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    Ah yes, the famous seafaring tradition of Luxembourg.
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    @Thumper @diegomarahenry Can you private message me your addresses please Thanks everyone for joining in 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
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    She's another absolute killjoy melt. The problem with these people and a lot of politicians is that they live in their little political and academic bubbles. They don't understand the people they represent, they don't live a life like the majority of their constituents. They just don't understand what makes mr average tick I.e sport, entertainment, pubs, real life. It's all about politics, academica and their limited life experiences for those types. I never want to hear from these people ever again after this. Please fade back into obscurity and let people live a real life.
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    Absolutely gone at 'discussions on bringing energy bars' Deeply fucking stupid country.
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    I feel I've done my bit to help restart the economy this weekend by spending money in Tayside,Fife,West Lothian, Edinburgh and Forth Valley. The highlight being some fantastic pints of ice cold Cobra at my local Indian and a visit to the discovery ship. Cheers everyone. Get the shitty punitive restrictions in the bin and tell the Puritans to f**k off.
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    To cheer everyone up - I’m giving away 2 x mounted “Somerset Road End” prints away to our Ayr P&B posters. All you need to do is post your best and worst ever Ayr players you have seen in the flesh. I’ll pick winners later tonight and get them posted tomorrow 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
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    Why bother with music? You could just have big screens with Jason leitch repeating public safety announcements. We could change the slogan from ‘not giving in’ to ‘spend money, don’t enjoy it’.
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    Just found this thread - lovely stuff. Here's Fern, our border collie, having a good time on Islay recently.
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    If this is the level of banter we can expect then I want relegated immediately.
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    Fan zones should be scrapped, get down your local and give them all your money rather than some "events company" charging at least £5 a pint.
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    I have no idea why you thought you could reply to me?
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    Given we are being told by certain moonhowlers that the vaccines are staggeringly ineffective against the Indian variant, Covid must have mutated to just wilfully not bother it's hole infecting those in age groups that are double dosed then, even though it can any time it wants of course. Compare this to the cumulative total of people per 100k in the country who have caught covid since the start and it really does begin to build a picture of how ineffective the vaccines are, eh?
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    We have an alarming percentage of absolute crackpots amongst our support. The guy in question here has claimed the club are “pulling wool over our eyes” because a striker who scored 4 league goals all season has left to have a trial elsewhere. The amount of folk that are outraged by all these diddies leaving us is frightening.
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    Mentioned a few days back that Danny Rogers released by Kilmarnock. Better than Mutch in my opinion.
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    Never got the hype with Mutch, decent and much the same as most keepers in this league. Would definitely be looking at bringing in a serious competitor for this position.
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    Looking over the past few pages and others projected teams I may be in the minority here but I would like another keeper. I'm not saying Mutch is a bad keeper and it may have been the shitshow defence in front of him but I feel he is still young and rather that being No.1 with a younger back up a spell of him being back up to a better more experienced keeper would do him good.
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    Although I keep going against the grain with this approach, I want to give it another try given the Hall re-signing. I liked Rocco's comment in this context: I have said multiple times that we have been genuinely shit for years. No redeeming qualities in terms of a professional side compared to an assembly of random players. Hardly any pace, no passing combinations, never any actual and calm possession near the opponents box, just overall shit. And in that period we have chucked player after player in and have then quickly come to conclusion they are shite. Only a player with obvious traits like Morrison has been able to break through that, but that's not the type of quality any of the other teams in our league seem to have either. Almost every team in Scotland's lower leagues is a bunch of jobbers, I mean half of our team have played for Dunfermline and half of their team has played for us, the difference is setup and mental approach. A lot of our "hopeless" players, that weren't good enough in the Championship or League 1, have gone on to perfectly serviceable at Championship to League 2 level, yet they were never able to pass a ball for us. The odds are stacked against the "every player we signed is unable to play football" opinion (in my opinion...), I think we've simply been a death pit for average footballers to fall into and fail. So while I'd have hated us going into the new season with the same squad, odds are some of the players in there could be ok in a different set-up, and off of shaky FFC TV coverage I simply cannot judge which players those are. That's what I now judge Holt on. If Telfer and Hall were the ones you pick, fine by me, but make sure they look different next year. Until then I reserve judgement on those players that were part of our disaster teams. PS: For me, the same would have gone for Alston, Durnan, Sammon, etc., even if I wasn't in favour of re-signing them.
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    Arrive 2 hours before kick off, 1½ hours for the game, half time, up to 2 hours to get out. 7 might be a stretch, but 6 less so. Then straight to Mt. Florida and then a train where, somehow, social distancing (impossible at a pie stall in a huge concourse) can definitely be guaranteed. Why are we still nodding along to this shite?
