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    I have no idea what any of this means.
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    Will the refunds be processed automatically or do you need to apply? Have no interest in applying for a refund, times are tough just now and clubs need to help each other. If it's an automatic refund can someone direct me to a local food bank page in Dumbarton and I'll get the money to them? Cheers.
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    Voted. They are obviously on your side too if their security check is anything to go by..
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    A civil servant needs to change the passwords to stop this torrent of Facebook maw drivel.
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    Joel's comments about Accies fans shows why a programme like this is important. You wouldn't get that insight into a fan's POV from the boys club on Sportsound or any washed-up columnist.
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    No, one of them was knocked over.
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    Big spenders Hibs got their shree points though and that's all that really matters.
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    There are plenty of other restrictions that people find 'difficult' right now: wearing a mask does not actually make breathing a challenge or create a demonstrable in your oxygen supply. The 'ahve got asthma though' brigade are simply trying to get around something that they don't like to do on specious 'medical grounds'. If people don't want to wear them they always have the alternative choice of not going to the well advertised indoor spaces in which they are compulsory. Those should be the only two options on the table here and the fact that the UK as ever allows 1700 loopholes and exemptions - including the absolute joke of school classrooms being magically protected spaces - exemplifies the attitude that has led its governments to make a royal c**t of it twice already.
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    I think I may know the answer to this one 🤔
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    Stand free, wherever he may be, He got banned from P and B.
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    Cheers. Match reviews/previews. Ideally have another fan on with me and someone different every week to get different takes. I'll get some old players in and see what I can do with the current players/staff. I'm pretty confident this week will be no the best and see how to improve it after doing one. All criticism welcome 😄
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    That was like watching the wrestling in the 90s. Someone brings out a steel chair, the screen cuts to black, and when it returns, Manny Duku is prone in the ring, er, centre circle.
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    The stream is hopeless. Unfortunately, it lets you see everything that is going on.
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    Final league tables are brought to you by Harry Nilsson Without You James Villa Holiday League No separating @MSU & @WhiteRoseKilie, maybe just give it to @Helpma as if looks like they were copying each other this week. Nae, they will enter a playoff to decide you is the Champ. Sole searchers, @Snobot, can't hack in the heat. @alang1993 too busy doing a cup @The_Kincardine same old story for you.....down, down & down you all go. @Geaky gets a playoff chance. No trophy as yet. Teletext Holiday League The Nerds will need to book another chair as @Adamski scoops his first ever 2nd Tier title and joins the "Grand Slam Winners". @Arabdownunder KEEPS going upwards. @Tynierose our very own "Jason Leitch" returns to the top. @Eednud can only join his fellow Aussie if he wins the playoff. Get the towels ready, @Arch Stanton goes into isolation more than certain Paisley fitba team, @German Jag is in retreat & @NJ2 returns where he knows he belongs. @101 will need to find room, to fit in a playoff. Club 18-30 Holiday League Always a pleasure to announce a first ti @Salvo Montalbano escapes the school gates to release his scores on time. He collects his 4th Diddy title. 3 tens in the bottom tier of P&B quizzing world has never happened, and he still never won it. @kingjoey still gets promoted. @Ross. joins them both. @mathematics again in the playoff this time for the up. @die hard doonhamer "you want a fuckin slap" Spoon for you. Playoff will be around 15:00 SPT (Station Park Time)
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    We had fans saying Kingsley signing would be a “risk”, now fans saying Berra wouldn’t absolutely stroll League 1 😂😂😂
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    I wonder if Mcglynn will be sold to Kelty too given Smudgers recent form?
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    £10 to watch a linesman for 90 min is a niche market that Inverness seem to be trying to capitalise
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    Dumbarton have an absolute cheek having a stadium so close to the river that was named after us anyway. They should bugger off to Balloch.
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    Na we’ll probably just keep the cash.
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    Round 2 Draw @scottmcleanscontacts v @MSU @Silky Si McFly v @peasy23 @SlipperyP v @Blootoon87 @Tynierose v @The Captain @Helpma v @Rugster @The_Kincardine v @NotThePars @Ross. v @mathematics @Cardinal Richelieu v @101 @LincolnHearts v @NJ2 @JamesP_81 v @Eednud
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    Hi guys, I've been selected as a wild card contender for a songwriter competition. It's a worldwide contest with loads of entrants and a lovely cash prize amongst many other good things (I've been made redundant recently, so take pity on me). Basically, the top three wildcards will earn a place in the semi-finals. Voting is open NOW and closes on Tuesday at 5pm. If any of you would be so kind as to vote for me ('Ollie Wale - City Lights), I'd be extremely grateful. Thank you. You can vote via the link here: https://www.andrsonuploaded.com/vote-1
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    Actually, both Romani Gypsy and Irish Traveller are very much considered a race by the Race Relations, Equality and Human Rights Acts, so your slur apologism isn’t even correct. Your attempted assertion that only the people that bigotry is directly aimed at should be offended by it is also fucking stupid. Unlucks.
