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    No cancer in my blood. Looks like the stem cell transplant has put me into remission! Let's hope it doesn't come back for years and by that time they find a cure. 🤗
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    Any truth in the rumor of a monorail from BTW to the south stand?
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    RIP Mowgli. Provider of my most memorable moment as a Bairn...
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    Personally I hope United go bust. Thank you.
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    Possibly my favourite moment of the match yesterday. I love this guy already:
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    As long as Lex Miller fucks off i am happy.
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    As much as I understand the caution, and also doubting whether all that has been spoken about actually comes to fruition, as per every business takeover... but theres some of this I find a bit puzzling. Almost everyone wanted change at the top. What did folk think that was going to look like? Some of the talk in here is due dilliegence type stuff but some of it is downright bizarre. Did folk expect every prospective owner to post their bank statements out to us all for a look? Or ride into town with their chest of gold open for all to see? This is a business deal. We all wanted it... The stench of Stockholm syndrome is strong. I really cant see a scenario in which this guy can acheive anything from being a conman? Its lazy stuff. If anyone is going to f**k the fans over here, its the MSG by accepting money from a guy who they know has no intentions of following through with his plans, or not having appropriately vetted him in the first place. But the idea that he is bullshitting us, and pays his money to the MSG only to not follow through.... What does that leave him with? A league 1 club with a stadium millstone round its neck? What would be the point?
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    I have managed to obtain the original, undoctored image:
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    You don't need a medical if you can run round some cones on Instagram. That's just basic science mate.
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    It's absolutely pathetic and embarrassing for Scotland that so many fanboys appeared for that yesterday.
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    The body language in that video tells me that we are cruising to a 3-0 victory in the first derby of the season. Meekings swaggers onto set, grabs the ball and stands with his chest puffed out before laughing at the silly dab, meanwhile Reynolds walks away with his head down and his tail between his legs after being dealt an übertelt. Magnificent. I take it they're being delivered by fucking Yodel then?
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    It's the American government body responsible for space exploration. HTH.
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    A couple of people tonight skirted around the issue of 'what's in it for him'? His reply was to also skirt around it by reiterating his plans for the club and in getting us to the Premier. That's his motivation apparently. A rather handsome, slightly older gentleman then asked outright: 'do you plan to make money from the club, either for you personally or for your company'? He gave a resounding no. I have to say that this concerned me a wee bit as I just can't see why he would do all of this out of the goodness of his heart. I would have been much happier if he said something like; 'Of course we're here to make money, but we aim to do this by making the club richer too, so just enjoy the ride.' or words to that effect.
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    Really worried about the prospect of Sean Clare and Peter Haring shredding us to bits down the wing.
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    I asked who his "team" coming in to run the place were and did they have football experience. He answered one was a lawyer with experience working in American Soccer and he has one other with a football background, plus John Park. I then asked about the current board and he said he was looking to acquire 70% of the shares with the remainder staying with the fans. The current BOD would be gone.
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    I can't wait for the full truth about Mark Campbell to get unveiled today
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    Let’s just enjoy the next five years. We’re going to win the Scottish cup, build a fourth stand, sell Cheeky Vimtos at the stadium, play champions league football then delete the club. HWFG.
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    I am out of my depth tbh. I know nowhere near enough to pass a judgement. Look forward to the asessment form BtB as that will be for me the first time anyone I can consider to be like minded as myself but with some degree of business acumen that I dont possess, has had a proper chance to run the rule.
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    Hearing he has property in Brockway, Ogdenville, and North Haverbrook
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    The European Cup went downhill when they started allowing runners-up to take part. Even its new name is a lie. I don't understand why Liverpool were invited to play at Murrayfield in the first place. Did the SRU have an old wall that needed demolishing?
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    Just about everyone I've spoken to or heard speak at various meetings has come to the conclusion that we need to go pro to have a chance to survive in senior football. Some don't like it but are realistic to know we have little option. Whilst realising the risks of going pro I can't help being a bit excited by the prospect. Where do we get funds to go pro? I don't know but I do know that a lot of new opportunities open up. As a wise man said at the QP AGM. - "let's just get this done".
