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    Baby number three arrived safe and well yesterday morning. Welcome to the world, Saria!
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    I'm always intrigued at the line of thought that says 'giving everyone a vote on this important issue is undemocratic'
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    I'm assuming they will launch it as a permanent product again, off the back of what seems like overwhelming evidence that we don't care how expensive it is thanks to the sugar tax, we just want to drink the fucking stuff even if it bankrupts and/or kills us.
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    SPFL youtube has uploaded that match for your enjoyment
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    Never let it be said that Dunfermline fans lack self-awareness.
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    Was I laughing at all you sugar junkies creaming in your pants at the thought of old Irn Bru for much of this week? I absolutely was. Am I using my whole 30 minute lunch break walking around to find a shop that is selling it? I absolutely am.
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    If you could give me more than 30 minutes of straw clutching before ripping them out my hands next time, I'd appreciate it.
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    *someone posts about Lord of the Rings. Kincardine appears with the eye of Sauron as his avatar. 'That's weird Kincy, don't you know they were the bad guys ?' 'Pfft. We Scots were best pals with the Uruk hai. We built dozens of seige engines in Mordor and were in the vanguard during the Battle of Helms Deep. FFS, Saruman's parents were born in Paisley'
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    I sympathise with the asthma thing, but I quite enjoy sneezing. It's like a mini-orgasm. I just had one a minute ago and now I'm smoking a cigarette.
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    Either have Kris Boyd up front or ensure you play Falkirk in the relegation deciding game. Hope that helps.
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    The Easybeats - Come And See Her
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    No, I hate talk like this. Gives me flashbacks to Rado saying "We can win the treble" One game at a time. If we're 20-odd points clear then we can focus on that.
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    The Wedding Present - The Thing I Like Best About Him Is His Girlfriend
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    Wife was watching Lord of the Rings over the weekend. First thing that occurred to me was "OK, so the ravening hordes of Mordor are at our walls. We could fight to repel them as best we can, even though failure seems inevitable, but what would that achieve?" Even if you believe that it's impossible to get work done without absolute power for some reason, putting up a fight will at least delay the Tory army from sinking their pointy teeth into the soft flesh of our children. Thank you.
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    Am so glad he matured and changed his attitude in time to bang four in against us.
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    Beaten by our first team, pumped by our Colts team, obliterated by a makeshift Glasgow Cup lineup. Clyde.
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    Sounds like you at Dens Park. Merci.
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    I can think of one. One who said that he'd support Remain, then said he'd support Leave. Who said that Leaving would mean a government being dragged down in years of negotiations then said the government would be able to negotiate an exit agreement within 11 months. Someone who voted against Teresa May's deal but who voted for a similar deal that was actually worse. A man who said that there would be no border in the Irish Sea yet who supports a deal which does just that. Someone who said we'd be leaving the EU, Deal or No Deal on October 31st. Quite a lot of flip flopping there. Compared to Corbyn, Johnston is even more all over the place. Not that the media ever bring it up as much.
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    Hendry was brilliant for us. Deserved his move. Confidence has been shot to pieces after an initial dodgy spell at Celtic and doesn't look like he'll get a chance to redeem himself. He'd easily slot in for a team wanting a ball playing CH at most clubs in Scotland. He was considerably better for us than say Declan Gallagher, who played for us at a similar stage of his career.
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    Steve Harley : Make Me Smile (Come Up And See Me)
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    Manfred Mann : Come Tomorrow
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    Remember though we apparently got relegated to an excellent league full of wonderful teams like East Fife.
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    Just some of the posts from last season's first meeting. You'll forgive us for not expecting an easy time on Saturday...
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    Haven't had a pay increase in line with inflation for a decade but so happy Scots punch above our weight at the big seat on the top table.
