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    Our fans were abysmal today. Plenty of talk about songs (shudder) and the importance of a good atmosphere for McCall’s homecoming in the week leading up to the game. Yet most people turned up just expecting to be entertained. Little enthusiasm or encouragement for the team, even at 0-0. Moaning and groaning all afternoon and rounding on the players for any mis-placed pass. I found it increasingly difficult to ignore the sheer idiocy that was being spouted by those around me. “Inverness was a fluke”, “Cardle is terrible. What has he ever done?” “This is as bad as it was under Caldwell”. McCall has his work cut out, there’s no doubt about that. But he deserves much more from our support. Particularly at home.
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    I miss the theme tune from the first series.
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    It's simple really. We're refereed to a completely different standard. We are - and I don't think we have enough of a gap to win the title while overcoming the bias. vlad 1:20 PM - Today#117 Suckered into a bun fight against a side that would fit in well at the Rugby World Cup. Pitches like that offer us no help but we have to learn to adapt our game & tactics accordingly. Christie was uncharacteristically rash with an undoubted straight red foul & that did not help the cause, in a game we were struggling to find any rhythm. Correct decision, but similar or worse against Celtic players are and have been dealt with more leniently, especially by Columm. Doubt my word? Check out the treatment dished out to Kieran Tierney as soon as he made his presence felt in Scottish football. A learning curve for the likes of Julien who could do worse than spend the international break picking up tips watching the action from Japan. kenibhoy 3 minutes ago#216 main difference between today and thursday is the ntionality and previous behaviour of refere I love this stuff - can't get enough of it. It's just so entertaining seeing adults behave so bloody childishly when they don't get their own way. The reason they support Celtic of course is that it means they don't have to confront the football going wrong as often as the rest of us. When it does though, they simply cannot cope. Pitiful individuals.
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    My garden shed's got a better door bell than this. It's got video and linked to a smart phone. My garden shed's got a better door bell than this.
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    I can’t believe what I’m reading here. Are you genuinely saying it’s fair game to start shouting to another human being abuse about their recently deceased mother, because they dived in a game of football? If so, you’re an absolute fucking disgrace and utterly pathetic.
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    That was brutal. Two individual errors cost us the goals and I'm sure that the highlights will emphasise how many chances we had to get back into the game. The goals were followed by Annan wasting time for 70 minutes; FFS, if ever a team deserved to lose a last minute winner it was them. I'd have settled for a last minute equaliser. What a mob. There were more Annan casualties than at the Battle of the Somme. Was it 9 or 10 of them who went down "injured" in the second half, with only one of them requiring treatment? What a shower of women's blouses. And the ref let it happen. QP's man of the match must be Nicky Jamieson for pulling one of them to their feet. He should have had a medal rather than a yellow card. Certainly, Annan's trialist keeper was superb, with three top class saves, but we should have buried this mob. No excuses and no blame on the duff referee; Annan are possibly the worst side I've seen this season and we allowed them to beat us. Basis errors are costing us dear. No doubt the manager will be getting it in the neck, but how does he cope with daft mistakes? If there is any positive at all to be taken from this dire spectacle, it was that we did make a number of chances. I still believe that we have a decent squad, but we need a bit more shouting and leadership on the park. People standing up and taking responsibility. Obviously confidence must be low and that can be sorted. Spartans next; pummel them into the dust (or the plastic resin), and let's move on.
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    Never used this but the thread was sent to me by someone else. You have not only embarrassed yourself by feeling the need to splurge transfer figures against players and comments against players regarding money/wages, more importantly you’ve got them wrong from whatever source you have. Like all clubs at our level we have a busy committee who are always looking to make improvements with the addition of a list of sponsors. Don’t discount the work they’ve done.
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    Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds - Sun Forest (I highly recommend this album)
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    Merle & Willie - It's All Going To Pot
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    You parked between no parking cones, and were surprised at getting a ticket. Cmon man, think about that for a minute.
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    Have to say it’s refreshing to read all the fair comments on here from EF fans , nice to see so many unbiased reports from opposing fans , sounds like a decent 45 mins from us but a very disappointing start to the season and so far , hopefully we can start playing for the full 90 mins . Best of luck for the rest of the season it’s looking promising for you ...
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    Just a wee interesting Joe McKee fact for you, he's set up 50% of the goals we've scored in the league this season. His dead ball delivery with guys like Neill, McGeever and Layne in the team could be pivotal over the campaign.
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    In fairness its the same attitude we've had to deal with since being in this league. Don't stay too long like us and you won't have the pleasure of doing it to other teams fans when they come down. We were rancid in the first hand but still had two very good chances, one was a poor connection from benedictus that went over the bar and the other produced a very good save from Bell. We've played you twice this season and both times its evident that your not a team and that mckinnon is the reason for this. Mcglynn was proactive in changing shape etc when it didn't work, which mckinnon did next to nothing to counter and we were the only team that looked like winning it from ht on. To be sat top after the first quarter having lost probably the best player in the league (again) and being able to fight our way back into games and grind out a decent result from 2-0 down is something for us to be happy with considering the absolute pish we've endured since we hired locke. Whether we win the league or not we have what your squad doesn't seem to have, leadership and a bit of heart.
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    Try not to think about. Celtic lost, just concentrate on that.
