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    5 pens dispatched, no problem. What is it England find so hard about them?
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    f**k sake, we've been waiting for 20 years to have the pleasure of being papped out after 3 games, now's not the time to worry about that.
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    Don’t know why you were all so worried, how many other countries have scored every penalty they’ve ever taken in a shootout?
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    f**k corona virus restrictions and pub closures, just make all licensed premises show this game continually on a loop and that should keep them empty.
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    This is up there with some of the worst games I’ve ever seen, and I support fucking Morton.
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    The idea that you can just shield the vulnerable and let everyone else get on with life as before is unrealistic. Once the disease is more wide-spread then the ability to keep it out of homes/care-homes etc becomes impossible. Vulnerable people still need to have contact with others I.e to get food, go to places like the doctors, care workers etc so if we massively increase the chance of those people having the virus by it being wide-spread in the community, then we massively increase the opportunity for it to reach vulnerable people. It also ignores the harm that having the virus, even if you don’t die with it, can do to you. A lot of people who were never in the vulnerable category, have reported serious and quite wide-ranging ongoing health issues from it.
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    The type of people who think graffitiing the main stand is a legitimate protest probably couldn’t even find Palestine on a map. Morons.
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    Announcement re Saturday’s live stream PPV: https://www.raithrovers.net/45035/raith-rovers-v-east-fife-live-on-raithtv.htm
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    Referring to Sturgeon as "The Murrell administration" pretty much adds (if it wasnt already) raging misogyny to Kincardines expansive list of deeply unsavoury character traits.
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    There’s few things more tragic than grown men referring to Nicola Sturgeon as nippy. It’s no surprised the vast majority who do so, are rabid ****.
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    Clarke has absolutely lost the plot. 270 minutes of utter dross and he still won't accept that his tactics are wasting our best players and creating a team far poorer than the sum of its parts.
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    Tomorrow is my 2 year cancerversary!
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    16 - 246 Appearances 1990-1995, and 2002 to 2006. Dreadful striker, poor midfielder, colossal central defender. 14 goals, plus leadership, bravery and inspiration to the team. Played in the SPL once aged 41. Managed us from 02 to 09, but that's a debate for elsewhere. Yogi "John" Hughes.
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    I think you perhaps need to grow up a little and realise Israel/Palestine is a very complex conflict with 2 sides. The Palestinian side is anti-Semitic, Holocaust-denying and violent. Few of us in Scotland, myself included, understand the situation well, and I think this particularly applies to some bampot Celtic fans who, lest we forget, have a penchant for another bloodthirsty terrorist organisation.
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    y2mate.com - jonathan frakes telling you you're wrong for 47 seconds_GM-e46xdcUo_360p.mp4
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    Its nice to have some tedious success instead of glorious failure for once
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    This thread is even more of a pollution than I expected. Repeated calls for dug meat like Nisbet, the usual pish about underestimating the opposition and even someone saying losing three of our better players is a positive which will help us 😂 Israel are a poor side and there is more than enough left in our squad to beat them by a couple of goals. He will stick with the back five which imo is a mistake but even still, we will rightly he favourites given the quality in our squad. One boy at Hoffenheim being held up as a shining example of how great Israel are while we have players at Liverpool, Man Utd and the captain of Leeds, amongst others.
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    We've played better and still achieved bugger all. If we get through playing awful then so be it.
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    As bad as that was, if you offered me the same again against Serbia with the same outcome, I’d fucking bite your hand off right now
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    Shout out to the coked up boy at the table next to me who is telling anyone who will listen that this formation isn't getting the most out of our best player, Niall McGinn. I agreed with him after the third time he shouted at me to try and quiet him down.
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    Derek Ferguson said we'd win because we have better players. What he meant was we have players he's heard of.
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    No fucking about today. 3-0 up at half-time. 5-1 final score. McGinn (5).
