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    Though we're still working off a modest budget & there's a lot of work to be done off the park to build the club in line with Danny's ambitions, we're like millionaires compared to Duffy's time who must've been working with the lowest budget in Clyde's history I'd take DL over Duffy any day, but still thought he did a good job in the circumstances & left better than he found. Not without faults, but he wasn't in a position to attract the kind of player we have now Best to compare managers when there's a level playing field.
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    54.40. Well chuffed with that
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    https://youtu.be/uKS0C3xuMYI here are this week’s highlights
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    So that proves that he "has literally never made a single post about a football match" then, does it? I'll leave it with you to see if you can spot any potential weaknesses in what you're saying.
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    This thread is hilarious [emoji23][emoji23] probably cause Falkirk haven't been near it so haven't had the chance to ruin it with their 'banter'
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    Soldiers should get footballer players’ gloves IMO.
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    Had been hoping to get under 90 minutes in Glasgow, ended up getting under 89. Shattered but delighted to take more than two minutes off my PB.
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    We’ve viewed it back & will include it in our highlights. Dunsmore’s hand is on Telfer’s back but there is no push. Kind of stupid to go down as he would have had a clear shot at goal! Seen them given but in truth we had three more clear cut pens turned down last week!
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    Must be nearly lunchtime, type2mile is getting grumpy.
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    Believe in the history of McKinnon. There is no way that he will see next week as a “must win” game. It is exactly what he lives for...it’s a “must not lose” game. Fully expect him to go there and shitfest for a point. He will then claim that 16 points from a possible 36 is a superb foundation to build on for the next quarter.
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    Getting horsed by Robbie Neilson’s Dundee United though.
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    Now, Arbroath striker fund I would understand.
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    That's an absolutely shambolic decision to give a red card for a failed overhead kick. Jesus Christ.
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    It was a typical chronic Marr interview - why waste time asking him questions like "Did you apologise to the Queen" or "What did you actually say to the Queen". Reminds me of an interview with Spike Milligan many years ago after he appeared on a Royal Command Performance. He was asked if he had met her Majesty after the show, and further asked what he had said to her, and what she had said to him. He replied : "Well I said "Hello Your Majesty" and she said "Hello Spike" End of interview.
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    Folk who insist on signing themselves off as Col (ret). Usually after some bigoted tirade to a local paper.
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    Not a Pollok fan, they battered us earlier in the season... But, see if you spend most of the 90 mins in the opposition's half/box with the tricky players they have... You will win penalties
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    Yep, that’s totally it. I could have had a tantrum called you a paedophile but I thought better of it.
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    "Threat from Linn" , Bobby never threatened all afternoon , not a dig , Ayr were excellent all over the park , made our defence which have been superb the last two and a half seasons , look out of their depth, totally dominated midfield , and defended like a stroll in the park ,although if we had Doris on the pitch instead of big Luke that may have made a difference, but overall Ayr were terrific and well deserved winners .
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    It clearly is the result of the week - the only other team with a shout for it would be Dundee United.
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    McGinn not doing the 'cupped ear' today? Thank you.
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    There is a good feeling around Central Park at the moment great credit to Gary, his staff & players. A tough shift today the boy stuck to the task and three points, a clean sheet & 5 wins on the trot couldn't ask for more. Also off the park great to see the lounge busier with events and food samples from caterer who will be doing hospitality for us next week the reviews very positive. We are building something need however to we bring more through the gate and also maximise what's on offer to fund the continual progress had some great suggestions today & will work on these. With regard to Albion Roves a good well drilled outfit who will be hard to beat and will cause problems and wouldn't be be surprised to see them push for a top 4 slot more than capable and as ever good decent people around the club I have a lot of respect for them & what Kevin Harper has done since appointed.
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    Apologies. We'll do better next time.
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    Dixon should be at centreback beside buchanan.
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    If we didn’t know it already, Greg Stewart is an absolute *** c**t.
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    Impartial to a fault eh
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    Better to have them scuddy so he can point to all the bits he wants Nicola to touch him while crywanking.
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    Ardeer Thistle 0 v 11 Rutherglen Glencairn 28th September 2019 https://youtu.be/SyXvmE1UoMc
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    Sad to hear Muzz is going to have to leave. He had a mare against the Talbot but has been excellent otherwise. Work comes first for all of us.
