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    For what it's worth the boy Dom seems like a total bellend and that article is tragic. Last thing Berwick need now is that sort of poisonous moon howler getting space to write his stuff. Some of it may be accurate but the tone is utterly tragic. Edit: right now all he is concerned about is himself. All he can achieve is exposure for himself and no good for the club.
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    This Unionist 180 from neverendum to shitebag Sturgeon patter is pretty transparent stuff. The political party/individuals that they (and arguably most of Britain) recently viewed only as idealistic reactionaries are widely being talked up as the most sensible and capable politicians on this island and they don't like it one bit. Meanwhile, with Britain finally beginning to collapse in on the weight of its own regional economic inequality and unsustainably varied regional/national interests, the only people even asking to run the place are a mix of clowns and obviously evil b*****ds. Even the staunchest opponents of the SNP must secretly acknowledge that Sturgeon's political star has risen in recent months and that she is increasingly being viewed as something of stateswoman. If we go with the idea that she doesn't want to campaign for Independence then Unionists have even more to worry about, given the amount of international speculation about something nobody in a position of political leadership is apparently interested in. I don't even know where I stand anymore on the timing of a second referendum. All I know for certain is that the Unionists who want Sturgeon to chuck a grenade into Brexit right now are absolutely shiting themselves.
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    Fukin hell,were no paying his hospital fees as well are we?
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    If only we were part time and trained twice a week this could all be avoided.
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    Augusta National is the picturesque landscape that provides the stage for greatness, but that beauty masks a perilous danger that lies beneath the immaculate surface. Legends have been forged down Magnolia Lane, but many dreams have been cruelly shattered in view of the azaleas. It can only be the Masters Tournament, which possesses a unique relationship with golfers each April. Being played at the same venue every year, there is a connection that we have to this event unlike any other. When the Masters comes around, we are reacquainted with Augusta, we know the holes, recalling moments of the past, and watch the best players of today attempting to claim a small piece of that rich history. It’s a tournament that unfailingly captures our imagination. When you move beyond the superlatives and hype, ultimately, the Masters is the most exclusive of golf's major championships, this year welcoming a field of just 87 players, a mixture of the game's elite, former champions and invited amateurs. Such a limited gathering almost guarantees a leaderboard of the highest quality on Sunday, which has partly contributed to the excitement that this week annually generates among the public. Much of the tournament is undoubtedly iconic. From the layout to the green jacket, the Masters resonates with golfers deeply, and those emotions are present within the players themselves. Having the chance to win here is something they have imagined since childhood. For some, that pressure can prove to be overwhelming. Rory McIlroy comes to Georgia as the favourite, but with the weight of expectation on his shoulders. He’s been here before. Since his agonising final day collapse eight years ago, the Masters has remained elusive as he accumulated other golf’s grandest prizes. Last April’s final pairing with eventual champion Patrick Reed was just another disappointment for the Northern Irishman. However, this time, he returns with a swagger back to his step. Having played consistently since the summer, albeit without picking up the victories, the 29-year-old overcame the strongest field in golf at the Players Championship to secure one of the most significant triumphs of his career. That was only last month, and McIlroy’s game is at a level where anything but contention would be a shock. Storms have softened up the venerable, undulating fairways of Augusta, playing into his prodigious hands off the tee, but until he eventually does feel the validation of a green jacket on his shoulders, there will always be doubts about his ability to complete the career grand slam and etch his face onto the Mount Rushmore of golf. The only thing that would surpass McIlroy’s breakthrough at the Masters – as a story – is a fifth triumph for Tiger Woods, something that only two years would have been a laughable prospect, but now feels likelier than it has done for half a decade. Now 43, the American’s comeback went beyond reasonable expectations. He won the Tour Championship. He contended in both The Open and PGA. He made it back onto the Ryder Cup team. Though he hasn’t quite reached those heights this season, his iron play is the strongest part of his game – the most necessary qualification to unlock Augusta National – and his depth of experience cannot be discounted. Whether he has the firepower this week to beat the elite over 72 holes is unclear, but there is no question that he could. And wouldn’t that be a tale. Transcendent. Stratospheric. Elsewhere, the world’s current top ten are all seeking their first Masters victory. Justin Rose has an imperious record here – about as good as one can have without winning – and the Englishman is better prepared than most. Dustin Johnson has the ability to yield any course, while Justin Thomas possesses