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    My daughter was born this morning at 10:34. 8lb 13 ounces. Her brother and sister are coming up to visit her later on. Wife and daughter are doing great
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    Revisionist pish you say? If you're going to invent an edgy internet persona you should try and keep your story consistent
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    I do love that some of our fans seem to believe Brockville had this amazing atmosphere every home game and that if we were still playing there the place would give Turkish derbys a run for there money on atmosphere. Absolute nonsense.
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    I'm not buying the "barn of a stadium" argument to be honest. As I mentioned look at the Airdrie fans on Saturday and there have been plenty of occasions where the atmosphere has been really pretty good when there has been something to get excited about.
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    The scarier thing for me is that there are members who are fully aware of the position and know fine well how we're planning to fund our playing budget, yet they are still dead against it. Which imo shows they do not have the best interests of the club at heart (sorry but you don't) which should surely be a prerequisite of being a full member in the first place. Their vote will be solely based on some misty eyed romantic idea of the senior game that doesn’t exist anymore. Of course turning pro doesn't guarantee a thing (nobody has ever said on here that it does) but let's get this done so we can at least give ourselves the best opportunity to remain and progress within the SPFL. We'll eventually end up one day in the South of Scotland league, never mind the Lowland League, if we stay as we are.
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    First post for some time, some of you will remember I used to post reports on Strollers/Reserves/U20's . Although, been a supporter for over half a century have not been a member at any stage (despite being season ticket holder for many years) so unfortunately not got a vote this week. For a time I would rather watch the 2nd eleven and worried that going pro might lead to it being sacrificed but with these worries now satisfied we have to go pro, to protect the young guys coming through and keep them longer. Like others I worry that some members are so entrenched in sticking to their own personal feelings and are not going to vote with the good of the club at heart. I appeal to these guys to put their own feelings to one side and vote for the good of the club and preserve our future. We will always have our history but we have to move forward or amateur leagues here we come.
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    That video of a player doing absolutely nothing is damning stuff.
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    Walked into the first team, booted Lenny Sowah half way to Carluke and never looked back.
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    McPhee is being subjected to the same ridicule and hostility as Angelo Alessio when he was first appointed at Kilmarnock. Scottish football is a closed shop. No room for Johnny Foreigner or those who project new ideas or ways of thinking. Guid, honest fitba men only.
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    Imaging getting deported to Australia for running over an owl. Bit of a minter.
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    I get that people would be wary of breaking with tradition and what that means to them and the club, however wouldn’t the move away from Hampden be exactly the time to do this? To modernise the club, move to a more appropriately sized stadium and build towards a new more prosperous future? Engage with the local community and try and build upon the existing fan base, market themselves as a club for the south side of Glasgow, a real alternative to Celtic and Rangers and all the crap that comes with them. Rather than a club who from my perspective as a local who goes along occasionally, hides away in Hampden and people mere streets away aren’t even aware they’re playing.
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    This is from another thread but it crystallises what you're dealing with here
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    Aye wouldn't grudge him a move at all. He'll be a cult hero for United if he helps us get promoted. I reckon he'll go for a decent 7 figure fee in the summer and no one that supports DUFC could complain at that tbf.
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    Coffee is fucking rank, the smell and the taste are vile. Coffee snobs are genuinely amongst the worst people on earth, along with paedophiles and grown men who watch wrestling. Although the latter 2 could probably be categorised together as they’re pretty much the same thing.
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    Allan Preston is an absolute arsehole. Clearly Neil McCann hasn't been fed the party line by the BBC, as after Preston absolutely slaughtered Austin McPhee, he came in with " I guess Austin isn't on the books of Allan's agency then?" You could have heard a pin drop. Struck me that McPhee didn't seem a very popular guy with the panel on the Beeb, Richard Gordon slipping up and calling him Austin McFanny and the laughter that ensued made it sound like their internal nickname for him.
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    Is there any actual day to day governance at the club now? I mean that genuinely. We have a board that's given up, doesn't care about the fans and doesn't care about this season. We have a manager that can't believe he hasn't been sacked and is waiting for that inevitability. A disgruntled fanbase who I have to say shot ourselves in the foot by stupidly buying season tickets ( can't believe people did that still) and now are having to accept being fucked over having ponied up a year's cash anyway. Absolutely fucking grim. No end in sight either
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    if it was as a result of a traffic accident then sad but sometimes unavoidable. if you strangled it with your bare hands then you're one for the watching.
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    I fucking love Andy Considine. That is all.
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    We've gone from Bob Crampsy to Biscuits. What a fucking depressing time to be alive.
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    Malky, you are tedious, predictable and a complete horses arse. You've nothing new to say so please think seriously about leaving the forum.
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    Billie Holiday - Summertime
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    Nope.Their having a square go at training Tonight to see who keeps the BS Trackie and Breeks.
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    What's he ever done to get a call up? Hes, literally, living off one decent season in the Scottish second tier for St Mirren. Has never scored a top flight goal in Scotland, barely contributed to a English League One side last season, and has already dropped below a younger Scottish winger at club level. Hes played just shy of 100 minutes in the league this season. I'm genuinely curious as to why hes getting called up.
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    This thread is just making both sides look embarrassing tbh.
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    He's a 19 year old on loan from Celtic, you fucking weirdo. Callum McGregor had a similar loan spell at a similar level at a similar age and it seemed to do him OK.
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    I feel like the New Zealand cricket team here. I did at least back the over in that game (as I thought it would be high scoring regardless of this) so made some financial gain on it.
