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    Went for a job a couple of years ago only to be interviewed by a lady I had pumped 15 years before and never went back out with her. When I saw the interview panel team in the letter it never clicked as she had got married. Awkward. A stoney look welcomed me to the interview and all that was missing was the statement you c**t after every question she asked. I'm sure I did well with the other two but amazingly I somehow never got the post. Just to increase the awkwardness I was awaiting someone taking me back to the reception when the other two left us together and she kindly swing her chair round and ignored me until I left. So let that be a lesson to you all, don't pump someone, then don't call them back and expect a warm welcome at an interview several years later.
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    Beautiful sentiments there. Tories, regardless of their race, gender, religion or anything else, are scum.
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    This is an utterly bizarre and dreadful post.
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    The worst question I ever had in an interview was actually an exit interview. The question was: "What could we have done to make you stay?". My answer: "Not making me redundant would have helped".
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    Similar to becoming vegetarian, not owning a telly or running a marathon, it would appear that you can't put people on ignore without telling the world about it. Can't remember who posted it a few pages back but asking the forum what somebody you put on ignore is saying is pretty much as tragic as entering into a dotting war.
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    Strange thing to get worked up about IMO.
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    Just watching it back now. It's clearly a foul and a penalty to start with. The referee then has to judge two things when deciding if it's a clear and obvious goalscoring opportunity: a) is the defender attempting to play the ball and b) if the foul isn't committed then does the attacker have a clear goalscoring opportunity. The answer to a) is obviously no - it's a blatant push in the back. The answer to b) is, in my opinion, yes - the ball is maybe a foot or so above the forward, but if he hasn't been impeded then I'd say he has a decent chance of being able to get on the end of it, and since he's 6 yards out right in front of goal he's obviously got a great chance to score if he does get there. In terms of your second point - if the ref genuinely thought that Connolly couldn't get on the end of the ball, then it can't be a red card regardless of whether the foul is deliberate. However, I reckon there was a chance if he had the opportunity to leap unimpeded by the defender.
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    'The Scottish branch of the IRA" You hear yourself... What a melt
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    Danny Lennon: "Hi Tom, how do you fancy coming back to Clyde on loan. We could really use a ball playing defender like yourself and I enjoyed working with you last season." Tom Lang: "Hi Danny, thanks very much for the offer. I really enjoyed working with you, you played to my strengths and got the best out of me - and I had the best season of my career at Broadwood. I'm not getting a look in here at Dunfermline at the moment either...But Ingo ohne Flamingo on Pie and Bovril swore about me earlier in the season, so I'm afraid it's a no from me."
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    You’re like the forum traffic warden.
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    McCall genuinely thought fucking off to a relegation fodder 1/4 of the way into a new season and immediately saying he’d tap up members of our squad wouldn’t see a backlash on him. He’s absolutely deluded.
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    I daresay that if you set aside the extremes on all sides and recognise that an independent Scotland will be governed proportionately and that the 690k will have the voice their proportion deserves, the "treatment" will be democratic. Much more so than Scotland being removed from the EU wholly against the expressed wishes of its people. I was on that march yesterday and I didn't sense any likelihood that the thousands around me were intent on armed struggle. We will though embrace independence from the UK sooner rather than later.
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    I was once ushered into a windowless office where a spotty wee git started the proceedings by asking about my experience in the field. Fair enough but given his age, it was almost certainly more than he had. He followed up with "So if I hired you, how long do you think it would be before you had my job?" And no matter how many times I tried to avoid answering it "I have no idea." "I don't know the skills and experience of your current staff." "You haven't really explained what the job itself entails" etc., he would not let it go. Over and over he tried to get me to answer until eventually, I just sighed and said "I dunno, 6 months." "Six months? Six MONTHS?" he said incredulously. "You really think you could do my job in six months!" "Well, no" I said, getting up to leave. "Six days would probably do it." Little toerag
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    You have my sympathies. I'm sorry to hear that you're finding yourself a bit short.
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    Whatever you guys want to call it, that nine hours in the town was tremendous🍺can't wait to do it again. Having been everywhere in Scotland I can't see past Broughty Ferry for a wee place with so many cracking pubs within walking distance.
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    No, not keen on a bunch of saddos online knowing anything about that at all.... Never looked for help from the P&B community, no, not him..... Just as well he doesn't mind this stuff brought back up..... Nothing to see here.... Just as well we are not all dickheads. It's good to ask for help and advice when you need it on here, I actively encourage it on The Depression thread. Talking about things is better than any medication. Just try not to have a short memory and give a little support back to those who need it, as it was those same people that gave it to you.
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    Petty squabbling about his degree of support, whether it be financial or emotional is simply disrespectful. As it happens I was at the 1971 famous win. So what. Doesnt make me a better fan than any supporter. He supported the club. End of.
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    Clyde thread for this pish.
