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    Good post, it's rare to read a positive case for the union so genuine kudos. I enjoyed reading it. I would say that I am in similar position to yourself. My kids are a bit younger however and are still in education however my family, generally, has it pretty good. All adults are in gainful employment or are retired and comfortable. However, I'm a supporter of Scottish Independence. Whilst I would accept that the Union has helped elevate us to a respected, powerful nation I'm not sure that this will continue into the future. Decisions made at a UK level on our behalf over the last couple of decades have put our influence on the world scale at risk. Brexit, the Iraq war, supplying arms to the Yemen conflict are a few of the many decisions which I don't think Scotland would've made had it been independent. My view is that the future of global politics is through the cooperation of nations through trading and political unions which respect the different cultures of each nation whilst seeking common agreements to allow for movement of people, goods and services. Countries aligned with this approach will be the rich, respected, powerful nations of the future. I think independence, coupled with Scotland's vast resources and well educated population, gives us the greatest opportunity to prosper in this future world. For me, membership of the EU or EFTA is absolutely fundamental in realising that potential.
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    Why didn't you just write I'm alright Jack.
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    Thing about it is i’m about as passionate indy supporter as you can get, but it’s nothing to do with ethno-nationalism etc, i’ve never waved a flag of any kind in my life and haven’t been to a Scotland game in about 20 years, yet we are all painted as some kind of Kilt wearing drum bangers with our faces painted shouting ‘freeedom’ etc. It couldnt be further from the truth for most of the indy supporters I know as well. Its about rejecting right wing isolationism, reaching out, becoming a fair and prosperous country that fulfils its potential. I saw something on twitter that linked to a French news report that said Scotland would be the 14th richest country in the world (ahead of France) if we became independent, imagine what we could do? Id also like however an indy Scotland to measure its success on the happiness and success of its people, not our gdp. Instead we are being forced into an isolationist English/British exceptionalism lead nonsense that will see us all becoming poorer, there is absolutely no upside to Brexit for Scotland. However come the first of November I fully expect that when the UK is no longer an EU country and the rules around constitutional matters in member states dont apply, that we will have an offer for EU membership, fast tracked, its already been hinted at. We’d be a credit to the EU as a partner, instead of being treated as a colony of England.
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    I like how no voters here and Tories down south always trot out the line 'Scotland had it's chance and wanted to keep the Union'. As if absolutely nothing has happened/changed in UK or European politics in the last half decade. Utter fucking simpletons, and I can't stress that enough. The logic of people requiring immediate lobotomies.
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    Airdrie 2-2 Forfar - another entertaining game at the Taxi Arena, Airdrie worrying trend of only playing for 45 minutes continues as they blow Forfar away I. The opening half, Jim Weir takes Pelter's, and retaliates with the GIRUY after an 89th minute equaliser. He receives a caution. Clyde 1-2 East Fife - Clyde's stuttering start continues as a solid East Fife put in a professional display and race into a 2 goal lead through Dowds and Wallace. Goodwillie pulls one back for Clyde as they throw everything at EF in the last 5, but to no avail. Danny Lennon ages another 15 years in 90 minutes. Dumbarton 1-4 Raith - 234 Sons fans turn up to watch Rovers dismantle them under the rock. Duffy blames the budget, fans blame brabco, John McGlynn smiles and nods. Mendy with the OG for Dumbaeton after coming on at 4-0. Peterhead 1-2 Falkirk - a last minute winner sees Falkirk fans in raptures in the north east, Jim McInally blames the ref for his +8 minutes injury time, as incoming owner Campbell is spotted arguing with the catering staff over the quality of coffee on sale. Stranraer 2-1 Montrose - Stranraer fans will be delighted with my first prediction for them, after correctly picking all 38 of their results last year. Montrose fans deny it was a defeat, and boycott all papers that publish the result branding it "red top propaganda".
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    People would still refer to them as East Clackmannan.
