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    I am outraged at the whole Cummings affair. My 82 year old father died on April 11th (of pneumonia, not the virus. He had had mesothelioma). There were only 10 of us at the funeral. We weren't allowed to carry the coffin. There was no wake, publicly since all restaurants, pubs etc were closed, privately since the ten of us came from more than one household. We had to follow these restrictions because the Government said they were among the measures which would relieve the burden on the NHS and would save lives. Yet we not only have Cummings flouting the rules but the Government knowing about it, sitting on the information for weeks and then openly defending it!
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    It simply can't be overstated just what a fat fucking coward Boris Johnson is. Imagine voting for that c**t and his party of sociopathic rich kids. Tories really are a sub-species.
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    The furlough scheme is designed to stop folk from losing their income as a result of the pandemic. The vast majority of players who are released would normally find another club within 1/2 months. There’s next to no chance anyone who gets released right now will find another club (or even another job altogether) any time soon. On that basis this seems to be exactly what the scheme is designed for. And it’s hardly like it’s just football clubs are doing it, plenty of other industries have been extending fixed term contracts or even re-hiring recently redundant staff to ensure they get a wage. because the rules allow them to do so. It’s not like we’re talking about well-paid footballers here either, there’ll be plenty of people on here who earn far more them. I really can’t fathom anyone vehemently defending chucking an entire squad onto the scrap heap, who would normally have options for finding employment, but now have next to no chance of finding a job in the coming months or even year. Unless you’re just so blinded by support for your club, or just a bit of a c**t.
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    It could be that your hoose is on fire. I'd check that before changing the battery.
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    I do think people are underestimating how much people across the board will be angry about this. Yeah there are vocal morons defending Johnson and Cummings on Twitter, but I'd bet any money that they're people who have broken the rules themselves and therefore don't see the big deal. This isn't like prorouging Parliament, which was a technical thing no-one understood It's not like Grenfell, which was about poor people It's not like Windrush, which was about black people All of those things could be filed away as irrelevant because they're not issues that touch the Tory base. The entire country has experienced the lockdown and the vast majority of us have stuck to the rules. The Prime Minister has just gone on live TV and called us all mugs.
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    Fucking hell Scotland, enough is surely enough of these c***s, get them tae f**k
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    They were looking for a tricky right winger
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    Give me a reason that not every one of you is a c**t now please. I’m eager to hear.
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    Boris Johnston lied to the queen, shut down parliament, conspired to have a journalist assaulted, has more kids than even he knows, and the Right in this country still fucking love him because he's going to get rid of brown people. I would love to have your optimism. I don't share it.
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    ^^^ terrible father imo. Caring fathers drive to their grandparents.
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    I work for Scottish Autism and none of the lads I support have been allowed any contact with their parents since lockdown. To say I am angry with what has been unfolding today is a slight understatement. Even if DCs kid is autistic it is highly unlikely they would have been able to make a 250 mile trip without multiple stops!
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    When's the last time your club (whoever that might be) got to the last 16 of the (real) Scottish Cup? Or finished equal 44th in the pyramid? The vast majority of "historic" clubs who have taken a century to be dragged away from their comfort blanket; and "experienced proper officials" who also took a century to discover fixture lists and whose necks are permanently cricked due to keeping their snouts in the trough have yet to achieve anything approaching that.
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    Logged into the wrong account sorry lads
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    If Grant Shapps was your supervisor for your summer job at Greggs during the school holidays, you'd be rolling your eyes daily at his constant gormless incompetency. We (the UK) have chosen him as one of the people to run our whole fucking country. Let that sink in.
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    reached 6 months off the coke. was pretty bad on it most saturday’s. decided enough is enough and have stuck to my guns. feel so much better for it. more money and a clear head as well. slippery road i was on but hopefully through it now. bit embarrassing but it’s the way it is
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    Marvin Bartley with the Tweet of the day IMO
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    Empty, soulless and no atmosphere. Millions sunk into the project and it's hard to see what the money has actually been spent on. Can't see it being there in 10 years a disaster and the people of Dundee obviously want nothing to do with it. I wouldn't bother with the V&A either.
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    You sure it’s a fire alarm and not a relegation alarm?
