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    Week 52.5 update Here it is. The last one. I've checked everything and everyone. If anyone else died this year, it officially doesn't count. First up is a death in January. For @LoonsYouthTeam. Kaye Ballard: Kaye Ballard https://www.scotsman.com/news/obituaries/obituary-kaye-ballard-actress-comedian-and-nightclub-singer-who-was-a-us-tv-regular-1-4861728 She was old but she was a Solo Shot, so she ended up worth 82 points. The Last Gasp bonus goes to me, with Alasdair Gray dying on Sunday there. I think I would have rather he held on until today and gave me a nice head start on everyone, but it is what it is. There were other deaths throughout the year that didn't score as there was no qualifying obituary. 50/50 Winner with Ken Nordine, Bishop Briggs with John Cocks, Oooooft with Robin Herd and Savage Henry with Paul Dewar. Since taking over the running of this competition this is the first I've perused articles about celebrity deaths with any regularity, and it's interesting to see who gets them and who doesn't. To me some seem worthy, but nothing. It's strange, and somewhat sobering to have a wealth of information about a person's life and their achievements only for it apparently not be as noteworthy as it seems. But what do I know? After the mentioned scores for myself and LoonsYouthTeam, the scores finally look like this: 1. alta-pete 760 2. Oooooft 728 3. chomp my root 601 4. sparky88 550 5. Ned Nederlander 545 6. Bishop Briggs 539 7. DBA 514 8. Once A Rover always a Rover 502 9. Indale Winton 456 10. The Naitch 455 11. Miguel Sanchez 449 12. JustOneCornetto 445 13. peasy23 417 14. Mark Connolly 399 15. cdisaaccie 378 16. Arabdownunder 375 =17. The DA, weirdcal 373 19. Savage Henry 371 20. Fuctifano 369 21. RadgerTheBadger 361 22. gingette 339 23. lichtgilphead 335 24. JamieStevenson 329 25. lolls 323 26. psv_killie 313 27. sleazy 312 28. Lex 309 29. Karpaty 307 30. Melanius Mullarkey 295 31. LoonsYouthTeam 283 32. 10menwent2mow 276 33. Sweaty Morph 274 34. Meden89 264 35. qos_75 254 36. HI HAT 240 37. nessies long lost ghost 239 38. Ross. 233 39. Ziggy, gkneil 217 =40. Blootoon87, ICTJohnboy 213 42. Microdave 209 43. Bert Raccoon 206 44. choirbairn 201 45. statts1976uk 190 46. atfccfc 179 47. Willie adie 173 48. Arbroathlegend36-0 165 =49. Musketeer Gripweed, Sloop John B 152 51. Billy Jean King 145 52. Gareth_Glasgow 140 53. cambozpar 139 54. Ben Twilly 138 55. weejack 123 56. thisal 111 57. mathematics 109 =58. wellinwigan, BWAClyde 92 60. Lofarl 84 61. AyrTroopMajor 82 62. The Master 70 63. Bold Rover 69 64. Sergeant Wilson 49 =65. killiefan27, Henderson to Deliver..., Kilbowie's Finest 46 68. expatowner, Aim Here 45 =69. Eednud, ToBeSomeone 36 71. pub car king 30 72. MixuFixit 27 ======================= ZERO POINTERS: @50/50 Winner, Consolidate, @dee_62, @doulikefish, @D.V.T., @Flybhoy, @JTS98, @pawpar, @RussellAnderson, @Salvo Montalbano, @Shotgun, @shuggz, @speckled tangerine, @weemac ======================== Congratulations to @alta-pete for what I assume is a maiden victory. Based on the threads we still have this is also a record score. The scoring system changed a bit this year when I changed the totals for some of the bonuses for the sake of neatness, but it's still a massive score. 8/15 hits is pretty much always going to get you near the top end unless you picked 15 people with ages in the triple digits. Some people have been playing this for years and never managed 8 hits total, so good luck filling out the gaps in next year's team. On a personal note I'd like to thank everyone for playing and posting this year. I've never run anything like this and I know there were a few issues throughout the year - me not being able to count or read, missing a few deaths, the usual. I hope I've done the Dead Pool justice over the year and hope 2020's edition is an improvement in these various areas. One day I might learn how spreadsheets work and not put everything in there manually. Speaking of which, here's the final edition: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1NlaNlT-7ZGlQGqszGFfBb49tVzFpWITUAR7BUjApJUc/edit?usp=sharing To everyone else I've not mentioned - better luck next year. Er, this year. Assuming you remembered to submit a team.
