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    Already a scattering of PMs so far. Keep them coming. Votes being mailed in, candidates with maniacal egos, and weeks will pass until we know the final results. Getting flashbacks to the US Election already. Incidentally, I've enlisted the help of John King and Wolf Blitzer - the two faces of CNN's memorable, 100mph, Adderall-fuelled coverage of the whole thing last month - to help guide us through the next ten days of chaos and uncertainty. "Now, take a look at this ward in North Lanarkshire; a very industrial, blue-collar part of the country. Remember, folks, back in 2016 they turned out in big numbers to vote @Romeo as the worst Celtic poster. So far - and it's early days, remember - we're seeing Romeo replicate that strong showing here, and indeed that's a trend that we're seeing right across many of the swing states, at least in the early votes that have been counted so far. If @wastecoatwilly is going to stand any chance of winning this thing, postal votes are going to be crucial, otherwise his path to the worst Celtic poster crown will become mathematically improbable. But it's important to keep in mind, everybody, that these are very preliminary stages, and there's still a long way to go. Back to you, Anderson."
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    Don't do that, self defence isn't a reasonable excuse. Just put a balaclava on and smash him with a metal pole one night outside his house.
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    Tunbridge did a decent job of putting this together last year, to the point that I had a change of heart and moved him from worst to best Accies poster. I won't be announcing the teams in alphabetical order though, rookie mistake ending on a graveyard set of Perth and Paisley posters. Gotta keep things fresh and everyone on their toes.
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    The meltdown from my girlfriends gran realising she isn’t getting her family Christmas would be biblical. Get it done so I can watch the meltdown and spend Christmas Day in my pants drinking tennents.
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    I am a sad wee guy, but when I was watching Sportscene last night I was thinking that in the analysis of the Celtic v Kilmarnock match, there was no mention of Killie. Watched it back, and in 8 full minutes of discussion by Steven Thompson, Michael Stewart and Gary Caldwell, the name “Kilmarnock” wasn’t mentioned once, and to top that not one Kilmarnock player was named. That’s surely a new low.
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    I am absolutely not anti-SG/SNP. I’ve voted for them every single time I have voted in my entire life, and will continue to do so, especially with the overall aim of independence. Unlike you though I am able to see faults in some of the things they do and do not feel they are absolutely blameless. They’ve made plenty of mistakes during this, as all governments have, and I’m happy to point those out. Overall I think they’ve done a reasonable job and am quite happy to continue voting for them.
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    What about the house though?
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    Around 600,000 of the views are me and I still laugh at this every time.
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    I fully expect some sort of special/lifetime achievement Worst Poster award for 8gamestogo here. Also maybe that other lad whose name I've forgotten who thought that boring people on here might keep Hearts up. They may not be premier league any more, but it's a 2020 awards and some of the meltdowns from the Hearts boys this summer definitely left their mark.
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    Im sure the Duncan lovers will enjoy this story I can tell a great early story about Duncan, while running Ayr Boswell youth team under 15 , we were struggling a we bit for players and one of my players said he had a pal who had just moved to Alloway and gave him a trial His first game was against Beith youths who had a really big aggressive midfielder Duncan went through him and after one tackle he had a bloody nose. Incensed after the blood had stopped he came back on raging and looking for Duncan next fifty fifty no contest Duncan flattened him again and he was carried off. After the game I said son your the hardest player I’ve seen even though you are from nice Alloway, oh but he quipped I moved from Glasgow im from easterhouse I couldn’t stop laughing to my self theres was I thinking we were getting a soft touch from Alloway. Duncan was a great boy to manage as a youth and he went on to sign for Ayr when the team came back from a Canada youth tournament we were at. Youll see him in a Facebook picture that comes up now and then in the Ayrshire post bottom right when the Boswell and Valspar went to the Robbie tournament in Canada And not as stated to the Ggothia cup
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    Not a criticism of 8mile who is processing and dealing with this in a mature way with some understandable feelings, but Christ there's a lot of folk who think they're the Punisher on here.
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    Every time Bell hit the deck, half the South Stand spilled their Bovril.