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    This really is a shite time, I’m frustrated beyond any belief with it, but ‘shielding’ the vulnerable/elderly and letting the rest of us crack on is just as bad an option now as it was in March. It’s impossible to do, two or three weeks ago it was almost exclusively young adults getting Covid and now it’s seeped into the elderly and hospitalisations are shooting up. We’re starting to see care home cases as well despite the precautions they’re taking - Covid in the community means you’re far more likely to pick it up in pubs, supermarkets, cafes, libraries, buses or even, shock horror, schools! Because it’s an airborne virus and your magic two metre distance won’t save you. A nurse will go into a care home or a carer will pop into see their elderly mum and dad while carrying Covid. No amount of wishful thinking gets rid of that reality. For reasons I don’t really understand the UK is suffering dreadfully from this. The USA is held up as the biggest loser in all of this, with New York being the clear global epicentre for some time and the President/governors effectively ignoring medical advice and aside from a few token ‘measures’ there are large swathes of the USA where you might not know there’s a pandemic on. Nearly one in forty Americans has provided a positive Covid test. And yet their death rate adjusted for population is only just catching up to ours now after a full summer with single figures dying daily. I can’t explain that, there are probably hundreds of factors, but it does mean no politician can follow the lead of America in any conscience. It’ll be like this until a vaccine, or the major vaccines fail. Get used to the idea, because this is the path Western Europe have chosen - it isn’t a SNP or Tory thing, it’s a Scotland/England/Wales/NI/Ireland/France/Belgium/Spain thing. I don’t fully understand how we’ve landed here, most likely because of March and how deeply seeded we let it get in our communities, but it is what it is.
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    It's just a bit weird to keep using silly playground nicknames when you must be close to collecting your pension. Thinking you can undermine an articulate woman by calling her "Nippy".
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    Jesus Christ, min. What do you even get out of football if not to experience the small moments of joy or at least curiosity those occasions produce?
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    Buzzing for the Israel v Scotland game next month
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    Would be a tricky one but nothing else making this game interesting
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    Bugger all chance Scotland did going by this performance.
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    He'd have scored that if he was playing in midfield.
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    I hear Billy stark has tested positive for covid during today's u19 game? I expect he'll give it to Scot Gemmill, who'll give it to Ricky Sbragia, who'll give it back to Stark....
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    Good move by government and Scottish FA. Well done the East of Scotland League and all getting our football back. Big shift put in by them. Now lets show we deserve the name professional on the park and all. Stick to the rules and stay safe. Good luck all the teams.
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    Got a quiz for you all. Your stated aim is to reduce the spread of covid. What areas do you introduce restrictions on to help you achieve this goal?
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    One or both of ours decided to shred a dog bed while we were at work the other day so this is Skye's best "Everything's fine here" face. She was obviously worried that Morse was going to crack under interrogation. Probably a fair bet tbf.
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    IMO politics and religion should never be associated with football and as a Partick Thistle supporter for over 60 years I have been proud of the fact that the Jags have always been a genuine community club with a diverse support, unlike some other clubs from this city! This is quite simply an act of vandalism, a criminal offence. The perpetrators will no doubt be demonstrating outside Hampden prior to kick off tonight. Glasgows finest just need to scoop them all up, especially the ones with red paint on their hands! Thank God I am an atheist!
