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    Spoilt Fucking Brats Lose their first cup game in over four years and they want the club burned down Must be absolutely miserable being a Celtic fan. Just the bare minimum content feeling when you win a trophy, full on tantrums when you don’t When the likes of ourselves and a host of other clubs won cups between 2012-2016 I’d wager we all took more pleasure out of that one day than Celtic fans have took from the last 9 years combined Hollow existence
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    At what point while reading am I and the rest of Scottish football not supposed to think "get it right fucking roond your entitled arse"?
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    It's been claimed that the people rioting outside Parkhead aren't typical of the majority of Celtic fans. That's true - they appear to live in Glasgow, for a start.
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    The absolute small-mindedness of that take, what world do you live in? I guess one which doesn't have a Brechin.
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    I phoned my doctor on Monday 9th November, saw the doctor on the 11th. Referred to see a specialist and have an appointment on December 14th. Chilled on Sunday.
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    We can dump it for Independence Day soon.
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    I’m assuming we all got this one.
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    "No one likes us, we don't care"
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    That's weird I could have sworn the Highland League had been around since way before then! But still, if there isn't a team within a half hour drive best just go for Rangers!
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    Reminds me of all the various riots outside Glebe Park when we went the Championship season winless, suffered our second relegation in two seasons and then finished bottom of the SPFL. Amazed the hedge is still standing tbh.
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    Celtic continuing to let everyone know that not only are they poor winners, they are horrendous losers as well. Hats off to them though, it’s a skill getting both of these traits spot on. I suppose the really annoying thing is that they can all see that the fabled 10 in a row is never going to happen. Looking like a certainty just a few months ago, it’s buggered. Worst of all is the Green Brigade’s 10 in a row song being sung for the past 4/5 years fruitlessly, the poor sods that have named their pet dogs “10 In A Row”, the diehards who have named their children “10 In A Row”, the thousands of “10 in a row” tattoos throughout Scotland and Ireland and the guys and dolls who have already changed their name to “10 In A Row” by deed poll. No wonder they’re rioting.
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    Oh it most certainly is entitlement. Look at the approximate ages of those out there tonight in the videos. Mainly young men from the ages of mid teens to mid 20s. There's very few guys in their 30s and up, folk who have been there and actually lived through shite times at your club. None of these wee dweebs have ever seen their side do anything other than win the league in their adult lives. They certainly haven't supported their club in a time of genuine crisis. This is the closest thing to a crisis they've ever had supporting their team and they have massive, massive doze of the 'canny take its'.
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    Happy St Andrew's Day! Meant to be a national Day of kindness but also a day for getting pished, maybe to 2 things go together. Do you do anything to mark the day? I made a cake yesterday and handed it in to my 2 elderly neighbours one of whom has had 2 strokes this year and isn't keeping well, today an ambulance was out side, I hope he got to enjoy it before his trip to hospital.
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    A man goes into a baker's Shop and asks for two bread rolls. The shopkeeper picks up two rolls with a pair of tongs and puts them in a paper bag. The man then asks for two cakes. Again, the shopkeeper picks them up with the tongs and puts them in the bag. The man says, "It’s nice to see, that you don’t manhandle the food". The shopkeeper says, "Sir, nothing in my shop is handled by human hands.” The man then noticed a piece of string, hanging from the shopkeeper's trousers and asks: "What’s that piece of string for?” The shopkeeper says, "Well, that's for when I need a piss. I pull on the string and my old boy just pops out.” "Great idea," says the man, “but, pray, tell me how you put it back in?” “Not a problem”, says the shopkeeper… "I just use the tongs"
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    Now these are the funniest takes from OF fans. 'Those diddies just aren't winners like we are'
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    When I go against the guidelines = fine When anyone else goes against the guidelines = scum, idiots I am very smart.
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    Bold of yon Granny to go back to folks' wild predictions when at one point he had 17 billion folk dying within four hours.
