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    Not as embarrassing as Dundee FC. You’re not on your way anywhere.
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    I see Dom Thomas is starting for Killie tonight in the Europa League. Good on him.
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    The transfer dealings appear to be positive so far, but we still need 4 or 5 more. The squad simply isn’t adequate for the league campaign, it’s inconceivable that this squad has either the quality or depth to compete. No amount of positivity can cover this IMO.
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    Can't believe Connahs Quay got a Europa League spot for getting to the Challenge Cup Final.
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    The JT statement is fine if not exactly a lesson in brevity. There are parts I agree with and one part I think is complete and utter bollocks. They, like so many others, fail to see the difference between being a selling club, which we clearly are, and a feeder club which we are clearly, for now at least, not. The takeover is clearly happening and could be brilliant but to throw in a disquieting thought I hope those facilitating it, especially if they stand to benefit financially, know (or care) what they are doing.
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    R. Dean Taylor : There's A Ghost In My House
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    Just visiting to say thanks to the Falkirk lad I spoke to in the CP Company store in Soho, London the other day that told me about the sale at Harvey Nichols. If your reading this my son is delighted with the CP Company coat he got there 👍 I wouldn’t normally clutter up a thread like this but he seemed a top bloke and him or one of his mates is bound to be on this thread. Cheers.
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    Blair will forever be associated with Iraq. His warmongering at the behest of the US will never be brushed from history. The fact that he avoided prosecution is to this country's shame.
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    I'm already very pleased / excited about this squad we've put together. Looking at it, we have this boy from Rangers who's basically replacing Robbie and if he lives up to anything like his "wonderkid" tag, then we could have found a cracker, we've then got Frank Ross who again looks like he could potentially be a huge upgrade on Declan McDaid and then if we add a fully fit and firing Alan Forrest, a young and exciting Luke McCowan and the two old hands of Moffat and Doolan then we could have a recipe to cause carnage in opposing teams defences once again. Roscoe will hopefully come in and prove a worthy replacement for Rose and if we can get Doohan back then all in all I think we can look forward to the season ahead with some real optimism. Come on the Ayr !!
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    Delighted to see the back Low, she's been full of shit since day one and brought naff all to the club apart from her delusions of self importance. Cheerio.
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    He got Denny Johnstone on a technicality but is skating on thin ice IMO
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    Yep just like Talbot in the cup was a sare yin for u so this is not your year Ah the talk is about Sevco and along comes a Junior fan. Colour me surprised. How's the begging going for the floodlights? Manged to raise £3.50 yet for a few candles?
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    Armadale must be getting better! It was 4-1 last season.
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    What's with all these daft name changes in the league? First Edusport and now this...
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    Four wins out of four gives us a coefficient of 1 so far. Keep it up.
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    The sport is literally called "football". It's the most important part of the body.
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    I like it when people take a joke seriously xo
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    I'm a bit of an expert on that, you know.
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    My criticism is purely based on the fact that he did not need to disclose any of this in the media when the club is trying to move on and gain a bit of stability. I reckon that's a reasonable and proportionate criticism.
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    Hilltop Hoods - I’m A Ghost Restrung
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    Maybe the guys just don’t believe a fan ownership model is the way to go in general for the betterment of the club. I don’t really buy into the arguments against it but you do seems to risk having guys without real world experience of running a business or other organisation in fairly senior positions, I believe such a thing happened at Berwick with dire consequences, for example. Our ‘fans representative’ has not always been the most appropriate choice, just whoever is in with the right people in the supporters clubs. Again not something I agree with necessarily but I often hear that the “benevolent dictator” generally produces the best outcomes for a football club so long as said person is sane, think of a Geoff Brown type figure. I think ideally you’d have something in between both models. A board of diverse talents, guys who know how to run a business, finance guys, guys who really know the footballing side and a benefactor or two willing to put their own money up when the chips are down, along with fan representation and some percentage of fan ownership.
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    Perhaps Biggie believes in separating the art from the artist?
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    A Monday morning placeholder. Clever* *RC55FFC confirms himself as not being a board member of FFC.
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    Must say, the professionalism from Utd lately is refreshing. Including the girls is good to see too. Cracking strip.
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    After a Stenny fan called a player a bit overweight on their thread - this happened, a new account to P&B suddenly burst into life and in no way at all is this McKernon or his Dad.
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    https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/billy-gilmour-makes-chelsea-debut-17846062 Probably still a year or two away, but promising.
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    survey completed... got quite a bit off my chest, and man that felt good.
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    STV confirming two inbound players at last things moving.
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    Get yourself a nice sovvy ring?
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    Theres the miners bowling club aboot 15 min walk from the park (the other one just 100 yards up from the park closed and is now converted to a bungalow). There is a social club inside the ground will welcome you before,at half time and after the game. 👍
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    Blair cemented the notion that there was no alternative. Will be class when the ice sheets collapse and we can drown him in the partially underwater Hague.
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    In all honesty the cup group is an extension on preseason. Glorified friendlies. I wouldn't panic yet, there will be alot of movement with loans and other clubs rejected trialists.
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    I've applied for all Hampden games as I'd like to go regardless of whether we qualify or not. During Euros and World Cups I watch every game on TV, so if it's being played 20 minutes down the road from me I'd love the chance to be there, even if it's a shite game.
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    Calvin Tshilumba was the 22 and Dramane Sissoko was the 9 according to the Falkirk Herald. In the highlights number 9 only touched the ball once if I remember rightly he put in a tackle to win the ball back. 22 however looked like a live wire and was very unlucky not to score.
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    Well, that's a Tenmars TM-195 3-axis RF field strength meter getting added to the Christmas list then. Thanks.
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    Due to the present TV contract(s) they'll still be in place this season as well as next.
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    I'd rather we got Ben Armour before Boris. Ships sailed though.
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    I think the shenanigans behind the scenes have instigated a lot of it though. The fan ownership plans were going forward before we got relegated so change was being pushed for anyway. The bod's subsequent stalling on that has seen a definite up surge in animosity towards them . If this had been carried through to its expected conclusion then protests wouldve never occurred.
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    The natural successor to Ryan Jack
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    Spanks pictures are poems without words.
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    Pinched from Shedtalk on Twitter, looks like a new signing announcement is imminent Adam King?
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    If these games were £10 I’d probably be at all three, I just can’t bring myself to pay £15 to watch us play a friendly, or Albion rovers/East Kilbride.
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    I'm sure I speak for many when I say that nobody will deny Monster Munch + Red Bull is not a healthy breakfast, but sauntering in a with a "pret porridge" makes you sound like an insufferable arsehole and I for one would much rather hang about with the crisps + energy drink guy. I may be getting whooshed here, in which case, carry on. Edit: WTF even is a pret porridge?
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    Man U v Chelsea will be terrible. Anyway, we seem to have signed a Brazilian forward for £22 million. Never heard of him before but excited anyway. Brazilian! Striker! £22 million! From Brazil! In South America! £22 million! Not getting my hopes up but he better be at least as good as Pele.
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    Sponsorship is temporary, class is permanent.
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