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    The complaints about "point scoring" are pant-wetting nonsense. It's perfectly feasible to simultaneously hold the position of "f**k, this is awful, lets touch elbows and get through this together" whilst also making the legitimate criticism of "a decade of pointless, ideologically driven, austerity and short-term thinking has left this country and its people extremely vulnerable to such a crisis".
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    They'll get booted into the Championship for 'being fucking shite' which is how a league system works.
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    The lad that sat next to me as I worked on Friday talked utter nonsense and proceeded to shit himself mid conversation and carry on as if it didn't happen. Working from home has its drawbacks especially with toddlers involved
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    Horrible to hear BPM. Wishing for a speedy recovery.
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    I've got no idea mate, but I wouldn't get yourself too worked up about childcare issues as I doubt that'll be affecting you any time soon.
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    Being a polis in Benidorm must be the most soul destroying job going.
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    Similar level of fucking idiocy in Aberdeen last night with 11.5k going to see Lewis Capaldi. Not only have you listened to two hours of shite music, but you’ve now inadvertently led to the death of your granny. Well done, folks. Stupid c***s.
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    We came through Armageddon eight years ago. We can survive this.
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    Eh'll bite. It's not unusual....
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    Vlad took his shirt off, punched it in the sticky out bits then told it to f**k offski will probably be the official line. The reality will be heavily suppressed. I always find it amusing when people in this country automatically believe that the likes of the Russians & Chinese are evil regimes who suppress information from their citizens etc but the UK is somehow held up as a beacon of virtue. Strangely, when I'm abroad I tend to find out much much more from the local news stations about the rest of Europe and even the UK than what I get from my own News. We report loads of nonsense in this country about Z list celebrities and like to have little stories about complete trivialities which are better suited to the pages of a women's magazine as opposed to an actual news channel. Dress it up however you like, but it's still a form of suppressing the News. As a quick example, Pension ages in the UK against the rest of Europe and also levels of payment are extremely relevant but never actively discussed, as undoubtedly this would cause anger and outrage among many in our population. Is this being suppressed ? I'd say Yes. Basically the message here is that Britain is indeed "great" and our citizens have "never had it so good", however it's only when you travel and open up your eyes that you begin to see the truth for what it is. Poland another prime example, the narrative that our Government and media love to hear repeated is the old moronic favourite of "why are they all over here then" ? This makes people believe that Poland is a very poor country and miles behind the UK in living standards and basic public services etc, however NOTHING could be further from the truth.
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    Better than 3/4 days ago thanks
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    The genetic lottery doesn't involve hair then. Must have missed out on the bonus ball.
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    I tell you, I would love it if Wetherspoons goes bust due to this, love it!
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    Sevco will be fine. Haven’t heard any of cases of anyone under 10 getting it in Scotland.
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    How this season is resolved is a secondary issue for me. Main focus for Scottish football is the survival of clubs and the protection of players/employees. This is a monumentally serious situation for the whole game. Who gives a f**k about 9 in a row or whatever else. Relegations are relevant only because the financial implications for clubs.
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    Ok, so here's the question. With serious doubts now about whether this season will finish or not, surely when the LL-WoSFL gets going it now just has to be tier 6 conferences for everybody , in the interest of fairness ? We are going to have all sorts of clubs across the West Region with perceived injustices if the season is finished now, regardless of how they decide to do it. So surely conferences is now the only way to settle who plays at what level in the new league starting from next season. There wouldn't really be any need to finish this season if it is agreed to go with conferences, and we all call this season quits right here and now. Your thoughts ? (I don't expect everyone to agree.)
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    I think he meant that given the zero chance of you getting your end away in the next decade means you don’t need to concern yourself with childcare.
