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    This forum doesn't seem to be doing you any good. Time to go.
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    Congratulations on bettering yourself. Welcome to Scotland's Largest And Greatest City.
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    No referee would ever choose to implement it for fear of the crackpots on whatever side he penalised.
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    Muffy contemplating just how much pain to inflict on the thick hound:
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    I generally find it is unionists most keen to ham up the shortbread hichty hochty image of a Scotsman.
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    Anyone else reading this in Morgan Freeman’s voice?
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    And I applaud him for doing so. My argument now no longer stands [emoji106]
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    I fucking hate you, Bulgaria. You made me support England for the first time in my life.
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    One final comment I get a bit of stick on here for backing Darvel but the reason is very simple I met and was given the guilded tour by DL last season, he introduced me to a few faces and with a beer in hand we had a right good chat about football and remember we had a few ding dongs on here ourselves, once over candyman playing whiskey in the jar when we beat them 1-0 lol but despite what I had read on here and what some had said I met a guy who loved his club and was excited about what was planned for Darvel and despite us being rivals he still wanted to pass on advice,information and even help when I nipped his nut about a few things and on my encounters in junior football DL and the folk at Darvel are a rare breed and I have the utmost respect for them and if folk don't like it then tough . Then when the lads came down the Roch earlier this season I met up and enjoyed a good old chat with ceejayar and co who despite signing more players than the all stars were very humble and far from being big time Charlie's they in fact had spoken at length on how tough the championship would be to get promoted from which is what you get when you meet good football people. Am I jealous of Darvel ? You better believe it I wish it was St Rochs buying the top players and building a cracking venue but I certainly don't begrudge them any success that comes there way as they have put a lot of time ,money and effort into making there club not just a good footballing side but also a place that can be the hub of the community and be something the town can be proud of so if folk want to give them stick for that then they need to give themselves a right good look in the mirror cos for junior fitba to survive that's what all our clubs need to be doing,that is being the hub of the community and being a club the local folk can be proud of
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    Thanks for quoting that Bobby - I've got Magee on ignore. Nesbit being banned is great news - he was the worst poster in the history of the website. However, Magee celebrates terrorist atrocities and is a vile bigot. The fact he was out of pocket and presumably had to take time off work to book the European trip is amongst the best moments of my life. I'd put the joy it gave me on a par with the birth of my daughter. I stood up, punched the air and cheered in my living room when I read that post. I'd be lying if I said I didn't have four or five cans that evening following that. I woke up and sung in the shower the next morning. There are certain "JFK" moments on here and that was absolutely one of them.
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    There's about 50k folk in Scotland who go in for the blue face paint and whatnot. About the same number don or sympathise with those who don bowler hats and white gloves and ruin Glasgow's mornings. There's a much, much bigger group who do neither and are not motivated in the least by either of these things but you don't see us on telly. This is foundation level stuff.
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    Objects to Rangers fans being conflated with the white gloved wankers of the Orange Order. More than happy to direct the equivalent at Indy supporters. Something chagrin, something something trope demerit. Boring troll.
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    Stewart & Kerr in charge till the end of the season is the only appointment that doesn't fill me with dread. Gives a chance to see how they handle a transfer window and the winter schedule, and is the only appointment that would have a minimal disruption to the team. Then at the end of the season, if it hasn't been successful, you can do a reboot.
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    Oh Bridgey [emoji2] *something irrelevant about Liverpool or Kloop* [emoji3][emoji3][emoji3]
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    It was quite an achievement to attend live football all over Europe yet offer no insight what so ever about the players, formations, tactics etc, on a football forum.
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    Ladies and gentlemen - we got him
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    1) The SNP don't have a majority in Glasgow 2) The SNP don't have a majority in Edinburgh 3) The majority of Scottish businesses are not based in our 2 largest cities. 4) There aren't 600,000 business parking spaces that would be subject to a workplace parking levy in Glasgow & Edinburgh combined. There are only just under 3 million vehicles in the whole country, so I doubt that 20% of them are employed by Glasgow & Edinburgh businesses with private car parking 5) You appear to be refusing to address the fact that the ability to levy this tax has been available elsewhere in your precious UK for more than 10 years. Why? That's five major mistakes in 26 words, without even including the misuse of elipses. You need to improve your trolling.