all the tools to succeed in the biggest events. For three-time major champion Brooks Koepka – a man lacking in much fanfare – there has been little joy of late, but he is a dangerous figure. Ryder Cup hero Francesco Molinari first came to Augusta to caddie for his brother Edoardo in 2005, but he could conceivably add Masters glory to his Claret Jug from Carnoustie. Jon Rahm has the skills to accomplish everything, but he still has much to learn temperamentally, while Rickie Fowler is attempting to claim his first major victory after a hard-fought runner-up to Reed last year – a performance that would have won most of the past tournaments in history – as is the underrated young American Xander Schauffele, who was right there with the Italian last July in Angus. Tommy Fleetwood, Paul Casey, Ian Poulter, Matthew Fitzpatrick and Eddie Pepperell will be hoping to emulate the British successes of Sandy Lyle, Nick Faldo, Ian Woosnam and Danny Willett, while the international contingent is best represented by Jason Day, Louis Oosthuizen and Marc Leishman. Former champions Phil Mickelson, Adam Scott, Bubba Watson and Sergio Garcia will feel optimistic, and then there is the curious case of Jordan Spieth. Since winning the Open at Royal Birkdale in 2017, the Texan has often looked beleaguered on the course, unsure of his technique and mindset, but remains capable of flashes of sheer genius, as he demonstrated 12 months ago when he shot up the leaderboard to threaten Reed and Fowler. Just on Saturday – during the Valero Texas Open – he shot a disastrous 42 on the front-nine but rebounded spectacularly with a 31 on the back. That is Spieth, but the fact is no one has played Augusta National better than he has during the past five years. If there’s anywhere he’s going to recapture that magic touch, it’s probably here. Many of us have grown up watching this event – alongside a parent or grandparent – and maybe the roles have now reversed sharing that experience with our own children. That’s the circle of life at Augusta National, but one player will achieve immortality this week. We’ll soon discover which story is going to be written, but there is always something to relish. It’s the Masters.
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    Word has come in from the #BigTeamAlliance and we're being made to lie down for the Bairns on Saturday. A disappointing but understandable decision by the committee.
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    It’s all over the place because being ‘wronged’ was clearly dominant in his thoughts when writing it. This is the guy who equated his role as twitter guy to that of the team manager before being dumped. The worst bit is the finger being pointed at the club for Henderson choosing Edinburgh over us, despite the difference in what each club could offer. Dom hated Henderson at Berwick and regularly slaughtered him on here to the point that Blair directed a celebration at him after a goal. He also hate McKenna who did similar and has also gone on to far better things. To then belittle fans for having hope in the manager when he was appointed, because ‘he knew better’ is hilarious. As I said before, he skims over some of the things he has a point with and even then litters it with errors. It’s absolutely nothing new and people have gone more in depth on here, the difference being that he’s so far up his own arse it’s more attack and destroy, tinged with bitterness than the mainly constructive things you see here. Probably because most supporters are thinking of the club rather than themselves.
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    I prefer my Arbroath medium rare.
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    This is outrageous. All it would take would be for Arbroath to lose 4 games in a row for the first time this season and us to win 4 games in a row for the first time this season and we would be champions.
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    Sorry, I'm not following you. I think folk get a bit more excited about these things than is really warranted. Everyone who counts (Ayr, Smith & United) have known about the agreement since it was signed. If it was going to affect Smith's head then that would happen irrespective of whether anyone else knew. The fact that the contract is now public knowledge is only really of interest to bell-ends on the internet/in the stands.
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    Should I set my alarm for November?
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    Some shameful comments from both sides on here, behave yourselves and be the bigger person. Better team won, four penalties were correct. Yoker and Clydebank happy to be in a groundshare agreement with the council. Following Clydebank has never been about trophies and it never will be.
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    The ideal football away day for me (and I suspect many others) is to jump on the train with a few cans, get to the town or city, go and grab something to eat, head to the pub, and then walk to the game, before doing the whole thing in reverse after the game. Jumping on shuttle buses for another 20 minute journey either side of the match is unappealing, particularly with the very likely prospect of having to queue for it after the game when everyone is trying to get back to the city centre at the same time. That is fundamentally why I consider it a pretty shit prospect compared to Pittodrie.
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    Hopefully he won't be part of a midfield 2 with fane
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    What you said yesterday was bollocks. What you say today is bollocks. What you'll say tomorrow will be bollocks.
