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    Come on Dundee, right into these dirty, smelly, unwashed, dayglo, Arab b*****ds. Thank You.
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    Any arabs wanting fucking leathered PM is.
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    Can we all agree that Dundee United fans are utter c***s? Thank You.
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    Back in your box you fuckin' diddies.
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    Heh. Fehv oot o seven on the quiz. Stewart turns up wi negative twelve oot o ten on the patter front.
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    Right wha’s in fucking cherge here? Yer score his tae be in nae later than Midnicht the nicht Dundee time or 10:30 the morn’s morn’ meh time or 07:00 @SlipperP ‘s time. So if you thought you could saunter onto this thread anytime over the weekend to post your score you will possibly even be relegated or miss promotion or fail to win a title but most of all you’ll be well and truly fucked. As is usual when His Eminence of off converting sinners and indulging in non-self flagellation no deadline extension tolerated or correspondence will be entered into. You know it makes sense.
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    1. Because there are rules about who can donate to individual poltical campaigns which would prevent them doing this. HQ pay for national materials, mailshots, advertising, IT systems etc etc but every constituency campaign is an individual campaign 2. The SNP HQ actually dont have that much money. Obviously much more than they had but you can see where that goes on increased social media presence etc Most of the membership fees go back into local branches. To give you an idea a branch like mine with 200 members gets about 300 quid a month (most new members pay a quid a month) Out of that we need to pay for hall hire, conference delegates, postage, constituency office levies to pay for rent,rates and utilities and constituency office staff etc Beyond that since the big jump in membership late 2014 we are onto General Election number 3 and have had Scottish elections, local elections, euro elections and euro referendums as well as having to pay a levy for by elections such as Shetland As well as national naterials HQ buy we need to pay for local candidate specific materials,postage,posters, venue hire etc Elections are massively expensive and even Labour and Tories are down to brass tacks. The difference being a local Labour candidate can expect a nice 2500k cheque from the local union or Tories from a local business man. Whereas by and large we rely on individual donations and fucking coffee mornings
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    The proposal was to remain in the customs union, but made no commitment for remaining in the single market. A customs union without a single market isn't in anybodies interests. But you're too much of an idiot to understand why.
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    “I’d quite like to try something other than vaginal sex”
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    How’d it work out for you. I’m having a great night.
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    Your hubris would suggest otherwise, 999 times out of 1000 full time Falkirk will defeat a sixth tier team, nobody is denying that, but to call the ground a shitehole is nothing short of a disgrace. This is a small part time club that have volunteers that have worked their arses off to provide excellent facilities for the level they play at. The ground is renowned for being one of the best in non league football, all paid for by hard graft and fund raising yet you have the temerity to call it a shitehole. Pathetic comment to be honest.
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    Most Edinburgh the Dundee Derby has ever been.
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    Ian Baraclough in the picture for the job as well. This calls for one thing:
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    'Last night was a great night for Scottish football'
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    I think a United Ireland might be our best hope here. How hard can it be?
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    Why bother with the interviews? Just give it to Sheerin.
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    Yes, development fee window would have ended for forrest. I'm just thinking though, don't you just love us Ayr fans ? We're arguably in the middle of one of our most exciting and successful spells in our history and we're spending all our time arguing about turnstiles, ticketing methods, trying to find skulduggerry in the boardroom where none exists and then we're talking down our players worth and arguing about who's leaving when and how little we will get for them. Honestly, what a bunch of rockets we are.......
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    My life is brilliant My love is pure I saw an angel Of that I'm sure She smiled at me on the subway She was with another man But I won't lose no sleep on that 'Cause I've got a plan You're beautiful...
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    I'm 45 and this is the best position we've been in during my lifetime. I can't really remember Ayr being in the top division, was it 1978 the last time? then I'd say this has to be seen for what it is and that's one of the most successful in most of the current supports lifetimes. I'd go even further by saying that we're playing arguably the best football since I've been an Ayr fan, we're scoring lots of goals and we're watching young exciting talents who could all go on to be huge stars in our game. Just for once can we give credit where it's due as opposed to actively hunting for negativity and our next disaster, which I'm sure will come at some point, so please let's just enjoy these good times before we find ourselves back in league 1 with guys like Scott McLaughlin & Partick Thistle youths on loan as our superstar players, who knows, maybe then we'll look back on this time as indeed being "one of our most exciting and successful spells in our history"......................
