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    That is a vile statement by Ritchie. Whether or not he owns a significant chunk of the club or not, there is no way on earth he should be allowed to use the official website as a conduit to spill such utter bile into the public domain. The man triggered all of this himself by threatening Falkirk supporters with legal action for using an emblem that was not subject to copyright. He then was happy to tell us all of his part in the “Hartley and his scout” shambles. Then we are all racists. So there we go, a man who wanted to play football mover and shaker, and screwed it up completely, and then went on to alienate Falkirk supporters, is, in Martin Ritchie’s eyes, the hero of the hour. Lets add “liars” to the ship of fools tag line. Maybe someone with a bit of PR savvy is what this bunch really needs. The Martin Ritchie book “How to make enemies and alienate people” should be available from Amazon any day now along with the free pamphlet “How to Build An Us & Them Mentality”. As I said earlier, no matter how cynical I get, I just can’t keep up.
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    There is no way Martin Ritchie - or the person that actually wrote that - didn't know the reaction it would cause among Falkirk supporters. They've already got a tough job on their hands to build fences with the fans and try to shift some STs. They've just witnessed an all-time dreadful season, with a club that should be pushing for the top flight, crashing into the Seaside Leagues. Maybe there's nothing they could do that would convince some to open their pockets but plenty would be talked around with the right gestures and some decent signings. Instead, they've taken a flamethrower and burned those fences to dust. A quite unbelievable move, which is, at best, staggeringly misguided.
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    2 year deal for Cammy.
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    If anyone needed anymore proof to not give the existing regime ST money then there it is,a scandalous statement Ritchie GTF now
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    Pathetic and pointless points scoring attempt on a thread that should be supportive to the Bo'ness community. Have a good look at yourself man.
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    Well, I thought that was excellent. That must be about as transparent as a football club can be, at this stage of the season.
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    Reading that statement and thinking about how it will have went down with the Falkirk fans
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    If they are still in charge next season I will not attend any home Falkirk games. Breaks my heart but I hate these c***s. They are killing our club, this statement is unbelievable.
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    I dont know if this information has already been posted in another thread,but a touching event happened on Sunday after Talbots win.The bus transporting the players and cup home, took a detour through the housing scheme in Mauchline and stopped at a house where a fan thats followed Talbot for years has a very, very, serious illness and is no longer able to go and watch his beloved team.The players took the cup in for him to see,it was quite emotional and a touch of class and compasion from everyone at Talbot, and a day the guy will cherish.
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    Thankfully that charlatan DAB McSackIntyre got it in the neck before he could do any more damage to our club after trying to run Cammy out of Dens. Cammy Kerr 1 - 0 Charlatan DAB, now that's a result!
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    "We're putting the band back together."
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    It’s with a heavy heart that I totally agree with you Harry. They are all disgusting people. We are in serious danger of this season being a waste of time.
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    Nope, have him dribble the ball straight into the net.
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    St Johnstone offered him a deal which he turned down.
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    The town is clearly very proud of the football team but also its two brass bands who are both in the top 75 in the world. No other town or city anywhere in the world can boast that. A very sad day for the town, and nice to see that the band is also in the thoughts of those on this forum.
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    As one of the rest of the crew, thanks very much. It can be tough sometimes (I normally don’t mind giving up most Saturday nights to edit the highlights but the 5-0 to Ross County was a sore one) but enjoy giving back to the club that has given me so many great memories over the years. I’m sure there will be more from us very soon with the incoming announcements.
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    Some questions/observations as a result of that shocking car crash of a statement : Why is MR signing the statements when he recently announced he's had enough & was out? If there was verbal abuse "of a threatening level" & risking "himself & his family" - why is this not a police matter? If No.2 is real and it is a police matter then they should not be commenting on it , they've just made the same mistake again as they did with the jumping the gun racism fake news statement. If Craig Campbell is such a hot shot off the pitch pulling in all that investment, who's decision was it to let him be directly involved in the football strategy where he has no expertise and which clearly got us relegated? The real reason I can see he has gone is that we simply cannot afford a CEO on his wage in League 1, which is obviously a result of our relegation - their fault not ours - yet we get the blame, an absolute disgrace and it displays a complete contempt (and perhaps hatred) of the fans.
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    You're going to sustain a career ending injury while trying to injure someone else?
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    Had one very good night in there which culminated in pulling some probable munter. Wish I could see what she looked like. Thought she was ok at the time. Did the full festival 0500 job then had to get the first train home absolutely ripped with the business crowd... Simpler times. Did you try standing on a chair?
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    Plus it looks fucking shit.
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    Seeing as footballers on the whole are thick, I'd say the vast majority of them in this country support Rangers or Celtic. Regardless of where they're from.
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    We’ve made two signings, and one of them was pretty much as ‘marquee’ as it gets at this level.
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    Raith Rovers celebrate clinching the League One title, May 2020.
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    The troops are being rounded up. Jules Tchimabakala next please
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    Another club suffering at the hands of vandals and the damage to the band hall is heart breaking. I also have to say that usually these sort of threads on here are spared from the usual level of bawbaggery and jobby tennis that pollutes all the others - some posters really need to take a good look at themselves.