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    Why do Assange apologists think it was okay to trash the reputation of the two women who made the sexual assault and rape allegations? Or ignored his passing of top secret US embassy cables to the dictator of Belarus, which may have landed democracy activists in prison? Assange is no friend of the left and those on the left who continue to apologise for him need to take a good hard look at themselves.
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    A half hour walk [emoji23] right ye are Usain
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    If it is true then it was done a while ago. Quite cute though that Dundee United are that feart they’ve decided to go all Malcolm Tucker on us and leak it right before they play us and not long before the play-offs. They must be shiting it.
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    A Believer hits the nail on the head. He was likely upset that we'd dared go over a week without him at the centre of attention. The guy is an absolute cartoon. Where fans are discussing potential solutions and arguing merits for the good of the club, he's still under the illusion anyone cares that he's had his toy taken off him - the bitterness in that article is amusing but verges on disturbing. You'll struggle to find anyone more self interested, demanding the club photographer gets a snap of him on squad photo day or pushing through merchandise orders cause he wants it then demanding he's the face of it so he can feel important. When it doesn't go his way the dummy gets spat and that's where we are now. His efforts will continue but they're best ignored. Leave it to the proper fans (those ones who are stuck in the dark ages cause one of our tweets hasn't banged for a good month now), who'll continue putting the club first instead of themselves.
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    I’ve never heard anyone say they want rid of Goodwillie. Occasionally there are times he should pass rather than keep it but we wouldn’t get another striker near his quality.
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    Everyone is allowed their opinion, it’s just a shame that yours is a ridiculous one
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    Knew I still had the photo somewhere.
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    If I was prepared to set off 2.5 hours before kick off I could go and watch Newcastle United.
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    When you dominate any level of football to the extent that Talbot have done over the years it’s perhaps understandable why you tread a fine line between overwhelming faith and confidence in your team and what at times could be seen as unbelievable arrogance Talbot are the best team at this level bar none - any victory over them is enjoyed in much the same way I would think that many SPL sides enjoy their rare triumphs over the ugly sisters On the pitch they are a machine that grind teams down through sheer hard work and excellent fitness levels. They have players who could quite easily be playing at a much higher level but I get that playing for Talbot gives a greater chance of silverware than many SFL teams would provide There are twats amongst the Talbot support and after over 35 years watching them I know there are twats amongst The Bankies support What is abundantly clear is that as a club everyone at Talbot is committed to the cause and that can at times annoy others - I’m sure they don’t give a monkeys and why should they? There is much for fans of both teams to look forward to - Talbot are on course to potentially win a league and cup double whilst Bankies are making huge strides on and off the park. A flourishing Academy system which is already bearing fruit , a redevelopment of Holm Park set to give both ourselves and Yoker as well as the town a real boost and the chance to put down serious long term roots again - helping us to progress as a club - in whatever league set up beckons longer term We have punched above our weight this season after narrowly avoiding relegation last season and there is much to be positive about under Kieran McAnespie Hopefully with a fully established permanent community facility in the town we will continue to grow and attract a new generation of supporters.
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    That's yer Declan Gallagher pre-contract confirmed. Didn't see that one coming tbqh.
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    I'd like to see Gardyne more central and given a free role similar to the second half on Tuesday, with Armstrong and Mullin on the wings, dropping Graham to make the space for that with Stewart up top. Edit: Go out to attack and get a goal early to settle the nerves.
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    He just said they have not in his post, pay attention Laddie !
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    Change in football is fundamentally almost always a bad thing, thanks for your time. Why are Aberdeen so hungup on keeping things the same by playing in red? Or is it actually the case that tradition and heritage are good things that should be preserved at all costs? "How it affects me" is that I don't drive to away games and try not to take a bus if possible. The last few away games at Pittodrie (despite the abject results) have been a good laugh, we've gone to the Butchers Arms and been made welcome by North East Scotland Hibs and locals alike. It's then a 20 minute stroll to a historic ground that's full of character, even if it has seen better days. Compare and contrast that to what Kingsford is going to be, and it's laughable to expect anyone should be satisfied with it.
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    Agree completely with this. The UK's approach is work is becoming increasingly victorian. It's just greed from employers and governments. We work far too long; too many days and too many hours, and it's showing with a massive increase in folk with stress and other mental health issues, as well as so many people simply not being happy. I could easily do my work in half the time, with the odd occasions where things happen at the same time so it's busier for me than normal. But so many of us have to sit on our arse for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. That in itself isn't healthy, but it also drives resentment and kills productivity and creativity. It's just a slog for so many people, and they feel resentment because they have to sit on their arse for so long, unnecessarily, when they could be doing something they enjoy and spending time with family. We need to radically change the mentality when it comes to work in the UK.
