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    "Vermin" is entirely appropriate for politicians who have eagerly voted for dreadful welfare "reform" policies such as the rape clause, making it harder for the terminally ill to claim benefits, refusing to do anything about slum landlords, targeting immigrants and a whole host of other dreadful policies. Take your pathetic knicker-wetting pish and ram it, you utter cretin. Thank you.
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    Without wanting to be too cheesy, we should feel privileged that he was involved with our club. A properly brilliant person who carries himself impeccably. I'd hope that whoever wins donates the money and let's him keep his shirt and medal.
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    Mostly pigeons and seagulls
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    Dundee lose £600,000 in a year. Dundee United fans : "Ahahaha you Funsters will never learn!!" Dundee United lose £3.7m in a year Dundee United fans : "Aye but we sacked a manager and had scaffolding put up. Great to see Funsters be financial experts though!!"
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    Aye, 'crisis' seems like a strange choice of word for guys going out and having the time of their lives doing exactly what they wanted to do for years. It was obviously coined by the ex-wife of a guy trapped for years in a loveless marriage who escaped his miserable existence by leaving her for a woman half her age and spending some of his cash from the sale of the house on a Harley Davidson. "He was obviously having a mid-life crisis". No he wasn't, Karen - he was having an absolute ball of a time away from you and your constant nagging.
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    What difference in Ben since he came to live with us.The 1st picture was taken the week before he came to live with us and the 2nd last week.
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    Meeting our twin girls tomorrow. A wee bit earlier than scheduled as my wife is showing signs of pre eclampsia. Buzzing and nervous at the same time.
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    One of my regulars has also recently been to the groomers, what a difference
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    1 Thoughts of buying a sports car 2 Thinking an 18 year old will be your passenger 4 Agreeing with many of the comments on Moaning-Faced Auld Duffers thread 5 Buying an expensive guitar and thinking it'll be easier to learn this time 6 Drawing up lists 7 Making simple mistakes 8 Forgetting what you were going to do ne
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    Thankfully all the parties look like coming together in the Nation's Interest and Getting Something Done! which includes sorting my Christmas out.
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    Would he not be better trying to shag her in the fanny?
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    I get what you're saying (it's worth a lot more than that on the open market), but they're probably just trying to help out with what they can afford themselves.
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    Isn't that the point of propaganda, regardless of the source. It's similar to unionists stating that Scotland is better as part of the union and thus ignoring all the data that show Scotland as part of the union has underperformed economically in relation to the UK for decades. Let there be no doubt that an independent Scotland with or without a deficit is far preferable to me than Scotland in this union.
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    What a steaming pile of shite that post is btw.
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    Yes, it is not the people killing 130000+ of their own citizens through their policy who are the deserving of that Godwinning but you, the one who calls them vermin
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    Good is relative though, isn' it. And that's the whole point. Bring someone who only watches Premier League / Champions League on TV to any L1 game and they're going to think it's shite. Bring someone who watches South of Scotland football every week and they'll probably say all the teams are "good". It's a very well worn P&B trope that fans of teams who're undeperforming or below where they want to be will decry everyone and everything as shite. It's either a "if we're (relatively) shite then everything has to be (objectively) shite" or a "we're used to so much better cos we're such a big team". It's not exclusive to Falkirk.
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    Please, a moment's silence for the young men and women whose final moments will be spent in this soundproof chamber.
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    Greenock born Luke McCowan once again dishing out a 'swording' to his local team. Delicious.
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    Oh man he went for the "you've never had it so good" line!
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    Weekend attendance / headcount 27/10/19 Any help with missing would be greatly appreciated thanks. I have included all leagues and cups that I collate for just as an idea of what I do. Hopefully as time goes on more clubs will help. Thanks to all who have helped.
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    Tomorrow's Lennox has another full page interview with a Sons player and I'd be very grateful if nobody posted a photo on here. It'll be up online either tomorrow or Wednesday if you flat out refuse to buy a paper or are outwith G82. The McKee one did pretty well online and looked good in paper, this one looks even better in the paper - and I'm hopeful it'll do well too, which in turn lets me speak to more players and spend more time writing about DFC.
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    It's insight like this that keeps me coming back to P&B. I feel like I was there.
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    Extermination of the vermin tories
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    Could you point out where I have "claimed the moral high ground"? I will quite happily stand by my description of Conservative politicians as "vermin" because I deal with the effects of their policies first hand on a daily basis.
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    There's constant debate in the town as to who does the best bridies between Saddler and McLaren. They serve Saddler bridies at the pie shop in the ground, personally I like them but like McLaren's too. The best bridie I ever had was a McLaren's one but the worst I ever had was a McLaren's. I buy Saddlers, they are more consistent in quality in my opinion, they are more richly seasoned so not to everyone's taste. No doubt others will disagree with me. However, the best are from Cameron's which is a fishmonger who do pies and bridies, they are the best but sell out early in the day (for good reason) and do a chicken bridie which is in effect a birdie bridie lol
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    This only works if you consider Tories as human and not reptilian ghouls.
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    The Doors - Riders On The Storm
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    Small Faces : Lazy Sunday Afternoon
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    Folk trying to say this league isn't dire 🙈
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    We had a vote, why do we need another one?
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    There is a general meeting of the West Region clubs on Thursday. One of the topics in my report will be regarding the runs of home/away fixtures. Once I've reported to the club delegates at that meeting, I'll be more than happy to come back here and explain. At the moment the only thing I can say is that the system is flawed and I am working on improvements.
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    9 for 5, what a way to start an innings.
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    Bob Dylan - Like A Rolling Stone
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    Just imagine the seethe emanating from Perth when an Englishman who ships 9 goals to a team of crisp makers swans in and takes over the goalie slot and poor Zander isn’t even considered. Again. Im all for it tbh.
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    Fan of this picture. She only projectile vomited once today, so she's in the good books.
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    Wee Leo pre and post groom, a shaggy mess to a preened pooch in 2 hours.
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    This reminds me of last season, we were easily the worst side in the league but were always just a few points away. I thought we'd eventually claw our way out of it but never did. Can see this season going the same way with that moron in charge.
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    Meeting went very well,they are very pleased with Ben's progress since he went to the nursery.
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    Full credit goes to @Pure Mental.
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