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    Jimmy Saville used to say that to parents.
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    So realistically he’ll be back for the start of pre-season next year. The right thing to do now is to win this fucking league so he can unfurl the championship flag on his first game back.
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    That’s the attitude we have to have about this! I’m distraught for Vaughan, and he is our best player, no doubt... but... Vaughan has hardly played this season, albeit when he has he’s been key, and we’re still top of the league. Steven Anderson, for me, was the player that allowed us to turn a corner as far as our away form is conferenced. We have a plethora of attacking options with Dingwall and Jack Smith to return at some point as well. We can beat any team without him, home and away. We can’t bemoan Vaughan’s injury, tragic as it is. We have to win the league for him, not despite him, because we can. We won’t win the league with a “poor us” attitude to our injuries, that’s for sure.
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    I love the way he reads out folks opinions of him and the show, like "Hey Steve, great show can you play some Ed Sheeren for my husband Colin, he thinks you're great." I often text into the show, although he never reads mine out, they usually read "Your show is shit and I think you're a c**t, gonna play some Prodigy?"
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    David Essex - Silver Dream Machine
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    Another newbie I am not part of BtB - but I was a Patron. I have to say the BtB guys have kept us in the loop. Shit stirring is an interesting take. If wanting to ensure our club doesn’t fall into the hands of a wrong un then it will be a job well if it doesn’t happen. I frankly find it unbelievable that fans are not pleased people are looking out for the club. I know that is what those finding information on MC are doing. Now run along back to whoever has sent you on to post this.
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    Publicise where? One post on SM to say they have found issues with Campbell and got slaughtered for it. They were right. Any wonder nothing since? They have sent every piece of evidence on MC that they have found to the club. They were told by one member of the MSG to stop sending the evidence in! So to say they have done nothing is not accurate.
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    Bring some whelks and sell then outside the ground. You could make a tidy wee profit.
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    I’d tell one of my mates but wouldn’t tell on one of my mates.
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    McBurnie starts for me all day long in both games. Yes he hasn't shown up well in his games so far but he is only 23. He scored 22 goals in the English Championship last season and 9 in 16 games for Barnsley the season before. Do we just toss away players if they have had a few shit games? Calling up Shankland shows we don't have a wealth of talent to choose from up front. Fair enough he was filmed saying stuff about playing for Scotland but do folk not realise players talk shite all the time in dressing rooms. Look at that Lingard c'nt ffs.
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    Most of the people don't actually tweet to her - she searches for her own name.
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    Just been catching up on a few threads on the forum recently and we now have have the current Scottish and east of scotland champs folded. Farcical stuff and in my view we now have to many guys involved in amatuer fitba that are mercenaries. They don't understand the origins of amatuer fitba.clubs have traditionally been formed form local areas and are made up of local players. You now have clubs popping up that are built on sand and to reliant on 1 or 2 people to keep them going. Once they either get starry eyed and given an opportunity elsewhere "up the ladder" or the old guys running the club get scunnered then they hit trouble. Proper community amatuer teams will prob only ever get a once in a generation group of players that become major contenders. These mercenaries want immediate success and end up ruining a host of clubs in the process. Need the guys running clubs to look longer term and ensure their team is still going when their kids and grandkids are playing.
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    Folk who quote that dinosaur post are worse than the content of that post.
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    You are all over the place here. Are you just to assume anyone fucking about could be in an open relationship? Get yer pals telt. If there is an agreement your mate would be ok tellin' you and you keep quiet about it.
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    What a blethering mess you are, you're on the right thread.
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    Gang of Four - Damaged Goods
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    I thought they both agreed to try to calm things down when Mumsnet sent out a suicide bomber to get her tits out and P+B nearly drowned in jism.
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    I bet if I won them they'd look at the delivery costs and say "f**k that".
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    Dont worry, I ran only once in the 4 weeks prior to the race. My training fell off a cliff as I was busy as f**k. The race setting really does count for a lot
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    In that case there’s very little point to them, other than historical showings. I was under the impression that the codes were for other regions (i.e you could input a code in the UK for all the horrors on Japanese Netflix), but you are probably right.
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    If the result was achingly predictable then I'm guessing the majority of posters on here were predicting it and the bookies had Rangers priced at odds on -4?
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    There is nothing really you can say other than that's absolutely dreadful and I can't even imagine to think what's he's going through. Awful.
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    Absolutely devastated for Vaughan, he's without a doubt one of, if not the most talented player I've seen in a Raith shirt. Really hope we haven't seen the last of him and he can come back from it and put the injuries behind him. The one saving grace for Lewis, if he chooses to attempt a return is that he is under contract until May 2021 so won't have to worry about trying to find a club to take a punt on him in the summer given his injury record.
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    I think we could all get behind the escalation of an East Coast/West Coast, Biggie/Tupac style feud. I am willing to commit to 2 x square goes and participation in 3 x mass brawls on behalf of the Terrace lads. I am available Mon-Fri.
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    Such a shame. Looks like he has been a brilliant companion. Renton sends his best wishes.
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    Poor guy. His heid will be bursting when he hears the local dialect in Kelty.
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    You never fail to make an arse of yourself somehow, I'll give you that.