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    Darien was subsequently elevated by Unionists as a cause celebre for entering into the Union when in fact it wasn't. Of far greater significance were the various acts passed by the English and Scottish parliaments between 1701 and 1705 aimed at solving the thorny issue around the joint succession of the dynastic Union between the two countries. The English parliament's Act of Settlement sought to anoint a successor without consulting the Scottish parliament, the Scots subsequently passing the Act of Security that meant they would pick their own successor unless several political and religious conditions were met. The final English response was the Alien Act of 1705 that threatened to break off all trade between the two countries and significantly refuse Scotland access to the North American colonies (Scotland's own North American colony, Nova Scotia having been traded away by Charles I after involving us in another English war) as well as ban 'aliens' from owning land and property in England. This was deemed by the Scottish aristocracy to be a far greater threat to their economic security than the one off 'disaster' of Darien, the costs of which were largely absorbed by the time the Act of Union came. The English threat would only be rescinded on the basis of either a repeal of the Act of Security or as subsequently occurred, negotiations into the Act of Union were undertaken. Far from graciously saving Scotland from penury as Unionist tried to claim afterwards, it was the threat of economic blockade in the face of Scottish intransigence over the succession that brought the Union about. England would not risk a separate, independent monarch to the North, free from all ties with England who could potentially ally with England's enemies. There were no immediate economic benefits of the Union. If the Enlightenment with it's significant cultural and economic benefits were in any degree the result of the Union, and this can be disputed, it was a very delayed gratification by a good half century or more. A further irony abounds that the American revolution removed the English gateway to the ex-colonies anyway, and had Scotland played a better hand in those first half dozen years of the 18th Century the Union might have never happened. This is of course ancient history but worth mentioning in the context of any comments tinged by gratitude over the Union saviour of the Darien disaster. I would not dispute that this political Union subsequently offered many individuals access to great wealth and prosperity but the idea that Scotland itself, robbed of all political autonomy was a great beneficiary is nonsense. I'd also dispute the title of 'most successful political Union' - long running, yes but it did already lose a huge chunk of itself in Ireland. The USA would surely be the overall winner in the political Union stakes, while the Union of the German states must be seen overall as a considerable success.
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    Gary is a good guy. With help from Liam Craig he arranged a video from all the players and Tommy wishing me well through my stem cell transplant. Saints care more about me than recruitment of players 😎
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    He may well have left the senior game, but he is 35 and reasonably fit , not carrying any excess weight, and I can confirm that in the 4 pre season games he has played , he has been superb in all of them, as you would expect a player of his calibre to be when he steps down into the amateur ranks. Also, I have been impressed with his attitude towards the amateur game , whereby he is very patient and encouraging to the players roundabout him, including opponents, and he pays his tenner like the rest of the squad !! It may not last, but while he is with our Club, we will embrace it and hopefully learn from him and vice versa. On that point, we may well not be Bannockburn or Harestanes or any other of the top clubs, but we are striving to be better,and yes we have had some bad seasons, the same as even the top clubs, but we are a proper amateur club in the truest sense and as we move into our 60th year of existence, we will try and remove the perception that we are "shite"
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    Are we not in danger of over thinking this. Business man buys a business at it lowest point in 40 years knowing the likelihood is the only way is up. Businessman with experience in real estate uses this experience to complete the stadium, improve infrastructure and build hotel. Businessman employs person with a great football reputation to oversee football matters. Objectives - team improve, facilities improve, more people come to watch, hotel generates income. End result - businessman and football club both benefit from achieving objectives.
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    If you can’t get excited about your club signing a foreign player you have never heard of them what’s the point Welcome aboard Ilkay
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    Holy f**k Yasssssss My first EVER 10/10 Is it too early to start drinking?!
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    My wife had a baby yesterday and i forgot how hard the first night is. Had about half an hours sleep thus far with not much more in sight. Got a 2 year old who will be up in circa 4 hours and full of beans which will also be fun
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    Watching this video, it's genuinely humbling that his family can talk so openly about something as horrible as that in the hope that it helps other folk. I'm not sure if this was produced by the club or if they are just giving it a platform - but it is brilliantly done.
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    There’s no point in getting upset about it mate, because it’s like that, and that’s the way it is.
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    Best get some catching nets sorted. 2 years from now we'll be firing Championship winners out of a Versace trebuchet across the Forth
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    Feck sake theres some real cretins on this board.
