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    Quite fitting that Lewis should go on Love Island, considering Love Island is very similar to Falkirk 2018/19; aye, it’s full of handsome guys with six packs and beards but it’s fucking grim to watch.
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    Just driven past the stadium. Nothing to see, just a normal St Mirren close season.
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    Lol. Since Motherwell's last statement, confirming the bid had been accepted; Celtic's PR team released a very heads gone couple of tweets over Turnbull's agent not accepting their first offer. Celtic's captain, Scott Brown, basically made a sales pitch in a press conference for Turnbull to come to Celtic. Celtic's Assistant Manager, John Kennedy, labelled Turnbull greedy and lacking ambition for not signing for Celtic straight away. Celtic's Manager, Neil Lennon, was on Sky Sports News taking about the signing being done later that day. Since that day (five days ago, now), Celtic have said nothing publicly, and have now resorted to feeding stories to the press about the latest developments. But aye, Motherwell like to go public...
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    One of my managers at my previous job through college and university (call centre) was a total jobsworth (handing out warnings for using the toilet on your shift :lol). Who got infuriated at me when I replied ‘to not be here’ when she asked ‘what my long term goal for working here?’ I got offered a new job relating to my degree and went into work after the interview. She tried to pull me up about something that day and was greeted with my notice. So sweet. Loving my new job.
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    Six months on and still being freely libelled as racists in the national media, all thanks to a lie perpetuated and promoted by the charlatans in the boardroom. Really, if any further motivation is required not to hand them one more penny, look no further than that headline. Despicable stuff really.
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    Can you even read, bro? The entire thread is filled with Sons fans doing exactly that.
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    Because this close season, a general, latent unhappiness at how the club has been run for the past decade or so has crystallised into something stronger on the back of an omnishambles of a last 12 months. Myriad f**k-ups, in some sort of chronological order, Calamity threatening legal action on a bunch of kids over a trademark years out of date, the complete clusterf**k that was the appointment of McKinnon and the small fortune subsequently lost on that, the libelling of an entire support as racist and failure to issue any apology on the back of a fantasy, the leading down the garden path and then shafting of the support over the share purchase scheme, the statement placing the blame for the departure of a buffoon of a CEO squarely on the shoulders of the supporters. Add all that together and you get a tipping point. For a lot of supporters we've reached it. Again, it has nothing to do with signings, managerial appointments, managerial sackings, garbage performances, inept players, relegation to the seaside league for the first time in forty years. Could not care less. I'm fully aware that the board have regarded us as mugs for years. This summer, I've stopped being one.
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    Dennon Lewis quite literally putting the phrase, “he couldn’t score in a barrel of fannies” to the test.
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    Lots of things are more important than the support of a football team. The political views of the majority shareholder of the chocolate biscuit-making sponsor of the diddy cup most certainly is not one of them.
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    Or maybe it has Andrews, Agathe, Novo written all over it? A resounding lesson in how to be miserable.
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    I was definitely an adult before I realised that news reports of "A 35 year old man is helping police with their enquiries" didn't mean that some publicly-spirited 35 year man had wandered into the police station to see if there was anything he could do to help.
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    New on here but wanted to share some names I've heard from someone that's been around training the last few weeks. Joe McKee, Ciaran Summers, Paddy Boyle, Jordan McMillan, Hashim Bakar, Ryan Finnie, Yaw Osei, Mati Zata as well as a few younger guys coming in from the juniors. Can't say for sure that all these names are true but wanted to pass on what I'd been told.
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    I have said all along selfishness would always win with some. I don’t mean that to be derogatory merely that other things are more important to some than the long term future. This is one reason the other is the 20/30 quid they will save. There are more than enough not buying to give the club the message that their days are coming to an end
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    Update: We've had it confirmed this evening that our application has been accepted by the SFA board and we have officially been passed to licencing for audit. We should have the final few things in place the next month or so (everything ready, just pending planning permission), hopefully a positive start to the season down at Westfield. [emoji106]
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    Honestly you couldn't make this pish up.
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    The club statement is short in content, but it says much about how it’s all come to an abrupt ending for both manager and Chairman. Oran’s playing a blinder with his tweet to the fans. It’s clear from what I’ve heard that he’s worked his ticket here. Gordon Scott has been given a raw deal in this instance. He can’t really fire anything out there as it won’t help an already bad situation. We move on and hopefully get Jim Goodwin and a period of much needed stability.
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    Got a new job last Friday so leaving my one now once my disclosure and checks come through. I’ve hated the people I work with bar a few for the whole 7 years I’ve been there. They’re moaning, greeting faced backstabbing arseholes. Well I won the bonus ball this weekend at work and It was a 4 week rollover and sitting at £150. The look on their faces was beautiful. Doubt I’ll get a goodbye card now[emoji23][emoji23]
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    Compensation already agreed with Alloa for Goodwin I hear.
