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    Didn’t realise Scottish football had this high a volume of jammy wearers watching it. Shithousing is a part of the game at all levels. If anything, it’s one of the more entertaining elements of our game. If the behaviour on display yesterday was enough to justify violence, the cities of Barcelona and Madrid would’ve each looked like current day Syria in the Pepe/Ramos days. On Brown, a Ranger player - I think Jack - had a wee clipped heels effort on him early doors and he literally laughed it off. The fact that he has the last laugh 95% of the time is less to do with Brown being some kind of super-villain and more to do his club’s main rivals being a gang of perma-raging losers who pretty much never turn up for a big game. The only morally questionable aspect of all this, is deliberately targeting a literal simpleton to wind him up. I wasn’t complaining when McGregor smashed him 5 mins into our last game v Rangers though.
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    Don't interrupt his work, I'm on my way to a full house.
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    Lennon wants him to do it. Lawwell wants Lennon to carry on like a fanny. The same hierarchy of scummy behaviour and intentions exists in their blue reflection. This shit sells to its intended recipients. The thick, low order bigoted scum who follow them. Its why strict liability will never exist here. Its why no genuine attempt whatsoever is made to deal with sectarianism or fan behaviour by either club. Its why the Green Brigade and the Vanguard Bears are pandered to. Bottom line is, the business model of both of these clubs and the lynchpin of their commercial success is fuelling the fire of hate and intolerance of the other. That will never change.
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    Sevco statements now being written by Steve Tyler of Aerosmith, apparently.
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    This, I find it disheartening how disrespectful some people are of smaller clubs, regardless of whether they are junior or senior. I was at Inverkeithing on Saturday, yes their standard of football and facilities were poor. But I spoke to some volunteers / committee members of the club and got a great impression. They are a new club and are working hard on improving things further. What they have already put up for the groundhop day was actually quite impressive for a club that's less than a year old. People there are working very hard to develop the club further, there was great enthusiasm with everyone I spoke to. All clubs that are run by hard working volunteers, but especially smaller ones, get my respect. These people are badly needed in Scottish football. Ultimately, they provide youth and adults of all levels with the chance to play football.
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    Like you, I'm currently domiciled in England, with family on both sides of the border, but I'm prepared to give this undertaking : As soon as a date for Indyref2 is announced I will make sure I am living in, and registered to vote in Scotland on that date. Assuming a win for yes I'll be more than happy to make my move back to Scotland permanent and will look forward to consider myself, not just Scottish, but also a proud European. Britain can go and f**k itself.
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    The *** statement could propel yesterdays game into the Bantersphere IMO. Dont let us down Jabba you fat f**k
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    ‘Shite like eyemouth’? Cmon to f**k mate thats not what our club is about? Regardless of the fact we’re not going EOSL ‘shite like eyemouth’ said we were welcome last year, that takes a bit of decency and it should be shown back to them?
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    The EOS aren’t being difficult they’re doing exactly what they should be doing by refusing to allow an overlapping league in at tier 6 which they could lose teams to. The only thing that’s screwing the West Juniors is that they’re trying to negotiate joining as a package with the East Juniors, if the West Juniors applied on their own the EOS would have no problem they even offered in the past to help set up a WOS league. Don’t get why the West Juniors are so attached to the East when they’ve both happily forgotten about the North. Let the West Juniors join this coming season and the East and North can continue to negotiate does it really matter they both join at the same time.
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    You're retired? Enjoy your pint. You'll be dead long before any of us. Except Bennett who is a fat wheezing mess.
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    Well said as usual Can't believe people are still calling Brown stupid, he must be the smartest player in the country. Technically isn't anything great but he is still captain of Celtic and sits back and strolls it at 34 year old every week. Scotland could've really used him in Kazakhstan last week, a proper winner and leader. Never done a thing wrong yesterday, right on the line but never crossed it. As I said, clever. The rage he generates from Rangers fans and players is incredible, wouldn't be surprised to see him attacked at Ibrox... ETA; Also the idiots fighting and stabbing each other cannot be brought back to anything that happened on the park yesterday. That was great entertainment, even wee Morelos getting sent off was box office. My reaction and the reaction of any normal sane human being would be to have a wee laugh about it while watching, not to work yourself up into a rage filled stabbing/fighting frenzy.
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    Aye. The rest of the country is heaven. Like there’s nae violence or bigotry anywhere else in Scotland - whit a fuckin stupid post.
