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    Not the best game but probably one that illustrates how things go for you when you're having a good season - we've been on the other end of that result so many times where there is nothing in the game but the other team takes their chance when it comes. Hearts to me looked better than St Mirren or St Johnstone but they clearly have zero confidence. The goal was a thing of beauty, the ball ran for us early on in the build up but it was a good attack and a genuine top quality finish. Long is probably the most frustrating player in this years intake - he clearly has some real quality and he has good pace but he hasn't fully clicked yet. That said, I'm loving that our forwards are taking it in turns to be the main man each week. I also loved the East Stand connoisseurs' round of applause for Donnelly's cynical tackle on the half way line when Hearts were breaking late on. We all say we want to see good football but secretly love a big fucking hack. 9 out of 9 points, 8 scored and three clean sheets against this season's dross is a brilliant week's work - actually looking forward to Rangers coming to Fir Park....
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    Winning last week with only 1 shot..... This week winning finishing with 9 men??
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    I never saw Luke Shaw do anything.
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    How much did you win?
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    Murray in bother with the police for assaulting a steward [emoji23][emoji23] Mother of all heads gone from airdrie today. I love it.
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    How many points should a team be awarded for hitting Tav with a pie?
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    You can stick that alongside Aberdeen's collection of fictional trophies such as the 'We've Never Been Relegated Shield' and the 'UEFA Super Cup'.
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    Bought a bar of chocolate in a shop in the Livingston Centre yesterday. At the till looking to pay for it... ‘Do you know these are three for two at the moment?’ - Yeah, just the one will do though, thanks anyway. ‘Do you have a loyalty card?’ - No, I don’t. ‘Would you like to take one out?’ - No thanks, not in this shop that much. ‘It doesn’t cost anything, and you’ll get 10% off future purchases’ - No, really, thanks anyway. ‘Would you like a bag?’ - No thanks. ‘Do you want a receipt?’ - No, you’re OK. I just wanted to buy a bar of feckin’ chocolate. Modern life would do yer’ tits in sometimes.
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    No complaints about the result tbh, nearly a full second half with a man advantage and we were devoid of ideas, creativity or threat. I'm a massive fan of Callum Smith but these last 2 weeks haven't been his best at all and how he stayed on for the full 90 I'll never know. I can only assume Roberts had a wee niggle and thats why he was subbed. We dominated the second half, bit in actual fact, didn't really threaten or force the keeper into a save at all. Punting it long and central was being mopped up sweatless by the impressive benedictus. The time wasting etc, it's part and parcel, and I'd be absolutely lapping that up if the shoe was on the other foot. That was my wee girls first game today and she loved the atmosphere, I also thought the fans were excellent today, very vocal and a clear backing of the team. Just another wee "credit where it's due" I thought the stewards at Starks today we're excellent and having that wee smoking area for a half time chuff is brilliant and the guys stewarding it were a credit to the club, chatting away and just being "normal".
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    Hi I’m Gianfranco and I’m a Jermaine Hylton fan.
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    If anybody knows of any lonely old people who will be eating Christmas dinner alone because they have no family or close friends, can they let me know. I need to borrow some chairs.
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    Tell them the pumping isn't due till tomorrow.
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    Well, that's the point mate. We're not mighty (as we've got to remind folk every fucking week!!!), we're pish. It was a terrible game of football and both sides were dreadful. A draw with no points awarded to either side would have been the fairest outcome.
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    ^this. Watching players shite out of tackles all over the pitch, watching as balls roll past them, trudging around the park - there's something rotten in that squad. McShane & Tidser should be absolutely romping this league but they're nowhere near the team.
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    Hello old friend Hello darkness my old friend
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    I'm seeing a slight flaw with your bottom table. Don't worry though I reckon nobody else will notice.
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    Good stuff. And our piece de resistance
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    Falkirk [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23] I read a post a while back saying that there were no goals in our league after about 20 minutes, so therefore the league is shit! I thought Clyde fans used to be embarrassing but this lot are a whole different level.
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    Because we're pish you thick c**t. You're pish, we're pish, the league's pish. It's a league for pish teams.
