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    In the late 80's/early 90's I had an Amstrad computer (best of the home computers). I learned the Basic and Machine Code languages and sold umpteen programs to the magazines. I also got one program published commercially. I then learned HTML and wrote a Railway Guide which I uploaded to my personal website. I had over 500,000 hits which wisnae bad for an amateur. Here is a wee program in Machine Code
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    Rather than checking his previous stats you could maybe try the little known approach of actually watching him? Then you can come and give an actual opinion on him as a player. Clearly it's not down to him signing for QPR given that Clarke has been on at him to play for Scotland since the start of the year, if not before. Dykes has the unusual combination of being a busy pest like Kenny Miller but also a big physical presence who can ruffle defenders in the air. I always find him very clean with it too, not lots of elbows, shoves and pulls like other big guys but still retaining his aggression. His attitude seems spot on too, so he has all the tools to potentially be a good Scotland number 9. We'll have to wait and see how he adapts to the pressure and the slight step up in quality.
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    This is possibly the single worst tweet of all time
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    I've conflated nothing. McKinnon was able to bring in 12 players in the January transfer window of 2019. A little bit more than "a few changes" Our relegation had nothing whatsoever to do with him being forced to work with someone else's players and everything to do with him s*****g the bed in the most spectacular way possible and deciding that we could draw our way to safety when survival was in sight. And as dire as we were last season, we were still "competing effectively "in League 1 due to the abysmal standard of every other team in the division. It's just that that is nowhere near good enough for any Falkirk fan who retains even a modicum of ambition or expectation for where the club should be. So apart from that, you're bang on.
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    It is absolutely breathtaking how many folk on here absolutely raging at the possibility of having to make fairly minor and achievable adjustments to the matchday in order to actually get back to seeing their team play. Having to send a bank transfer to the ref, which can be done in about 30 seconds? "IT'S JUST NOT FITBA". Opening windows in the changing room? "AH IT'LL BE TOO CAULD".
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    Appearing in so many of these enemies lists has really made me think about my behaviour on here. This might end up being a long post so will put it in spoilers for anyone who doesn't want to scroll endlessly but I need to get this off my chest somewhere.
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    One of the greatest Dee keepers ever.......... "Pull over" shouted the traffic police. "£10 fae Markies" Thomson Allan replied. This picture of Dundee's ace keeper was taken in 1972. The motor in a safe pair of hands.
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    Are schools Scott Brown?
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    Have to say that I disagree with the narrative being spun that as a fan owned club that we've reached a glass ceiling as to where we're at. Numerous incorrect decisions over the years have led us to staying in the league for what will be a 5th season. It's very achievable to gain promotion with the resources we've had available.
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    Apparently feeling empathy for nearly 1 million people dying of a virus is "birthday caird pish". I think that's enough of this thread for me.
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    By the time Steve Clarke, Chris Wilder and Oli McBurnie are all saying the same thing, I'm pretty sure that's the real story. Folk are just seeing what they want to see at this point.
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    I watched Eurotrash for its thoughtful investigative pieces tbhwy.
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    They're gonna give us hot water but they're gonna punish us by making it scalding
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    This can be assisted by: You: “you’ll never guess where we are going for lunch?” Her: [inserts name of the place] You: “how did you know??” Her: “oh my god no way??” I charge an hourly rate of £99 for this kind of advice btw and the clock is now ticking
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    I haven't posted in a couple of weeks but it appears that in this short time period that Mixu has completely lost his mind.
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    Season tickets are out. Mine arrived today. The letter accompanying the season ticket has a photo of the bald messiah looking resplendent in sunglasses while holding the league trophy we deservedly won.