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    I hope for despicable antics from both sides in every match I watch. The day I stop hoping to see shithousing is the day I'll start watching cricket.
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    Honestly man, the nick of the mewling about Brown. Incites Hearts fans? Hahaha! Bams up the Dons? What a boy! Makes a world class rip roaring c**t of the ages out of Rangers? FETCH MY PEARLS. Transparent as f**k.
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    The bigoted f**k will be in mourning after his big team got scudded
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    Its nothing to do with the West coming in, the issue is, and always has been, the shitshow that's been suggested for the East. Bring the West on board, EoS absorbs East Region clubs below the dividing line and the problem goes away. The East, West and South then play off for whatever promotion slots can be negotiated once enough clubs are licensed. After that its up to the SFA and SJFA to sort the issues in the North, which includes the clubs North of the Tay because that's where they belong.
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    The clubs have met all the deadlines. It's the SFA who have messed up. I hope they don't punish the EoS clubs for this. Would be farcical if clubs moved to EoS from juniors to get licensed and try to get promoted to LL (although obviously not all clubs had this as a realistic aim) and then they were denied promotion because the SFA didn't get round to giving out licences.
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    I witnessed Andy Halliday absolutely losing the plot at Danny Mullen when we played Rangers at home earlier in the season. As far as I know Scott Brown was nowhere to he seen. Rangers are bunch of ill disciplined simpletons who cant get away from their own arrogance. They deserve all they get.
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    Plenty mindless nonsense on here. Players and coaching staff have wider responsibilities, in the knowledge that their behaviour in this fixture can impact negatively on behaviour from fans. If players do behave badly, then that doesn't excuse or condone those who react to it violently or anti socially. Both these statements can sit truthfully together. The people saying 'Oh, I suppose it's all Broon's fault' are being childish idiots. Celtic could not have a more classless captain and manager duo.
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    So it's Scott Brown's fault that someone left home carrying a blade and potentially tried to murder three people?
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    What a thing to say, that’s absolute fucking rubbish, it would be at least 14 Thank you, but we’re used to being used as a negative example now
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    I don't like the Daily Mail very much but I wanted to read the article myself which gets your ire so much. What the writer Frazer Mackie quoted was Mike Fisher who is the Director of the British Association for Anger Management talking about Alfredo Morelos with his lack of self discipline and mentioned the mind management programme The Chimp Paradox which might be of help to Morelos in the current circumstances. The book was written by sports psychologist Professor Steve Peters who has worked with a good number of sports stars in the past including Chris Hoy, Victoria Pendleton and the England football team including yes Steven Gerrard. I take it you didn't read the article then? Who ever thinks that Alfredo Morelos was called a chimp is a fucking moron.
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    I don't think I'd ever tire of punching Mark Francois in the face. What an utter c**t.
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    Unhealthy amount of respect for the c-suite in this thread. My work gets a new CEO roughly every 3 years. They all do the same thing: rip up the plans and structure put in place by the last one, come up with some whizz bang transformational change programme to stamp their name on and refer to on their CV, massively disrupt efficiently working teams in the process, then f**k off to the next job to be replaced by another twat who starts the whole tiresome cycle again. They're all schmoozing dipshits and the real going rate for their pay is f**k all.
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    What are you talking about - has got in my head? I just think that laughing in the faces of sent off, or defeated players is poor form and that he should behave better than that as captain of a big club. That's a mere observation, one that some people agree with, while some others don't. Yet you describe him as having got in my head. Seriously, what's wrong with you?
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    Seemingly phoning a Rangers radio station phone in and calling them fucking bams is a criminal offence these days akin to the 'goading' in the 2016 Scottish Cup Final, im sure the irony of the host saying he will report the caller to the relevant authorities approximately five seconds after he himself called him a ****** b*****d is probably lost on him.
