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    I reckon at least half our season ticket holders won't renew next season, leaving us with home crowds of only 6,000.
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    This should be a watershed moment. Nobody's opinion about David Cox as a player or guy matters here. You can separate that quite easily from the issue of singling him out because of his mental health. Call him a p***k, a w****r or anything you'd call any other player. To bring a life or death issue, and that's exactly what this is, into it, is not on. I think there's an element of society not giving parity of esteem to mental health, and a lack of understanding and education around it, that maybe makes folk think this acceptable. When you think of the horrific consequences of the levels of mental health issues, particularly in young guys, is it really an awful lot different from making a jibe about cancer or another serious illness? Imagine how that would go down. Young men are a massive demographic within football. They're also the biggest sufferers of mental health issues and the number of deaths that occur as a result is quite, quite horrific. There has to be zero tolerance of this. The game can act as a force for good, a vehicle for education and changes in attitude. Not overnight, but it can. This might seem like hyperbole, but it really is as serious as life and death at times. Words matter. The era of "get up and hit them back" and "sticks and stones" is gone. It's time to take a stand.
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    I hate every single employee of our club
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    178 new cases of COVID-19 reported 25,392 new tests for COVID-19 that reported results 0.8% of these were positive 5 new reported death(s) of people who have tested positive 12 people were in intensive care yesterday with recently confirmed COVID-19 (unchanged) 70 people were in hospital yesterday with recently confirmed COVID-19 (down from 75 yesterday) 2,796,810 people have received the first dose of the Covid vaccination and 1,184,629 have received their second dose
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    The overriding emotion tonight for me is sadness. We are just a shell of a club now. Without a massive boost this is going to be a long long way back.
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    That would improve most KFC food tbf.
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    It's two bearded c***s sitting on a retro sofa, sipping coffee & writing poetry while listening to Belle and Sebastian (cassette, of course). The game plays in the background on a vintage cine projector. 50/50 winner gets a loaf of artisanal olive bread.
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    Why do people continually come on here to tell us we are in this league because we are pish? If anyone knows how pish we are it’s us. We told everyone we were pish when everyone else thought we were overreacting. Please no one else come on here and try to tell us this. We know 👍🏻
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    Well done to the Swan stranglers up on the Nolly 🔴🟡⚫
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    Not bad. You shouldn’t have been relegated in the first place.
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    I wonder if Greig Spence will be deleting his tweet saying Clyde will look stupid once “all the details are out”, now that all the details are out and East Fife admitted all charges.
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    Hopefully Brechin beat whichever of the 2 they end up playing in the final, would be some laugh after all this.
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    Don’t kid yourself Jimmy. If a cow ever got the chance he’d eat you and everyone you care about.
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    Definition of delete club. Would happily empty the fucking lot of them. From top to bottom.
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    This is objectively very, very funny.
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    It's more fear mongering pish. Sick of the rhetoric from these melts. Every bit of research and statistics are showing the effectiveness of the vaccines in reducing serious illness and deaths. Let's just ignore that though and continue with project fear. Bizarre.
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    First flight from Cuba arrives at Prestwick with important Covid supplies.
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    I posted here a few weeks ago about my kids staying with my parents at Easter. They spent the night and had a great time. Since then I've been visiting my folks weekly, indoors. This, i should add, was at my parent's suggestion rather than mine. After a year indoors, shielding and the like, they've had enough. They have both been vaccinated and quite frankly don't see why they shouldn't.
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    Thankfully they're not pathetically petty like that.
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    Congratulations to Thistle for the title win. After last season's shenanigans it is well merited and since the resumption they have done what was needed. It will be funny to look back at some of the postings from the earlier part of the season but the front three of Rudden/Graham/Tiffoney do seem to have made the difference.
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    Congratulations and best wishes next season Jags. Well done 👏
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    Least we kept Dumb and Dumber in post for as long, eh? "But we're top of the league!!!" meant f**k all. We've been chronic since day 1. We have the club some of our moron supports deserve.
