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    I'll happily admit reading P&B is part of my daily routine and I do enjoy reading other's contributions as well as posting myself. Rab reduced the Misc other football forum (one of my favourites) to an unreadable rabble with his Liverpool nonsense. I'm a reasonable minded chap but let me say this, 'Rab' can rot in P&B hell for all eternity.
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    It’s a nice change to be on the other end of a last 10min bed shitting
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    It’s not individuals trying to stop it, it is his past that’s been coming to light, since the meet and and greet in the south stand. If he didn’t have such a shady past and a list of failed businesses there wouldn’t be a problem. The reality of the situation is he’s a disaster waiting to happen, I just don’t want us to be the next failed business on his list.
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    Thank christ neilson got his deal extended to ward off all the potential suitors.
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    It is undeniable, but it is in no way analogous to towns and cities voting, ffs.
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    I wasn't even at the game today and I'm in a c**t of a mood. I was happy with the appointment of Murray and thought he did a good job last season of solidifying us and steadying the ship, especially considering the players he had to work with. I was looking forward to this season. Given that we were relatively solid last season and his reputation for building a team capable of attacking football at Dumbarton, I thought we might finally have the man to take us forward and get us out this league. But my patience is gone. I'm pissed off that we play 5 at the back + two 'defensive' midfielders almost every week (in LEAGUE ONE) but yet we still can't defend. I'm pissed off that Murray still doesn't know his best team despite it being almost November. I'm pissed off at the amount of players that play out of position (especially our top goal scorer either playing out wide or being left on the bench). I'm pissed off that there's no balance to the team at all (especially in midfield) and as a result there's no link up play whatsoever from back-to-middle-to-front. I'm especially pissed off that none of these mistakes are being learned from every single week. I don't consider myself an expert on football but if I, and other fans, can spot these things, why can't the manager or the plethora of backroom staff spot them and/or fix them? I think the club has professionalised the set up off the field in a lot of ways over the close-season. Of course I support this, albeit with concerns about how we're paying for a full-time manager and assistant manager, a first team coach and goalie coach, a reserve coach, scouts, half a dozen or so medial staff and a playing squad of almost 40 (it's not with our crowds I can tell you that and how long are you going to pump money into such a set-up for with so little to show for it?). At the end of the day, it's pointless if we're going to be bumping around League 1 forever. Get us up in amongst the bigger crowds in the Championship then move forward from there. I'm not sure if getting rid of Murray is the sole answer or if there's just a general malaise/curse over the club but I certainly can't put up with much more of this anymore. I work almost every Saturday but have no motivation now to get the time off to watch us play. There's only so much of the same shit (10+ years) you can put up with every week. Sad.
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    This is getting bad now lol It's like being back playing boys club football and having to put up with pish from players parents
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    I’ve heard we’re down to the final two candidates who will both attend the club shop on Monday where they will meet Fergus. Whoever bonds best with Fergus will be offered the job.
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    Lets put our slant on it. After going 1-0 down after only three minutes, I feared the worst. However, the Montrose players never looked phased and stuck to their game plan. We looked slick and sharp going forward and Matty Allen and Dillo cleaned up everything that Airdrie had to offer. In fairness, it wasn't much This was our easiest game this season. For a full time / semi full time team, what ever they do during the week clearly didn't work. A great win for us and a very deserved three points
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    Richard Thompson : Sights And Sounds Of London Town
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    Be more impressed if these lads tried to ensnare Prince Andrew or one of the other uber rich guys implicated by association with Jeffrey Epstein.
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    Interesting week, with 25ish entries. The 4 winners, with 6 points: Wee Jackie, Life on Marrs? ***, EFFC1938 and Stevo Fife. ***Note that Life on Marrs? got zero points for his 2-1 prediction on Airdrie v Montrose as he didn’t call the winner, and could have had 7. Hope he found the lottery ticket, it’s probably a winner! The games were much closer to expected form this week...the results were 4 x 6 pts, 3 x 5 pts, 6 x 4 pts, 5 x 3 pts, 4 x 2 pts, 3 x 1 pt, and no one doing the tricky 0 pts.
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    As a Darvel supporter, tremendous result for the talbot today. You guys are the benchmark 👏👏
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    I’m not one for having a go at people especially my own fans but this is absolutely ridiculous, your calling for the subs and the whistle hasn’t even blown yet[emoji23] Also , Stewart hasn’t started in ages so don’t know where your pulling that one from Please please thing about what you post before posting it please , makes our club look like they have a lot of stupid fans that say a lot of stupid things , when in fact , we don’t !
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    Captain & Tennille - Do That To Me One More Time
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    How did the 'meet' go?
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    It's weird how she seems to switch mid-sentence from a posh Bearsden accent to a put on estuary English one.