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    Use to work with this big fat lass. I mean really fat. HUGE. A giant fucking moo. She used to go on and on about all her medical problems trying to elicit sympathy despite being a total arsehole to everyone privately. She just about sooked the sphincter off the boss while being utterly cunty to every one else. Due to being clamped limpet like to the bosses arsehole she was the unofficial second in command or at least she thought she was. The office boss left and the big boss from down south came up and gave the position to a young guy. The fat moo scumbag was gutted. You should have seen her face! She was no happy to say the least. Ragin'. Big red blubbery cheeks quivering. She tried to suck up to the new boss, new best friend and all that, but he knew she was full of shit and her status declined a bit but not long after this guy left as well and the boss position was open again. Fatty thought she was now a shoe in for the job. You could see it all over her fat, smug face that she was going to be in charge. Then something totally unexpected happened. The original boss came back. When Gargantua Stinkypits saw the old boss come in she had a full scale mental break down in front of everyone. "NOOO!!!! NOOOOOO!!!!!" NOOOOOOOO!!!!" She started going off on some giant rant....and started hurling abuse at the returning boss. She gathered up all the keys in the office and stomped off into a side office, locked herself in and refused to come out. Once again the big boss was coming up from down south and he arrived just at this point. Big fat lass was screaming and shouting through the door, giving dogs abuse to both the office boss and the big boss. She'd totally lost her mind. Big boss from down south was absolutely livid and was saying he'd make sure she never worked again. Eventually after a while she came stomping out the side office and launched the office keys at the returning office boss who had to put a hand up to deflect them. Then Fatty just sort of exploded into tears and wailing. It was fucking glorious. I've never seen anyone just burst into tears like that. I smirked at her as she left, no words exchanged but essentially saying "you lost bitch". A couple of hours later when every one left for the day she was still in her car in the car park sobbing, head down on the steering wheel. Her name was Vanessa and she was the worst person I've ever met in my life. I hated her, there wasn't one atom of goodness in her and I absolutely reveled in her demise. You got everything you deserved Vanessa, ya collosal fucking pig!
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    https://wp.me/p4i04N-4Qu Here's my report from Saturday's East of Scotland League clash between Linlithgow Rose and Jeanfield Swifts where goals from Roddy MacLennan (x2) and Thomas Coyne helped Linlithgow to a 3-2 win. https://wp.me/p4i04N-4Qh Here's my report from yesterday's East of Scotland League clash between Blackburn United and Preston Athletic where a Darren Downie hat-trick helped Blackburn to a 4-1 win. https://wp.me/p4i04N-4Q5 Here's my report from yesterday's East of Scotland League clash between Inverkeithing Hillfield Swifts and Heriot-Watt University where goals from Lumbert Kateleza, Neil Laurenson, Calvin Muttitt and Arron Singh helped Heriot-Watt to a 2-4 win. https://wp.me/p4i04N-4PU Here's my report from yesterday's East of Scotland League clash between Camelon Juniors and Edinburgh United where goals from Alan Docherty, Alan Sneddon (x2) and Conor McKenzie (x2) helped Camelon to a 5-1 win.
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    That's pretty piss poor journalism. Someone better get their baws booted for that.
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    Yes because it is a game of football, it's entertainment, I watch it to be entertained. I could understand if it was something disgusting like spitting or something violent that set out to really hurt somebody and people were complaining but a smiling face and a few gestures shouldn't be getting any adults knickers in a twist. Surely if that's bothered you you're either very immature or too easily offended Here's my response to a gif of Bobby Barr and a post saying 'GIRFUY' Bobby Barr not one of my 'favourite players aff the telly' but I can still appreciate the fact it's only a game of football
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    8 for Monday. I like this quiz! Edit: Keep our league set up - it's part of the thread's culture - plus the Cardi's baws ups witty commentary would be missed.
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    McKenna is fucking garbage.
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    I’m sure it wasn’t just that, you get some fucking roasters shouting. Heard a few personal insults to McGlynn like calling him a fat p***k and whatever before a few minutes later the same section signing his name. I’d be telling them to shut it as well if that was my family
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    I smiled at my boss this morning. He's now getting me charged with intimidation. Them's the breaks huh.
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    I actually don't think this is made up.
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    I can only assume all those criticising Scott Brown have never experienced the sheer joy of annoying Andy Halliday. I've done it and, let me tell you, it's absolutely terrific. Can't fault Brown for wanting to experience that feeling over and over again.
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    Have to free up wages to pay for Andrew Davies' surgeries, I suppose.
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    Budweiser tastes like bread.
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    Hmmm.... I'd have gone for: Lolfredo Lolelols. Or El Buffalol.
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    Any families spending their mother’s day celebrations in the Toby Jug deserve all they get, to be fair.
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    Tbf if you blew up Ibrox on a match day Scotland would statistically be the most welcoming place in the universe.
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    We've lost 1 game in 11 this year. We came from behind against Thistle twice, Morton, Dundee Utd, twice at home to ICT. If you watch the highlights yesterday that's certainly not players who have given up the fight.
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