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    Evidently. Curious you should choose the Pied Piper analogy...the legend has it that 130 children followed him out of Hamelin, into a cave and were never or heard of again. If you want to substitute "cave" for "football forum" and "Hamelin" for "Pie and Bovril" the parallels are remarkable, although I admit it all falls down when the weans show up again a month or two later when it turns out hanging about in a cave with another 129 weans that don't talk to each other is a bit shite.
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    For me the evidence is clear. A list of failed businesses and business partners who were left with debt. A life story of dubious dealings and little evidence he has the sort of wealth to back up his boasting. Hence my comment of who he is in bed with. Why is that sniping from the sidelines? That is looking at the facts of his business dealings over a numbers of years. As a result it is my judgement I don’t want there club going near this guy. This whole episode could and should have been avoided with an attitude of look before you leap.
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    A welcome return of the one of the iconic P&B fixtures. If the Bairns can shackle Harty then I think Duffy and Moutinho have enough about them to cause Potter and Mensing problems. Like the look of the lad Bryson in midfield. Reckon he'll go far in the game.
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    Grew up in Inverness myself, mother is white, biological father is black so I was one of the few ethnically diverse in town at the time. I have barely ever experienced any racism at all anywhere in Scotland, and the couple of times I have it has been purely a lazy insult rather than actual hatred, such as being called a "black b*****d" once by someone who was hard of thinking - was clearly just the first thing that came to their mind, could easily have been "speccy b*****d" or "fat b*****d" - not that this makes it excusable. I've always thought that there are very few genuinely racist people in Scotland, there's a difference between actual racists who believe that those different to them are lesser human beings and people ignorant/thick enough to chuck ill-advised insults about. On the very rare occasions that someone has come out with something racist in Inverness they have been utterly hounded by people in the vicinity, by friends and total strangers alike. Best example would be when I was on my way home late on a Saturday night, there was a couple walking with their pal, a guy who was absolutely bollocksed. He did a shit monkey impression and slurred something about me wanting a banana as I passed, I just said "Aye, whatever mate," and kept walking. To this day I have never seen such a look of shock, horror and utter revulsion as on the faces of the couple he was with. Could tell he would be getting torn to shreds by them when he was sober enough. That reaction of disgust has been mirrored on each of the less than half a dozen times someone has come out with something about my colour, it has seen the offender chased out of pubs, shouted down etc. In my experience the vast majority of Invernessians and Scots in general find that behaviour abhorrent and the reaction makes me proud that it won't be tolerated in my city/country. Purely my experiences though, I fully accept that perhaps I've been incredibly lucky and also that things could be different growing up in bigger cities, as [mention=198]ICTChris[/mention] says, or for people of different ethnic backgrounds as other posters have alluded to. However, I find the Makar's claim that we're decades behind England wild to be honest.
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    I'm going for a 4-1 Bairns win. Goodwillie to score even though we've told him we don't want him to
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    “Sexy Saturdays are back”. Lifetime stadium ban plz.
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    Reading Scott's post a couple of days ago, do we reckon there's any scope for opening up the sides of the pitch for some terracing/standing? It's difficult for the board as I understand why they won't do it, it won't make us any more money, but yesterday was crying out for a bit of terracing to increase the numbers and to generate a bit more buzz about the ground. On yesterday I thought we held our own throughout the game. Defoe's movement is ridiculous so any league 1 centre half was going to struggle and Rangers are a really strong physical team so were able to control the midfield throughout. Haven't seen too much of Murdoch since he joined, was very impressed with him. It takes a good player to displace League 1's most handsome defender but he was absolutely everywhere yesterday, tacking anyone who came near him. Only changes I'd make would be centre half and in goals. I'm desperate to like Higgins but I struggle with him. He was made to look far worse yesterday than he was though, 2/3 mistakes in the last 3rd of the game from him were because of poor passes to his feet that put him massively under pressure. Harts distribution was a bit confusing at times as he often did this to other players, trying to distribute quickly but just ended up putting players under pressure. I'd rather we got Long and Janny back in. Anyway big shout to the board and volunteers for the way yesterday was run, must've been hefty stressful, from the outside it all went off without a hitch. Was looking about yesterday and the amount of people that lend a hand at our club is fantastic and I know a lot have done it for a long time, having to tolerate the foaming at the mouth nonsense that many including myself post on a fitba forum. Fair play to all involved, keep up the good work!
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    Anyone with half a brain could work out where the West Premiership would slot in. Doesn't exactly require some weird powers of premonition.
