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    Nothing apart from it being a monumentally stupid idea (which, as you allude to, won't necessarily stop the Tories). The move away from full capacity office working is something that's been on the horizon for years. Covid didn't create the pressure, it just turned it up by about a million notches. The benefits of more flexible working are obvious for both employers and employees. It's something that more and more employees would have been expecting and then demanding over time. The money that was being spent on Scotrail and Pret will be spent on other things. As with everything, unless you're essential then you adapt or die. Thousands of people cramming into tubes and paying an eye watering amount to move between Glasgow and Edinburgh every morning or scandalously over-priced shite sandwiches are not essential. They can die as far as I'm concerned. The people pushing for 'back to the office' are exclusively dinosaurs who refuse to accept this is the 21st century (pensioners) and the rich who have interest in commercial real estate. The former are to be ignored, the latter can go f**k themselves to the tune of a tiny violin.
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    Peter Houston was one of the hardest working players I’ve ever seen pull on the navy blue jersey. 110% commitment. Well deserving of a standing ovation every time he’s at the stadium.
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    They are all saying go back to the office because they all have investments in corporate property. Don't let them make you believe anything else.
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    Not exactly work colleagues, more customers, but I feel suitably angered that I need to post them somewhere. Utter c***s, who have never bought anything from you before, who phone up looking for something to be delivered yesterday and ask you for a ridiculous discount plus 30 days payment terms. Why do c***s think that's acceptable? Can you imagine me walking into Curry's and saying to the guy "I like yer £1,000 TV there, any chance I can get a third off the price and pay you the rest in 30 days time?". Fucking c***s. f**k off. Utter c***s, who have never bought anything from you before, who phone up asking for a quote, which you give them and they come back with "I can get this much cheaper from X company", as if I give a fucking hoot. You asked us for our price, you got it, if it's cheaper elsewhere then fucking go and buy it and never talk to me again, you fucking c**t. Happy Friday!
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    Houston lost Alston-Sibbald and Vaulks the best balanced midfield we had in decades. Am hard pushed to come up with 3 players that complimented each other so well in Falkirk team. It was obvious and inevitable a team was breaking up either retiring with other players moving on Loy , Duffie for example. It was a hard ask and rebuilding the side was a disaster. Whether Houston's heart was not in it with the talk of him leaving at the end of the season or the lack of funds from the board. Well maybe the truth of what happened will come out some day. As a manager in the good times he put a team on the park motivated, skilled with a savvy game plan that never gave up and gave the support some thrilling games ever seen by the support. I will remember Peter Houston a player that tried no matter how he was playing. Remember one game he was having a stinker and the harder he tried the worse he got. ( we have all done it ) When he got substituted he got a standing ovation. It takes a certain type of player to get that for playing badly. He should be remembered for these achievements and receive the appropriate ovation when he comes to a Falkirk game.
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    My attitude towards face coverings has always been that I like to give them out but I'd hate to be the recipient! Seriously though, it's 2020 Bayern have won the CL, bowls legend David John Bryant is now dead and we've all been asked to shield our nose lips, teeth and chin(s) from the general public via an ear secured sheath. My own personal experience with maskage was initially neutral but sadly has become extremely negative through time. Those who follow my 'Gram page will be aware that I had a teeth-cation to Hungary in February. To the whippersnappers on here bad teeth will catch up with you, so brush twice daily and floss at least every other day. Since I'm still banned from the whole Tesco group I've been shopping at the Caley road Morrisons where there's a quite wonderful female employee with a uniform/namebadge combo with smooth skin with low levels of pigmentation for her age, and soft soft eyes like a cow. Her name's Jane. Four letters. It was my new years resolution to ditch the Millers Pan Drops, and fly to Hungary to get excellent teeth to win over the heart of Jane and become sexually intertwined. But these bloody face masks mean I'm unable to showcase my new £4,000 porcelain dream chops. Whilst Meatloaf might be happy with how my 2020 in flowering I'm still hungry like the wolf. Perhaps the whole thing is a con and we'll be inundated with firms asking us to claim back our mis-sold PPE. Anyone on P & B want to show off their mask?
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    Worth mentioning St Johnstone put all their eggs in one Craig Conway sized egg basket. A player considerably older than Oor Charles.
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    I largely enjoyed the Hughes era as manager, he did infuriate me at times but we saw some great players at Falkirk. I loved Riera , Stokes, Gow, Latapy , Arfield, Tiago, Aafjes , Lawrie, Uras, Lovell and loads more. I have been impressed by stories from ex players on that podcast Walking Down Hope St about Yogi. The most recent being Tam Scobbie , he certainly managed him well and you could never doubt Yogi's commitment. Jeffries said he would be the number one guy he'd have in the trenches next to him. But he also fell out with players big time. Wallner being one glaring example. We should have beaten Rangers in that cup final - only a fluke beat us that day as we played them off the park. Most footballers are arses , he's no different - but I'd have him down as a Falkirk legend on and off the pitch.
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    This was a complete fluke. Whilst i'm not 100% happy with the composition, i liked the end result. I'd got up a 5am on Saturday morning and though I'd try to head to Westhaven on the Angus coast for sunrise. I couldn't really find a decent shot as it was a total rush job. Nipped along to Carnoustie beach front and found these steps. I took this shot just a wave had come in and soaked the rest of my camera gear 😂
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    Yes. Because, unlike some, Accies fans aren't stuck in the 17th Century
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    Good stat from the “Here We Go” lads. Last night’s win was Aberdeen’s 38th in European competitions. Hearts and Hibs have 37...between them.