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    No danger. Not one of them got anywhere near close enough to any of us.
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    We all pay for the stream, ST and PPV, we do not expect in the least a Sky Sports type coverage with multiple cameras but for our money we do expect some type of professionalism with the stream, what we had today was an absolute shambles from start to finish and made ICT's acceptance of the system amateurish and not proven. Dunferrmlin'se coverage last week was world clas compared to the shite on show today and at least their commentator knew the names of all of the players on the park. ICT you need to drop this system immediately, it is shoddy and farcical with it's output and makes our club a laughing stock. If stats were taken I'm sure the linesman's head was in 15 minutes of the 93 played.
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    Never expected that result. Thanks very Mutch, lads.
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    Just going through the scores there. Fair play for this start to the season. Two cracking results.
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    Queens fans should be able to let us know.
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    I think Mutch takes the blame today....
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    Surprised that Dobbie free kick wasn’t given as a goal...
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    Always a risk when Goodwillie is in the vicinity.
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    Those players were Mark Durnan and Ian Mcshane, not Stephen Kingsley and Berra ffs
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    I thought he'd have a spring in his step after his Tory party voted against extending free school meals for poor children on Wednesday.
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    With all due respect, those teams are better than anything you'll face in this league by quite a distance.
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    Not even someone locked in a cellar for 30 years and desperate for human interaction would be desperate for your attention.
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    I think I might require a transfusion given the amount of blood streaming from my eyes watching us over the last few weeks
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    Evra: "This game is boring" The Sky Sports PR machine:
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    If it turns out they were working on the pitch then fine, but there has been nothing even from the club so far to suggest this is the case. If that is the case it seems stupid given what the weather was like. There were four volunteers and the groundsman working on the pitch this morning. I totally agree the game should never have been called off, and if Buster was still there it wouldn't have been imho, but it wasn't for a lack of effort. I drove from Crieff down for the game today and it never struck me for a minute it would be off. We're going to need to learn from this pronto or we won't be playing very many times at all until March.
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    I hear the UN are calling an emergency meeting to discuss a resolution to this crisis.
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    Never understood why StandFree was regarded as a good poster by some tbh. He was a perma-seething arsehole.
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    It's a stupid story pretty much all round. Even by their own standards the Tories are stupid for making child malnutrition a line in the sand given that they're throwing money at consultancies and all sorts of utter shite like no tomorrow. There's also no guarantee that they won't cave in as well. At the same time though people are asking the wrong question by asking why children shouldn't get free school meals for a single week over a holiday. The issue is that the entire welfare system in this country has been degraded by neoliberal scrounger-bashing policies to the point where families cannot feed their children. This salami sliced, think of the poor weans special pleading simply lets the government get away with keeping the overall safety net as insufficient and cruel as it is. The same goes for the week's fighting over furlough support. Businesses should have been kept in deep freeze while their employees accessed a proper social safety net until they go back to work. Instead we have a piecemeal nonsense as different forms of employment get covered and others do not and with different rules and eligibilities all over the country. It's an inefficient, bureaucratic farce when simply slapping a one size fits all benefit set at a much higher level than the enforced poverty of Universal Credit would be a better solution. Something like a Universal Basic Income that would have been of huge benefit during this crisis but has slipped off the radar in favour of these ridiculously hyped public rows over marginalia.
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    Terrific to see this thread is unreadable again. I know I've said it on this thread before but does anyone else find the discourse around Christmas just so infantile? I saw the Scottish political editor for the Times(!) tweet today about how there absolutely needed to be a UK-wide solution for families meeting up at Christmas as many extended families are spread across different jurisdictions. Surely if you've decided to live in a different country from your family, you're enough of an adult to celebrate Christmas with them via Zoom or something? The idea that our political leaders should make some kind of exception and temporarily lift restrictions for a single day just because it's Christmas is just totally wild to me. Even more so when you consider the Muslim community seemed to deal fine with Eid being cancelled with about 12 hours notice back in July. It's been obvious for months that a normal Christmas wasn't going to be possible, and yet it seems to have come as a surprise to some people.
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