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    Less that I think rather than the preponderance of people still posting here being fans of clubs sitting the season out who don't have as much as usual to talk about. It was only natural that clubs that decided to take a year out were in the main those better-supported ones who would have been proportionately more dependent on gate receipts to keep going, and being better supported clubs it follows they are also proportionately better represented on here and generate a lot of the debate. Perhaps understandably - it's human nature - a proportion of fans of these clubs seem to be of the view that because their club isn't competing this year, no-one should be, and that any season that runs without them is intrinsically without value. However, as a direct result of some of these prevailing viewpoints I get the impression fans of the clubs that are still playing are actively giving this forum a bodyswerve at the moment which now seems to have been largely abandoned to fans of clubs who are sitting it out, hence the lack of traffic.
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    Can't figure out how this relatively new poster has such a shite reputation with quality banter like this.
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    It's worth pointing out that Dunfermline have won 9 of their 10 games this season (other than a draw at Somerset) and a lot of their fans wanted Stevie Crawford sacked back at the start of the year. Anyone wanting Kerr binned just now is mental and the slagging of McArdle for being an assistant who is big on the analysis / statistical side of things rather than being an old school meathead who will shout and 'motivate' the players....well. Seems a bit old fashioned to me.
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    I'm particularly enjoying their "look what we've been through in that past eight years and we've never disgraced ourselves like this!" patter. Same with the whole 'when are ra board going to stop the dignified silence and speak out against the SFA???!!!!!' outcry. As if Rangers took the Banter Years with any kind of fucking humility. Week after week, month after month, year after year, nothing but gnashing of teeth and wailing at how unfair it all was.
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    Nahhhhh. Celtic fans constantly made that mistake as well of thinking we were on their side or somehow sympathetic to them through the laughter of the banter years. Similarly, Rangers supporters also thought it meant that Scottish fitba was 'Celtic minded' in laughing at their misfortunes. The reality is that most of us fucking hate both clubs. The perfect scenario would be both clubs being complete basket cases at the same time but for now we'll just have to accept that you seem to be passing the banter baton about.
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    It is time for another overall review and look at each council with possible changes coming tomorrow. We can look back in time from 7 day figures to November 13th and compare with, 7 day figures to 27th November. Basically progress for all councils in the last documented 14 days. The data 13th November was the day before all the moves to Tier 4 etc. So those councils now have about 7 days of data in the new higher restrictions. Overall cases per 100K were 141.5 in Scotland and are now 110.5. That is a decrease overall of 21.91% in a period of 14 days, of which 7 days were in higher restrictions. My observations would say that the restrictions do appear to be working with better progress in Tier 4 areas than previous when in Tier 3. I now have the last 14 days of Data for each Council. Start with the tier 4 Councils and move down to Tier 1 My comments Bold if significant East Ayrshire Tier 4 172.1 to 128.7 Decrease 25.21% Clear they should be promoted to tier 3 next week. East Dunbartonshire Tier 4 224.6 to 120.6 Decrease 46.30% Clear they should be promoted to tier 3 next week. East Renfrewshire Tier4 197.8 to 160.2 Decrease 19.00% Progress but much more needed Glasgow City Tier 4 275.6 to 168.8 Decrease 38.75% I believe this does prove Tier 4 restrictions work as Glasgow stubbornly refused to move for many weeks. Sorry to all those that do not blame behaviour but mainly schools. North Lanarkshire Tier 4 237.6 to 175.2 Decrease 26.26% More good progress Renfrewshire Tier 4 241.8 to 215.0 Decrease 11.08% I think they are the great unwashed that almost nothing impacts. South Ayrshire Tier 4 159.0 