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    I think a lot of people are missing the point here about McCall he was a good manager but his coaching ability is very questionable, the good play at Ayr is 99% down to Scally and Stewart’s coaching and strategy ,our style of play totally changed on Stewart’s appointment , the football style we play on Saturday will still be the same that we played so far this season , players are very professional and from today they just see McCall as a previous manager , there will be next to none of them mourning , they will be let’s show him we are better than Partick , if we lose on Saturday it will not be down to McCall leaving it will be that Arbroath ( who are a decent team ) were better than us on the day , come on AYR , if we get a new manager Stewart must be kept on in at least 1st team coach
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    Well had my 5 year colonoscopy yesterday and everything was fine so I’m now officially in remission 👍😀😀
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    I hope we absolutely fucking pump this mob purely because King Kebab does my absolute nut in by putting three exclamation marks at the end of every sentence.
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    That reminds me. People who like American Football.
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    We'd be an utter diddy club confined to the seaside league if we end up fan owned. As a support we can't even run an effective supporters organisation never mind own the club. If the Trust are against the takeover then I'm all for it.
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    Just as well we have a centre back this season who can tie shoelaces as we may have struggled with lasts seasons incumbent.
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    Copy fellow bear lets get this going.
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    Before my time following the Rovers but surely halcyon days seeing the name Laidlaw on a goalie top and not feeling instant dread.
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    I don't disagree regarding the west region, it would have been great. However, putting together a dugs dinner just to get the west in isn't clever or forward thinking. Future proofing has to be the goal, not chucking something together to suit the sjfa agenda (those running it don't want to lose their position, power or wage). The west would have been easily administered this year if the sjfa had given up their mandate (which was officially immaterial when the North declined anyway) and worked with the eos to get the east in later. Instead they stuck to their already flawed mandate, played the blame game regarding the LL and EOS and kept their treasured positions, to the detriment of their membership..... That isn't leadership, or providing direction, that's self preservation under the guise of sticking to their members wishes.
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    I'm still convinced he's a son Spike Milligan never knew he had.
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    Cream - Dance The Night Away
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    Cock Sparrer-Sunday stripper
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    Male Stripper - Man To Man Meets Man Parrish
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    Kuenssberg definitely is. This bitch is almost in tears
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    Laughing at the Venezuelan delegate reading while Trump bumps his gums about socialism.
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    Some half-wit punter being interviewed in a shopping centre in Gammonshire just referred to PiffleWaffle as “Joris Bonson “
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    I personally think McCall got too much credit , our board in my opinion do the best they can with the finances they have available, we are not the big club that lots of supporters think we are , our crowds ,considering the style of football we have played over the last 2 years are poor , players on bigger wages and bigger bonuses due to being in Championship, but money generated from our attendances does not cover the increase , we need to think about what else can we do to drive revenue, I feel anyone with suggestions should send them to the club
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    Sakes. Not sure I like this Cowden winning predictions malarkey
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    6-1 to the super. The conductor doesn't drive the train.
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    That sounds very middle class. I bet that's what Barry Homeowner called it.
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    the prem highlights are stunted compared to the EPL version, but I agree a separate Championship show should be on, including League One which is also an interesting contest. Surely it should on the new Scotland channel.
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    Away win. Shanklands head to continuously play him offside.
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    Might as well post this again.
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    Is the guy next to Colin Harris called Bobby Wilson? He arrived from the juniors at the same time as Bingo Simpson, but never made anything like as big an impact. I'm guessing.
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    Somewhere in an airport in Turkey, there's a flightless gammon who is in sheer #turmoil. Wonderful.
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    Flip sake. Sarcasm was lost on you, huh?
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    He was one of the countless Junior players signed for Ayr United during the Robert Connor era. My lasting memory of him is that he did a "shush" gesture to Ayr United fans after scoring against Cowdenbeath.