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    That's a very good point and after today's clusterfuck at my practice my main concern. Most of the day spent dealing with young fit timewasters either coming into the practice or blocking the triage with their calls as they're worried as somebody they know may have it. Meanwhile they're ignoring all the advice about symptoms etc and self isolating if fit and well. The knock on effect is shit. Many people who do get need reviewed for pre existing conditions cannot get through. We've pulled pre bookable appointments, going for emergency only which will mean not necessarily those who need it get through. Other practices are not even seeing punters face 2 face and going down purely tele consult, I presume we will follow this soon. So those regular older patients who are relatively healthy but need the odd check to tweak meds etc will be ignored as the masses phone in to demand treatment despite being fit and well. The potential is then that an intervention that would keep the older patient out of hospital is missed. There are signs all over the practice about not coming in but we were literally queued out the door by people wandering in for tests for that Corona. It's a shite state of affairs.
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    You don’t half post some pish at times.
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    Thanks mate. It was all I wanted.
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    I'm kind of hoping they cancel the Edinburgh Fringe. No unfunny Oxbridge twats, no tourists blocking the pavements everywhere- it would be the best summer ever!
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    If anyone's looking for a wire basket they better get in there quick.
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    I think Lewis Allan’s wage is the least of the clubs concerns just now. I also hope when you grow up and get a job, you’d don’t ever get ill.
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    No idea why Branson's behaviour should in any way surprise. An absolute wankspangle of the first order, and always fucking has been. My absolute No.1 for "you've got a terminal disease, who are you taking with you", is Fucking Sir b*****ding James Cunting Dyson. Sucked on the taxpayer's tit for decades until one of his ideas finally made a profit, then fucked off to the Union-free, H&S-blind paradise of SE Asia. Never mind Covid-19, a slow, agonising decline due to a disease that gradually eats your skin while producing a residue attractive to flies would do for both of these dicksplashes.
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    If we somehow manage to spin a global pandemic into a by to the Europa League group stages it might be the most establishment thing we've ever pulled off.
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    And all the wankers that have blocks of flats renting out on Airbnb screwed aswell
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    Reading over 20-odd pages and trying to summarise the "compromise" (all under the presumption the league actually finishes this season. Coronavirus based factors are excluded for the moment) The WJR will come over in its current format but be renamed the WoSFL and be a senior league. Clubs will remain junior "members" but not pay the fines/reinstatement fees but will still have access to the Junior Cup but it's not mandatory. Any non-league team in the WoSFL not currently in the Juniors will be able to join the juniors to also have access to the Junior Cup but, again, not mandatory (both these compromises are dependent on the SJFA changing their rules to allow it but, for now, I will presume that gets the OK). If a non-Junior team is relegated to the WoSFL they will not need to join the SJFA to play in the league. If a non-Junior team, now or in future, applies to join the WoSFL they will not need to join the WRJFA. If a Junior side is promoted to the LL, or higher, they will not need to relinquish SJFA membership. All sides have to enter the SCC and this, and the Scottish Cup, take precedence over the Junior Cup. Any clubs currently in Tier 6 moving to the WoSFL (Bonnyton Thistle being the obvious one) would be parachuted into Tier 6 but not at the expense of anyone currently at that level. Any clubs currently outside the pyramid moving into the WoSFL will start at the bottom tier. If I've got this correct then any arguments against seem a bit childish and petty this moment to be honest. The main ones being "it's not fair on clubs that want to remain junior" - this argument seems to come from the same people that have been telling junior clubs and fans for three years that moving to the senior league wont change anything apart from the name of "the grade". It also seems these junior clubs have done, as all clubs had to do at one point, and compromise. If they're happy with the scenario, or grudgingly accept it, why does it bother others? Another is "why do they get to remain junior when they're senior" - again this argument is coming from the same folk who said the name of the grade didn't matter. So who cares? Honestly. Junior clubs still get to call themselves junior, if it means so much to them, but makes no difference. They're happy and they're completed the pyramid and it makes no difference to non SRJFA members at the same level. The other argument seems to be about the Junior Cup itself and letting it die. Again this is no different from other cups such as the Renfrewshire Cup, Fife Cup, Aberdeenshire Shield. It wont take precedence over league or the "main" cup fixtures and for any bleating about how it will affect fixtures: that remains the clubs decision. All clubs decision. I saw someone say it's a bit unfair if, say, Talbot become a League One club and play Colony Park. That's unfair as it is at the moment. Talbot will win that in any case. Is it equally unfair that Morton play against amateur clubs in the Renfrewshire Cup? I mean this seems like a win/win for everyone. We get the full pyramid in place below the Tay. Junior clubs keep their cup and get to remain junior members if they want and it doesn't negatively impact clubs that don't.
