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    “Look at me, look at me.....please guys..................please ?”
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    Someone call Gardner Speirs, Martin Grehan, Kev McKinley and Vitezslav Mooc. We’re getting the band back together.
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    Week 38 update I start this week with apologies to @thisal. Last week, Brian Barnes died: https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2019/sep/12/brian-barnes-obituary That almost sounds enough to make golf interesting. Barnes died at 74 so he's worth 61 Base Points. He was a Solo Shot, so it's 111 points total. It's also a lesson for anyone with a relatively obscure Solo Shot - post about it in here. At the end of the year I'm going to double check every entry but currently I can't really do much besides scan the Wikipedia list of the week's deaths and hope I see a name I recognise. Fortunately that's all that happened this week. Oh, hold on a minute. After six years suffering from motor neurone disease, Fernando Ricksen died aged 43: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/49740638 I was going to offer something about the public reactions to Ricksen dying, but I'll go with something more concise. I think when someone who was a public figure - and a public figure idolised and reviled in equal measure by tens of thousands of people at the same time - goes through something very public and visible that undermines what made them notorious in the first place it ultimately has a stronger effect on people. It's why in America this is known as Lou Gehrig's disease. When someone establishes such a strong and lasting impression on people due to their physical exploits, it's jarring when you see that taken away from them. I think the nature of diseases like MDN are borne out in the reactions when people suffer from it. Ricksen left Rangers under a cloud and was pretty much widely regarded as a knob by the rest of Scottish football when he was here, but I think quite rightly that is forgotten about when you see what happens to people. Whatever anyone might have thought of him in his footballing career, he didn't deserve that. Here's what he had to say about the disease: Sobering stuff. He was 43 when he died, so he's worth 82 Base Points. That adds up with 164 points for a Captain bonus and 123 points for a Vice-Captain bonus. I'm just going to list everyone by which category they fall into: 164 points: @10menwent2mow, @Blootoon87, @Fuctifano, @gingette, @HI HAT, @JamieStevenson, @JustOneCornetto, @Karpaty, @Mark Connolly, @Meden89, @microdave, @nessies long lost ghost, @RadgerTheBadger, @Ross., @Savage Henry, @sleazy and @The DA 123 points: @Bishop Briggs, @cdisaaccie, @Lex, @lolls, @LoonsYouthTeam, @Oooooft, @qos_75, @statts1976uk, @weejack, @weirdcal and me. 82 points: @alta-pete, @Arabdownunder, @atfccfc, @AyrTroopMajor, @cambozpar, @chomp my root, @DBA, @gkneil, @Indale Winton, @mathematics, @Once A Rover always a Rover, @peasy23, @psv_killie, @Sloop John B, @sparky88, @The Naitch, @Willie adie and @Ziggy As a result the standings now, hopefully, look like this: 1. Oooooft 728 2. Ned Nederlander 545 3. alta-pete 530 4. chomp my root 461 5. Bishop Briggs 424 6. sparky88 7. DBA 364 8. Lex 309 9. cdisaaccie 308 10. The DA 303 11. Savage Henry 301 12. Mark Connolly, Miguel Sanchez 294 13. Once A Rover always a Rover 293 14. 10menwent2mow 276 15. gingette 269 16. peasy23 267 17. JustOneCornetto 265 18. JamieStevenson 259 19. RadgerTheBadger 256 20. HI HAT 240 21. Karpaty 237 22. Ross. 233 23. The Naitch 222 24. Ziggy 217 25. Blootoon 87 213 26. Indale Winton, LoonsYouthTeam 201 27. Fuctifano 200 28. Meden89, nessies long lost ghost 194 29. statts1976uk 190 30. microdave, sleazy 164 31. Musketeer Gripweed 152 32. Arabdownunder 148 33. cambozpar, qos_75 139 34. psv_killie, Willie adie 128 35. lolls, weejack, weirdcal 123 36. ICTJohnboy 118 37. lichtgilpead 115 38. thisal 111 39. Melanius Mullarkey 110 40. atfccfc, mathematics 109 41. Arbroathlegend36-0 95 42. Ben Twilly 93 43. wellinwigan, BWAClyde 92 44. ICTJohnboy 91 45. Sweaty Morph 89 46. Lofarl 84 47. AyrTroopMajor, gkneil, Sloop John B 82 48. Billy Jean King 75 49. Bold Rover 69 50. Bert Raccoon 66 51. choirbairn 61 52. Sergeant Wilson 49 53. killiefan27, Henderson to Deliver..., Kilbowie's Finest 46 54. expatowner 45 55. Bert Raccoon, Eednud, ToBeSomeone 36 56. pub car king 30 57. MixuFixit 27 58. Everyone else 0 The spreadsheet has been updated with these scores: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1NlaNlT-7ZGlQGqszGFfBb49tVzFpWITUAR7BUjApJUc/edit?usp=sharing
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    Think that's a really poor post. McCall has been very honest about his issues with gambling and has been very honest about his battle against them. I don't think having a laugh at a guy's mental health issues is cool at all. Why would it be amusing if he caved in to an addiction that he's fought for a long time? I get rivalry but going personal is way out of line, and thinking that something like an addiction issue is funny and a target is the mark of a horrendous scummy edgelord moron. Surely you're better than that?