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    Don't normally contribute here cos its not my election but this is pish. I too grew up in the 60s and 70s. Soup kitchens were there for those who had fallen through the cracks of the welfare system (e.g rough sleepers). The "food parcels for the elderly" at school were Christmas hampers which gave pensioners luxury items which they couldn't afford on the pension. There was a general acceptance that welfare should be at a level to meet people's basic needs. Also (and I cbf finding and multi-quoting your other posts) the miner's strike and three day week was in 1974. Unemployment didn't hit 3 million until 1982 so any kind of link between the two is more pish.
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    Wilting but not withering; no one wants to be moral crusaders in a league with Caledonian Braves, Stirling Uni and the like. Feck that. The trick will be to retain what we think we have in terms of an ethos without the amateur bit. Bringing the youngsters on to be decent human beings and, hopefully, still treating players well.
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    The New Seekers - Beg Steal or Borrow
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    George Harrison - Whle My Guitar gently Weeps (tribute video)
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    Neil Young - This Old Guitar
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    Elvis Presley - Guitar Man
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    All joking aside, i love somerset. Much better than our soulless stadia And yes i do miss old broomfield. What a stadium that was
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    Just to sum this all up - Harry Soutar is the best centre back this country has. - David Bates is crap judged on being injured for a couple of months and thus not getting a game for Sheffield Wednesday. - We need to call up Matt Targett, Joe Bryan, Bobby Allain and everyone else that has a 2nd nationality being Scottish on the Football Manager game. - Andy Robertson is utter shite. - Billy Gilmour is world class despite never actually playing a full 90 minutes of professional football. - Callum Hudson Odoi never played for England before starting for Chelsea thus proving someone likes a few wee porkies. - Some folk want Scott McKenna back but don’t want two Aberdeen centre backs in the squad. - Folk want Stephen Kingsley called up regardless to whether they have actually seen him kick a ball this season. Hint - none of them have. Probably missed some usual pish about McBurnie too. As you were please.
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    The Raith Suite will be open from noon on Saturday for fans to watch the Scotland v Cyprus game. Kick off is at 2pm. If you are considering going down to the pub to watch this then come along to Stark's Park and support Scotland and at the same time support the Rovers!! Let's get the Raith Suite buzzing with anticipation of a Scotland win. Free pies at half time!! So what's not to like. Scotland on the telly. Cheap beer in the Raith Suite and free pies at half time. You would be mad to go anywhere else!!! 😀😀😀
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    Just having a wee review there of the current LL standings. It was just a few years ago (maybe even a couple) that Spartans and East Kilbride were nominated as the two most likely to go up next but even they are being overran by the former Junior teams who switched affiliations. For clubs coming down, Berwick are still having an adjustment but Shire seemed to have reacted and are currently in third. BSC Glasgow and Civil Service Strollers are the only other two having a go. At the bottom half of the league lies the teams who traditionally have always played in this league and it's EoS predecessor. Vale of Leithen, Gala Fairydean, Dalbeattie Star, Gretna etc. The sixth tier below them splits to the EoS and SoS leagues, reflecting the relatively high number of clubs and geographical spread. This is where it gets slightly confusing as both of these leagues are affiliated to the SFA (hence inclusion in the Scottish Cup) but to get promotion to the Lowland League clubs have to join the SPFL as full members and this is where the ground regulations kick-in. EoSFA members include Hearts, Hibs and Edinburgh City. Over the last 15 years the pack has shuffled quite a bit but it took a seismic shift in 2017 when almost all the best clubs in the EoS Juniors switched to join the EoSFL which is the feeder to the Lowland. There can be only one good reason for that. And here's the rub. Whilst the Lowland league at the moment has just a few teams at the top who look likely to join the senior leagues, tier 6 has a raft of well established ex-Junior clubs 9including cup giant-killers Broxburn and Penicuik) building up momentum and in another five years it's likely to see several of these in the Lowland with those rural towns like Gala and Dalbeattie dropping down. Factor in another couple of senior teams dropping down to the Lowland in that timescale and it's not difficult to see that in a handful of years (it's been seven years since our horror season and that's very fresh in the memory) that the Lowland will be a robust league on a par with the bottom half of L2 at the moment. If we stay as we are, not only is Lowland league level inevitable, crowds at home of 100 souls watching QP v Vale of Leithen in tier 6 won't be far behind. And our legendary youth system will be a distant memory. Footnote 1: QP youth development player Robert Griffiths, who had a couple of runs for our first team at the start of the season, moved to Shire at the end of October. Shire website reports he "impressed recently when Queen's Park reserves played against The Shire". So it's not just the big and wealthy who can easily steal our talent. It's the equivalent of leaving all your wages on the kitchen table and leaving the front and back door wide open. Footnote 2: there's a definite trend also that teams within or close to major cities are thriving and rural teams are curling up. Glasgow is a really good place to be. Kelty and Bonnyrigg have yet to be measured.
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    Moron found. He wouldn't have been in the tweet if he was only missing the Cyprus game.
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    I can understand a lot of the criticisms of the EU, but when you see folk on TV who say leaving the EU will help deal with illegal immigrants, you realise that they don't have a fucking clue what is actually going on here, they have simply been convinced that the declining standards in the UK are the fault of someone else, and not government after government in Downing Street.
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    Everyone slating Robertson without any knowledge of why he has pulled out. That’s this support all over.
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    Taking little red riding dug for walkies.
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    Sounds like you pulled a Moonster there..
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    It wouldn't be unsolicited then.
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