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    Here's what a half hour walk to Kingsford from the east looks like. Here's how long the walk from the city centre to Kingsford is. And just to really compound your stupidity, here's how far away from the city centre 'just as out of the way as Kingsford' Pittodrie is.
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    Yes plenty. Basically blames Berwick as club for Blair Henderson choosing Edinburgh City. Which job would you go for if there was £100 a week difference in wages? "Sadly, we’ve had nothing but rain since and the fund is now gone" Does Dom do the accounts? There is plenty left as the vice-chairman eluded to at the open forum. "leaving a boardroom full of dinosaurs to run the club" Totally disagree with this comment. As reported by Berwick Mad, George Mathieson has provided to the supporters club a strategy for taking the club forward, hardly dinosaur talk. John Bell spoke well at the recent open forum, there was a couple of points arising from that meeting that worries me but its not because the chairman elect is a "dinosaur". "Whilst it’s blindingly obvious now that Johnny was the wrong man for the job, I felt at the time this was the case" The biggest load of aftertiming I've seen. There wasn't exactly a list full of shit hot candidates applied and the fact only two were interviewed tells you everything. At that stage Johnny was by far the best candicate and deservedly got the job IMO. "The first thing Mr Harvey did upon his arrival was send Cedwyn Scott – a striker on loan from Dundee – back to his parent club" Cedwyn asked to go back and this wasnt the first time he was spoken to for his attitude, the previous manager also had strong words for him. He thought playing for Berwick was like a kick about with his mates. Check his minutes on the pitch since his switch to Forfar. 9. Ahmed Aloualou - Fails to mention he is actually signed with a championship club in Alloa. Makes it sound like Johnny went along to a school hall and signed him up. FYI, I also think this was a poor signing. "any style of play whatsoever as the players now seem to have no idea or direction" There looked to be plenty of direction in our recent match against Peterhead. "Harvey arrived with a bit of a reputation for arrogance and talking nonsense from former roles. " Nothing wrong with a bit of arrogance if you are a football manager, I used to watch all his post match Penicuik videos and don't remember him talking much nonsense. This may come across as I am sticking up for Johnny, I'm not, I'm simply telling you the facts. Had a long conversation with JH on Monday as he totally disagreed with some of my comments on other platforms of social media. I told him my honest thoughts and I'll go along on Saturday with my pray mat and support the boys to hopefully win 3 points. Will you be there? Berwick Rangers is a fantastic football club with a proud history that is having a real shit time right now. Frustration and anger is getting the better of all of us with the pressure of the Lowland League and the uncertainty that would bring. A reminder of some happier times and what a difference fans make getting behind the team.
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    How do you know it was rent free? Maybe they had a mortgage with the Abbee National.
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    Lets not forget that you lot are massive homophobes too then plz And grasses. I'll be calling admin in a minute you c**t. See
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    Two years to the day since you relegated us at Cappielow*. * Copyright, @virginton
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    Talk to me about Falkirk's financial situation Lol at "Grant228" bragging about winning the Seaside League
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    This may be controversial but I find the comedy quiz absolutely shite. It's a joke in fact.
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    Always great when people who regularly post on an online football forum try to criticise others for how they spend their time. Fuctifano is doing a great job and hope he keeps on doing it.
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    The only thing that was 'wrong' with Darren Fletcher in a Scotland shirt was the misguided expectations of most of the fans.
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    If he hadn't hidden in the embassy he would have spent a long time locked up unable to go out anywhere.
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    Set up in the nearby graveyard. Checkmate Budge.
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    I'd take that with a pinch of salt until Tommy Wright's next presser
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    Really? We got rid of some poor players and replaced them with players who are generally better. No big money purchases involved. I don't know where you get this panic buying idea from.
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    In 1974 I was catching the London train from Crewe station. It was very crowded; I found myself in a last-minute rush for the one remaining seat beside a tall, good-looking man with collar-length hair, it was the seventies; buckaroo! I looked up and saw it was none other than Peter Purves, it was the height of his Blue Peter fame. He said, "You jammy b*****d" and quick as a flash, I replied, "Don't be blue, Peter!" Needless to say, I had the last laugh!
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