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    The Supreme Court. A great bunch of lads.
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    I think a lot of people are missing the point here about McCall he was a good manager but his coaching ability is very questionable, the good play at Ayr is 99% down to Scally and Stewart’s coaching and strategy ,our style of play totally changed on Stewart’s appointment , the football style we play on Saturday will still be the same that we played so far this season , players are very professional and from today they just see McCall as a previous manager , there will be next to none of them mourning , they will be let’s show him we are better than Partick , if we lose on Saturday it will not be down to McCall leaving it will be that Arbroath ( who are a decent team ) were better than us on the day , come on AYR , if we get a new manager Stewart must be kept on in at least 1st team coach
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    Well had my 5 year colonoscopy yesterday and everything was fine so I’m now officially in remission 👍😀😀
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    Yes, I know why. Celtic and Rangers don’t play in the Championship.
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    Soubry 100% went into a bathroom, splashed water in her face and said "Now's your chance!" in the mirror
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    Respect from a Glasgow Sheriff Court fan.
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    I hope we absolutely fucking pump this mob purely because King Kebab does my absolute nut in by putting three exclamation marks at the end of every sentence.
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    @Eednud 9 @NJ2 7 @Tynierose 7 23 vs 17 @The_Kincardine 7 @SlipperyP 6 @Blootoon87 4 The jambos with help from their friend in Adelaide have romped home. Congratulation and thanks everyone for taking part and bearing with my left field cup.
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    Delighted to say that this Saturday in the Macron Scottish junior cup match between Fauldhouse utd and Carnoustie panmure that all gate receipts will be donated to the back onside charity. Huge thank you to both clubs on this agreement and special mention for fauldhouse secretary Dave Huddlestone for suggesting the idea which Carnoustie who also support back onside did not hesitate to agree. Hopefully see a lot of neutrals come through the gate to support an amazing charity close to myself who have helped me in my recent struggle.
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    That reminds me. People who like American Football.
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    Nice of Julia Hartley-Brewer to take some time out from calling a 16 year old lassie a c**t to share her views here. A fucking horrible human being.
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    Anyone that’s been in the armed forces.
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    People who have weak handshakes.
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    We'd be an utter diddy club confined to the seaside league if we end up fan owned. As a support we can't even run an effective supporters organisation never mind own the club. If the Trust are against the takeover then I'm all for it.
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    Dee Man’s excellent story is like an Aussie version of Top Gun, with Dee Man as Tom Cruise and the Logistic lady as Kelly McGillis.
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    People with personalised car reg plates
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    What's the problem with McAllister booting the guy in the puss? It's the only thing we got on target all day.
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    #Everybody was Kung Po biting#
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    Old firm fans. Tories. Royalists.
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    It will be 4 months tomorrow
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    He was just saying how SS has kept things the same and the players really enjoy his training. Both he and Kerr are well liked at the club which he said will go in his favour. It sounded like Doolan was saying he’s the ideal candidate.
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    I wonder what the difference is between this bid and the one Weir had rejected a couple of months back. Other than it being under the guise of fan ownership, that is. I dread the thought of fan ownership at PTFC. Too many cliquey wee groups & "Trusts", all with completely different objectives. After McCall calling for re-uniting the fans yesterday - this will do the opposite.
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    Former officials of any Nigerian government department or bank who have been entrusted with multi millions dollars worth of currency or gold. Especially if they ask for contact details for Hamilton Accies
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    Rejected tagline from the new Ghostbusters movie?
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    I expect he would look 10 years younger 10 years ago.
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    I think the reasons are varied and complex HJ. It is true that the Borders remains one of the only areas of Scotland where football is not the number one sport. (Perhaps shinty rivals football in parts of the Highlands?) It is important to understand what that means in reality and compare it to the experience of football clubs in places elsewhere. Rugby being the number one, (and perhaps more importantly the “establishment”) sport manifests itself in a number of ways. The first is that rugby is compulsory at Secondary Schools in the region. At least for the first two years a child attends. There are little or no football courses across the region. It tends to be played intermittently if at all in schools. Added to this the SRU has invested in a schools programme that covers a number of things helping to alleviate the cost of professional coaches, travel and kit, indeed many of the costs that football has to find from sponsorship or membership fees charged to children. Basically it is cheaper and more accessible to play rugby if a child demonstrates talent either through their school or local clubs. Junior football clubs across the region will tell you how on countless occasions, their best players, those with natural athleticism, balance, speed and a sporting brain are lost to rugby once a child is forced to choose one or the other. The child doesn’t have to travel to Edinburgh to improve and the parents do not have to fork out as much in fees, travel or kit. In terms of coaching, rugby has many more experienced and qualified coaches and ex-players in association with a governing body that helps develop the grass roots game. Football tends to be delivered by a handful of volunteer parents with a governing body which beyond delivering the most basic of training to coaches may as well be 1,000 miles away never mind the 80 miles to Hampden Park. Whilst primary school aged football is relatively thriving thanks to a magnificent volunteer effort, it is a struggle to maintain inter-town 11 aside Youth football at a decent level. In order to keep a hold of their better players some clubs are forced to play in Edinburgh leagues adding to the cost and travel involved. Another impact is in terms of sponsorship money available to football in Borders towns. Whilst football clubs do get loyal and generous sponsorship, rugby has historically taken the lion’s share of finance in the towns where it is available. A company may pay for advertising boards at both their local rugby and football clubs but normally you can be assured that the rugby club will receive more. Compare that to the sponsorship finance that may be available to teams in towns either comparable in size or smaller than Galashiels or Hawick. You