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    You're not on AFC chat anymore m8, clamp that shit.
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    Nursery graduations being a thing is just as disgusting
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    Bought my season ticket yesterday. No way am I missing any more games than I need to. Nobody is getting any younger and everyone has their number - number of games left that they will see in their lifetime. Not really that bothered at this stage what the team is like - it’s not last seasons team, so that in itself is an improvement. Seen too many brilliant pre-seasons to then witness a shambles of a league campaign. Genuinely looking forward to Hamilton, Partick and Killie - home and away. I’m buzzing for the season to start. Second jag in 2 weeks so timing is perfect. P.S. not a happy clapper - just been supporting this team long enough to have witnessed a few shambles
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    Who was it on here from Edinburgh who was telling those of us from Glasgow we needed to take responsbility for cases rising?
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    One decent Saint and two of the same cloth but sadly, equally, the worst posters on the whole site. Within an hour of the return. It's good to be back.
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    I think he does, tbh. Absolutely zero guidelines were followed in Perth City centre for the Scottish Cup Final, and afterwards you were seemingly able to have a pub crawl without any bother at all. Plenty of folk had house parties for the game too. Its sort of hilarious he genuinely thinks the majority of folk care what he says. All he's doing is allowing folk to get more drunk during games by preventing them going to matches, which then encourages them to break more of his guidelines as they're steaming.
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    Nope! I’m actually ok, somehow I didn’t throw a wobbly and get rat-arsed, just dealt with it.
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    Don't forget that exiting the stadium after the game is due to be phased. Which immediately begs the question - is it legal to keep people kettled in a stadium with no provision for water and food for that length of time?
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    Does she shit on the floor in the bathroom?
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    In terms of league goals you are talking about replacing 6, 5 and 3? A fit Vaughan and Keatings is a decent start.
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    Well done to the winners , and a specially well done to AUFC1910 for bringing a bit of normality back to the forum
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    Patterson and Gilmour would be a wild choice for the first game but the correct one imo. Won’t complain at O’donnell but just think Patterson is better at football
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    Why can football never give me anything decent for more than 5 minutes
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    It's going to be an incredibly frustrating three months or so waiting for everyone over 18 to get double dosed so the "we just don't know" brigade have nothing to cling to. It's patently obvious the vaccines are incredibly effective at limiting transmission and keeping people out of hospital, yet these absolute losers are so desperate for their models and "expertise" to not be shown up as the useless junk they are, that we will all need to be micromanaged for another few months. I say micromanaged, but the only people losing out now are those with businesses being absolutely strangled by pointless measures, long since understood to be largely useless, being imposed on them by a government and their advisors point blank refusing to admit that they were incorrect about something. The rest of us are paying lip service at best to their guff. The UK Gov and SG know it's only going one way (hence why we are going to have a fan zone with cases at a level that was deemed to be Level 4 just a month or so ago) but, for some reason, are persisting with nonsense like closing kiosks to appease the Lovejoys and maintain the impression they are somehow in control.
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    For the 19/20 season we basically needed to build an entire squad from scratch. Wedderburn, Eckersley, Thomson, and Gallagher had all played for League One clubs the previous season. From down south came Kerr, McKay and James Cowan (remember him?) none of which had really played much senior football. Kurtis Roberts came from League Two, Ally Roy and Callum Fordyce came from the Championship. Callum Smith, Leon McCann, Kyle MacDonald all came from higher divisions but like many others hadn't played much senior football, if any at all. Last summer we signed Dean Ritchie, Euan O'Reilly, and Kyle Connell who were of the same mould as those last three - young guys from clubs in a higher division who had played next to no senior football before joining us. In came Eoghan Stokes from the League of Ireland, Harlain Mbayo from the Southern Premier League South (7th tier in England I believe), Griffin Sabatini on loan from the Ukrainian Premier League (one senior appearance before joining us) and Thomas Robert from Ligue 1 (zero senior appearances before joining us. Max Currie was the only signing from a League One club. So far, this summer's signings have all came from teams that finished below us in our division. Over the last two summers we've only signed five players who had played the previous season in League One. This summer we've already signed six from League One sides. For better or worse it's quite a drastic change in signing policy, and the signings maybe haven't been the most exciting, but we're gaining some experience on the field that we've lacked the last couple of seasons which might prove to be beneficial. I think we'll struggle to bring in any stand out players in the summer unless it's a young player we take a punt on that turns out to be better than expected. The Turner signing only happened because of odd circumstances that saw him frozen out at Dunfermline and we won't get anything like that before a season starts. I would imagine there'll be a loan player or two that comes in but that won't happen until the League Cup games have