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    There won't be a WRJFA "feeder league". The East all played in Conferences last season with a mix of stronger and weaker clubs. There were one-sided games. It didn't harm anyone, it was only for 1 season. One team is now sitting second in the LL and this season beat Montrose (att 2,017) in the Scottish and ran Clyde close (att 2,213), and have just played in front of over 1,500 in a league game. Broxburn beat Cowdenbeath in a replay in front of over 1,000 and then played St.Mirren (taking 1,500), another beat Stenhousemuir (in front of over 1,000) and played Partick Thistle this season (taking 1,400). Linlithgow hosted Falkirk in front of 1,700 on live TV. Kelty v Talbot live on TV. Other clubs made their Scottish Cup debuts and thoroughly enjoyed it and reaped the monetary rewards. Most of these clubs would have scarcely believed this could have happened 2 years ago. Big gamble??? Clubs in the west can do this as well, they need to look further ahead than next season and see what can be achieved. Look forwards, not backwards.
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    Just glorious. I really like Brian Rice so I'm even more delighted. I also really don't like Hearts so that adds to my delight, but the one thing I detest almost as much as the old firm is that little scouse c**t Gerrard so this really is a win win win win.
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    So far accepted in the league: Clydebank Kilwinning Rangers Bonnyton Thistle Glasgow Uni BSC Glasgow reserves Caledonian Braves U16 Glasgow School of Arts FC Stranraer High School FC Campbeltown Youth FC Elgin City Colts (playing all home games on Tuesday nights between October and February)
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    You can almost guarantee a Rangers fan saw Livingston take the lead against Celtic, thought to himself there could still be a title race, only to then hear through the radio that Hamilton had taken the lead. Delicious.
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    I'm not a violent person but there is a fire burning inside of me, for which the flames get higher every time I hear about people panicking/buying shit they won't need. I absolutely hate people, we are the worst things on this earth.
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    Weclome to the club, Accies. Excellent result from their point of view after last night's Hearts win, keeps it nice and tight down the bottom. As for the Govan club, the banter years are never going to end and I am absolutely living for it.
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    Hartley's tea is oot for me. I genuinely like him but the amount of times I see him respond to his own mistakes by stamping his feet and flailing his arms at other people is increasing, and he's no longer in the top 2 options at centre half (hasn't been for a while tbh but he's got some amount of "credit in the bank"). IMHAHO he's strictly a squad player now who can come in when needed. It's Declan Donnelly at the back for me, which also solves the O'Hara/Donnelly issue. Edit to say - "Declan Donnelly" was completely unintentional until I read it back, but it just adds to the reasons why it's the right thing to do.
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    Dissapointed the Ardnamurchan School Of Interpretive dance didn't get accepted
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    You just know that these are the types who supported Rangers for the sole reason of feeling 'superior' to fans of other clubs. They know they're a laughing stock and very evidently cannot deal with fans of a diddy club having that high ground at their expense, especially ones from the Glasgow area. They simply need to have the last word. Well...
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    I imagine it'll be a hard-sell on the "show of support" angle. Just on a personal level that doesn't sit well without as things stand a settled road map of the way ahead and concrete plan on how to facilitate it. Sounds too much like a nervous Dark Ages monarch demanding oaths of fealty from all and sundry because someone's spotted a line of longships strung out along the horizon.
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    I've seen a few of this guy's videos. Him and his da seem to just tour the UK going to whatever games they can get tickets for. He was at the Watford - Liverpool and Celtic - Copenhagen games, in the home crowd both times, IIRC. Imagine being sat round about them. How the c**t hasn't had the back of his head skelpt by now amazes me.
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    I thought both teams looked absolutely fucked to be honest. Nobody was able to inject any tempo or pace onto the play, from either team, it was a really slow game. That's probably what you get when teams have been playing twice a week for the past month or so on heavy pitches in shit weather.
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    12:13 Quite decent for a Wednesday night, I would say.
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    It's like being in West Berlin with a wall around us 😂
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    It genuinely is difficult to overstate the damage he did to our club.
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    My favourite thing about the goalcam is hearing the keeper and the defenders scream at each other. There's a point in the first half where McCallum screams at the right back that he should be squeezing the play across and he turns and screams back "AM IT THE EDGE EH THE FUCKING BOX" with his arms out wide. I love that shit, you always think football will be full of clever instructions being sent out, insightful tactics and strong organisation, but most of the time it's just people telling each other to f**k off.
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    ‘Poaching clubs’ pathetic language. Poaching is a form of theft, no ones been stolen, clubs dont belong to the LL or SJFA, they are free to make decisions. If a club decides to move to a structure which offers it longevity and greater benefits/progression then thats not ‘poaching’ thats good management. Perhaps some internal reflection as to what caused the move to happen instead of looking to blame third parties would be more useful and entirely more honourable. But no just continue with your fingers in your ears Mr information minister.
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    Haha! Folk writing off Accies for months.. As if they were going to just get flushed without some mad revival. Where have folk been the past 5 seasons?!!
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    Evening all, was up at the game on Saturday with a few mates. We're Burton Albion fans but do a Scottish game a season. Thought we'd come up to watch Queens Park playing at Hampden before the move to Lesser Hampden. No expert on Scottish League 2 but impressed with the football Queens Park played, good patient and at times intelligent passing football in difficult conditions. Have wrote a piece on the day, hope I've got all historical stats & facts right but no doubt you'll correct me if any errors! All the best for the rest of season & the move to Lesser Hampden. https://jaygolds.wordpress.com/2020/03/03/the-2019-20-scottish-awayday-queens-park/
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    The only way he can ever be eligible for England is if Scotland gains independence and there becomes a separate citizenship process. I'm sure you'll be all for that Kenny.
