hearts from relegation" Budge do in this situation? We should all look to Ann "I will take legal action if Hearts are relegated" Budge as our role model in these uncertain times.
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    Is that when your season starts?
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    Posting the all time league table to try and make yourself feel better after your club has taken yet another beating.
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    This is just “verge of tears” pish. Especially the bit about “11 years and 364 days”. Any variation has a cut off. Why can you drink legally at 18 and not 17 +364 days? You sound like that gammon in Leicester complaining about the edge of the lockdown zone.
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    As from 1st July. Thailand will be "open". We have not had a local case in 30 days, all new cases have been returnees that have been in quarantine on arrival. Many people saying that it's still here, as we are not testing anyone. I don't know if this is true. However, no reports of people being ill, extra funerals etc... It's not over, but it's been a very weird experience all round. My province, Singburi has never had a single case (pop 250,000). We still closed everything. Wife still went to work everyday, leaving me with 3 kids (1,7,17) & and work to do. I lost my job and had a small mental breakdown, as I could see no future prospects if the situation stayed the same. Good news, I start a new job tomorrow (intro day). Schools go back on Wednesday which will be great for my son, as he is missing his friends (not seen in 5 month). It's been tough, fun & sad during this, but I'm sure we will all pull through. Nobody said life was going to be easy. Chin up everyone and stay strong!
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    You see the problem with that is this as you haven't read the many,many pages of this thread.... A resolution was put to the clubs Resolution was from the board (made up of club reps from Prem to League 2) The board toolk soundings prior to making this resolution from clubs All clubs had a vote An extremely large number voted for the resolution (81%) A very small number voted against it (19%) If the voting structure was across all clubs rather than Prem, Champ and then League 1& 2, Dundee's vote would have been irrelevant (It isn't and it wasn't). Votes to be in by Friday was a request only, clubs had the balance.of the legally mandated 28 days to vote SPFL screwed up by having a "no" option as only "Yes" votes count. Obviously done to make sure everyone voted. Dundee were knobbled. Why? Why Dundee, why not one of the other no voting clubs? Dundee's vote was in a spam folder it's a conspiracy. It wasn't it was caught by a much more complicated system. It's very common. Aberdeen told not to vote. Not correct,. confirmed by SPFL and McCormack that Aberdeen were told it didn't matter if they voted as by that time the number of "yes" votes for premiership clubs had been reached. If Aberdeen voted "no" it couldn't change anything, "yes" would simply have been confirming what was already known. Hearts, Partick & Stranraer aren't the only clubs affected. Approx 16 clubs (someone will correct me), lost out on potential playoff places. Brechin have been saved! From a playoff as were another approx 7 clubs from potential relegation playoffs. Disgraceful Raith Rovers have been promoted, it's such a shame on Kelty Hearts. Kelty who were 6pts. ahead of Bonnyrigg who had a game in hand & 5 games to go. Consistency is important. Clubs could have done the right thing by voting for reconstruction! Problem was behind the headline grabbing 14-10-10-10 it was shit and could have damaged more clubs. Budge needed to listen to other clubs and take onboard their thoughts. If so reconstruction could have gone ahead. Hearts, ICT & Rangers tried to have league voided. Confirmed by 6 Championship clubs & since then BBC source Gardiner has been very quiet. This lost Budge goodwill. Clubs are voting with self interest. So are Hearts , Partick & Stranraer. Allowing Champions is because Hearts have shat it big style knowing they'd have Celtic (and the power behind the throne Lawell 😂) on their case. We aren't allowed to play football yet by Scot Government. UEFA has a deadline of August 3rd(I think it is) for leagues ranked below 16th. SPFL is one of those. We couldn't finish leagues, see N.I. Countless leagues have finished the same way as us, France, Belgium, N.I., English League 1 & 2. This isn't unique to us. That should have you caught up. It's not a Doncaster the Great & Powerful's doing. Very difficult situation, where no matter what was done, harm would have been done to clubs. This was trying to do the minimum amount of harm possible to the least number of clubs possible. Democratic votes, could have all been voted down if so poor. Far too many clubs & Doncaster have been involved to be one person's fault. Budge though has played a blinder in having the support completely overlooking the poor play last season and the.dreadful performances this season. Your all caught up now and shouldn't need to.go over anymore debunked ideas. Thanks
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    I think P & B as a whole sums up Scottish football for me. I whole heartedly support the utter ripping of my club in the full knowledge that when another club makes an absolute tit of themsleves as they inevitably will, i will be right here with gifs.
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    You heard correctly. A mental statement. Also, if we take Radio Scotland as an example, ex footballers have appalling views on the game and should be nowhere near any decision making.