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    After years of fighting it this morning I have to admit we are a diddy footballing nation. Our National association tried for years to get us there. Sending our National team out in Woolly Ski Jerseys because the World cup was in Switzerland. Using ridiculous names for our 4 top Leagues because our neighbours did. Cutting corners and keeping a bowl layout when upgrading our national Stadium. Our teams pandering to 2 teams even giving them the power of veto. Losing to teams from Wales Luxembourg Malta Gibraltar etc. Our medias inability to look past the OF. ignoring every other club to tell us where the wife of the latest OF mega-signing gets her hair cut. But this morning I read 65000 people paid through the nose to see their big teams playing a preseason friendly. Scotland's biggest footballing crowd in 40 years was made up of fanboys. I thought our resident MacScouser was one off. But out there he's the majority. It's now official we are now in the same footballing backwaters as Singapore Qatar Ireland etc. and it was the fans that did it. To quote the original and best Taggart "I am Depressed"
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    A Joe McKee? A decent shot but all round too weak to be effective?
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    I made the full of the later meeting, I only caught half of the earlier one tho discussed outside with folk who were there for it all. He touched on the undeveloped land surrounding the stadium and hinted he has a couple of projects in mind which he cant say much about at the moment, I'd guess he wants to build up the area with varying businesses. I hope the deal goes through asap tbh as the longer it goes on, the less chance we will have to reap the initial benefits on the park. I have to say he comes across well, two meetings today to cater for various fans and driving back to London afterwards shows he isn't like the old owners recently putting the recent EGM on a time which made it difficult for some/most. Its easy to slag the previous owners/MSG with last season especially and previous seasons but Mr Campbell does seem pretty proactive and wants clarity between him and the fans, he wasnt afraid to mention they have plans in place if we dont go up this season and 3 or 4 seasons in the championship as they know its not an easy league to get out of. As said earlier, talk is cheap but its refreshing to hear an open vision than the mess that will be leaving the club hopefully soon
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    Yet a Sevco fan (presumably) took time out his day to draw this, bit contradictory if you ask me.
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    Daughter goes for a play date at a wee pal's house this afternoon. I go back to pick her up, and spend a couple of minutes doing the small talk thing with the other parents at the door, while she gets her shoes on. Once we're in my vehicle, she says "you've got a dry bogey hanging from your nose" *facepalm*
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    I'll say it again, if you have a question, come along to the meetings and ask them personally. That gets results, even if it's a refusal to answer. It was good to see so many there on Thursday and to hear the views of fans, members and parents. Awkward questions were asked and answered. A good exercise in consultation. Our Secretary and President are battling with the SFA on a number of fronts and trying to get a major building project off the ground. Don't take this too personally, but I know what I want them to concentrate their efforts on.
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    It's nothing to do with a tradition of Scottish players, or a worldwide fanbase. However you want to dress it up it's simply the same thing that brings huge crowds to Ibrox and Celtic Park: gloryhunting.
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    Defeatist attitude. I think we can definitely increase our number of shots off target, and maybe yellow cards.
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    Honestly can’t believe everyone on here is falling hook line and sinker for edi’s multiple WUM’s its fucking mental. All this hysteria and knicker wetting over him and enigma who likes his every post is staggering. We have no assets he has to commit his money before our BOD’s snouts will dip in the tough. We don’t even own all the land the stadia sits ffs calm the f**k down. Let’s wait and see what actually pans out with the sale and the btb meeting
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    "You're gonny get your fuckin' head kicked in" to the same tune was another terrace classic. There was nothing better than singing threats of gratuitous violence to opposition fans IMO. Great days. I can imagine Smudger singing it on Friday night while pointing directly at Stellaboz.