can be assured that in Auchinleck, Bonnyrigg and Penicuik then more local businesses will be giving to their football clubs than they do in comparable towns in the Borders. And if we are honest, then money talks even at non-league level. There is a reason that the clubs at the top of the Lowland League and the East of Scotland Conference are where they are. In the main they offer players the most money. Being the establishment sport has led to much greater coverage in local and national media along with help and support from local professional bodies and rugby has clearly enjoyed an advantage on accessing local and national funding. Finally, in terms of numbers through the gates then rugby has always attracted much bigger crowds, even when local football clubs were performing well in the East of Scotland League in the past. That doesn’t mean there is nothing Border clubs can do. When I was involved at Gala we began the process of for the first time challenging rugby for supremacy in the town. By becoming a genuine community club we increased the number of players, volunteers and supporters in the orbit of the club, made us more attractive to local sponsors. For the first time the number of children playing football has begun to have a detrimental effect on rugby. Added to the fact that the professionalisation of rugby has meant that the Borders clubs no longer dominate the domestic game as they once did then there is an opportunity for football to thrive and flourish. However, this would be despite of, not because of the governing body the SFA. The clubs are pretty much on their on in this regard and will have to stand or fall on the merits of their own efforts. Another reason is a geographic isolation. Whilst the likes of Gala have invested heavily in youth development it will be a number of years, (if at all) before they produce enough quality players capable of making an impact in the Lowland or East of Scotland Leagues. That means in the interim that Borders clubs require to bring in players from the Lothians and further afield. This is a very competitive market at the moment. Even if money was not the main issue, then persuading players to train twice a week and play matches on a weekend incurring 70 or 80 mile round trips each time can prove a barrier to recruiting players. The alternative is for a club like Gala to train in Edinburgh or the Lothians, risking breaking the community ethos of the club in doing so. Finally, the problems of Border football cannot all be laid at the door of rugby, geography or the SFA. There remains an excruciating parochialism, lack of ambition and vision amongst some players and clubs which added to the problems outlined above perhaps explains why the region is currently struggling. In every town, the Lowland or East of Scotland League clubs or even the Border Amateur clubs must have a relationship with the junior and youth teams in the towns. They should all be encouraging walking football and the woman's and girls game in a bid to maximise the number of people coming into contact with their clubs. The Borders clubs, committee's and players should strive to be the best they can be. You would hope that players should aim to play at the highest level they can rather than taking the easier option of winning some Amateur trophies whilst club's need to have a longer term vision of the way they approach the future rather than short-term solutions to complex problems and issues.
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    I don't disagree with the comment on the trip to Raith and I hope this doesn't happen. The way we've played the past 2 games is how Ray has said he wants to play, so I'm taking it as these plans, coupled with suitable personnel getting in the team and up to speed, coming to fruition. Changing manager now will not make Falkirk certainties to win the league. Maintaining performances like the last two games, I think, will. Ray has signed a squad, many of whom have said they like him. Punting him any time soon will put a lot of noses out of joint. On top of that there are all the costs of firing/hiring and signing another batch of new players. A squad which IMO, doesn't require wholesale change to achieve our objective.
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    Seems that there's no way to hold a General Election before October 31st so we won't be leaving the EU then, unless the EU consensus falls apart. I think it would wise to delay an election until December as I've got an 18/1 bet for then.
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    Just turn the bing into a luxury stand. Quite like the idea of watching 43 year old Kenny Miller smashing in goals for us while I'm fully sheltered from the elements and reclining on a plush, leather, heated seat while scoffing a fillet steak tbh.
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    I honestly don’t see the major confusion with Labour’s policy. In power, they’d negotiate a deal with the EU to Leave and put it to a public vote, against Remain. There isn’t some sort of crazy manoeuvring at play here. It truly is that simple. There’s little point in going baws out for Remain against the SNP in Scotland and the Lib Dems in England - all it does is cede the entirety of the Brexit vote to the Tories. There will be Leavers out there dissatisfied with Boris Johnson and the prospect of No Deal (surely...!). There will be Remainers out there (I’m one) very uncomfortable with the idea of just revoking Article 50 and pretending nothing ever happened. A second referendum on Leave v Remain has the potential to leave us exactly where we are right now, leaving but with no idea how, so putting a specific option on the table against Remain seems a reasonable compromise - parliament has rejected May’s deal three times, so it can’t be that, No Deal is now illegal, so it can’t be that, so Labour have to put up what is, at this stage, a hypothetical deal. All seems fairly sensible to me. Now, clearly we live in very polarised times so it might not work, but going gung-ho Remain or Leave would also a) abandon a fair chunk of their voters and b) see them deemed secondary to the major parties on either side.
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    I have enjoyed reading fully grown adults branding Thunberg "creepy" and "weird" while they are spending their time directing scathing personal attacks at a 16-year-old girl with Asperger's from anonymous social media accounts.
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    People who do not clean up their dog mess need fucking up good and proper.
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    Already the ring wing gammon on here is furious because some wee lassie rallies her generation into demanding action.
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    Peak Scotland when they're banned and we finish 4th behind Kazakhstan
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    You have to commend her ability to rattle the middle aged market. Tears and snotters all over for pointing out they’ve shat all over the planet. She’s alright in my book.
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    Is nobody else going to comment on this?
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    Wash the fucking place away. Into the sea, if you will.
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    Guy on bbc saying he “had” to pay £6k for new flights to NYC in January. No, you’ve chosen to pay it. You’re choice fork out stupid money rather than claim back what you can through appropriate channels then look to rebook at later date when chaos passes and market settles. Not like its next week.
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    Please stop offering out fights to people online. In fact, please keep doing it, it’s hilarious.
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    "Morning people" who are jovial and sparky at 8am. Unless you're doing a radio show there's no need for it.
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