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    Pretty hilarious tbf. Anyone would do the same. Probably more embarrassing that you’ve let it bother you.
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    Wow! Thanks guys. I’m actually off to have sober fun bowling with some of my fellow recoverees
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    Hopefully more upset once the polis knock on his door. Decent game that today, apart from the result. I'm away to get bevvied. Have a good night all.
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    Montrose fans cheering the Raith goal like they had just seen their team win in the last seconds. Utter embarrassment
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    I’d imagine they would take up a lengthy & costly litigation process against you. [emoji4] As long as you’re being honest with them & keeping them updated as & when you get further information, I’m sure they’ll see you in a good light. It’ll be c***s that say they are definitely taking a job & back out last minute / don’t inform the potential new employer, that will be viewed badly, IMVHO.
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    As mentioned earlier, McKinnon has easily had the better of Goodwin this season, so I'm fairly pessimistic. In spite of that, c'mon Alloa. F*** Falkirk.
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    At least get your facts right - our lowest league crowd this season was 486, and with Arbroath being twice the size of Montrose, why dont you get twice our crowds? When you consider the season you are having, your attendances surely should have been better?
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    It should also be noted that Hutton's played the best part of this season carrying a hip injury, he's not fucked off to a wedding, holiday, stag do or basically just hid. Fair play to him.
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    Really really hope its Falkirk.
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    Well done to Gartcairn for two promotions in a row . They have had a lot of knockers since they joined the league mostly due to ignorance and a touch of jealousy. what people don’t see is the tireless work goes on behind the scenes. I know they have plans to increase fascilities at their pitch. We will miss our games against them through the last 4 seasons which have always been tight and hard fought. Good luck for next season from everyone at the Albert
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    What the f**k has happened to Lawrence Shankland, he can't even control a football anymore. Miller and Moffat up front against Queens.
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    Forgetting all the crowd talk and the delight for a Raith draw I am Absolutely delighted with the 3 points, was actually nervous going into the game with the poor run we are on and Linn being out, Montrose were terrible, The back 3 all over place , if it was 3 or 4 there could be no complaints, Apart from a few corners in first half there was absolutely no threat,
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    It's good that younger fans are coming along and what's not to like about them creating a bit of atmosphere?
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    Either you can't count or your club is committing tax fraud lying about the crowd, most likely the former. Champagne back on ice.... again.
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    This second half has been an absolute travesty, after Ashcroft should've scored from corner we've offered nothing going forward, that Partick defence is absolutely shocking and we just resorted to thumping the ball in whatever direction we were facing. That's the season over and I'll be delighted if the vast majority aren't back next season, brutal.
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    What an embarrassment. If Harvey doesn't resign in shame, he should be sacked now. And don't anyone tell me that there is nobody else available, because pretty well anybody could do better than this. Get someone out of the bar in the Harrow. An absolute disgrace.
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    Steven Anderson just went full John Potter and caught the ball.
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    We are going up, we are going up Gartcairn get seal promotion to the championship after a delightful 6-1 away victory to Yoker. Match report to follow
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    I think it was actually Cat Harvey. You've scalded the wrong Cat.
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    Pretty disgraceful that David Gray was allowed to play after half time given he was out cold. Not sure what it will take for football to take head injuries seriously.
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    It will be hard, but it’s not impossible - as shown below. One day at a time mate. Well done on the dry spell, keep at it! [emoji106]
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    We have no injuries and definitely wont have a bench stuffed with dev team boys Top 6 was out of the question for us in the last days of Lennons reign, so we are just delighted to be "in the mix" . Even to lose by the odd scrappy goal will be some kind of moral victory today.
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    Especially when you've fucked off with the boys and left her at home!
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    We have a weekly email quiz at my work. One question was "what country is the football team Getafe from?" Colleague (female) put Iraq. "because of colonel Gadaffi" She is entitled to a vote.
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    Frank Sinatra - In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning
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    Aye the queens supporters have never really taken to him think he'll leave them at the end of the season. He's the best keeper I've seen at Clyde. Not got a problem with Currie he just had a bad game and unfortunately when your a goalkeeper a mistake usually results in a goal being scored.
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    Well deserved win for Dalbeattie today, you would never have guessed there was almost the full length of the table between the two teams. Cracking header for the winner. Missed the BSC goal as didn't get out of the bar quickly enough after half time. Enjoyable day.
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    Raith Keeper seriously injured and needed medical attention then stretchered off. All in all six or seven extra minutes.
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    not sure think hes finishing aff a game o fifa before he decides what legal moves he makes next.
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    I thought we maybe just shaded it, but in the last twenty minutes, it felt like we were as likely to lose it as win it. Was anybody else struck by the complete absence of added on time in both halves? Such was the nature of the game, that not much was called for but it's unusual for there to be none, especially in the second half following a couple of substitutions.
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    Meh. I’ll take it.
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    They got lively last 10....oh well next week
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    Off you f**k Jim.
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    Moore shouldn’t have been on the park.
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    We've got some pretty good companies in Scotland who are way ahead of the game compared to the English. The new Dyson HQ in Swindon was built in Invergordon.
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    If we don't win this today McKinnon will get a hefty backlash for that lineup.
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    Raider Nation is the boy. No way I'd get through all of your happenings sir, you're actually an inspiration.
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    Into these mutton molesters Dundee. 8-0 Aberdeen. Thank you
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    Sorry for your loss Ammo-Airdrie
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    Don't know any fellow fans that have that opinion tbh. We have been rotten to watch, not helped by injuries and not having a settled team, but the management have also made many errors. Going up with this management and squad gives me the fear, it will be interesting to see what Roy does this summer.
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    Na f**k that. We are just as bad and I had a chuckle lastnight too [emoji15]
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    This whole league is a range of mediocre to absolute shite.
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    Yes. He's a Rangers player (and fan), do you think all he should care about is getting a deal at Aberdeen? You'll have no problem linking a few of those tweets then, unless it's a complete lie (it is).
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    Steaua were the army team for what it's worth. Dinamo were the Securitate team.
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