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    Good Afternoon. 7 Days on from my last review it is worth a complete council update. The latest figures encompass the final 7 days of the Tier 4 etc restrictions. Overall cases per 100K 98.5 for period 7 days up to 4th December. Now for 7 days 5th December to 11the December they are 110.0 . That is a increase overall of 11.67% in a period of 7 days, all of which were in higher restrictions. So who is to blame. Let us take a look. I will class the councils in the Tiers they were in up to 11th December. I believe Tier 4 could be back again. East Ayrshire Tier 4 127.0 to 163.1 Increase 28.42%% Dreadful performance for full restrictions. How can Tier 3 possibly work now. East Dunbartonshire Tier 4 104.0 to 97.6 Decrease 6.15% Hope Tier 3 will not show an increase in cases again. Marginal. East Renfrewshire Tier4 137.1 to 130.8 Decrease 4.95% Same comments as East Dunb Glasgow City Tier 4 150.2 to 148.2 Decrease 1.33% Very small drop for last week of tier 4. Again worry if Tier 3 will reverse trend. North Lanarkshire Tier 4 147.9 to 137.7 Decrease 6.89% Again hopefully Tier 3 will not reverse trend. Renfrewshire Tier 4 158.0 to 131.2 Decrease 16.96% Good work South Ayrshire Tier 4 94.1 to 111.0 Increase 17.95% Poor performance for full restrictions. How can Tier 3 possibly work now. South Lanarkshire Tier 4 123.5 to 134.8 Increase 9.14% Poor performance for full restrictions. How can Tier 3 possibly work now. Stirling Tier 4 80.7 to 92.3 Increase 14.37 Another with an increase while in Tier 4 albeit these numbers are still not too bad. West Dunbartonshire Tier 4 76.5 to 81.0 Increase 5.88% Another with an increase while in Tier 4 albeit these numbers are still not too bad. West Lothian Tier 4 108.7 to 114.1 Increase 4.96% Another with an increase while in Tier 4 albeit these numbers are still not too bad. Angus Tier 3 56.8 to 66.3 Increase 16.72% Was not the best week while still in Tier 3. Close eye over next few days with tier 2 figures. City Of Edinburgh Tier 3 68.4 to 100.4 Increase 46.78% absolutely clear why they had no reason to moan now at no promotion. Clackmannanshire Tier 3 211.5 to 188.2 Decrease 11.01 % This council should due to population be coming down quicker. Sauchie still an epicentre. Dundee City Tier 3 107.8 to 133.9 Increase 24.21% Dundee shooting itself in the foot and reversing all previous gains. Falkirk Tier 3 66.5 to 99.4 Increase 49.47% Falkirk's promotion could be a short lived experience. Dunipace alone at nearly 600 !!!! cases per 100K Fife Tier 3 103.3 to 135.5 Increase 31.17% Much like Dundee. How the feck 2 care homes can have over 100 cases between them is anyones guess. Absolute disgrace. Inverclyde Tier 3 54.0 to 60.4 Increase 11.85% Should hold it's promotion for now. Midlothian Tier 3 86.5 to 147.1 Increase 70.00% Since their promotion was denied what has gone wrong. Is it all mutants ? Perth & Kinross Tier 3 92.8 to 98.1 Increase 5.71% Stable in Tier 3 North Ayrshire Tier 3 142.5 to 172.9 Increase 21.33% Another Ayrshire council currently having a shocker. Aberdeen City Tier 2 74.3 to 122.0 Increase 64.19% Guaranteed relegation tomorrow to tier 3 Aberdeenshire Tier 2 80.4 to 84.2 Increase 4.72 % Touch and go now it's city neighbour is for the chop Argyll & Bute Tier 2 165.4 to 37.3 Decrease 77.38% Did we kill all the sailors ? Dumfries & Galloway Tier 2 22.8 to 23.5 Increase 3.07% Continue to enjoy your new found freedom in Tier 1 East Lothian Tier 2 67.2 to 126.1 Increase 87.64% Got promoted take the piss and now for the chop tomorrow Scottish Borders Tier 2 34.6 to 75.3 Increase 117.63% Oh dear I think they got Tier 1 last week. Relegation imminent. Highland Tier 1 10.6 to 19.5 Increase 83.96% Still very small numbers so okay Moray Tier 1 11.5 to 20.9 Increase 81.73% Same comments as Highlands Na h-Eileanan Siar Tier 1 15.0 to 15.0 No change get them in the holy grail Orkney Tier 1 4.5 to 0.0 No Cases get them in Tier 0 Shetlands Tier 1 4.4 to 0.0 No Cases get them in Tier 0
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    The same charile covid that transported it to the highlands when advised not to travel. he can get himself too f**k.
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    Did you see that ludicrous display last night?
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    Even the fixtures are laughing at Celtic.
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    I got a 10 http://quizoftheday.co.uk/1363 Mon 2/10 Cup 8/10
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    I am not believing you til you post an example.
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    ^^^ Devi Sridhar found Yeah hold on while I don't leave my local authority area for another seven weeks without being subject to a fine because of your concern about ridiculously low infection rates.
