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    Falkirk have loads of fans though. How is this result possible?
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    Pretty hilarious tbf. Anyone would do the same. Probably more embarrassing that you’ve let it bother you.
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    Is that a smoke bomb in your pocket? No Is it booze? No What is it? A coconut. Right you are. Enjoy the game.
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    f**k all the negativity (I am as guilty as anyone) 2-0 Falkirk. Rudden and Waddington
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    This is hard I don’t think I really appreciated how hard it is to beat an addiction. I’m doing ok but I’m not going to lie this is possibly the hardest thing I’ve ever tried to do. I’m not a saint, I’m not perfect, I am weak, but I will try. Thank you.
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    This morning we said goodbye to wee Keira, 13 years old and had a womb infection we didn't know about, been up since 3:30am this morning with her in a wee shawl, bleeding from her back end. She's seen 2 kids come into the household under her watch and showed them nothing but love and protection. We will miss her.
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    Gorgie Tears = My Beers
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    A fantastic match. We actually played really well for huge periods of the game but after defending superbly for the last few months, we didn't ever give ourselves the chance to win the match today. The first goal was entirely Currie's fault; not the first time he's let a weak free-kick skip unopposed into the net. The second saw Cuddihy stupidly press high up the pitch when we didn't have people back, then Rankin with all his experience let the Peterhead player cut inside after which it was easy. It came just a minute after Rumsby had sent a Peterhead player through on goal but Currie managed to save. In between and either side of all of that we passed the ball around really well but didn't test Fleming much, apart from a couple of Boyle efforts. Some amount of possession completely wasted at the feet of McNiff. Introducing Banks for Grant made an immediate difference, setting up Goodwillie for our first. Then we sold another goal; starting when Rumsby appeared surprised to be on a football pitch and fell over, conceding a throw-in. From that we regained possession but Lamont got caught on the ball, then Brown ran across the face of our box before shooting. I thought Currie should have saved that one as well, it wasn't particularly well struck. We then had what looked like a red card/penalty turned down when Rumsby's header was punched off the line (unless maybe it's came up off his leg), before getting a spot-kick which Goodwillie scored. I'll give the referee just credit for playing an advantage to allow Banks to sweep in a fantastic long range shot (Fleming possibly a bit far off his line?). After that we pummelled them without ever really looking like scoring. I'll stick up for referees but he had an absolute nightmare today. He actually looked out of his depth, and he just kept compounding mistakes with others (e.g. not booking McStay, then not booking the Peterhead player for fouling McStay). Currie hasn't done much wrong recently but today was a jump back to some of the mistakes he doesn't seem to stop making. Lang played well but Rumsby was absolutely rag-dolled by Sutherland. Cuddihy okay. McNiff literally everywhere except left-back, and just not good enough on the ball to play anywhere other than centre-back. Grant had a rare dreadful half. Rankin and Lamont a mixed bag. McStay my man of the match by an absolute mile on his second half performance. Goodwillie very good as well. Boyle as frustrating as always; some great touches but he is literally the worst player I've ever seen in terms of trying to protect the ball. Banks had a stormer and probably has played his way into the team for next week. I suppose Love and Lyon try hard. Not often a team will throw away a 3-1 lead and end up feeling like they won the game, adding in the Edinburgh result. I can't see Peterhead slipping up from here, only a positive appeal in our favour probably threatens them now. I reckon they've only had about 8 shots on target at Broadwood this season and they've got 6 goals. I'd be delighted if they weren't in the playoffs and they probably wouldn't want to play us in them either. The ultimate acid test of a Clyde team is not disappointing everyone when there's a bigger than normal crowd. A few neutrals around us today were absolutely buzzing at the end of the match. Think they'll be back for the playoffs. This is a very special group of players.
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    Not even remotely embarrassing. You're their rivals, of course they would.
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    Fuckin round ya yams....
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    Montrose celebrating our equaliser is one of the most tinpot things I've heard.
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    Wow! Thanks guys. I’m actually off to have sober fun bowling with some of my fellow recoverees
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    Shitfesting already got him two wins against Alloa and we really struggled with that approach. Pragmatic call to go with it again. I'm not sure there is a more excitable support than Falkirk on P&B. Hartley's crop, while certainly shite, had to be labelled as one of the worst ever teams at this level. The new lot, who looked rather limited from the start, were built up on the back of scraping a few wins. And now Falkirk are apparently relegated and McKinnon set for the sack, despite there being loads of football left and five teams in the battle. It's all to play for. From an Alloa point of view, great effort to have bounced back from disappointing results in February and to be in with a shout of staying up. Fantastic group of players who never give up.
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    Heckingbottom gave hearts a hecking boop on their snoot.
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    Draw a face on it "It's my wee boy and it's his first derby.. what?.. Yeah I always keep him in my pocket"
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    I'm a big fan of someone going to the shops today to buy a coconut to take to the football.
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    Anyone who thinks we could negotiate a better deal with the US, China or India without the leverage the market of the EU offers is a fucking moron.
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    Anyone who puts any blame on the EU for this entirely self inflicted clusterfuck of a situation probably gets headaches when thinking.