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    I have managed to obtain the original, undoctored image:
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    No cancer in my blood. Looks like the stem cell transplant has put me into remission! Let's hope it doesn't come back for years and by that time they find a cure. 🤗
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    No point in me turning up on Saturday, based on the comments on here. Looks like we're relegated already. Get a grip ffs. Are you/we Clyde SUPPORTERS or not? There are a few problems at the moment, and that's when TRUE supporters get behind the team.
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    Rescued this wee lad. He and his three brothers were found as strays alongside their mum whom unfortunately had to be put down due to having a tumour. Luckily, they'd just started on solid food so didn't need to be hand reared. The wee b*****d has already cost me an additional £53 as he was putting on a limp and the missus buckled and took him to the vet. Turns out he was just mucking about.
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    What are people expecting, someone asked? Link me to his coffee company's website Name the 'hotel chain' he bought and sold at a profit Explain why a divorce would mean he has little to no record online If his end game is to build a hotel, buy and sell land around the stadium or build out space within the stadium which can be rented out, explain why he wanted to buy Sunderland, which is a complete shit tip with no tourist attractions whatsoever Give some reasoning for why his main company website was made on the same day he made his pitch to the board, contains a generic picture and a blank contact form with nothing else on it whatsoever, and give me detail on why it was made using Squarespace, a build your own website style thing which is advertised on every podcast going The whole thing seems ludicrous to me.
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    If the other corner is in KFC then Harkins will be delighted.
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    All of our economic and fiscal levers are currently controlled by and for London m8. It's interesting that you say "your" though. As that suggests that you don't even live in Scotland. Think the mask may have just slipped there.
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    I hate to point this out, however the only guy we've lost from our Midfield is Crawford and he wasn't exactly known as the "Iron man". I think it's more a case of what we do that's the issue. If we can be the ones retaining the ball and forcing the play (like most of last season) then we should be letting the other teams be the ones worrying about us playing around them, rather than us being the ones worrying about being bullied. Ok, we don't have Shankland, however we do have lots of pace and trickery up top in McCowan, McGuffie, Ross & Forrest complimented by the quality and class of Moffat. I'm also hopeful that Doolan will settle in and be a big player for us too. Whatever happens, we shouldn't lose sight of the fact that we've not even played our first league match and already there's some on here writing off our entire season and half of our playing squad which quite frankly is just complete and utter stupidity of the highest order...........
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    My concern is I cant get my head round why he wants to do this. He says he isnt interested in making money out of the venture. Why not? He states that all profits from the hotel, new stand etc would be ploughed straight back into the club. If he'd said look I'll make money off the development and I can help the club at the same time then it would've sounded far more plausible. Lets face it I wouldnt give a feck if he made a killing off development whilst the club also benefited. I just don't see why he wants involved apart from the fact he just wants to own a football team and if thats reason then ok but he must be mad. Had a great chat with the guy after yesterdays meeting and he comes across fine but it just seems strange to me the whole thing.
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    The disdain Strugeon showed for Jack there needs injected into my veins constantly for the rest of my life.
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    Personally, I’m quite glad that it’s St mirren we play on the opening day and not a proper team. We really should be looking to boost the goal difference early and get some of our fringe players like Oli Shaw etc up to speed. Having said that I’m expecting a real “cup tie” atmosphere here my only hope is that the game is played in the right spirit. It would be really disappointing if the opposition players started going for our boys legs after the 3rd or 4th goes in. That may seem harsh on the saints players as for all I know they may not be like that but in my experience, the team on the receiving end of a footballing lesson normally look to injure as many of the other teams players as they can, taking as many scalps as they can back to whichever backwater shanty town they came from.
