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    I do find the reaction to the NHS payment absolutely bizarre. Clap on the doorsteps but don’t dare actually give them anything tangible (and let’s be honest, it’s little more than a token gesture). It’s either a bribe for votes, throwing more money at rich consultants or a slap in the face to binmen/mechanics/bus drivers. This is an extraordinary time, the next few years will be similar to the end of the world wars with society changing rapidly and the country in huge debts. On both occasions after the wars there were rapid social advances for the population at large, because the population demanded it. This time? We’re already being geared up for severe austerity because ‘the credit cards are maxed out’. We’re even still in the middle of the actual pandemic and salaries are being frozen and front-line workers begrudged £500 bonuses. Were the soldiers in 1944 told to go and f**k themselves because it hadn’t been a picnic working down the butchers? Britain has turned very, very ugly and we’re not as immune to it in Scotland as we like to pretend. There’s no empathy for anyone, at least none that we’re happy to see backed up beyond thoughts and prayers for social media. Today’s headlines, while this is all going on - Is a Scotch egg a substantial meal? I hate this place.
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    That's the UK in general. I want things, I don't want other people to have things. Especially not the proletariat because I'm better than them. Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson can have their billions and not pay their tax like I do and that's fine, but absolutely f**k - under any circumstances - giving nurses and fucking hospital porters an extra third of a month's wage after the hardest year of most of their lives. The gammonati are a despicable, spiteful generation of human beings.
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    It's important to me that you realise we don't actually play football for these clubs under our names...
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    In my experience, folk who support one of the old firm over their local, hometown club are less intelligent than those who do.
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    Good news if you sell fucking massive slices of pizza
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    If your team dies do you change teams?
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    Away from Christmas... She's pronouncing the word 'meme' as 'meh-meh'. What fresh hell is this.
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    See Joanna Cherry has been re-elected to the NEC along with various of her hangers-on from the SNP wing best described as 'ideologically Tories on every issue other than the constitution'. Neale Hanvey being elected to the member conduct committee is also a right laugh.
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    Delicious stuff. Your entire self-worth is wrapped up in supporting a successful football team. Now that things have started to go Pete Tong you have absolutely no idea how to react other than have a tantrum. No wonder you and your fellow fans are gathering large numbers despite COVID-19 restrictions and attacking police officers. Life's losers extraordinaire 😂
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    A basket case Championship club is a decent shout. Hearts ?
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    Best post surely has to go to Craigkillie's takedown of yon Pozbaird after he happily admitted to going to the shops with his wife at a time we were all being told to stay at home just so they could argue about what biscuits to buy.
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    Great thread idea! Worst post of 2020: This is probably the worst and creepiest post of 2020 for me. There are some terrible contributions to the Coronavirus thread but this one was spine chilling. Even ignoring the stalker undertones in paragraph one, the part in bold made particularly horrifying reading. I think @itzdrk would be well within his rights to press charges here. This early Sunday morning post from @pawpar is also quite frightening. I can only assume it is because they were given Red Circles due to their various racist posts on Pie and Bovril. This poster is in their mid 50s! Apparently finding racist and discriminatory views abhorrent makes someone a "nonce" these days. Digging a little deeper and the title given to their profile picture is even more disturbing: (Just an FYI for @Marshmallo and @Mr. Alli) Absolutely terrifying I am sure everyone will agree. Banned posters I would bring back: I would like to see Ali_91 return to the forum. This website could do with more of a moral conscience, particularly when seen through the prism of the horrifying behaviour above from the wrong-uns of this website. All in all however, considering the restrictions on life we are all facing, I think it has been a great year for Pie and Bovril.
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    Oh dear. Ive made a right c**t of that. As you were.
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    1. Kettlewell 2= Robinson 2= Davidson 4= Goodwin 4= McInnes 4= Gerrard 7= Mellon 7= Lennon 9= Ross 9= Dyer 9= Rice Previous efforts haven't suitably adjusted for the budgets (B) the position of the club when the manager arrived (P- expressed as 1/3 season average league placing), ability to replace players (R-proportion of players out of contract in first year) and time in the job (T). Current league placing is L. Using the formula ((1/L)/B)*((P+R)/T), I've created a ranking system and have ranked the managers by the length of their name.
