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    Ok. Sober living is going well, got a part time tutoring job for now and had a successful interview on Tuesday so I have a full time teaching job starting July. Positive news all round
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    I just don’t get people not waiting until they see the outcome of these bids we seemingly have.
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    Thought you lot were all buzzing about Hopkin? Brewster coming in as assistant would be the most blatant form of pandering I've ever seen and if the club think they would win me over with such shameless tactics then they're 100% correct.
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    Get fucked. His tweet was an utter disgrace and clearly anti-Semitic. Spurs have deep, historic links to Jews, but they have absolutely zero links to Israel, which he knows full well. Israeli foreign policy also has absolutely fucking nothing to do with a London-based football team and the Champions League final. No excuse can be made for him, he's a horrible cretin, and he's rightly been sacked.
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    There's something almost symbolically appropriate in Bonnyrigg applying for and receiving planning permission, obtaining, transporting, erecting and getting lights operating, in considerably less time than it took SFA to arrange a meeting. ? EOS format differs substantially to last season. By fluke Bonnyrigg / Whitehill are similarly located and equipped (except Rose will have lights).
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    We already have the better Hamilton brother. In case you missed it he won the league at starks Park last season.
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    10 for Monday, nice start to the week. I'm sure the capital was in a couple weeks back.
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    10 for me, one was a guess. One of the questions was in the quiz a week or so back.
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    Agreed if we played him in front of the back 4 where he belonged be was solid. The type of player that could have helped keep us up last year by actually tackling c***s and not being a total shitebag. Just let others do the fancy stuff.
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    If you are rating Taiwo as a 2/10 then I'd be interested to hear your views on last years squad.
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    Or are selfish and want their football on the cheap and dress it up as “helping the club”
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    Why is there a comma between the 9s Absolutely fucking fuming here
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    I can vouch for the wee p***k, he's a saints fan at heart.
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    We’ve made two signings, and one of them was pretty much as ‘marquee’ as it gets at this level.
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    "Hawl, Brew, it's Craw. Get oan the blower tae Skerla and Mason: I'm putting the gang back thegither."
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    I don't think there's anything to gain by arguing amongst ourselves about fans renewing. It's worth repeating though that there's no difference, financially or to seat selection, to renewing today or the end of the early bird period. So if you're going to buy no matter what then you can still help send the message to the board by waiting until the last moment. Hopefully it will let them know we aren't going to blindly hand over our money without significant change. Plus it'll be a great sign to the new owners if there's a massive influx of ST sales the day the club is taken over.
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    certainly looks like one
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    Can we now use the term "do a Falkirk" when a full time team, blessed with early season optimism, a healthy budget and decent fanbase, manages to get relegated without the aid of any sort of points deduction or off-field calamity?
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    Nice tribute to Gordon Lennon in this week's local rag, 10 yrs this week since he died. Good work SonsteamOf08
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    At the horse racing the other night, after the 2nd race she turns and gives it; “How come they don’t need the rabbit for them to chase round the track here”
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    I assume you're a racist then?
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    Anyone else keep opening the Championship thread every time before realising we're not there.
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    That's 4 good signing for Stranraer, not to sure about the last 2. Bit samey.
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    Interesting to see almost everyone have Falkirk as clear favourites. What is that based on? They seem to be a club in turmoil both on and off the park which doesn't seem like the strongest foundations for a bounce-back promotion. As we have proved (crowd-w**k alert) you can't assume the club with the highest attendance/ biggest budget/ full-time squad will walk the league. It's probably wishful thinking but I'm not sure I'd put Falkirk as such clear favourites- although to be fair as has been pointed out numerous times already we have no idea what the majority of the squads will look like yet so it's far too early to be predicting anything.
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    Got absolutely steaming last night and pulled what I thought to be a looker, a bit MILFY, never realised she was an actual old woman until she pulled her glasses out her bag to read a text message.
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    Please don’t start the “real supporter” shite. Absolutely chronic patter.
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    taiwo 2/10? very harsh imo, I though Taiwo was a very good player for us. think your judgement has been clouded by that nightmare last season mate.
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    how long into the close season and we haven't had a favourite strip discussion : ') for some light relief the new AIK away strip borrows alot from the sons.
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    It might sound harsh but anyone renewing today or this week (or until the ownership matter is resolved) isn’t doing the club any favours. Luckily I’m sure there’s enough folk within the support who won’t renew as they have done previously to ensure the message is received.
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    Season ticket renewal day. Once a Bairn always a Bairn. #COYB
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    Just like buses I wait ages for a 10 then 2 come along in the same megaleague! 10/10 for Monday, bit of a guess on the computing question.
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    Proper arsehole behaviour earlier. Managed to f**k up my Google account somehow.
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    Hello Dundee! Come on down!
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    A Morton fan, of all beasts, calling league 1 a team's rightful place. Alanis Morissette would have a fucking field day.
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    Saints on manoeuvres at Kinnoull Hill in the early 70's.
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    It’s the type that wouldn’t give a shit if we were in the East of Scotland League as long as they get away from their moaning spouses for two hours every second Saturday.
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    Caldwell has 3 goals in the Champions League. OK, they're all own goals but you don't get to score them if you don't play in it. Also won the FA Cup in one of the bigger shocks in the final I can remember in 30 years, probably since Wimbledon beating Liverpool in 1988. He's definitely had the best career in terms of trophies and moments, would say Robertson and Johnston were better players. Also this might be worth 1st on its own
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