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    Celtic's best poster is a slim picking category that is shown by seeing who came third Third place: @Flybhoy picks up third place. The sex pest yer da ex magee poster pipped some stiff competition to undeservedly get a podium place. I suppose fat daz p was partly responsible for Tony's thread so we will always have that and he can actually be ok talking about football sometimes. Second place: @gannonball mostly seen as 'the best of a bad bunch' this poster probably deserves second place and he isn't a complete weapon despite being a sellick fan. First Place: No-one. Thats right P&B unanimously decided that not one Celtic poster was a decent enough person or poster to take the crown. Many replaced their vote with 'nope' 'lol' and 'youve got to be kidding'. Well deserved IMVHO.
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    I see Ryan Stevenson has signed for Stranraer from Troon. Might start a rumour on the SRE page that we were in for him but couldn't compete with their wages and see how many folk go mental
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    Sex offenders, especially rapists.
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    Just to say thanks to those who have been kind enough to comment and PM me. I am a lot calmer now and just wanted to say I appreciate your help.
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    Is this really the sort of player we want sporting our steeple :/ ETA: he’s nothing more than a rapey wee ned...
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    The Award for best Aberdeen poster 2019 is as follows In joint Third place we have @kingjoey and @Jacksgranda 2 solid posters although I'm pretty sure Joey is a closet *** correct me if I'm wrong. I'm sure Jack will be proud of his granda as well. In second place we have @Dons_1988 a really solid poster I've only noticed around P&B recently myself. Does he have a previous username? Anyway a decent guy knows his football and looks like he likes a wind up. In first place we have the Mushroom supper eating, Green trouser wearing, Shite pun posting one and only @Melanius Mullarkey Previously MozzaMozza. His work as MozzaMozza was horrendous IMO he has improved a lot under his new guise and probably deserves this the general public agreed seeing him scooping over half of the vote. Well done Mozza.
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    There are some damn good people on Pie and Bovril. Follow their advice, but put your head into the correct frame for dealing with a shitty morning and making incremental steps from there.
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    It's because he's a raging bigot mate.
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    Fecking Miranda Hart is on the telly. Unfunny New Year everyone.
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    Not sure I could fully support a club that employs the likes of Goodwillie tbh. All platitudes about being a ‘community’ or a ‘family’ club up in smoke in one fell swoop.
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    When were East Fife last shipwrecked off the Canary Islands?
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    They're often a sort of irregular quadrilateral in section if they're pre-packed and stacked. The issue is the distribution of forces when the fluids inside expand on cooking. Like a bubble, they push out and make the shape tend towards spherical. You would need a rigid skin to maintain edges, but that would mean that the whole manufacturing process would have to change as they couldn't be twisted and knotted in the same way. There might be enough ocd punters to create a market, but I suspect that most people just don't mind their sausages rolling a bit. Therefore there probably isn't enough of a payoff to justify the investment in R&D and new plant. You did ask.
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    Not the size of the dog in the fight but the fight in the dog which matters. And there is plenty of fight in young McCann. Although not the tallest laddie he wins a surprising amount of aerial challenges and even when he doesn't the opponent isn't getting a free header. Your loss is definitely our gain. Happy New year to all* *Tories excluded.
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    Happy New Year to the good guys ..f**k the Tories, Scottish Labour, Scottish Libdems, Britain First, SDL, Orange Order, SIU, Union Bears, Vanguard Bears and the rest o the kunts that hate the Scottish nation. Saor Alba.
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    Sokratis wanting Torreira to pick him up.