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    Quite impressed we've got to Page 2 without a meltdown or banning tbqh. Anyway: Best Poster: I think @MixuFruit is a fair shout here. Generally posts insightful stuff and correctly views Andy Wightman as a god of sorts. I also enjoy @invergowrie arab and @Gnash's contributions on the Hillwalking and Cycling threads. @virginton unceasing ability to turn other posters into raging messes with barely any effort at all remains impressive. Worst Poster: @Sinner-to-Saint, @Pet Jeden / @8GamesToGo and @Gorgie greatness were all absolutely horrific efforts. Pet's mewling nonsense and Gorgie's ability to reach Junior forum levels of incoherent posting were initially funny but soon wore thin and no one could argue with richly deserved bans for Jeremiah and Pet. Honourable mentions also to @Steven W for somehow shoehorning the fact that his wife has managed to fire out a couple of c**t turds repeatedly into the Covid-19 thread and @The_Kincardine's commitment to repeatedly spewing hateful anti-Scottish (and anti-factual) bile all over the Politics sub forum but the clear winner has to be JTS98, who spent the entire summer relentlessly trolling the reconstruction threads then somehow ended up posting a load of self-pitying pish on the now lamented Headsgone Thread. Good fucking riddance. Best Thread - The Hearts/Reconstruction thread was up there almost with the Rangers administration thread with some absolutely terrific meltdowns from Hearts posters, however recent developments suggests the "Let's all laugh at Celtic" thread has magnificent potential. I'd edge towards the former though, with the St Mirren contingent indulging in some absolute god-tier level trolling of Hearts fans. Worst Thread - Someone suggested a visit to the Clyde thread on the Headsgone one a few months back. I should have actually added visiting a Clyde thread to the "Done Once, Never Again" thread. Mental. Worst P&B Couple - Without question it's @strichener and @Baxter Parp. Instantly turning every thread they post on into an unending back and forth of absolute eye-rape that no one cares about. Almost enough to make me pine for the glory days of Supras and H_B on Misc Fitba. The Stop Fucking Digging Award - @D.A.F.C for his erm, interesting thoughts on BLM, and subsequent doubling down. Weird. Most Deserved Ban - A tough one to call as many well-deserved emptyings have been handed out. However the emptying of outright bigot and Tommy Robinson fanboy @sureiknow was fine work. Poster I'd Bring Back - I don't think he was binned this year, but nonetheless @Jimmy85 relentless and outright abuse of Old Firm fans was fucking brilliant and I would be pleased to see such a return to form. I can't be arsed with any more categories.
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    "Yes, it is true that on one hand, I reject your right to exist as the person you are; but on the other hand it is also true that I would like you to overlook that fact and vote with me for independence."
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    Delivered today, and here's the original I sent in. Splendid.
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    Right, no one speak to Kevin McDonald’s Dad about his son’s time with us 🤪 It strikes me that we’ve got a really young team. Griffin, Robert, Connell and Walker all in their first senior year. MacDonald, McCann, McKay and Kerr in only their second. Consistency is going to be a challenge and if they are a strong unit that can only help 🤞🏻
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    Wonderful levels of pettiness and spite there from Dermot, ol’ Vince McMahon would be proud. “Okay, Lenny. You can keep your job. You just have to do one thing. On Thursday, in the Europa League, you’ll have to beat AC Milan...AT THE SAN SIRO!”
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    We all still want God Emperor Wightman yes?
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    So it seems there's two strands: A bit of a shift towards those who want a tougher stance on powers for referendum / self-determination as opposed to the 'section 30 or nothing' crowd. Absolutely fine with that. I feel like there has to be that balance within the party. A shift towards nutters like Joanna Cherry who've chosen the GRA hill to die on. That's certainly an absolute minter for the party.