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    There's something quite magnificently Scottish - and I mean this in the most complimentary way - about Championship clubs voting against something that will make their league easier to win, just to get it right round Falkirk, Thistle and Hearts.
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    Three people were rushed to the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital where they were pronounced dead. They were then transferred to a better hospital, where doctors upgraded their condition to alive.
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    No one is even reading this pish any more. Shut the f**k up.
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    Heart of Midlothian meet none of the criteria but they are incredibly litigious in the very best traditions of America.
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    Let's be perfectly frank here, the aim was always about self preservation. If anyone believed that a Hearts that finished 8th would have done any of this they're delusional. It's all about self protection and that's football in this country in a nutshell. Budge would have been as well being straight from the start instead of the path she followed. Everyone knew what the agenda was in any case. When it comes down to it she is very much responsible for the situation Hearts find themselves in.
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    I realise the thread has moved on about 20 pages, but this remains relevant. You think clubs should be 'sharing the burden' so all clubs take a manageable hit rather than the clubs who finished bottom getting hit. How exactly was the burden being shared under any of the reconstruction proposals which failed? You say you think it would fairer for clubs to 'all suffer a bit', but even if we were all to accept that premise, what share of the burden do Hearts and Partick take on under reconstruction? You're talking about proposals in which Hearts and Partick don't suffer at all; they would benefit by being bailed out of relegation while everyone else bears the cost. That's not sharing the burden, that's you benefitting at the expense of others. Looks like we're back to you just wanting something that allows you to satisfy your own self-interest, not caring about the impact on other clubs as long as yours gets everything they want - exactly what Hearts and Partick are accusing others of. As for the idea that I'd have a different stance if another club was bottom, yeah, I'd definitely be howling about the injustice of it all and holding a candlelit vigil if St Mirren were in Hearts' position.
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    My Premiership 'Save our Hearts' voting prediction: Aberdeen: Yes Celtic: Yes Dundee United: No Hamilton: Yes Hibernian: No Kilmarnock: No Livingston: Yes Motherwell: No Ross County: Yes Sevco: Yes St Johnstone: No St Mirren: No
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    Bill Leckie seems to be the only one in Glasgow that calls it like it is: "He’s (Craig Gordon) also bang on when he expresses his dismay that Scottish football hasn’t been able to sort itself out despite its problems not meaning a toss compared to what’s going on in the wider world. Without wishing to pick an argument with one of the game’s good guys, though, I have to say that, if he’s searching for a reason why it’s all gone so pear-shaped, it’s right under his nose; right there in his boyhood club’s boardroom. Hearts are the ones who finished bottom of the table despite spending top-three money on players. Hearts are the ones who panicked and demanded those players take pay cuts before the government even had the chance to introduce the furlough scheme. Hearts backed the wrong horse in the vote on ending the season early, then again on the vote calling for an independent probe into how that decision was reached. A reconstruction plan that would have saved their bacon fell on its backside, even though their own sugar-mummy Ann Budge chaired the committee who came up with it. They dragged United, Raith Rovers and Cove Rangers into their legal fight to have the final tables declared void, a situation that has left Raith fearing they’ll be unable to risk a six-figure legal bill and will simply be crossing their fingers that the decision goes their way. As if this wasn’t heavy-handed enough, Budge then nicked Robbie Neilson from Tannadice as her new manager — a hefty investment which, along with the deal to bring Gordon in from Celtic, is an almighty boot in the stones for every employee forced into a drop in wages when Budge pleaded poverty. I know Jambos fans will be sick of reading this, maybe even as sick as I am of writing it, but it has to be put on record that, despite dominating the headlines for pretty much all of these 115 locked-down days, their club have produced not one positive, winning idea. Good God, even when the hugely-generous James Anderson offered a donation of millions to make sure no clubs went down the pan, all Budge had to do was introduce him to Neil Doncaster and let them shake hands, but even then she managed to turn it into a fight. Like Rangers chairman Douglas Park before her, she’s read the room wrong time and again. She’s been fighting shadows, punching smoke. Plus, when she and her lawyers were throwing their weight around by plunging the plans of the three lower league winners into disarray, why didn’t they have the courage to claim that Celtic shouldn’t have been named Premiership champions? After all, if they’re actually saying relegation shouldn’t have counted, how can the title stand? Sorry, but there are more holes in Budge’s defence than . . . well, there were in her back four all last season, which really is saying something. And, for the umpteenth time, let me also say without fear of contradiction that, if they’d come off the bottom by winning at Paisley in the last, pivotal match before the shutters came down, we’d never have heard a peep from them. So, sure, there will be bad blood whatever happens now. But it’s Hearts who spilled it. Sure, it’ll forever be a crying shame that they, Partick Thistle and Stranraer were condemned to the drop when they still had enough games left to save themselves. But there are also countless businesses who might never open their doors again, tens of thousands of workers sweating over when they’ll earn a crust again. All Hearts were asked to do was suck up some rank bad luck and agree to kick a ball around in a different division come August — a division they’d be odds-on favourites to win. Whatever happens next in this sorry, sordid saga, the fact that they preferred to cause chaos for everyone else around them will stain those famous maroon shirts for a long time to come." https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/sport/football/5777365/craig-gordon-hearts-relegation-row-bill-leckie/
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    I think no matter the resolution now, Hearts need kicked out the league. Not really out of any sporting merit or out of fairness, just because it would be incredibly funny and we could all do with a right good laugh this year.