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    Can't honestly say I've always been Nicola's biggest fan since she took on the SNP leadership gig. Today, she's been absolutely immense from her presentation of the SNP manifesto to the fielding o all manner of questions on it, and then going on to give individual interviews to all the usual media reptiles. She handled them all, with total dignity and aplomb - Boris and Jeremy couldn't hold a candle to her, not even close.
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    I will only comment on this because you are questioning the character of someone I know personally. Firstly we have no interest with the number of games he’s missed previously. Ross played in every pre season game then picked up a bad injury against Kilmarnock missed 6 weeks as a result. Ross works within the railway industry, unfortunately due to the hold up of government contracts being awarded he has been seconded out to another company due to lack of work. This has resulted in Ross working away in London and Inverness until Xmas. when Ross is home he attends training even when he misses the Saturday of that week. He has not received one penny during that period a decision Ross fully agrees with, its the same with anyone in that position. Since signing with the club, no one could question his commitment towards the club, myself or his team mates. When he is back from work he hasn’t missed a game or training session. Sometimes these things happen with work it’s not ideal but cant be avoided, so don’t come on here and make up stories or question someone when you don’t know them or the facts
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    Nazareth - This Flight Tonight
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    McKay should still be considered for centre back. If nothing else, he hasn’t been sent off for dissent/got the first of two yellows for dissent in the past few weeks. I’d personally play the 5 tomorrow with McKay alongside Bene and Anderson. Davidson only back if one of the other three aren’t performing, a red card for dissent warrants at least a few weeks on the bench regardless of who are you are IMO. Munro Miller McKay Anderson Bene Macca Spencer Matthews Dingwall Baird Anderson Would be very surprised if the line-up is anything like this, but I am absolutely desperate to see us avoid a repeat of the last few seasons where players come out with absolute shitebag performances like last Saturday and aren’t dropped.
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    Eddie Cochran - Three Steps To Heaven
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    Loving the 18 minutes of silence at the end of the latest podcast [emoji1] Also is it possible to subscribe to a version that doesn’t have any adverts? Or at least get rid of the one from that fucking Gran leaving a message for her Grandson. Enough to turn anyone to drugs.
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    Bob Dylan : Knocking On Heaven's Door
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    Learn to spell before coming on here spouting pish
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    Just back to the hotel after a very long day of drinking and celebrating, only negative being just hearing one of the shuttle buses laid on taking fans back into the city broke down, police told the fans to walk the remaining distance where they were promptly ambushed by a squad of scumbags, the Celtic SLO has just tweeted telling fans to not walk around the city tonight as the Lazio fans are not happy and looking for trouble, we got back okay but have heard a rake of police sirens outside. As for the match, apart from the first 15 minutes when I feared a bad defeat I thought we were outstanding, the decision making and calmness under pressure was most impressive for me, thought we were much better than the first leg where we were a wee bit fortunate I felt, tonight we were much better in every department. In recent memory only Rogic's injury time invincible treble clinching goal at Hampden can be compared to the absolute fucking carnage that ensued after N'tcham's goal, proper old school scenes, limbs everywhere, folk tumbling over rows of seats etc and not giving a f**k, absolutely magnificent, what football is all about 😎 Now for some much needed shut eye before a visit to the Vatican tomorrow.... Papa Francesco allez... allez allez...😎
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    Monkey Tennis must be crying himself to sleep tonight
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    Folks, I decided to stand down as a director for very simple reasons, the time and financial commitments required to be an active director are significant and at this point I have other priorities. I will still be at games, as I am a lifelong supporter of Ayr United. Like any board, there are agreements and disagreements but all of the current and recent directors want the best for Ayr United. Mark.
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    Indeed. I do wonder why he didn't play tonight.
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    Richard And Linda Thompson : I Want To See The Bright Lights Tonight
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    I bet you're great fun on a night out (assuming you go on nights out of course)..........
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    First image to come up on Google for Richard Richardson. I'm not saying it's Malky but it probably is.
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    Green Jelly - Three Little Pigs
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    Scenes as someone finally manages to out-moron Malky. Less surprising that it's Oaksoft.
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    Killie fans have bought them all up already.
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