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    Someone tell him that wearing camouflage doesn't stop you being spotted greeting.
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    I appreciate all the comments in this thread about the first series of A View from the Terrace - as mentioned previously, it's always good to know what works well and what we can do to improve on some things going forward (and there are already some superb ideas in the pipeline for next season). It's been tremendous fun for everyone involved and I think we bowed out on a strong note on Friday night. A new TV show about Scottish football is unlikely to please everyone, and I can accept some of the criticism in this thread and on social media, but if you think Duncan McKay's trip to Stirling Albion to work as their groundsman for the day was "pointless" then A View from the Terrace isn't for you and you should probably watch something else. To address another point raised over the weekend, I've seen one or two comments on Twitter along the lines of "this should have been given to Si and Slaney" - would Open Goal, in its current format, benefit by being on TV? In what way would that make their product better? Open Goal can do whatever they want on YouTube, and good luck to them going forward. I don't understand why some people feel it's one or the other, A View form the Terrace or Open Goal. Kevin Kyle's comments on Friday night, made seven minutes into the show, were pretty funny, right enough. He shouldn't have deleted his original tweet; I wonder if someone had a word with him about it. I hope to see you all in a couple of months, enjoy your summer!
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    Yes, the club certainly needs all the backing it can get right now. We can flourish, but it's going to take (and is taking) a lot of work. There should be some positive news regarding next season coming shortly -- but let me assure you that everything that can be said is being said by the club (I'm the club press officer, as well as involved from the trust, so I'm speaking of what I know here). If there was more that could be put into the public arena right now, that would happen. The board is strongly committed to working positively with supporters, sponsors etc. (Speculation is inevitable in the absence of hard news... I understand that, but much of it is way off course, and it really doesn't help anyone or anything.) The reality is that contracts and financial arrangements involve confidentiality and can end up taking more time than people would like. Everyone is working flat-out to get things over the line. Best to all, Simon
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    Considering how pleased Neilson was to get to pens you’d think he’d have his team fucking practise them.
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    My, my, my what a beautiful Sunday..
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    Commiserations to Sky, the SFA, the SPFL and the BBC. Beaton and Madden tried their best but it just didn't come off in the end.
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    Once a banter years cycle begins, it becomes very hard to stop.
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    I hope those United fans who queued in the pissing rain on Monday night had a really enjoyable day out today.
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    We've had all the big refereeing decisions go our way throughout the play offs. We've been much poorer at holding onto the ball and our passing than St. Mirren in this match. Siegrist, despite all his fluffs throughout the season has been superb and bailed us out so many times throughout these past four games. Our penalties were shocking, can really see why Nicky Clark took the one at Tannadice against ICT despite having been hobbling around for 15 mins or so previously. No chance of holding onto Safranko now. Playing in the Championship won't be appealing for a start, never mind having to do so out on the wing to accommodate Sow and McMullan up front. I'm not up for another managerial upheaval but there's no escaping my bemusement at how unimpressive we've been generally despite the hefty backing from the new owner in January. Fair play Maureens, definitely no arguments about the final result from me today. Those fucking penalties man. ...
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    That's the way to lose a penalty shootout. None of the drama just f**k each one.
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    When the adrenaline has gone, in the cold light of day, once the dust has settled, I still want a full fucking steward's enquiry into Beaton's performance there and I expect the corrupt c**t to be hanged, drawn and quartered.
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    Summed up our season tbh. We deserve all the abuse being handed out by the fans of other teams. MJC's desperation is as embarrassing as our penalties though.
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    Media Luvvie and perfectly timed pregnancy thing Ruth Davidson’s Seat votes...: 53% SNP [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
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    Dundee United Dodgy refs Dodgy penalty awards Dodgy opposition red cards One of the biggest spends in Scottish football this season St Mirren Not Dundee United
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    No Dundee representation in Scotland's top flight. Beautiful.
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    Any Arab or Maureen not currently shiting themselves is either batshit mental, deluded or already pished.
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    While I appreciate this is probably your ultimate fantasy, it's complete bollocks.
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    Rab could get caught fucking a dog’s corpse and he’d be on here posting loads of emojis and claiming people are rattled.
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    Fewer pleasures greater in life than watching Scottish labour get roundly fucked from all angles
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    I realise this thread will be a little busy right now but thought I would just say that we didn't deserve to win over those two legs. We were overly cautious and overly reliant on trying to play for penalties, or the "not lose" philosophy that Neilson uses as his default. Well done to St.Mirren.
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    Still annoyed about them disrespecting the 'Gers?
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    Another blow for Rab with Magee siding with him. It’s just not your day.
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    f**k me. I hope we lose today to avoid dealing with St Johnstone fans next season.
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    At least Dundee will have a big derby to look forward to next season. Against Arbroath.
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    Well done St Mirren, thoroughly deserved win. Enjoy your night and good luck for next season. Our inability to score a single penalty there was fitting.
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    The SFA forced a moratorium on applications from May 2018-October 2018 that was 6 months to resolve the issue relating to an unexpected number of applicants. This included hiring an additional licensing officer and would lead to the introduction of floodlights to the licensing criteria. That 6 months was meant to take into account the new EoS members but also the expectation that the entire SJFA was due to be enter the pyramid in 2019-20. When the SFA lifted the moratorium it was meant to have resolved all the perceived issues with so many new applicants. So when 17 clubs applied, plus another 3 trying trying to apply, the SFA realised they hadn't put in a big enough road block and would sit on applications for 3 months. They've still not had the decency to tell Dunipace they can begin the application process as far as i'm aware. Trying to put any of the blame on the clubs for being over exuberant or expecting too much is a nonsense. It has been the SFA consistently failing to lead and making up their rules as they go along.
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    Good luck to both teams today except Dundee Utd.
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    Because they were guaranteed starters in League One. They will be squad players next season so should get a wage that reflects that. Tbh it’s a massive riddy when relatives of players take to social media to voice their displeasure over things that don’t concern them. Moff seems to have very touchy family members.
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    Do you not like Dundee United? Help bust his big team
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    Robbie Neilson getting everything he deserves for celebrating the game going to extra time and also to penalties.
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