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    Soul soothing to watch a Celtic fan engage with Willy and get the same nonsensical shit that everyone else gets.
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    It's usually about this time that mine will then nip back in while the cars fully loaded and everyone champing at the bit to get moving and start doing the dishes with her jacket on. Can’t leave dirty dishes. What would the burglars think?
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    FFS, do I have to do everything myself? 🙄 Perth, a town with a tiny population, the vast majority of them tory voting farmer types, prefers rugby to football. It's just not a footballing town. The attendances play this out with an embarrassing few bothering to file into their decrepit stadium, the only time it's full is when they hock themselves out to the old firm or a bunch of god botherers turn up to drown themselves in the name of Jesus. It's so bad that their sugar daddy actively begged the council to allow him to demolish a stand just to stop the embarrassing sight of it being so empty. The council said no because, just like those who live in Perth, they don't care about the club. Their current position within the top flight is unmerited and are more traditionally a 2nd and 3rd tier club, unlike the team they are hosting. Lucking out with Wright, their days of shamefully enjoying the undeserved limelight is soon to be ended with the disastrous appointment of a man wholly incapable of turning the downward trend. Davidson at this point has not only engendered ire from from the fanbase, he has just the one win to his name, a fluke result from the opposition going down to 10 men. It would be funny if it wasn't all just so embarrassing for them.
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    They've been more used to the concept of having Tory c***s run the country into the ground and the failure of the British union but that doesn't stop them from holding the wrong views about those two things as well. They're just thick, selfish arsehole gammons.
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    Maybe I'm just having a bad week – and this moan isn't strictly political or restricted to the BBC – but I always sense an implicit racism in the frequent stories about trials abroad involving British subjects. There's almost always a strong implication of innocence, as if foreign courts couldn't be trusted and Britons are always honest.
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    Its Andy Walker I feel for in all this. A truly despondent correspondent.
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    Put this in the heads gone if you like but I really hope a severe punch in the puss is coming your way soon you c**t
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    There's no serious person in any part of the political spectrum that doesn't believe that economies have to change as circumstances change. Saying that people must go into city centre offices so that the current number of shops reliant on passing lunchtime trade can keep going is like saying we should have limited the bandwidth of home internet to keep video rental shops open. Some industries will inevitably die off. The best way to deal with it is to come up with a way to mitigate the impact that has on the people employed in them, not game the system to keep them artificially alive.
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    Personally think it’s a great signing if he signs and don’t get why anyone would be negative about it. Seems like a massive boost for the fans during what has been an otherwise pretty terrible time for all involved. Hopefully he can be a good influence on young Finniesta and brings a load of experience into the squad. Gives grounds for optimism going into the season that maybe wasn’t there before.
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    Not getting any vowels at scrabble.
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    People getting told to get back to the office by people working from home.Those that dont know the words to the last night of the prom songs will be agreeing on social media shortly with pictures of the d day landings with the words "our brave boys didnt storm the beches so you can work from home"
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    I think staggered entry/exit times into matches is the way forward using FIFO (First in first out) Lets say its a 15:00 Kick off time and 3600 fans are allowed to attend. Then you get allocated an *exact* time to arrive at the ground for every minute of the clock, First fan is allocated a slot 6 hours before kick off so 09:00 in this case the next person 09:01 then 09:02, 09:03 etc until the last fan arrives at their 14:59 turnstyle slot. Miss your slot or no mask and you don't get in. Post match the same system starts from 5pm (in case there's a lot of injury time ) 17:00,17:01 etc until the last fan leaves at 22:59.
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    That’s what throbber’s stag do will be like.
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    I am sure he will offer a fascinating insight as per.
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    Charlie Adam will be a fucking fantastic signing. Always said that.
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    That used to be a sparrow on his back, until the fat nazi f**k discovered McDonalds.
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    I'd have asked them if Amber Heard had been a dinner guest before blaming the cat.
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    I've no idea on the exact scientific benefit of a mask. The fact that seems to upset the Twitter users with the dog profile pic and exact same "vetrun/Brexit/patriot/boris/cancer survivor/all lives matter" bios means I'll be wearing one with much joy.
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    Don't do the overlapping full back? Tait scores the winner against Livi then sets the ball on a plate for Obika against Accies. Reckon Tait spends more time in the opposition box than our midfield.
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    The theme of todays gallery is.... "Will you just f**k off"
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    I fucking hate old people. I don't know why we care for them so much, they hold intolerant and abhorrent views and constantly vote for the worst fucking party in the country. From now on, f**k them. Next time they turn up for the flu jab just give them a lethal injection.
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    10 for Friday. My first 10....two were lucky guesses though. Hadn't a clue about The Transporter and the Charlie Sheen one.
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    10 for Friday Bit hard to explain to a group of people who are pished (like myself) at an after party, why I've just yelled "get fucking in there" for a quiz with a bunch of strangers
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    The fact you think the OF is the big issue and not it being a terrible idea is part of the issue. By debating the pros (none) and cons(a shit load) you give their idea legitimacy. you don’t debate the t&Ces with someone asking to shag your wife, you tell them to f**k off
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    Charles Graham Adam.
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    Dundee will be playing three, five fucking two. Also; Hot take from the analyst.
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    When you see that Kia Ceed pull into the Morrison's car park.
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    Cream : Sleepy Time Time
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    Wooo hoooo 10 for Friday. Educated guess for Shakespeare and complete guess for Transporter.
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    B B King - Waiting For Your Call
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    Blondie : Hanging On The Telephone
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    Not a fucking sniffle since March. Kids have been back at school for a week and a half and every c**t in the house now has the fucking cold. Little c***s.
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    Old Kunt Rod
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