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    Hearts you say???? The Eighties???? Kidds???? Scenes????
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    Away win. Until Hearts appeal it. Then still away win.
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    This is him calm. #serenity
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    f**k this attitude of anyone being shafted we were always gonna get two away days against some teams, no excuses just a build a team capable of winning this league and go for it.
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    Great gesture from the club here.
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    Burrows signing off deals from his cell, what a lad!
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    Running scared of 2 away games at Partick ffs. Just close the doors. I must have imagined our abysmal, atrocious, despicable, shit-the-bed record in so-called big home games for years and years and years and years. We'd have a much better chance of promotion with 27 aways. No doubt the usual suspects will be along shortly with their "no easy games, tight little away ground, community club, wind whipping off the North Sea on a cold Tuesday night" garbage. Excuses are about the only thing we are not lacking in these days. Would give anything for a tenth of the confidence and swagger that a Jefferies or McCall had their Falkirk teams playing with (and that was at least a tier higher and, in the case of JJ, two). Instead, reduced to playing shit-scared, safety first, a point-is-more-than acceptable dross against the likes of Clyde under both the current management and the previous one. If we're not committed to going full throttle to rip this appalling league up from day one, then it's GTF time again, for both players and management. No margin for yet another one of our speciality slow starts. See where we are after the first nine games and make decisions from there. Not interested in any more excuses.
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    It appears the Raith Rovers chairman's appearance on Sportsound has gone down well. https://www.hmfckickback.co.uk/index.php?/topic/189510-bridges/
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    What the actual f**k is going on here?
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    They'll soon pipe down once this this thug steps off the train: K7lFc5Xm94kHR7dC.mp4
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    I believe that most Hearts fans will accept the outcome and move on, myself included. When fans are allowed back to matches they will go home and away regardless of what is said on JKB. As there always has been, there will be anger towards the SPFL & SFA, nothing new there as most feel regardless of all the recent events that they are poorly run/administered and favour two clubs. The reality for us Hearts fans is there were very poor decisions made by those in charge at HMFC, with regards to Managers/Coaches and signing of players. Would we have avoided finishing bottom if the season had concluded naturally, probably not in my opinion, as we were terrible against bottom half sides with a Manager who was out of his depth and no better than the one he replaced. There have been some positives for us in recent weeks with the signing of RN, JJ and CG. Add in promises of financial assistance and we will move forward in a reasonable position all things considered. Hopefully the relegation clauses in players contracts are severe to the point a number choose to move on (should anyone want them). Now simply looking forward to the day that I can sit next to (or near) my mates, have a beer before and after the game and watch some live football.
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    "I want lothian and borders police to arrest every fucker singing sectarian songs" Surely that would cause a seismic decline in their home attendances. 🤔
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    THE JAMBO POET This sort of nonsense has been stoked by the club Statement as written by AB, she should no better than refer to recent events as a battle and winning “the WAR”. She needs to rain it in ASAP, the only saving grace is 99% of this bluster is keyboard warriors. As for a War she should have visited the local Hospital ITU unit a few weeks ago and then she would have seen a battlefield of a different sort.
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    That is atrocious and would not appear out of place on Kickback. Vindicated? Vindication would have come from a show of confidence in the SPFL board’s ability to handle another mess such as the one dredged up by the coronavirus pandemic. Instead, when a written resolution was circulated to clubs, suggesting power be transferred in the event of more Covid-related disruption, members denied them that authority Let's see what the dictionary says... vindicate verb [ T ]UK /ˈvɪn.dɪ.keɪt/ US /ˈvɪn.də.keɪt/ To prove that what someone said or did was right or true, after other people thought it was wrong: The decision to include Morris in the team was completely vindicated when he scored two goals. The investigation vindicated her complaint about the newspaper. to prove that someone is not guilty or is free from blame, after other people blamed them: They said they welcomed the trial as a chance to vindicate themselves. Not been Doncaster's biggest fan over the years, but I'd say vindicated was correct in this instance. It's not like he said and/or implied "war", "never forget" etc. Then we have the classic... Look at what we missed out on by not exploring all those options. In England there was drama right up to the last minute as teams battled for survival, for European places and their shot at moving up the ladder. And, in most cases, the final picture was very different from the one being painted with eight games to go. That is not to say that Hearts, Partick Thistle or Stranraer would have saved themselves but they should have been granted the opportunity to try. The fact they were not is the reason this season will always be an embarrassment for Scottish football Which has been discussed on here to the death. But no we couldn't. One TV deal ending and a new deal starting screwed that up and would have meant paying back far larger sums. Scot Gov said no, Each EPL and Championship club would have had to pay back eye watering amounts, Westminster gave them permission, UEFA deadline. Done any research Moira? “fellow member clubs and our governing bodies have stood back and allowed totally disproportionate financial damage to be imposed on three of its members”. She described it as shameful and she was spot on. She was also right to tackle their hypocrisy, fear and weakness. “For too long, chairmen and owners have stood on the sidelines bemoaning the decision-making processes, the perceived lack of leadership, the lack of commercialism; the general shortcomings, as they see it, of Scottish football. However, if they really want things to change, it will take more than words. They will have to stand-up and be counted. Did you, or any journalist, ask her whether she made any attempts to do any of this while a member of the SPFL board? The place where she was for 2 years actually involved in the decision making before leaving in 2018, or did she not stand up and be counted? If Hearts had beaten St Mirren, which much like 26 other games they didn't get 3 points, nothing would have been done or pushed by her. It really pissed me off that professional journalist writing in, let's face it public opinion forming organisations, can not research, deal in facts or give balance. I'm not talking about differing points of view after reading and considering facts which I will support, but this utter bollocks for clickbait and "edgy agitation". It really is bottom of the barrel scraping at its most blatant.