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    The thing I love about this thread is even the people who are struggling themselves, are willing to help out others in need.
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    I really don’t see much support from Cummings out there, even from sources you’d expect. Only the proper lunatics are backing him. I’m absolutely furious about the government response, far more than the act itself, and it seems most people are too. People have been watching their parents funerals on fucking Zoom and kids have died and been buried alone while Cummings can nip up to his parents while he’s actually infected! Just on the off chance he needs his kid looked after. It’s absolutely mind-boggling. This isn’t a ‘typical politicians’ style hypocrisy, this is our actual cabinet choosing to trash the entire fucking lockdown for an advisor. They know they’re lying, and not in a ‘this salary cap is actually a good thing’ or ‘this stat has actually got better so we’re doing well with healthcare’ style way. This is now politicians prioritising an advisor over - literally- everyone else in the country. Our Health Secretary says it’s fine, our Attorney General says it’s fine. That’s completely alarming to me when perfectly healthy people have been fined for sitting in the park. Where do you end with that logic, if it’s one of your own? This should now be much bigger than Cummings resigning.
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    On the very last game! Been on a ridiculous run of form today, normally I get most of my games out of the way on Friday and Saturday, I should play on Sunday more often!
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    Christ, for the love of f**k Scotland get the f**k out and leave these c***s to it.
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    Absolutely agreed. Might be less piping hot banter from the championship boys.
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    I’m glad you’ve moved your tele back a bit.
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    Seems like an easy excuse if people say I'm no paying into bfl because of one person's views on covid/politics etc. Would say to me that there not really wanting to bother anyway. As long as all the cash goes to Falkirk fc then that's all.that should matter.
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    Shackled to the past, and contemptuous of ambition or innovation. Why Scottish Junior football has all but died in one paragraph.
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    And voted for in Scotland by another sub-species in the form of Rangers fans.
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    Not a boys club. A true community club servicing it’s entire community. Not just bitter old men living in the past. I know this will probably upset you but do you know we even have female members? 😱
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    Looks like the sevco collective are hating Billy Bowie’s analysis of the “dossier” that was going to blow Scottish football apart (and has quickly been airbrushed out of existence) please can I beg all sevconians to boycott rugby park next year. ...no more staunch pounds to killie
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    These b*****ds need to rot in fucking jail. My girlfriends granny lost her life to this illness, only 8 people were at the funeral. I can’t go see my 81 year old grandad who lives 10 miles away. I can’t even go for a coffee at my mum and dads who are 5 minutes away. Yet this c**t, this baldy fucking c**t clearly breaks the rule, gets his wife to lie about it in the press, then gets Laura Cuntsberg decides to defend him on behalf of the Tory party. Put this in the heads gone thread, my blood is boiling at this.
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    These are all fair points. However a lot of people don't really care that much about politics beyond the way they vote and the other guy being wrong. This is different. We've been confined to our houses for weeks, been told to stay at home and threatened with fines if our reason for leaving wasn't good enough. Unlike Johnson lying to the Queen, people have suffered as a result of the lockdown - suffered mentally, they have missed weddings, funerals, haven't been able to see family and in some cases have lost family members to the virus or indeed their employment. All of this, we are told, is a necessary sacrifice. We expect people to comply. Cummings, meanwhile, has delivered a massive f**k you to the people who have adhered to the restrictions. Lying to the Queen and porouging parliament will be forgotten about in a few days; ten weeks plus of restrictions will see that this doesn't go away for the Government.
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    Meanwhile laboratories are frantically striving to test possible vaccines against Covid-19
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    😂 The Zidane headbutt in a tweet. An iconic last act to end your career on a straight red.
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    That was Labour's best press conference in a decade.
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    Pretty confident Swankie will still be here next season, he had started 3 of our last 4 games before the season was prematurely ended. Gaston has only just turned 33, which isn’t particularly old for a keeper too. As for bobby and JT, I don’t think either would be released without proof that they are past it. You’d trust both of them (and the rest of our squad) to maintain their fitness levels however long the break.
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    It's times like these that those feelings of utter dejection from September 2014 come flooding back. That was stuck a dark fucking day in Scottish history.
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    England will absolutely still vote for them. It is up to us to make sure we’re not shackled go them.