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    We had the same intentions. Now the routine is that when I get up in the morning (I’m the early riser in the house), Renton gets out of his bed and goes upstairs and gets under the covers for a couple more hours.
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    Started with intentions of not allowing Ruby (now 5 months old) up on the couch but it quickly became impossible. She loves sitting up there watching out the window. Not that there's much to see as we live on a fairly quiet road.
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    Hibs fans waving tricolours annoys just the right type of people for my money. I say keep it up.
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    I tell you what, I have had a lot of time to sit and think about this season and what a whirlwind it has been so far. Started a bit flat as we gave everyone a 3/4 game head start. However we have managed to beat 4 full time teams this season. (Morton, Queen of the South, Partick and Raith) Of which we managed to beat raith twice! And been unlucky in other two games against them this season. We got two trips to Dublin (some of us) and had a brilliant time fans and players when across there! We got to the semi final of the irn bru cup and got a trip up to Dingwall where we played the winners [emoji85] Also managed a class run in the Scottish cup getting further than we have in years. I really really hope we manage to keep ourselves in the play offs, where we have sat for most of the season, and cap off a brilliant season exceptionally. Anything that happens in the play offs would be a bonus! #monthefife
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    Haven’t seen much evidence recently to back that assertion.
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    On the back foot for a fair bit of that but both of the goals had more quality in them than anything Hearts did all day, so sometimes that'll do it. I enjoyed watching our defenders doing a bit of a number on Uche, all kinds of wee sly digs going on. He probably deserved more going his way today but every time I see him, the c**t spends half the game greeting on his arse. Makes it hard for himself to get the decisions he actually deserves. I've been extremely impressed with how Hecky adjusts things in games. He's had about 13 players to use and has had them playing a flat 442, a diamond and 433; sometimes throughout the course of a game. Refreshing to see compared to Lennon's lineup tombola. I'm looking forward to seeing what he can do after a transfer window. We might've left it too late to really do anything this season but I can't believe we're even looking at European spots now. Some couple of months. I had to make do with the Geordie YouTube lads for this yin Great to hear the lad's take on Messiano, Michael Herring and the ref Simon Collins. They had plenty to saw about big Omeonga's performance up front for Hearts
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    Thing is Hutton does a lot of what he did today every week but then one bad pass and a number of fans are on his back immediately. Yet others can have a poor poor game and there's hardly a peep from fans. Odd how some players find it difficult to win a support over
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    We'll guard old Livi's wall.
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    Hibernian of course literally translates as Ireland, so any tricolours on show would be completely justified. Huge swing and a miss, champ. Noticed a Northern Irish flag in your end. Is Heart of Midlothian Ulster Scots for Northern Irish? Bad bandwagon jumpers, tell the Gorgie Boys where the M8 is, M9.
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    Well done Alloa. Get it up you, Bairns.
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    Gary Holt, undefeated against Celtic and Hearts in the league this season, what a manager.
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    What a ridiculous post. As a neutral, I fair enjoyed that. It was intense and feisty, but Hibs played some lovely football on the break - none better than the winner. Hearts pressed well, and had some big chances, but in the end poor quality in front of goal cost them. Cracking game, and for all the right reasons.
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    I was on anti depressants for about 6 years on and off and they did nothing for me other than help me sleep. I had to change my whole approach to life, health, booze and everything. It’s hard but I’m better than I ever thought I could be. Just have to find what it is that’s holding you down, or at least I did. I promise it will happen for you if you stick it out.
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    Well folks, the introduction of a new quiz AND a MEGALEAGUE certainly has put the cat among the pigeons. There's a new name on the Premiership trophy - we just don't know who it is yet. Teams who previously romped the Aussie quiz have been left with their arses in the air (I've made up that phrase in case you're wondering) and the scores are more bunched together then penguins during a chilly snap. Two teams that have never experienced the sweet sweet taste of gold are tied for first place. Well done Adamski and Helpma ... I'll deal with yous in a minute (that sounds vaguely threatening). The top 12 teams will go into the Premiershit next season and the next 12 teams go into the SWL (Stealers Wheel League). Welcome to newcomer @MixuFixit - who finds himself in a play-off with league stalwart Alang1993 for the last SWL spot. Every other c**t goes into the newly renamed Bully Wee Villa Memorial Beazer Homes League (BWVMBHL is its new catchy abbreviation) .. BWV may not be participating in the league any more, but he'll always remain rooted to the bottom of the bottom league as a stark reminder of what happens when you choose hos before bros colleagues before leagues. So it's over to the "Hand of the King" SlipperyP to pose a play-off question for the title and the SWL place. Normal leagues will resume Monday.
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    Tbh, ever since I saw those away kits, I knew this would be a season to forget.
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    Hopefully more upset once the polis knock on his door. Decent game that today, apart from the result. I'm away to get bevvied. Have a good night all.
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    McKinnon has made some poor decisions and has been far too negative in many games, but 95% of the blame still sits with Hartley, that c**t of a "scout" and the two bellends who gave them carte blanche to sign a squad of dug shite. Campbell and Lang are c***s.
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    I hope both of you had a good day.
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    Montrose fans cheering the Raith goal like they had just seen their team win in the last seconds. Utter embarrassment
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