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    Neither will we Enjoy your season guys.
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    Number of Partick league wins in this calendar year (as of October 17): still zero.
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    Kent and Laxalt look like they should be facing off on opposite sides of a far-right demonstration in central London.
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    Raith Tv was absolutely superb by the way. Big fan of the picture in picture replays and the commentary was decent enough.
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    It’s been a long summer full of this happy clapping pish. Him and his mates talking about strolling this league, pumping teams, going unbeaten, etc. Read a Tweet the other day saying we had the best attack outside the top six in the country, ffs. A staggering lack of self-awareness shown by so many people in our fanbase. I have no issue with fans of everyone else ripping the pish out of it. These c***s deserve it.
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    "Rome wasn't built in a day." "Yes Duncan but most gazebos are"
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    I wonder if after the annoyance of the late call-off subsides if Robinson will actually be ok with this - if Gallacher and O'Donnell came back burst from Scotland duty and with Mugabe out, it could arguably work in our favour. I'd also be hesitant to jump on St Mirren about this - it will inevitably happen to every team as I don't think footballers in their teens and twenties are well known for the trappist monk lifestyle. Any slagging we hand out now will be a massive boomerang. I must admit though - with nothing going on for weeks on end, I'm getting close to switching off on this season - there's not much keeping me interested, which is a new feeling.
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    The Final League tables are brought to you by Ken Laszlo - Hey Hey Guy James Villa Holiday League He came out the moors like a ripper @WhiteRoseKilie tore his 29th crown from the grasp @Helpma, well played both. Enjoy your weekend lads. Sad stations as @Tynierose goes in a huff. @The Hologram getting battered (like his team) @JamesP_81 can hold his PJ's but not his tap league status. They all drop a division. The playoff spot goes to the spotty @Geaky Teletext Holiday League 2 weeks back and 2 trophies in the cabinet Michigan man @MSU batters the rest of the league. @The_Kincardine on the up (like his team), Snow Dreams at @Snobots as he hit the peak for the first time. Good Morning Vietnam @NotThePars is in the playoff. No show for two @deej dingyed us, @Salvo Montalbano got detention. @Spring Onion you were the unlucky one. Time to step it up next week. @pleslie99 blames the wife. In the playoff, overtime. You can tell her. Club 18-30 Holiday League Treble A rating in the Club this weekend As the ringers all come top. @Arch Stanton strategy of sitting out for 2 week, then collect his first Diddy Title, meaning he join the grand slam dudes. @Adamski sings a song to second. @Arabdownunder returns and goes upwards. In the playoff we have a tie between @Jacksgranda & @Ross. You will both face a playoff question to see you gets in the playoff and who is never remembered. We've been here before big yin @die hard doonhamer, time to put yourself in isolation and some studying....Spoon for you. The playoff will be posted at half time of the Forfar v Dumbarton game.
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    I finally got an appointment for my doctors about 2 weeks ago. I was sitting in a massive waiting room with my mask on, on my own for about 20 minutes before I heard a cleaner scream. Apparently there was a mahoosive spider that hadn't been seen before in these Isles sitting quite the thing in one of the doctor's rooms. After quite the fuss, they asked me if I was scared of spiders and if not, if I'd kill it for them. Me, being the animal lover that I am replied that I'd take it outside, no bother. So, off on my Lord of the Rings-esque journey I went to the empty GP room... f**k me. Finally. The stories were true. The Australian b*****ding Goliath Birdeater had made its way to Dundee. I asked if they could spare any gloves in order for me to pick it up. I was shitting it. The only thing I was thinking of was, 'How can I spare my fucking blushes here?' nevermind the fucking gloves. They said no. At this point I'd decided, I'm either dying by spider or dying by spider. I grabbed it. I felt it wriggle. I held in the biggest pansy scream that I didn't realise I had the capacity to produce. The cleaner said, 'Chuck it in the bag' and I promptly did so. She then tied the bag and said it was part of the PPE bin bag and would be going straight outside for collection. I've been distraught ever since. I'm a modern day Ted Bundy FFS. Arrest me now.
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    If only Queens had offered a couple of two year deals they’d maybe be able to defend set pieces
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    Hard to understand why Celtic, when facing severe criticisms from fans about transfer policy/performances, sign an Irish CB who tweeted pro-IRA statements/is a Catholic/"supported Celtic since he was a boy".