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    Absolutely fantastic news, delighted. This will sound patronising, I can assure you it isn’t meant to, but I genuinely feel gutted for Ayr. I know how I felt when Utd came in for McNamara, yet it ended up being a blessing in disguise. No reason why this cannot be the case for Ayr. This goes a long way to making up for the utterly devastating news that we were unable to procure the services of our number one target - Danny Lennon. * *said no Thistle fan, ever.
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    Only Ayr United can win 4-1 and still ruin my weekend.
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    Hes not a snake. Thanks for the memories Ian. I hope you get sacked in 6 months. All the best.
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    Twitter has been wonderful 😂
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    People who eat cheap supermarket sausages yet find the idea of haggis absolutely disgusting.
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    Haha, that’s outrageous! HTC txt’d saying he had seen a boy in a Rangers top. Presumably was the responsible lot for the Union Flag with the Airdrie & West Ham badges on them. Seen this on Twitter, great picture I’ve been critical as anything on Bene for months, as has everyone really, but he’s been very good since Sando has come in, and yesterday what a game he had, possibly my MOTM.
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    If I ever happen upon McCall in a boozer on Byres Road, I’ll gladly buy him a pint and thank him for his efforts at our club. I’ve been a McCall sycophant since the day he joined the club, with one wobble. I lost the faith a wee bit, ironically against Thistle at home at the tail end of last season when I really couldn’t fathom how shit we’d become since November and he seemed unable to arrest the slide. He’s an old school manager who brought our club on leaps and bounds, off and on the field. Of course he made mistakes but he should be remembered for the progress he made. To paraphrase his stock opener, which I enjoy mentioning as it pisses off several on here, “Look where we were 5 years ago” and why fucking not? We were a fucking shambles heading for League Two. Take a bow son. Praise also to LC for taking a chance when no one else would. As much as we’re hurting, LC will probably be having a wee quiet moment to himself tonight. That said, I can’t fucking wait to get up to Arbroath next Fri night, get shit faced and get right behind the best footballing side in the Championship on Sat. Business as usual, the organ grinder needs a new monkey.
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    I’m not having the snake patter. Any other club and he’d have stayed at Ayr but everyone knew Thistle were different for him. Do I think he’s made the right decision? No but I can thank him for what he’s done and wish him well. We need to focus on the future though. Sandy Stewart might well be given the job full time but there’s no harm in letting him hold the fort for now and have a look at what else is out there. We’re a far more attractive job now than we were 5 years ago so I’d be interested to see who applied for it.
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    A couple of weeks ago I called rather forcibly for a change of manager because of the unacceptably negative tactics he was continuing to use. Yesterday was a refreshing change though it cannot be over emphasised how poor Stranraer were. We had players revelling in the freedom to attack with Connolly perpetual motion on the right flank and Longridge running riot on the left. The fact that Gomis and Telfer both scored great goals tells you all you need to know about their performances. At the back we were never really troubled and though I won’t pretend to be Buchanan’s greatest fan the big man is captain material and the local man in the team. We have enough firepower up front to get the goals if they get the service and Sammon yet again yesterday showed great ability with the ball at his feet, we must end the hoofball up to him and play into his feet. He will score and create goals. We have plenty options to come into the team with Tidser and McShane both class acts if used properly. The next two fixtures will show just where we are at and whether the Manager has the bollocks to go for the throat of the stronger teams rather than his dreadful safety first default setting. No excuses go for the wins!
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    Anyone done the Paul Secondbottom joke yet?
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    Now THAT'S the kind of goal this game deserved.
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    I've not seen us take a pumping that hard since Allan Maitland was in charge. Genuinely considered leaving at half-time, which is something I haven't done since those days. Glad I didn't, as the second-half was worth watching, but under no illusions that Ayr had the cigars out by that point. Greatly pains me to say it, but we've played all of the big teams in Scotland in recent seasons, and Ayr's performance was better than any of them yesterday. No doubt you'll be unbearable if it happens, but best of luck with title bid.