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    Went into work tonight and was told there would be drug and alcohol tests. It's been the same woman for the last couple of years who usually gets called in about once a month to perform them but one of the other workers has been seeing her for a while and he told me she'd recently packed the job in so I knew it was going to be someone else. First thing the new tester asked when I got in the room was to see my driving licence but for the second night on the bounce I've left my wallet in the house. - "I've left it at home but I can get you a copy from the office" - *Dramatic hand to the forehead and a weird spin around on the spot from drug lady* "WHAT? You're a truck driver! Why don't you have your licence?" (It's illegal to drive in Australia without your licence on you). - "I just told you I left it in the house". - "I can't send you out without your driver licence. You'll have to go home and get it". By now I'm a but pissed off with her tone and histrionics. - "What's it got to do with you? You're just here to do the drugs tests". - "I'm your logistics manager". Brilliant. She started a few weeks back when I was back in Scotland and this was the first I got to meet her. Not the best start to our working relationship and I could tell she wasn't impressed with the back chat but nae luck - act like a dick, get spoken to like a dick.
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    Me too. I was amazed we were allowed to take a calculator into the exam, easiest exam I've ever sat.
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    Yeah I’d echo JTS and just urge a little caution. Obviously I don’t know you or what you’re like but I went from hammering myself over work constantly to basically absolving myself of responsibility and not caring (or at least I thought so). That backfired on me badly as I was lying to myself that I didn’t care and all that I found was that I did care and I’d just made an even bigger mess of things than before. It’s about finding balance (for me), taking pride in your work, having a focus and discipline but not obsessing over promotions or what those above me think of me etc. It’s difficult to find the balance, I still struggle with it.
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    I think that’s the first picture posted from you I’ve seen that isn’t NSFW. Apologies never been on boards this far down before so this may not be representative. NB I prefer your other posts.
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    We all thought that was the plan to start with but mckinnon then added some bodies as squad fillers later in the window. At least 6 of the players on show that day would not start normally.
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    Because Thunberg is so young, the media have no opportunity to push her off message and sabotage her with sketchy indiscretions from her past, real examples of hypocrisy. There is purity in what she is doing. This is why so many grown adults in positions of power have resorted to trying to belittle her as a child etc. It will get more vicious the more she gets her message across, but it can and never have substance and will just make more and more people look fucking ridiculous. Case in point, an idiot like Malky digging out a 16 year old lassie because of the mode of transport she used, whilst she was on her way to take strips off the leaders of the planet with billions of eyes watching. Greta Thunberg represents a magnet. One pole attracting millions to her cause, the other pole drawing in idiots and making sure we all know who the idiots are. I approve.
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    Every cloud etc - at least you’ll not have to worry about ticket allocations to the Old Firm next season [emoji38][emoji38][emoji38]
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    People that don't take sugar in their Tea.
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    Can’t believe the attention the bus stuff gets. An ansolute non-story. Think I read somewhere that Jamie Adams is out of contract so wouldn’t be surprised if we went in for him. We’ve got 4 centre backs but none are particularly good. Also, McCall clearly trusts him and he’s a leader. Pretty sure he’s from Ayrshire so might be happy staying. haha belter of chant m8
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    I’ve been to three games in the USA with a lot of ‘away’ fans - Redskins v Cowboys at FedEx, Broncos v Evil Empire at Mile High, and Jets v Evil Empire at MetLife. In Washington and New York, that also involved train journeys with lots of fans of both teams mixing. Zero trouble. Denver is great because you can walk from downtown to the stadium - zero trouble. The worst it ever got was some Pats’ fans at MetLife getting a bit gobby after a few shandies. As someone who travels to the USA two or three times a year, and has done so since 1997, I still cannot figure it out. In the USA, you get groups of guys in bars or restaurants, or at an airport, and it’s not a problem. Their language is normal, the success of their night out isn’t measured in how much alcohol they can throw down their throat. Get a group of Brit’ lads in a boozer and every second word will be ‘fcuk’ or ‘cnut’, and as for a mixed crowd at a soccer game? Forget it. Brits at an airport heading on holiday will be necking bevvy at 6am in a Wetherspoons and being obnoxious. (Not everyone, obviously, but it happens a lot). Yet, our American cousins are prone to murdering each other with sub-machine guns. Don’t think I’ll ever figure it out.