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    O'Hara was immense last night I thought. Polworth SHROO BALL to long is on my list of "most shaggable passes" for the year.
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    And there was me looking forward to a season playing up top for us trying to master the art of going up for a header without spilling my pint.
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    There were no toilet rolls, soap, sanitizers etc in Sainburys at Meadowbank last night and precious little milk as well. Full on panic mode it seems down EH7 way. Anyway, this is a good read:
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    Watching that video from that pair of nauseating currant sympathisers was eye-opening toe dip into a world never experienced. A bit like Louis Theroux's documentaries on the various boils of the USA - teethless methheads in the mid West, couch dwellers in Michigan... orange-clad brain donors in Govan!
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    Those Hhamilton supporters getting it up the Ragers. Inject that shit straight in my veins. I watched a fair bit of the match on Rangers TV (part of my 'package') and had to double check it wasn't twinned with the comedy channel. Andy Little and the other boy, get it absolutely round you ya pair of bitter, bitter b*****ds. According to Little at one point - 'the goals are coming'. He wasn't wrong - Hamilton got one and the tribute act got none 😂 It's genuinely hilarious that the rest of Scottish football are laughing at them. For the record, I really dislike Celtic as well but the entitlement with this lot and staunchness enhances the comedy. Keep it coming boys.
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    Shades of our cup win in 1987 when there was applause for Chris Woods breaking a shut out record in the first half but later in the second half bottom side Accies shocked the home crowd after a Dave McPherson(Connor Goldson) blunder. Spooky. Also, a beaten manager who is a Liverpool legend and a stunning goalkeeping display McKellar/Southwood.
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    Any club who has difficulty in deciding what path to choose. Remember the people involved are the same ones who promised you a done deal a season ago. Remember they are the same guys who told you option z was backed by the LL, SFA etc. Remember every other occasion where they claimed one thing when the truth was another(there’s a lot)l Remember the sums they talk about in terms of licensing are completely false. Why on earth would you think ‘I trust these guys’
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    Big Andy is about 6'4" and Mark Shankland 5'6" the rest are about medium height.
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    I for one am absolutely shocked that an elderly person with lots of underlying health issues has died from a respiratory infection. I wonder what revelations will come next, gravity perhaps...
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    I think you've got to question any fifty-something who willingly goes around calling himself 'Thogdad'.
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    Hame made crisps ken
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    Nah. Earlier in the season we were going through games without a single shot on goal. Now we're making chances but not finishing. On Saturday McManus missed a sitter from 2 yards, Doyle had a free header that went a foot past the post, Miller blasted over from short range.
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    Hope that *** enjoyed his drive back up to Conon, c**t.
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    Don’t want to single Gomis our here but wanting to make a point. He’s is a great footballer with an excellent footballing brain. He is also very tidy on the ball and generally finds the man with the pass. However the last 2 games specifically we have needed drive , pace and aggression (in the right way) in the midfield and that’s not what he offers.
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    Thank f**k for that. The early goal could have caused the type of heid's gone that we saw in the cup but to be fair, they got out it out their system quickly and we got a bit of decent luck in the way it fell to O'Hara to cancel it out. I thought after that, it was the most dominant performance we've put on for a couple of months and County really struggled both with the pace upfront and the energy of our midfield. A lot of our good stuff in the first half of the season was as a result of our midfield dominating and that was a proper performance from all three tonight. Sexy as he undoubtedly was, Vigurs was never much up for up for a battle and tonight's performance from him brought back plenty of memories. Campbell, as he often does after a decent rest, was like a different player and was by miles MOTM for me - on that form, he looks like a higher level player. The only one that could touch Campbell was Long but as above, he is one of those immensely frustrating guys that clearly has it in him to be genuinely good player that should be at a bigger club than us - but both in his attitude and his decision making, constantly reminds us of why he isn't. If we can calm him down a bit, make him a bit less hard on himself and coach him, we could have a huge asset there - and I definitely think he is worth the hassle. The 4th goal might have been a real icing on the cake moment, but I doubt the sight of Watt stroking in a nice finish after Long making such hard work of it all night will have cheered him up at all despite a good all round performance... Results wise, pretty much the perfect evening for us - gaining points on Aberdeen, Livi and both teams immediately outside the Top 6, whilst seeing Hearts take a comedy kick in the baws ahead of Saturday's game via Accies win is as good as we could have hoped for. Arguably, tonight is the night we've put ourselves in the Top 6, which is also a good milestone. Happier Wellies tonight.
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    It should be a choice. Stay junior or join the pyramid. Whatever suits your club. Currently, if talbot win every league game for the next six years, they’d be west region champs six years in a row. And that’s absolutely fine. But if lithgae rose win every league game for the next six years, they’d pip the old firm to the spfl premiership title. And that’s also fine.
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    Whats the perma raging bigoted sex pest daeing Tam?
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    I was out last night and heard the phrase "Pat Bonner is a complete fud" I think that's very apt today, because he is.
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    Highlights of Glencairn v Talbot https://youtu.be/GUGSyNqwR94
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    Of course it has! a Junior Cup without the best teams from the East is diminished however way you look at it. Part of the reason why the east fell behind in recent years is the Lowland League, as it got stronger, clubs were competiting with LL teams for the better players. West clubs had no such competition. Not the only reason, but it was a contributory factor.
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    I would say that you're being overly optimistic.
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    8th minute: Standing ovation for Gerrard to show how he's appreciated by the fans. Full time: Being told to f*** off and never return.
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