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    Any excuse for a dig, perhaps if the keeper had held The initial header, or if we’d stopped the guy getting the free header from the corner ? but naw let’s blame the easy target again, wonder who’ll get it when he retires ?
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    Talbot a side who don't declare attendances and therefore supporters inflate them. Be transparent. Publish them.
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    Sun's oot, need to get a tan
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    Hope all the Rangers fans that parked on the road behind the North Stand enjoy their P&K Council parking tickets. Excellent stuff.
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    That was the boot in the baws I think more than a few of us were at least half anticipating after a week of hype. First half we looked uncomfortable trying the play through County rather than being able to play on the break and take advantage of space. As @YassinMoutaouakil said earlier there wasn't really the same intensity in the way we were playing. It all seemed a bit passive and flat. Having said that we still created a few chances and there wasn't that much wrong with Gallagher's disallowed goal, there's a slight bump in there but really...? Second half we started playing with a bit more tempo a bit further up the park and were winning the second balls in good areas. It was a smashing goal and with 15 mins to go you expect/hope to see the game out. When it goes 1-1 and then we're down to 10 men, just make sure you don't lose. it's those sort of games that you need to grind out. Especially if you go up. Instead we just let the game drift completely, which is where the disappointment lies IMO. The performance wasn't great but it wasn't particularly poor either and unless you're of a "look at me" disposition it's not the sort of performance to chuck the toys out the pram about. Absolutely fair fucks to County. They matched us first half and took their chances in the second. As away performances go it was pretty textbook.
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    Genuinely excited for how bad this game might be. Hoping for 65 minutes with zero quality and maximum turgid shithousing, and then the final 25 minutes to be marred with seething civil unrest from both sets of fans purely directed at their own team and managers. Booing levels to make St Mirren fans blush, followed by sheer, unadulterated violence all over the stadium. Be a good laugh. Pools panel result: 0-0
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    Montrose had much the better of possession in the first half right up to the injury to Andy Jackson just before half time. But you don't win games if you don't score goals. Forfar were better after the lengthy injury interruption and deserved the win in the end. It's taking a long time for the present Montrose side to gell but there were signs in the first half that once those young lads up front gell things might get better and we really need a fit Masson back in midfield. Need to ship a couple out on loan though me thinks. More importantly now we at Montrose wish Andy Jackson, Jim Weir and Barry Sellars a speedy and full recovery after their unfortunate accidents.
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    Well a long drive for f**k all. Fair doos to Morton. Easily contained our possession based game and could have had more goals on the break. We are far too ponderous. McDaid had a decent first half. On the plus side it’s a beautiful drive down the Clyde, especially on a day like today and Cappielow, although a bit tatty round the edges, looked great in the sun. Fantastic steak pie too. Good luck lads.
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    Reminds me of the Civil Border Patrol in GTA5. Except not amusing, just hateful scum who have no place in society. No idea how a person can see someone in desperate need who has taken the measure of crossing a dangerous stretch of sea and not feel sympathy but actually feel hate simply because that person wasn't born within a certain radius of them (and of course isn't white). How does such hate become so ingrained? How is it so easy for such hatred to manifest in people?
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    For christ sake, this is supposed to be a derby thread lads. Hang your collective heads in shame. f**k Ian Black f**k Jamie Walker f**k Mole Face f**k Don Cowie f**k Kevin Kyle f**k Marian Kello f**k Ian Black a second time f**k Wallace Mercer f**k Steven MacLean f**k Rudi Skacel f**k Bobby Zlamal f**k Tommy Robinson f**k Craig Gordon f**k Peter Haring
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    Why would we orchestrate a hate campaign, when he joined we were an utter shambles, he's leaving us at the top of the Championship playing scintillating football.
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    A lot of the players we've got in should be of good enough quality in this league, but often haven't performed. TBH the most frustrating thing is that, despite having a sizeable squad, we seem to play the same 11 with the style every game, with the same problems cropping up time and time again. No one in this league is good enough to just steamroller everyone they come up again, league winners need to be adaptable and maximise their abilities to hamper the opposition. Teams aren't daft and will us sussed out, if they've not already. But thankfully it's a diddy cup and this allows us to focus on the real goal this season - the SPFL Reserve League 2
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    The first episode of the new series of A View from the Terrace is being filmed next week and rest assured, we've cleared the schedule to dedicate the full hour to discussing Lloyd Wilson's performance.
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    Imagine being a Motherwell supporter, sitting on a Sunday pretending to admire Rangers to a bunch of random folk on the Internet. Just imagine that was your life.