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    First it is only the result that counts and our Raith hoodoo continues to produce no wins in the last 16. Raith might well have scored in the early minutes as we looked a bit out of sorts. The post saved us and we did get back into a very even game. We were not quite as good as recently but Raith had the right set up and competed better than EF last week. I thought the Bowie guy gave our CBs a hard shift until he tired in the second half as Raith went down to 10. We created one really good move in the first half but Callum Smith should have done better-he works tirelessly but being clean through seems to catch him out. McDonald was bound to get at least one cross in and Matthews just reacted quicker. The Red card for Davidson was well merited from my view in the North Stand in that he did kick Roberts very high up on the leg. Given his history it might not surprise anyone that he "has that in him". To be fair to Raith they did a great back to the walls job and they are not the first team to dally over various situations. The problem for Airdrie was that we seemed to think that the same old long throw would gain an opening. It was hard to break down Raith but the action was all around the centre rather than wing attacks (like McDonald cross). It looked as if the pressure might tell and I can't fault them for the sheer effort but it was one of those days. The Fordyce Red card seemed harsh but we can get a closer look tomorrow no doubt-it has to be a case of endangering an opponent which is what did for Matthews. The tackle on Reilly was a late one but it was far away from me to judge it and the Lino was close. there was so much happening at the last minute "penalty" cry that I am not sure. This is a tight league with no obvious Champions so it's all to play for next week and no one wins the League in December. Ian Murray must now have a worse disciplinary record than the players but I can understand his frustrations today.
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    I don't think anyone was in any doubt that there was no point scoring from Airdrie today.
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    Also, to the fans who booed Allan when he came on, get a long hard look at yourselves! I’m not his biggest fan either but that’s properly out of order!
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    Quite disrespectful to two teams who have done well to get to this stage.
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    That Talbot b*****d Latta enjoyed that one. That Talbot b*****d Mccann, not so much [emoji23][emoji23]
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    I think one of the main differences between Jeremy Corbyn and Boris Johnson is that Corbyn believes that the British people are - on the whole - good. Johnson believes that the British people are - on the whole - stupid. You know something? Johnson is probably right.
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    Dumfries, but where? Happy Weekend lads ❤💛
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    Lets not forget Tav is a man who cuts off dogs ears. Pies are too good for scum like that. So as far as i'm concerned Aberdeen should be awarded enough bonus points to get then into second place, it's only fair.
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    I was in a shitty low mood back in May this year, so I took the day off to go see Troon v Auchinleck Talbot. I took my bike on the train and had a slow mosey up and down the coast. It was fairly scorching, so many ice creams were required. Just before the game I had a decent fish supper at the beach, then took in an enjoyable game in which Talbot clinched the league in front of a big, noisy crowd. The sun was setting into the Kintyre across the Clyde as I made my way back to the station. Next day I went to work with a mild sunburn and a smile on my face.
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    [emoji23][emoji23] No. Think Lichtie78 might know who the culprit is though
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    Really enjoyed that today. That was an old school Mcglynn masterclass in how to see a game out. We were the better side with 11, and played the perfect way with 10 men. Stayed compact and forced Airdrie to go direct. Airdrie were poor. I really feared for us going down to 10 men, but Airdrie had no idea how to break us down at all. Great spirit on show, that's what Mcglynn is best at. Getting that type of togetherness out of the team. First two red cards correct, but harsh on Mathews I felt. Good atmosphere from both sets of fans, really does make such a difference.
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    If there’s one thing I like more than us being good at football it’s us throwing great big hammers around.
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    Our highlights package is edited will be up at midnight. Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone.
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    Cheer up, you can hop on the tractor to the polling station next week to vote Tory
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    Great result for the Mo. Great turn around after an appalling start to the season.
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    Only seven points off Europe after the clown Hecky scraped one win in the opening round of fixtures. Plenty time to catch these diddies.
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    Looks to me like Jack Ross' Hibs have just "bounced" all over Aberdeen's collective skulls this afternoon.
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    Dundee North End 0-2 Kirkintilloch Rob Roy Bridge Of Don Thistle 2-3 Fauldhouse Fox Cullers United
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    Not much love for the standing labour candidate from our support. [emoji23]
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