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    It must be a concern that the ropey defence I called out after the first game of the season ships 6 goals to a team who had only managed 7 in 5 previous league games. Lessons not learned by the look of it and costs them their position.
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    Next manager lined up just to enrage the Prestonfield gammons
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    Sounds impressive. I've just had three fingers
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    Difference is this season we are going to be terribly hard to beat. Last season we would have lost both those home games, this year we got 2pts out of 6. Long hard season ahead definitely, but I dont think we're going to have one of those crazy January windows this year.
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    We shouldn't be outplayed by St Mirren, Livi, Dundee and St Johnstone. With all respect to those clubs.
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    A great result, especially the manner of coming back from a goal down at a tough place to get a result. The team looks a lot more resilient, balanced and we have a variety of options if plan A not working. However, very difficult to feel positive. Seeing Vaughan being carried off with no weight on his leg is heart wrenching stuff. He is the best player the Rovers have had since the 90s dream team. We wait to hear the prognosis but its unlikely to be good news. Such a shame for one of the finest lads in the game. Also puts a huge dent in our promotion hopes. As others have said you simply cant replace him in the no 10 role. Great win, top of the league but I'm gutted.
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    I thought yesterday’s game was going to be tough. I think Albion are one of the better teams in this league. To win with a clean sheet is a good result for me. I don’t think there is much between all of the teams this season (apart from the obvious) and picking up all these points in the first quarter is pleasing.
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    Some good pictures there Rab. Been to the ground once but it was not to a football match, it was a Bruce Springsteen concert. That was a good few years ago.
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    He did. He scored something like 17 in his first 6 or 7 games in 90/91. I think he got a bad knee injury around xmas but came back and did enough to get Airdrie up as runners up to Falkirk. Eta: hadn't read Radfords post
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    Gets me down big time. The Gow had 6 go off on a stag do at one time last week. A right kick in the teeth to those who work so hard for or follow the club.
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    Next week will be interesting. McCall struggled to get our teams to beat ICT, can Stewart get the team to overcome the Caleb physicality?
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    Agree. It’s the standard of football teams in this league that are shit........not the clubs per se, nor the supporters. The last think we should be doing is nodding gravely at the sage words that it is tough league, and difficult to get out of. The only person making this difficult and tough is Ray McKinnon. Again, he needs someone to drum it into him that W4 D3 L1 is no better than W5 D0 L3. I am at a point where I think the man simply isn’t particularly bright.
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    I went to Venezia vs Pisa today. 1-1 in the end. Pisa were all over Venezia in the first half but only scored the one. They then had a player sent off for a soft second yellow, but despite all their possession Venezia struggled to do anything with it and settled for the draw in the end. A decent enough game but nothing special. Not sure I'll be back to Venezia this season, it's too much hassle. I was close to having a weekend in Reggio Emilia instead; Atalanta are currently 0-4 up after 35 minutes. Oh well, what could have been.
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    Falkirk are clearly there for the taking. I imagine they might raise their game a bit for us though. Best chance will be if Falkirk underestimate us like they’ve done with East Fife. League isn’t as poor as some of their fans seem to believe it is.
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    I was going to post something about her, whats the right word.... Disdain maybe, or just out right lack of awareness with her use of my time. She has no problem with me running about like a fucking idiot and getting no time to sut on my arse and just recently it is doing my fucking nut clean in. Example being yesterday with the rug shopping. Plan was, check some shops, then go to her maws for a cuppa before collecting the kids from nursery. She simply adds on more and more shops, to the point where its obvious that the time we have will reuslt in me dropping her off at her maws then immediately having to go away and wrangle the two weans out of their nurseries the collect her then go home. All the while shes sat on her arse moaning about how busy we are.
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    You know the answer to this. Are you calling him a female's name because you think that's a way of calling him shite and you're an old sexist dick? No need to answer that one, as I know the answer to that.
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    Isn’t that basically what some sjfa and some deluded posters are asking with east juniors getting slotted in alongside an already established EOS league they will be the new teams to pyramid in that area should surely be slotted in underneath the already established league
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