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    Empty the fucking lot of them, not fit to wear the jersey.
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    I'm the same, cannot be bothered with the whole hassle of booking tables etc. to get a pint but may venture out either this weekend or next early doors and try and find a quiet beer garden, these current restrictions are not helpful to the gent who just wants to sit in peace himself with a quiet pint as most places are catering for tables of four or six
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    Ken Ferguson comes off the bench to score a 95th minute winner.
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    Good. Just in time for Brechin's turnaround in form too. All the best lads.
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    SPFL confirm playoffs go ahead! Source: their twitter. https://spfl.co.uk/news/press-release-pyramid-play-offs
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    Those protocols do not make anything absolute though. Hence, East Fife can't be certain there aren't more infected players and thus being forced to play that game on Tuesday within half an hour of finding out details of a positive test would've been irresponsible. How the JRG/SPFL can say "yes we know there is a confirmed positive test of a player who has been in contact with the squad on at least two separate days since testing positive but we're confident the risk is minimal and this game should go ahead" is absolutely beyond me.
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    Is this your first time on this thread mate?
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    My haul from Aldi this morning. Came in at less than £25, outstanding value. Alexandria Aldi very well stocked, but I was in at five past ten, so who knows how long it'll stay well stocked. Off to the Wee Beer Shop later to pick up an order as well, gonna have a very well stocked cupboard.
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    I've said it before and I will say it again, never underestimate the shitbaggery of the Scottish nation when push comes to shove.
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    The best part of Greer's interview with Morgan was right at the end when Morgan said 'Churchill won us World War 2!!!!!!1111!' Greer, without even blinking replied ' No Piers, the servicemen and women won the war, then when they returned home they voted Churchill out'. Then Morgan ended the interview. Was superb viewing tbf.
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    The aviation, travel, and tourism industries, and by extension much of the hospitality industry, won't be far behind them. Honestly, it seemed like the Scottish Government played a blinder in terms of being able to appear more competent throughout the pandemic, even though that wasn't actually the case at all, hence the record levels of support for independence not so long ago. Now though, it seems like they are hellbent on absolutely fucking the recovery due to their nauseating 'look how much we continue to care' nonsense, along with pandering to a select handful of advisers and the apparent disregard that the vaccination programme should mean a swift return to normal life... hence support for independence now seemingly swinging back below that of support for the union. That is all down to economic fears - and that will only continue to go one way unless they cut the fucking shit mewling and get businesses and the economy fully up and running.
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    If United play anything like they did against Aberdeen, they'll stick four or five past us. If they play like utter pish, they'll still beat us 1-0. Our defenders are each liable to one horrific f**k up a game, so there will be at least one goal from Iacovitti/Hjelde/Watson/Donaldson or whoever forgetting how to defend a set piece/long ball/simple pass. If Tilson plays we win second balls in midfield but he's pish. If Draper plays he'll give away endless free kicks we'll concede from. If Vigurs plays he'll do something stupid at least once. If Paton plays, he'll run about and take a touch too many almost every time. If RCC plays, he'll fall over a lot. If Shaw plays, we'll hammer aimless long balls at him. If Mckay plays, he'll spend 80% of the game hunting for scraps in midfield as our service is awful. If White plays he'll get marked out the game. This season has been so goddamn depressing.
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    f**k me its so odd to be watching us hammer a team 5-0, let alone one in a (relatively) high stakes, high pressure game. I'm still amazed at the run we've managed to go on recently. Maybe the confidence at the club will start to turn around a bit from here, morale must've been shot to shit for a long time from the bottom up for the last few years but getting back to the 2nd tier at the first attempt is great stuff. Scott Tiffoney has made a massive impact, and fair fucks to Rudden hitting form right in time to see us through (I'd written him off as a diddy tbh). Management team have gone from dead men walking to going up automatically as league 1 champions in the space of about a month, incredible stuff.
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    Whether anyone would keep Morrison or not is pretty irrelevant, he will go. As for the rest...get as far away from our club as possible. An absolute disgrace and the biggest shower of shite we’ve ever assembled. Empty the board room, empty the dugout and get rid of every last one of that squad.