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    There's a football company in Dunfermline to avoid. Spends money they don't have, dodges taxes, screws creditors and pays 0p in the £
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    We can now cross over live to @Nkomo-A-Gogo for their reaction to this announcement... fr_4urIlsaIZcOJv.mp4
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    Burgoyne, Edjenguele, McKenna, Dixon, McShane, Osman, Waddington, Keillor-Dunne, MacLean, Lavery, Todorov, Jarvis. That's the list of players who arrived in the January 2019 transfer window. 12 of them. And as McKinnon comprehensively proved last season, he "can't do shite" even when he has got all the usual suspects in his dressing room. So your assertion is completely fatuous. He is a dreadful, dreadful football manager, period.
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    The unprecedented rise in the use of the word "Staycation"
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    Arabian Knight is cancelled. What a rollercoaster week for the lad.
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    Keep your covidy ass in Covidshire mate
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    Colin Weir wanted to own a football club, but without being the figure to which fans directed their ire if/when things weren’t going well, hence Jacqui Low’s involvement. It’s always been made out that this was a lifelong Thistle fan pledging his wealth into his boyhood club out of the goodness of his own heart, but the longer it’s rumbled on, the more it’s become apparent that this was never the case. His legacy will plague the club for years to come.
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    I do if I slip her enough.
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    Ok, so you’re a slavering DAB c**t? That don’t impress me much.
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    Complete fucking luddites that just want to moan. Basically arguing that team talks on the pitch or limited changing toom access are enough of a reason to call the whole season. Unsurprisingly it's all coming from the bitter old trolls who are just desparate to see the new setup fail. If you were to offer every player, manager and fan a chance to play/watch football again in exchange for these concessions then it's a no brainer for anyone with a degree of sanity/rationality.
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    Please regale us with more made up tales from "the roll shop" to get the thread back on track.
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    Once again, someone whose attendance and performance directly affects me is off. It's either because she has to deal with one of two hypochondriac members of her family or one of her ailments flaring up, or it's Flexi taken (which she abuses to feck) or one of any other number of reasons that necessitate her not being in. Other people just cover and get pissed off; when she comes back in, she'll bitch about the place endlessly, which only pisses people off even more. I hanker for the golden days when people could be sacked for no reason, let alone being bloody lazy and never in.
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    They're from the Southside of the city They're run by a committee Since the Boer War they been shitty The Queens Park family Deedle ee dee etc.
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    Tambo "Shotgun" Collins retweeting left leaning politics on his twitter. Not only has he shot instantly to my top 3 of our squad but I'm sticking a fiver on him and Janny to be scrapping over Trump by the end of November.
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    As you say, Baird signing would sort us out at CB with Muirhead in CDM completing the midfield. Just a keeper and a forward for us to be ready IMO after that if this does come off.
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    He has been looking at houses in Monifieth. Rumour is Pedro Marr and Kilmac will be paying his wages.
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    Turner had been signed (by Hartley) and subsequently punted long before the 2019 window was a thing. You think Kevin O'Hara - it is him you are referring to, I assume - was signed by McKinnon in the January 2019 transfer window ??!! 😄 😄 😄 😄 😄. Absolutely no further confirmation that you are talking complete nonsense is required.
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    I'm as aware as anyone of the issues of having McPake as gaffer are, but I don't get any enjoyment about just saying we're shite all the time, hence why I'm always up for suggesting ideas to improve the situation. I hate posts that don't have anything meaningful to say.
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    Jack Baird released from St Mirren. I’d take him at Ayr. Morton fans seemed to rate him. Suspect he may be on his way back there.
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    I think that's covered in the inside back pages. "Derrida-daft McBurnie's EXPLOSIVE thoughts on post-strucuralism. Western Culture SLAMMED"
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    Aye, that it was a shit show abused by corporate arseholes. I'd rather the odd lazy b*****d slipped through the filter as opposed to folk being fired on a whim like back in the day.
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    Ten for Thursday. I think I may have pushed the guessometer beyond its tolerance. Honestly knew four, maybe five and the rest ranged from eduguess to complete Jack the Ripper.
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    Blondie - Fade Away And Radiate
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    Thur 5/10 eta question 7. I don't even understand the question. Googled it and still none the wiser. It's like one of those cunty playoff questions you get a the weekend.
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    Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds - Far From Me
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