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    Why at lower league games do the commentators apologise for some old boy swearing but 45000 singing f**k the pope is fine?
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    Here’s my summary; 1- The Ray saga is the biggest thing to ever happen to Morton. 2- Falkirk make a donation to Morton. Keeping them full time for another year. 3- Tidser 4- get it up yi.
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    Obviously a very subjective conversation, but while Still Game is probably never going to get a BBC retrospective with lot's of talking heads spunking all over it, I found it, particularly in it's early series to be insightful study of community and friendship. This is a group of people who lack the tools (because of class and age) to get on in the world or escape their circumstances and rely massively on each other to stave off boredom. A story about people who take their kicks where they find it, even if that involves a plot surrounding a sweepstake on who's going to die from hypothermia that they manage to tell without it becoming dark or macabre. That it only works in context is hardly a surprise. The dialogue is written for West coast Scots cadence and only works because of it and perhaps that does limit it's appeal to wider audiences, but so what? There are tonnes of comedies that are well loved but when you see the actual dialogue written down are just not funny. Take Blackadder for example: Stuff like 'more cunning than a cunning fox that's just been made professor of cunning at Oxford' only really works because Atkinson delivers it with such venom and sarcasm that you can imagine him over running the comparison because he needs the extra words to vent. Or Yes Minister, briefly re-booted and abandoned because for all the dryness that exists in Lynn's written dialogue it needs Hawthorne's carefully blank face, strategic pauses and effortless authority to deliver it in a way that makes you laugh. There was this bit in Hitchhiker's guide where Slartibartfast is extolling the virtues of fjords and his general outlook on life: He say's he'd rather be happy than right, and when challenged on whether he is happy, he responds "No, that's where it all falls to bits" and in the naughties movie Bill Nighy plays him and it's such a nothing line. In the original, Richard Vernon delivers the same dialogue with such ennui, so far removed from caring that it remains the bit I love the most. So when you have Jack and Victor arguing over who ate the last Tea Cake, or Winston's rage at Stevie the Bookie, yeah it might only work in the context of the particularly Scottish brand of machismo: a form of needling that escalates quickly well beyond the stakes involved and that might not be something you see in other localities or shows, but that's to it's benefit.
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    That well known weegie commentary team of Liam McLeod from Aberdeen and Billy Dodds from Ayrshire.
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    Would just like to thank my Hearts chums for constantly reminding us to "mind the gap". We could have lost track of it oh so easily.
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    God knows how we survived when you were in the basement league for years.
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    Between Snakegate (lol) and the fan buyout, if we cant use that to empty Lang and Campbell then we should fold. If McKinnon keeps us up he will have been worth whatever we paid. That much is beyond debate.
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    Top six virtually secured. 16 points from 18 for the Heckingbottom Hibernian juggernaut. Another raker from Stevie 'no good enough for Hibs' Mallan. Lenny's drinking pals in the mhedia made to look like the clueless simpletons they are. Being told to mind the gap by Hearts and now being above them in the table.
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    We don't tend to face World Cup quarter-finalists on a particularly regular basis, so 12 years isn't really a particularly long period of time. You added the caveat of "within a year", which means you are basically limiting us to only European Championship qualifying groups (assuming friendlies aren't being considered in any way relevant). The France and Ukraine victories were in the Euro 2008 qualifiers - so your "12 years" only consists of the Euro 2012 and Euro 2016 campaigns. In the Euro 2012 group the only quarter-finalists we played were Spain, and in the Euro 2016 group the only quarter-finalists we played were Germany. Both of those sides weren't just any "World Cup quarter-finalists", they were World Cup holders. So basically your argument boils down to "we haven't been able to beat the reigning world champions in either of our last two European Championship qualifying groups". A disgusting failure, I'm sure we'll all agree. I'm also amused at the amount of people who have wilfully chosen not to actually read what I have said and have somehow interpreted "it's not time to consider the campaign a write-off" as "we will definitely qualify".
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    From this Thread!!! From the Burnistoun Thread!!! Hmmmn!!! I'm sure there's a Limmy's Show Thread, a Scot Squad Thread and if you look hard enough a Rab C. Nesbit Thread you can copy and paste this further!!! You've obviously spent a lot of time on it, you should share it more!!!
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    Sorry guys but the chat about a specific ref is bordering on disgraceful. Moaning about decisions is one thing but questioning a referees integrity is totally out of order and should be dealt with by the authorities. I can understand frustrations around some decisions etc on the field but does that warrant abuse and threats? I'm not just talking about the above but In general the way a lot of referees are treated is wrong. Without them we have no game. Also, for a ref to apparently 'dislike' a team, what has that team done to him to get him to that position. Respect goes 2 ways and 9 times out of 10 the disrespect starts with the teams not the ref, we are all to blinkered to see it and admit it. Give the guys in the middle a break and some respect and I guarantee you will enjoy football a lot more. Iv seen guys physically foaming at the mouth in referees faces, is that really how we want to enjoy our Saturdays?