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    This. A million times this. Very happy he’s signed on and hopefully McPake will let him bomb forward, like his days under Hartley. Raith for first game, that’s a great wee away trip. Saw us win the First Division there, that was the day I properly fell in love with Dundee. And Eddie Annand. He was some boy. Thank you.
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    How is it their is meant to ben a Junior team playing there next season fuckwhit
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    I agree it's an absolute shambles, both teams are left in uncertainty because of the SFA's incompetence. That's why the SFA licensing decision should really have been made in February as originally planned. That would have given Bonnyrigg the time to sort things out in case of a negative decision so any final decision would have been reached before the end of the season and all teams would have know what would happen. Imagine if the SOS had a licensed champion, or even worse, a champion going through the same process as Bonnyrigg? You could end up with a play-off before knowing for definite which of the 2 teams (if any) is actually eligible for promotion. Yes, I know the reason why the initial SFA meeting in which this should have been discussed has been cancelled and obviously the reason was very sad. But surely it's not difficult to at least have a quick phone/Skype conference shortly after for example? The licensing rules at the start of the season should remain the same throughout the season for both new applicants and teams that already have a license with the decision taken in February and any further steps to be taken (if needed) to be done by the end of the season. Rule changes should only apply when a new season starts, giving existing member clubs (at least) a year to sort things out on their side.
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    I'm beginning to think P&B is one big human psychology experiment. A bit like MKultra or the Milgram experiment....
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    Listen to this fantastic interview
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    Craig Campbell being sacked is fantastic news, and that statement should show all people buying season tickets exactly who their money is going to. Double win imho. What a sad state of affairs we are in.
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    Just uploaded a new video... Raith TV sat down with Bill Clark this evening. In the video he talks about a range of topics, including: Current players that have signed for 19/20 New players Outgoing players The new kit The Player Development Fund Season ticket sales The pitch Finances Stadium plans Backroom staff You can view it below -
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    I'm not going to pretend these two are the best in the world, but there's something about this photo that makes me want to grab Granny Danger by the breasts, plant my nut right between his beady wee eyes and scream Derry Rhumba as he leaves his circus orca frame in the cobbled ground. Maybe, we could get Hooleys tear stream when we romp to victory at Tannadice to act like the old 'cannonball' at the Olympia and send Orca Danger right down the Hulltoon and back into the sea as he falls. Two c***s in that photo that know the club and will fucking love it if we do them Arab b*****ds in the league this year. This is what football is missing in the English top tier. A bit of raw passion you fucking disgrace to the game b*****ds. That champions league final was a fucking disaster, but that's the way football is going ladies and gentlemen. Listen, I'd of rather have a video of Susan Boyle strumming her goods than any clips from last season. But I'm not going to slip off and start supporting an English club for some success. People dancing up the paves of Stobswell as Liverpool lift the cup. Fucking good ane you muppets. A bit of euthenesia wouldn't go a miss folks. It's not all about money and foreign players, it's about passion and me leaping over the seats of the Derry with my arms spread wide to the dayglo filth as they disperse back to Angus in their droves. That'll do me. It really fucking will. Arbroath away fucking lovely day out. Prime time to slap someone over the pus with a smokie too if anyone pipes up. Dunfermline brides. Inverness scenery. Greenock heroin. Alloa... That's enough. Fucking c'mon Dunde, let's tear these animals apart this year. No mercy, but many merci's. Peace out. Thank you very much.
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    The baldy snake went last week and they’ve held the announcement to see how badly season ticket sales went and released it now because they’ve fallen off a cliff. Not actually a bad strategy. Unfortunately they’ve miserably failed in the delivery of the statement and their only real talent seems to be that they are outstanding at making things continually worse.
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    This must be the most fucking stupid set of people running a football club in history. This almost reads like the Dennon Lewis accusation, once again attacking the very people who will make or break the future of the club. I can only assume that this is Ritchie and the remaining members of the boards’s last stand, as any possibility of building bridges, however remote they already were, have been completely burned with that load of shite masquerading as a statement. Here’s a statement for the board... f**k off out of OUR club. You’ve done near terminal damage, but don’t even have the humility to recognise it, instead somehow thinking that it’s all the supporters fault. You are not welcome anywhere near in future.
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    Who cares what Talbot fans say. At the end of the day,Cove are a league 2 side,while Talbot are juniors,argument over.
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    I’m not as unhappy with Ash as a lot of people seem to be. He had a few bombscare moments, but some people have rewritten history with the implication that he never had a decent game for us.
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    Bo'ness United Juniors will be playing out of Newtown Park
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    What a weird thing to get snarky about.
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    thought it was the worst atmosphere of a junior final I've been at. The fans were lively enough at times but the ground really isn't great. got to agree with the negativity comment in general though. Couple of the pro-pyramid zealots getting a tad salty at the idea of people enjoying their day and having a bit of pride in the grade. Folk that are more interested in the politics of the game than the game itself. Boollin' club mafia types i'm guessing.
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    Liam Henderson - aye Van Dijk - aye Robertson !! A bit desperate, released aged 15...........
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    Obviously you did if you created an account just to post that
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