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    Scousers gonna Scouse 🤷‍♂️ .
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    My Scottish cat (now living at least 5lbs heavier with my sister) would flop at the feet of Scott Brown within two seconds of seeing him if it meant getting petted, my Yank cat would hide for two hours if a Dreamies representative came in with a lifetime's supply of Delicious Cheese flavour. Only one of them has ever bit or scratched me though, and it's the (used to be) wee Brit b*****d. They're complicated creatures. Anyway, here's Yank cat and me chilling watching the hockey tonight. And before we start, f**k off - my jammies are cool.
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    That either happened which makes you an utter bellend. Or you've just completely made it up which still makes you an utter bellend.
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    I dont give a f**k either way. No matter what you get to laugh at one side, while the other is unbearably smug.
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    Come, come, laddie...it’s traditional that your opponent is “shite” and you are the “PSG o’the Sea”. Logic and consistency are not a prerequisite for post on P&B.
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    Hope so, preferably with Robert et al inside it.
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    Good result at Arthurlie yesterday some good performances but Darrell Meggat was outstanding
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    I'm sitting eating a hot dog in Costco ya c**t. You know how to live
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    Wonder how many more of these we'll get [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
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    Sorry, this is what I’m trying say. I think in Robinson’s head it’s Devante Cole, or at least should be. Which is why he’s got 4 starts on the bounce that haven’t really been justified based on what we’ve seen on the pitch so far. Contrast that to Long who was harshly dropped on the back of a couple of decent displays. As the Capt rightly says we’ve won 3 of the 4 games Cole’s started but we’d also won 2 on the bounce when Long was dropped. By no means am I writing off Cole or having a go as I feel he’s certainly shown flashes of ability so far. Maybe though his loan being up in January has forced the issue? If Robinson is indeed a big fan and wants to keep him beyond that, perhaps he feels he needs to give him a run of games to try and justify it to all parties.
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    You can add me to this also. He’s a brilliant coach and very popular with the players so I would definitely want him to stay as a coach however he hasn’t managed for years so would be very reluctant to give him the managerial job. With interviews due to start hopefully we’ll get some names next week. If John Robertson has applied (highly doubtful) then he should get the job. Best manager in the championship imo.
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    Is there any way to filter out the repetitive and mind numbing Goodwillie/Rapist posts?
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    So you're implying that those of us who do go every week and cheer on the team (Goodwillie included) are somehow condoning rape? Now THAT is weird.
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    Pornhub is responsible for me watching an incredible amount of homosexual porn. That said, looking over the breadth of their work, it might be more acurate to describe the ladies involved as bi.
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    Reagan Hendry > Marco Veratti Danny Armstrong > than Neymar Sando > Thiago Silva We would fucking murder PSG you mug
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    I posted this elsewhere, but thought it might be worth popping it here too, since it’s Dee related. A nice drawing I did of a zombie Jim Duffy parading the severed head of hated DAB Jim ‘Shambles’ McIntyre. F*ck Jim McIntyre, f**k Dundee United and f**k Arbroath. 6-0 today, please. Thank you.
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    So he's got 82 and they gave 80. That's the opposite of thinking it's a contest and bigging up attendances!
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    Thank you wullie; I appreciate the comments! In both posts. Nathan Evans has come on to a good game in the last two matches. That was one of main reasons why we beat Lithgow as they couldn’t deal with Nathan! Think he should have got a hat-trick, which at time would probably have sealed the win. However, we need to convert these chances or stop leaking the goals if we are to move up league. Genuinely never saw the incident you refer too.
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    Spartans is absolutely massive for Mark Roberts. If we can get through that with a comfortable win, we've a couple of games to follow on the road, which is where we've been better. However, being knocked out of the cup by a side who lost 3-1 at home to Caledonian Braves yesterday would be sackable offence territory. I want him to succeed and believe we've got the players to stay in the league comfortably. It needs to start turning in the coming weeks, though. Mark Roberts will know that more than anyone.
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    Aye but need to get in quick before they go, don’t want left with the greasy mince wans.
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    Too much Pink Floyd for him.
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    It's a cracking debate to be fair. All world class players you mention. For me though, the 97/98 side had that legendary 'keeper and back four, alongside the midfield of Parlour, Vieira, Petit and Overmars (who was sensational that season). A lightening Anelka alongside the genius of Bergkamp. Some side. I agree with what @craigkillie mentioned earlier in that last season's Liverpool and Man City sides pushed each other on. In the same vein, I believe this Arsenal side led to Man Utd pushing on and winning the treble the following year.
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    Those bedsheets were chucked a long time ago, m1. Gentlemen?? I'd use that term rather fucking loosely...
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    In the words of Slade oh my oh my
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    Indeed. He died a good few years back, but his reviewing website still runs with his name. I’ve seen excellent reviews for this. The only bad ones seem to be from publications trying to tie in “incel” culture into it, saying the film glorified it, and say the film might inspire idiots to commit violence. A lot of shite in all honesty, but that’s no surprise if it’s been lapped up by RandomGuy.
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    A trip over to the Kingdom this afternoon to play Inverkeithing in the Alex Jack cup. This is Hillfield Swifts first quarter final tie, so they will be up for it!! Musselburgh looking for their first competitive away win this season MTB
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