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    I have been reading this stuff on Mark Campbell for days and just can't get my head around it. He's came out of nowhere really, the details on his wealth are non existent and his business interests sketchy at best , I mean every business has a website right? I am sorry an explanation like I had a messy divorce so I have no online proof of any of my businesses. It seems to me he has a good read at forums like this , as he seems to have loads of time on his hands responding to individuals on Twitter multiple times, and identified every pain point for supporters, promised to fix them and deliver every single thing on their wish list - which will run into tens of millions !!! Where is he getting this money? On John Park , he brought in some great talent , mostly from overseas, to sign for CELTIC - these guys were promised a springboard to the EPL or Champions League which Celtic can provide and on a decent wage , they ain't going to come to Falkirk and I doubt we are going to make millions from player sales. I do admit his presence gives Campbell some credibility and would be good for the club regardless. I keep hearing we have no assets , but what are the land around the stadium. North Stand and part of the Main Stand if they are not assets - that someone can use to borrow against to build stuff, re-open academies, buy players or even buy the club. We don't know a single thing about his wealth or business , it would not be a stretch for him to hide something like this. I don't want to pour cold water on it all , I want the BOD out , but I am outside the bubble and from here this guy looks either deluded or a bit dodgy . I have seen over the years characters ride into football clubs on the premise of being "football fans" promising the earth but it only ending in disaster - I really hope Mark Campbell is not one of them and is just a well meaning secret millionaire, and for once we have lucked out. The transcript from the Q&A answers none of the concerns, it was really just a charm offensive. This BOD better be dong the right thorough checks, and he's not just opened an account with TicketUs (PS - He's probably reading this right now)
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    Not to be cynical, but sometimes the obvious is the simplest. The business plan would be to build value in the club with promotion(s), development and player sales. Ok, so why Falkirk? Well, favorable cost of living and amenities, plus easy access to both Edinburgh, Glasgow and central Scotland, good infrastructure and an already SPL compliant stadium are all pluses. If they can build a practice pitch and some facilities on the east side, which would depend upon the regulations regarding the plant disaster area, it would easily support a youth academy initially. The hiring of a well regarded footballer with connections to Celtic and lots of contacts within Scottish Football is, to me, a giveaway. They intend to leverage the Celtic connection initially to gain some loan players or youth players to develop. Then they will build the academy, helped by the generally miserable state of youth academies across Scotland right now, and use it to develop players to sell on later. The inducement of playing for a youth development team with some connections to Celtic could be quite useful to both Falkirk and Celtic. When they then gain promotion to the SPL, the academy will be attractive on its own without the Celtic feeder attraction, and the situation becomes self-sustaining. The Falkirk area is sufficiently affluent, having some of the highest average income outside of the major cities, to support the team well, and the team has a strong history in Scottish Football. As 10 year plan for profit, it’s a reasonably solid one, helped immensely by the club have no debt. IDK, but I don’t see reason to panic if I was a fan, just would want clear communications, and Campbell seems to be starting that way.
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    Some St Mirren fans actually argue that Jack Ross was right to let Ryan Hardie and Lawrence Shankland go to make room for Rory Loy in the "Great Escape" season. Hard to believe isn't it? Anyway I just dropped by to wish Dumbarton all the best for the coming season.
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    You should be praying for this. Our cast off quality will surely improve.
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    I am fed up with this. Why can my club not just so things sensibly without a drama, the Hibs takeover a month or so ago as an example. By all means appoint the guy as PB, do the DD and only then let him lose on the supporters once it is completed. The beauty parade of yesterday will go down like the Michael Knighton keepy up as being up there if this goes wrong. Have we not been made a c**t of enough?
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    Our political outlooks are aligned because they are hardwired together through the UK government. Yet already in the two decades since devolution we've seen significant divergence from that viewpoint by successive Scottish governments. On the second argument, there are two points to make here the first is the implied falsehood of the argument that Scotland struggles for representation because Gordon Brown was prime Minister (or indeed any of the other Scots in UK government posts) but the crux of that is that it's not the individual here that matters, but the systems in place that matter. Having Jim Murphy or Michael Gove buzzing around the lower reaches of cabinet don't alter the parliamentary arithmetic where Scotland has 59 out of 650 MPs. That system isn't unfair per se , as the representation is based on population. It still doesn't mean it's a good deal for Scotland, nor does the mechanics of the incorporating union that we're in automatically offer up a means for Scotland to alter those circumstances easily. The second point is that smaller nations have fared fine in the past in terms of getting their way in Europe, often by forming like minded coalitions as bulwarks against the bigger nations. Of course, the best possible response to your point is to look at how Westminster has treated the Scottish Government over Brexit and how the EU have consistently put Ireland (a very similar nation to Scotland) front and centre in it's deliberations over Brexit. There is no doubt that the EU has it's faults, but as a federal Union it protective of it's members needs and rights far more than the UK is. On your last point, this isn't about the SNP. It's not all about individuals. It's about systems as well. The hoped for end point is a democratic apparatus that provides good representation for all and sufficient checks and balances to individual power (and individual incompetence). Successful change comes from all of us, not just the politicians.