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    Taking out any argument around the capability or otherwise of the government, which has become quite Tribal in Scotland over the last few years, I want to ask a genuine question about what pushing back on yesterday's announcements could trigger. Firstly, the definition of "professional". The Sun article seems to have picked that up as PGB Vs Non PGB meaning T5 and up = OK, T6 down = nope. While annoying for all of us below T5, the benefit at least is that T5 and up can justifiably be argued as falling under the "professional" banner. I get why the EoS clubs are annoyed, we are as well, but given the SFA for a long period didn't seem to grasp how the non league game worked why the hell is there such an assumption that the Scottish Government does or that if they were made to, that would end up in a favourable outcome? In my view, based on the Comms we've seen from last night, the EoS don't want to be the ones making the call so have pointed at the SFA who don't want to be the ones making the call so have pointed at ScotGov, all in the name of "clarity". Given the people who best understand non league sit in the WoS, EoS, SoS and LL, do we think it's more likely that: a. The Government says "of course we meant EoS down to conference's A & B and the SoS as 'professional', crack on lads" b. The Government says "actually, we didn't understand that professional players went to that level, we only actually meant those who it is full time employment for, so you'll need to stop anyone where it isn't their main job" It's 3 weeks, hopefully. It's shite, it makes little sense and it's one tiny grain of sand issue on a 40 mile beach to the government. Can we not be pissed that T6 down is off for 3 weeks but at the same time be happy that T5 and up get to continue when most (or at least some) of us weren't expecting that, proving that football in those settings can continue? Isn't raising awareness of where the "professional" line might be drawn to those in Government who most likely have no f*cking clue the registration status of players at EoS or LL level just risking them clarifying up, rather than clarifying down, and our noise making just f*cks it for the LL, L2 & L1 rather than gets us playing on Saturday in the EoS? All for the sake of 3 Saturdays and 4 games, which can easily be caught up? We all want to play, but putting people in the know who are not currently is equally as likely to f*ck it up for more than get it going for more, surely?
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    I'll admit, this view has annoyed me. Here is a list of the countries Israel have beaten away from home since 2004. (Nation - World Ranking) Latvia (x2) - 137 Liechtenstein - 180 North Macedonia (x2) - Albania - 66 Honduras - 62 Cyprus (x2) - 98 Andorra (x2) - Malta - 186 Luxembourg (x2) - 97 Northern Ireland - 38 (2013) Honduras - 62 Romania - 34 Moldova - 175 Estonia - 108 Faroe Islands - 107 If we're added to that list, we don't deserve to qualify. Period.
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    £10 to the Scottish Catholic International Aid Fund for me. Cheers
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    3 ex StMirren players sending us through. Just saying.
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    The only part I don't like is they ask you to save your card details. Just as well Accies don't have a history of being scammed in internet fraud....
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    The chances of more than one person moving willingly to Ayrshire seem vanishingly slim. Anyway good luck with the scam, sorry, venture
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    HS2 is the white elephant that should be scrapped, why build a short distance train line when nobody is expected to travel ? HS2 was a ridiculous idea to begin with but the covid has changed everything and now it's become pointless as people are no longer commuting to offices. Apart from this it was only ever to benefit a small proportion of the population as most couldn't afford it nor would they need it and further more it was only ever designed to create even further wealth in London to the detriment of everywhere else. Scrap it now !!!
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    Credit to St Mirren Tv for their coverage. Signed up 15 minutes before the match and stream was fine. Nice to see Gary Peebles beforehand and Tommy Turner with his 'big man analysis of the match. I'm not holding out much hope for the quality of The Glasgow Derby clash on Saturday viewing experience...
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    It looks like Ally Roy will be out for around 3 months going by Ian Murray’s comments here. I thought we were ok last night and losing certainly wasn’t a disaster but I think it showed the issues most of us were expecting based on pre-season. Alloa looked much more comfortable on the ball and really controlled the game either side of their goals. I actually thought Airdrie probably edged it in between their goals, there was a spell early in the second half where we looked really good, but on the whole we never did enough going forward. I don’t think the Paul McKay up front experiment worked. He’s played all across the defence, right midfield, central midfield and now as a striker, it’s probably about time he finds a settled position for his own sake. I thought Kerr and Sabatini did ok in midfield, Sabatini was excellent during our spells where we looked the better team but seemed to struggle a bit either side of Alloa’s goals when we looked worse, which probably isn’t a coincidence. Thomson and Carrick worked hard as always but there was little end product there. O’Reilly looked decent when he came on and certainly tried to impose himself on the game so I’d like to see him start ahead of Thomson against Stenhousemuir. Overall, I have strangely few complaints for a defeat, with only the front four needing changed for Tuesday. The seven behind them look pretty settled, so I think it’s now a case of finding the best balance going forward.
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    Yeah, i think we can safely file this pish in the "Things that never happened" bin.
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