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    Daughter was born on Friday. Majik.
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    First Mikel Arteta and now Idris Elba has tested positive. Handsome b*****ds seem to be particularly susceptible to the virus. Please keep me in your prayers.
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    So Johnson and his advisers agree that the best thing at this stage is for people to stop all unnecessary public interaction but are unwilling to take the steps that other countries have to enforce this? Complete abdication of responsibility by the Prime Minister.
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    Erm yes. It costs £13 a tub so we buy one at a time. She was running low yesterday and we went to get some last night. It's not that difficult to understand.
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    Some of the resident experts in this thread, man
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    Quite happy for all football just to be abandoned and regarded as archaic in a year's time as something like jousting would be today.
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    But why shouldn't they ? We were just told this afternoon by our CEO that the company cared about us, blah, blah, blah, however the upshot of all the bollocks was that the show must go on and everyone would still be expected to turn up to our large City City Centre office as usual. The majority of our 1,000+ workforce commute from Renfrewshire, Ayrshire and Lanarkshire so while we're being told by Gov to avoid social contact and only necessary travel etc, the reality is for most of us that we'll still be expected to turn up for work each day in crowded offices etc. So basically all the health and safety advice may work great in Governments fantasy world but back in the real world it's a completely different story. Incidentally Schools remain open, Courts remain open and despite the rhetoric it's business as usual for most of us. So personally I see no issue with going for a pint, especially if all the rest is deemed to be not only acceptable, but expected.
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    Norway dipping their toe into their oil fund to deal with a national emergency. Really glad we didn't waste our time with that stuff and forged ahead with austerity instead.
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    tbsouth now confirmed to have COVID-20.
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    Given that we've qualified for Europe via a cup win, league finish, fair play and Champs League via Rangers' liquidation, I was pretty jaded with the whole qualification process - getting into a group stage via Global Pandemic would really spice things up.
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    Fairest way to settle the leagues are go back to half way point when everyone had played each other once at home and once away and use this as the final table. Promote the top two and relegate the bottom two instead of play offs etc. Split all the money that each club gets in the league evenly so that all clubs from 1st to 10th get the same amount. Handily I have attached the table at half way point. Yes I know some will be aggrieved but every situation will be that way.
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    Sounds like a Morrissey lyric.
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    How do you expect to be taken seriously when you use Rangers & morally in the same quote.
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    TOBIAS! Did you accept £750 dollars from the federal government?
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    The WHO don't know the capacity of the NHS better than the four Chief Medical Officers. You might well know better than I do but in the absence of a reason to doubt them, I'm going to let them make the judgment calls.
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    Britain's media really does love the "bread and circuses" ethos. I listen to 5 live while driving to work in the morning - from about 0610 until 0700. This morning, with no sport to speak of at the weekend*, they were reduced to repeating phone-in calls from the weekend. I could have filled an hour easily asking questions of the Government, like when did the Telegraph become an official communication channel, why we're not receiving daily briefings from the Prime fucking Minister of the country, exactly what level of mortality do our masters expect the country to just "take on the chin" - but the BBC can't, even now, channel even one percent of the anger I'm hearing all around me and demand answers on behalf of the people who fund it. All we get is discussions as to what boxsets the presenter will be watching if they'r e self-isolating - again, I'd like to hear some tips for people asked to self-isolate who are in shared or overcrowded accommodation, temporary digs, or even homeless. You know, actual useful stuff.
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    That's me arrived at my surgery, I have no idea how today will go. Actually I do, its Monday...
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    Well done to the social media crew for getting the player Q&A on the go over the weekend. A bit of much needed light entertainment in amongst the more serious issues facing the club and in general.
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    Think I preferred “every little helps” tbh
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