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    What really happened tho...
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    virginton is primarily concerned with status. His ferocious streams of posting on here have concentrated on attacks on groups who have received some level of recognition during the current crisis - supermarket workers, public health officials, the careers clap and now teachers. There’s certainly a lot to criticise about many of those groups (although I doubt many people had “Tesco shelf stackers” as an obvious target for trolling) but the consistency of the targeting is what’s interesting. Any group who receives praise and recognition has to be knocked down, it’s a zero sum game. One thing that’s really fascinating is the introduction in the last few posts of insulting people based on their degree (“Desmond here” etc). This is a real indication of the underlying motivations And bitterness behind this. How can a shelf stacker receive any recognition above me? They don’t even have a higher educations! Teachers, pah! most of them barely scraped a 2:1. This thinking is something you occasionally see among people who are high achievers educationally, particularly those who do so in subjects or areas that don’t have direct career paths, for example PPE or History. It’s driven by the underlying knowledge that all their intelligence and achievements does guarantee a satisfying or rewarding (financially or otherwise) life. the kids at school who picked on them and now work as tradesmen probably have more money and happiness. Nietzsche wrote that the emotion he called “Ressentiment” was the result of reassigning your pain and sense of inferiority onto an external force or enemy and then pickling your personality around that resentment and pain. He also said that the highest calling for a man was to “become who you are” - sadly for the people who exhibit these tendencies the niggling resentments and imagined slights prevent this from ever happening with “become who you feel you deserve to be based on your early to mid education” being a poor substitute.
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    Just spoke to my haematologist and he says I don't have to shield anymore. My risk is as much as any 29 year old.
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    Heart of Midlothian Football Club being brought before The Scottish Fitba' People's Court on charges of treason and heresy (1943, colorized)
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    I tend to think at times we overreact to many things in society these days, and are very quick to judge. People can say bad things in the heat of the moment that are outwith their normal character, and should be able to see the error of their ways and not have it cast up for the rest of their lives if they genuinely act with remorse afterwards. But in this case, it would appear that Mackay's wasn't an isolated outburst in a fit of emotion. Regular racist and bigoted messages, thinking they're clever and funny, especially when you're in a position of responsibility and are a bit of a role model for many, goes way beyond what is acceptable. The fact is that a drunken brain dead supporter can shout an abusive comment and be charged by the police, shamed in the national press, quite possibly lose their job and be banned from the ground for life. Yet a coach can do it regularly by text to colleagues, and end up in one of the key jobs in football in Scotland on quarter of a million pounds a year. It's a national embarrasment that he was ever given that job. It's not as if he was even a standout candidate, it was almost a f**k you we'll do what we like appointment. At the start of every match we get read out an insulting statement about how we're not allowed to do certain things such as use racist, sexist or homophobic language, shite on the staircases etc, which we just sit and tolerate every week (the statement). Can you imagine if you went to the cinema or a concert or theatre or whatever and were read a statement telling you not to be racist, sexist, homophobic etc. For the vast majority outwith OF fans it's fucking ridiculous and insulting that we have to put up with it. Yet the very c***s telling us how we should behave like normal civilised human beings are the ones who would hire absolutely anyone, regardless of their morals, or past words and deeds. I have no idea why Utd would even consider hiring him.
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    Tinpot French league, months behind the SPFL. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Ligue 1 is the laughing stock of Europe. 🇫🇷🤭🤣
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    The cretinous P&B hordes are quaking in their sambas at the thought of the Brothers of Destruction teaming up to lay waste to the competition.
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    You weren't getting reinstated either way. At the start I dare say a lot of fans, while laughing at Hearts' predicament, probably did have a soupcon of sympathy for the "it's no' fair" mantra. Now I'd say most of us don't give a f***, and if you never appear in the top flight again we won't care. Basically, you can take your maroon pound and stick it up your arse.