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    McManus just isnt going to work out for us is he? Jeezo I didn't watch it either so have no view. You've managed to write off two players for us and draw broad conclusions about the opposition (absolute dross) as well as implying that the Falkirk team are bottle merchants. Sometimes it's OK to just read what others have to say rather than posting filler based on the Sky Sports Score Centre.
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    Heads gone award of the day must go to St Johnstone's number 33 (Kennedy). Toys well and truly thrown.
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    First half we were really good. Dominant and putting pressure on the Jags. First time this season where the midfield looked strong, inventive and likely to score. Then he subbed two of the midfielders- why? If it’s not broken don’t fix it. The same mistake was made against Aberdeen in the League Cup when we were one up late on. The two striker argument is a moot point, yet through the wrong substitutions we lost all momentum. Furthermore McCall spotted it was wasn’t working and brought the change for the Jags with a more physical presence up front, and we didn’t react. Thistle deserved something from the game for the second half but we gifted them all three points.
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    VIRTANEN IS THE MAN But aye poor game we weren't great but never felt in any danger they are poor bit of magic from Bobby again done enough
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    The first 35-40 minutes was decent, after that it was dreadful stuff again. 9 games, 12 points, 11 goals scored, negative goal difference. Thats shocking, and nowhere near good enough. McPake must go, he simply doesn't have a clue.
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    Maxwell and Petrie met with SJFA Management committee, or members thereof.
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    Bojo going to beat celtic for 10 in a row
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    That is quite honestly the most cluelessly ignorant post I think I've ever read on here. The only job of a school is exam passes - that is a genuinely staggering perspective.
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    Looking forward to this one today and hoping for a much improved performance from our previous meeting. Save travels to the Raith fans heading through. Just to echo comments about parking - parking in the gravel car park, behind the away stand, is free. Getting out is better than it has been in fairness but I’d recommend getting there with time to spare as the car park can get quite full when there’s a decent crowd. As for Broadwood itself, it’s quite a bit warmer than it once was with the gym now mercifully blocking a lot of the wind. Shouldn’t be too cold today but I’d certainly recommend wrapping up just incase!
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    He’s a tit. Since Rab B got banned off here he’s been trying like f**k to paint himself as some sort of hero as opposed to the buckled mess he became. Anyway.... Anyone know what happened to Lewis Turner last night. He seemed to go down then was substituted without really being injured. Has he been carrying a knock or another injury of some sort for a while?
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    Likewise Burnie_man yet some on here think I'm him 😂 My history is mainly ww or North east English fitba,I think Rab was more North west England 🤔
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    He spammed and ruined threads, that's why people didn't like him. Hes the equivalent of the guy who got fucking wrecked two hours into every works night out and forced everyone out of every pub they went in too.
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    If it passes then every Labour MP who votes for it should rot in hell.
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    I would encourage everyone to put him on ignore. Aside from actively celebrating terrorist atrocities, his attention seeking "yer da" humour filled posts are a complete pollution and are so tragic that they actually upset me. My own mental well being has improved 8-10% already with blanking him out for just over a week.
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    Never mind the bollloks, The big question is will they play a Little respect by Erasure over the sound system at half time......
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    I can see no good resulting from me making any comment on this.
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    Educating people that if their life circumstances aren't great then it's better to focus on what they can do about it rather than look for a "Them" group to blame for everything would also help.
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    Millar pulled a fan into the boardroom just before the game finished today, looks like this will be the next fan to be assassinated by Millars minions
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    I don't think you can put that down to away form etc. Lennon got his subs spot on and mcglynn has tried to change things to counter balance it which hasn't worked today. A lesson for him to learn.
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    A wee heads up to everyone attending today, the wind is blowing straight into the stand & it’s freezing! Wrap up warm
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    Know what you mean. The club lost its heart , the essence of a Falkirk home game. From one of the, if not the most intimidated provincial stadiums in Scottish football to the atmosphere vacuum we have now. It is even more noticeable to those of us that can remember Brockville in full cry.
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    Get off at airdrie and go to the west end. Then get a taxi to the game
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    How the Hell can you be so reckless about the fate of your club? It's bloody unbelievable. Of course Falkirk won't remain at this lowly playing level for long. To let impatience and understandable annoyance about that create a willingness to risk the club's very existence is madness. I can't see this MC chancer getting control now, but if he does, it'll be guys like you who'll deserve it if it all goes violently tits up.
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    Fraser Aird is a horrible little shit.
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    To avoid the perpetual bickering between stupid boastful bigoted weegies and arsey chip-on-their-shoulder Edinburgers, following Scottish independence a new capital city should be built, a Brasilia of Northern Europe.
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    You look remarkably like The Magical Magyar, Istvan Kozma. It’s a solid wid from me.
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    He’s back! And isn’t impressed that the lounge is on top floor and kitchen two below in new house!
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    Aye but a vote for remain makes it 1 all. It fixes nothing.
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