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    I went to a talk by John Curtice at Glasgow University this evening. A pretty bleak picture for anyone who doesn’t want to see a Tory majority tbh. Conservatives hoovering up the leave vote and pretty much maxed out in terms of where they could his percentage-wise, but Labour need to get closer to maxing out remain voters if they want to catch up, and not looking like they’re in shape to do it at present. Also had a graph showing a steady lead of a few points against independence for 2016-18, but then a jump to about 50/50 (or Yes very slightly ahead if anything) about a year ago that has remained steady ever since, with those extra points pretty much all coming from remainers. He made a comment about how tricky it will be for a PM to prevent more remainers moving to Yes if Brexit happens. A couple of other snippets about registration and turnout: the ‘surge’ in voter registrations didn’t really happen and should be taken with a pinch of salt - it’s mostly people who had already registered re-registering to make sure. Also (not sure if I understood correctly but) a new register was created in the past month, meaning that voter records should be more up to date than most elections. As a result it’s very likely that turnout will be up from last time as the register is less likely to include redundant records - people who have died, moved away, etc (worth bearing in mind for betting purposes).
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    It sure was. They never stopped for the whole game, similar to our visit to Paisley earlier in the season. What a difference they make [emoji106]
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    Sad to pass on the news that John Ferguson has died today. Known on this site as Garrelburn. John was a keen junior historian and indeed was the author of the book on the history of kilsyth Rangers . A committee man to the end and he filled his last match report for our last home game against Arthurlie just 2 weeks ago. His health had been troubling him recently but non the less he never missed a game and was the club delegate for meetings at Hampden . A sad loss to the junior game . RIP john
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    It’s not unfair, you’re easily the most negative poster on here by a mile and always looking to stick the boot into the club eve when it’s clear in certain situations they’ve not done anything wrong. If you read most of your posts as a neutral fan I’d assume you were a Killie troll like west curve because of how negative you are.
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    Ayr lose to Dunfermline. Happy days.
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    No matter how bad things are, we can console ourselves in not being Clyde Football Club. Just imagine how good we’d be if we’d kept Nisbet.
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    More ground developments planned
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    Beastie Boys-No sleep till Brooklyn
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    I'm a bit perturbed by the level of negativity on this thread recently. I'm as disappointed as the next man at Saturday's result but let's get things into perspective. We are a part time team, adjusting to a higher league, hugely handicapped by a high level of injuries, and had a tough mid week gig at Methil in atrocious conditions which must have have been energy sapping. In addition we lost a key defender in the first half and Goodie took a sore one early in the game which I think could account for his comparative lower key game. I don't know what level of miracles we expect but surely we need to get back to encouraging the team, not mauling them!
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    I actually think this competition should be held like a pre-season tournament at a neutral venue. Two semi-finals games on the Saturday, two games on the Sunday (3rd & 4th place and final), like the various pre-season tournaments we have. I think it would help raise its profile, and it's more relevant with the champions of the previous season instead of having it near the end of the following season with the champions from almost a year previously. I'm sure there are plenty of venues around the junior scene which could host a tournament like that, as several do currently. Just a suggestion, and the Evening Times could help market it and get good crowds at it.
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    I find that's it quicker using contactless to pay rather than paying cash and waiting for change.
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    I know we haven't had Wednesdays match yet, but thought it worth putting Hibs tweet here re Saturday. Fucking disgrace that 2000 Foodbanks exist at all in this country, but well done to the Helping Hands guys and Hibs (who will accept donations at the clubstore ahead of matchday) for doing their bit.
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    100% in Scotland could be nice. Better than 12-15% in Westminster say, if that were so.
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    We're getting taken out of an arrangement with Europe we feel is to our advantage, for one. And our inclination is not towards yet another Tory government, which historically we've been allergic to more than not. The compensation of having the odd Michael Gove figure to stand up for us amongst the old Etonians does not really do it, I'm afraid.
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    Van Morrison & the Chieftains - Marie’s Wedding
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    Mate you got fucking pumped. Give it up
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    Pat Mountain is probably about as close to a Father Ted character name as we're going to get at this election.
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    No international shipping. Just for gnome games then. The location of my coat is near the exits...
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