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    Hello P&Bers, I am indulging in a bit of a spamming spree as I've just released my debut album Grey Hairs and Black Dogs. I started recording it last August. It's a ten-track project which details my struggles with mental health during the past six years. It's available to download and stream on iTunes, Spotify, Bandcamp and many other digital platforms. 20% of all proceeds will be going to Samaritans. Bandcamp: https://olliewale.bandcamp.com/album/grey-hairs-and-black-dogs iTunes: https://music.apple.com/gb/artist/ollie-wale/1377941213 Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/3TnAcivfAeqRzqA5V2FBRs If a moderator wants to move this to the music forum, I understand. Just trying to maximise my potential audience and catapult it to #1 in the album charts 😶 Thanks guys!
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    I don't think so, not a term I would use. Let's not wrist smack this time. Let's go full ban. You're like a 70s caricature. Rocket.
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    It means that, as far as I can see it, there have been peaceful protests and appeals to authority for the ruling classes to have a greater understanding (in this instance) of the societal racism that plagues the lives of black people in the world. Not that there aren't institutionalised racist attitudes in place against Asians, Indigenous Peoples and all the way down to Scottish people or Sicilians to differing degrees in different areas. In general, however, we have objective evidence that points to black people being on the shitty end of the stick more than other races and peoples throughout the world. For five hundred years, half a millennium, the societies and laws that we govern ourselves on have directly attributed to the detriment of black people and it's only in our lifetimes that the final few of these laws have been eradicated. Of those laws how many were abolished with just peaceful protest? Did slavery in the US end with a handshake or civil war? Were Jim Crow laws repealed with pleasant gospel singing or mass protest? Even if you want to bring it closer to home the Brixton Riots kicked off after years of abuse at the hands of police and it ended with the Scarman report that pointed to institutionalised racism in the Met. Protests and riots do not happen in a vacuum. They are what happens when people have ran out of other options from the Storming of the Bastille to a statue getting slung in the Avon. People have been pointing out these injustices for years and their voices are not heard or dismissed out of hand. Gary Younge, Darcus Howe, Benjamin Zephaniah and Raymond Antrobus (and hundreds more) been writing books and articles, appearing on telly, petitioning parliament, performing across the country and consistently been models of the decorum and lawfulness that you speak of and have been asking that the UK government takes a look at its imperial past, looks to decolonise the laws and the make up of the country and full embrace and endorse the lives of its black population. None of this information has been heeded. When they have asked, as, for instance, Graham Campbell has, to look at ways to educate people about the basis of where these statues and street names come from. How they could be used as a weapon to teach us. What additions could be made so as to not remind and ridicule black people about their status in the country and how their lived condition is incongruent with their legal one. What changes have we made to accommodate these appeals? f**k all. All of that was ignored and has been for decades if not centuries. Toppling one statue of one c**t has done more for their cause than their combined output. The folk throwing ropes around metal racists and dragging from their plinths may be standing on the shoulders of the giants who came before them and educated them for the need to take action but they're still the ones taking action and should be applauded. If yer more worried about law abiding citizens than what is right then you're one of the fannies Martin Luther King wrote about from a Birmingham Prison. I just thought calling you a shitehawk was a little less TL;DR
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    Tom English making light of the nonsense situation that DU, RR & CR have been brought into through no fault of their own. Absolute bellend.
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    Surely, at some point, the powers-that-be have to, fucking have to, stop with the "both sides as bad as each other" narrative when it comes to Loyalism in Scotland.
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    This seems like a fair summary from a Thistle fan's Twitter account. https://twitter.com/woodstockjag/status/1273304860402778113 (Followed by Jim Spence, Laura Kuenssberg and Joanna Cherry)
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    The palpable seethe and anger from Heart of Midlothian's staff and supporters is a real joy to watch. They have now hit the deepest depths of mindless rambling to pull up as much smoke and mirrors as possible to paper over the fact there is absolutely nothing they are going to be able to do to stop their deserved relegation. As hilarious as it is, the wishes and prayers from HOMFC supporters for as many clubs to die as possible is absolutely outrageous. You have been relegated (deservedly) for probably at worst 75% of a year, yet you think adequate reparation is the wide-scale liquidation of the majority of the Scottish clubs who voted democratically for the fairest and least damaging collective outcome? Have a word with yourself and be careful what you wish for. Enjoy the Championship, you losers.
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    Ditching our sectarian baggage is happening in Phase 5, but only if the R-sole number drops below 1690.
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