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    Don't go then. Fans of clubs like Livingston wouldn't miss condescending p***ks like you.
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    The advantage of allowing so many away fans is the benefit of drinking in so many salty tears. Livi you sexy beasts.
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    You are the champions of the Scottish top flight mate. Half the grounds are shite and wee and these sides have a fraction of your resources. Well played to Livi would be the gracious response.
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    That’s a nice bra Brown has on.
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    We have another baby girl 😊😊 Charlotte, born at 8.51 this morning weighing 8lb 6oz. We were in the hospital for less than 5 and a half hours all in, and are now settling in at home. Josh and Alice are delighted with their little sister 😃
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    Well done our diddy brothers! A victory for all of Scottish football! [emoji881][emoji881][emoji881]
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    You do get the impression that the Clyde fans would argue Peter Tobin was harshly treated, so long as he managed to score twenty a season for them.
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    It's easy to forget how fucking awful it's been to watch the Rovers over the past few seasons. From the debacle of Locke and Hughes, failing to beat Albion Rovers away from home, bottling the league title on the last day, bottling the playoffs, the clusterfuck that was last season, God awful away form, getting turned over by Montrose and Brechin last season... The list goes on. It's natural that we feel a bit buoyant after finishing the quarter top following an entertaining 2-2 draw with the league favourites. It was an enjoyable game with two sides committed, and had a decent atmosphere. We may not win the league or even get close. However we are making progress, and that's good to see. Most of all we actually have a team who show the type of heart and fight that has been massively missing. We need to keep the kind of atmosphere we saw in the second half going. It's been a long, long time since I or those around me joined in any singing in the South Stand. Long may that continue.
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    I feel like some of our fans are getting ahead of themselves. This league is clearly a good step up from league 2. We’ve done alright since coming up, certainly more recently. Mid table would be a more than respectable finish this season after coming up.
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    I don't post on here much, but I would just like to say a BIG thank you to John Donaldson and East Fife for inviting me and my brother to the game yesterday. My dad (Robert Ballantyne ) passed on 22nd September . my dad supported the fife since the late 40s and would have been smiling down after the minutes applause at yesterdays match. once again thank you very much. Mon the Fife .
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    We'd strolled through the league cup where practically all our peers had difficulties and we'd been beaten by Celtic - the only folk that were calling for his head were the ones still raging that he had turned it round in the 2nd half of last season...
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    We are fucking brilliant.
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    I've never been to Claggan Park before. Great atmosphere yesterday, the Ultras got right behind their team. Fort ended up losing 5-3, but game was in the balance right up to the final goal about five minutes from time. That ground is completely unique: the condemned stand miles away from the pitch, the social club inside the ground, the bloody huge mountain behind the goal. Magic day out for me. Combined a seven goal thriller at the shinty in Newtonmore, a trip to Claggan Park and dinner at the new Black Isle Bar. Even managed to get through Glencoe before the light totally ran out.
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    Be annoyed yeh but balling and shouting at players when mistakes are made doesn’t help one bit, we’re Dundee not Barcelona we can’t afford mistake free players so encourage rather than get on there backs.
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    Man sues P&B for turning him spotty. According to the complaint, the first red dot arrived with a note saying: "Don't judge until you try". "I thought, in truth, how can I judge something without trying? I decided to try red dotting myself," the complainant wrote. "Now I have a face of red dots and I do not know how to explain this to my parents." He adds that his "life has been changed for the worse" and he "will never become normal again". P&B "pushed" him "towards red dots through manipulation", he claims. The victim, clearly upset, did not want to reveal his identity due the fear of repercussions.
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    He counted the numbers of Jews killed in the gas chambers as zero so I wouldn't rely on him for accuracy.
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    Quite possibly the most depressing post I've ever seen from Philpy.
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    Livingston's first win over Celtic. Congratulations 💛🖤
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    Saw a video from a Falkirk fan and Anderson couldn't be fucked chasing down Durnan who was walking away from him..
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    At least Celtic have a tactical mastermind in Neil Lennon in charge to help them turn this around...
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    What a feckin drama queen! I've never heard such shoite in my life!
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    Aye, it's a good laugh when somebody is racially abused. Tedious arsehole.