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    Nothing I've heard or ITK stuff. It's a combination of things. For one, I'm naturally suspicious of anyone willing to throw money at our football club who doesn't have an affinity towards it. That probably stems from being old enough to remember the Deans and Fulston years. We've had a number of boards over the years who the fans didn't like or didn't think were competent, but the only ones who were dodgy were the two outsiders. All our local boards have been well-meaning, but not always up to the job. Then there's the "if it seems too good to be true" factor. And finally there's some of the things posted online. Most of the new posters who've put stuff up haven't had a warm reception on here, but it could paint a picture. I think I saw a post which showed evidence that our potential new owner was a director of five dissolved companies. Add a couple of new ones being created just before he was awarded preferred bidder status and it sets alarm bells ringing. As does the fact that he appears to be claiming his money was made in America - so it presumably can't be verified via Companies House. Then there's the allegations about his character when he was in charge of previous ventures. I would have hoped that any potential new owner could show a stable business background with lots of proven success and testimonials from happy customers. That doesn't appear to be the case here. Granted, there's nothing definitive enough to be conclusive, but I think it's reasonable to have doubts.
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    Clipped the guide dog probably.
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    We are not generally as gullible as a nation and as such most of us can see right through him. He plays the part of the dim witted buffoon very well, however he's far from stupid and is actually the one who's playing people rather than the other way around. Rather than BJ, it's more his chamber of horrors which worries me, with disgusting characters such as Pritel, Javid, Raab & Williamson (to name but a few) who will all be trying to outdo each other to see who can become the biggest clusterfcuk. Still, if nothing else it should be entertaining, in some sort of sick and twisted masochistic way................
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    Just FYI, because, well Daily Record, MacIver was released last season, and Ross County are still in the reserve league. Other than that, spot on article and will read again.
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    An impressive 8/10 - well, it impressed me - for Monday. Guessometer in overdrive. Only knew 3, one of which I was certain of having played Monopoly only last Thursday with 3 of the grandsons.
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    1. Falkirk - Comfortably too. Clearly the strongest starting 11 in the league and I think McKinnon is a decent manager who will get things right after having the summer to build his own team. Light on numbers but I think they will add a couple of loanees to beef up the squad before the end of the window. 2. Airdrie - The Airdrie fans seem an excitable bunch. They tend to be full of optimism in pre season which is admirable but it rarely works out. I didn’t understand the excitement last season when they appeared to be snapping up mainly mid table jobbers. However, I think there’s more substance to it this year. Looks a decent squad on paper and it’s a big season for Ian Murray rebuilding his reputation. 3. Raith Rovers - I think we could finish anywhere from 2nd to 5th. To have a really successfully season we need to catch a break with injuries. We need almost a full season out of Hendry, Dingwall and Vaughan. We need to get lucky with a couple of good loanees and we also need to form a competent centre defence with any two from Mendy, Davo, McKay or Bene. We also need Miller to be the solid right back we missed last season. And McGlynn to recapture what he had in his first spell getting every ounce from the team making them greater than the sum of its parts. The chances of ALL of those things happening are slim to none so we won’t be anywhere near Falkirk. Our position from 2-5 will be dependent on how many of them do happen. 4. Forfar - Excellent finish to last season and seem to have continued that in the league cup. They look to have recruited well but have also lost a large number of players. Can’t see Jackson replacing the goals of Baird which is why I have them down slightly. However, they will probably get more goals from midfield with Kirkpatrick, Tapping and Forbes and it wouldn’t be a surprise to see them second once again. 5. East Fife - Thought they were the best team we faced last season. They were excellent the first 3 games against us. They had a fixture pile up towards the end of last year but that can’t be blamed as the sole reason for the dramatic collapse in the last part of the season which leaves a question mark over them. They look to have recruited well in the forward areas and have done well to retain the likes of Long, Dunsmore and Dowds. However, I think Meggatt will be a loss and because of that they look weaker defensively and after last years collapse I am still unsure on Young. Expect them to be right in the mix for the play off places. 