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    With all these new licenses, the real winners are the toilet block manufacturers. They must be rolling in it, well played lads.
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    Article is up and ready to browse. Thanks again to all that leant me their voices. https://purefitbaw.com/2020/02/26/the-pyramid-conundrum/
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    https://www.camelonjuniors.co.uk/breaking-news-huge-news-exciting-news/?fbclid=IwAR2nUnfRUjY5RFTuGWvzC81FDlYNYrJYxvsHgdobC0z4w0nowO3CiBsBTq0 But the Junior cup
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    The one team i'll be happiest to see awared a licence after all of this is Dalkeith Thistle. They put themselves out there way back in 2018 and got some pelters for it by those dismissive of the EoS. Yet they never waivered and used the little media coverage it generated to speak about licencing, the development league and other positive aspects about engaging in the pyramid.
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    Camelon are licensed https://www.camelonjuniors.co.uk/breaking-news-huge-news-exciting-news/
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    Bo'ness United now confirmed
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    Nothing screams absolute shagger like calling everyone virgins.
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    Why should you be beating Dumbarton? It's a game you could win and are capable of winning as proved earlier this season but we're hardly cannon fodder for Clyde.
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    Well done to all involved. Good to see that the EOS will now definitely produce a licensed champion after last year's shambles. Special mention to Dunipace, they are the best example of how well a club can improve themselves if they embrace the opportunities of the pyramid.
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    Dunipace are next up
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    Thought I’d share this article on the whole pyramid situation again for anyone that missed it this morning. Over 1,000 people have had a read so far - appreciate it folks! https://purefitbaw.com/2020/02/26/the-pyramid-conundrum/
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    Haddington Athletic is the latest to announce that it has its licence
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    When will people like you ever realise that to be anti-Rangers doesn’t automatically make you pro-Celtic. In fact in 100% of cases, unless you’re from the Celtic family, if you’re anti-Rangers you’re also going to be anti-Celtic.
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    So Camelon, Bo'ness, Haddington and now Dunipace will be playing in a Scottish Cup again next year.
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    From this to this https://www.camelonjuniors.co.uk/breaking-news-huge-news-exciting-news/?fbclid=IwAR2nUnfRUjY5RFTuGWvzC81FDlYNYrJYxvsHgdobC0z4w0nowO3CiBsBTq0
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    Have you had a look at his/her twitter account? Members on both sides of the argument are getting a bit carried away as per, the actual event itself would have been a perfectly well observed non story and no children would ever have been hurt or badly influenced. That said as Deeman has put it, a drag queen who calls themselves flowjob for the entire world to see is an inappropriate guest to be invited to a primary school, it really isn’t that difficult. A couple of tweets from Mhairi Black here: First point is utter pish - parents who object to their kids having a sexually provocative drag queen attend their school as a guest are exactly the same type of parents who wouldn’t expose their kids to violence on tv or computer games as they are sensitive as to what their kids are exposed to. Her last point is the usual “everyone who has an issue with this is clearly homophobic” shite that may be the case with some parents but certainly not all of them. She then goes on to imply those who are criticising the event as Helen Lovejoys (!!!) followed by this: Well that’s great Mhairi, if it could have helped you 15 years ago then it is entirely appropriate to subject it to 4 & 5 year olds in the year 2020 and everyone who dare object is a Helen Lovejoy homophobe. A truly dreadful performance from someone tipped to be a future First Minister.
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    The whole media and social media outpour over the death of Caroline Flack, seems to have ignited an amnesiac epidemic to the fact she caved her boyfriends skull in a couple of months ago. It’s beyond laughable that people are suggesting the CPS were in the wrong to charge her, as a result of her losing a job on some shite reality tv programme.
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    "It's the company that was liquidated."
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    Still hurts eh? Taxi business slow?
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    Not going to lie, I'm still nervous until it's actually in our hands, even though no one passing the audit has ever been turned away, but at the same time delighted tonight that we've had this news. It's taken a lot to get us here and it's been a bit of a whirlwind 2 years, but hopefully we can keep moving forward. I think, at the very least, we've made a point to everyone who guffawed at our ambitions 2 years ago, but still a huge amount to do.