started or are just around the corner. Actually looking at the signings so far - Watson should obviously be considered Crighton's replacement. I can't claim to know much about Watson but I think it was definitely time for Crighton to leave and if Watson is good on the ball as East Fife fans have said then I'm hopeful he'll be an upgrade. Agnew fills a gap in the coaching staff and hopefully adds a bit of quality to the first team. He's obviously not Turner but surely he's a better midfield option than guys like O'Reilly and Carrick who aren't centre mids and guys like Sabatini and Ritchie who couldn't get a game over those non-centre mids. Wardrop fills a gap at right back and you've to assume he's an upgrade an Walker, who is young and promising but was only in the first team because of such an obvious gap in that position since MacDonald left. Is Wardrop an upgrade on MacDonald? I think he could be, MacDonald was hardly the most consistent player and defensively he could be a bit dodgy. I think he seems a good signing. Presumably Quitongo is McCann's replacement, and obviously it'll be disappointing to see McCann leave. However, since the club hasn't actually announced that he's away yet we're obviously still hopeful we can keep him, which makes me question why we'd sign his replacement before knowing if he's away or not. Could both potentially play in the same team if McCann ends up staying? It'll be hard for Quitongo to fill McCann's boots but I thought he looked pretty good in the game Dumbarton beat us 2-0 earlier in the season. Frizzell seems a decent signing to me. He's still young and he's played plenty of games at a Premiership level, even though he was obviously at Dumbarton for a reason. Since he's a winger we'd have to consider him a replacement for Thomson or O'Reilly. Basically that means if he can occasionally come off the bench and run at players he's done as well as who he's replacing. If he becomes a first team regular he's already on upgrade on those two. As for Allan, I've been mostly positive so far but I'm sorry, I just don't understand this one. Can we really expect him to be better than any of our outgoing strikers (Roy, Connell, Carrick) when he couldn't get a game for Forfar last season? I hope he proves me wrong and it does seem he done okay for Forfar when he actually played but I just can't imagine he's an upgrade on any of those three. Overall I do quite like that we're bringing in players with experience at this level which is a change on previous seasons, but I'm still hoping we can bring in a few more exciting players before the season starts. There's still plenty time.
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    I honestly hope the fanzone just goes fucking tonto, distancing, tables, the whole lot abandoned and it turns into a proper one. Im sure plenty in the media would whine and moan about it, it would just be glorious to witness.
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    Had my second dose of AZ just before ten this morning. A scoosh compared to the first dose, no side-effects just yet. Can't wait to get back to licking people's faces again.
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    The most vaccinated country in Europe is also the most heavily restricted in travel by its own Government.
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    Bloody hell - just logged on this morning, saw the number of pages posted and thought Somerset had burned down!!!
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    First post-Covid wedding yesterday. Venue delightfully relaxed, basically no masks worn other than by staff, the whole ‘table service only, no mingling with other guests’ policy completely ignored after about 5 minutes. People sharing hipflasks again which was pleasingly normal. Only 1 proper Lovejoy who kept talking about distancing and wearing a mask even outside, but completely ignored by everyone including staff. Lovely. After venue officially shut at 11, just forces large groups of people to go back to a small room with no ventilation instead. How the government can’t see that these policies actually encourage better conditions for spread of the virus I don’t know. Maybe they do know but just enjoy the control.
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    Hello ladies, it's good to have the Dundonian side back in the league. Screeching wimmin n kids wearing orange gazelles can gtf.
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    A very warm welcome to the Championship Forum to all Partick Thistle fans.
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    A fairly niche porn category sure but still managed to batter one out.
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    He's also got a questionable character. Lied to afcdanny for the best part of twenty years.
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    Rangers fans incessant need for everyone to tell them how good they were last season is genuinely hilarious.
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    ^^^ Reported for Anti-Scottish racism...
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    Covid is a lot of Rubbish, it's really getting to everyone and we all want it to feck off now. The squad might be pants just now but there's still time for Hopkin to get them playing and a couple of new additions. Time will tell but be optimistic 😊👍 Your Father would be very proud with how your going about things, not just with your support of the Super. Don't jack it in though, speak to someone, a family member, a friend or someone in the support industry, just get it out your system because you, my friend, are awesome 👍 Don't you forget that. Four Derbies to win, chin up 😁
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    This is banworthy imo, LOTR isn't perfect but is probably as good as a massive blockbuster franchise can be. The hobbit films are the bawhair of good performances by some lead actors away from being a complete turkey, razzie worthy shite
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    Right now I'm on the throne attempting to send a navigational hazard on it's way to the Forth. She has just banged on the door (a frequent occurrence) with the words "Can you hurry up, I have a hair appointment". I'm not sure if "You'll have to wait, I'm in the middle of my shite appointment" was the right reply.
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