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    Why is only BritNats who espouse this kind of ethnic nationalism? History illustrates that being born somewhere hardly ensures that you promote its interests. Did Maggie Thatcher being born in Grantham mean that Grantham got its interests inordinately promoted in the UK? Is the fact of Boris Johnson being born in New York the reason to worry that the US will get its interests promoted in the UK? At the risk of invoking Godwin, did Hitler being Austrian ensure that Austria’s interests were promoted in the Third Reich? It’s a nonsense argument. As for not hoping for a leap into the unknown, you lost the right to use that argument in 2016. The fact that you trust the competence of the Tories to safeguard your kids’ future is worrying. Change is coming to Scotland. It can either be change enforced on us and managed by Boris and his Tories (for as long as the larger English electorate want them) or change chosen by us and managed by Sturgeon and the SNP (for as long as the Scottish electorate want them).
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    Agree. It raises questions about his integrity and credibility for me that he gave that answer. I'd be quite comfortable if he said he wanted to keep a rent going (like sandy Alexander on the ss), or keep all/most of the profits from the side developments. To suggest he's here out the goodness of his heart is fanciful and simply not true. That said, while I still have concerns, I hope some of these details will be clarified further over the coming weeks and we can move forward as a change is desperately needed at the top.
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    Everyone knows that once a political decision has been made, that’s it finished. That’s why we don’t bother having elections every few years. Because it’s all decided.
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    Davidson is running out of road. She has about 90 days to try show how she has any authority over the Scottish Tory contingent at Westminster. But we know what will happen, they will defy her and vote along with Boris as they know where the real power lies. In reality she's a nothing. No power or influence and totally manufactured by the media. But reality will bite in the event of a no deal Brexit or an election called at Holyrood or Westminster which ever comes first. A serial loser who has been leader of her party in Scotland for 8 years and won the square root of f**k all.
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    Please don't forget he has to send me the £50 entry fee. Just DM me for details @Blootoon87 and we'll sort it. £10 fine for Adam101 if he forgets this again. Carry on.
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    Posted this in the wrong place at 2am this morning My wife had a baby yesterday and i forgot how hard the first night is. Had about half an hours sleep thus far with not much more in sight. Got a 2 year old who will be up in circa 4 hours and full of beans which will also be fun
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    we must have the most greeting faced auld tadgers than any club in Scotland honestly. Fair enough be skeptical, but it seems like they are c***s on here and tbe fan page who actually want us to fail and there to be a problem, nothing wrong with showing some optimism for once.
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    I agree. What w****r actually uses the sponsors name anyway when they are talking about going? When we play Livi away I don't ever ask my mates if they're going to the xxxxxxxxx. I just ask if they're going to Livi. But I'm not a complete melt. Folk use a ton of different names for our stadium already with Bairnabeu, Westfield, TFS and Brockville all getting used regularly. If he wants to make a few quid calling it something only the media will ever use then knock yourself out.
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    Tell you what, for a 46 yr old he has had a c*nt of a hard paper round i look younger and am older than him.
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    Anyone got a link to this mail order coffee company's website? Must be pretty high profile and easy to find if it gives you 7m disposable income to sink into a League One Scottish football team.
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    If he goes he goes, but it's a pleasure to have him whatever he decides. Brilliant work by Talbot to pluck him from obscurity and put him in the shop window. God knows where he would have ended up if he stayed with the trampolines.
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    Folks greetin about the game ending 3-3 when we were 3-0 up and subbed all the trialists on. The boy that scored the final goal for them (penalty) was his testimonial.... Come on.
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    Put in shortfall in cash - you are having a laugh? They had cash in the bank at the end of the season, money from 2000 ST's and the first payment for Vaulks. They have not have to put a brass dime in yet. The hole in the cash won't hit until the end of the year probably.
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