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    Worthy of a thread of its own. The recent self-inflicted grave misfortunes and actions of Heart of Midlothian Football Club will be unveiled to all in an intimate, all-areas documentary which is a complete and utter sure-thing to be nothing other than unfettered, unrelenting TV Gold. "Inside Tynecastle will be screened on BBC Scotland, and aims to explore the ups and downs of the 2019/20 season. Taking a fly-on-the-wall look at the inner workings of the storied Midlothian side, Inside Tynecastle will grapple with the daily challenges of running a top flight Scottish football team in the modern age. In particular, it will tell the story of the tumultuous 2019/20 season so far." https://www.edinburghnews.scotsman.com/sport/football/inside-tynecastle-what-new-hearts-documentary-about-and-when-it-tv-1370338 Quite simply lads, this has the potential to out-gun the Tiger King. Enjoy.
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    I propose a boycott! These Jambo c***s don't deserve the Dee Dollar !!!!1111!
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    Just in case they forgot.
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    Genuine question: what do you do for a living? If it isn’t ‘public health specialist’ have you considered a career change? Seems to be you know better than the accumulated intelligence of the Scottish Government, NHS Scotland and Public Health Scotland. It’s a shame to waste your natural flair for public health (and economic) analysis and insight on a Scottish football forum IMO.
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    They've played a blinder. It's misdirection of the highest standard and Hearts fans are buying it all day. At least with Rangers, it's just their stupid support that are delusional. Their BoD wanted the season to be played to it's natural end but they didn't try to convince their fan base that they were in great form and were going to hunt down Celtic...they didn't have to as Rangers' moronic fan base did that all on their own by forgetting they were in shite form. Hearts and Budge are playing most of their support like a fiddle by telling them how good those last 8 games would have been and the daft fuckers have bought into it.
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    Extra extra large due to Macron sizing issues.
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    Think it's only right that Hearts get an extra away game to boycott and maximise the withholding of the "maroon poond" That'll show us.
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    FINALLY. THE HEARTS HAVE COME BACK TO THE SCOTTISH CHAMPIONSHIP. After a TAINTED RELEGATION that will leave all right-thinking Scottish football fans united in sympathy and grief, the only thing left for Heart of Midlothian FC to do is to roll up the collective sleeves and STEAMROLLER the poor saps in the Championship like it's 2014-2015 all over again. I feel bad for the other sides in the Championship who might have had designs on the title next season (not sure who they are tbf - which league do Kilnockie play in?), but needs must, chaps. Lie back, close your eyes and think of how much you'll enjoy your day-trips to the beautiful Scottish capital from whatever provincial hellholes you slither around in six days a week. Don't let the inevitable GUBBINGS that you will all receive spoil your day at Scotland's premier stadium and conference facility. I EAGERLY ANTICIPATE bumping this thread regularly as Hearts COAST to the title once again.