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    You let your club die
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    I’ve seen some horrendous posts in my time but holy f**k. ‘Crawling back on for treatment’
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    Another good performance from Ayr United's 8th choice winger yesterday.
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    I've never heard anyone at Dundonald (or any other EOSFL club for that matter) say they're better than Talbot. I think all EOSFL clubs will realise that Talbot are one of the better non-league clubs in Scotland. If the west come in the pyramid, the whole West premiership will be on the same tier as the EOS Premier anyway, with Talbot likely to quickly go up. If anything, cup games like this show that a proper pyramid is needed imo. I want all non-league clubs in the same system and I find it a shame that strong junior clubs aren't regularly playing their senior counterparts in the same area.
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    Every team has injuries and players missing. Your squad has good enough players to be beating an out of form st Rochs side and avoiding defeat against a newly promoted shotts side. See this toilet about mostly amateur squad. Don’t talk absolute rubbish your squad has one of the most senior football experience depth than probably any other side in the whole of the juniors. That’s why they get the money they are on. The players are of a higher quality to the league they’re in which is why they will eventually win the league. Being honest tho I thought they would do it undefeated but it’s a credit to every team they have played to have made more than a game of it. Last thing for me to note: I have no respect for the darvel followers because from what I can see on here they have absolutely none for anyone else unless your singing their praises. joke of a club, the quality players in the dressing room may enjoy the laugh they get from this forum but their ability deserves to be represented better by the “legend” and all the other posters of the club for that matter.
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    Please correctly update the thread title to Celtic v Harp of Midlothian's proud ****** army, thanks. Brits 0 Hearts 5 (Whelan, Mulraney, White, Keena, Doyle) "Come out, come out ye black and tans, come out and fight us like a man" - Craig James Connolly Levein, 2019
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    As has been said to death, this whole situation being played out in public has been a shambles. Club didn’t need to announce a public PB. But they did. Club didn’t need to parade him to the fans at the stadium. But they did. BTB didn’t need to make any public statement about what they found out about Campbell. But they did. (Agree they should have given it to the club). Cock up, after cock up. Any talk of the fans getting into bed with the MSG going forward though, for me, is not on. If this falls through, they need to re-open talks with potential buyers.
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    There are 30 or so former Junior clubs who have moved on to better things, that's not delusions of grandeur that's safeguarding the future of your club. Clubs in the West are sleepwalking into oblivion. ...and as has been mentioned already, Dundonald and their delusions are already guaranteed entry into next seasons Scottish Cup - Auchinleck are not. And yet those beholden to a dying "grade" think its the progressive clubs that have left them behind that are delusional.
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    I think it might be better applied if the margins weren’t so fine. There is no real advantage to an attackers left foot being marginally ahead of defenders, if the offside rule was that the whole of the attacker should be ahead of the defender then it would be worth applying (because then attackers can’t just stand ahead of defenders) and quicker to spot/decide. I also think there should be a limit on how far back it goes. There was plenty of time between the possible Wolves offside and the actual goal for Man Utd to close down/defend - unless the action directly leads to a goal and if the defending team have a opportunity to defend, then I think they should leave it. Mainly they should just get VAR to f**k. It’s shite.
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    God I cant wait for this takeover pish to finish. Rumour and counter rumour. He's in the know, my dads brothers mum says......... All getting very tedious now. Can we not just all admit that noone really has a feckin clue whats really going on.
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    It's all part of generation snowflake. Millenials cant handle being told they can't do something. Spot on mate, you can't even say you're British these days without getting arrested. The loony left are the real fascists.
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    He’s attended every game so far so I would suggest he still thinks this is going to go ahead.
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    Just as well all the people accusing Rab of attention seeking never give him any.
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    Townes Van Zandt-Buckskin stallion blues
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    Managers email today for those that haven’t seen it: It's been a tough start to the season so far following our Betfred Cup campaign and opening day defeat against Celtic. Last time out against Livingston didn't go to plan either as we didn't put in the kind of performance I'd have expected from the players. There was a nervousness and apprehensiveness to the game which we never really managed to shake off until we scored. The fans then really got behind the team and we kicked on. It was important we got our first point on the board although obviously we all hoped it would be three points. We need to build on that now as we head into Saturday's clash with Hibs. We have a decent record at Easter Road and the win there last season was one of the highlights of the campaign. It wasn't just the fact that we scored at the death. Our performance that day was excellent and was up there with our best 90 minutes of the season. Preparations are going well for what will be a tough game against Paul Heckinbottom's side. We had a friendly behind closed doors last week against Arbroath which we won 2-1 and a number of players who needed a full 90 minutes were able to get that game time under their belts. We're hoping to put in a good performance to give everyone a lift. It is a period of transition just now but the squad and the club is in a good place at the minute. We will strengthen and there is still time before the window to do that. Today marks the 30th anniversary of the club's first match at McDiarmid Park and it's important to recognise just how far we've come in that time. I've been here for a good chunk of it - as I'm now in my seventh season as manager - and I've enjoyed so many memorable moments at McDiarmid during my tenure. I'm confident I can keep those good times going. We have a great stadium, squad and loyal fan base who get right behind the team. Here's to the next thirty years! Best wishes, Tommy Wright St. Johnstone Manager
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    Anyone who hasn't got serious concerns has not got the best interest if the club at heart IMO.