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    My polite answer would be... There's no denying that he did some excellent work around the Indy ref. Nowadays he seems more interested in doxxing trans folk and taking money from the Yes Da's and the tinfoil hatters. The Alex Jones of the independence movement.
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    If Campbell had stuck to dissecting the MSM, instead of turning into a frothing embarrassing mess over trans-rights, women in general and loads of other ridiculous hills to die on, he'd be fine and possibly still reasonably respected in political/journalism circles. However he didn't and he isn't. The boy's a fucking liability and a cretin of the highest order.
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    What were you called before that?
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    Got the treadmill up to the pace of doing a marathon in 1.59.40 I lasted 45 seconds before I thought I was going to fall off the treadmill and burst both my lungs. Turns out it's quite difficult to do a sub 120 min marathon
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    I didn't like Liverpool long before I encountered Rab.
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    If Kenny Sheils ends up at Ayr United in any capacity then I will be announcing my immediate and permanent resignation from supporting the club.
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    Out of all the contractors....really!? News on the street is the IBF are on route to pull it down[emoji23][emoji23]
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    If this is indeed the case and Coyle is in for it, then it would make perfect sense to appoint him as He and Stewart have apparently got an excellent working relationship and his profile, contacts and PR stuff is pretty decent also.
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    Ok let's debate. If we are the most successful political union in history, can you please explain why Scotland consistently over the last 50 years has one of the highest rate of poverty in Western Europe, despite billions of oil revenue receipts? Please don't. He's a Class A c**t with no more interest in debate than fly.
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    Times Up!! Rip roaring gang this weekend were Best there has ever been Play Off @The DA He went through the 600 goal milestone last season. So, it's less than 600. I'll guess 1 in 20 goals with the head. 30 headed goals. v @German Jag A stab in the dark, 65. You must beJjoking Play Off @NJ2Will take a total stab in the dark at 47. v @The Captain NO SCORE Fitba - Lionel Messi has scored many a goal, however how many goals with his head for Barcelona? 22 Congratulations to @The DA with his well worked out set piece, unlucks @German Jag with his back post near miss, also congratulations to @NJ2 who was clearly unmarked as @The Captain forgot his boots & never got stripped. Again no promotion this weekend, it just shows the financial gap between leagues at the moment, the brain cells are simply not filtering down. UEFA style cartel. Bank Holiday Monday here gents, have a lucky week everyone.
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    This pair have completely jumped the shark now. Absolutely determined to ruin every thread on this sub forum.
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    Just realised that both of Scotland's centre-backs tonight scored for Accies in the 10-2 v Morton.
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    Open Goal was good for about a fortnight. Si Ferry’s interview style (“so what was that like eh”) soon begins to grate - he’s a one trick pony - and it’s then entirely down to the guest and whether you like them. The guy Slane meanwhile is an utter [email protected] and seems to have zero redeeming features. He’s made it unwatchable/unlistenable.
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    That's rough, man. Usually the worst you suffer following St Johnstone is loneliness.
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    You know, posting on P&B is a lot like making love to a beautiful woman. First you create an alias to hide your numerous failings, then when it gets to down it you embarrass yourself and reveal your true nature then you're left sobbing uncontrollably.
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    He's a total bin of a human being. He served a useful purpose back when debunking was kind of novel but now we have people who can do that who are not megalomaniacs. I can't wait for him to launch his bath party and not win one seat.
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    Unreal. Quality ingredients from McDonalds? No chance.
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    Anyone remember what happened the last time a P&Ber admitted to trying to get a council tax exemption on their second home?
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    Budweiser "King of Beers" pfft. Pishwater. Only one King in Town
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    Paterson can’t play right back. He’s definitely worth having as an attacking option but should never be anywhere near the defence.
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    I thought they did? John McGinn and Kenny McLean are the two of the most recent ones. McKenna to follow shortly going by his interview on the Sportscene highlights. Mulgrew and David Marshall. Andy Robertson went to Hull. Russell went to Derby. Must be a few more. The English Championship is the main destination for half-decent footballers from the Scottish Premiership.
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    Andy always gave 100% and as a fan you can ask for no more.
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    I'll be honest here, mate. You are becoming an absolute arsehole.
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    Binning everyone who followed Rab round contributing to his arseholery would be useful too
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    Get this c***s hard drive checked
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