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    Sakes... Just what we need when finally getting consistent polling in favour of independence, a fucking imported right wing "culture war" pushed by the right honourable member for Bath and Wells. I'm utterly amazed that anyone would fall for this shite.
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    Literally nothing there that puts ourselves or Rangers in the same bracket as Celtic. She’s using two other professional teams as a way of saying that the behaviour Celtic fans won’t be tolerated from any club in Scotland. Some people are that quick to whine and moan about what she’s saying because of who she is rather than actually listen to her and think about what the point is that she’s trying to put across.
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    Pittodrie originally had a quaint pavilion in that corner: Then they built a Main Stand: Then pavilion was replaced extension of stand built around corner: Then main stand (except corner) was reroofed using 'ribs': Then corner end burnt-down and was rebuilt: Then corner portion was demolished when Beach End was replaced by Richard Donald stand: Most recently 'ribbed' replacement roof was itself replaced to match:
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    Shouldn't laugh, but......
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    I don’t think any of these have been used in over a year.
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    A "big team/wee team" scarf would be fucking delicious.
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    .. nor is there ever a suggestion that those that can should put more money into the household kitty. The household analogy only seems to go one way.
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    People consider you a minter because you write like a particularly stupid, hyperactive scumbag with only the thinnest - the very thinnest - understanding of grammar. You are, in short, a hideous advertisement for humanity, never mind Britishness: a thick, barely-functioning, only-nominally-literate moron, whose passion for a moribund political union, and whose inability to understand anything political in a manner divorced from either football or 1980s stereotypes, marks you out as an angry, ranting joke. And the sheer delight of it is that you’re too stupid to even understand your own shortcomings, and so continue to smash your fists - if not your face - against your keypad in moronic fury at anyone daring to laugh at you. (Incidentally, if you do live with severe learning difficulties instead of just appearing to, I apologise; carry on.)
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    Not at all: "Hi there Mr-C-List Manager-with-a-reputation-out-stripping-your-actual-achievements, we'd like you to become our Manager" "Aren't your fans deranged arseholes who monumentally over-react to minor setbacks?" "Yes, but we'll pay you a million a year and you only have one other club as actual competition. If you don't c**t it up you could end up managing in the EPL" "Splendid, where do i sign?"
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    Last night, whilst watching Bake Off Final... Her: “Don’t pause it. I’m just going to pop to the loo.” Me: “If you go into the hall and past the stairs, it’s the first door on the left. You can’t miss it, there’s a sign on the door.” Apparently, I’m an arsehole.
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    Sure there is a poster on here that has had this problem with penguins or something dont recall who though. Bairnardo again. They tower over him.
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    If I did not want independence I would simply get enough votes to form a government on that issue.
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    Old c***s that go to the shop with 15 lottery tickets and asks the one person serving if they can check them at the busiest time of the day. Also shops that have one person on tills at the busiest time of the day.
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    Seasons in the Abyss - Slayer
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    Ross has achieved 7 top 4 Premiership finishes in a row, 4 of them consecutive 2nd place finishes, and a League Cup win? Jack Ross hasn't even managed a full season in the top flight yet FFS 😂
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    Might as well be when Grangemouth blows.
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    "Undeterred and becoming desperate for food before the long winter, Wile E once more ties himself to an Acme rocket..."
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    But realistically, the pandemic and Brexit has nothing to do with why unionists don't want a referendum. They'll never want one. There will always be a reason why "now is not the time". Is anyone thinking we're just going to wait for that time in politics where nothing else is happening? It's time when we (Scottish electorate) say it is.
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    No it's not. It's the basis on which clubs exist. It's the reason why most have a reference to place in their names. It's the reason why they play in the same place every fortnight.
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    Such a positive change getting Scottish football content that doesnt pander to the arse cheeks with coverage and discussion from guys (and the occasional gal) who actually like Scottish football and do their research. Stark contrast to most of the BBC/Sky/BT coverage
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    I’m not sure you lot know how lucky you are.
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