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    ^^^ honestly you are obsessed by dundee. piss off you boring c**t
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    Wow. Having just watched the interview, I reckon you'ld have to wipe out four of the six minutes in order to save your manager looking as ignorant as he did. From his comment about a defender on just over the two minute mark, to asking if the interviewer could count, to how he reacted about big deals and getting excited, to continually looking away from the camera , to dissing the inquiry about injuries by saying "not gonna change", his whole demeanour was one of utter contempt for the interviewer. That needs a lot more than a "wee tweak". Our own TV volunteers had a similar problem with Paul Hartley. It not only shone through in interviews, but was highlighted when the volunteers made some extremely gleeful comments on social media after it was announced that he'd been sacked. If the volunteers don't have their work edited by a club official before publishing then they were right to put it out in full. If someone talked to me as if I were a piece of shit I'd want the world to know about it too.
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    over the past year our dug started to struggle with his back legs. we tried loads of options including hydrotherapy, moving/massaging his legs when he lay down, laser treatment, as well as antibiotics. however he was 15 years old and arthritis had just gotten the better of him - he was a medium/bigger sized dog and the signs were all there that his legs would go. he now has lost all use of his back legs. However we got him a dog carriage and he cuts about as happy as anything. its such a joy knowing that however long he has left, he can still go out for walks and we don't need to consider putting him down to sustain quality of life (at least for arthritis anyway). Its an absolute pain lumphing him about the house when he is not in the carriage but although it was a wee bit pricey, it was worth it:
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    You really shouldn’t be allowed to start threads if you’re a dribbling simpleton.
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    Remove the SJFA/TJ from PWG discussions, and deal with the leagues directly.
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    I think there is a lot of bitterness or jealousy for a better word on here phildo and dinsy should be congratulated for keeping the amateur game going who cares if it’s an existing or new team both are putting a lot of time and effort into keeping the game going and trying to make the leafa association stronger well done guys
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    People like you are giving the junior fans a bad name on here, with your trolling and the ridiculous "Pied Piper XI" stuff. I watch more junior football than senior football. That's not out of principle but simply due to me living in Tayside, meaning there are far more junior than senior clubs close to me. The club in Scottish football that I follow the closest (and have seen the most) is even a junior club, Lochee United. Simply because they are my local club. However, I enjoy all football and I am not obsessed by a "grade". Apparently that automatically makes me the same as Burnieman and plenty of others? 🙄 Guess what, I don't agree with Burnieman or others that you label as part of the "Pied Piper XI" on everything either. Difference is that when we disagree, we have a respectful discussion...
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    Are Falkirk fans really surprised about teams looking to waste time? Falkirk are at least about 4 times the size of every part time team in this league and have the resources to match that. Most teams will visit TFS this season and see a point as an excellent result, it should be no surprise when teams sit in and waste time.