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    There's Reece Cole's loan extension confirmed. https://ptfc.co.uk/ptfc-news/reece-cole-extends-loan-until-end-of-the-season/
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    You really are a halfwit. People keep mentioning it cause YOU posted it , people are going to comment on it. I suppose all supporters get into dressing rooms after games to have a look round do they, yeah course they do. wind yer neck in and don’t post a lot of shite if you don’t want it discussed.
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    Goal of the decade? I was in the South Stand directly in line with Leahy's half volley v Hibs in the playoff. I could see the moment it left his boot it was in, a perfect strike. No keeper could have saved it. There was a token dive by Fatty Foulkes in the Hibs goal but he was beaten the second Leahy connected with the ball.
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    To add to my previous post, I log into here every day. I'm not someone who is in anyway qualified to remedy any issues anyone may be having but I am willing and happy to lend a sympathetic and understanding ear to anyone on this thread (or who hasn't posted here or doesn't feel comfortable doing so) to just vent to. Honestly, please feel free to speak confidentially. I'm happy to listen, talk or anything.
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    It used to be a chain of newsagents. You'd often see them in railway stations.
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    Which would have been gross misconduct and instant dismissal with no financial penalties for the club. Somebody's talking shite.
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    Its only a wee bit further out than your new stadium to be fair.
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    Yes, let’s also ignore the fact that we travelled to an in form Montrose and won or that we certainly performed well against Raith Rovers after going a goal and a man down. Neither of these would have happened under McKinnon. I’ll ask again, who was the saviour who was going to come in, inspire a bunch of journeymen, and get us on track again? I can’t recollect any inspirational managers being touted on here at all despite the continual undermining of the guys that are now in charge...
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    Location : Western Australia probably confused you.
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    Sailor - A Glass Of Champagne
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    Exactly 50 years ago, Arbroath played Morton at Gayfield also on 4th January 1969 in the old top tier, First Division. After winning promotion, we’d struggled for the first half of the season and not won a single game until that day. That changed with a storming 3-1 home win in the rain. We followed up by defeating Dundee Utd the following week. What sticks in my memory (apart from being my birthday) was the sheer will and determination of the team and home crowd (maybe 1,800) to get a result. Real loud chants from the home terraces and the noise from Gayfield could be heard throughout the town - you don’t get that now. It was quite uplifting. We eventually managed 5 wins in the second half of the season including away to Hibs, but ended bottom and were relegated after one season. Can’t now recall scorers but few games have left such an impression. I’d definitely be delighted to see the same shared determination this Saturday. Can’t expect the same level of noise though.
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    Muirhead in team of the decade! Am I still pished?
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    This thread has always been respected as a place where usual P&B nonsense doesn’t venture. Some times posting to a bunch strangers is easier than talking to nearest. Lots of us with a whole range of diagnosis and lived in experience and if that means we can help another when in easier times by sharing what maybe worked for us and someone else finds it effective, good.
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    Never on your own Mate. Random folks on here are always wishing you and others the best.
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    Happy new year...so are ICT fans really trying to trot out a cup win because we won 3 points? This would be a first even on here surely.