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    I'll be standing at the halfway line with my boxers at my ankles if anyone can make us better than the last few weeks.
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    Me: these crappy shopping bags keep ripping. I will buy this nice thick shopping bag and thus solve our problem. Wife: Excellent I will fill this sturdy bag with all of our other, worse, bags.
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    Rebalance the playing field by abolishing private education, thanks.
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    Tierney is more than competent as a right-back - he was good there in our unbeaten run under Strachan at the end of the WC 2018 campaign.
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    I appreciate all the comments in this thread about the first series of A View from the Terrace - as mentioned previously, it's always good to know what works well and what we can do to improve on some things going forward (and there are already some superb ideas in the pipeline for next season). It's been tremendous fun for everyone involved and I think we bowed out on a strong note on Friday night. A new TV show about Scottish football is unlikely to please everyone, and I can accept some of the criticism in this thread and on social media, but if you think Duncan McKay's trip to Stirling Albion to work as their groundsman for the day was "pointless" then A View from the Terrace isn't for you and you should probably watch something else. To address another point raised over the weekend, I've seen one or two comments on Twitter along the lines of "this should have been given to Si and Slaney" - would Open Goal, in its current format, benefit by being on TV? In what way would that make their product better? Open Goal can do whatever they want on YouTube, and good luck to them going forward. I don't understand why some people feel it's one or the other, A View form the Terrace or Open Goal. Kevin Kyle's comments on Friday night, made seven minutes into the show, were pretty funny, right enough. He shouldn't have deleted his original tweet; I wonder if someone had a word with him about it. I hope to see you all in a couple of months, enjoy your summer!
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    Very interesting thread. Obviously the big issue is fewer young men wanting to play; but points over U21s, pro-youth, regulations, expense and competition in Strathclyde also valid. Here are some stats: Saturday ’13 ’14 ’15 ’16 ’17 ‘18 leagues -14 -15 -16 -17 -18 -19 Aberdeenshire 85 83 81 82 77 71 Ayrshire 57 55 53 49 45 44 Border 31 31 30 30 33 33 Caledonian 26 30 33 33 34 32 Central 33 33 33 29 32 36 Dumfries 7 X Fife 29 30 27 30 37 35 Greater Glas. 49 40 38 35 34 34 Kingdom Cale. 14 12 12 11 X Lothian 73 68 60 57 56 58 Midlands 53 53 43 41 25 25 Lanarkshire 20 22 19 14 X Paisley 28 28 22 17 12 X Perthshire 29 27 27 29 26 26 Scottish 52 54 42 38 37 34 Stirling 45 49 43 39 35 26 West 20 16 12 7 X (Morn) Dundee 34 37 30 34 34 34 (Morn) Glasg. 31 32 27 23 19 19 (Morn) G.Col. 32 32 32 30 29 29 (Morn) Strat. 42 38 38 41 55 47 (Church) East 8 10 19 10 X (Church) Str. 40 40 36 34 32 30 838 820 757 713 652 613 down 225 (27%) Sunday ’13 ’14 ’15 ’16 ’17 leagues -14 -15 -16 -17 -18 Aberdeen 16 17 15 14 15 Airdrie-Coatb. 21 24 20 31 33 Carluke 19 18 14 X Dumfries 18 20 20 18 18 Dundee 18 19 12 7 8 Edinburgh 21 15 19 X Fife 31 32 28 26 26 Forfar 10 11 X Lothian 37 32 30 38 47 North Ayrshire 10 X Perthshire 12 10 X Stranraer 7 7 6 X Sunday Central 48 51 47 54 55 West Lothian 25 32 25 19 22 West Ayrshire 15 17 18 11 14 Forth Valley X 10 308 305 254 218 248 down 60 (20%) after peaking down 90 (30%)
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