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    Can you even read, bro? The entire thread is filled with Sons fans doing exactly that.
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    Compensation already agreed with Alloa for Goodwin I hear.
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    That's some leap: comparing a properly recruited, on trial for a week (two weeks, if you count the pre-season training done before the contract was signed) John McGlynn signing with a Claude "you're French - here's a contract" Anelka signing....
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    Tell him f**k all. http://quizoftheday.co.uk/arsehole his name works for me. Wed 8/10
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    What's he like on the left wing?
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    Can't even grab a woman round the throat and slam her into a wall these days without the loony left getting all offended. This country has gone to the dogs. I blame Sadiq Khan myself.
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    Holy Guacamole Batman! Another 10 for Wednesday, with only two outright guesses. (4/10 for the comedy quiz, how we all laughed)
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    Bingo. I was having a conversation with a more senior Falkirk fan earlier this week and I said to him for me the decline started early 2009. We signed players on stupid wages with no relegation clauses and watched as the manager and chairman both quit a few weeks later. I hate to think what the collective salaries of BOB, Scobbie and George Craig were but it was absolutely disgusting for a club our size. Since the Cup final v Rangers almost every decision made seems to have been a shocker.
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    I went to school with a guy who scouts the lower leagues in France for Brentford and he sent me this yesterday
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    He plays on the left, he plays on the right, Shay Logan, makes Celtic look shite
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    This is the worst thing I think I’ve seen on this thread. What a fucking mental opinion. I’m genuinely in awe about how far up their arseholes you are. If you cannot see how much of a cancer these guys are to our club then shame on you.
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    Point 27.03 would also allow them to play the game in Chester, at a stadium which met the regulations. It's petty as f**k but if I was on the board I'd definitely explore it further. There's a lot of *** like entitlement coming from the killie fans demanding we are given more tickets or we move the game. The attitude of "This wee diddy welsh team" should just concede home advantage and allow us to take over doesn't sit well with me.
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    Even if Rangers won the league, they'd still be a zombie club supported by folk who let their club die. So "yer club's deid" will always be fair game.
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    You don't meet many women with Tinder, do you Adam?
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    Ta. Would be a good draw if the organisers gave the slightest shit about what supporters think and got rid of the sodding "Colts".
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    Boyd Tunnock is a Union-loving scrote, but I'm all for Scottish football embracing the patter which is absolutely unique to our league setup, so it's a thumbs up from me.
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    Was it not Tunnocks that fairly recently had an identity crisis in regards to their nationality
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    Probably Celtic & Rangers Colts
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    Miller is still very fit and playing in the right team still an asset. Our team was utter shite last season so judging him on his capabilities on his time at Dens is unfair
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    Wes Fletcher: "Dunno, spose so."
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    The Beatles - Anna (Go To Him)
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    Did you read any of the statements released by the board/msg in the past year? They totally alienated the support with those alone. So, what are we as supporters meant to do... just sit back and say... achhh... theres another wee mistake they've made... they'll get it right one day.... f**k that.
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    Can't agree with that - He's positionally lacking, but had the potential to be a bit of a beast in midfield for us. Still only 23.
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    I know hee haw about wrestling, but good to see Maryhill get the backing they needed.
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    We were always bound to get him or Boyd. Not too fussed about him being about 75 year old because he seems to still be very fit. More concerned about him constantly dropping deep thinking he’s Xabi Alonso and being a snake.
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    Every Bairn sticking by the no season tickets is a hero. Then you get the others. “Good guy, good guy, w*nk...”
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    Won a set of 6 of these from the local's Christmas raffle, but off the booze for a month so it'll be July 16 before there's anything in it. Boo.
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    I don't want to sound hysterical but I'm beginning to think we'll never sign anyone ever again.
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    We didn't swap him for Doolan. We swapped him.for McDonald. Anyway, reported for ageism!
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    I hope the wrongly accused sells his side of the story & makes a few quid.* *Whether he decides to spend it on a season ticket is his business, I wont hassle him on that. (although I think I know the guy & I'll be disappointed if he doesn't blow it on away days & monk)
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    Only just heard it. It really is fantastic, what a wonderful tribute to one of Scott's best songs.
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    Did you not get the memo from Ross to refrain from tenuously linking the club to serial killers. One trackie top was plenty.
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    sign a bleedin striker already.
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    He's doing pre-season with United but just to make up the numbers I think. Played as a trialist for East Fife in a bounce game apparently.
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    Batchy has retired. Cracking player who will be a big loss.
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    Purely in the Scottish Cup, 28/11/09 Irvine Meadow 1 Arbroath 0 Scottish Cup 3rd Round. Had beaten Brora Rangers and Selkirk both away in previous rounds. The win over Arbroath was the first ever victory for a Junior team over a senior team in a competitive game, and set up a 4th round trip versus Hibs at Easter Road. The Arbroath fans had arrived predicting a very easy away win.
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    The bottom of the sleeve will feature Jocky Wilson, Jackie’O’s, Laurie Ellis and that boy fly fishing on Links Street.
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    We'd prefer it was Catholic but we won't be picky.
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    That's what Mane did in the Champions League Final, players are already on to it. I just don't get the reasoning behind the change, my only conclusion is that they want to make it easier for referees. However as has been said, there are many things you could do to make it easier for referees but that doesn't mean it's the right thing to do. The solution is for the refereeing to get better, not make the law simpler.
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    The reality is they're all c***s.
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    Her gravitational pull is playing havoc with his face.
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    I thought there was contact but the player delayed going down - so dived. Wasn't a penalty for me, but there was definitely contact so I don't think it would qualify as a clear and obvious error. She took two steps and decided to fall over. It was a massive dive.
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    That will be very close... but you've got the top two the wrong way round, for reasons I can't quite work out...
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    Not a week goes by without a "How are we doing?" type survey getting sent to everyone in the work. However, Today's email wasn't a survey. It was an email to whet our appetites - to inform us about a NEW survey that's coming next Monday. It was even accompanied by the hashtag #threedaystogo Yes, we're now getting a countdown to surveys. The opening line informed us that the survey is BACK (I honestly didn't think it had gone away). And now, instead of giving scores from 1-5, we get to use SMILEY FACES. Haud me back.
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    In the east it doesn't need a solution. Join the EoS to become senior and a pyramid member, remain in the ERJFA and stay Junior. That's the choice in the east. The SJFA wasted a year arguing otherwise, let's hope another year isn't wasted.
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    In the pub for the football and there's a dug
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