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    If the Derryboys and girls aren’t allowed into Tynecastle 1st game of the season we’ll crowdfund a big f**k off DOON flag to be flown over the pitch during the game to get under these jambo c***s skin even more. I’m sure some Hibees would pitch in. f**k Hearts
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    I've said it for months and it's been alluded to in the media, we are doing the health service irrepairiable damage by running with next to no normal services for such a long time. The catch up just won't be possible and patients unfortunately are dying and are going to die due to waiting times and just not presenting for treatment in time. Everyday now in general practice folk are starting to show up with things that they should have presented with months ago, the reasons given for not are amongst we didn't want to bother you, we were scared of coming out, we didn't know you were open. Take into account the patients that should have been seen months ago in the hospital by specialist services that we have been trying to manage as best we can in priimary care then its going to be a bloody awful winter. We're treading water. One example is cancers where we are told the sooner you catch it the better the prognosis, we have patients that should seen under the urgent pathway in secondary care within two weeks after referral. That's not happening so the fallout out will be... Echo's for assessing heart failure were just binned for months, only gradually starting up as is fitting of pacemakers etc, now that there are so many more guidelines to jump through, how will they catch up and this is in all fields. Take into account all the joint ops that haven't been done, the reduced theatre capacities etc then I really don't know how we will catch up. The burden on mental health services that were quite frankly pish beforehand, well that's another disaster due to increased lelves of stress, anxiety, low mood, self harm, substance misuse. I will give a wee example of a case in my family, ?colorectal cancer, should have been seen for colonoscopy within 2/52, by the time it is actually done it will be 14 weeks from the referral, as a caveat the person has to isolate for two weeks before going in for the procedure and have a covid test also. So in essence by the time the procedure is done it's nearly 3/12 since referral and increased risk of spread etc. This is happening in several healthboards. I feel passionatly that things should have been opened up healthcare wise much sooner than what has happened. We will end up killing more people due to the reduced capacity in the NHS than due to Covid. At the outbreak of this and bare in mind I was in the Covid assessment centre we were expecting a disaster of proportions not seen since for one hundred years, it became apparent that the expected numbers weren't coming through and we learned more about controlling disease spread, interpreting the science etc. There should have been a move to crank up a return to normality health service wise as soon as it was apparent that there was capacity, that the predictions of armageddon were not accurate and that critical care was not overran. We will just hav eto see how things pan out and hopefully I'm completely wrong and we do catch up, though I doubt that unfortunately.
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    Hearts young team..... be afraid you slags....
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    We have 13 home games, and are away to Partick and Falkirk twice. If you have been shafted then what does that make us?
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    Thats a great gesture for a very worthy charity in memory of David Hagen. Well done Falkirk FC for doing that
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    You wouldn’t be happy if the club regularly supported a charity who had provided amazing support to a local guy that played for our club with great distinction and dignity who recently tragically died far to young ? You really are an arrogant clown.
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    There's nothing more exciting than seeing Ewan posting on your thread during a transfer window.
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    Good. That’s the spirit.
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    Robbie Neilson is now confused.
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    😲 It's almost like they aren't complete idiots after all, eh? What did he actually say, I haven't seen it? Never mind I've found it online now.
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    Well at least we don't have to worry about getting shite players on loan from hearts for a while. I wonder if hibs have another gullan type to loan us? Imagine the seethe of an on loan hibs player scoring the goal in the last game that resigns hearts to another season in the championship.
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    That's not in doubt. The target of the laughter is at the likes of Tom English who seems to think repeating it supports any point he's making re reconstruction.
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    Yeah when he's really calmed down and thinking a bit more rationally, he'll maybe be more inventive with his suggestions. Like having a guillotine out on the pitch for the HT entertainment and having the opposition Chairman put in it, then for a Hearts fan to come on and play kick keepy uppy with the decapitated head for 10 mins. Some snipers up on the roof to shoot any opposition player even thinking about shooting at their goal. And in the off chance the opposition do score, Hearts fans supplied with Molotov cocktails to throw at the opposition fans when they celebrate scoring a goal against Hearts. Sweeney Todd barber chair contraptions fitted to some of the away fans seats, where they get tipped backwards down a shoot into a pool full of crocodiles, and it all put up on a big screen for the fans to watch them being eaten. And for any surviving away fans making it to the end of the game, flame throwers at the gates to burn them all on the way out as they're being chased out by all the Jambo fans carrying machetes.
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    When folk ask why referees don't do more interviews or explain their decisions more after matches, you can point them directly to threads like this. Any time they do anything in the media every little innocent comment is dissected exactly like this.
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    I might order a Chinese later.
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    8gamestogo's greatest hits brought to you in one mail order album.
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    Article is pure unadulterated pish! He knows he has lost the fight, misread the room and is now trying to mitigate it. He is also trying to shoe horn governance of SPFL into it (39% votes for a review into the SPFL governance), it's a smoke screen to the COVID-19 hit league finishing early, a separate issue. He is trying to use it to save face. Anyone of any intelligence sees through it. I agree with you regarding the condescending time about the "glee" in misfortune hitting a rival etc. Sorry Tom that's shite and you know it. Tom English, a previously well thought of BBC Sport Scotland correspondent, has backed the wrong horse, ignored facts that don't fit his point, spun comments to fit his agenda and thrown away all objectivity. He has lost all credibility. The sad thing is he can't see it.
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    I'm maybe going off on a tangent here but this is one of the problems in today's society. Not every opinion deserves respect. See the Cancel Culture thread where people who don't want to read extreme right-wing propaganda are being treated as if they're the problem. You want to believe in Bigfoot? Knock yourself out. But until you can produce some credible evidence, don't expect people to take you seriously.
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    Especially with a panel full of lower league supporters.
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