6. Montrose - On the basis that Petrie stays for the full season. He is an excellent manager (best in the league imo) who got everything out of an average looking squad last season. Really fit, well organised side who are a threat from set pieces. Defensive additions look good and they have retained the bulk of the squad that finished 4th so 6th is potentially a bit harsh but I don’t think they have many standouts on paper from middle to front. The team in this league who would be most affected by a change in manager. 7. Peterhead - Teams who win League Two generally do well in their first season up (see Arbroath and Montrose in recent seasons). However, I can’t see Peterhead quite reaching those levels. They were very poor on Tuesday but I understand it is still precseason and they were missing a centre half and McAllister. They have a decent experienced squad but I have never rated McInally as manager. 8. Clyde - Were absolutely flying the second half of last season. Lennon has done an excellent job there. Signed a lot of the better players from League Two so will be interesting to see how they step up. I’d imagine they’ll be pretty entertaining with lots of high scoring games with dodgy defence but promising attack. Teams like that usually struggle for consistency which is why I have them so low. Will be interested to see the improvement in Chris Johnston this season, seems to be getting a lot of praise recently. Admittedly it was in the Championship but he was fucking hopeless for us. 9. Dumbarton - I’m sure they would have finished 2nd/3rd if the league had started after the January transfer window last season. Unfortunately for them this window has been a bit of a disaster. Duffy hasn’t covered himself in glory with the time taken to commit or the way he apparently handled contract renewals. Replacing the likes of Ferguson, C. Barr, Thomas, Ballantyne, Gallagher etc was always going to be tough but on paper the squad looks poor. Defence is leaky and it’s difficult to see where the goals will come from. However, against all logic I don’t see them finishing bottom. Duffy did well in the loan market last year and I’d imagine they’ll be heavily reliant upon it again. 10. Stranraer - Given their budget they should be 10th so I’ve gone with them by default. But that was probably also the case last season. Farrell has done a good job there and they appear to have had a decent League Cup performance. Turner and Cameron will be big losses but they always seem to get good quality players on loan and imagine this will be pretty vital to their prospects again. I think Falkirk will win the league at a canter, I’d be surprised if Dumbarton and Stranraer aren’t somewhere from 8-10. I’d imagine everyone else will fancy themselves for a top 4 spot. Got a bit carried away there, that’s what a lazy Sunday morning will do to you. Fair play to anyone that actually reads all that.
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    Incremental disregard for what's reserved or not. Just like the Tories are doing. Carping about it being against the rules isn't working. Shift messaging from 'Scotland's voice is being ignored' to ''Scotland will do what's best for Scotland.' Start with opening a safe drug use room in Glasgow instead of moaning that the powers are not devolved. The police aren't going to intervene.
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    on the question of the budget ... I think it may be gone, going by the latest announcement that they want you to pay a £5 for the privilage of having a drink now in the Arria and you have to pre-book if they have not sold all the hospitality. So your Season ticket gets you F' all apart into the games now. The Arria brought the fans together last year, but now this is only going to create a division with those who can afford ..... Sorry, this season is starting to look like a complete downer before we are off an running.
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    c***s who throw litter out their car window. The general public should be allowed to follow them home and beat them to death. They should also be allowed to petrol bomb McDonalds as its usually their rat b*****d customers doing the littering.
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    I'd have Safranko over Clark or Sow though!
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    I'm sure that deep down all players harbour ambitions of playing in 2 qualifying rounds of the Europa League.
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    No surprise that a man closely associated with wasting his talents in London while doing a load of coke and rattling anything willing is being backed by Frank McAvennie.
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    Cheers. It's really no skin off my nose if it doesn't go particularly well on here, I have two kids with autism so find it a nice way to relax during the rare downtime that I get, and if I can make a bit of cash from it, then I'll not complain. I enjoy doing it for fun and give them as gifts to friends / family anyway.
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    5 players for 2 positions and 3 players for RB. I can’t wait for the reactions if MacDonald gets injured.. WHY YOU NO SIGN A BACKUP LB MCGLYNN??? Ideally I would have liked us to get in a RB who naturally plays there, but for whatever reason John thinks we have enough cover there. We’ve seen all 3 play there at some point over the last 8 games. Miller would be first choice. If he can play RB then he’s a RB. Maybe John signed him and told him, look I know you like to play in midfield but I need you at RB because I can’t get anyone else. Maybe I’m John McGlynn? Maybe Hank Scorpio is John McGlynn. Shouldn’t we all be John McGlynn?
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