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    Just for the banter. The mods have a monthly meeting, pick ten random posters, get pissed and have a game of poster roulette. Always seems to work well.
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    I beg to differ, so let's examine my "rant" and how much is factual: Dude from nowhere - well not one of us had heard of MC before he rocked up Serial business failure - FACT , even MC admitted this (eventually) Ex-bankrupt - FACT, again admitted by MC ,although he claims he only found out himself a few days ago (Ha Ha) even though he also said he'd made the MSG aware of it weeks ago Deluded - My opinion this one I will give you that Scary - for sure , especially if he gets 62% of the club Tramp-like - FACT , just look at him Lying - FACT , well documented on here Populist - 4th Stand, new pitch , academy, full ownership of stadium, hotel ,Twitter nonsense, Keane tickets etc Chancer - My opinion but I think I have seen enough to think I'm right. Accused of sexual harassment - FACT
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    This'll be Roxy. 10 week old German shepherd. Picked her up last night. Went up to look and we all fell in love with her! Bit of a rough night last night but obviously she was getting acclimatised to the house and stuff, set up her wee bed next to our bed with a crate in front of of with the door open so it was blocking, so she really only had the crate and a wee bit beside it for her to come out, wee bit of whining and crying but went to sleep on the floor. Was up at 3 then 7 taking her out the front to be fair she done the toilet outside both times bit then cane down with her at 7:30 and she shitin the living room! Going to go down the route of taking her out the garden every hour with the praise and reward for going in the garden.
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    Is it just me who fucking shudders when they say ‘this country’ or ‘one nation’ its fucking 3 countries and an occupied territory.
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    Very enjoyable 90 mins. We were absolutely superb first half and should have killed the game, but credit must go to Lennon and Clyde for that second half. We battled well with ten men, make no mistake, we would have lost that last season. Enjoyed my first visit to Broadwood. Clyde fans seem a decent bunch, certainly a welcome addition to this league.
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    A great travelling support today and good backing of the team, it's a pity it didn't help carry off the desired result. For what it's worth the Vigilante hounding of DG in song really worked didn't it, give it a fucking rest next time and concentrate on helping our team on the park.
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    Can someone please round up these junior posters and herd them back into their pen please.
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    I'll happily admit reading P&B is part of my daily routine and I do enjoy reading other's contributions as well as posting myself. Rab reduced the Misc other football forum (one of my favourites) to an unreadable rabble with his Liverpool nonsense. I'm a reasonable minded chap but let me say this, 'Rab' can rot in P&B hell for all eternity.
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    Really pleased with the character we showed after half time, was really fearing the worst. Lamonts through ball for goodie was top class and one we’ve known he’s capable of, but rarely shows. I’m not sure about smith, strikes me as a confidence player. Equally, players like McNiff are getting shown up against the better sides in this league. He’s not a left back. Some of our fans have very short memories and should be ashamed at giving the guys who got us into our current position the abuse they’ve received. Ridiculous shouts coming today. Just remember we aren’t playing total shite now.
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    Look at that smile. The magnificent, bouffant hair. His wee glasses. The defiance. Ian McCall - an absolute shagger.
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    I have to say that I have a huge soft spot for Raith Rovers and their fans. Heaps of respect having watched them support their club through the dark Anelka days. The first half was a master class in football from Raith Rovers who looked as though they should have been playing at a much higher level. Cruel first goal and a well worked second. At half-time, I would have taken what would have seemed to be a very unlikely point. I thought we were going to be on the receiving end of a 5 0 hammering. I thought we started well, but Raith's midfield play was way too strong for us. Second half, Danny changed things around and it was a different story. Some superb creative play from Chris Johnston and a tireless shift from Ally Love. Disappointed not have have taken away all three points. Bowie is a class act. His miss at the end will probably haunt him as he created the chance himself, and did everything superbly well until the final ball. Great crowd and great atmosphere. The away support were strong in number and in voice. It made for a very enjoyable afternoon. A point from the best team in the league, by a country mile. It could have been worse. Thanks for the changes Danny. Thanks to the away support. What baffles me is why Darren Smith started ahead of Ally Love. With Petkov, it felt like we were two men down in the first half.
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    I thank you [emoji106]
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    Still unbeaten, a clean sheet, 2nd due to goal difference of 1 goal (joint top as some say) and top of the table next week... With their best CB out. BRING IT ON!!!!!!
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    It’s a nice change to be on the other end of a last 10min bed shitting
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    Steven McLean in "doesnt know the rules" shocker. Livi player kicks off then takes a 2nd touch before another player, McLean orders a retake until the 4th official had to step in and explain the rules of the game to him, it was actually a free kick to Killie.......
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    It’s not individuals trying to stop it, it is his past that’s been coming to light, since the meet and and greet in the south stand. If he didn’t have such a shady past and a list of failed businesses there wouldn’t be a problem. The reality of the situation is he’s a disaster waiting to happen, I just don’t want us to be the next failed business on his list.
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    Skye takes squirrel patrol a bit too seriously these days.
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    And right-wing racist apologists like yourself are next. GIRUY.
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    dindy getting emptied for this was al capone getting done for tax evasion. it's the right result
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    Wouldn't even need the whole sheet. Just enough space to draw a wee flag of Norway, and sketching a few coins next to an oil barrel to illustrate its wealth. Underneath I'd write in capitals, 'WHY NOT US?' (And of course the answer is not because Scotland is any less capable than Norway. Our resources are no better, or worse. The answer is because the UK spaffed our money on privatisation, on wars, on nuclear deterrents and on tax cuts for the wealthy.)
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    As previously said, very much a game of two halves. Raith miles ahead first half and deserved their two goal lead at the break. We were shocking first half which didnt help. Second half Lennon got the subs and changes spot on. Smith tries but hes just not good enough for this league. Everytime he gets the ball he trips over it. Thought we were going to sneak it after the equaliser - which was a great ball from Lamont and good finish by Goodie. Raith had their chances to win it too right enough. A good game to watch all round. Raith are definitely the best team in the league, I'll be surprised if they dont win the league or go up via the playoffs at least. Good away support from Raith too. Makes such a difference to the atmosphere in the ground unlike the 20 fans teams in league 2 would bring. A very good point for us overall after the first half shitshow.
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    That was a terrific second half. Dunfermline made (and took) more chances than us, so fair f*%ks! 4 good goals as well, Ashcroft’s was a belter.
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    Thank christ neilson got his deal extended to ward off all the potential suitors.
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    It is undeniable, but it is in no way analogous to towns and cities voting, ffs.
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    Is that considered "banter" in Glasgow? Weedgies really are too funny!
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    Dindy should have been emptied long ago just for #TB4 pish, terrible patter.
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    Dindeleux was just a shite troll, constantly trying to be noticed all over the forum. A prime example was starting a thread in the Championship forum about which of the Dundee clubs was bigger. Also that tragic TB4 shite. Absolutely no loss to the forum.
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    Goalies foot is only a few inches from the line and his arm is fully extended to catch the ball. It must have been over.
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    Can I just add I’ve no idea why Clyde posters have a reputation as a bunch of roasters. They seem brand new.
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    FFS. Never fight a pissed bloke, they can't feel anything.
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    Lurking Raith fans: just how frenzied are the celebrations over this week's 2-2 draw?
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    Staying in a hotel. The floor doesn’t really cut it for Renton when he’s deciding where to sleep:
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