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    I think it's reasonably fair for me to read the bold part of the below quote there, the one I was replying to, as apportioning blame to the EoS, at least partly, no? You literally said that its an issue of the EoS and LL making. [emoji4] The second bold bits in your most recent reply: Perhaps I was a bit wordy (in order to give full detail) and expected you to read between the lines a bit, but you asked if discipline/fines is an issue for clubs in the East. I gave you an overview of what that issue actually is as discussed with RP and IM and what was proposed by the EoS clubs in attendance at the meeting. Given I didn't discuss fines once in that overview, I assumed you'd read between the lines that I was answering your question. It's not a showstopper and has never been raised as such by any of the EoS clubs (to my knowledge). Some the of LL clubs feel more strongly, as you would imagine, and given the EoS and LL league share office bearers there is going to be something of a unified view. The only mention of discipline at all at the EoS meeting (that I can recall) was around suspensions, because the Juniors followed different rules for suspensions at that time. There was a (legitimate) concern that, for example, a player being sent off in a Junior game the week before a cup tie between a West and East/LL side may not have that player suspended where a team in the East or LL would in the same circumstances, because of the rule differences. That issue was put to bed by RP with the confirmation that the West Region (Juniors in their entirety actually) would follow the JPP for all competitions, including the Junior Cup, so suspension rules would be universal. This appears to be happening now. I don't even recall fines being mentioned, if it was it was a side issue. As I said, the main issue was the competing league in a region that already has a feeder. TJ made that an issue and made sure it stayed one with the West/East all or nothing. On the subject of fines, if I were still at a West club, I might be asking why I have to pay out fines when no-one else in the pyramid I am hoping to move to, from the poorest to the richest clubs in the country, has to. I'd be asking what that money funds, how other leagues can operate and offer more to their clubs without that revenue stream and in turn what value I am getting for that outlay. But I'm not, so I'll leave that for you to decide. Fun fact though, around 5 seasons of no fines in the EoS versus what we used to pay in the Juniors will cover the cost of our new toilet block. [emoji14] We're ~20% of the way there!
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    Falkirk fans eh. What a bunch of ITKs we really are. You'd think we would have learned by now that folk love nothing more than making up shite and spreading it as gospel. Any chance we can just wait and see what happens with MC and not hang the guy before the jury comes back with the verdict?
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    I don't think "which country is the most racist?" is a particularly helpful discussion to have as it just gets people's backs up. It's also going to vary hugely from place to place. I grew up in London which is obviously very different to growing up somewhere like Stoke. Similarly, a Scottish Asian living in Glasgow will probably have a nicer time than one living in Peterhead. I do think quite a few people on this thread are a bit deluded on the level of overt racism non-white people in Scotland face though.
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    Its pointless making any predictions for this game until we know who the referee is.
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    This message board is far more entertaining when we lose. After a win, you can go days without a new comment. After a defeat the thing lights up like a Christmas tree.
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    Where do you sign up to join the pied piper XI put me down for a membership because I'm normal and watch all different levels of football but watch all the buffs games not because they play in the juniors but because that's the TEAM I follow.
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    Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers-Abdul and Cleopatra
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    I'm intending on going but would actually quite like to see both Ecrepont and Hare-Reid given a game. If nothing else it will be the acid test to see if they're both going to be good enough and they need to play sometime. I watched Rennes last night and they had a 16 year old playing against PSG in their 2-1 win and he actually set up one of the goals. The boy wasn't even that big physically, however I'm a great believer that if you're good enough then you should be given the chance.
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    Daft thing is it's not hard now to invest a small amount in low cost passive funds and this'll help massively over 40 years. Not to suggest for one second that young people's precarious situation is of their own making but in the absence of independence or the mass death of all tories, even putting 20 quid a month away into investments on top of whatever occupational pension you've got is worthwhile.
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    I think this is slightly dramatic. I suspect our budget is such that anyone else coming in will be your shite loans that most of us hate. Defensive cover is a worry given Devlin's injury problems and Logan's regression. Vyner may turn out to be adequate cover but early signs at St Mirren weren't great. Centre midfield I think we're not too bad to be honest. Ojo, Ferguson and a fully fit Bryson are a very good first choice 3, and we have cover in Gallagher, Campbell and Wright at a stretch. Your last paragraph is total conjecture, yes yesterday we lacked confidence and looked fatigued but it's a huge leap to say all not well in the dressing room based on that. You wouldn't have said that 2 weeks ago, I think people just get over excited. A week now to freshen up and work on things on the training ground. A quicker tempo to our play, players getting closer to Cosgrove, being less one dimensional/predictable in attack and start building some confidence into the back 4 that looked very uncertain yesterday.
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    We have four centre backs and four forwards. Arguably the last positions we need loan cover in, regardless of your view of the quality concerned. You also identify RB where we have three options. At CM, however, we have four options including a 17 year old and currently play three, and we have only one person in the squad who’s even played LB. Not so easy this management lark is it? There’s no point signing someone for the sake of it, especially when Premiership clubs often demand players start when fit. We don’t want a Barjonas situation. I suspect if Victoria is out for 3-4 weeks we might see McGlynn going in sooner than intended though. Probably looking at him, Vaughan and Dingwall all coming back about the same time and what a boost that’ll be. Incidentally, we had people moaning like f**k last season about Gullan/McGuffie/Barjonas... y we no stick wiv wot we got... it’s always easy to criticise in hindsight.
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    Indeed. The sooner it gets to f**k the better.
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