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    A rare mega pack. Take that thank u
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    I'm a huge critic of Budge's running of the club, but you're the guy who spent so much time on here vigorously defending your club's decision to bend over and concede 3/4 of their ground to Celtic and Rangers to scrape a few extra pennies towards their "unsustainable" spending. Now you're criticising Hearts fans for giving money to help their own club *because they want to*. Utterly laughable. I thought I had my own free will until I saw this ceramic cow with writing on it.
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    Just because it has been brought up in another thread. A little reminder to how the Lowland League was formed, and how the SJFA shot themselves in the foot before it had even started. Yet people still like to tout a conspiracy that it was the SFA and boys clubs that did the Juniors in. Keep in mind this article is from days before the Lowland League even announce which clubs and how many would make up the 2013-14 season. From today's Scottish sun (15th June 2013) SJFA chiefs are set to press for a new national junior Superleague. Hampden bosses reckon it would be a better option for their clubs than the new Lowland League — & even rival several of the bottom tiers of the SFA’s pyramid system plans. Fresh talk of a 12-team league made up of the top six sides from the West Premier and East Superleague comes after it was revealed this week that NO junior teams have applied to join the Lowland League. Only six SJFA sides — Clydebank, Rob Roy, Girvan, Rossvale, St Roch’s & Blackburn — had declared an interest but none followed that up. It’s clear junior bosses reckon a super Superleague is the way to prevent big guns like Auchinleck, Linlithgow & Pollok being lured away by the chance to earn promotion into the new SPFL. SJFA secretary Tom Johnston said: “This isn’t a totally new idea, it’s been mooted in the past, but it is something that is very much back on the agenda. We think it’s the right time to look at it. We’ve floated the idea & have people in the West and the East looking into it further, to see how the mechanics of it would work. “It’s simple to take the top six from the two Superleagues, it’s what happens to the teams left behind that might need a bit more work on. “It will be on the agenda for a meeting we have later this month. “This is the next obvious step for the junior game. It’s ten years now since we moved to the three region set-up & started the Superleagues. “That has gone well but there are people in the game that feel we have to look & see what the next level is for our teams, what new opportunities we can put in front of them. “And it would be an option that clubs could look at rather than the Lowland League, without the financial implications that would have for any of our teams thinking about it. “We feel a national Superleague would raise the profile for our game. “I think it’d be right up there as a stronger division than the Highland League, the Lowland League & maybe even the bottom couple of divisions of the new senior set-up.” A national league based on this season’s tables would see Auchinleck, Linlithgow, Petershill, Bonnyrigg, Clydebank, Camelon, Glenafton, Bo’- ness, Irvine Meadow, Kelty, Arthurlie & Broxburn in the same division. Johnston feels staying junior to compete in that sort of league would be the better option for the SJFA big guns. He added: “I think the Lowland League will be an inferior product — I don’t think it reaches the standards of our top clubs & I don’t see anything in it for them. “I don’t think there is any merit in our top teams going to play there because of the lack of fanbase & quality it will have, not to mention the costs involved in meeting club licensing requirements which are substantial. “I think it’s been rushed through & the interest from junior clubs init was minimal. I don’t have a problem with them looking at it as an option but just feel what we have at the moment is a good product that is better for them. “I’ll bring our clubs up to date with where we are at our AGM this weekend but I don’t expect a major clamour from them about it.”
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    ‘Favourite parasites’ thread for this pish.
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    Could fair go a line after all this chat tbh.
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    Your team couldn't stay up. Neither should you.
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    It's a pity there was no-one clever enough to keep them out.
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    Again, I've said it from the fucking start. I don't worry or fear my club being relegated. It's happened more than once in my lifetime, it will most certainly happen again. I'd be more than happy to see St. Mirren open to a reconstruction that sees for a 14 team division and 2.5 relegation/promotion spots. Variety is the spice of life and all that. But ONLY if it's on a permanent basis. There will be absolutely no appetite amongst the clubs most at risk for 3 clubs potentially getting relegated from the league in a year or two years time, only to drop to a league the following season where the three relegated sides are then left fighting with the others over only one promotion slot and an outside chance of going up via a playoff.
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