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    Aberdeen Best: @Melanius Mullarkey - A good c**t Aberdeen Worst: @kingjoey - I've seen only a handful of his contributions, but he seems pretty shit tbh. Celtic Best: The Celtic fans are nowhere near as they were back in the days of Seamus and his 946 aliases. Even Drew Brees is reasonably decent these days. I'll go for @Romeo, decent c**t, but needs to work a bit on his trolling. Celtic Worst: They've still got a few morons, chief among them @wastecoatwilly. A barely literate simpleton for whom Celtic is every fibre of his being. Pretty much a diet-DavieBhoy. Hamilton Best: Going to go for the controversial choice of @Im_Rodger here. Despite being a raging Tory and having a massive bonce, he does post some decent stuff when he's not outright trolling. Hamilton Worst: @Patrick Bateman - an utterly seething mess where Dundee are concerned for some reason. Hearts Best: @Tynierose - I think he emptied Rab. Deserving of an award on it's own. A good poster and decent mod in any case. Hearts Worst: @Pet Jeden - A dreadful contrarian loser. Basically a slightly less rapey version of XBL. Hibs Best: @Mon Dieu - GIF Maker extraordinaire. His work in the run up to THAT cup final was utterly glorious. Quieter this year but a legend nonetheless. Hibs Worst: The only really awful poster they have is @RadgerTheBadger who was clearly dropped on his head as a child on a regular basis and probably has numerous restraining orders against him. Kilmarnock Best: @craigkillie - partly because I'm struggling to think of any other Killie posters but also because he's extremely knowledgable Kilmarnock Worst: @Dindeleux - I know he's been recently emptied but deserves a mention for having somehow gone from a decent contributor to basically camping out on the Dundee threads then somehow getting banned. A truly sad b*****d. Livingston Best: f**k KNOWS Livingston Worst: f**k KNOW Motherwell Best: @YassinMoutaouakil for no reason other than his username stands out, and he isn't a completely tedious c**t. Unlike.... Motherwell Worst: @MJC a desperately sad, probably middle-aged man who makes it his life's work to convince people to slag him off because he quite likes Rangers. Weird behaviour. Rangers Best: NOT APPLICABLE Rangers Worst: Choosing between the likes of @TavTastic, @bennett and the various other god-awful ***s on here is like trying to decide whether AIDS, cancer or Hep C is worse. On the subject of probable liver disease, I'll go for @The_Kincardine for reasons already outlined on the Worst Posters thread. Being a near-pensioner and spending the wee hours of each morning desperately looking for bites on an internet forum is tragic behaviour. Sort yourself out for fucks sakes. Ross County Best: f**k KNOWS Ross County Worst: f**k KNOWS St Johnstone Best: @tree house tam - I think of him as the Jimmy85 of Saintees posters. But not quite a searingly offensive. A good c**t nonetheless. St Johnstone Worst: While it's tempting to nominate the utterly boring and pointless @RandomGuy. I think a more deserving loser is @Old Pack. An utter bigot in the SureIKnow mould of pathetic and probably impotent angry old men who, if he has Facebook, probably has a page rammed full of AREBRAVEBOYS and poppy pish. A thoroughly unpleasant individual. St Mirren Best: @Div - The creator of this glorious ocean of seethe, rage and pointless shite. St Mirren Worst: How do you pick a worst poster out of cretins like @oaksoft, @Malky3 and @Lex? Easy, you read @Munoz's contributions which are generally full of impotent rage. A thoroughly creepy bigot who has somehow created an alias more tragic than his previous incarnation of @wisbit which featured such hits as gravity-denial, holocaust-denial and of course videoing himself in St Mirren PJs playing FM, in his maw's house. He has literally no redeeming features and should frankly be binned forthwith for simply be a terrible poster.
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    First and foremost I want to wish everyone connected with Fauldhouse utd and happy new year when it comes players coaching staff, committee, fans and all the rest of the football family. The last year for me personally has been the toughest I've ever experienced but the football community especially fauldhouse utd have got me through it. Forever grateful [emoji1267][emoji536]
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    Linda Perry - Life In A Bottle
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    Be dignified, don’t become the stereotyped psycho ex. That just give him ammo! plus you’d be destroying the other guys life so you’d become the bad guy which you aren’t. Hold you head high and let him see you flourish without him!
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    Are they not developing by training and working with better players? They have all played a decent number of games this season.
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    Mike & The Mechanics - The Living Years
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    New year is a load of shite, that said I've bought a massive steak pie which will be immense
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    Leahy at Livi was another thing of beauty.
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    Nothing is wrong with you mate, absolutely nothing. It's a fucking sledgehammer blow...things hit you in life that completely waylay you and sometimes you don't know how to cope. Please try to keep the head up, ride it out for a few days and you'll honestly get a bit of clarity of mind and hopefully you'll feel better. There's nothing pathetic about you or the state of mind you feel, you give a f**k about him and can't switch that off in an instant after 14 years. So what? That is perfectly normal. None of this is your fault.
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    Just here to speak about the fact that Jamie Watson has been thrown into the team from playing bare minimum before hand and had been in my eyes a stand out performer. Regardless of the few mistakes which are inevitable with a young player who hasn’t played much football I think he has been fantastic considering the circumstances
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