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    My problem is that I've struggled to give a f**k about the season since day 1 - other than Sportscene and our games on Alba, I don't watch football on TV and so being forced to do so has been shite. I'm the type that clubs must love as I go to games and buy season tickets regardless of what state things are in on the pitch - but I have only been genuinely excited about football 3 times this season - our penalty shoot out win in NI, and Scotland's playoff games against Israel and Serbia (and i'm a 90%-10% in the club vs country thing in normal times). Also - it's fair to say that getting 6 points from the SPFL disciplinary committee was genuinely the highlight of the club season for me so far because at least it was quite funny. I did watch the whole game on Saturday, although I was doing other stuff too - but last Saturday, I went out and did something else despite having a stream of the Hibs game available for free and it normally being one of our more entertaining fixtures (and one that I would never have missed if we were allowed to go). In a wider sense, I've lost any interest in other football - I couldn't tell you with certainty who is top of the Championship (a league I am normally interested in) or the EPL (a league that I don't give the tiniest f**k about but is hard to avoid). The only non-Motherwell football thing I'm doing is watching A View From the Terrace. Obviously, the main "culprit" of this is the 'Rona - it's not the club's fault that everything is fucked - and I've got a lot of sympathy for them. On the other hand, we have a squad in terms of size and perceived quality that wouldn't be too far off what we would have in normal times and yet we seem to be a team without any sort of identity. If we were less insipid and better to watch, would I be more up for it?
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    10 for Monday. Guessed the album band and the type of food, knew the rest (although I feel I heard the Hindu god one recently but can't remember if it was in this quiz or not).
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    Our old cat, Candy. A big Smudger type her pastimes were eating, mioawing wanting to be fed, occasionally fighting her brother and sitting at the window hissing at garden birds.
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    If one more person uses Cadette as a comparison for Francis I am going to lose the plot
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    Never argue with an idiot. They will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience. ~Bonnie Tyler, 1985
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    Ali is still asking himself that same question. I know he submitted an appeal but last I spoke to him he still hadn't heard anything back.
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    I've told this story on here before, my company does some work for Mars and they run a competition to name their new biscuit entering the market. It, effectively was 3 maltesers chopped in half and melted together into a finger like shape. The 'winner' would have their name used, a nominal fee paid and a free supply of the biscuits. A guy I work with was walking around work with a pen and pad jotting down names (I genuinely believe he was up half the night that week thinking on what to call them). Anyway, he had a multitude of potential names the most fitting of which was - Malthreeesers - blinding. He's got to be in with a chance. The following Monday arrived, with a cardboard tube revealing the name required on the artwork : Boy was barmy for about a fortnight. Fucking Maltesers Biscuit.
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    As a resident of Wales, i'd like to add that i don't think that you can categorically state that it was the repeated nature of the lockdowns that means they didn't work. The restrictions were pretty arbitrary and dumb (no off sales after 10, but pubs open to 11?). The number of changes and switch between regional and national meant that people often couldn't understand what was going on and where. I could travel to the Rhondda, which was like a bosch painting but not across the border for work despite some nearby counties having under 1 case per 1,000. Our second "firebreak" national lockdown was anly 2 weeks compared to the neighbours 4. If you're looking for support for repeated lockdowns i'd agree that you wouldn't look here but you can't say for sure repetition is the issue. Pussies, we're almost at 500. I think only Clackmannanshire's number beats our daily total (i assume includes sat sun mon) Dunipace has 2,444 people according to google. That's, what, 15 cases? Three houses or one care home? The conclusion should be that the rate data becomes unhelpful at that level of population. There will be streets in cities that have higher populations.
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    If this hypothetical British Isles referendum had have taken place they would have got the numbers out for that. Imagine the seethe if the UK had been kept in the EU by the RoI voting remain!
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    Here is where Francis sits in league performances so far. If it’s correct he has scored 2 and assisted 2 in 360 mins on the pitch so far this season. Hardly disastrous for a young player still finding his feet and he compares well with other established strikers at this point....
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    Rid Liddle's 'If I was a teacher I'd nonce the pupils' t-shirt is raising a lot of questions already answered by the shirt. The idea that we should stop calling out clowns like him is nonsense, regardless if he gets 'cancelled' or not. As for the Burchill tweet, it is merely an example that rather than disqualifying, Islamaphobia is a desirable trait if one wishes to write in one of this country's publications of note.
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    Looking forward to voting for Ross Greer and Patrick Harvie. Will be adding anyone that chooses the SNP over Andy Wightman to the list.
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    And "your" mob I believe, so you'll be able to return to Central Park now. Good news burnie👍 Bang on,Myself and friends told the committee we wont be back until WJFC were in the EoS!! Hopefully we'll back next season....
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    I think we can all agree that Gardiner is a Grade A chunt. Thank you.
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    Yep,was speaking to an Armadale Thistle player who I work with and he said it was the ATFC committee's wish to win the east (south) junior league this season as it's the "last" ever!! And yeah they're applying to join the EoS for next season 👍
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    Aha. Just Rod being Rod. A free pass to endorse paedophilia because it's being done to own the libs. No need for him to face any consequences. Nothing can improve in public life, don't waste your time saying otherwise. That about it?
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    Bill Gates is too busy monitoring octogenarians to worry about this pish.
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    If you've not started it by Wednesday I'll fire one up.
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    😂 And what has this got to do wi tv fixtures for the Scottish Cup. 😂 You just canny help yersel at times. 🤡
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    Yeah, buy a budgie, smash its face in and leave it underneath the window.
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