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    It's truly bizarre. The same folk used to say similar things about Higdon as well. Sometimes I think folk prefer a headless chicken who works and tries but doesn't actually do anything. The thing is, Obika is an absolute workhorse into the bargain, comes deep, runs the channels and generally makes a nuisance of himself. Not everything comes off for him, especially in the air but if everything did come off, he'd certainly not be with us. Easily our best centre forward since Thompson. No-one else even comes close.
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    Difficult to tell from a still image but since it's Peter Hartley i'm going to say it probably was a penalty.
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    Black is an attention seeking idiot, immediately going on the defensive by automatically presuming anyone who disagrees with this is homophobic and/or a terrible parent. A similar analogy would be a stripper, male or female telling stories to children that age, appropriately dressed of course, this would still be inappropriate, as someone who has a close family member who is LGBT I can say that I, personally think this is OTT and has elements of attention seeking from Black and her ilk, hoping that people will object, as is their right purely so they can label them bigots. Yes, kids need educated on the fact that everyone is different and should be treated equally but there are ways of doing it and also at an age they can fully understand it, these kids are 5 years old and this is not the right manner and far too young to take this kind of stuff in.
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    Here’s our daughter giving people the Snow White/Princess Leia crossover that Disney have likely been working on since the acquired the rights to Star Wars.
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    Nitten have something to celebrate this season. Now to save themselves from relegation!
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    One of the changes to happen was the pretty much full new committee that came onboard or as the Falkirk Herald put a hostile takeover. It's hard to believe just how much resistance and back ground noise was being created by junior dinosaurs associated with Camelon back when the new committee made the leap forward. Good luck to all Clubs/Committees who work hard to deliver new chapters in their Clubs Histories.
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    Pleased to see some good may come of this with the news that the Olympics might be cancelled, saving us all from the most boring sports devised by man being televised wall-to-wall for a month or whatever it is.
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    Ernest Saunders, one of the Guinness Four who were jailed for attempting to fraudulently inflate the value of Guinness shares to help them in a take over bid for Scottish Brewers. After being sentenced to 5 years, he later appealed on the grounds that he was suffering from pre senile dementia consistent with Alzheimer's. After his sentence was reduced to 2 and a half years, with parole he was out in 10 months. He would then go on to resume a career in business and is the only person known to have made a recovery from the disease.
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    Hey did that "SHHHSHHH" work out for you Donnelly?
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    We are desperate for points, thank f**k we are playing Falkirk on Saturday.
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    'Would of/Could of/Should of' I stop reading immediately as soon as I encounter the above used anywhere. It's a classic sign that you're reading drivel written by a total moron.
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    The Dunipace transformation. From To
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    Its everything to do with the topic in hand it shows that for a former junior side 2 weeks from going to the wall as a junior club. It shows what can be done and is a good example for others same with the pace
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    It's an amazing amount of work put in by these clubs to get their licence, o very well done to everyone concerned. We've had our own floodlighting to sort out at Beechwood, and are hopeful everything will be ready in the not too distant future. The fundraising was amazing, especially from our fans, hence the appreciation of other's efforts. I simply can not wait to see our first game under floodlights when it does happen.
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    Well... Well don... Well ... (deep breath) Welldonetherangers. Grrr.
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    I'd say the Camelon, Dunipace, Haddington, BU news shows what these former Junior clubs can achieve, Dunipace especially considering how rustic Westfield was not so long ago.
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    Clear that football in the east is rapidly leaving that in the west behind.
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    you stole my thunder their lol
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    Totally agree, but don't expect the HL to start banging the drum for this to happen. They could look at it practically, restrict the HL to 16 clubs and start a HL2 under their control and invite all clubs north of the line to apply to it. It wouldn't need them to be licenced and if a number of Tayside Superleague clubs applied, it would perhaps alleviate their (largely unfounded) travel concerns as there would be a fair few local games. Two up/down. The NRJFA, Tayside, and NCL could then feed into it, it's less of a step to make than straight into the HL, and a softer landing for current HL clubs.
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    I'm not in the habit of making predictions but I'll make an exception here. I will be using the 'delete' button tonight. 😁
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    That's a belter of a photo. She look's fair happy. I broke the news to my newborn that she'll be a QoS fan. She didn't take the news too well.
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    That Limmy is about as funny as root canal treatment. Awful, just awful.
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    ‘Would you rather win the cup game or the league game’.... fcuk it, we’ll have both thanks.
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    Let's not forget this guy. The boss level excuse guy you have to fight once you defeat all the minions
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