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    Hurdy gurdy gurdy, in the windae boxes
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    Do the decent thing Davies, tear up the contract, and walk away, was probably injured when he signed as well, shocking behaviour. IMO.
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    You know us Hibs bois only too well. We can never turn down the opportunity for a good Friday night crowdwank.
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    Hecky’s at the wheel
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    Dunno about youse but my career plans are now: 1. Get on the board of Sauchie Juniors 2. ???? 3. Plum FIFA job
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    f**k Brexit and all the simpletons that voted for it.
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    Bread that's washed whiter than white I suppose.
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    Watching the news here tonight, story about a tourist falling into the Grand Canyon. They’re looking for him. “......he fell over 4000 feet. Authorities don’t believe he survived” I laughed at that more than I should have
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    Dunfermline to be the first team to have results purely in binary.
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    This is fucking great. Steven Thompson and Scott McDonald talking and my stream doesn't let me hear them. Absolutely perfect.
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    We should UDI and throw up a hard border while they're down there
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    That's yer Adam Livingstone signed a year extension... Interesting bit of chat in the news story that possibly balances out the whole "he's been hung out to dry" narrative that people seem to like. Good lad. Edit: McGarry rubbishing the Hastie story too.
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    Who the f**k thinks Fosters is “mid tier” lager. i wouldn’t clean the shitter with it.
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    Loving the publicity given to the 'Leave' demonstration. Little more than a pathetic handful of Loyalist scum and gammon bigots.
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    Theresa May is more incompetent than Alex McLeish. There, I’ve said it.
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    Ha here comes those momentous Gammon riots of 2019
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    Shut it you fucking baldy wee ferret.
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    Since I've an hour to kill at work here, I'm doing 2, one for other teams and one for Airdrie. 1. Player of the Year For me its Bobby Linn, he's been absolutely pivotal in Arbroaths run to being crowned Champions. Hat-tricks, winning penalties, scoring penalties, a dead ball specialist, and (in the best possible sense) a thorn in the side of every team in the league at some point. If he's not nominated its a travesty. And he follows me on twitter so he gets my vote. 2. Dud of the Year I've got to say, with all the hype surrounding his move and the weight of expectation, its got to be Rory Loy. I personally thought he would have made big waves in the division this year, but obviously injury hampered it. Dudtastic. 3. Most Improved player I'm genuinely struggling with this, as I only see teams 2 (3 most) a season. I might come back and edit this to add someone. 4. Goal of the Season Gary Irvine's against Airdrie in Forfar was an absolute thunderb*****d. 5. Save of the Season Can't really remember any I've seen in the flesh, but I've seen Jamieson make a few belters on the highlights. 6. Cry baby / Temper of the year I would say Bobby Barr but I actually don't dislike him and he's been pretty subdued this year, John Baird had a few words with Jim Weir on Saturday there but I think I've got to give it to Rovers poster Frank Conner for his performance a few weeks ago. 7. Defensive Player of the Year TOB - Arbroath. A class act. 8. Most Skilful player I liked Armstrong at the Rovers, Linn's pretty handy, McCord oozes class and East on at Forfar when he fancies it. 9. Best away experience I like the drive to Angus between Perth and the destination and the locals are pretty friendly in most of them. Stranraers sh*te, and I've a soft spot for Stenny as I think its my most visited away ground ever. 10. Best catering Brechin/Forfar.
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    When Tynie is in full on I Bhopal banter he affects this holier than thou disposition. The poor people of Bhopal suffered enough without Tynie masquerading as Mother Theresa with his brown sensible shoes and his East 17 t shirt. Spent his entire time failing to get off with some Swedish dolly bird. Sensible lass.
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    You eating Salad would be good for the NHS.
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    Bombay Bicycle Club-Bad timing
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    I decided to donate a kidney to a seriously ill patient at the local hospital but thanks to some stupid passenger fannying about on the bus looking for his change, the surgeon told me I was 10 seconds too late and that the patient had sadly passed away.
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    Every single one of them
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    And to think you just go to the Mercat and peer at the whales for f**k all!!!
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    It'll be fun to see the Scottish Tories bleating about a once in a generation vote up here but it's ok at Westminster to have as many as you want until you get your desired result. Feels very strange that for once I'm relying on the dup bigots to save the day
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    One mention of the OO and Kink's all over it
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    Fairport Convention : Matty Groves/Orange Blossom Special
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    Country Joe McDonald-Agent orange song
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    The answer is clearly 13 and the moron got the middle two answers wrong B)
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    These highlights are done by a volunteer cameraman and volunteer editor. Who also does twitter and facebook. Cant be critical. I set our site up stranraerfctv and did the editing for years but dont have the time. Occasionally i will do a sidecam or gopro but that takes time as well. Our video editor does very well to get the highlights out so quickly and considering it is stranraerfctv he is entitled to do slow mo incidents he chooses that involve stranraer incidents. We try to make them inpartial not biased and show incidents for both sides to give a true reflection of the game.
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