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    Worked with John at Clydeport Hunterston.John was a gentleman who loved the Talbot .Loved talking junior fitba with him. Condolences to his family and friends
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    Spot on, I really don't see how anyone could let their mate get the piss ripped out them and not tell them. If my Mrs was at it behind my back and I found out my mates knew but said nothing I'd be fuming.
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    I suppose it depends. I went out with a bird for a couple of years in my early twenties and obviously got to know her pals and their boyfriends etc. Bunch of fannies whose company I found excruciating, but there you go. Anyway, my then girlfriend's best friend had a boyfriend who I took an instant disliking to. Just a bit of a p***k. After a while I realised that it was common knowledge among my girlfriend and her pals that this guy was regularly cheating on his girlfriend, their mate. Nobody wanted to say anything and they used all the excuses in the book. "She's happy". "He's really nice to her". "It's none of our business". So, this carried on and eventually the couple got married and had two kids. I split up with my ex and lost touch with the situation. But my mum and my ex's mum are mates and a couple of years ago the woman discovered that her now husband had routinely been shagging around for years and it hadn't stopped. Huge fuss. Kicked him out, kids involved, mortgage involved etc. I don't know what's going on now, like I said I'm out that loop now. But maybe if somebody had told her what this guy was up to years ago, it might have saved an awful lot of mess and heartache down the line. She might have chosen to break up with him at 23/24 before things had got really serious. While she'd have been upset at the time, it wouldn't have been nearly as big a deal as it's turned into. And at least she'd have had the informed choice whether to stay with him or not and whether to marry him, have kids with him and buy a house with him or not. As it turns out she agreed to do all of these things without an important piece of information all of her mates had. I'm not sure that's ok. F**k it, I'm off to buy a tub of ice-cream and spend the day on mumsnet.
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    Choring, taxing stealing stuff
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    Nail, head, hit !
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    Though we're still working off a modest budget & there's a lot of work to be done off the park to build the club in line with Danny's ambitions, we're like millionaires compared to Duffy's time who must've been working with the lowest budget in Clyde's history I'd take DL over Duffy any day, but still thought he did a good job in the circumstances & left better than he found. Not without faults, but he wasn't in a position to attract the kind of player we have now Best to compare managers when there's a level playing field.
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    Forrest also seems to be finally fulfilling the promise we all knew he had but didn't always show often enough, McCowan has been a revelation since he's come in, Moffat continues to prove how good a footballer he is and there's no doubt that Kelly has surpassed all expectations by fitting straight in and looking absolute class, especially for one so young and inexperienced. Over and above that, Harvie has come on leaps and bounds and seems to be improving with each game (and he was already pretty good), Doc has come back injury free and is confirming that he's also a class act at this level and then we've got a mastermind in beside him in Kerr pulling the strings. Add to that the steel and workrate of Geggan and Muirhead, young Roscoe looking solid and commanding in the air and a top class keeper behind them in Doohan. It's all just coming right (apart from the Murdoch injury of course). When you think we've still got Bell, Adams, Moore, McGuffie & Ross to come back in and Doolan and the young boy from Rangers warming the bench it just seems a great time to be an Ayr fan. Of course, disaster is generally never far away, so let's just enjoy it while we can................
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    Spot on. In January we might see a couple of players going out and coming in but it'll be nothing like having to move on a dozen players to make way for half a new team. I still reckon there's a good chance we can start getting goals. There are no stand out goal scorers but Mullen is capable of bagging a few, Magennis, McAllister are bound to chip in with some. Possibly Cooke too when he's fit again. I'm still hopeful that Morais and Obika can find their shooting boots.
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    You seem upset. I’m a democrat. I believe that we have had a political deficit for decades in the U.K. A genuine left-of-centre Labour Party would help address that deficit. If people choose not to vote for it then that’s fine.
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    When I worked in Comet a black guy asked me where the colour TVs were. I said look its 2002 you can have any tv now.
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    It will be bypassed the way it was at east fife , we have quantity not quality
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    Nah, it would be more something like: "Today we are at the AGM of Partick, a club who's promotion campaign from the Tunnock's Irn Bru Division One has got off to a great start, spearheaded by ex-Rangers man Kenny Miller. The Jags are still reeling from the shock resignation of ex-Celtic man Gary Caldwell last week, especially after last night's 6-0 hammering in the Scottish Cup 3rd round match against defending champions, Celtic, under the guidance of ex-Gers player Ian McCall. And we are about to get underway here at Fir Park, over to Partick Thistle chairman, ex-Celtic striker Gerry Britton."
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    Laughing at the Venezuelan delegate reading while Trump bumps his gums about socialism.
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    "Horse-fucking simpleton" bursting into the great P&B insults Top 40 in spectacular fashion.
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    At this point I'm pleased Boris fulfilled his predetermined destiny and became PM. At this stage there can be no bones about it, no what if fantasies for him or any of the electorate. No doubts that he was the best PM the UK never had, if only someone had given him the keys. He has been, in double quick time, gloriously confirmed as the entitled, grossly over-promoted numbskull charlatan that he is. And the added cherry is that this is the hill HE chose to die on; HE chose the leave side as his course to the top. GIRFUY ya fucking arsehole.
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    Stepping down to spend less time with his family.
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    According to Tetley , the best way to make a cup of tea is to agitate the bag . So every morning I slap her arse and day “ two sugars fatty “
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