to 130.5 Decrease 17.92% Easing towards a promotion but slower than others. South Lanarkshire Tier 4 229.3 to 194.7 Decrease 15.08% Pretty poor performance compared to others Stirling Tier 4 167.7 to 134.8 Decrease 19.61% Easing back towards Tier 3 but slower than others West Dunbartonshire Tier 4 181.0 to 100.1 Decrease 44.69% No reason not to promote them ahead of the week on tuesday that is the current earliest. In fact may get a double promotion when it happens on this trend. West Lothian Tier 4 158.4 to 137.6 Decrease 13.13% Slow progress. Angus Tier 3 84.3 to 69.7 Decrease 16.80% After peaking they should stand a real chance of promotion this week. City Of Edinburgh Tier 3 86.9 to 71.8 Decrease 17.37% Great chance of imminent promotion to tier 2 Clackmannanshire Tier 3 99.0 to 137.8 increase 39.19% Although it looks bad the population is only circa 45K and cases is 71 people. Should stay tier 3 but under review. Dundee City Tier 3 138.0 to 90.4 Decrease 34.49% Dundee turn blue at last and another good week gives them a shot of promotion. Falkirk Tier 3 88.3 to 47.2 Decrease 46.54% Falkirk has to get promoted to Tier 2 (Apart from Marshy) Fife Tier 3 143 to 99.6 Decrease 30.34% Like Dundee moving slowly the correct way to possible promotion in 8 days Inverclyde Tier 3 101.5 to 106.7 Increase 5.12% This council seems to go up and down like a whores nickers. Midlothian Tier 3 58.4 to 74.6 Increase 27.73% Why defeat was snatched from the jaws of victory Perth & Kinross Tier 3 88.8 to 98.7 Increase 11.14% Tory farmers still having to many harvesting parties North Ayrshire Tier 3 139.5 to 123.9 Decrease 11.18% Stay Tier 3 Aberdeen City Tier 2 55.5 to 87.9 Increase 58.37% Far too naughty in the football bars. Relegation imminent for the Dandies Aberdeenshire Tier 2 53.2 to 91.5 Increase 71.99 % Again relegation incoming tomorrow Argyll & Bute Tier 2 31.4 to 66.4 Increase 111.46% % Very small population so fluctuations vary. Survive for now. Dumfries & Galloway Tier 2 51.1 to 22.8 Decrease 55.38% These teuchters should now join their highland friends in tier 1 East Lothian Tier 2 60.7 to 55.1 Decrease 9.22% Cemented their recent promotion. Scottish Borders Tier 2 61.5 to 33.8 Decrease 45.04% Like Dolce & Gabanna above a chance of promotion to the championship Highland Tier 1 20.4 to 15.7 Decrease 23.03% I really wonder what you need to do to get to the holy grail. Moray Tier 1 32.4 to 9.4 Decrease 70.98% Same comments as Highlands Na h-Eileanan Siar Tier 1 22.5 to 11.2 Decrease 50% Basically was 6 case and now 3 get them in the holy grail Orkney Tier 1 4.5 to 4.5 No change 1 Case get them in Tier 0 Shetlands Tier 1 0 to 8.7 (Was 0 cases and now 2 cases. Get them in Tier 0)
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    In fairness though, it's only Celtic fans who ever spend money following their team, so it's absolutely right and proper that they riot if they don't get to win everything in perpetuity.
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    more the fact you are as graceless as each other and nothing unites Scotland more than laughing at you both as you get utterly frothing with what for most Scottish football fans is part and parcel of following a team. Enjoy your evening champ.
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    What are the current odds on the leprechaun from Rainbow Riches?
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    As it says on the tin - what’s your favourite? Looking to use this to feed my own travel addiction! Mine so far has been Buenos Aires. The city is drenched in history, culture and a passion for the game we all love. The contrast in areas and buildings made for an all round cracking trip. From the working mans Boca area to the hip Palermo Soho the place was just incredible. As part of the trip we also managed to take in a Boca Juniors game which was worth the trip itself. Hands down the best atmosphere I’ve experienced at a football game. The buzz around the stadium hours leading up to a match that was effectively similar to playing Hamilton Accies was surreal. To top it off the nightlife was incredible. Ended up in a lock in until 7 which probably sounds incredibly dodgy in South America 😂 Best European city for me has been Rome so far.
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    This is a classic case where if the situation were reversed (ie - Hibs wanted the Monday game for their own reasons) it simply, 100% wouldn't happen - and then the idea that it would happen without consulting Celtic....