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    People on Twitter not liking the programme are also the same people tagging Si Ferry omg why is open goal not on tv some chat in the dressing room lads am i right slaney
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    The line being pushed by Unionists here and in real life is very dangerous to them, because Scots absolutely don't believe it and never have. Unionists used to be comfortable saying that Scotland was different and embraced their Scottish identity, while saying that it was best served inside the Union. It was Unionists who put Gaelic on the road and rail signs and built BBC Alba. It was Unionists who lionised Walter Scott and got stuck into Burns Night. It was Unionists who named the Scottish National Opera and the National Trust for Scotland. Now they try to paint that as nationalists silliness. To argue that there's no such thing as Scotland beyond geography is never, ever going to stick with the hefty majority of the Scottish public.
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    It's all about 3 points this season nothing else. Our 6 goal thrashings last season got us feck all.
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    Useless shower of sheep-shagging chanty wrastlers. Last time I vaunt A'deen on here. You wearing a Dick Turpin mask?
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    Thanks for not allowing us a few extra days training lads, coke selling c***s!
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    He was going to sign up for Platinum to change it but didn't have the money. Bit of a Catch 22.
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    This is THE FIRST ONE you sanctimonious git.
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    You find leathering f**k out my wife funny? You Sick b*****d.
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    Do you just enjoy being a negative/resentful arsehole about every little thing? Fucking cheer up mate, the world with the pandemic isn’t even as bad as your various posts on this thread make it out to be.
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    I have a wonderful story about McCluskey. The team were in the gym and he started ripping into a youth player who was cleaning up and benched something like 80kg then started flexing in A's face. He went up to 100kg and acting like Billy Bigshot before claiming A had pipecleaner arms and offering to "double your wage" if he could match his 100kg bench. The youth done it and cleared it. Mr McCluskey flew into a rage asking "who the f**k do you think you are?" McCluskey never paid his debt. Some of the rest of the squad at the time all pitched in and McCluskey was left on the periphery being hounded for weeks for being a shitebag. The youth never made it at Dens but now makes a fucking fortune working in stadiums all over Europe. Thanks for taking the time to read my Stuart McCluskey is a shitehouse story. Have a nice weekend.
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    Great 3 points - sticky game that got harder as it went on. Keeper played a blinder today - pouncing about like a cat chasing flies. Somerset looks like it is just aching for fans to get in [emoji22][emoji22][emoji22]
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    McCall knows that league, i have full confidence he can keep Partick from going down.
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    I'd picked my MoTM as Fordyce before he scored. Absolute rock solid today. Won everything in the air. Dominated. And then boom, a. Lovely goal too. Carrick was excellent too. Plenty with pass marks today. Pleasing.
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    Great stream, thanks to all involved. Will tune in for the next one. 500 streamers today apparently.
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    I’ve just seen biglichtie74 at the rams heid ordering a lager shandy. What a girls blouse
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    Would we benefit from Sammons aerial threat Joe?
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    Dick Campbell once flicked the Vs at me. I deserved it.
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    I like how the early Rangers goal has taken the pressure off Beaton here. He can now get his head down and play his own game and maybe even nick a 2nd goal.
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    PPV booked really simple, drove past Somerset today and wish I could be at the game but PPV the next best thing.
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    I'd never considered a David McGurn managed Raith Rovers before, but now I realise it's all I've ever wanted.
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    Coronavirus isn't going saarf of the river at this time of the night, guv.
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    Didn't mean to leave it this long, but its just that May is now scoring at a better rate (goals per 90/minutes per goal), and also having a better goal involvement (goals + assists per90/minutes per goal or assist), than in 2013/14. 1000 minutes is the benchmark figure to start judging players, and below that you could have form variance. 1000 minutes generally gives you a clear picture. May is over 1100 mins now. So aye, I'm saying it. May is performing better in 2020 than in 13/14, and its time everyone (including the manager) stops weighing him down with comparisons to the 13/14 version of him.
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    Ach it’s not folk on here I’m having a go at- more the vocal element of our fan base on Twitter and Facebook- more fool me for paying attention to it. But after 5 years of awfulness in the doldrums I would hope for a little less negativity and a bit more persepective from the fan base generally given where we are- only my opinion though, others may think differently.
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    Beers, tunes and a win at the fitba, about as good a Saturday as you get in covid times.
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    It's only the back of five, give folk a chance to get back down the road ffs.
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    Do you want to be our new manager? You may be over qualified but worth a shot.
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    To euthanise you and then she celebrates with a joint after?
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    Can we just knock you on the head? Complete bore.
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