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    That is madness. One either side of the table for me, went for an IT job right beside Biggin Hill airport, my previous partner took me in her knackered old Ford Fiesta, as we pulled up, every car was either a Bentley / Ferrari / Porsche etc etc, so felt a tad out of place. The guy doing the interview was a bit odd, and would stop the interview every five minutes or so to watch a plane or helicopter set off. Towards the end he asked me how I got to the interview and I said that my partner took me. He then asked how she had time off in the week, I told him she was a teacher to which he responded "Never do any work do they", which utterly fucked me off. He asked if I wanted a tour around the airport at the end, which I declined. Onto giving an interview, we had a guy come in and after a few minutes farted. It was very audible and I was fighting back laughter. He just looked at us and said "now that's out in the open, let's crack on". He actually got a role as well, was very good. So don't worry about holding a fart back.
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    The tories have killed an estimated 120,000 with their draconian welfare/austerity programme. So calling them scum is valid.
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    Kyle Gunn's interview with Goodwin giving a few insights into him and his rationale. Saying that there's possibly room for another one or two in this window which makes sense. I'd imagine one of those, if he is any good, will be the young Goalkeeper, Ursinsky. Said that he'd be coming in as a bridge between the reserves and first team so IMO, it would absolutely make sense that he brings him over if he's good enough. That gives him 6 months to settle in and adjust to Scotland and once Vaclav goes in the summer, we already have two goalkeepers up to speed to fight for the vacant No 1. As for another player, not sure where he'll be looking to improve but it will definitely be in an attacking sense I'd imagine but he acknowledges that it's not a live or die issue. Think most of us would say 'fair enough' to that as well. What did strike me, though was that he's already reaching out to try and get PCAs lined up for the summer. We've always been a club who quite openly, don't deal with bringing guys in on PCAs . So I'm surprised (and pleasantly so) that Jim is saying we're looking at several players who we know are out of contract with a view to talking to them and getting them tied up before the summer. He obviously knows too then, who of his upcoming lot of out of contract players (Hladky, McGinn and Gary MacKenzie are the most obvious and I imagine will free up a decent amount of budget) will be gone and already knows what he wants to replace them with and has had the blessing from the chairman to reach out. Gus was always lamenting whilst our manager, that it was hard to do his job as we couldn't deal in PCAs since we didn't know where we'd be from one year to the next, so if this is a change of outlook from us, it's a quite welcome one. He's also been pretty open in his BBC interview about how hard coming in was in the summer at short notice as he couldn't necessarily get the summer window that he'd have wanted and he plans not to be caught so cold this summer. That he wants to get most of the business he wants done early in the window and then take it from there. It's quite disconcerting as a St. Mirren fan to hear our manager appearing to plan forward...even Gus and Danny seemed to just fly by the seat of their trousers most of the time but Goodwin definitely seems to have a plan in his head. Also, the new lad McCarthy saying that he took St. Mirren's offer more seriously than the English L1 clubs who had been in touch as Goodwin was phoning him directly on a regular basis, picked him up directly from the airport to give him the tour of the facilities and being hands on whilst still deciding and that really sold him to the idea that this was his next move. Wholly impressed with the way he's conducted himself so far in his time in charge. Whether it comes to fruition or not (and lets be honest, we've seen enough false dawns), it at least appears that the guy is trying to build something.
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    Colin Weir chose to share his wealth with our football club, revolutionising the youth development setup in the process and here you are trying to peddle conspiracy theories on a message board before the guy has even been laid to rest. Turn it in.
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    Yup, he should be dropped and replaced by our top goal scorer. Oh, wait
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    Unlikely that fans would sing such a song about one of their own players. What an odd observation.
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    Renton catching some rays after having a bath. He’s 3 today so he has some of his favourite snacks to tuck in to (olives, salami and humous).
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    In an independent country we will be perfectly sensible on how we deal with Tories. We haven't nailed down the detail but it'll involve converting them into some sort of fertiliser so we get left wing governments forever and pure hunners of tomatoes.
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    If you forget the fact it's Berra for a second. Consider this. The team massively adrift at the bottom of the league are desperately trying to offload an error prone centre half on considerable wages. Concerns are being raised about his age, pace and injuries. Remind me again why we are interested?
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    I know you're probably joking, but I don't understand why anyone would want to miss this game. Other than the dummy spitters that whine incessantly that "it's not on my season ticket, so I'm not going" We'll have at least three new signings potentially on show in a Scottish cup tie, and Broxburn have added to the occasion by ensuring a great atmosphere. Plus it's been a few weeks without football since we hammered Killie 1-0.
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    Sharon Osborne. It was always apparent she was something of a c**t but recently she told a story about sending an assistant into her burning house to rescue her property, then removed their oxygen mask to give to one of her dogs, then fired them for not finding it sufficiently funny. This was supposed to be a lighthearted, funny anecdote on the Christmas edition of Would I Lie to You, a programme I generally enjoy immensely, but instead served as the best argument for Communist revolution we have seen in years.
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    I'd spit on my own mother to see Marc McCallum in a Rovers jersey.
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    So a big Royal Conflab on Monday to discuss Harry's decision to step down. This seems to have upset them so much more than Andrew's decision to do the same after his exposure as an out and paedophile.