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    Tbf it's easy to be bitter when your pro-union get-togethers gather the sum total of 20 "people", 39 eyes and 14 teeth.
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    The highlights are edited and will be up on the Rovers' website at midnight. We also had the luxury of extra camera angles for all of the goals today. Very entertaining game I thought. See you next week for some chocolately covered wafer action.
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    That'll surely add to your PnB popularity Rab.
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    With a baseball bat or on the football field?
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    My point is that Mankyjacket has form for lying. Here's a direct quote that he gave to the Herald “I don't accept that gas chambers were used to execute Jews for the simple fact there is no direct physical evidence to show that such gas chambers ever existed... There are no photographs or films of execution gas chambers.... Alleged eyewitness accounts are revealed as false or highly exaggerated.” If he can lie about something as awful as the Holocaust, I'm sure that he can tell lies about the number of people that walked past him yesterday. Are you not ashamed to promote his disgusting views? In addition, if you had any brains at all, you would know that there's a search function on P'n'B. All i had to do was search for the term "Mankyjacket". It's not that common a word. It immediately threw up the post where you called him a "total embarrassment" to your cause. So, what's your current view of Mr Mankyjacket, Glen? Is he still a total embarassment to the Unionist cause, or is he now a paragon of truth & impartiality, whose view of history must be considered correct? You can't have it both ways.
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    Well done on the winning the league lolverpool. Absolute tin pot 1 horse race league not like the Scottish prem.
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    Had not heard that - that is so sad. A true drumming legend. His drumming on this one is what I'll always remember him for : Cream : We're Going wrong
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    No, my opinion isn't just based on yesterday, it's based on watching both teams quite a lot over the last two years. In terms of whether we were a good side before Clarke took over, no we weren't, but several of the individuals in that team were obviously good players based on their past exploits (Dicker, Boyd, Jones and Taylor with us, O'Donnell with Thistle, Broadfoot with various clubs). The main Clarke signings that made a difference were Mulumbu, Stewart (briefly) and Bachmann, who again are miles ahead of anything Hearts have right now. I like Souttar/Halkett and Haring/Whelan, but I genuinely wouldn't pick them ahead of Findlay/Del Fabro/Bruce or Power/Dicker/El Makrini. I think we have the strongest defensive core outside of Rangers and Celtic, and all those Hearts players would fit into it fine, but wouldn't improve us. Hickey looks like he could go on to be great, but right now I'd rather have Hamalainen. The delusion comment was mainly aimed at the comments about that team yesterday still being good enough to beat Killie. We've proven over the last two seasons that we're quite a bit better than your first team, so why would a team featuring the likes of Dikamona, Berra, Irving, Clare and Mulraney expect to turn up and beat us?
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    Our fans were abysmal today. Plenty of talk about songs (shudder) and the importance of a good atmosphere for McCall’s homecoming in the week leading up to the game. Yet most people turned up just expecting to be entertained. Little enthusiasm or encouragement for the team, even at 0-0. Moaning and groaning all afternoon and rounding on the players for any mis-placed pass. I found it increasingly difficult to ignore the sheer idiocy that was being spouted by those around me. “Inverness was a fluke”, “Cardle is terrible. What has he ever done?” “This is as bad as it was under Caldwell”. McCall has his work cut out, there’s no doubt about that. But he deserves much more from our support. Particularly at home.
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    Being self indulgent here as just read that Ginger Baker has died. Ginger Baker’s Airforce - Sunshine Of Your Love / Toad
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    Small Faces - Song Of A Baker
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    I have to say the level of misogyny in this thread is appalling.
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    I regret to announce that I am now a unionist.
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    I got a bovril at Somerset today and was surprised and delighted to see Duncan and Duncan doing their thing. He got a 30p tip from the guy in front of me which I commented on (not that I was trying to get on the telly or nothing...no sireee).
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    I miss the theme tune from the first series.
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    October 2015, crossgates have scrabbled together a side and a struggling in the south division, getting hammered weekly. A month later they will enter abeyance with doubts that they’ll return. Linlithgow are competing at the top of the super league. (They’ll finish 3rd) October 2019. CROSSGATES 3 LINLITHGOW 2.
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    His record reads like a Welsh village
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