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    Agreed. Imagine describing Dennon Lewis as a footballer !!!
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    Great attitude, pal! Do the club you support out of money by boycotting games because somebody who owns a company who sponsors a cup has a different political option to you. Numpty.
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    I'm more excited about the seethe on here if we sign Shankland, than the prospect of him actually playing for United...
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    That's some leap: comparing a properly recruited, on trial for a week (two weeks, if you count the pre-season training done before the contract was signed) John McGlynn signing with a Claude "you're French - here's a contract" Anelka signing....
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    Tell him f**k all. http://quizoftheday.co.uk/arsehole his name works for me. Wed 8/10
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    What's he like on the left wing?
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    Who the actual f**k gives a shit about a seat when the clubs going down the shitter. I’ll only be going to away games until these utter c***s leave.
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    That’s the measure of that fucking shower. Public attempt at shaming the fans, private apology to a minimal amount. Arseholes.
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    A Celtic Supporter laughing at our potential managerial choices...?? Fucking hell😃
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    Stealing patter from Agent Scotland? That's a new low.
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    I was in my thirties before realising that the correct lyrics to the well known Christmas carol were: "Good King Wenceslas looked out" and not what I'd thought for years: "Good King Wencelas last looked out"
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    Humble dressing room of Fauldhouse Utd
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    Someone I worked with brought back coffee sweets they got from a trip to Africa. I ate one and they gave me both the shits and a boner. I had to go home early that day.
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    I once read in FHM that women were right into confident men. Armed with this fail-proof information, I told this barmaid that I had my eye on that she fancied me. She didn't fancy me and I still cringe 20-odd years on at her reaction.
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    These are far more sensible than any of Willie's posts.
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    Indeed. If everyone could stop quoting that trolling muppet, and the boresome Monkey Tennis whilst they're at it, the thread will be a much happier place. (well as happy as we can be given the current circumstances).
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    Some of us are looking past the need for immediate promotion to see what we think may happen if that is allowed to be used as a smokscreen of "success" by the current board. Currently we are Falkirk FC in name only with loyal fans being treated like shite by those who really define what Falkirk FC is. Quite frankly I have too much dignity to be treated like that and fork out cash in response. Some of us want to get back to having a club that respects its fans and as such, are willing to harm whatever this shambling entity is in order to get there. Why are people not understanding that you cant get rid of business people in charge of a business by handing them business success on a plate in the form of blindly buying their product regardless of the prodict quality, or the customer care that goes with it. They dont fucking respect us. Least we can do is respect ourselves.
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    Let the negative folk be negative. It’s their only enjoyment.
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    Unfortunately that's not true. The shares are worth whatever the new owners will pay and I doubt the value of that payment will reflect the number of season tickets sold. If our next owners are buying the club as a showcase for Indian players - or to make money by building a hotel on the East side - or even razing the place to the ground to build houses on - why would they give a toss how many season tickets holders FFC have? For me, the argument that withholding money hurts the MSG is wrong. It's a red herring. The MSG won't care because they know they're leaving anyway. And they'll still get money for their shares regardless of what the fans do. The only effect in the short term might be that cuts have to be made to either the playing budget or the admin staff. It's not going to force the board out.
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    Hes not on the board ffs....he just talks shite. a criteria that meets with the boards statements thus far
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    Hes not on the board ffs....he just talks shite.
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    f**k sake they admitted themselves how much they fucked up last season by not having someone more football savvy overseeing things. If your happy being branded a racist by your own club for no reason then fair enough. (No fucking public apology for that yet btw). How anyone can stick up for them now is beyond me.
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    I was about 25 when I learnt gammon wasn't fish. I've no idea why I ever thought it was, it was possibly because my mum, dad and brothers always had smoked haddock on 'fish night' growing up but because i didn't like it, I got gammon. That was an awkward conversation in the pub.
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    Perhaps they've discovered he's actually a genetic experiment to create the perfect footballer, spliced together from body parts of Keith Lasley's victims.
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    We’re not boycotting over poor statements and a lack of communication. We’re boycotting as they have contributed to us being at our lowest point most of us can remember, they appointed a conman as a scout without knowing his background, they scrapped our academy and let the newspapers break the news, they accused us of racism, they threatened to take the fans to court over a badge they didn’t even own, they illegally tapped up our manager, they are wasting our money by the bucketload trying to make up for their mistakes, they insisted they would allow a share issue to happen to allow the fans to have a say in the running of the club to then change the goalposts and look to line their own pockets and have since chased away every prospective investor through their own greed. They are driving us backwards at an alarming rate and can’t be trusted with anymore money or to take us forward. Hence the protest
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    Can't even grab a woman round the throat and slam her into a wall these days without the loony left getting all offended. This country has gone to the dogs. I blame Sadiq Khan myself.
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