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    Perhaps a spell in the top league might help our home crowds instead of spending the last thirty years fannying about the 2nd and 3rd tier of Scottish football. Most of the teams we face in the Championship have managed this. Or, like QOS for example, they have gubbed an OF side and been in Europe in the not so distant past. We need genuine achievements before Lachlan and co can moan about crowd sizes.
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    Good morning Thistle Fans, you boys OK today? Sleep well?
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    Ryan Dow seems to make us tick, from an attacking perspective. His composure with the ball and his intelligence in spotting a pass/making a run is so far ahead of anything else we’ve got. Keep him fit and we’ll be ok. Having Dow and Kiltie on the pitch at the same time is something that many teams in this league can only dream of. No surprise that Nisbet suddenly came back to life, with that quality behind him. Also, Lewis Martin is a very good CB. Turns out he has actually come on so much as a player, not just ‘found his position’ at full back. Obviously been a lot of work put in away from the pitch and he deserves credit for that.
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    Get your homophobic shite in the sea more like, cunto.
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    Lots of knicker wetting going on, on both sides here imo. Here’s my view based on basic questions and answers. Were United good today? No. Weird team selection formation and tactics. Overall performance poor. Were Arbroath good today? Yes, they were very organised, well drilled and took one of their chances well, and lost out on a good result at the death. Were our 3 points deserved? Not really, Arbroath deserved to take something out of the game without doubt Who were the better team? Undecided. All of the stats point to United being the better team, however, given the vast gulf in budgets, this should not even be a question under debate. Arbroath punched well above their weight, but will not be the only team to do so at Tannadice this season. Had we not got the 3 points today, should Neilson have walked or been pushed? Don’t be fucking ridiculous. Did we Arabs shit our pants? Yes. Twice. Firstly at the thought of losing, secondly with the excitement of an injury time winner. Shame on the multiple ‘Diehards’ around me that left after 65 minutes; hopefully you can experience the atmosphere of the goals you missed on Arabzone. On another note, fair fucking play to the wee laddie near me whose dad fucked off on 70 minutes, and he told his dad ‘ I want to stay - i’ll phone you after the match’. The innocence and optimism of youth - I am glad it paid off for you. There was only 1 goal in it ffs!! (Rant over) Was Shankland the difference today and will he continue to be so? Of course he fucking was and will continue to be so. That’s why we pay him £350,000 a week plus goal bonuses. As much as we all loved him, Pav would not have won us that game today. Shankland did. Other performances this season have been more team efforts, this time Shanks dug us (and Robbie) out of a deep shithole. Was the Arbroath keeper a time wasting b*****d? Yes - but there is not another keeper on the planet in his position that would have acted differently. Overall - A really interesting game that for the most part United dominated, without creating too much, against a team set out to frustrate us and hooping to get something on the counter, which, but for the last few minutes for them, worked a treat. Lichties shouldn’t be too hard on us, it was Arbroath’s work effort, experience and organisation that fucked us up, and as I have said, you have a right to feel hard done by today. To walk away from Tannadice with f**k all after that performance must be hard to take. Fair play for the standing ovation you all gave your terms at the end. At the end of the day, all that matters is the 3 points, and in seasons past, we wold not have got them. Today we did, hopefully next week we will be better and Morton shitter, and we move on. P2BAA
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    If anything, last night results proves how much we need a pyramid. I find it a travesty that the strongest junior clubs don't play other strong non-league clubs in the league. This artificial divide is harming football here in Scotland. Nobody can argue that the better West juniors will enhance the LL greatly. Talbot have outgrown junior football and if there was a proper pyramid, they'd be SPFL by now. The better LL clubs with the better WRJFA clubs & EOS clubs would form a great league together. The sooner the west is placed at tier 6, the better. As long as there will be more relegation from the LL (ideally 3 spots), it will sort itself out soon anyway.
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    Hahaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahaha. For all Dundee’s possession and territory in the second half, Rogers didn’t have a save of note to make after the goal. Pointless, tippy-tapping nonsense lost to Ironsball yet again. We’ll be back to collect our next routine three points from you when we sword you at Dens’ in November. Thanks for playing anyway.
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    It's only one place up, I think he can do it.
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    Probably because the first 20 mins have been shite.
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    Same age as me, when the fuckers finally do manage to win something, we'll probably die of old age the day before.😄 Thank you.
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    Let's be honest we've not started well. We're becoming as bad as the Irish for moaning about the refs having it in for us when we just don't turn up. Things always get missed by the officials during a game.
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    Blue Pearl - Naked in the Rain
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    Kate Bush - The Man With The Child In His Eyes
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    Bought the dog one of those spider harnesses for halloween, thinking itll be amazing when he starts sprinting about like a giant spider. He just sat there chewing the legs.
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