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    I couldn't give a shiny shite if/when/to what extent Colin Weir supported or contributed to Thistle in his youth. I do care about him choosing to gift a chunk of his fortune to the club and financing Thistle Weir. A quick google also found this - can take with a pinch of salt based on the source if you wish, but: https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/partick-thistle-made-debt-free-6968347 Colin, who along with his wife won £161million in the lottery, said: “I have been a Jags fan since I was a boy and have spent many hours at Firhill, some of them more enjoyable than others! Chris and I are delighted to be part of the collective effort to help the club achieve financial security, no mean feat for any club in Scotland today. We also support the establishment of the Trust to give fans a greater say in their club and were pleased to be in a position to gift shares to it to get it off the ground.” So yeah. Might serve as a timely reminder to some exactly how much he did for us.
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    What's your point? Apart from having an obvious lack of respect for someone getting buried on Tuesday. You must be a joy to sit/stand beside.
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    Ian McCall deserves every single bit of abuse he got on his return to Somerset Park and will continue to get in the upcoming matches. He snaked us after saying the only way he’d leave is if he is sacked, has already tapped up our club captain and has spoken/will speak with a few more. Call me bitter but I wish him nothing but the worst for the rest of his managerial career. On a side note if Thistle beat us in a couple of weeks he is well within his rights to give us the girfuy.
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    In the same way Medda gave Ross Wilson a good run at it? Its easy to comment when it’s not your club and you only see us once or twice a season. If what it I heard yesterday is true, your club have had a bid knocked back but have tapped the boy up so wether it happens now or for next season is the only decision to be made. He will be a loss but he (and the other youngsters) deserve better than what we can give them just now.
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    That’s quite a challenging w**k. Kudos to you thröbbz.
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    If the weather is like this weekend I will sit with my ticket on the sofa watching Geoff and not standing on a grass bank for two hours getting drenched. This is what happens when 'ambitious ' clubs put all their money into players an not anything on covers, floodlights, changing rooms, parking and so on.
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    Don’t understand when You have this level of investment you wouldn’t try to put it into getting your own ground again? Once you have that you could really build the club up again. Very short termism! (from the outside looking in anyway)
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    Mods plz, @Bully Wee Villa @Tynierose @Cardinal Richelieu @keithgy @Radford
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    A mate of mine was up in Dundee for the weekend and had tickets for the match at Dens Park. Of course the match was off and he bumped into some 1860 Munich fans outside Dens who had come over for a visit and were disappointed that the Dundee game was off. My mate pointed them in the direction of Station Park so if you were wondering why there were some bemused Germans at the Forfar game today then its all his fault!
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    Here are our highlights for this week.
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    Wilson was the product of needing signed players for the league Cup and TOB being suspended. He actually did very well in the competive games he played including part of the defence that got a clean sheet on opening day.
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    Good point in the end and could end up being an important one. Not just in that it puts us back above Montrose even though they have a game in hand but also from a ‘stopping the rot’ perspective. Hopefully it will help confidence even though it’s a couple of weeks till the next game. Dunsmore took his goal really well after a driving run at the Airdrie defence. A well worked corner by Airdrie so the ever dangerous Gallagher head home from close range at the back post. Poor defending and inability to clear the ball out the box saw the ball break to Gallagher again who coolly slotted past Long. At that stage I feared the worst as the visitors looked dangerous every time they went forward. To our credit, we came out in the second half with more desire and belief pinning Airdrie back for long periods but they still looked dangerous on the break. Airdrie and in particular, Crichton defended brilliantly by blocking shots and making some great challenges. Thankfully Craig Watson got his head on a corner to get a deserved equaliser. Airdrie look a decent side and they brought a good number of fans with them. We need to stop shipping poor goals which are putting us under real pressure to get back into it. Thought Murdoch was excellent today and made some great challenges in the if and on the ground. Good to see Watson get on the scoresheet. Dunsmore was more like himself but I can’t help feeling that Referees are now looking for an excuse to book him. It was barely a foul today never mind a booking ! Davidson showed what we were missing against the Rovers. Baker did ok for his first start and hopefully with more game time will become more of a threat. Wallace is a persistent moaner but a great player to have in your team. Often dropping into deep areas where he gets more space to work in. Have to admit we looked more comfortable on the left side when Slattery came on. Good to see Kev Smith make an appearance. With a friendly next Sat, hopefully Darren Young will use it to give some players game time but also try a few options. Hopefully Ross Dunlop maybe available for the Clyde game. I would like to see us try the following formation Long Watson. Dunlop. Higgins. Slattery Murdoch. Davidson Dunsmore. Wallace. Agnew Dowds Was surprised that Boyd wasn’t brought on today when we were needing a goal. Is it a sign that he could be on his way when his contract runs out ? Or is he carrying a knock ? Really need to get 3 points at Brodwood if we are to make a real push for the play offs. Mon the Fife
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    Why do you bother going to our games then? far to many of our fans forget we played in the juniors for 66 years before being dragged into the sfl by the steedmans. I would rather stay with the juniors who welcomed us with open arms when we had nowhere else to go than return to the sfl who sold us down the river.
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    Not every one has an outlet. Sometimes telling a bunch of VLs and middle aged alcoholics is easier than telling your mates you’re struggling a bit, especially on a thread as sensitive as that.
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