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    At least they have good attendances.
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    The Gorgeous George Party leaflet thudded onto the doorstop (and into the litter tray if I had a cat). I decided to look up the candidates: A councillor described as an "Oxford lecturer". Linda Holt was a Tory councillor in Fife who was suspended for not declaring an interest and fell out with the Tories. She was a lecturer in German for all of 1 year at Oxford. Charlotte Morley "court lawyer". She was chosen to be Gorgeous George's shadow law spokesperson and described in a tweet as an All for Unity from last year as "a rising star in Scotland's courts". Except she was described as a barrister which is of course an English lawyer. Charlotte Morley does not appear on the Law Society of Scotland list of solicitors nor on the Faculty of Advocates list. I don't see a Charlotte Morley on the list of practising English barristers either although she might use her maiden name. Photo shows her as a wid though, in a manic sort of way. The other candidate is the suitably staunch ex RSM Arthur Keith "I fought for our country. I'm not prepared to see Scotland fail outside of Britain". Of course given the accuracy of the leaflet he might be ex Wehrmacht for all I know. George would probably know the phrase "if you lie with dogs you get fleas". The former great Socialist hope of the Western World is lying (in both senses of the word!) with a lot of Tories..
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    “f**k off ya lot of c***s. Yer a bunch of fucking minks”
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    If the SG bring the date for reopening forward I'll vote for them if not they can go f**k themselves. Seems fair considering that's what they promised with their data not dates claim.
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    Bobo and Crawford the only 2 I can name off the top of my head there... Edit: and of course the Bold Rikki and big Zeb flying around in the crowd...and a few guys who, if you met in tesco and said hello, the wife says "Who's that", you'd answer "I know him fae the fitba" even though you've ZERO idea what their name is
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    Thanks everyone for getting their replay results in. @Blootoon87 0 + 53 v @alang1993 0 + 36 v @The Captain 1 + 36: @The Captain goes through. @SlipperyP 0 + 41 v @Leeds Saint 0 + 25: @SlipperyP goes through. @peasy23 1 + 23 v @Geaky 0 + 29; @peasy23 goes through @The DA 0 + 36 v @Arch Stanton 3 + 32; @Arch Stanton goes through @Tynierose 1 + 36 v @mathematics 0 + 24 v @kingjoey 2 + 27. @kingjoey goes through +++ CUP REPLAYS +++ Replay question in 4 parts in the hope there are no more draws. a) In the old Second Division in 1937/38 which team did Albion Rovers, Airdrieonians and Cowdenbeath beat 10-0? The answer is Brechin City (5 correct answers). They finished bottom P34 W5 D2 L27 F53 A139 Pts12, 5 below Edinburgh City. b) L2 again in 1946/47 in consecutive weeks which team defeated Alloa 10=0 away and Dunfermline 10=0 at home? The answer is Dundee (1 correct answer). Finished top P26 W21 D4 L2 F113 A30 Pts46, 3 above 2nd placed Airdrie. c) The last 10=0 too flight victory was in 1962/63 by Aberdeen against which team? The answer is Raith Rovers (2 correct answers). They finished bottom P34 W2 D5 L27 F35 A118 Pts9, 14 below 2nd bottom Clyde. Since then there have only been 3 top division games where a team has scored 10 or more goals. The same season Dundee 10 QOTS 2, 1965/66 Hibs 11 Hamilton 1 and 1967/68 Rangers 10 Raith Rovers 2. d) We all know Arbroath defeated Bon Accord 36-0 but in the following 2 seasons they had double digit victories over another Aberdeen club, Orion, without conceding any goals. What was the combined number of goals Arbroath scored in the 2 games? The answer is 38 goals. 1886/87 Arbroath 20 Orion 0: 1887/88 Arbroath 18 Orion 0. (no correct answers although 4 had 36). Arbroath had another double digit cup score 10-2 v Rothes in 1956/57.
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