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    I genuinely have no idea why morons feel the need to come on random threads they claim to not care about and post stuff like this.
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    You’ll forgive me for having absolutely no sympathy for you and your “downward trajectory”
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    I wish someone had been kind enough to document the lot of it too.
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    Rangers fans pretending they aren't as bad it's excellent, if ever there was proof they were two cheeks of the same arse it's now.
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    Imagine being so entitled and lacking in self awareness that you think smashing up cars is an appropriate response to losing a football match. A complete minter of a fan base.
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    Talking of pettiness I once did this...
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    I glance at such Facebook groups once in a while in utter bewildered horror that I share the planet, and apparently a distant universal common ancestor, with such a bunch of complete fucking bell-ends.
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    Reality - the economic forces that were the main cause of de-industrialisation in the developed world in the 1980s happened to Europe too. What happened in the Ruhr, in North East France, in Wallonia and elsewhere was that governments - and the EEC - spent colossal amounts of money helping the regions to transition out of old-school coal-howking and metal-bashing into new industries. Germany went hi-tech while France went more for plastics, chemicals etc. I do like my Bosch washing machine and dishwasher. Today those regions are massive employers with decent-paying jobs and poverty is low compared with us, though there are obviously some places that aren't exactly prospering. In the UK the government abandoned its industrial areas. They got nothing more than Jobcentres for jobs that didn't exist. There was no real investment in skills or new industries and now most of our post-industrial land is covered in housing, leisure facilities or is wasteland, while local communities are riddled with poverty and addiction. Those made unemployed were expected to up sticks, move to London and become marketing consultants, and the money saved in comparison with our neighbours went on tax cuts.. What's particularly galling is that it was these places that made Britain the powerful, and then the parts of the country that got rich off their backs simply abandoned them. France, Belgium and Germany - which had to absorb East Germany too - all have considerably higher GDP per person than the UK, where poverty continues to hold us back, so I think we know who got it right in the long run. None of this should be open to much debate, it's just history.
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    They way Americans pronounce the name Craig as "Kreg"
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    This thread is a diddy triumph. Even managed to upset the **** at Celtic's lowest ebb. Well done lads.
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    Keep up these absolute zingers m9 please
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    I think it was Graeme on a recent Terrace episode that reminded me of this, but tonight I've been reminiscing about the time a beloved Scouse Motherwell legend- one of the best strikers we've had in decades- scored a famous goal at Tynecastle to send us into a European Competition.
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    You are missing a key point that Doncaster chooses to miss. It has been agreed several times by the Scottish Government that the risk of attending a sporting event outdoors is less harmful than an event indoors. It was mentioned on both off the ball and Sportsound on Saturday. However, it is easier to control people going to the cinema or bingo, people are less likely to travel 80 miles, pissed up on a train to watch a film at a cinema in Brechin with their mates. The staff required to be in the ground on a match day can be close to 100 in some cases, plus 300 fans. These people all have to get to the same place at roughly the same time. No crowds at outdoor concerts, Rugby, polo, horse racing or football. They also explained that they can only reduce so many restrictions on Saturday, it was described as a bucket and you can only add so much in to it or it overflows and they have to measure how much risk to overflowing every time they add more. The Hearts guy on the program had the right attitude, keep asking the questions and ask what they need to do so that they aren't forgotten about rather than have a grubby meeting with a Tory MP and SFA employee, which was rumbled AFTER his last appearance on Sportsound, where Doncaster said the decisions being made were political, leading to calls on the program for this "to be remembered at the Holyrood elections. They allowed the return of professional top flight football before other industries opened up, they allowed contact training with testing regulations when the population weren't allowed within 6 feet of a pensioner, they allowed contact training for all lower league clubs without testing, saving them a weekly four figure sum. In the mean time, gyms were shut, dentists, clinics, Bingo halls, cinemas, theaters.........
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    I for one hope the school meals taste as good as the salty tears from the wHo WilL PAy FoR ThIS ?!11!? folk.
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    Is this a good time for a gentle reminder to Celtic fans that only bigots criticise Neil Lennon?
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